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Editor’s Letter Welcome to Turnaround’s June 2017 buyer’s notes! As we finally (or at least optimistically) break into summer, we have a superb array of new titles – perfect for the beach, your back garden, or even just the park. Some of this month’s highlight’s are: A very exciting start to June’s reading list is an ingeniously told story from one of Poland’s most prized modern authors. Moving Parts (p4; Archipelago, 978091467184, p/b, £13.99) by Magdalena Tulli is an experimental take on storytelling, featuring an incompetent narrator who tries to tell his tale under increasingly strained circumstances! This brilliant, wryly humorous work tells of the inadequate means that language and storytelling offer for describing and understanding the world. Yet it does so in Tulli’s characteristically clear, concrete, gorgeous prose. This extraordinary work, unique in both form and message, shows a European master at the height of her powers and constitutes a major contribution to a new century of European literature. A spiralling labyrinth of a novel which offers a meditation on the inadequacy of language and life might not be everyone’s idea of a summer blockbuster, but it will certainly be in my beach bag! If short stories are more your thing then we highly recommend Everything Is Awful And You’re A Terrible Person (p11; Arsenal Pulp Press, 9781551526751, p/b, £13.99) – an irreverent and interconnected series of weird and wonderful stories, about love in the twenty-first century. There’s also a rip-roaringly funny and marvelously wild debut from Ladee Hubbard, The Talented Ribkins (p5; Melville House, 9781612196367, h/b, £18.99). We join in the adventures of seventy-two year old Johnny Ribkins, who comes from an African American family with a difference… they have superpowers. Well, sort of super powers: his father could see in the dark. His brother could scale walls. His cousin spits fire, and Johnny himself can make precise maps of any space you name, whether he’s been there or not. On the run from his mobster boss, Johnny teams up with a niece he never knew he had (her power is being able to catch cans if you throw them at her head. No matter how many, no matter how fast) in a hilarious and moving race against time. If crime fiction is your thing you might like to delve into Trinidad Noir: The Classics (p6; Akashic, 9781617754357, p/b, £11.99), edited by Earl Lovelace and Robert Antonio. The latest in a long line from Akashic’s fabulous Noir series, this volume collects the best writing from Trinidad and Tobago. It’s so good it might even make up for

not actually being on a Caribbean island! If you fancy sticking with crime, but want to stay a little closer to home, how about Sarah Stovell’s unputdownable Exquisite (p7; Orenda, 9781910633748, p/b, £8.99), set in the Lake District? A delightfully dark and sinister story of the relationship between two female writers – a story that will stay with you all summer…

If you’re looking to keep the kids quiet(er) over the impending summer holidays, look no further than the stunning The Whalemaster (p24; Simply Read, 9781927018798, p/b, £8.99) by Michael Moiz. A clever, literary title that familiarises children with the narrative arc of classic titles like Moby Dick; the tale of a boy’s life aboard a whaling vessel and his friendship with one of the harpooners. Or, for your teenagers, try The Book of Whispers (p25; Text Publishing, 9781925355512, p/b, £6.99) by Kimberley Starr, a mesmerising blend of historical and fantasy set in Middle Ages Tuscany – a story that is sure to both educate and enthral. Luca is the son of a count, and Suzan who is consigned with her mute mother to a life in an underground convent. Both children have prophetic dreams which bring them together, in order to realise their true quest: to defeat the forces of man and demon that wish to destroy the world. Rian Hughes’s Logo-A-Gogo (p27; Korero Press, 9780993337420, p/b, £29.99) is a captivating look at some of the most famous logos created by Hughes over a twenty-year career. He has specialised in creating logo designs for the comic industry, notably for DC and Marvel products, including Batman and Robin, Batgirl, X-Men, Captain America, Wolverine, The Spirit, The Invisibles, Shade the Changing Man, and The Atom. He has also designed logos for posters, CDs, and clothing, and produced branding for clients such as Hasbro, Cartoon Network, Virgin Airways, Eurostar, and the BBC. Preliminary sketches are shown alongside the final design, and accompanied by author commentary. An essential reference for designers to draw on in branding and other graphic design projects, the book will also fascinate anyone interested in contemporary culture.

For those looking to graphic novels for your summer reading you are in for a treat – it’s a bumper month! Tough though it is to choose our favourites from amongst these, we have narrowed it down to two. To start with we have The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the Twenty-First Century (p14; Dark Horse, 9781506700359, h/b, £24.99) – an archival 600 page volume containing the complete life story of Martha Washington, the twentyfirst century freedom fighter, created by comic book megastars Frank Miller (Sin City, 300) and Dave Gibbons (Watchmen). In a dystopian near-future patriotic yet subversive Martha Washington battles white-supremacist organisations, corporate corruption and social justice issues. A move away from superhero narratives, Martha uses intellect, education and public conscience in her fight against opression. Sticking with American popular culture we also selected In The Pines: 5 Murder Ballads (p16; Fantagraphics, 9781683960119, h/b, £20.99). The murder ballad has held a pivotal position in US roots music and the Great American Songbook for decades. Telling the stories of sometimes true (and sometimes not-so-true) crimes and other horrific events, they are raw stories full of unrequited love, betrayal, life and death. These five adaptations by Dutch cartoonist Erik Kriek present dark, gritty, extraordinary and scary stories which are always looking for the evil in humanity.

Finally we have an incredible memoir to round off this month’s letter. Nina Riggs’s In the Spotless Orange Light (p29; Text Publishing, 9781911231134, p/b, £12.99) is the profound and powerful autobiographical narrative of her diagnosis with breast cancer, at the age of only 38, and only a few months after the death of her mother from multiple myeloma. The greatgreat-great-granddaughter of Ralph Waldo Emerson gives an intimate, unflinching account of ‘living with death in the room’. She tells her story in a series of absurd, poignant and often hilarious vignettes drawn from a life that has ‘no real future or arc left to it, yet still goes on as if it does’. Leading the reader into the innermost chambers of the writer’s life: the mind and heart, the work and home and family, of a young woman alternately seeking to make peace with and raging against the reality of her approaching death. This is an unforgettable, life-affirming memoir from an accomplished poet and writer.



To suit any sun-loathers amongst you we suggest Among the Summer Snow (p53; September Publishing, 9781910463604, h/b, £9.99). Detailing Christopher Nicholson’s unusual obsession with the snow that remains in the Scottish Highlands during August, recounting solitary walks taken there last summer, it also offers an evocative meditation on our evolving relationship with nature.

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A Novel White, Nick

Mootoo, Shani

Jonathan Lewis-Adey was nine when his parents separated, and his mother, Sid, vanished entirely from his life. It is not until he is a grown man that Jonathan finally reconnects with his beloved lost parent, only to find, to his shock and dismay, that the woman he knew as ‘Sid’ in Toronto has become an elegant man named Sydney living in his native Trinidad. For nine years, Jonathan has paid regular visits to Sydney on his island retreat, trying with quiet desperation to rediscover the parent he adored inside this familiar stranger, and to overcome his lingering confusion and anger at the choices Sydney has made. KEY SELLING POINTS • Long-listed for the Scotiabank Giller Prize and short-listed for the Lambda Literary Award. • From the world-renowned author of Valmiki’s Daughter, He Drown She in the Sea and Cereus Blooms at Night. • Fascinating and provocative premise, examing gender roles and identity. ISBN 13: 9781617755347, 304pp p/b, £13.99 Published by AKASHIC BOOKS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland & Europe

Camp Levi is designed to ‘cure’ young teenage boys of their budding homosexuality. Will Dillard spent a summer at Levi as a teenager, and has since tried to erase that experience from his mind. But when a fellow student alerts him that a slasher movie based on the camp is being released, he is forced to confront his troubled history and possible culpability in the death of a fellow camper. As past and present are woven together, Will returns to the abandoned campgrounds to solve the mysteries of that pivotal summer, and to reclaim his story from those who have stolen it. KEY SELLING POINTS • Boldly addresses issues of sexuality, masculinity and identity through the lens of history. • Nick White’s writing honours the tradition of classic Southern writers, but with an edge that is utterly contemporary. • His stories have been featured in many literary magazines and in the 2016 Best American Short Stories. • LGBTQ rights and the dangers (and legality) of so-called conversion therapy are pressing issues today. ISBN 13: 9780399573682, 304pp h/b, £16.99 Published by BLUE RIDER PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland





Volume 3 Shringarpure, Bhakti (ed)

Thompson, Jean

Through a collage of poems, essays, fiction, conversations, and visual art, Imagine Africa: Volume Three brings together some of the most essential writers, artists, and thinkers of contemporary Africa. Including powerful photographs in color by Zanele Muholi, stills from the films of Jean-Pierre Bekolo, and works of fiction and poetry from nine languages, Imagine Africa: Volume Three offers a glimpse into a kaleidoscopic and vibrant continent. KEY SELLING POINTS • A collection of many of the most important contemporary African writers. • Includes vibrant colour images from contemporary African photographers, including Zanele Muholi. • Translations from eight different languages side by side with the original. • Targeted mailings to academic markets, including African Studies and Comparative Literature professors. • Review coverage in major outlets; advertising in Bookforum, Harper’s and NYRB. ISBN 13: 9780914671749, 168pp p/b, £17.99 Published by ARCHIPELAGO BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



The night that Jane and Bonnie meet at collage sets them on paths forever entwined. Bonnie, the wild and experimental one, has spent the past two decades bouncing between bad relationships, while Jane’s perfect life, perfect husband and children have materialised out of a fantasy. But these appearances contradict the inescapable doubt Jane feels about her life. As Jane retreats further into herself and begins having strange visions, Bonnie finds herself drawn into an affair with Jane’s husband. A finely wrought, haunting story of female friendship and deception, and the distance in between. KEY SELLING POINTS • A new, masterly-crafted novel of psychological suspense from an awardwinning author. • Thompson’s characters are deeply realised and have been heralded as ‘deeply familiar.’ • Jean Thompson was a finalist for the National Book Award with her short story collection Who Do You Love. • An ideal read for anyone who enjoys Elena Ferrante and other novels about the complexity of female friendships. • Unexpected and gripping’ - The New York Times ISBN 13: 9780399573828, 432pp p/b, £12.99 Published by BLUE RIDER PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Tulli, Magdalena & Johnston, Bill

In this wildly inventive page-turner, a feckless narrator struggles against all odds to tell a story for which he is responsible, but which he neither controls nor understands. His characters multiply and go astray; his employer is asleep in a drunken stupor. The increasingly desperate narrator clambers over rooftops and through underground passages, watching helplessly as his characters reappear in different times and settings and start rival stories against his will. A story about the sadness of the world and of the inadequacy of language and storytelling to describe and understand it. KEY SELLING POINTS • A stunning meditation on life and storytelling from one of Poland’s most masterful contemporary authors. • Author nominated for the 2006 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. • Will appeal greatly to fans of literary fiction, metafiction and the subversion of genres. • Ideal for readers interested in contemporary Central European culture and the historical aftermath of WWII. • Translated fiction is a growing trend in the UK after the success of writers such as Elena Ferrante. ISBN 13: 9780914671848, 144pp p/b, £13.99 Published by ARCHIPELAGO BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland


REVIVAL Resurrecting the Process Church of the Final Judgement Bainbridge, William Sims

An author employed by an agency of the National Science Foundation (NSF) manifests desires he suppressed for decades that the remarkable cult he followed and wrote about in the 1970s becomes a way for today’s society to improve itself. KEY SELLING POINTS • Several true crime books depict The Process Church as the most notorious of death cults, avoiding notice of the police. • The infamous Process Church has appeared in several notable Feral House books. • A band called The Sabbath Assembly formed to record Process Church hymns and to tour internationally. • Based upon actual events and beliefs. • Author published first book that went inside the cult, Satan’s Power (University of California Press, 1973). ISBN 13: 9781627310482, 192pp p/b, £17.99 Published by FERAL HOUSE Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East







Gethin, Sara

And Other Fables Chrissopoulos, Christos & Charlton, Hannah

Tomos lives with his mother, and sometimes her boyfriend. He longs to return to another place, a place he thinks of as home, and the people who lived with him there. And for Cwtch, who he had to leave behind, too. He knows that there are some things he cannot talk about - except to Cwtch - and then, just before Christmas, the difficult things come to a head. There are men outside who want to come in, and his mum has said not to answer the door. From behind his chair, Tomos waits, trying to make himself small and quiet. He doesn’t think it’s Santa Claus this time. When the men break in, Tomos’s world is turned on its head and the adults around him must fight to make it right again. KEY SELLING POINTS • First adult novel from Tir n’a N’og award winning children’s fiction author. • In the tradition of bestselling Room by Emma Donoghue. • Compelling depiction of what it’s like to be the child in a dysfunctional household. ISBN 13: 9781909983625, 316pp p/b, £8.99 Published by HONNO Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Blow up the Acropolis’ was the 1944 call to action by the surrealist circle the Harbingers of Chaos. Sixty years later, a young man obliges. The Parthenon has been destroyed, the city orphaned. Is it still Athens? All eyes are on the empty hill, now smoky and ashen. Cries of distress, indifference, and fanaticism fill the air. What were his reasons? How will he be punished for this unspeakable act of violence? What does it mean for Greece, now deprived of its greatest symbol? This provocative tale reveals the unique dilemma of a country still searching for an identity beyond its past as the birthplace of Western civilization. KEY SELLING POINTS • Promising debut author already published in Greek, French, and ten other languages to great acclaim. • An original look at a city through the lens of fiction, examining urban life in Athens both as it is and as it could be • Serialization outreach in literary magazines (Tin House, Believer, Poets & Writers). ISBN 13: 9781590518366, 128pp h/b, £15.99 Published by OTHER PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland





Hubbard, Ladee

A compulsively readable, big-hearted story about a family with special gifts who sometimes stumble in their efforts to succeed in life, The Talented Ribkins draws on such novels as Toni Morrison’s Sula and Colson Whitehead’s The Intuitionist to weave themes of race, class and politics into a wonderfully accomplished and engaging novel by a talented new author. KEY SELLING POINTS • A brilliantly inventive debut novel from a unique new voice in contemporary fiction. • Weaves themes of race, class and politics into an accomplished story about a 72 year-old antiques dealer. • Winner of the 2016 Rona Jaffe Foundation Writer’s Award. • Ladee Hubbard attended Princeton University where she wrote a creative thesis under the guidance of Toni Morrison. ISBN 13: 9781612196367, 320pp h/b, £18.99 Published by MELVILLE HOUSE PUBLISHING Rep Territories: UK & Ireland


A FORTUNE FORETOLD A Girl’s Memoir Pleijel, Agneta & Delargy, Marlaine.

The story takes place in the 1950s in the suburbs of Stockholm, in the university town of Lund, and in the United States. Neta’s childhood is in disarray. She reads - words give form to the vagueness of existence - and is busy thinking about the female sex, family, and the stupendous diversity of people in the world. Her father, a mathematician, and her mother, a musician, are in constant conflict, but she loves them both. Gradually Neta realizes that she’s grown up in a lie and that she must step carefully through the war zone of her parents’ marriage. KEY SELLING POINTS • Universal story of adolescence and burgeoning womanhood set in the 1950s. • Agneta Pleijel is a prominent figure in the Swedish literary world. • Like Knausgaard, Pleijel crafts a beautiful novel out of her experience, creating an intriguing blend of fact and fiction. ISBN 13: 9781590518304, 256pp p/b, £12.99 Published by OTHER PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Sindu, SJ

Lucky is an unemployed millennial programmer. Her husband, Krishna, is an editor for a greeting card company. Both are secretly gay, presenting their conservative Sri Lankan-American families with a heterosexual front while dating on the side. When Lucky’s grandmother falls, Lucky returns to her mother’s home and unexpectedly reconnects with her childhood friend and first lover, Nisha. When the two rekindle old romantic feelings, Lucky tries to save Nisha from entering a marriage based on a lie and finds herself pushed to breaking point. A moving exploration of love and queerness. KEY SELLING POINTS • A diverse coming-of-age story narrated by a wonderfully idiosyncratic character who appeals to a broad range of readers. • An exciting new book for readers of multicultural novels, LGBTQ novels and coming-of-age tales. • This is the first LGBTQ novel from a Sri Lankan-American writer. • There is still a huge lack of LGBTQ novels published in the UK yet the readership potential is enormous. • An interesting look at what it means to be young and queer in a country where being so is considered illegal. ISBN 13: 9781616957902, 288pp h/b, £21.99 Published by SOHO PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Classics

PUNISHMENTS OF HELL, THE Desnos, Robert & Picabia, Francia

Written in April/May 1922, this is the first prose work by Robert Desnos. At first it appears to be a sort of roman a clef. All of Desnos’s friends in the Paris Dada Movement make their appearance, Andre Breton, Louis Aragon and Benjamin Peret among others. The Dada movement seemed played out, killed off by a mixture of public success, internal dissensions and boredom with the predictability of its scandals. The Punishments of Hell thus lies between Dada and Surrealism. All is confusion at this critical pass when the future seems simultaneously at stake and within one’s grasp, and this novel perfectly embodies its modern chaos. KEY SELLING POINTS • First translation of an important novel from the beginning of Surrealism. • Features famous faces of the Paris Dadaist movement, such as Andre Breton, Louis Aragon and Benjamin Peret. • Perfectly embodies the modern chaos of the time at which it was written. • Desnos’s Mourning for Mourning and Liberty or Love! (Atlas Press) are also available. ISBN 13: 9780993148736, 160pp p/b, £10.00 Published by ATLAS PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

MONTHLY CATALOGUE - June 2017 Fiction - Classics


Fiction - Crime & Thriller



Restless Classics Defoe, Daniel; Cadogan, Garnette (intr) & Eko (illus)

A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery Blackwell, Juliet

The classic Caribbean adventure story and foundational English novel, now in a new, illustrated Restless Classics edition with an introduction contextualising the book for our globalised, postcolonial era. KEY SELLING POINTS • A beautiful new edition of a classic of English literature. • Timely: this novel gives context to the impact of empire and colonialism in a time of high racial tension. • New introduction by a rising star in race and diversity issues. • The next in the Restless Classics series, designed to bring great classics to readers outside the classroom. ISBN 13: 9781632061195, 288pp p/b, £17.99 Published by RESTLESS BOOKS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland & Europe

Fiction - Crime & Thriller

TRINIDAD NOIR The Classics Lovelace, Earl & Antoni, Robert

Akashic Books continues its groundbreaking series of noir anthologies, launched in 2004 with Brooklyn Noir. Each story is set in a distinct neighborhood or location within the city of the book. This volume showcases some of the best writing from Trinidad & Tobago’s outstanding literary history. The collection starts with pre-Independence writing - dating all the way back to 1927 - and continues through the twentieth century and up to contemporary writers of recent years. The diversity of styles and cultures captured in Trinidad Noir: The Classics is a fascinating reflection of Trinidad. KEY SELLING POINTS • Latest in a long line from the great Akashic Noir series. • Classic stories by Derek Walcott, Samuel Selvon, V.S. Naipaul, Earl Lovelace, Robert Antoni, Sharon Millar, Barbara Jenk • Previous Trinidad Noir title was realsed in 2008. ISBN 13: 9781617754357, 256pp p/b, £11.99 Published by AKASHIC BOOKS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland & Europe

Fiction - Crime & Thriller


The town of Lavender, Texas, is buzzing with tourists, and local businesses are pulling out all the stops for the fun-filled fall event. On the eve of opening day, Sabrina comes face-to-face with her doppelganger, Tia Hartwell, a caricature artist at the festival. The similarities between the two women are striking, including their matching black cats. Sabrina learns that her new twin Tia has an enemy: bad-tempered jewelry vendor Calvin Fisher. When Fisher is found slumped over dead in his pickup, Tia tops the suspect list. With the help of her feline sidekick, Sabrina must clear her new look-alike friend before she finds herself in a deadly case of double jeopardy. KEY SELLING POINTS • Third book in a popular series - a charming animal cozy which has garnered great reviews. • Will be popular with fans of Miranda James’s Cat in the Stacks Mysteries and Laurie Cass’s Bookmobile Cat Myseries. • Classic cozy combination of books and cats, with a sleuthing novelist and the supposedly-jinxed Hitchcock. ISBN 13: 9780425275269, 304pp p/b, £6.99 Published by BERKLEY - US Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

