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LookBook 2018


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BookBook for MacBook Vol. 2 BookBook CaddySack HiRise Pro for iMac & Displays HiRise for MacBook Curve for MacBook BookArc for MacBook ParcSlope PlugBug Duo MagicBridge BackPack Fermata

LookBook 2018

Key Facts: · Handmade from genuine leather · Hidden compartment for documents, swatches, contracts, etc. · Use BookBook as a case or sleeve

Compatibility / Part Number: · BookBook for MacBook Vol. 2 · 12-inch MacBook (USB-C) (12-1712) · 13-inch MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) (12-1714) · 15-inch MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) (12-1715) · BookBook versions available for older MacBooks


BookBook for MacBook Vol. 2 A new chapter in MacBook protection, with an unexpected plot twist Novel Protection With A Secret Compartment. BookBook is the iconic MacBook case that makes a statement, while providing six-sided protection, wherever it goes. The newest edition has been refined and tailored exclusively for the newest USB-C MacBooks with a 42% slimmer silhouette and a new, stronger crushresistant spine. But the most surprising new feature is a hidden portfolio pocket to carry printed reports, swatch samples, contracts, etc. - right underneath your MacBook.

“Twelve South puts quality into all of their products, and the BookBook is their showstopper. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.” – Apple World Today

LookBook 2018

BookBook CaddySack Manage your MacBook power and adapters with the handy CaddySack Stay organized with CaddySack. CaddySack is a handsome leather case designed to carry your MacBook essentials. If you own the latest MacBook Pro, you know having zero USB ports means carrying several adapters, but keeping them organized and accessible is a pain. CaddySack has you covered. This leather organizer has a variety of elastic bands and pockets that neatly hold your MacBook Power Adapter, various dongles, and AirPods. Grab your MacBook and CaddySack when you head out the door and you’ll have all the accessories needed for the day or an extended business trip.

Key Facts: · Compact carrier for your MacBook charger, cables and adapters · Velcro and elastic bands keep your gear organized and protected · Genuine leather exterior / tweed lined interior

Part Number: · 12-1729


LookBook 2018

HiRise Pro for iMac & Displays Elevates iMac and displays to a whole new stratosphere

Key Facts: · Height adjustable stand for iMac and displays · Internal storage for hard drives, personal items or excess cables

Improve your view. Hide desk clutter. HiRise Pro is a beautiful stand that boosts your iMac, or monitor, to one of four height variations for reduced neck strain while working. When you want to clean up the clutter, the metal and leather stand doubles as a gear garage for hiding your wallet, AirPods, hubs and hard drives. This sturdy stand includes a reversible gunmetal / walnut grille so it fits seamlessly into the design of any setup.

· Leather valet atop for items like iPhone, keys, etc.

Compatibility: · Apple iMacs · Apple iMac Pro · External displays with a base width of 10-inches or less

Part Number: · 12-1719


LookBook 2018


HiRise for MacBook Adjustable Stand for MacBook Designed for laptops (and people) of all sizes. HiRise for MacBook is a beautifully designed, height-adjustable stand that does what fixed stands can’t do – elevate your Macbook from a few inches up to a half foot off your desk. Pair your MacBook with a wireless keyboard and mouse, and you’ll see HiRise as more of an upgrade than an accessory. Compatibility:

Key Facts: · Raises MacBook up to 6 inches to your ideal ergonomic viewing height

· Elevates MacBook for improved airflow, cooling and quieter performance

· Aligns MacBook with external display for the ultimate dual-screen workstation

· Non-slip arms hold all size MacBooks from 11-inch Air to 15-inch Pro

· Pairs with a full-size keyboard and mouse for a more comfortable set up

· All MacBook models

Part Number: · 12-1222

LookBook 2018

Key Facts: · Modern, minimal stand for MacBook · Elevates screen 6.5 inches · Keeps 70% of the base exposed for optimal cooling · Allows for one-handed opening of MacBook

Compatibility: · All versions of Apple MacBook · Most laptop models

Part Number: · 12-1708

“Curve is a gorgeous, functional stand that is meant to display the MacBook as the work of art that it is.” –Mac Sources


Curve for MacBook Elevates your Mac while raising the bar for MacBook stands Designed for the most attractive laptop in the world. Curve is an elegant, flowing aluminum stand that complements the design of your MacBook. With its beautiful matte black finish and improved ergonomic design, it is the ultimate partnership of style and functionality. Use your MacBook on Curve to create a more comfortable desktop with your favorite external keyboard and mouse, or use the combo with an external display to create the perfect dual-screen setup. When it’s time to go mobile, unplug and roll out leaving a modern sculpture behind.