When her friend Alicia hires Turner Construction to renovate a historic lighthouse in the San Francisco Bay, Mel Turner can’t wait to get her hands dirty. Alicia plans to transform the island property into a welcoming inn, and while Mel has never attempted a project so ambitious before, she’s definitely up for the challenge. But trouble arises when Alicia’s abusive ex-husband shows up, and later winds up dead. With no other suspects in sight, things look choppy for Alicia. If Mel wants to clear her friend’s name, she’ll need the help of the lighthouse’s resident ghosts to find the culprit... KEY SELLING POINTS • A truly original cosy crime series featuring two fantastic hooks: ghosts and home repairs. • Paranormal cosy crime has become a hugely popular subgenre in recent times. • Juliet Blackwell is a master of the genre - she also writes the bestselling Witchcraft Mystery series (NAL). • Will appeal to both fans of well-crafted cosy crime novels and those with an interest in the paranormal. ISBN 13: 9781101989357, 336pp p/b, £6.99 Published by BERKLEY - US Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Crime & Thriller

GRAVE PREDICTION, A A Psychic Eye Mystery Laurie, Victoria

Professional psychics learn to deal with sceptics, but Abby has to prepare herself for battle when she’s sent to help train FBI officers to use their intuition. Her first challenge: a series of bank robberies. Abby’s sixth sense leads her team to a tract of land recently cleared for development. But instead of finding clues to the stolen cash, Abby gets a vision of four buried bodies. When a site search turns up nothing but American Indian relics, Abby will have to dig a little deeper, because there are four deaths that can still be stopped... KEY SELLING POINTS • A hard-edged cosy mystery featuring a psychic sleuth. • Author Victoria Laurie is a real-life psychic. • Many UK readers are choosing cosy crime novels over more grisly crime fiction. • A great whodunnit that will keep readers guessing until the very last page. • Other titles from Victoria Laurie are also available from Turnaround. ISBN 13: 9780451473899, 320pp p/b, £6.99 Published by BERKLEY - US Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Crime & Thriller

LITTLE GIRL GONE An Afton Tangler Thriller Schmitt, Gerry

On a frozen night in an affluent suburb of Minnesota, a baby is abducted from her home after her teenage babysitter is violently assaulted. The parents are frantic, the police are baffled, and, with the perpetrator already in the wind, the trail is getting colder by the second. Afton Tangler, family liaison officer with the Minneapolis P.D., begins to suspect that this case is not isolated. Whoever did this has taken babies before - and if Afton doesn’t solve this crime soon, more children are sure to go missing... KEY SELLING POINTS • A reprint of the first book in a popular psychological thriller series. • Afton Tangler is a police officer and single mother - both aspects of her life play an important role in these stories. • The author is a hugely successful mystery writer, best known for her cosy crime series written under a pseudonym. • The Afton Tangler mystery series is more hard-hitting and edgy than her other works - readers will be impressed. ISBN 13: 9780425281772, 352pp p/b, £13.99 Published by BERKLEY - US Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



Fiction - Crime & Thriller


Fiction - Crime & Thriller


A Booktown Mystery Barrett, Lorna

While her bookstore, Haven’t Got a Clue, is rebuilt following a devastating fire, Tricia Miles and her sister, Angelica, decide to book a cruise for some much needed R&R. Naturally they choose a Mystery Lovers cruise, where they can ponder whodunnit in deck chairs while sipping colorful drinks and soaking up some rays. But the fun is cut short when a fellow passenger is murdered for real. Is the killer a famous mystery author, one of his fans, or a member of the ship’s crew? As Tricia tries to find the culprit before they reach port, she may be cruising for a bruising...

KEY SELLING POINTS • The latest book in a bestselling mystery series about a bookstore owner from Booktown who solves crimes. • The Booktown Mystery series was one of the first Berkley New York Times bestselling series. • Hits the spot for the cosy crime demographic: a mystery novel set in a world of books! • More UK readers are opting to read cosies as a light-hearted break from more grisly crime fiction. ISBN 13: 9780425282717, 336pp p/b, £6.99 Published by BERKLEY - US Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Crime & Thriller

GHOSTS OF WAR A Pike Logan Thriller Taylor, Brad

Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill travel to Poland, hired to verify artifacts hidden for decades in a fabled Nazi gold train, only to find themselves caught amid growing tensions between East and West. A Russian incursion into Belarus under the facade of self-defense is trumped by a horrific attack against the United States, driving NATO to mobilize even as it tries to determine who is behind the strike. On the brink of war, Pike and Jennifer discover that there is a separate agenda in play, one determined to force a showdown between NATO and Russia.

KEY SELLING POINTS • By New York Times bestselling author. • Author’s firsthand knowledge and experience in the field lend the series a level of authenticity unrivaled in thrillers. • Tenth novel in the popular series. ISBN 13: 9780451477200, 496pp p/b, £8.99 Published by DUTTON Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Crime & Thriller

CALLING DOWN THE STORM The Fifth Ben Schroeder Legal Thriller Murphy, Peter

April 1971. When DI Webb and DS Raymond receive an emergency call, a horrific scene awaits them. Susan Lang is lying on the ground, bleeding to death. Her husband Henry is sitting nearby, holding a large, blood-stained knife. In shock, Henry claims to have no memory of the events that led to his wife’s death, leaving his barrister, Ben Schroeder, little to defend a potential charge of murder. Meanwhile, unknown to his strict Baptist wife Deborah, Mr Justice Conrad Rainer has a secret life as a highstakes gambler...

KEY SELLING POINTS • Peter Murphy’s extensive legal experience adds authenticity to his writing. • Loosely based around the events of the infamous Lord Lucan affair. • Fifth story in the Ben Schroeder legal thriller series following A Higher Duty, A Matter For The Jury, And Is There Honey Still for Tea? ISBN 13: 9781843446736, 384pp p/b, £8.99 Published by NO EXIT PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Suter, Martin

Video journalist Jonas Brand is on a rail journey from Zurich to Basel when stock trader Paolo Contini appears to throw himself from the train to his death. Brand sets his footage of the aftermath of the incident aside to investigate an apparently unconnected coincidence: two 100-Swiss-franc banknotes bearing the same serial number have come into his possession. Sensing an opportunity to graduate from celebrity journalism to serious investigation, he has the banknotes analysed, with bizarrely contradictory - and fatal - results.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Number 1 six figure hardcover bestseller in Germany and number 6 overall in 2015 bestsellers. • Martin Suter’s previous novels have sold over 7 million copies, with numerous number ones. • Multi-award winning author, including the Honorary Prize of the Canton of Zurich and Prix du Premier Roman Etranger lite ISBN 13: 9781843448228, 288pp p/b, £7.99 Published by NO EXIT PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Crime & Thriller

EXQUISITE Stovell, Sarah

Bo Luxton has it all - a loving family, a beautiful home in the Lake District, and a clutch of bestselling books to her name. Enter Alice Dark, an aspiring writer who is drifting through life, with a series of dead-end jobs and a freeloading boyfriend. When they meet at a writers’ retreat, the chemistry is instant, and a sinister relationship develops... Or does it? Breathlessly pacey, taut and terrifying, Exquisite is a startlingly original and unbalancing psychological thriller that will keep you guessing until the very last page.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Unreliable narrators draw comparison with Girl on the Train, Gone Girl and Peter Swanson’s thrillers. • Centres on a lesbian relationship that develops between two writers - Domestic Noir with a twist. • Film rights being considered. • High-profile jacket quotes to come. • Appearing at CrimeFest, Newcastle Noir, Orenda Roadshow events...and more. ISBN 13: 9781910633748, 300pp p/b, £8.99 Published by ORENDA Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Fiction - Crime & Thriller


Staalesen, Gunnar & Bartlett, Don

Reeling from the death of his great love, Varg Veum’s life has descended into a self-destructive spiral of alcohol, lust, grief and blackouts. When traces of child pornography are found on his computer, he’s accused of being part of a paedophile ring and thrown into a prison cell. There, he struggles to sift through his past to work out who is responsible for planting the material...and who is seeking the ultimate revenge. KEY SELLING POINTS • Bestselling author (20K in print; 45K in ebook), recently rebranded; sold over 4 million books worldwide. • New TV series in production with Norwegian, German & UK partners. • Prestigious launch at the Norwegian Ambassador’s residence. ISBN 13: 9781910633724, 276pp p/b, £8.99 Published by ORENDA Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East



Fiction - Crime & Thriller

Fiction - Crime & Thriller



A Sean Stranahan Mystery McCafferty, Keith

An Aimee Leduc Investigation Black, Cara

In Montana’s Madison Valley just after the Fourth of July, Deputy Sheriff Harold Little Feather and Hyalite County sheriff Martha Ettinger are investigating a horrific scene at the Palisades cliffs where a herd of bison have jumped to their deaths in a ritualistic hunting practice. Also found dead is a young Native American man whose intestines are ripped out, and his leg pierced with an arrow. Meanwhile, fly fisherman, painter, and sometime private detective Sean Stranahan is helping the beautiful Ida Evening Star to find her old flame John Running Boy. KEY SELLING POINTS • Tapping into large audience for Western mysteries. • Field & Stream magazine, where Keith has worked for many years, is the country’s largest circulation special-interest magazine. • Fifth novel in a popular series. • The novel examines the controversial and hotly debated policies and attitudes around American bison in the Rocky Mountai • Book #6 under contract: Crazy Mountain Kiss will be published in paperback from Penguin simultaneously. ISBN 13: 9780143128878, 320pp p/b, £13.99 Published by PENGUIN BOOKS (USA) Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Private investigator Aimee Leduc is coming home from a long day’s work when she is accosted by an acquaintance who once did her a big favour. Suzanne Lesage is an agent on an elite counterterrorism squad who has been working undercover in the former Yugoslavia, hunting down war criminals. Now Suzanne is back in Paris and is convinced she’s being stalked by a Serbian warlord responsible for hundreds of murders - a man who’s meant to be dead. Her boss thinks she’s just suffering PTSD but Suzanne begs Aimee to investigate - is it possible this dangerous man is in Paris with a blood vendetta? KEY SELLING POINTS • The next book in a bestselling crime series starring unforgettable protagonist Aimee Leduc. • Leduc has been the heroine of 14 mysteries and has amassed a large fanbase in the US and UK. • This is the first new Aimee Leduc book is years - fans will be thrilled! • The other books in the series have been reissued by Soho and are also available from Turnaround. ISBN 13: 9781616957704, TBCpp h/b, £19.99 Published by SOHO PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Crime & Thriller


Griffin, W. E. B. & Butterworth IV, William E.

Philadelphia Homicide Sergeant Matt Payne is beginning to think nothing can shock him - until the case of a young socialite’s death lands on his desk. The Camilla Rose Morgan he’d known as a teenager was beautiful and brilliant - was it possible she’d jumped to her death from her own balcony? Her brother tells of her tragic battle with a lifetime of mental demons, and there is plenty of evidence of it, but still...something just doesn’t sit right. The more Payne digs, the more complications he discovers.

KEY SELLING POINTS • The thirteenth book in Griffin’s New York Times-bestselling Philadelphia police saga. • As with his military novels, Griffin set out to portray the authentic inner workings of the police community. • The books are so loved in the Philadelphia police community that Griffin has been made a member of the Police Chiefs Association. ISBN 13: 9780515155679, 400pp p/b, £8.99 Published by PUTNAM Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Crime & Thriller

DEATH ON NANTUCKET Mathews, Francine

Spencer Murphy is a national treasure. A famous war correspondent, he made a fortune off of his books and television appearances. But Spence is growing forgetful with age. When a body is discovered at the sprawling Murphy, Nantucket police detective Meredith Folger is called in to investigate. Merry is inclined to call the death a tragic accident - until another member of the Murphy clan comes to a brutal end. As Merry grapples with a family of unreliable storytellers she suspects that the truth may be out of reach, trapped in the failing brain of a man whose whole life may be a lie.

KEY SELLING POINTS • The first new book in the popular Nantucket mystery series in 19 years. • The previous books in the series are being reissued by Soho and are also available from Turnaround. • The series follows 32-year-old detective Merry Folger and is set on the idylic island of Nantucket - perfect escapism! • As well as page-turning mystery, the series offers a feminist edge with Merry overcoming obstacles in a man’s world. • Fans of Merry and the evocative Nantucket setting will be thrilled that the series is back. ISBN 13: 9781616957377, 288pp h/b, £21.99 Published by SOHO PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - SF & Fantasy

SOVEREIGN SILK Silken Magic #3 Gilligan, Elizabeth

Devastated by the assassination of her husband Alban, the beloved King of Tyrrhia, Queen Idala dies, leaving behind a young son as heir to the throne and newborn quadruplets whose birth is marked by dark magic. The children fall into the care of Duke Stefano and his Romani Duchessa, Luciana, who are expecting their own fairy-blessed child. At this uncertain time, magical and diabolical plots converge, threatening the young heirs, their guardians, and even the peace the once-happy kingdom of Tyrrhia previously enjoyed. KEY SELLING POINTS • The long-awaited third book in Elizabeth Gilligan’s Silken Magic series - fans have been waiting over 10 years for this! • Alternate Renaissance Italian fantasy with court intrigue, dark magic and the silk trade. • The previous two books in the series garnered great reviews including in Booklist, Locus and The Romantic Times. • The series has crossover potential: fans of both fantasy, historical fiction and romance will find much to enjoy. ISBN 13: 9780756402587, 432pp p/b, £6.99 Published by DAW Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - SF & Fantasy

STUDY IN SABLE, A An Elemental Masters Novel Lackey, Mercedes

Psychic Nan and Medium Sarah have been agents of Lord Alderscroft, the Elemental Fire Master, since leaving school. Now, Lord Alderscroft assigns them another commission: to assist the famous man living at 221 Baker Street, Dr. John Watson and his wife. Their assigned task divides the girls for the first time since they were children. A German opera star begs Sarah for help, seeking a Medium’s aid against some spitirs. As Sarah becomes entwined with the Prima Donna, Nan continues to assist John and Mary Watson, only to discover that Sarah’s case is far more sinister than it seems KEY SELLING POINTS • The eleventh book in a popular fantasy series that reimagines the legend of Sherlock Holmes. • Each book in the series centres on a canonical character or fairytale. • The series has crossover appeal: fans of both historical fantasy and steampunk will love it! • Genre-bending fiction that reimagines popular literary characters is always popular with readers. ISBN 13: 9780756411619, 320pp p/b, £6.99 Published by DAW Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



Fiction - SF & Fantasy


In BAKEMONOGATARI Koyomi Araragi - a third year high school student who has recently survived a vampire attack - finds himself mixed up with all kinds of apparitions: gods, ghosts, myths, and spirits. However, in this sequel NISEMONOGATARI, we pick up right where KIZUMONOGATARI left off and follow Koyomi as the psychological twists delve deeper and deeper... KEY SELLING POINTS • The direct sequel to Bakemonogatari. • Nishio Ishin is one of the most popular authors working in Japan today, outselling Haruki Murakami last year. • Vampires and the supernatural continue to be popular with young adult readers; this book presents a unique twist on the genre. • The series has been adapted into several anime series that are available in the UK from MVM. ISBN 13: 9781942993988, 280pp p/b, £10.99 Published by VERTICAL Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Black Interest

Fiction - Black Interest


At thirty-seven, Tuesday is eager for a better way of life. That means getting out of the game her gentleman’s club has been fronting. Her all-female ‘business’ team has made a fortune using the club to attract, seduce - and rob - wealthy men. But in addition to being squeezed by a corrupt cop, an unfortunate incident has put Tuesday deep in debt to a ruthless gun dealer and is creating dangerous dissent behind-the-scenes...Tuesday only sees one option. She’ll have to go undercover playing girlfriend to legendary Detroit crime boss Sebastian Caine, without letting her feelings get in the way. KEY SELLING POINTS • Zaire Crown is one of the few new male authors in the genre, adding a fresh perspective to the Urban lit scene. • Crown’s storytelling is fresh, dynamic and gritty. • Urban lit is still undeniably popular, and readers will be thrilled to add Crown to the genre’s author list. • Offers a real taste of what it’s like on the streets. ISBN 13: 9781617739910, 416pp p/b, £6.99 Published by DAFINA BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland


Journalist Zoie Crawford had to leave New Orleans to finally make her own life. Her grandmother, Claudia, inspired her to follow her dreams just as her mother, Rose, held on too tight. But with Claudia’s passing, Zoie reluctantly returns home, where the past is written in the lonely corners of the bayou and the New South’s supercharged corridors of power. And there she discovers a stunning, painstakingly kept secret - one that could skyrocket her career, but destroy another woman s - and change both their vastly different lives, for better or for much worse.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Well-established author Donna Hill is one of the most highly regarded African American romance authors. • Early pioneer of the African American genre and multi-award winner. • An enthralling novel which explores the wrongs we do for the right reasons, and the ways we struggle to reconcile the tr ISBN 13: 9781496707918, 320pp p/b, £12.99 Published by DAFINA BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Black Interest


After growing up poor in Texas, Vera Lomax used every gold-digging trick in the book to land a rich husband. Now living in luxury in San Francisco, her job is to fawn over her much-older husband. So when her husband’s mistress gets pregnant, Vera figures that a little hush money will ensure her husband’s fortune is hers alone. Unfortunately for Vera, Sarah is the child Kenneth always wanted. When the father she never knew shows up to claim her, it’s a fairy tale journey from the ghetto to a mansion on a hill. But Sarah knows that her step-mother is as two-faced as they come...

KEY SELLING POINTS • There are more than one million Mary Munroe books in print. • Appeals to both literary and commerical readers with poignant, page-turning stories which blend humor and drama. • Winner of the Maya Angelou Lifetime Achievement Award and PEN/Oakland Josephine Miles Award. ISBN 13: 9780758274755, 336pp p/b, £6.99 Published by DAFINA BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Black Interest

JUST CAN’T LET GO Morrison, Mary B.

Alexis Crystal is playing a dangerous game. With a ring on her finger from James Wilcox and the woman she loves firmly between her sheets, no one can match Alexis when it comes to scheming. Her sister Devereaux Crystal is engaged to Phoenix. But lately Devereaux is starting to question whether Phoenix will ever set a wedding date. Worse still, she thinks he might be betraying her. With the help of her sister, Devereaux sets out to blow up Phoenix’s house of lies. But the explosion ignites its own chain of devastating consequences for everyone involved... KEY SELLING POINTS • Like Eric Jerome Dickey and Zane, Mary B. Morrison writes juicy, fast-paced reads. • In addition to the hot sex that Mary’s fans looks for, this series delivers female characters who demonstrate strength. • Mary B. Morrison’s novels have been both Essence and New York Times bestsellers. • Morrison has a fantastic, sleek website which is constantly updated, and is active in social media. ISBN 13: 9781617730764, 304pp p/b, £12.99 Published by DAFINA BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Black Interest


Plus-size friends Jayla Carpenter and Bailee Evans have been close since college. But despite their physical similarities, the two couldn’t be more different. Bailee is laid-back, happily married, and comfortable in her skin. Jayla, on the other hand, resents the many years that she was fat-shamed and is now obsessed with proving that she is as sexy as skinny chicks. Celebrating her body, she flaunts her extra weight in provocative clothing and enjoys the attention of a long list of random male admirers she meets on a dating site for curvy girls...

KEY SELLING POINTS • Blending erotica and African American contemporary fiction a highly marketable combination. • Many women identify as full-figured, BBW, or big-boned. • First plus size model on cover of Sports Illustrated in 2016 - society is finally seeing that sexiness comes in all size • Author is a national bestseller of erotic fiction with urban and multicultural appeal. ISBN 13: 9781593096762, 336pp p/b, £14.99 Published by STREBOR BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



Fiction - Black Interest


Raven loves the night life, chasing women and her next high. Men and women fall under her spell at first sight, but she only has eyes for women. She has a little secret that could cause catastrophic results for her anyone who encounters her, and it could potentially lead her into a sticky situation. Valencia longs to be loved. Going home to an empty bed every night is starting to wear thin, until she meets Wanya ‘Kidd’ Brown. Unfortunately, they can never be together, because even if Kidd has stolen her heart, her body belongs to someone else.

KEY SELLING POINTS • An exciting, sexy story about secrets and loyalty featuring LGBTQ characters. • Author Johnna B has amassed a sizable fanbase online after self-publishing several e-books. • Her readers love her style of erotica, which she has dubbed ‘psycho erotica.’ • Now fans will be able to see her work in print from Urban Books for the first time! ISBN 13: 9781622865154, 288pp p/b, £12.99 Published by URBAN BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Black Interest

Fiction - Black Interest

GRAND OPENING 2 A Family Business Novel Weber, Carl & Hernandez, Treasure

Travel back to a small Southern town where, before there was Duncan Motors, there were the Duncan brothers and their tough-as-nails women. After a hard fought battle, they’ve taken their place as the leaders of the town’s criminal enterprises. Their rise to the top is not without problems, soon the Duncans are rocked by the murder of one of their own. No one knows who the killer is, but their secret adversary won’t be happy until all the Duncans are dead and gone. Luckily, the Duncan brothers aren’t alone, and when friends are called in to help, an all-out war ensues. KEY SELLING POINTS • The next instalment in the massively popular Family Business saga. • By two of the best-known, bestselling authors in the urban lit industry: Carl Weber and Treasure Hernandez. • Set in a small southern town in Georgia where rival families fight to be leaders of criminal enterprises. • The other books in the Family Business series have been on the New York Times bestsellers list. ISBN 13: 9781622866045, 288pp h/b, £20.99 Published by URBAN BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland


Johnson, Clifford ‘Spud’

Jason Gaines, better known as Hot Shot, has just buried his mother, father, and little brother after a home invasion. Now the only thing on his mind is finding the people responsible and punishing them severely. Before he can take action, he has to get his money right, and that means turning up his hustle. So it’s off to Dallas to get money from the streets. He has the connects to give him everything from drugs to weapons. His hustle has to remain on point so he can then redirect his focus on finding the people who murdered his family. He’s on a mission, and he Can’t Stop!

KEY SELLING POINTS • Clifford ‘Spud’ Johnson wows the readers with a surprising twist that will keep the readers engaged to the end. • Stories about family and revenge are always popular, and this looks set to be no exception. • Spud draws heavily on his own experiences to deliver an authentic portrayal of life on the streets. • He is known for sending strong moral messages in his fiction. ISBN 13: 9781622865581, 288pp p/b, £12.99 Published by URBAN BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Black Interest

GIRLS FROM DA HOOD 11 Turner, Nikki; Katt & Teeny

In this eleventh installment of Girls from Da Hood, urban lit icon Nikki Turner joins together with industry rising stars Katt and Teeny to bring readers gritty tales of live on the streets. Each of the four stories feature lust, love, betrayal, and dangerous secrets - each story will keep readers hooked until the very last page. Known for its honest portrayals of strong, independent women, the Girls from Da Hood series is incredibly popular among readers of urban lit. KEY SELLING POINTS • The 11th instalment of the popular Girls from Da Hood series. • Nikki Turner is a bestselling author and one of the biggest names in urban lit. • Katt was discovered by urban superstar Carl Weber and has been touted as a rising star in the industry. • High-stakes story of betrayal, murder and revenge with a strong, street-wise female protagonist. • All other Girls from Da Hood titles are also available from Turnaround. ISBN 13: 9781622865628, 384pp p/b, £5.99 Published by URBAN BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Black Interest


One man is a mysterious gay kingpin with an edge. The other is a straight kingpin determined to get back on top by any means necessary. There can be only one man on top. The question is, who is willing to go down the lowest to get to the top? KEY SELLING POINTS • The story of two men who are fighting to gain control of criminal Baltimore. • One of the only titles in the urban literature canon that deals with LGBTQ issues focused on men. • Offers an authentic look at what it s like for the LGBTQ community in an urban setting. • MT Pope is an up-and-coming urban lit author whose work inspires, transforms and entertains. ISBN 13: 9781622865604, 288pp p/b, £12.99 Published by URBAN BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Black Interest

IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU Renaissance Collection Jiles, Dawn

Monique, Bria, and Samariah are best friends from Milwaukee, going through some of everything together. Finishing up their senior year, they are the ‘it’ girls in school, the ones other girls want to be like. Samariah, however, doesn’t want to share her shine with anyone. Bria speaks her mind and is as real as they come. Monique is too naive. She tries to see the best in everybody. Will their friendship last? KEY SELLING POINTS • Dawn Jiles is a writer to watch on the urban lit scene. She has amassed many fans through self-publishing. • This is Jiles’s first book released through Urban Books - and the first time the story has been published in one volume. • Although this is an adult title, the characters are finishing high-school and mature YA readers will also enjoy it. • Deals with universal issues such as friendship, lies, betrayal and heartache. ISBN 13: 9781622865130, 400pp p/b, £12.99 Published by URBAN BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



Fiction - Black Interest


Sand and Rene land an opportunity to share their life story in the upcoming documentary, Beneath My Skin. The question is - are they truly ready to take that trip down memory lane? As they relive their past, Sand ventures back to a dark place, back to the day her parents discovered her sexual orientation in a shoebox full of love letters. Rene relives a difficult life in the foster system, from where Sand rescued her and showed her a life full of love. But now a series of events leaves them entangled in a web of deceit, wicked passion and murder. Will their love survive? KEY SELLING POINTS • N’Tyse is a popular urban fiction author who writes books focused on gay relationships with an urban fiction twist. • One of the few urban authors who writes about the LGBTQ community and the issues it faces. • As well as being romantic, this is a tale of secrets, lies and heartbreak that will keep readers hooked. • N’Tyse is executive producer of a documentary that is based on MY SECRETS, YOUR LIES. ISBN 13: 9781622865208, 384pp p/b, £5.99 Published by URBAN BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Black Interest

MY SISTER’S HUSBAND Renaissance Collection Davis, Ambria

Skylar and Brinay are ‘sisters from another mother’, with Brinay the result of an extramarital affair, always feeling like an outsider. After a change of scenery she finds herself on the path to happiness, excelling in medical school with the man of her dreams by her side. Her life is shaping up to be perfect - until she discovers just how much love her man has to give. Skylar has always been a daddy’s girl, and when Brinay pops up as the prettier and more likeable outside child, Skylar makes sure to let her know she’s a non-factor, just like her side-piece mother had been for their father. KEY SELLING POINTS • Ambria Davis is a new voice on the urban lit sceneand one to watch! • She has already amassed a following through self-publishing online. • MY SISTER’S HUSBAND deals with universal themes of family, jealousy and loyalty. • Fast-paced and compelling with strong meditations on life and love, especially within family. ISBN 13: 9781622865178, 400pp p/b, £12.99 Published by URBAN BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Black Interest

PRICEY Playing in Traffic Joesph, Fabiola

Deceived into leaving Haiti and Cuba, Billie and Carmine are confronted with a harsh reality once on American soil. The teens realize they are being forced to become sex workers, and the couple who lured them to the U.S. actually run their own division for an underground fleshfor-sale operation. Billie and Carmine will suffer through human indecency, cruel punishment, and sexual assault in hopes of breaking the chains of captivity. They soon learn there is an expensive price tag attached to vengeance, and once it is theirs, they may just end up paying with their souls... KEY SELLING POINTS • A powerful novel about human trafficking and a brutal exploration of modern day slavery. • Raises awareness of the price of trafficking, especially on young women who are most often the victims. • Readers will be rooting for the two young protagonists right until the very end of the novel. • Fabiola Johnson has amassed loyal followers with her self-published e-books. • Her fiction deals with serious and pressing issues, focusing in on those that effect women. ISBN 13: 9781622865192, 384pp p/b, £5.99 Published by URBAN BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - Black Interest

SAY U PROMISE Moore, Ms Michel

When their parents are discovered brutally murdered in a ditch, Kenya and London are left orphaned; forced to navigate through the unforgiving streets of Detroit alone. They might be identical twins, but they are as different as night and day. After several brutal experiences, the sisters are forced to flee Detroit, and once again their lives are turned upside down. This time, the consequences could land them both in jail or dead and unclaimed in the county morgue.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Great introduction to new readers of Ms. Michel Moore. • Say U Promise includes two previous titles: Coldhearted & Crazy and Ruthless & Rotten (both Urban, 2014). • The Say U Promise Saga has proved very popular with the urban ficiton audience. • Now readers can have the entire saga in one volume! ISBN 13: 9781622865567, 400pp p/b, £12.99 Published by URBAN BOOKS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Fiction - LGBTQ Interest


In these unconventional, interconnected stories of first-person narratives that also include text messages and Facebook posts, gay men look for love, steal office supplies, hook up on Grindr, bake pies, see therapists, have threesomes with ghosts, and fear happiness. With wry abandon and a beguiling heart, Everything Is Awful and You’re a Terrible Person is a deadpan, tragicomic exploration of love, desire, and dysfunction

in the twenty-first century. KEY SELLING POINTS • Written by a well-known and successful author. • Everything is Awful explores the breaking of boundaries in the twenty-first century and how our lives are intertwined. • Daniel is editor-in-chief of Poetry Is Dead magazine and recipient of the 2011 Pandora’s Collective Publishers of Magazine. ISBN 13: 9781551526751, 176pp p/b, £13.99 Published by ARSENAL PULP PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Fiction - LGBTQ Interest


DeShawn lives a high, creative, and promiscuous life in San Francisco. But when he’s called back to his cramped Southern hometown for his uncle’s funeral, he s hit by flashbacks of handsome, doomed neighbors and sweltering Sunday services. Amidst prickly reminders of his childhood, DeShawn ponders family, church, and the men in his life, prompting the question: Who deserves love? A raw, funny, and uninhibited stumble down memory lane, Purnell’s debut novel explores how one man’s early sexual and artistic escapades grow into a life. KEY SELLING POINTS • Since I Laid My Burden Down is the second book in the Feminist Press’s new imprint, Amethyst Editions. • Brontez Purnell is a multi-disciplinary artist with solid fanbase. He regularly receives press attention for his project • ARCs available in November 2016 for a national print and online media galley mailing, as well as to select bookstores. • 7-city US bookstore tour planned, with stops in cities such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston. ISBN 13: 9781558614314, 140pp p/b, £14.99 Published by THE FEMINIST PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East



Graphic Novel


Archie 1000 Page Comics Hoopla collects 1000 pages of iconic Archie tales in this one amazing volume! Follow America’s favourite red-head as he navigates the pressures of the American teenager in the awkward, charming, and hilarious way you’ve come to know and love. KEY SELLING POINTS • 1000 pages of content at a fantastic price Comics Hoopla features curated stories and quality paper stock. • Archie is one of the most successful and longest running comics franchises of all time, with over 1.5 billion sold worldwide. • The recent Archie revamps by Fiona Staples (Saga) and Mark Waid have brought Archie to a new generation of readers. • A live action TV adaptation is set for release in early 2017. ISBN 13: 9781682559741, 1000pp p/b, £12.99 Published by ARCHIE COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel

JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS VOL.1 Bennett, Marguerite & Mok, Audrey

Friends, countrymen, lend me your long tails and ears for hats - the Pussycats are back! In this series kick-off, Josie’s getting the band together to help achieve her dreams of musical stardom. But for the group to last, it needs a strong foundation of friendship and trust. Can the girls get going, or will Alexandra Cabot’s plotting put a stop to the whole thing? Don’t miss comics’ supreme songstresses’ return to the limelight in this exciting first volume! KEY SELLING POINTS • The first volume in an exciting new Josie and the Pussycats series from Archie comics! • Written by Marguerite Bennett, one of the most acclaimed female creators in comics today. • The stories appeal to a modern comic book audience - and give a hilarious take on the famous band! • Josie and the Pussycats have played in comics, cartoons, TV and a film starring Rachael Leigh Cook, Rosario Dawson and Tara Reid. • Features bonus content including scripts, sketches and variant covers. ISBN 13: 9781682559895, 144pp p/b, £15.99 Published by ARCHIE COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel

GHOSTS, ETC. Wylesol, George

Ghosts, Etc is a collection of graphic short stories from Baltimore-based illustrator, designer and writer George Wylesol. His work deals with environments, his ‘characters’ are objects or abstract shapes. In these stories, a nameless speaker works night in the tunnels beneath a hospital where he sees glimpses of ghosts; a stranger in a wooden mask wanders around a forest where he meets a rabbit; three teenagers hear a disembodied voice coming from a pipe that leads to a trippy journey through heaven and hell.

KEY SELLING POINTS • The first collection of work by an exciting new creator. • Wylesol’s stories have already garnered praise from prestigious platforms such as It’s Nice That. • His work focuses on different environments and the way we interact with them. • Ideal for readers of Chris Ware who are looking to find a new creator. ISBN 13: 9781910395288, 88pp p/b, £9.99 Published by AVERY HILL PUBLISHING Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Graphic Novel

BARRACUDA VOL. 6: BARRADCUDA Dufaux, Jean & Jeremy

It’s time for the final act. In Puerto Blanco, the traders, the freebooters and the slaves are in open revolt, led by Raffy and Ferrango. At sea, Blackdog and the Barracuda have stuck an alliance with the Red Hawk. Everytwhere the Spanish are retreating, and the island should soon be recaptured. But beyound political and military considerations, there remains the question of the Kashar Diamond’s fate... How many lives will be lost in the name of its curse? Who will survive?

KEY SELLING POINTS • Translated in English for the first time. • Written by a veteran author, creator of numerous bestselling series. • High adventure in the great tradition of Golden Age pirate stories. ISBN 13: 9781849183543, 56pp p/b, £7.99 Published by CINEBOOK Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Spain & Portugal

Graphic Novel


Van Banda, Lo Tartog & Morris

In the Old West, there’s nothing strange about a stagecoat getting robbed. But a stagecoach vanishing without a trace, now... Hired to protect the next coach and its important passengers, Lucky Luke finds himself teaming up with a particularly irritated Calamity Jane - something of hers was on the missing wehicle. The two of them soon begin hearing rather unpleasant rumours: whispers that the disappearance was caused by... a mysterious ghost! KEY SELLING POINTS • Lucky Luke is one of the most famous cartoon characters in the world, alongside Asterix and Tintin. • Bestselling European comics series ever, with more than 300 million copies sold worldwide in more than 30 languages. • Suitable for adults and children. • Published in English for the first time. ISBN 13: 9781849183536, 48pp p/b, £6.99 Published by CINEBOOK Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Spain & Portugal

Graphic Novel


When an unscrupulous shopkeeper settles a debt with Fantasio by offering him a mysterious ‘gismo’, the reporter has no idea how much trouble is following in the thing’ wake. It turns out to be a sort of robot that soon takes our heroes on a made chase leading to Champignac - and an equally mysterious young woman sequestered in a cellar. And as if that wasn’t enough, every electrical appliance in town seems to be going haywire... KEY SELLING POINTS • The Spirou character was created in 1938 and is still hugely succesful around the world. • Published in English for the first time. • Adapted into video game and manga format. • More than 20 million copies sold to date. • An average of 200,00 copies sold each year. ISBN 13: 9781849183550, 48pp p/b, £6.99 Published by CINEBOOK Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Spain & Portugal



Graphic Novel

VALERIAN VOL. 17: ORPHAN OF THE STARS Christin, Pierre, Mezieres, Jean-Claude

Running away with the unhappy heir to the galaxy’s biggest fortune, even if it’s because he wants it, is bound to cause some problems. On the lam with the Caliphette of Iksaladam, Valerian and Laureline are relentless pursued by the Quatuor Motis, who are still after the enormous reward offered for the child’s safe return. Stranded among the Asteroids of Shimballil, they must evade the hunters, recover their ship, dodge profiteers and traitors... and decide what to do with the little brat! KEY SELLING POINTS • A series emblematic of French science fiction. • A strong influence on science-fiction films - among others, ‘The Fifth Element’ and ‘Star Wars’. • Now a major motion picture in its own right directed by Luc Besson. Scheduled for July 2017! • An imaginative and colourful series, with lovable and complex character. ISBN 13: 9781849183314, 56pp p/b, £7.99 Published by CINEBOOK Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Spain & Portugal

Graphic Novel

ABE SAPIEN: VOLUME 9 Mignola, Mike

Abe Sapien confronts South American vampires, a lake serpent, and a disembodied Lovecraftian tentacle, while uncovering the secrets of a 19th century necromancer who still walks the earth, and a frozen merman that may prove to be the missing link between himself and mankind. These five stories trace the history and pre-history of Abe Sapien s adventures, from his earliest days in the Bureau with Hellboy (as drawn by Kevin Nowlan) through the frog war, featuring an appearance by deceased homunculus Roger, to his current evolved form, when he s looking back on his life as a man in 1850s England. KEY SELLING POINTS • Featuring Powers co-creator Michael Avon Oeming and Santiago Caruso, whose artwork Puxtapoz Magazine called ‘both magnif • Five new stories detailing the history and pre-history of Abe’s adventures with Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. • Stunning full-color artwork throughout. ISBN 13: 9781506702209, 144pp p/b, £16.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel


As the bird-brained wanderer Groo and his loyal mutt Rufferto crisscross the countryside, they encounter various acquaintances from years past. Sometimes, it’s a friend. Other times, it’s a foe. Most of the time, it doesn’t matter! From Arba and Darkarba to Granny Groo, Chakaal, Taranto, and even the melodic narrating Minstrel, the bumbling Cheese Dip Eater crosses paths with fan favorite characters on his quest to reunite Kayli with her long-lost father. Can Groo do even that one little thing right?

KEY SELLING POINTS • Wild cast of characters that will delight long-time fans and ensnare new readers! • Three Eisner Award winners - Aragones, Evanier and Sakai - working on an Eisner Award winning series! • Beautiful hardcover edition collects a full year of Groo, in over 300 pages. ISBN 13: 9781506702971, 332pp h/b, £41.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel


Boudreau, Duffy; Franchin, Douglas & Arino, Sergio

One of the most popular video game franchises ever receives a second oversized, deluxe hardcover! In this volume, follow UNSC Spartan Commander Sarah Palmer and her team as they attempt to put a stop to Dr. Catherine Halsey and Jul ‘Mdama’s pursuit of the mysterious Forerunner artifact, the Janus Key - the fate of the entire galaxy depends on them! Highlighting the talents of writer Duffy Boudreau and artists Douglas Franchin, Ian Richardson, and Sergio Arino, this sizeable volume collects Halo: Escalation #13-#24, and features a cover gallery, annotations, and behind-the-scenes extras! KEY SELLING POINTS • Halo is one of the most successful videogame series of all time and has inspired several spin-off series. • The most recent game Halo: Guardians (2015) sold 5 million copies in the first 3 months of its release. • More titles in the Halo series are also published by Dark Horse and available from Turnaround. • Includes a cover gallery and behind-the-scenes extras, as well as exclusive annotations! ISBN 13: 9781506702346, 296pp h/b, £41.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel


The return of the Zombie Priest, a Latin-tongued Godzilla, drunk sailors, and a Halloween visit from Billy the Kid are just a few of the special tricks and treats included in the Goon Library finale. What’s left of the Zombie Priest’s race of witches comes after the Goon, forcing him to face his nightmares or lose his town! The witch coven believes that control of Goon s town will soon be in their grasp and his tragic soul will contribute to the curse that increases their power. But has their plot destroyed the Goon or created a monster too savage for them to withstand?