LookBook 2018

BookArc for MacBook Vertical Desktop Stand for MacBook Use your laptop to run your desktop. BookArc is the most popular vertical MacBook stand in the world. With this sleek stand you won’t lose precious desk space when using MacBook to run your desktop setup - simply slide your MacBook into the silicone slot, connect it to an external display, add a full-size keyboard and mouse to enjoy the comfort of a desktop setup. Ready to hit the road? Unplug MacBook and BookArc’s cable-catch feature keeps your cables from falling to the floor. BookArc is compatible with all current MacBooks.

Key Facts:


· Supports MacBook in closed-display mode for a more comfortable desk setup

· MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C (13-inch and 15-inch)

· Frees up valuable work space by elevating MacBook off the desk · Cable Catch keeps desktop connections from falling when disconnected

· MacBook (12-inch) · MacBook Air (11-inch and 13-inch) · MacBook Pro with Retina Display (13-inch and 15-inch)

Part Number: · 12-1505 (Silver) · 12-1709 (Space Gray)


“As a fan of beautiful things...I’ve always loved Twelve South’s BookArc.” –John Biggs, TechCrunch

LookBook 2018

ParcSlope for MacBook Low-Profile Desktop Wedge for MacBook and iPad Pro Best of both worlds. This sleek metal wedge provides a hybrid desktop-laptop setup for MacBook and comfortable, stable easel for iPad Pro 12.9-inch. ParcSlope elevates MacBook screens, including the new MacBook Pro, to a more ergonomic viewing height, while keeping your keyboard low to your desk for comfortable typing. Pair ParcSlope and MacBook with an external monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse for a more comfortable desktop setup. Thoughtful curves allow one-handed opening of your MacBook and built-in cable management keeps cords in place for grab and go convenience.


Key Facts: · Raises MacBook screen to a more ergonomic height · Holds iPad Pro at a wrist-friendly angle · Low profile angle for comfortable typing on MacBook and iPad Pro · Use with external monitor for desktop setup · Cable management keeps connections handy and accessible · Increase airflow and cooling around MacBook

Compatibility: · All MacBook models · iPad Pro 12.9-inch (all generations)

Part Number: · 12-1423 (Silver) · 12-1635 (Black)

ParcSlope is the perfect angled desktop stand for creative work on iPad Pro. Set iPad Pro 12.9-inch on the silicone-padded ParcSlope and draw with Apple Pencil, bang out beats in GarageBand, or manipulate on-screen controls while you sketch with your other hand. Soft silicone grips iPad Pro while protecting the bottom of the tablet’s surface.

LookBook 2018

HiRise 2

Adjustable Desktop Stand ( Page 30)



Headphone Charging Stand ( Page 26)

Curve for MacBook

Desktop Stand ( Page 14)

LookBook 2017

PlugBug World International USB iPad / iPhone Charger + MacBook Global Adapter Dual charger for the world. PlugBug World is a 2.1-Amp USB wall charger that converts any MacBook Power Adapter, including the new MacBook USB-C Power Adapter, into a dual charger that works in any major country. PlugBug lets you charge your MacBook + iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch simultaneously, from one outlet. This unique accessory includes five international snap-on plugs and doubles as an international, stand-alone USB charger for iPhone and iPad.


US Canada Japan

UK Hong Kong Singapore

Continental Europe

Australia New Zealand


“Twelve South took a charger– and used the Apple adage to Think Different to create something that is extremely useful and attractive.” – Steven Sande, Engadget

Key Facts:


· Creates a dual charger for MacBook + iPad and iPhone

· Charges iPad (all versions)

· Converts any MacBook Power Adapter to an international charger · Includes five AC plugs to convert a MacBook charger to fit most global electrical outlets (US/Canada/Japan, Continental Europe, UK/ Hong Kong/Singapore, China, Australia/ New Zealand)

· Charges iPhone (all versions) · Compatible with all MagSafe, MagSafe 2 and USB-C MacBook Power Adapters, and works with any USB charging cable (not included)

Part Number: · 12-1211


Key Facts: · Organizes desk and creates a tidy two-in-one combo

MagicBridge Connects Apple’s Wireless Keyboard to Magic Trackpad

· Holds trackpad on either left or right of keyboard · Easy access to power switches and Lightning ports for charging · Works with Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 (not included)

Compatibility: · Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2

Part Number: · 12-1633

MagicBridge creates the keyboard of your dreams. What is MagicBridge? It’s a cool little accessory that connects Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2 to your Apple Magic Keyboard, creating the sleek, one-piece input device you’ve been imagining. MagicBridge creates an amazingly efficient keyboard you can pair with iMac, MacBook or your Apple home theater setup. Use it on your desk, the sofa or anyplace else you use your Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2.