KEY SELLING POINTS • Collects THE GOON Volumes 13-15. • Includes bonus story Goon Noir! • Eric Powell has been nominated for a plethora of different Eisner awards, including Best Writer and Best Artist. • Powell is in talks with Dark Horse, Blur Animation and director David Fincher about bringing THE GOON to the big screen. • Will be much coveted by the series’ cult following; volumes 1-4 of the series are also available from Turnaround. ISBN 13: 9781506704012, 480pp h/b, £41.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel

HARROW COUNTRY VOLUME 5: ABANDONED Bunn, Cullen; Crook, Tyler; McNeil, Carla Speed...

The Abandoned, that hulking figure with haunting yellow eyes, rarely leaves his ramshackle cabin deep in the woods of Harrow County. But it wasn’t always so. And when hunters travel to Harrow County in search of big game, they get a lot more than they bargained for. As Emmy meets more visitors from the outside world, she discovers secrets of her own past and the very foundations of Harrow County.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Collecting issues #17-#21 of the Eisner-nominated horror comic series Harrow Country! • Includes a two-part story with guest art by Carla Speed McNeil and Jenn Manley Lee. • Cullen Bunn is winner of the 2011 Broken Frontier Best Writer Independent Award. • The series won the 2015 Ghastly Award for Best Ongoing Title. ISBN 13: 9781506701905, 136pp p/b, £12.50 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



Graphic Novel


DiMartino, Michael Dante & Koh, Irene

A pompous developer plans to turn the new spirit portal into an amusement park, potentially severing an already tumultuous connection with the spirits. What’s more, the triads have realigned and are in a brutal all-out brawl at the city’s borders - where hundreds of evacuees have relocated! In order to get through it all, Korra and Asami vow to look out for each other - but first, they’ve got to get better at being a team and a couple!

KEY SELLING POINTS • The official continuation of The Legend of Korra! • Written by Legend of Korra series co-creator Michael Dante. • Stand-alone comic linked to the popular animated TV series The Legend of Korra. • With art by Irene Koh (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wonder Woman). ISBN 13: 9781506700151, 80pp p/b, £9.50 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel


Our story begins in the squalid corridors of a maximum-security housing project, where a young girl will rise from the war-torn streets of Chicago to battle injustice in a world insane with corruption. She will be called a hero, a traitor, and nearly everything in between, but all along the way, her courage, her integrity, and her unwavering commitment to that most valuable of right - liberty - will inspire a movement that will never surrender. A masterpiece nearly twenty years in the making, this archival volume contains the complete life story of freedomfighter Martha Washington. KEY SELLING POINTS • A comics masterpiece from Frank Miller (Sin City) and Gave Gibbons (Watchmen). • This volume contains the complete Martha Washington and is an epic 600 pages long. • Martha Washington is a twenty-first century freedom fighter, particularly relevant in today’s political climate. • Includes an introduction by Frank Miller and extensive sketchbook art by Dave Gibbons. ISBN 13: 9781506700359, 600pp h/b, £24.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel


Hague, Michael

A horrifyingly beautiful vampire story, this lavishly illustrated adventure starts on the streets of 1920s London and ends at the gates of Hell. Writer Jonathan Meeks is captivated by the story of Dracula. On a quest for immortality, to discover if there is truth at the heart of the vampire myth, Meeks discovers there is far more truth in fiction. KEY SELLING POINTS • Renowned fantasy illustrator Michael Hague takes on the vampire myth. • Preview pages on comics media sites. • A one-off graphic novel by American illustrator and writer. • Intricate and realistic detail with rich colours. ISBN 13: 9781506701479, 136pp h/b, £16.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel


When Mister X hit the shelves twenty-five years ago, no one had ever seen anything like it - a fusion of film noir, Art Deco, and German Expressionism channelled through the talents of the greatest up-and-coming artists of the day. The story of a utopian city with architecture that drove its inhabitants mad and the never-sleeping architect who quested tirelessly for a cure, Mister X captivated a generation of comics fans and creators. The complete print run gets the deluxe treatment in this volume, every page of its groundbreaking artwork painstakingly restored. KEY SELLING POINTS • Mister X was one of the most groundbreaking comics of the ‘80s. • It featured some of greatest up-and-coming artists including Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean and Los Bros Hernandez! • Mixes film noir, Art Deco and German Expressionism - a complete treat for comics fans. • The previously-published hardcover edition of Mister X is now out of print; fans will be thrilled with this paperback. ISBN 13: 9781506702650, 384pp p/b, £20.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel


A new, standalone Plants vs. Zombies graphic novel by award-winning creators Paul Tobin (Bandette, Mystery Girl) and Brian Smith (SpongeBob Comics, The Stuff of Legend)! Evil mastermind Zomboss is back, hoping to buy the same factory at the center of Neighborville that his nemesis Crazy Dave is eyeing! Zomboss wants to build a zombie factory, of course, and position his new army in the best location possible. Will Crazy Dave, his helpers Nate and Patrice, and their batch of intelligent plants beat Zomboss to the punch and get the factory for themselves? The Battle Extravagonzo is on! KEY SELLING POINTS • Eisner Award-winner Paul Tobin continues his acclaimed Plants vs. Zombies run! • All-ages insanity from award-winning creators Paul Tobin and Brian Smith. • The official comic of the addictive video games! • Durable, value-priced hardback editions suitable for game players of all ages. • Dark Horse sold over 35,000 copies of the first volume Plants vs. Zombies: Lawnmageddon (also available from Turnaround) ISBN 13: 9781506701899, 80pp h/b, £8.50 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel


Before Predator 2 was ever conceived as a film, writer Mark Verheiden and artist Chris Warner created an acclaimed comic-book sequel to Predator that took the alien trophy hunters from the jungles of Central America to the concrete jungle of New York City - where they face Dutch Schaefer’s big brother, who’s an NYPD detective! Also included in this volume are Verheiden’s two subsequent Predator stories - Cold War and Dark River. Three now-classic tales in one over-sized, deluxe hard cover volume designed to sit on your bookshelf beside the Aliens 30th Anniversary edition! KEY SELLING POINTS • From the writer who brought you Aliens and the artist who created Black Cross! • Predator is one of the greatest sci-fi action movies of all time and has amassed a cult following. • This volume includes three now-classic tales in an over-sized, deluxe collector’s edition. • Collects Predator: Concrete Jungle (#1-#4), Predator: Cold War (#1-#4), and Predator: Dark River • Published to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the film. ISBN 13: 9781506703428, 320pp h/b, £41.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



Graphic Novel


Leth, Kate & Levens, Megan

Three young witches head out on an east coast road trip to retrieve their stolen belongings and track down the mysterious thief before he can do any damage to - or with - their possessions. This trade paperback collects the first 5 issues of Spell on Wheels. KEY SELLING POINTS • Kate Leth (Patsy Walker) and Megan Levens (Madame Frankenstein, Buffy) join forces for a magical new series. • Spell on Wheels is essentially Supernatural meets Buffy meets The Craft! • Features unforgettable, kickass female protagonists. • Although aimed at adults Spell on Wheels definitely has YA appeal too. ISBN 13: 9781506701837, 136pp p/b, £12.50 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel


A Celtic warrior from the days of the Roman Empire is transported into the distant future by his wife’s descendant and compelled to join the crew of the spaceship Jolly Roger in their resistance to totalitarian rule on Earth. A wildly popular classic comic appears for the first time in a collection of the ‘Director’s Cut’ of the series, originally published by Windjammer at Valiant, but also including a wealth of extras including sketches and commentary from legendary comic creator Mike Grell. KEY SELLING POINTS • The first time the Director’s Cut of Starslayer has been collected in one volume. • Includes a wealth of extras, such as sketches and commentary from creator Mike Grell. • Featuring an all-new cover by Grell. ISBN 13: 9781506702797, 240pp p/b, £20.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel

THE EC ARCHIVES: CRIME SUSPENSTORIES VOLUME 3 Feldstein, Al; Craig, Johnny & Gaines, Bill

EC Comics are widely credited for causing the dissolution of the morals of kids and teens in the 1950’s thus playing a large part in the public outcry over comics that led to Senate hearings condemning the sex and violence within their pages. Dark Horse brings their usual high quality design and production to the creation of collector’s editions of these seminal comics. Jolting tales of criminals, capers, and tension! Collecting issues #13-#18 of Crime SuspenStories from the twisted artistic talents of Al Feldstein, Johnny Craig, Bill Gaines, Jack Kamen, Sid Check, Al Williamson, Fred Peters, Graham Ingels, George Evans, Al Williamson, Joe Orlando, and more. Featuring a foreword by David del Valle. KEY SELLING POINTS • Includes a foreword from David del Valle! • Features stories drawn by all-star comic artists Johnny Craig, Jack Kamen, Sid Check, Al Williamson, Fred Peters, Graham • Dark Horse reprints the infamous comic series, including all the original ads, text pieces, and letters! ISBN 13: 9781506702407, 216pp h/b, £41.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel


In pursuit of adventure, and the world’s rarest treasures, Lara circles the globe... and even goes off the edge of the map. Journey along on her most memorable expeditions, as she teams up with a treasure hunter from the future, faces off against Egyptian gods in the afterlife, and searches for love. This deluxe oversized hardcover collects issues #16#24 and #26-#34 of the 1999 Top Cow Tomb Raider series and features the art of superstar artists Adam Hughes, Michael Turner, Andy Park, Randy Green,

Tony Daniel and many more! KEY SELLING POINTS • An oversize hardcover format that shows the art of Tomb Raider in its full glory. • Includes art from an all-star lineup including Michael Turner, Adam Hughes, Randy Green, Tony Daniel and Andy Park. • New writers John Ney Rieber, James Bonny, and Adam Hughes join Dan Jurgens in telling Lara’s story. • A must-have collectable edition for the thousands of Tomb Raider fans across the globe! • Collects Top Cow’s 1999 Tomb Raider series, #16-#24 and #26-#34. ISBN 13: 9781506703527, 464pp h/b, £33.50 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel


A deluxe hardcover featuring 32 new color story pages! This 600-page omnibus plus edition features five previously published Too Much Coffee Man books, plus an all-new color section! Too Much Coffee Man - the anthology title and the character - will be forever associated with prolific comics creator Shannon Wheeler (The New Yorker, The Onion). These semi-autobiographical, hyperintellectual tales will appeal to both comic book insiders and pop culture fanatics. With a foreword by Henry Rollins. KEY SELLING POINTS • The most Too Much Coffee Man ever collected in one book! • Featuring 32 new colour pages from Shannon Wheeler and includes bonus stories. • Will appeal to both comic book insiders and pop culture fanatics. • Features a foreword by Henry Rollins. • Shannon Wheeler is a prolific comics creator known for his work in The New York Times and The Onion. ISBN 13: 9781506704029, 600pp h/b, £24.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel


Villajos, Rosario

Let’s face it, what is it that identifies you to those who surrond you? Your lovers, friends, colleagues, acquaintances or even strangers? What attracts or repulses them? Is it what they look at? Or what they see? What do YOU see when you look into a mirror? Creator Rosario Villajos looks closely at this topic and wonders about life without a face. In her own words: ‘Face is a magical autobriography about identity, the escape of oneself towards love and the fight to fit in and be ‘normal’ in our society’. She does not tread carefully and maybe reflects some of the doubts and fears in your own Face book. KEY SELLING POINTS • Relates to so many young women’s angsts. • A natural stable mate to the highly praised Vanyda. • A novice graphic novelist with lots of experience. ISBN 13: 9781910856956, 88pp p/b, £9.99 Published by FANFARE Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East



Graphic Novel


A Dutch cartoonist adapts five murder ballads - some of which have been covered by modern masters like Nick Cave, Steve Earle, and Gillian Welch - into ruthless graphic narratives that dig deep into the darkness of Americana, in which guns and religion maintain an uneasy balance. KEY SELLING POINTS • Murder ballads were the CSI of their day: They were stories of true and untrue crimes and other horrific events. • These songs have been featured in many other graphic novels, including those by Daniel Clowes. • They have held a rock-solid position in US roots music and the Great American Songbook for decades. • From his outsider point of view, Kriek digs deep into the darkness of Americana, particularly topical today. • Will appeal to any lover of graphic novels as well as anyone with an interest in music and its history. ISBN 13: 9781683960119, 136pp h/b, £20.99 Published by FANTAGRAPHICS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Graphic Novel

PRINCE VALIANT VOL.15: 1965-1966 Foster, Hal

In this latest volume of the Arthurian-inspired comics page, Arn lands on the New World, and Aleta is mistaken for a mermaid. The volume also includes a feature on Bob Fujitani’s run of Prince Valiant stories in the Dell comic books, and a gallery of Valiant covers from books and comics. Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant continues as one of the all-time magnificent romantic adventure comics ever conceived and Fantagraphic’s reprinting is the loveliest treatment of the strip in the history of publishing. KEY SELLING POINTS • Prince Valiant is one of the most beloved comic strips of all time, praised in the NYT, Vanity Fair and many others. • Everyone knows the story of King Arthur and his Round Table, giving the strip an enduring appeal. • This volume also includes a feature on Bob Fujitani’s run of Prince Valiant stories in the Dell comic books. • Features a bonus gallery of Valiant covers from various books and comics. • Eisner Award-nominated: it features the highest-quality reproduction and design of any previous Hal Foster collection. ISBN 13: 9781683960256, 112pp h/b, £29.99 Published by FANTAGRAPHICS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Graphic Novel

THE EC ARTISTS LIBRARY SLIPCASE 3 (VOLUMES 9-12) Orlando, Joe; Severin, John; Evans, George & Wood, Wallace

A boxed set of four great books in our acclaimed EC Artists’ Library, which collects the best comics of the 1950s from the greatest mass market comic book publisher in history. Featured are: Judgment Day And Other Stories illustrated by Joe Orlando, Aces High illustrated by George Evans, Bomb Run And Other Stories illustrated by John Severin and Will Elder, and Spawn of Mars And Other Stories illustrated by Wallace Wood. KEY SELLING POINTS • Great gift idea and price point. • EC line features the definitive reproduction and packaging of the iconic comics brand. • Definitive NYT bestselling library of classic EC Comics. ISBN 13: 9781683960072, 904pp h/b, £83.99 Published by FANTAGRAPHICS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Graphic Novel

THE THING FROM THE GRAVE AND OTHER STORIES Orlando, Joe; Feldstein, Al & Bradbury, Ray.

Joe Orlando and Al Feldstein adapt Ray Bradbury, preach about drug addiction in ‘The Monkey,’ and more in our latest EC Artist volume, which also includes a 3-D story that has never been reprinted (in 2-D). This special collection features more than 30 EC classics from the pages of Tales From the Crypt, The Haunt of Fear, The Vault of Horror, Shock SuspenStories, Impact, and Crime SuspenStories. Of special note is Orlando’s Panic stories, including parodies of Mother Goose, TV commercials, and soap operas. KEY SELLING POINTS • New York Times bestselling series collecting the classic ED Comics. • Great gift idea for horror fans. • Review attention. • Will appeal to readers of Bradbury’s science fiction and horror stories. ISBN 13: 9781683960317, 240pp h/b, £24.99 Published by FANTAGRAPHICS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Graphic Novel


Bec, Christophe; Alcante; Daoust, Giles & Kovacevic, Drazen

These five individual, but interlinked, stories see London Donovan and the mysterious billionaire Mr. Feiersinger combating all manner of malicious myths and monsters from the Californian Bigfoot and deadly African dinosaurs, to Artic sea creatures and giant Canadian wolves. Whether driven by a taste for adventure, a passion for scientific curiosity, or simply by pure obsession, join our unrelenting heroes as they chase and encounter creatures that are as mythical as they are deadly. KEY SELLING POINTS • Christpohe Bec was nominated for best comic/cartoon album at both the Jules Verne the Dectective Film Festivals. • Now Available for the first time in English, the prequel to the bestselling and critically accalaimed Carthago! • Appeals to fans of Cryptozoology and The X-Files. • Much praise from outlets, such as, SciFiNow, and AiPT! ISBN 13: 9781594657931, 272pp h/b, £24.99 Published by HUMANOIDS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Graphic Novel

METABARONS, THE: VOL. 2 Jodorowsky, Alexandro & Gimenez, Juan

A must-read cult spin-off of The Incal, by Moebius and Jodorowsky, centering around the fascinating lineage of the ultimate warrior. This collection introduces the Metabaron’s bloodline and reveals the origins of their deep-seated principles. Find out the source of the family’s vast wealth, learn why every Metabaron has cybernetic implants, and why the only way to become the next Metabaron is for him to defeat his own father in a mortal combat. Follow each successive generation as it struggles to overcome the forces amassed against it in a galaxy corrupted by greed, power, and terror. A true classic in the pantheon of graphic storytelling. KEY SELLING POINTS • Ground-breaking writer and cult director Alexandro Jodorowsky’s grandiose masterpiece. • Illustrated by acclaimed and award-winning artist Juan Gimenez. • Available in paperback for the first time! • The second of four affordable trade paperbacks of the bestselling saga. • Released to coincide with the Brand New The Metabaron series. ISBN 13: 9781594657443, 136pp p/b, £11.99 Published by HUMANOIDS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East



Graphic Novel

CROSS-EYED MUTT, THE Davodeau, Etienne

Fabian is supervisor at the Louvre. He loves his job. He also loves Mathilde. After some time, she presents him to her family in their vast country house and not without some apprehension, as the Benion clan is a bit special. When they find a peculiar painting of a crosseyed mutt by an ancestor from the nineteenth century, they decide that it ‘s a masterpiece. Fabian hopes the delusion will go away, until the two brothers show up at the Louvre. Getting the Cross-Eyed Mutt into the Louvre would demonstrate his commitment to becoming a member of the Benion family! KEY SELLING POINTS • Written by an award-winning author, who has released numerous best-selling and critically acclaimed graphic novels, incl • Perfect for fans of comedy and satire, as well as, an interest in art • Philosophical elements: Provides an addtional in-depth questioning of art and what makes a piece of art successful ISBN 13: 9781681120973, 144pp h/b, £21.99 Published by NBM Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Graphic Novel


Finbow, Alexander; Rudolph, Nyco; Ferrier, Ryan

An illustrated children’s book for adults featuring beautiful Godzilla and King Kong inspired paintings of Giant Bears attacking major Canadian cities and landmarks. Includes Grizzly Bear Colossuses attacking the CN Tower, Spirit Bears surfing the Tsunami into Vancouver, a huge Bearnado ripping into Winnipeg, giant bear cubs playing jump rope with the Eastern Gateway pipeline, Polar Bear Behemoths dropping a glacier on to the oil sands, and the Giant Bears delivering a very Canadian wall to keep the Americans out. At least that s what Granny says really happened. KEY SELLING POINTS • Unique, there is literally nothing like it out there. • Captivating illustrations are like monster movie posters. • Rhyming narrative has an environmental theme. • Social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, twitter, web and newsletter. • The book also has environmental aspects that will pique reader and media interest too. ISBN 13: 9780986820007, 32pp h/b, £11.99 Published by RENEGADE ARTS ENTERTAINMENT Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Graphic Novel - Gay Interest

GHOSTBOY AND DIABLO Fillion, Patrick; Cantero, David & Mott, Jacob

For years Peter Goldman a.k.a. Ghostboy and Bruno Ragetti a.k.a Diablo have protected the good citizens of Gateway City from danger as Guardians of the Cube. They began as teammates, became friends and eventually, love blossomed between them. Now these adventurers must go public with their romance, but coming out to a wife and a conservative mother is the least of their worries. Ghostboy’s estranged uncle Toro is back in town with a maniacal scheme. He’s planning a freaky family vacation to the heart of the Bermuda Triangle which could lead our heroes to damnation’s very doorstep. KEY SELLING POINTS • A sexy, fun and cute romance between two superheroes! • Deals with important LGBTQ issues such as coming out and facing conservative family. • Class Comics are renowned for being the for highest quality comics in the adult entertainment world. • Many world-renowned adult comics creators have found a home for their works in Class Comics. ISBN 13: 9783959852975, 176pp p/b, £21.99 Published by BRUNO GMUNDER Rep Territories: UK, Ireland & Far East

Graphic Novel - Manga


Hatsune Miku is a worldwide sensation! This year Hatsune Miku embarks on her North American tour in over 10 major cities! To celebrate, join Hatsune Miku and her vocaloid friends in this brand new story from Dark Horse. Acute describes the tragic relationship between three Vocaloids: Miku, Kaito, and Luka! Once they were all friends making songs - but while Kaito might make a duet with Miku, or a duet with Luka, a love song all three of them sing together can only end in sorrow! Based on the song with over 4.4 million combined views on YouTube and NicoNico. KEY SELLING POINTS • Hatsune Miku is an international pop phenomenon! • She has performed on David Letterman and was the opening performer for Lady Gaga’s ArtRave world tour. • Like the Hatsune Miku titles Mikubon and Rin-Chan Now!, Acute is based on a famous Vocaloid music video. • A drama rather than a comedy, Acute shows a different side of Hatsune Miku. • Includes four pages in full colour. ISBN 13: 9781506703411, TBCpp p/b, £9.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel - Manga


Have fun just hanging out on stage, in the studio, and at home with Kagamine Rin, the most popular Vocaloid next to Hatsune Miku herself! Miku’s sassy blond friend takes center stage in this series that took inspiration from the music video Rin-Chan Now! The video with over 2.5 million combined views on NicoNico and YouTube is now a manga of the same name - written, drawn and edited by the video creators! The fight to make Rin-chan the most popular Vocaloid has never been so much fun, as her smallest everyday activities at school, home, and work get blown up online to major celebrity events! KEY SELLING POINTS • Hatsune Miku is an international pop phenomenon. • Like the Hatsune Miku titles Mikubon and Acute!, Runchan Now! is based on a famous Vocaloid music video. • The popular vocaloid Rin featured in Unofficial Hatsune Mix and was on the cover of Mikubon. • Hatsune Miku has performed on David Letterman and was the opening performer for Lady Gaga’s ArtRave world tour. • Features 4 pages in full colour. ISBN 13: 9781506703145, 136pp p/b, £9.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel - Manga

PYSCHO PASS Inspector Sinhya Kogami Volume 2 Gotu, Midori & Sai, Natsuo

The manga prequel to the acclaimed anime series! The Psycho-Pass made a better future society possible: a universal fitness app that tracks people’s emotional health. But when crime becomes rare, it also becomes stranger and more dangerous than ever...and in the 22nd century the only ‘safe’ job for a person on the borderline is as a cop - kept on a virtual leash as they hunt down the criminals they may soon become themselves!

KEY SELLING POINTS • Prequel to the hit anime series Psycho-Pass. • One of Funimation’s first anime to be streamed as a ‘broadcast dub’. • From star creator Gen Urobuchi (Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica). • Fans of police dramas and sci-fi won’t want to miss the series - inspired by L.A. Confidential, Minority Report, Gattaca ISBN 13: 9781506703701, TBCpp p/b, £9.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



Graphic Novel - Manga


Yoshiko is a hopefully clueless high school girl. Her rock-paper-scissors strategy is rock.She somehow gets zeroes on multiple-choice tests. And she has an often-nearly-fatal weakness for bananas. Her devoted friends have no choice but to hang around and make sure nobody takes advantage of her. (Of course, the entertainment value might have something to do with it, too.) Cute characters, weird gags, and lots and lots of bananas! KEY SELLING POINTS • Will appeal to fans of Azumanga Daioh (Yen Press) and Nichijou (also available from Turnaround). • A surprise hit in Japan, Ahogaru’s run was extended because of its popularity. • Kodansha considers Ahogaru a high-potential title for a future anime adaptation. • Hiroyuki’s previously created the hit manga Doujin Work (Media Blasters) and The Comic Artist and His Assistants (Square • Both Doujin Work and The Comic Artist and His Assistants have been adapted into anime series. ISBN 13: 9781632364579, TBCpp p/b, £9.99 Published by KODANSHA COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel - Manga

CELLS AT WORK! 5 Shimizu, Akane

The average human body contains about 60 trillion cells, and each of them has work to do! But when you get injured, viruses or bacteria invade, or when an allergic reaction flares up, everyone from the silent but deadly white blood cells to the brainy neurons has to work together to get through the crisis! Strep throat! Hay fever! Influenza! The world is a dangerous place for a red blood cell just trying to get her deliveries finished. Fortunately, she’s not alone... she’s got a whole human body’s worth of cells ready to help out!

KEY SELLING POINTS • A fun and fast-paced manga that has some education elements. • Unique setting and appealing characters will draw readers of upbeat shonen manga like Fairy Tail (Kodansha). • The one-shot that was the basis for the series won the Sirius New Age Award for excellent manga from a new author. • Is highly popular in Japan having already sold 20,000 copies. • Considered a title with franchise potential by Kodansha. ISBN 13: 9781632364265, 200pp p/b, £9.99 Published by KODANSHA COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel - Manga


Graphic Novel - Manga


Oh! Great

Everybody knows that Itsuki is the most fearsome skater around. With his high tech Air Gear skates, his moves are so smooth they’re almost like flying. But, because he’s the best, someone will always want to take him down. Action, adventure and highstakes competition feature throughout - and that’s just the beginning! KEY SELLING POINTS • The latest volume of a stylish, fan favourite manga series. • Previous Air Gear titles are available from Turnaround. • Oh! Great is a well-known anime artist who has been praised for his stylish art and clever storylines. ISBN 13: 9781612621067, 208pp p/b, £8.99 Published by KODANSHA COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Kamiya, Yuu

Naoto’s a high school dropout and brilliant amateur tinkerer. He lives in a world that has been so overexploited that the entire surface has become one vast machine. When a box crashes into his home containing a female automaton, it’s a harbinger of change that will rock the entire globe, and give Naoto his chance to be a hero. KEY SELLING POINTS • An anime adaptation of Clockwork Planet is set for release in 2017. • Kamiya’s previous series No Game, No Life has been a huge hit. • Art style, plot and pedigree will appeal to gamers in addition to regular manga readers. ISBN 13: 9781632364494, 200pp p/b, £9.99 Published by KODANSHA COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel - Manga

APPLESEED ALPHA Masamune, Shirow

In the 22nd Century, New York City is a war-torn place ruled by warlords and a giant robot mayor with 3 eyes and a three-piece suit. While there, Deunan and her cyborg lover Briareos stumble across two citizens of a legendary utopia. It’s up to them to guard what could be humanity’s best chance to rebuild. KEY SELLING POINTS • A prequel to the cyberpunk franchise Appleseed by ShirowMasamune, creator of The Ghost in the Shell. • Iou Kuroda is a popular name in the manga world, as authorof the Nasu stories (Kodansha). • UK comic fans are familiar with the Appleseed property, which was adapted into popular anime in 1988, 2004 and 2007. • Nostalgic anime fans will be excited to revisit this classic . • Adapted from 2014 CGI film from Sony Pictures. ISBN 13: 9781632362018, 400pp p/b, £15.99 Published by KODANSHA COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

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COMPLEX AGE 5 Sakuma, Yui

Twenty-something temp worker Nagisa Kataura lives like an average young woman but she has a secret life. When she’s not sitting at her day job, she spends most of her time transforming into her favourite anime and manga characters through the art of cosplay. Worried about being thought childish and nerdy, Nagisa struggles to keep her hobby a secret. KEY SELLING POINTS • One of the few Japanese manga series to be told from the point of view of a female otaku (superfan). • Dramatic storyline that gives readers a real impression of what life as a cosplayer is really like. • For fans of Manga Dogs (Kodansha; also available from Turnaround). • Initially started as a one-shot comic in the Tetsuya Chiba Award, and became the only entry from that year to be serialised in manga format. • With cosplay on the rise throughout the world, this manga is sure to have huge appeal. ISBN 13: 9781632364289, TBCpp p/b, £9.99 Published by KODANSHA COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



Graphic Novel - Manga

FAIRY TAIL DAY PLANNER 2017 - 2018 Mashima, Hiro

A day planner for Fairy Tail guild members: students, grown-ups, and S-class wizards alike! This planner is full of colour Fairy Tail illustrations, games, quizzes, character interviews, and even bonus manga in the back by Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima that you can’t read anywhere else! It even includes stickers, so you can customize it and make your planner totally unique. This day planner can be used for the academic year for students, or for the upcoming calendar year. KEY SELLING POINTS • Customizable day planner with stickers, so you can use the book for any season or year! • The anime adaptation is available on DVD in the UK from Manga UK and Anime Limited. • The manga and anime are currently available on Crunchyroll. • Includes 50 pages of bonus manga by Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima. • Packed with colour illustrations, personality quizzes, guild info, trivia tests, reference pages and more! ISBN 13: 9781632364203, 160pp p/b, £12.50 Published by KODANSHA COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel - Manga


Mashima, Hiro & Shibano, Kyouta

Since his sneering face first appeared, the Iron Dragon Slayer Gajeel Redfox has been a fan favourite among Fairy Tail fans. Now he s getting his very own adventure, all in one book! The ‘lone dragon’ Gajeel Redfox has always been easy to spot even among the boisterious wizards of the Fairy Tail guild, but now he s disappeared! At the same time, a jailbreak rocks Fiore. What ties these events together? The answer lies in Gajeel s shady and selfish past KEY SELLING POINTS • Since its first volume in 2008, Fairy Tail has been a popular series and is now an institution among manga fans. • The anime adaptation is available on DVD in the UK from Manga UK and Anime Limited. • This spin-off series features popular Fairy Tail member Gajeel Redfox. • An entire story in a single volume. • New chapters of the original manga are published weekly on Crunchyroll where it is one of the most read titles on the site. ISBN 13: 9781632365248, TBCpp p/b, £8.99 Published by KODANSHA COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

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FIRE FORCE 4 Ohkubo, Atsushi

The city of Tokyo is in the grip of a reign of terror! Possessed by demons, people have begun to burst into flame, leading to the establishment of a special firefighting team: the Fire Force, ready to roll on a moment’s notice to fight spontaneous combustion anywhere it might break out. But the team is about to get a very unique addition: Shinra, a boy who possesses the unique power to run at the speed of a rocket, leaving behind the famous devil’s footprints. Can the Fire Force discover the source of this strange phenomenon and put a stop to it? Or will the city burn to ashes first? KEY SELLING POINTS • The new flagship series from Weekly Shonen Magazine, the original home of Fairy Tail (also available). • The new series from the best-selling creator behind Soul Eater (Yen Press). • Ohkubo’s previous series Soul Eater has been adapted into two anime series that are available on DVD from Manga UK. • For fans of magical adventures like Tokyo ESP (Vertical) and Ajin: Demi-Human (Vertical). ISBN 13: 9781632364319, 200pp p/b, £8.99 Published by KODANSHA COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel - Manga

INUYASHIKI 7 Oku, Hiroya

Just when it seems things couldn’t get any worse for Ichiro Inuyashiki, a blinding light in the night sky strikes the earth where he stands. He later wakes up to find himself unscathed, but he soon starts to notice that there’s something... different about himself. It turns out that these strange, new changes are just what Ichiro needs to take a new lease on life. Now it seems like there’s nothing to stop him from being a hero worthy of the respect that he never had before!

KEY SELLING POINTS • From the creator of Gantz, the best-selling sci-fi manga series that spawned a hit anime and a series of movies in Japan. • Features Hiroya Oku’s distinctly intricate and realistic artwork. • A heavily tech-influenced, sci-fi drama with a likeable underdog protagonist. ISBN 13: 9781632364364, 200pp p/b, £9.99 Published by KODANSHA COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

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Kae is a secret fujoshi (female manga/anime nerd) who spends all day fantasising about her male classmates making out with... each other. However, her fervent passion for manga and anime causes an accident that comes with surprising results. The once homely and overweight fangirl has become an overwhelmingly cute girl who now turns heads everywhere she goes. Now Kae has caught the attention of a group of handsome boys who all want to date her. But in the end Kae is still a fujoshi, and would get much more enjoyment out of seeing those boys make out with each other.

KEY SELLING POINTS • An anime adaptation is currently running and licensed for UK release from Anime Limited. • Unlike most romantic comedy manga, in this series it’s a female nerd who is the object of affection for handsome boys. • Aimed at female readers who are familiar with tropes of shojo and yaoi manga and anime. • Junko is a long time author of male-male romance comics for straight women. • Kiss Him, Not Me is her first long-running series. ISBN 13: 9781632364371, 200pp p/b, £8.99 Published by KODANSHA COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel - Manga

LAND OF THE LUSTROUS 1 Ichikawa, Haruko

The young gem Phosphorite can t seem to do anything right.Phoshas nothing but a big mouth and guts. Cinnabar, a classmate, is a loner, shunned by the other gems because of the toxins emitted from their body. But when they get together, they will learn that they both have an essential role to play in the fight against the Moonfolk, who are intent on coming to Earth to abduct the gem folk and destroy their world. A beautifully-drawn new action manga from Haruko Ichikawa, winner of the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Setting and story will remind fans of Sailor Moon and some of its progeny; especially the Cartoon Network hit Steven Uni • Placed in 2014 s Kono Manga ga Sugoi! contest. • Ichikawa has won an Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize and placed fifth in the 2012 Manga Taisho Awards. • Considered a prime candidate for a high-budget animated adaptation. ISBN 13: 9781632364975, TBCpp p/b, £9.99 Published by KODANSHA COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



Graphic Novel - Manga


Yato is a homeless god. He doesn’t even have a shrine, let alone any worshippers! So, to achieve his ambitious goals, he s set up a service to help those in need (for a small fee of course). He hopes that one day he’ll be able to build the temple he feels he deserves, but for now he can’t be picky about the jobs that he chooses to accept. From finding lost kittens to overcoming school bullies, Yato is divinely intervening all over the place! KEY SELLING POINTS • A homeless god looks to build followers by doing small deeds in this supernatural manga series. • The series focuses on gods in the real world reminiscent of Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (Studio Ghibli, 2001). • The anime adaptation is well-received on the Funimation streaming site, with an average user rating of 4 out of 5 stars. • The anime adaptation is available in the UK from Manga UK and Anime Limited. ISBN 13: 9781632363459, TBCpp p/b, £8.99 Published by KODANSHA COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel - Manga


It’s a simple premise: if you reach zero followers, you die. After the death of their parents, Ataru Kashiwagi and his younger sister, Yuri, depend on each other. Ataru works hard at high school and his job, and spends his leisure time on a social media site: Real Account. Eventually, he hits 1,500 followers, but he sometimes wonders how much they really care about him. One night, the screen ominously begins to glitch, only displaying: The Game Will Now Begin KEY SELLING POINTS • A new series set in the world of social media which is already being compared to Battle Royale (Haikasoru, 2014). • Social media is a universally appealing subject; this series cleverly satirises the modern world’s preoccupation with it. • Will be heavily promoted on Kodansha’s website and social media outlets. • For ages 16. ISBN 13: 9781632364401, 200pp p/b, £8.99 Published by KODANSHA COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel - Manga

VINLAND SAGA VOL. 9 Yukimura, Makoto

At the turn of the 11th century, the North Sea is in the grip of the Viking terror. The clever Askeladd leads his small band of mercenaries into London, with the aid of the ruthless young Thorfinn, son of a warrior in the dreaded Jomsvikings. But this is an alliance of convenience: Thorfinn has sworn to kill Askeladd one day to avenge his father’s death. When a race begins to capture the prince and secure the rights to the throne, personal grudges will clash with the fate of a kingdom, and blood will be spilled!

KEY SELLING POINTS • Set in Viking England, this is the epic manga series that fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones have been waiting for! • This has been a huge success in Japan, winning the 2009 Grand Prize for Manga at the Japan Media Arts Awards. • It was also awarded the 36th Kodansha General Manga Award. • This edition combines two volumes of the Japanese release alongside an additional original story by Yukimura. ISBN 13: 9781632364456, 400pp h/b, £17.99 Published by KODANSHA COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel - Manga


In xxxHolic Rei, Kimihiro Watanuki continues his relationship with the Space-Time Witch, Yuko. In her mysterious shop where wishes are granted - for a price - will he discover even more secrets? And what will he have to trade this time for the answers he seeks? The thrilling new instalment of a successful series that sees customers enter a mysterious shop somewhere in Tokyo. In it, their wishes may be granted. But always at a steep price. Beautifully seductive artwork and uniquely Japanese depictions of the supernatural will hypnotise Clamp fans and manga fans alike. KEY SELLING POINTS • This is a sequel manga series to one that has sold over 800,000 copies internationally to date. • The premise sees customers enter a mysterious shop in Tokyo where their wishes can be granted - at a great price. • A live action television drama has begun alongside the sequel manga series in Japan. • Clamp are some of the most popular manga artists today and are responsible for such series as Chobits (Kodansha). • The series has been adapted into two anime series by Production I.G. ISBN 13: 9781612625867, 206pp p/b, £8.99 Published by KODANSHA COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

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Nihei, Tsutomu

One of the manga world’s most intriguing artists returns to the English language world with a re-release of his breakthrough work, BLAME! In a dystopian future, a complex network of machines has pushed humanity to the brink. Robots known as the Builders continued to build a meaningless civilisation with no one to reside in it. Soon these cities reach out to the outer planets, and another breed of life form emerges. KEY SELLING POINTS • One of the most popular recent manga series receives a hardcover treatment from Vertical. • BLAME! was the series that brought Tsutomu Nihei’s art and storytelling to a wider audience. • Hardcover editions will be similar in style to Vertical’s library editions of Mobile Suit Gundam (also available). • For fans of hard sci-fi manga series such as Planetes (Dark Horse, also available). • Volume one also available from Turnaround in September. ISBN 13: 9781942993803, 400pp p/b, £26.99 Published by VERTICAL Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel - Manga


Unbeknownst to the general public, vampires are rampant in Tokyo. To control and contain them, the government has developed a program to track and treat rogue vamps who decide to prey on the public. But what happens when vampire and man come together in harmony and love? Will the public accept this, or will they try to tear such partnerships apart? Ryoh Hanada’s work has caused a sensation in Japan with its combination of Western-inspired vampire storyline and art; an anime adaptation is also in the works. Could this be Japan’s answer to Twilight...? KEY SELLING POINTS • This series has taken Japan by storm with its mix of Western-style art and thoughtful writing. • Vampire romance remains as popular as ever with audiences. • The series debuted in popular manga magazine Morning, which also premiered Chi’s Sweet Home. ISBN 13: 9781945054006, 200pp p/b, £9.99 Published by VERTICAL Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

MONTHLY CATALOGUE - June 2017 Graphic Novel - Manga

FLYING WITCH 2 Ichizuka, Chihiro

A surreal comedy in the vein of Yotsuba! and Nichijou with a magical theme combines humour, slice of life and traditional Japanese culture in this debut work from Chihiro Ishizuka. KEY SELLING POINTS • A new surreal, slice-of-life comedy for fans of Nichijou (Kodansha, also available). • English anime series has been a hit on Crunchyroll, streaming since May 2016. • At the forefront of the new comedy manga scene, an emerging genre which is gaining popularity. ISBN 13: 9781945054105, 160pp p/b, £8.99 Published by VERTICAL Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel - Manga


Akira Tsubaki happens to fall hard for Mikoto Urabe, who just transferred into his class. This obsession eventually leads to Akira building up an extremely high fever. Urabe claims the cause is lovesickness which only she can cure! As Akira frantically tries to work out the antidote, he begins to suspect that Urabe may not be entirely who she seems. This series is currently outperforming Vertical’s other sleeper hit Ajin on Crunchyroll, and looks set to be the next hit manga series.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Already a hit on Crunchyroll, Mysterious Girlfriend X now arrives as a manga series. • Currently outperforming Vertical’s other sleeper hit of the year, Ajin (also available from Turnaround). • Riichi Ueshiba is already well-known for his Discommunication series for Kodansha. ISBN 13: 9781942993735, 400pp p/b, £12.99 Published by VERTICAL Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Graphic Novel - Superheroes

BLACK PANTHER WORLD OF WAKANDA VOL. 1: DAWN OF THE MIDNIGHT ANGELS Coates, Ta-Nehisi; Gay, Roxane & Harvey, Yona, et al

Ayo and Aneka are young women recruited to become Dora Milaje, an elite task force trained to protect the crown of Wakanda at all costs. Their first assignment will be to protect Queen Shuri... but what happens when your nation needs your hearts and minds, but you already gave them to each other? Meanwhile, former king T’Challa lies with bedfellows so dark, disgrace is inevitable. Plus, explore the true origins of the People’s mysterious leader, Zenzi. Black Panther thinks he knows who Zenzi is and how she got her powers - but he only knows part of the story! KEY SELLING POINTS • Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman made his cinematic debut in the blockbuster Captain America: Civil War. • The Black Panther movie has been announced for release 18th February 2018. • Black Panther is the #1 best-selling comic in the US. • Written by MacArthur Genius and National Book Award winner Ta-Nehisi Coates (Between the World and Me) with Roxane Gay. • llustrated by Alitha Martinez (Iron Man, Batgirl), Afua Richardson. ISBN 13: 9781846538124, 136pp p/b, £13.99 Published by PANINI UK / MARVEL Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East


Graphic Novel - Superheroes


Bendis, Brian Michael & Caselli, Stefano

From the violent streets of Chicago, a new armoured hero rises! Clad in her very own Iron Man armour, Riri Williams is ready to show the world what she can do as the self-made hero of tomorrow. Her technology just might change the face of the Marvel Universe forever... if she survives the experience. But is she ready for all the problems that come with stepping into Iron Man’s jet boots? Where’s a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist when you need one?