Key Facts: · Holds up to 3.5 pounds of hard drives or other peripherals – even MacBook · Built-in cable management rails keep cables organized · Included support pegs hold vertically-oriented peripherals

Compatibility: · All Apple iMacs · All Apple Thunderbolt Displays · Apple Cinema Displays with metal L-shaped desk stand

Part Number: · 12-1302 (Silver) · 12-1745 (Black)

BackPack Adjustable Shelf for Mac

“The iMac shelf you probably never knew you needed.” – John Brownlee, Cult of Mac

Little shelf that’s out of sight, but not out of reach. BackPack is a sleek, sturdy shelf, available in silver or black, designed exclusively for your iMac. Hang one, or two, of these gorgeous thin steel shelves on the back of your iMac to hide hard drives and USB peripherals, or to display awards, Stormtroopers, business cards or flowers. Included vertical support pegs prop up tall drives or a favorite album from your vinyl collection. Half the fun of owning a BackPack is being creative with what you display or store on it.

LookBook 2018


Key Facts:


· Elevates, charges and displays micro-USB powered wireless headphones

· All micro-USB charged wireless headphones and all wired headphones

· Integrated micro-USB charging cable in post · Charges via integrated power cable and included wall plug · Additional, in-base USB for smartphone charging + syncing · Ultra-soft leather pad and 10-inch post supports all size headphones

Part Number: · 12-1623 (NA / JP, Black) · 12-1637 (International, Black) · 12-1622 (NA / JP, Silver) · 12-1636 (International, Silver)

Fermata Headphone Charging and Display Stand Meet the world’s first charging stand for wireless headphones. Fermata is an elegant aluminum stand that holds and showcases your premium headphones while serving as a full charging station that keeps you powered up. Set your headphones atop the stand’s buttery soft leather saddle and connect the integrated charging cable to power up your headphones for your next work day or business trip. The functionality continues with an in-base, additional USB port to charge your iPhone or iPad. All of your recharging needs are housed in one beautiful stand.

LookBook 2018


Products for

iPhone + iPad HiRise 2 Compass 2 BookBook for iPhone BookBook for iPad Journal for iPhone RelaxedLeather for iPhone SurfacePad for iPhone SurfacePad for iPad PencilSnap CableSnap

LookBook 2018

HiRise 2 Adjustable Desktop Stand Home sweet home for your iDevices. We all have that spot where we drop our stuff the moment we step into our home or office. To help you make that go-to spot less cluttered, we created HiRise 2, the ultimate home for all your Lightning powered devices. This newly refined version of HiRise is one third smaller to free up space, twice as heavy for extra stability and features elegant curves inspired by the newest iPhone design. Use this beautiful little stand for hands-free use of your iPhone or iPad, while keeping all your Lightning connected devices fully charged. HiRise Deluxe includes both MFi-certified Lightning and Micro-USB cables to keep your iPhone charged, even in a battery case like the Mophie Juice Pack.

Key Facts: · Deluxe version includes both Lightning and Micro-USB cables · Charges iPhone and most iPhone battery cases · Adjustable support post fits most cases · Available in Silver, Black and Matte White (Deluxe only)


Part Number:

· iPhone X

HiRise 2

· iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

· 12-1624 (Silver)

· iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

· 12-1625 (Black)

· iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus

HiRise 2 Deluxe

· iPhone SE

· 12-1626 (Silver)

· iPad Pro 9.7-inch

· 12-1627 (Black)

· iPad mini (all generations)

· 12-1628 (Matte White)

· iPad Air (all generations)


Charges more than iPhone and iPad

HiRise 2 charges everything Lightning, including your Siri Remote

LookBook 2018

Compass 2 Mobile Stand for iPad Compass stands and delivers. Compass is a stylish, compact folding stand that works as an easel and a typing stand with most iPad models. As an easel, Compass beautifully displays iPad in both portrait and landscape modes. To transform Compass into a typing stand, simply flip down the secondary leg and this super portable stand sits at a perfect angle for comfortable typing on iPad’s on-screen keyboard. It’s the perfect travel companion for iPad.