KEY SELLING POINTS • Iron Man was the first Marvel hero to launch the phenomenally successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. • Robert Downey Jr will reprise his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man in in Spider-Man: Homecoming, due for release 28th July 2017. • It is rumoured that Iron Man will return in the eagerly anticpated Avengers: Infinity War Part 1, scheduled for release • Written by fan-favourite Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man, All-New X-Men). • Collecting Invincible Iron Man #1-6. ISBN 13: 9781846537974, 116pp p/b, £11.99 Published by PANINI UK / MARVEL Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Graphic Novel - Superheroes

MONSTERS UNLEASHED! Bunn, Cullen; Kubert, Adam & Land, Greg, et al

It’s all hands on deck with the Avengers, Champions, Guardians, X-Men and the Inhumans as they clash with monstrous hazards that threaten to destroy every corner of the Marvel Universe. Who are the Leviathons? Who controls them? How can they be stopped before Earth becomes another tragic barren world in their wake? KEY SELLING POINTS • The Avengers will return to the silver screen in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War, out 4th May 2018. • For fans of Kaiju and monster movies everywhere. • Written by fan-favourite comic writer Cullen Bunn (Deadpool, Hulk, Uncanny Avengers). • Collecting Monsters Unleashed #1-5. ISBN 13: 9781846538117, 168pp p/b, £14.99 Published by PANINI UK / MARVEL Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Graphic Novel - Superheroes


Rosenberg, Matthew & Coelho, Jorge

He’s used to having a whole galaxy to guard, but now Rocket has found himself stuck in the absolute last place he’d want to be -the backwards, no-class, pit of a planet called Earth! It’s where those dumb furry things that people say he looks like are from! One thing is clear. The how doesn’t matter... nor does the who or what that gets in his way... he’s gotta get off this mudball. Now! But that’s easier said than done... KEY SELLING POINTS • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is due for release April 28th 2017. • Written by popular comic creator Matthew Rosenberg (Civil War II: Kingpin, Black Canary). • Illustrated by fan favourite Jorge Coelho (Haunted Mansion, Sleepy Hollow). • Collecting Rocket Raccoon Vol. 3 #1-5. ISBN 13: 9781846538094, 116pp p/b, £11.99 Published by PANINI UK / MARVEL Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

MONTHLY CATALOGUE - June 2017 Graphic Novel - Superheroes


Bendis, Brian Michael & Pichelli, Sara

Miles Morales is finding his feet in the Marvel Universe, first as an Avenger and now as a Champion! But how’s his dad getting along? Find out now, as the untold history of Jefferson Davis is revealed! What was life like for Jefferson before his son was born...back when he was an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?! Plus, what about Miles’ relationship with fellow Champion Ms. Marvel?!!


Children’s Picture Book - KS0-1


KEY SELLING POINTS • Spider-Man is Marvel’s MOST popular character. • Spider-Man: Homecoming, the first Spider-Man movie made by Marvel Studios in partnership with Sony, is out in July 2017. • Written by acclaimed comic writer Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man, Age of Ultron, Avengers). • Collecting Spider-Man #11-15. ISBN 13: 9781846538087, 116pp p/b, £11.99 Published by PANINI UK / MARVEL Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

An award-winning prequel to Have You Filled a Bucket Today? that illustrates what it means when children have their buckets filled and learn how they can fill other people’s buckets too by understanding how special, valuable and capable they are. Winner of: Best You Can Be Foundation, Top 10 Children’s Book in 2009 Mom’s Choice Awards, Gold Recipient: Developing Social Skills 2013 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards, Honorable Mention: Picture Books 5 & Younger 2013 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards, Honorable Mention: Family Matters. KEY SELLING POINTS • Award-winning prequel to Have You Filled a bucket? • Perfect gift for anyone with young children. • Provides educational aspect on understanding that everyone is special in their own way, teaches appreciation of diversity. ISBN 13: 9780996099974, 24pp p/b, £7.99 ISBN 13: 9780996099981, 24pp h/b, £8.99 Published by BUCKET FILLERS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Graphic Novel - Superheroes

Children’s Picture Book - KS0-1


The Avengers’ Unity squad is on the verge of collapse after their debilitating wars with Ultron and the Hand. Which is exactly the wrongmoment for the Red Skull to strike! When the Skull springs his trap, Avengers Mansion will be turned into a house of horrors! What sacrifices will the Uncanny Avengers be forced to make to break free of the Red Skulls diabolical deathtrap? KEY SELLING POINTS • The Avengers will return to the silver screen in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War, out 4th May 2018. • The Avengers Assemble and Avengers: Age of Ultron movies were the box office blockbusters of 2012 and 2015. • Deadpool movie was released 14th February 2016 to massive acclaim and Deadpool 2 is in production. • Written by fan-favourite comic writer Gerry Duggan (Deadpool,Hulk, Uncanny Avengers). • Collecting Uncanny Avengers Vol.3 #18-22. ISBN 13: 9781846538100, 116pp p/b, £11.99 Published by PANINI UK / MARVEL Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Graphic Novel - Non-Fiction


This is the graphic history of the 2001 Cincinnati riots, told for the first time from the perspective of the participants. When Timothy Thomas, a 19-yearold black man, was fatally shot by police, the city broke out into nonviolent civil disobedience that was met with further police violence. This was the first major uprising of the 21st Century, matched only by the LA riots a decade before and the protests in Ferguson over a decade later. Author and illustrator Dan Mendez Moore was 17 at the time when he participated in the six days of protests. KEY SELLING POINTS • The first nonacademic book about the first major urban unrest of the 21st century. • Offers insight to current human-rights issues such as the Black Lives Matters movement. • A 2015 CBS News/New York Times poll found that 61% of Americans now say race relations in the United States are bad. ISBN 13: 9781621068006, 96pp p/b, £10.99 Published by MICROCOSM PUBLISHING Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East


Rylant, Cynthia & McGuire, Erin

Born into royalty and surrounded by fairy godmothers, a sweet princess seems destined for a blissful life. But when a bitter fairy casts a curse, it will take true friends and true love to save her. The story of Sleeping Beauty has been told time and time again, but never has it been touched by the kind of magic found in this book. Newbery Medal-winner Cynthia Rylant’s unforgettable retelling of the beloved fairytale is a lyrical read-aloud, and paired with Erin McGuire’s vibrant illustrations, this is the perfect book for sharing with loved ones. KEY SELLING POINTS • Beautiful picturebook retelling of the classic fairytale Sleeping Beauty. • New retelling brings this timeless story to life for today’s kids. • With a hopefully message and gorgeous illustrations, this book is the perfect pick for sharing. • By award-winning author Cynthia Rylant and with warm, whimsical illustrations by Erin McGuire. ISBN 13: 9781423121084, 40pp h/b, £13.99 Published by DISNEY-HYPERION Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Children’s Picture Book - KS0-1

LOOK, SEE THE BIRD! Fallon, Katie; Wilson, Bill & Carter, Leigh Anne

Look, See the Bird! is a beautifully illustrated children’s book that seeks to promote curiosity in children about the natural world around them. It follows children in a variety of locations, all of whom are learning about local birds and their habits. Each time, the question is asked by one child to another: ‘Look! See the bird?’ And each time, the children are treated to the sight of a majestic bird native to their home. This unifying question joins the children on the page with the children holding the book, inviting them to look outside, and see what they can see! KEY SELLING POINTS • Children are inherently interested in the world around them, full of questions. Here their natural curiosity is engaged. • Teaches important, global lessons: by exploring the migration of birds children learn that the world is connected. • The beautiful illustrations and heartwarming story makes this the perfect gift for future bird lovers. • Perfect for children of all ages who love birds, and their bird-loving parents! ISBN 13: 9781578266876, 32pp h/b, £10.99 Published by HATHERLEIGH PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



Children’s Picture Book - KS0-1

SPIDER-MAN DOODLES Snider, Brandon T & Montalvo-Lagos, Tomas

Kids of all ages can draw, colour and create with all their favourite characters from the Spider-Man universe. From the Green Goblin to Spider-Gwen to Venom Carnage to Spidey himself, every page is packed with doodles. Readers can use their artistic powers to bring these action-packed scenes to life! KEY SELLING POINTS • An activity book featuring characters from the Spider-Man universe. • Part of the doodle book craze! (Star Wars Doodles has sold over 81,000 copies.) • This doodle book is just in time for the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, releasing July 2017! • Kids of all ages will have fun becoming their own storytellers and artists! ISBN 13: 9781484787717, 128pp p/b, £10.99 Published by MARVEL PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Children’s Picture Book - KS0-1


Children’s Picture Book - KS0-1


Slush Mountain is a funny, loving, and irreverent tribute to winter cabin and ski culture, from hot chocolate and snowmen to daredevil show-offs and silly fashion choices. The grand illustrations follow a day in the life of the various quirky creatures who live in a remote mountain village; we witness Bruce the Spruce Crampon ski jumping off the roof of Lone Wolf Cabin, the ski patrol dealing with a reckless speed demon on the Goose Bump Glacier mogul run, old Snow-Blind Jefferson ice fishing out on Frostbite Fish Pond, and many more.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Written and illustrated by an award-winning Norweigan illustrator. His images have appeared in a variety of outlets worldwide. • Includes, sports, animals and humour so will appeal to a wide audience, although in particular, anyone who has been skiing. • For both boys and girls ISBN 13: 9781927018828, 32pp h/b, £13.99 Published by SIMPLY READ BOOKS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland & Europe

Cruz, Afonso

Award-winning Portuguese artist Afonso Cruz brings us this satirical, wordless, cautionary tale about the power of capital. A boy is given a piggy bank, and grows up feeding it coins as it sits on his bedside table. The piggy bank begins to grow as the boy becomes a man, filled with amazing profits. However, as the years go by, its greediness becomes harder to control, until soon it’s become an out-of-proportion, unstoppable menace.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Written and illustrated by an award-winning artist. • Entertaining and also educational: Cautions against the power of capital and the consquences of greed. • Unique in its telling as the story is told through images. ISBN 13: 9781772290059, 40pp h/b, £13.99 Published by SIMPLY READ BOOKS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland & Europe

Children’s Picture Book - KS0-1

MADDALENA Orsolini, Laura

Claudia’s best friend is her doll, Maddalena, and they are never apart. Maddalena is very brave, but sometimes she gets scared - especially when Mum and Dad have to be away for a while, so Claudia lets her climb into bed with her for comfort. One day, however, the whole family goes on a trip together - and they leave Maddalena at home! Claudia isn’t afraid, of course, she’s only worried for poor Maddalena! What can she do? This gorgeous picturebook by Laura Orsolini reminds us that it’s never easy to be away from the ones we love, no matter the age or circumstances. KEY SELLING POINTS • Laura Orsolini was selected for the 2006 Illustrators Exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. • As such, a warm reception from the children’s-book community is anticipated. • The moral will appeal especially to families split over long distances. • Featuring vintage Eloise style illustrations. ISBN 13: 9781772290073, 36pp h/b, £12.99 Published by SIMPLY READ BOOKS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland & Europe

Children’s Picture Book - KS0-1


George, Kallie & Cote, Genevieve (Ills.)

Splash is a little sea serpent who enjoys splashing around. But all communities need quiet sometimes. Will Splash learn how to calm down? He’s frightened of being quiet so having to do so seems unfair. But fears have to be faced and, across 44 full-colour illustrations, Splash will inevitably learn this for himself. In the other Tiny Tails (Simply Read) titles, Splash encourages readers to be considerate of those around them and to face up to their fears. KEY SELLING POINTS • The Tiny Tails series encourages young readers to adopt a healthy attitude to fear and to being challenged in general. • The other titles in the series are all available from Turnaround. • Earlier title Spark (Simply Read, 2014) received glowing reviews in the UK press. • Genevi ve C t is a multi-award winning illustrator. • Her accolades include the General Governor’s Award 2007 and the Marilyn Baillie Award in 2012. ISBN 13: 9781927018774, 44pp h/b, £11.99 Published by SIMPLY READ BOOKS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland & Europe

Children’s Picture Book - KS0-1


Morstad, Julie

This beautiful new book by award-winning illustrator Julie Morstad captures a child’s imaginative delight in the ordinariness of the world, from getting dressed, to having breakfast, to choosing ways to get to school. This is a modern version of classic books like Oh, What a Busy Day by Gyo Fujikawa and The Best Storybook Ever by Richard Scarry. KEY SELLING POINTS • Morstad is the illustrator of Sara O’ Leary’s When I Was Small series (Simply Read). • This series received extensive UK publicity and critical acclaim. • This means that Morstad’s illustrative style will be easily recognised by UK readers. • The whole When I Was Small series is also available from Turnaround. • Following the popular, ‘what did you do today’ children’s picture book narrative format. ISBN 13: 9781927018682, 40pp h/b, £13.99 Published by SIMPLY READ BOOKS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland & Europe



Children’s Picture Book - KS2


Do you know you have an invisible bucket which is filled with all of your good thoughts and feelings? If you’re new to the concepts of bucket filling and bucket dipping, then this award-winning book is for you. This award-winning sequel to Have You Filled a Bucket Today? Features easy-to-read chapters, colourful illustrations, and daily questions to help readers become better bucket fillers and give them the tools to live a life filled with happiness.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Provides children with the opportunity to self-reflect through learning exercises. • Thirty pages available to record your daily thoughts, feelings and experiences. • Companion to the successful book, Growing up with a Bucket Full of Happiness: Three Rules for a Happier Life. ISBN 13: 9780997486407, 64pp p/b, £4.99 Published by BUCKET FILLERS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Young Adult Fiction - KS4

ROUGH PATCH Markotic, Nicole

When fifteen-year-old Keira starts high school, she almost wishes she could write ‘Hi, my name is Keira, and I’m bisexual!’ on her nametag. Needless to say, she’s terrified to announce the truth, let alone fully explore her sexuality. Quirky but shy, loyal yet a bit zany, Keira navigates her growing interest in kissing both girls and boys while not alienating her BFF, boy-crazy Sita. As the two acclimate to their new high school, they manage to find lunch tablemates and make lists of the school’s cutest boys. But Keira is caught ‘in between’ unable to fully participate, yet too scared to come clean. KEY SELLING POINTS • Necessary book for teenagers growing up and discovering that they’re homosexual as it provides comfort and coping mechanisms. • Dr. Markotispecializes in the subjects of Canadian Literature, Poetry, Children s Literature, Disability in Film and D • Previous praise for Nicole’s works, ‘Markoti’s work exhibits a trickster quality in that she steals language and then re ISBN 13: 9781551526812, 224pp p/b, £13.95 Published by ARSENAL PULP PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Children’s Picture Book - KS2


Relive the stories of your favourite heroes in this 144-page story book featuring Marvel’s greatest super heroes: Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America. With brilliant, full-colour illustrations, this is sure to be the perfect book for every little hero.

KEY SELLING POINTS • A KS2 storybook featuring Marvel’s greatest superheroes. • Will come out with the highly anticipated Marvel Studios film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, in theatres July 2017. • With simplified text and easy to follow story lines, this storybook is the perfect introduction for burgeoning comic fans. ISBN 13: 9781368000673, 144pp p/b, £10.99 Published by MARVEL PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Children’s Picture Book - KS2


One harpooner and one boy must face the rigours of life on a whaling vessel, hunting and killing the largest thing that has ever lived. As the boy’s respect for both the whaler and the whales themselves grows, he becomes tormented by visions and memories he doesn’t understand. It’s a life of blood and fire, sailing endlessly for whales to kill and render profits from. Until they battle the leviathan, that is, the monster whale that will lead the boy to the whaler’s homeland: an island beset by pirates and war, an island that will restore his memories.

KEY SELLING POINTS • A clever, literary, referential title that familiarises children with the narrative arc of classic Moby Dick. • An attractive paperback edition, priced accessibly for new fiction at £8.99. • Michael Moniz’ other title for Key Stage 2 children, The Cardinal and the Crow (Tradewind) is also available. • Thoughtfully and accessibly raises issues of humans environmental responsibility to a young audience. ISBN 13: 9781927018798, 235pp p/b, £8.99 Published by SIMPLY READ BOOKS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland & Europe

Young Adult Fiction - KS4

ROYAL BASTARDS Shvarts, Andrew

Tilla’s father loved her as a child, but cast her aside when he had trueborn children. She spends her days exploring long-forgotten tunnels under the castle and nights drinking with the servants. Tilla longs to sit by her father’s side, instead she sits with the other bastards. Then, at a feast honoring a visiting princess, the royal shocks everyone by choosing to sit at the Bastards’ Table. Before she knows it, Tilla is leading the princess on a late-night escapade. But rebellion is brewing - the bastards band together and flee, realizing only they have the power to prevent civil war. KEY SELLING POINTS • Funny, action-packed debut YA send-up of Game of Thrones. • Readers will be swept away by the almost immediate introduction of life-ordeath stakes and action-packed storytelling. • Tilla’s sardonic, perceptive, and frankly hilarious voice makes this classic fantasy setup wonderfully refreshing and witty. • Fantasy is having a heyday, and fans of Cassandra Clare, Sarah J. Maas, and Victoria Ayeyard. • The storytelling in this world is so accessible and fun that it’s sure to appeal to readers who aren’t fantasy-lovers. ISBN 13: 9781484767658, 352pp h/b, £16.99 Published by DISNEY-HYPERION Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Young Adult Fiction - KS4

WILDMAN Geiger, J.C.

Lance Hendricks is just 400 miles from the best night of his life: an epic graduation party. When his ‘93 Buick breaks down, Lance is sure he’ll be back on the road in no time. After all, he’s the high school valedictorian, first chair trumpet player, scholarship winner. Nothing can stop him. But afternoon turns to night, and Lance ends up stranded at the Trainsong Motel. The place feels ominous, even before there’s a terrible car wreck outside his room. When Lance goes to help, the townies take notice. They call him Wildman and it’s not long before he begins to live up to his new name. KEY SELLING POINTS • Debut author J. C. Geiger is stunningly talented; his style, both incisive and poetic, will appeal to fans of John Corey • With a timeless feel, this novel expertly captures the tension between who Lance has been and who he wants to be. • Set just before Lance’s high school graduation, Wildman deftly conveys the uncertainty and opportunity ahead. • Each character is uniquely drawn, with a rich backstory implied. • What teen hasn’t dreamed of escaping into a new life, having a clean slate with which to define themselves all over again? ISBN 13: 9781484749579, TBCpp h/b, £13.99 Published by DISNEY-HYPERION Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



Young Adult Fiction - KS4

LEAF READER, THE Arsenault, Emily

Marnie Wells knows that she creeps people out. It’s not really her fault; her brother is always in trouble, and her grandmother, who’s been their guardian since Mom took off is...eccentric. So no one even bats an eye when Marnie finds an old tea-leaf-reading book and starts telling fortunes. The ceremony and symbols are weirdly soothing, but she knows and hopes everyone else does too - that none of it’s real. Then basketball star Matt Cotrell asks for a reading. He’s been getting emails from someone claiming to be his best friend, Andrea Quinley, who disappeared and is presumed dead. KEY SELLING POINTS • Emily Arsenault’s adult fan base should be interested readers. • Straddles a line between contemporary realistic and paranormal fiction, two currently popular genres. • The author has great connections within YA and we expect stellar blurbs. ISBN 13: 9781616957827, 240pp h/b, £16.99 Published by SOHO PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Young Adult Fiction - KS4

SIGNS OF YOU France, Emily

Since sixteen-year-old Riley Strout lost her mother two years ago, her survival has depended on the quirky little family formed from a grief support group at school. Jay, Kate, and Noah understand her pain; each lost a loved one. The four have stuck together in spite of their differences, united by tragedies only they understand. When Riley sees her mother shopping in a grocery store, she fears she is suffering from some sort of postt-raumatic stress episode - until Jay and Kate report similar visions. Noah is the only one who hasn’t shared their experience. He withdraws from the others, skeptical and distant, and then suddenly disappears. KEY SELLING POINTS • Offers a unique take on ‘ghost-lit’ popularized by E. Lockhart and Gayle Forman, delving into questions of faith and grief. • The novel’s foundation in actual pan-religious views of the afterlife and history across cultures will have broad appeal • Free First Chapter at ISBN 13: 9781616958152, 240pp p/b, £9.99 Published by SOHO PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Young Adult Fiction - KS4


Tuscany, 1096 AD. Luca, heir to the title of Conte de Falconi, sees demons. As no one else can see them, Luca must keep quiet about what he sees, or risk exorcism by the nefarious priest Ramberti. Luca also has dreams - dreams that sometimes predict the future. Far away in Cappadocia, Suzan has dreams too. Consigned with her mute mother to a life in an underground convent, she has a vision of a brownhaired boy riding through the desert. A boy with an ancient book that holds some inscrutable power. A boy who will take her on an adventure that will lead to places beyond both their understanding. KEY SELLING POINTS • Combines history, fantasy, romance and the brutality of the Middle Ages in a satisfyingly epic novel. • Kimberley Starr’s debut novel, The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies, won the 2003 Queensland Premier’s Literary Award. • Winner of the 2015 Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing. ISBN 13: 9781925355512, 388pp p/b, £6.99 Published by TEXT PUBLISHING COMPANY Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe & Middle East

Children’s Graphic Novel


It’s back to the beginning with Sabrina in this first of a new series compiling the entire history of everyone’s favourite Teenage Witch! This black and white graphic novel chronologically collects all the stories starring Sabrina the Teenage Witch from 1962 to 1965. KEY SELLING POINTS • Sabrina The Teenage Witch is one of Archie’s most successful series, having been reintroduced under many platforms. • The first collection of its kind published by Archie Comics. • Archie comics is one of the most successful comic franchises of all time with 2 billion sold worldwide. ISBN 13: 9781936975945, 512pp p/b, £8.99 Published by ARCHIE COMICS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Children’s Graphic Novel

INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, THE Helfand, Lewis & Kumar, Naresh

While we all know that large scale industrialisation began in the eighteenth century, the Industrial Revolution truly began in Germany with Johannes Gutenberg and his printing press. His innovation made it possible to mass produce books, which spread literacy and knowledge all across Europe. It was in the eighteenth century, however, that manual labour started being replaced by what we today know as machines. This exciting, educational comic book brings those times to life in full colour. KEY SELLING POINTS • An exciting graphic novel about the Industrial Revolution that brings history to life! • Features full-colour, high quality artwork throughout. • Provides an accessible way for young readers to fall in love with history! • Packed full of science, history and adventure - perfect for school libraries and classrooms. ISBN 13: 9789381182284, 92pp p/b, £12.99 Published by CAMPFIRE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Children’s Graphic Novel


What if you can leap tall buildings and defeat alien monsters with your bare hands, but you buy your capes at secondhand stores and have a weakness for kittens? Cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks brings charming humor to the trials and tribulations of a young female superhero, battling monsters both supernatural and mundane in an all-too-ordinary world. KEY SELLING POINTS • A charming comics collection about a young female superhero in a small town. • Sends the message that anyone can be a superhero, even if they don’t seem to be getting anywhere with their dreams. • The first collection of Superhero Girl won an Eisner award for Best Publication for Kids. • Features two new bonus stories with new art from Tyler Crook, Paulina Ganucheau and more! ISBN 13: 9781506703367, 128pp h/b, £14.50 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



Art History


Dali, Salvador & Ballard, JG (intro)

Diary of a Genius stands as one of the seminal texts of Surrealism, revealing the most astonishing and intimate workings of the mind of Salvador Dali. His second volume of autobiography covers his life from 1952 to 1963. This new expanded edition includes a brilliant and revelatory essay on Salvador Dali, and the importance of his art to the 20th century, by the author J G Ballard. Illustrated throughout in full colour, with over 60 works by the artist plus numerous documentary photographs. KEY SELLING POINTS • New, colour-illustrated edition. • An established seller is now greatly improved in quality and with colour. • Introductory essay by JG Ballard. • One of only two autobiographical books written by one of the most famous artists of the 20th century. • Large format, colour throughout, deluxe finish. ISBN 13: 9781840686791, 160pp p/b, £14.95 Published by DEICIDE Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Art History

Video Game Art


A collection of stunning 12 x 16 inch posters from the upcoming videogame Mass Effect: Andromeda! All of these high quality art prints are easily removable and suitable for framing! Perfect companion with The Art of Mass Effect Andromeda for fans of the upcoming video game Mass Effect: Andromeda! Witness Mass Effect Andromeda as never before! Collecting twenty exotic and exciting images, each as their own removable high quality print, Dark Horse’s Mass Effect Andromeda - The Poster Collection is a beautiful package that no gamer should miss! KEY SELLING POINTS • A deluxe, oversized poster collection of art from the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda game! • The Mass Effect series is one of the most beloved sagas in gaming history. • Experience the thrill of the game with these beautiful glossy posters! • As of 2014, the Mass Effect series has sold a total of 14 million units and won hundreds of awards. ISBN 13: 9781506701189, TBCpp p/b, £20.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

INFERNAL GROTESQUE Classical Paintings of Hell, Demons, Witchcraft & Death (Illuminated Masters Volume 2) Sodoma, Gianfranco

The three centuries from 1400 to 1700 saw not only a great rebirth of European art, but also a religious mania centred on fears of Hell, damnation and witchcraft. Infernal Grotesque collects over 100 of these images from the Renaissance and Baroque, steeped in beautiful horror, swirling with bizarre and hallucinatory nightmare. The artists featured include Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Breugel, Pieter Huys, Jan Mandyn, Jacob von Swanenburg, Herri Met de Bles, Hans Memling, Jacopo Ligozzi, Peter Paul Rubens, Salvator Rosa, Frans Francken, Frans Floris and Lucas Cranach, as well as numerous others. KEY SELLING POINTS • Second volume in a new deluxe classical art series, printed on high-gauge art paper. • 160 pages in full color! • Contains over 120 classical paintings by artists including Bosch, Breugel, Cranach, Rubens, etc. • Cross-over between art and horror markets. ISBN 13: 9781840686814, 160pp p/b, £19.95 Published by DEICIDE Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Graffiti & Street Art


Shoe is My Middle Name celebrates three decades of art by a legendary graffiti artist, painter, writer, designer and calligrapher. A striking book that offers an overview of his career, showcasing his evolution through a masterful mixture of paintings, murals, poetry, interviews, graphics and insights about his identity as an artist and art itself.His unique fusion of calligraphy and graffiti, Calligraffiti, is today moving towards a style he calls Abstract Vandalism. KEY SELLING POINTS • Showcases 3 decades of art by the legendary Niels Shoe Meulman. • With over 250 images, readers will be able to see Meulman’s collection from start to finish. • First time Meulman’s work has been put into one book! ISBN 13: 9789048836000, 304pp h/b, £49.99 Published by SCB DISTRIBUTED PUBLISHERS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Video Game Art


Super Mario Bros. is undoubtedly one of the most beloved video games of all time. Launched in 1985 by Nintendo, players take control of Mario and his brother Luigi as they travel through the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess Toadstool from Bowser! The gaming world of Super Mario Bros. is now iconic - in 2005, IGN’s poll named it The Greatest Video Game of All Time - and now fans will be able to celebrate the game with the Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia. A large format hardback packed with original art and stats from the game over a span of 30 years, Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia is a must-have for any fan. KEY SELLING POINTS • Super Mario Bros. is one of the most beloved - and influential - video games of all time. • This epic companion will feature original art collected over 30 years. • Features rare character sketches and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of Super Mario Bros. • Also includes stats on the game. ISBN 13: 9781506702995, 256pp h/b, £33.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Erotic Art


This landmark collection of the acclaimed Italian comic book artist Robert Baldazzini is a spectacular showcase of the outrageous and provocative work he has written and illustrated over the past three decades, such as Casa Howard (which recounts the sexual adventures of the transsexual residents of an apartment block) and Chiara Rosenberg (in which a meek housewife finds her dominant side). Also featured are his pin-ups, gallery work, and drawings of Bettie Page. This is a collection to excite the interest of comic book fans everywhere. KEY SELLING POINTS • Can sit alongside books by Charles Burns, Moebius and Milo Manara. • Lavish, full-colour reproductions of the artist’s best work on deluxe art paper. • Unprecendented access to Roberto Baldazzini and his work. ISBN 13: 9780993337437, 256pp h/b, £24.99 Published by KORERO PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East



Photography - Gay Interest


Comic Art


Men by Mark Henderson Henderson, Mark

The name tells it all: Color Explosion is the newest photobook by Mark Henderson, featuring beautiful images of attractive male models with large swaths of bright, jewel-like colors. Every photograph is a mini-essay in color harmonies and has been carefully placed. A stunning adventure in the world of male erotic photography!

KEY SELLING POINTS • A new collection of colourful gay erotic images from renowned adult photographer Mark Henderson. • Henderson has been called ‘A Jim French for the new millennium’ by artist Fred Bisonnes. • Highly aesthetic full frontal, male nude photography with unique colors and skilful blending. • The imagery is passionate, sensual and expressive; Henderson is a masterful photographer with an art historian’s eye. ISBN 13: 9783959852784, 160pp h/b, £59.99 Published by BRUNO GMUNDER Rep Territories: UK, Ireland & Far East

Graphic Design

Geof Darrow’s slick, precise inks and stunning detail have amazed comics fans for decades, from his early work with Moebius; to Hardboiled, his first collaboration with Frank Miller; to the overwhelming excess of his current series, Shaolin Cowboy. Now Darrow provides incredible insight into his process by sharing the pencil drawings behind his meticulous inks in a huge hardcover collection. A behind-the-scenes look at the life of a great comic book artist that reveals perfectionism at its best.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Geof Darrow is an acclaimed comic book artist whose precise lines and detail make his work instantly recognisable. • He has worked on iconic comics such as Mobius & Shaolin Cowboy, as well as Hardboiled, a collaboration with Frank Miller. • A behind-the-scenes look at the life of a comics artists that reveals perfectionism at its best. • A must-have volume for any Geof Darrow fan as well as budding comic book artists everywhere! ISBN 13: 9781506703640, 184pp h/b, £29.50 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland


Film & Television


For more than 20 years, Rian Hughes has been a versatile designer, illustrator and lettering artist working for international clients in the fields of publishing, music, sports, telecommunications, fashion and more. He has specialized in creating logo designs for the comic industry, notably for DC and Marvel products. He has also designed logos for posters, CDs, and clothing, and produced branding for clients such as Cartoon Network and the BBC. This compendium is packed full of the best of his logo designs and offers an insight into the creative process behind his work. KEY SELLING POINTS • Features logos created for well-known brands, including Batman, Spiderman, Superman, The X-Men, Tank Girl and Forbidden Planet. • An authoritative resource for designers, typographers, comic book illustrators and other creatives. • Suitable for bookstores with a strong graphic design section, comic book shops, art museums and some galleries. • Potential for strong sales at conventions such as Dragon Con and San Diego Comic Con • Author book tour and book signing events planned. ISBN 13: 9780993337420, 356pp p/b, £29.99 Published by KORERO PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Comic Art


In this memoir by the late Jerry Robinson, he tells the story of a seventeen-year-old college hopeful who became the artist on Detective Comics, and later Batman, shares his thoughts on creating the Joker as the first super villain, and relates the celebrity-studded journeys that a long life in comics afforded him. In this volume, you’ll also find never before published original artwork from iconic comics like Detective Comics #76 and Batman #14 and cover artwork featuring Batman, Robin, and the Joker, delving deep into imagery that has shaped the evolution of comics’ most famous villain. KEY SELLING POINTS • Comics great Jerry Robinson writes about the creation of the Joker and his life in comics. • Collects never before printed process artwork by Robinson for some key Batman comics. • Includes sketches from Robinson’s personal archive and the first ever covers featuring the Joker. • Robinson claims to have invented the Joker, Robin, and Alfred. The sketches show the degree of his influence. • Robinson was indicted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2004. ISBN 13: 9781506702254, 192pp h/b, £29.99 Published by DARK HORSE Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

FEMALE TROUBLE Holmlund, Chris

The first title in the Queer Film Classic series to focus on the work of legendary director and cinematic camp icon john waters, best known for the underground classic Pink Flamingos and his later more commercial works such as Crybaby, starring Johnny Depp, and Hairspray, which was also made into a hit stage and film musical. His films are perhaps best exemplified by his partnerships with the late, legendary drag queen Divine, who starred in his most outrageous films, including 1972’s Pink Flamingos and its 1974 follow-up, Female Trouble.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Queer Film Classics is a critically accalimed film book series on many of the most important and influential films about and by LGBT people. • The series has been made in eight different countries between 1950 and 2005 • Written by leading LGBT film scholars and critics. ISBN 13: 9781551526836, 160pp p/b, £12.99 Published by ARSENAL PULP PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Film & Television

GENTLEMEN OF THE SHADE My Own Private Idaho Lee, Jen Sookfong

Gus Van Sant’s 1991 indie darling My Own Private Idaho perplexed and provoked, inspiring a new ethos for a new decade: being different was better than being good. Gentlemen of the Shade examines how the film was a coming-of-age for a generation of young people who would embrace the alternative and bring their outsider perspectives to sustainability, technology, gender constructs, and social responsibility. KEY SELLING POINTS • Seventh book in ECW’s Pop Classics series, which grows in popularity with each installment. • For many, My Own Private Idaho was the first queer film they saw, because of heartthrob stars River Pheonix and Keanu Reaves. • Director Gus Van Sant went on to mainstream success with films like Good Will Hunting and Milk. ISBN 13: 9781770413139, 128pp p/b, £9.99 Published by ECW PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East



Film & Television

SCIENCE OF ORPHAN BLACK, THE The Official Companion Griffin, Casey & Nesseth, Nina

Delve deeper into the scientific terms and theories at the core of the Peabody-winning, cult favourite show. With exclusive insights from the show’s co-creator Graeme Manson and science consultant Cosima Herter, The Science of Orphan Black takes you behind the closed doors of the Dyad Institute and inside Neolution. Authors Casey Griffin and Nina Nesseth decode the mysteries of Orphan Black, the real diseases on which the clone disease is based, and the transhumanist philosophies of Neolution, to what exactly happens when a projectile pencil is shot through a person s eye and into their brain. KEY SELLING POINTS • Orphan Black airs in the UK on BBC Three and Iplayer, and Netflix UK recently began airing the show. • An officially licensed book with exclusive content by Orphan Black science consultant Cosima Herter and co-creator Graeme Manson. • Orphan Black is a critic favourite recognised for its representation of LGBTQ characters. • Series lead Tatiana Maslany has received a Golden Globe nomination (2014) and two Emmy nominations (2015, 2016). • Publication has been timed with the fifith and final season. ISBN 13: 9781770413801, 260pp p/b, £15.99 Published by ECW PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Film & Television

INTO THE UNKNOWN The Fantastic Life of Nigel Kneale Murray, Andy

Fully revised and updated new edition of the biography of legendary scriptwriter Nigel Kneale. This fully revised new edition of Kneale’s biography charts his extraordinary career, from his childhood on the Isle of Man, to his fraught days at the BBC, strange adventures in Hollywood, and eventually status as a legend to legions of devotees. It draws on a wealth of research and many hours of interviews with the subject himself, as well as prominent admirers including John Carpenter, Ramsey Campbell, Grant Morrison, Russell T Davies, and Mark Gatiss and Jeremy Dyson of the League of Gentlemen. KEY SELLING POINTS • Will appeal to lovers of cult television and movies. • Written with the co-operation of the subject himself, and drawing heavily on extensive interviews with him. • Features a whole range of exclusive interview material with high-profile figures in film and television. • A new TV version of Quatermass is to be written by Jeremy Dyson, one of the book’s interviewees. Scheduled for 2017. ISBN 13: 9781909394469, 300pp p/b, £14.99 Published by HEADPRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Film & Television

FROM THE THIRD EYE The Evergreen Review Film Reader Halter, Ed & Rossett, Barney

For the first time ever, Evergreen Review’s important contributions to film culture are available in one volume. The book presents writing on the films of Jean-Luc Godard, Pier Paolo Passolini, Ousmane Sembene, Andy Warhol and others. Offering incisive essays and interviews from the late 1950’s to early 1970’s, From the Third Eye explores politics and revolution in cinema, underground and experimental film, pornography and censorship and the rise of independent films against the dominance of Hollywood. KEY SELLING POINTS • The first ever comprehensive study of Grove Press and Evergreen Review’s involvement in cinema . • Ed Halter is a well-known figure in the underground film industry. • A sure-fire academic resource and a valuable contribution to the experimental and underground film literature canon. • Will be of great interest to anyone with an interest in censorship and its history. • John Waters is among those who have expressed interest in the book. ISBN 13: 9781609806156, 586pp p/b, £24.50 Published by SEVEN STORIES PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland & Europe



In 1983, Circle Jerks bassist Roger Rogerson stole the band’s van and dropped off the face of the earth. Thirteen years later, he came back, demanded that his bandmates reunite so they could become ‘bigger than the Beatles’ and promptly dropped dead. Though he was a founding member of the band and played on three of their best albums, Rogerson was lost to history. Woven from interviews of people who knew him,The Prodigal Rogerson explains what happened to Rogerson, where he went, and who he was all against the backdrop of the Los Angeles punk scene in its prime. KEY SELLING POINTS • The Circle Jerks were a Southern California punk band prominent in the 1980s who have sold over a million albums. • Investigate reporting into a mysterious, funny, and tragic story, of interest to punk-rock music historians and fans. • Never-before published photographs of Rogerson and the Circle Jerks in their heyday. • This is the 4th in Microcosm’s popular Scene History Series, similar to the 33 1/3 imprint. ISBN 13: 9781621063032, 128pp p/b, £6.99 Published by MICROCOSM PUBLISHING Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Biography & Memoir