Key Facts: · Folding, mobile easel designed for iPad · Holds iPad in portrait and landscape modes · Secondary leg positions iPad perfectly for typing · Available in Silver, Black, Gold and Rose Gold


“What really stands out about the Compass (apart from its looks) is that it folds up into such a portable package.” –Wired

· iPad Pro (10.5-inch) · iPad Pro (9.7-inch) · iPad mini (all generations) · iPad Air (all generations)

Part Number: · 12-1312 (Silver) · 12-1314 (Black) · 12-1617 (Gold) · 12-1618 (Rose Gold)


LookBook 2018


BookBook for iPhone Three-In-One Vintage Case + Wallet for iPhone

Key Facts: · Handmade, genuine leather case protects iPhone with style · Includes wallet pockets for ID, cards and cash · Folds into a convenient hands-free viewing stand

Everything you want in an iPhone case and more. BookBook for iPhone is a wallet case, hands-free stand and removable shell – wrapped up in one gorgeous, vintage leather book. BookBook has pockets to hold your ID, cards and cash. It even folds into a display stand for handsfree FaceTime chats and watching videos. One more thing: BookBook features a removable soft-touch shell to protect your iPhone in or out of BookBook. Whatever your needs, this feature-packed case has you covered.

· Has a removable, protective iPhone shell · Available in Classic Black and Vintage Brown

Compatibility: · iPhone X · iPhone 8 / 7 and 8 / 7 Plus · iPhone 6s and 6s Plus · iPhone SE

Part Number: iPhone X

iPhone 6 / 6s

· 12-1734 (Brown)

· 12-1432 (Brown)

· 12-1735 (Black)

· 12-1433 (Black)

iPhone 8 / 7

iPhone 6 / 6s Plus

· 12-1658 (Brown)

· 12-1434 (Brown)

· 12-1659 (Black)

· 12-1435 (Black)

iPhone 8 / 7 Plus · 12-1660 (Brown) · 12-1661 (Black)

LookBook 2018

Key Facts: · Vintage style leather portfolio case · Unique Book design protects and disguises iPad for added security · Integrated kickstand angles iPad for comfortable sketching and typing · Converts to adjustable display and movie watching stand · iPad Pro versions include a pocket on the inside spine to store your Apple Pencil or iPad stylus

Compatibility: · iPad Pro (all generations) · iPad mini (all generations) · iPad Air (all generations)

Part Number: iPad 2017

iPad Pro 10.5-inch

· 12-1517 (Brown)

· 12-1749 (Brown)

· 12-1619 (Rutledge)

iPad Pro 9.7-inch

iPad mini 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

· 12-1632 (Brown)

· 12-1518 (Brown)

· 12-1629 (Rutledge)

· 12-1620 (Rutledge) iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st generation) · 12-1616 (Brown) · 12-1621 (Rutledge) iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation) · 12-1750 (Brown)

BookBook for iPad & iPad Pro Hardback Leather Case Keep the story of your life in a BookBook. BookBook for iPad is a handmade, one-of-a-kind, hardback leather case tailored to fit iPad, iPad Pro, iPad mini and iPad Air. Each BookBook model features an interior support frame that creates a variable-angle display stand and a built-in typing stand so you can use it for reading, watching streaming videos or typing a note in Pages. BookBook for iPad Pro tilts iPad to a comfortable sketching angle and has a built-in holster for your Apple Pencil. All BookBook models disguise your iPad in the form of a vintage book.


BookBook for iPhone ( Page 34)

BookBook for iPad ( Page 36)

BookBook for MacBook ( Page 6)

LookBook 2018


Headphone Charging and Display Stand ( Page 26)


HiRise 2

Adjustable Desktop Stand with included Lightning and Micro-USB cables ( Page 30)

LookBook 2018

Journal for iPhone Full Leather Wallet Case and Display Stand First-class leather folio for iPhone. Journal is a stylish, all-leather wallet case that allows you to streamline your everyday carry. Crafted in genuine leather, Journal is the perfect blend of case and premium wallet that will patina with age and use. A built-in viewing stand allows for hands-free FaceTime chats or watching videos. With its beautiful leather-wrapped iPhone shell, ID window, card slots and a convenient cash pocket, you’ll have all your essentials in one place.

Key Facts: · Full leather wallet and display stand · Integrated shell protects from drops and bumps · 3-slot (iPhone) or 4-slot (iPhone Plus) wallet with ID window and cash pocket · Built-in display stand angled for hands-free viewing

Compatibility: · iPhone X · iPhone 8 / 7 and 8 / 7 Plus

Part Number: iPhone X

iPhone 8 / 7

iPhone 8 / 7 Plus

· 12-1743 (Black)

· 12-1663 (Black)

· 12-1665 (Black)

· 12-1744 (Cognac) · 12-1662 (Cognac)

· 12-1664 (Cognac)


LookBook 2018


RelaxedLeather for iPhone Luxury Leather iPhone Case Lived in luxury for your new iPhone. RelaxedLeather is a beautifully hand burnished leather wallet shell for your iPhone. Made from genuine leather that has been distressed along the edges and corners, making each case completely unique. The patina will only improve the more you use it, giving the appearance of your favorite pair of broken-in boots. The interior microfiber lining also protects your device from everyday nicks and scratches. It’s a classic look that creates the perfect juxtaposition of vintage style and modern functionality. Offered both with and without external pockets and available in five rich colors.

Key Facts: · Genuine leather shell protects iPhone with style · Hand finished with custom burnishing makes each case unique · Quilted microfiber interior protects iPhone exterior finish · Offered with or without two external convenient pockets to carry an ID and bank card

Compatibility: · iPhone X · iPhone 8 / 8 Plus · iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

Part Number: iPhone 8 / 7, No Pockets

iPhone X, With Pockets

· 12-1721 (Earl Grey)

· 12-1736 (Black)

· 12-1722 (Indigo

· 12-1737 (Cognac)

iPhone 8 / 7, With Pockets

· 12-1738 (Marsala)

· 12-1723 (Earl Grey)

· 12-1739 (Earl Grey)

· 12-1724 (Indigo)

· 12-1740 (Indigo)

iPhone 8 / 7 Plus, No Pockets

· 12-1720 (Deep Teal)

· 12-1725 (Earl Grey) · 12-1726 (Indigo) iPhone 8 / 7 Plus, With Pockets · 12-1727 (Earl Grey) · 12-1728 (Indigo)

LookBook 2018

SurfacePad for iPhone Ultra-Slim Luxury Leather Cover for iPhone Luxury leather jacket tailored to fit iPhone. SurfacePad for iPhone is a premium quality, buttery soft Napa leather jacket designed exclusively to protect iPhone without adding bulk and weight. Razor thin and astonishingly light, this luxury leather cover protects the front and back of your iPhone from everyday hazards, like keys and counters. Inside the cover of SurfacePad you’ll find two handy card slots, which is all you need thanks to Apple Pay. Flex the back, and this slim iPhone cover turns into a hands-free display stand, a must for the new larger iPhones.

Key Facts:

Part Number:

· Wraps iPhone in a luxury Napa leather jacket

iPhone 6 / 6s

iPhone 6 / 6s Plus

iPhone 8 / 7

iPhone X

· Watch videos and FaceTime hands-free with built-in stand

· 12-1424 (Black)

· 12-1428 (Black)

· 12-1666 (Black)

· 12-1751 (Black)

· Shield iPhone from scratches and scrapes without a bulky plastic case · Securely adheres to back of iPhone, leaving no residue when removed

Compatibility: · iPhone X · iPhone 8 / 7 and 8 / 7 Plus · iPhone 6s/6 and 6s/6s Plus

· 12-1425 (White)

· 12-1429 (White)

· 12-1667 (Camel)

· 12-1752 (Cognac)

· 12-1426 (Red)

· 12-1430 (Red)

· 12-1668 (Midnight Blue)

· 12-1753 (Teal)

· 12-1427 (Camel)

· 12-1431 (Camel)

iPhone 8 / 7 Plus

· 12-1601 (Midnight Blue)

· 12-1603 (Midnight Blue)

· 12-1669 (Black)

· 12-1602 (Lavender)

· 12-1604 (Lavender)

· 12-1670 (Camel) · 12-1671 (Midnight Blue)


LookBook 2018

SurfacePad for iPad Luxury Leather Cover for iPad Smashing good looks and a lot of smarts. SurfacePad for iPad is a sleek, stylish, ultra-thin leather cover designed exclusively for iPad mini, Air and Pro. In addition to protecting the front and back of your tablet from nicks and scratches, SurfacePad works as a hands-free viewing stand and a typing wedge. Hidden magnets hold iPad in your choice of two viewing positions. A flip-down kickstand lets you comfortably update Facebook or finish a Keynote show using the iPad keyboard.

Key Facts:

Part Number:

· Wraps iPad in a luxury Napa leather jacket

iPad mini 4

iPad Pro 12.9-inch

· Watch videos hands-free with built-in stand

· 12-1605 (Black)

· 12-1732 (Black)

· Shield iPad from scratches and scrapes without a bulky plastic case

· 12-1606 (Camel)

· 12-1733 (Camel)

· 12-1607 (Red)

iPad Pro 10.5-inch

· Securely adheres to back of iPad, leaving no residue when removed · Opening SurfacePad wakes iPad, closing it puts iPad to sleep

Compatibility: · iPad Pro (9.7-inch, 10.5-inch, 12.9-inch) · iPad mini (all generations) · iPad Air (all generations)

· 12-1608 (Midnight Blue)

· 12-1730 (Black)

· 12-1609 (Lavender)

· 12-1731 (Camel)

iPad 2017

iPad Pro 9.7-inch

· 12-1412 (Black)

· 12-1630 (Black)

· 12-1414 (White)

· 12-1631 (Camel)

· 12-1415 (Red) · 12-1418 (Camel)

“Someone has finally made a better case than Apple.” – Dan Seifert, The Verge


PencilSnap Apple Pencil Holster Keeping your Apple Pencil next to iPad Pro is now a snap. PencilSnap is a leather holster for Apple Pencil designed to perfectly complement any Apple Smart Cover, Apple Smart Keyboard or Twelve South SurfacePad. PencilSnap uses strong hidden magnets to snap onto your Smart Cover, keeping your iPad Pro and Pencil together wherever you go. The leather sleeve keeps a snug grip on Pencil so it won’t slip out. Use this handy sleeve with your Smart Cover or as a stand alone protective case to keep your Apple Pencil clean and nick free. PencilSnap is available in Black or Camel.

Key Facts: · Leather holster that keeps Apple Pencil next to your iPad Pro · Uses hidden magnets to attach to any Apple Smart Cover, Smart Keyboard or Twelve South SurfacePad · Genuine leather holster can be used as a standalone case

Part Number: · 12-1746 (Black) · 12-1747 (Camel)

LookBook 2018


CableSnap Leather Cable Organizer Keep cords under control with CableSnap. These dapper leather wraps keep your cables neatly coiled and tangle free. Sold in packs of three, each set includes one large and two small cable managers. Without cable wings on the new MacBook power adapters, your 2-meter USB-C charging cable can get unruly fast. Use the large CableSnap to keep it neat and tidy when you’re on the go. The small snaps are great for things like your Lightning Cable and EarPods/earbuds. Designed to stay put, a strong metal snap keeps each CableSnap securely closed, while the incorporated cable loop keeps your wraps attached to cords when they are uncurled and in use. CableSnaps are available in three colors: Black, Cognac and Marsala.

Key Facts: · Sold in packs of three - 1 large / 2 small · Made from genuine leather · Metal button snaps keep them securely closed · Built-in cord loop keeps them connected to cables

Part Number: · 12-1716 (Black) · 12-1717 (Cognac) · 12-1718 (Marsala)

LookBook 2018


Products for

Apple Watch HiRise Duet TimePorter ActionSleeve FortĂŠ for Apple Watch HiRise for Apple Watch

LookBook 2018

HiRise Duet iPhone & Watch Charging Stand Double the charging - in half the space. HiRise Duet is a luxe charging stand that powers your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, in the same place. Made from sleek metal and accented with leather, this elegant stand includes an integrated Lightning Connector and Watch Charging Disk so you never have to search for cables again. Have a case on your iPhone? No problem, both the back support and the Lightning Connector height adjust to work with most slim cases and sleeves, including our very own BookBook. With everything you need in one space, HiRise Duet is the ultimate charging companion.

Key Facts:


· Simultaneously charges iPhone and Apple Watch

· iPhone X

· Integrated Apple Watch Charging Disc and Lightning Connector

· iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

· 15w charging power charges phone 40% faster than wireless

· iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus

· Leather pad protects Watch and Metal Watch bands

· iPhone 7 / 7 Plus · iPhone 6 / 6s · iPhone SE · Apple Watch (all generations)

Part Number: · 12-1634


LookBook 2018

TimePorter for Apple Watch Travel Case & Charging Stand for Apple Watch accessories The ultimate travel companion for Apple Watch. TimePorter for Apple Watch is a gorgeous capsule that holds your essential Watch accessories and doubles as a display stand. The neatly designed silicone lined case holds your charging cable, extra Watch band, USB charger and more. Pop your charging disk into the integrated opening in TimePorter, drape Apple Watch across the top to charge and you have an instant, multi-angle display stand.


Key Facts: · Built-in cable management for Apple charging cable · Integrated opening for Apple Charging Disk (not included) · Works as multi-angle display stand · Displays Apple Watch in either portrait or Nightstand mode

Compatibility: · Apple Watch (all generations)

Part Number: · 12-1512 (Black) · 12-1514 (White)

LookBook 2018


ActionSleeve Armband for Apple Watch World’s first armband for Apple Watch. Apple Watch is an incredibly advanced fitness tracker, but not everyone can, or wants, to wear a device on their wrist when working out. ActionSleeve is an alternate, yet familiar (remember iPod bands) way to wear your Apple Watch when exercising. When sports, like boxing, block access to the wrist, ActionSleeve allows you to still use Apple Watch and all its impressive tracking capabilities. Slide off your Watch band, pop the Apple Watch body into the padded, protective ActionSleeve, wrap it around your bicep and you’re ready for action. The Velcro fastening band holds your Watch against your skin for more accurate heart rate monitoring while keeping Apple Watch viewable and comfortably nearby.

Key Facts:


· Use Apple Watch when sports gear or activity restricts wrist placement

· Apple Watch (all generations)

· Improves heart rate tracking with tighter, more consistent skin contact · Built-in bumper protection helps shield Apple Watch from nicks and dings · Fits arms up to 17 in. (43cm) and is hand-washable

Part Number: Apple Watch 38mm · 12-1701 (Black) · 12-1704 (Red) Apple Watch 42mm · 12-1702 (Black, Slim) · 12-1703 (Black) · 12-1705 (Red)

LookBook 2018

Forté for Apple Watch Luxury Charging Stand for Apple Watch When average isn’t good enough, there’s Forté. Forté is a luxury stand and charging dock designed to match the timeless beauty of Apple Watch, from shape and standards, to fit and finish. Forté elegantly displays your Watch while protecting your band with a buttery soft, top grain leather wrapped base. Forté works seamlessly with your Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable and the 40-degree angled arm allows for bedside viewing in either Portrait or Nightstand mode.

Key Facts: · Supports Apple Watch while charging · Elevates and displays screen while charging · Magnetic Charging Cable inserts and removes easily

Compatibility: · Silicone and soft leather pad protect all styles of bands · Works with Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (not included)

· Apple Watch (all generations)

Part Number: · 12-1506


LookBook 2018

Key Facts:


· Supports Apple Watch while charging

· Apple Watch (all generations)

· Elevates and displays screen while charging · Magnetic Charging Cable inserts and removes easily · Silicone and soft leather pad protect all styles of bands · Works with Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (not included)

Part Number: · 12-1504 (Black) · 12-1503 (Silver)


HiRise for Apple Watch The Charging Stand for Apple Watch Rest and recharge your Apple Watch in style. This elegant, modern stand showcases your beautiful Apple Watch while you charge it overnight. HiRise holds any Watch at an elevated height and angle so you can interact with it while it’s charging. HiRise works with the Apple Magnetic Charging Cable and can be used with any Apple Watch band, including closed-loop metal bands. Silicone accents and a leather landing pad protect your watch, buckled or not.

Thank you. We appreciate you taking the time to browse our catalog of made-for-Apple accessories. You can find more product details and images on our website. Visit our social media pages to hear our amazing customers sing our praises.

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Twelve South Lookbook 2018  

The ultimate guide for the Apple fan. Accessories to streamline your setup and organize your Apple desktop.

Twelve South Lookbook 2018  

The ultimate guide for the Apple fan. Accessories to streamline your setup and organize your Apple desktop.