WHO KILLED HUNTER S. THOMPSON An Inquiry into the Life & Death of the Master Gonzo Hinckle, Warren

An inquiry into the life and death of the master of ‘gonzo’ - Hunter S. Thompson - with candid memories and appreciations by many of his closest friends and co-conspirators. Thompson’s compatriots observe and comment on the journalistic legend’s life and death. Contains: transcripts of his rants and idiosyncratic phone messages, The Gonzo Master’s Midnight Faxes, The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved, and a humongous introduction (a book in itself!) by Warren Hinckle III. KEY SELLING POINTS • An epic homage to, and biography of, the journalistic legend that is Hunter S. Thompson. • Features memories and appreciations from his closest friends and coconspirators. • Includes everything from phone messages to faxes to essays and photographs. • Hunter S. Thompson is a cult icon worshipped by fans - his notorious lifestyle is as infamous as his work. • Edited by the editor of Ramparts magazine, who shared an office with Thompson throughout the 70s and 80s. ISBN 13: 9780867198553, 520pp h/b, £35.00 Published by LAST GASP Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Biography & Memoir

LIVING WITH A DEAD LANGUAGE My Romance with Latin Patty, Ann

After thirty-five years as a book editor in New York City, Ann Patty stopped working and moved to the country. Bored, aimless, and lost in the woods, she hoped to challenge her restless, word-loving brain by beginning a serious study of Latin at local colleges. As she begins to make sense of Latin grammar and syntax, her studies open unexpected windows into her own life. Along the way, she meets an impassioned cast of characters: professors, students and classicists outside of academia who keep Latin very much alive. KEY SELLING POINTS • Patty has a superb tone - charming, breezy, funny, audacious, engaging, and passionate - that makes this book great fun. • Will appeal to those interested in Latin such as Harry Mount s 2007 Carpe Diem: How to Become A Latin Lover. • Patty writes movingly and memorably in this book of her mother, a star Latin student who had trouble making her own late-life transition. • A book for those seeking to reinvent and transform themselves by learning something new. ISBN 13: 9781101980231, 256pp p/b, £13.99 Published by PENGUIN BOOKS (USA) Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



Biography & Memoir

True Crime



A Story of Blood and Belonging Wilkinson, Linda

Portland in the ‘70s - Dirty Cops and Dirty Robbers Stanford, Phil

Linda Wilkinson grew up in a small house on Columbia Road, sharing a few rooms with siblings, parents, aunts and grandparents. Linda was surrounded by survivors - of war and persecution - and raised by adults damaged by illness and poverty. Yet she always felt the strength of tolerance and solidarity in their East End community. Set apart by grammar school attendance and a desire for a life less limited she began a journey into a career of science and life away from Columbia Road. KEY SELLING POINTS • Literary memoir of a woman born of East End’s most iconic street and flower market. • Rich, eccentric, diverse characters within broad community of East End. • Compelling narrative of a medical science career in Central and East London hospitals. • Strong London press and digital media support as well as author talks and events. ISBN 13: 9781910463420, 256pp h/b, £14.99 Published by SEPTEMBER PUBLISHING Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Biography & Memoir


In 2015, at the age of thirty-eight, Nina Riggs, the great-great-great-granddaughter of Ralph Waldo Emerson, was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it metastasised later that year. Her mother had died only a few months earlier from multiple myeloma. In the Spotless Orange Light she tells her story in a series of absurd, poignant and often hilarious vignettes drawn from a life that has ‘no real future or arc left to it, yet still goes on as if it does.’ KEY SELLING POINTS • Poignant and hilarious reflections on death and illness. • An unforgettable, life-affirming memoir from an accomplished poet and writer. • Riggs’ blog, Suspicious Country, has hundreds of followers and each of her posts receives dozens of comment. • She has recently written about her experience with cancer in The New York Times and The Washington Post. ISBN 13: 9781911231134, 288pp p/b, £12.99 Published by TEXT PUBLISHING COMPANY Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe & Middle East

Biography & Memoir

ONE LEG OVER Having Fun - Mostly - In Peace and War Dalton, Robin

A vibrant account of a colourful life which tells of Robin’s affairs with, among others, David, Marquis of Milford Haven, Prince Philip’s best friend and best man. At the age of 17 Robin was briefly married to an older man, in Sydney; their divorce bumped the war off the front page of the paper. Robin left behind WWII Sydney for London and went on to develop friendships with Frank Sinatra, Noel Coward, Prince Philip, Lord Mountbatten, Edward and Wallis Simpson, and various kings and princes. She was also a correspondent of Jack Kennedy and T. S. Eliot.

KEY SELLING POINTS • A delightful glimpse of a bygone world of romance, glamour and decadence portrayed with inimitable style and outrageousness. • Dalton’s Aunts Up the Cross (2015) and My Relations (2015) are also published by Text. • Robin Dalton, now aged 96, has lived an extraordinary life - as a TV performer, spy, literary agent and film producer. ISBN 13: 9781925355949, 208pp p/b, £12.99 Published by TEXT PUBLISHING COMPANY Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe & Middle East

Rose City Vice reveals a city where the cops are putting drugs back on the street, maybe even committing murder. The city council is high on coke, and the mayor is carrying on a clandestine sexual relationship with 13-year-old schoolgirl while under surveillance by the vice squad. It’s 1970’s Portland and blackmail is in the air. KEY SELLING POINTS • The author has lived in the city for decades and become intimately involved in crime reportage. • Rose City Vice is a hugely entertaining collection of stories about interesting underworld characters. • Told in a street-savvy way that evokes old style detective and true crime magazines. ISBN 13: 9781627310444, 188pp p/b, £16.99 Published by FERAL HOUSE Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East



Balestrini, Nanni & Valente, Peter

A new book of poetry by Italy’s iconic revolutionary author offers a requiem for the generation of 1968, imagining a blackout a la New York’s famous moment of chaos and in this framework trying to understand the political events that led to the massive repression and destruction of a generation. Ferocious, despairing, beautiful line by line, this book captures the era we cannot stop leaving. This is the first time Balestrini’s poetry has been published in English. KEY SELLING POINTS • First English translation of poetry by this iconic Italian novelist. • Will be interesting to all readers engaged with political writing, modern poetry, social movements, Italy. • Ideal for syllabi in Comparative Literature, Poetry, Poetics, Politics, Italian. ISBN 13: 9781934639214, 96pp p/b, £13.50 Published by AK PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East


A BLAZE IN A DESERT Selected Poems Serge, Victor; Greeman, Richard & Brook, James

Like Serge’s extraordinary novels, A Blaze in a Desert: Selected Poems bears witness to decades of revolutionary upheavals in Europe and the advent of totalitarian rule; many of the poems were written during the ‘immense shipwreck’ of Stalin’s ascendancy. In poems datelined Petrograd, Orenburg, Paris, Marseille, the Caribbean and Mexico, Serge composed elegies for the fallen - as well as prospective elegies for the living who, like him, endured prison, exile, and bitter disappointment in the revolutions of the first half of the twentieth century. KEY SELLING POINTS • A collection of poems by renowned revolutionary Victor Serge. • Comprises Resistance (1938), Serge’s unpublished manuscript Messages (1946), and his last poem, ‘Hands’ (1947). • Bears witness to decades of revolutionary upheavals in Europe and the advent of totalitarian rule. ISBN 13: 9781629633824, 192pp p/b, £14.99 Published by PM PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East



Literary Criticism

ON THE DECAY OF CRITICISM The Complete Essays of W. M. Spackman Spackman, W. M. & Moore, Steven.

Best known for the sleek, sophisticated novels he wrote in the 1970s and ‘80s, W. M. Spackman was also a literary critic of formidable power and slashing wit. Gathered here are all the essays and reviews he published, including those that appeared in his 1967 book of essays On the Decay of Humanism. Spackman brought wide learning and cosmopolitan savoir-faire to his concerns for how literature is taught and evaluated, processes that he felt desperately needed to be overhauled.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Literary criticism from the inside: Spackman is an acclaimed novelist as well as essayist, like Teju Cole. • Review attention. • Provides both a fresh look at the Western literary canon and a model for writing about it. • Champions lesser-known authors, like Ivy Compton-Burnett and Henry Green. ISBN 13: 9781683960225, 320pp h/b, £24.99 Published by FANTAGRAPHICS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Fashion & Style


Creative Sole, Japanese Sneaker Culture is a book that looks at Japan’s prolific presence in sneaker culture globally. Creative, covetable and cool, Japanese sneakers are some of the most highly sought after in the world today, with an incredible amount of designers, collaborators, artists and makers, all infusing their creative energy into this multi-billion dollar industry. This book includes hundreds of sneakers from the hottest Japanese designers, and collaborations ranging from the crazy to the chic, to vintage, rare and Japan exclusive items. Perfect for lovers of design and fashion. KEY SELLING POINTS • Included are over 350 sneaker photos. • Interviews with famous designers, artists, creative directors, athletes. • Catalogue for the Japanese sneaker culture exhibition, Creative Sole, at the Japanese American National Museum in LA in summer 2017. ISBN 13: 9789881250728, 280pp p/b, £29.99 Published by KINGYO PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Feminism & Women’s Studies

TOO FAT, TOO SLUTTY, TOO LOUD The Rise and Reign of the Unruly Woman Petersen, Anne Helen

You know the type: the woman who won’t shut up, who’s too brazen, too opinionated - too much. She’s the unruly woman, and she embodies one of the most provocative and powerful forms of womanhood today. In Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud, popular BuzzFeed columnist Anne Helen Petersen examines this phenomenon, using the lens of ‘unruliness’ to discuss the ascension of pop culture powerhouses like Amy Schumer, Nicki Minaj, and Caitlyn Jenner, and why the public loves to love (and hate) these controversial figures. KEY SELLING POINTS • Highbrow/lowbrow at its best: A mix of feminism and pop culture that examines the rise of unruly women celebrities. • A lively discussion starter that focuses on hot-button issues surrounding gender, race, class and the media. • Petersen is a beloved Buzzfeed contributor. Her work is rigorously researched, but she has an readable, engaging voice. • An ideal read for anyone who loved Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist and Caitlin Moran’s How to Be a Woman. • Petersen’s work has enjoyed tremendous viral successful at BuzzFeed. She has a devoted following of readers. ISBN 13: 9780399576850, 304pp h/b, £19.99 Published by PLUME Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



This essay was originally presented as the 2015 Yerushah Lecture at the Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge at the invitation of Dr Daniel Weiss. ‘For my parents and grandparents, Jewish identity, in religion, culture and language, was a given. Not so for me. I’m not religious, not a Zionist, so in what consists my Jewishness? Is a love of chopped liver and a belief that chicken soup cures all ills enough? And does it matter? This is the story of my search for answers. It is an argument with myself, with song lyrics to embellish the argument.’ KEY SELLING POINTS • Examines the essence of ‘Jewishness’ and how many Jewish people view themselves culturally, religiously and ethnically. • Rosselson has been at the forefront of British songwriting for over five decades. • Includes song lyrics to embellish Rosselson’s arguments. ISBN 13: 9781629633787, 32pp p/b, £3.99 Published by PM PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Social Issues


Reviewing the evidence, documents, and connections, The Illuminati: The Secret Society That Hijacked the World, by award-winning journalist and author Jim Marrs shines a light on the history, workings, continuing influence, and pernicious and hidden power of this secret order. Surveying expert opinions from those who dismiss the Illuminati as a short-lived group of little consequence to skeptics who dare question the government’s accounts and pronouncements Marrs cuts through the wild speculation and the attempts to silence critical thinkers to tell the true story of this secret cabal. KEY SELLING POINTS • Thorough investigation and examination of one of the world’s leading subversive organisations. • Written by a well-known and respected expert, with insights gleaned from expert accounts and historical documents. • Facts enhanced with compelling stories and numerous photographs. • Logical organisation making information quick and easy to access. ISBN 13: 9781578596195, 400pp p/b, £17.99 Published by VISIBLE INK Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East


RUPTURING THE DIALECTIC The Struggle Against Work, Money, and Financialization Cleaver, Harry

Rupturing the Dialectic interprets capitalism’s most recent crises and demonstrates how ordinary men and women can, and do, rupture the smooth functioning of the system that exploits them. While Cleaver’s work has been central to autonomist Marxist theory for decades, he has produced very little written material. AK Press convinced him to turn a lecture he gave in 2012 into a small book, a project which then grew into a new major work. Cleaver fans, social theorists, and activists in general will now have his insights brought up to date to include our current economic and political crises. KEY SELLING POINTS • Long-awaited new book from a respected political theorist. • Provides a vital analysis of underlying economic forces behind the ongoing global crisis. • Ties well into popular autonomist and anti-work discourses, as expressed on social media with trends such as #wrongtowork. ISBN 13: 9781849352703, 380pp p/b, £16.50 Published by AK PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East







Marxism and Tradition Davidson, Neil

The Threat of Nuclear Annihilation Caldicott, Helen

In this book of essays Neil Davidson examines Marxism’s relationship to previously existing traditions (the Enlightenment), as well as the precise boundaries of the Marxist tradition itself. With characteristic clarity and insight, he argues that tradition should not be seen as a set of eternally valid ‘lessons’, but rather as a set of resources from which revolutionaries can critically draw.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Neil Davidson is a renowned socialist scholar who sits on the editorial boards of rs21 and The Scottish Left Project. • Davidson’s books are regular sellers and he has widespread influence in socialist thought in the UK. • Davidson was awarded the Deutscher Memorial Prize for his book Discovering the Scottish Revolution (Pluto Press, ‘03). ISBN 13: 9781608466030, 280pp p/b, £16.99 Published by HAYMARKET BOOKS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East


CAPITALISM’S CONTRADICTIONS Studies of Economic Thought Before and After Marx Grossman, Henryk & Kuhn, Rick

This volume assembles several of the Galician Marxist’s most important essays, and serves as an accessible introduction to his project of ‘recovering’ Marx. Grossman highlights distinctive features of Marx’s economic theory through contrasting with his forerunners, from Adam Smith to Jean Charles Sismondi. He moves on to show how many Marxist economists import faulty assumptions from mainstream economics into their analyses, and in the process provides a unique overview of the major debates among Marxists over politics and economics between Marx’s death and the rise of Fascism in Germany. KEY SELLING POINTS • Grossman was originally the best-known member of the much celebrated Frankfurt School. • Rick Kuhn’s introduction presents Grossman’s ideas in an accessible style, aimed at non-specialists. • Title will benefit from continued interest in economic questions relating to the recession. • Rick Kuhn is also in the process of assembling and translating all Grossman’s writings and speaks frequently on the subject. ISBN 13: 9781608467792, 300pp p/b, £20.99 Published by HAYMARKET BOOKS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East


FEDERAL REPORTS ON POLICE KILLINGS Ferguson, Cleveland, and Baltimore U.S. Department of Justice

Federal Reports on Police Killings is a collection of the complete reports from the Department of Justice’s landmark investigations of police violence in three major American cities. Rather than frame the collection with an introduction, the book will open with the brief DOJ statement about the decision to close the investigation into the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012 - an event that animated the Black Lives Matter movement and can be interpreted as a catalyst for the DOJ’s inquiries into law enforcement. The reports that follow speak for themselves. KEY SELLING POINTS • Investigations of police killings continues, unfortunately, to dominate the headlines. • This volume is a comprehensive collection of the first three publicly released reports. • Tie in strongly to the Black Lives Matter movement, which began over the police killing of Trayvon Martin. • Black Lives Matter is a hugely important movement in today’s political and cultural climate, both in the UK and US. • For both general readers and academics: ideal for law, journalism, history and race studies classes. ISBN 13: 9781612196541, 456pp p/b, £17.99 Published by MELVILLE HOUSE PUBLISHING Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Pioneering antinuclear activist Helen Caldicott assembles the world’s leading nuclear scientists and thought leaders to assess the political and scientific dimensions of the threat of nuclear war today. Chapters include the size and distribution of the current global nuclear arsenal and the history and politics of nuclear weapons. The book ends with a devastating description of what a nuclear attack on Manhattan would look like, followed by an overview of contemporary antinuclear activism. Both essential and terrifying, this book is sure to become the new bible of the antinuclear movement. KEY SELLING POINTS • Contributors are high-profile figures in their field - Caldicott is known as the world’s leading antinuclear activist. • Caldicott is internationally renowned and has a loyal following of antinuclear and environmental activists. • Her books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies around the world, including New Nuclear Danger (New Press, 2004). • With nuclear weapons testing in North Korea and mounting fears about lone wolf terrorists, the nuclear threat is alive. • The author founded the Nuclear Policy Research Institute and the Helen Caldicott Foundation for a Nuclear Free Future. ISBN 13: 9781620972465, 176pp h/b, £20.99 Published by THE NEW PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland


IF YOU CAN KEEP IT The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty Metaxas, Eric

If You Can Keep It is at once a thrilling review of America’s uniqueness, and a sobering reminder that America’s greatness cannot continue unless we truly understand what our founding fathers meant for us to be. The book includes a stirring call-to-action for every American to understand the ideals behind the ‘noble experiment in ordered liberty’ that is America. Metaxas believes America is not a nation bounded by ethnic identity or geography, but rather a radical and unprecedented idea, based upon liberty and freedom. KEY SELLING POINTS • Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. • Metaxas hosts a 2-hour daily radio show on the Salem Radio Network discussing news and politics. • Metaxas travels across America giving speeches to diverse audiences. He headlined the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast. ISBN 13: 9781101979990, 272pp p/b, £13.99 Published by PENGUIN BOOKS (USA) Rep Territories: UK & Ireland


MORAL INJURY AND NONVIOLENT RESISTANCE Breaking the Cycle of Violence in the Military and Behind Bars Lynd, Alice & Lynd, Staughton

When ordinary people have done, seen, or failed to prevent something that betrays their deeply held sense of right and wrong, it may shake their moral foundation. They may feel that what they did was unforgivable. In this thoughtful book culled from a wide range of experiences, Alice and Staughton Lynd introduce readers to what modern clinicians, philosophers, and theologians have attempted to describe as ‘moral injury’. We can take heart from the exemplary actions by individuals and groups of individuals described in this book. KEY SELLING POINTS • The concept of ‘moral injury’ is outlined and described using data, personal anecdotes and medical definitions. • The voices of those breaking the cycle of violence with courageous acts of nonviolent resistance. • Offers optimism and solace through powerful stories. ISBN 13: 9781629633794, 224pp p/b, £15.99 Published by PM PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East




ANATOMY OF INEQUALITY, THE Its Social and Economic Origins - and Solutions Molander, Per

Award-winning Swedish analyst Per Molander’s book changes the conversation about the causes and effects of inequality. Molander addresses obvious questions that other pundits avoid including why the wealthiest countries, such as the US, have the greatest incidences of inequality. Drawing from anthropology, statistics, literature and political science, Molander looks at his subject across various political and ideological systems to examine policies that have created more just societies, and demonstrate how we can enact similar changes. KEY SELLING POINTS • Along with terrorism, inequality is currently the most-discussed issue in the Western world. • Using Sweden’s success, Molander outlines ways public policy can be made to encourage income equality. • Winner of the Foundation Equity Fund Award by Fackliga Ideinstitutet Katalys. • In simple language, Molander explains how inequalities in a system can grow, and what we can due to counter them. ISBN 13: 9781612196237, 256pp p/b, £12.99 Published by MELVILLE HOUSE PUBLISHING Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Business & Charities


Business Accounting can be complex. Whilst most people have a basic idea of accounting and mainting books, not everyone knows how to use accounts fully to manage a business. This book deals comprehensively with the overall basics of accounts and preparation of books and accounts. It also deals with the more sophisticated process of analysing accounts to manage a business effectively and also have to use accounts to value a business. KEY SELLING POINTS • Gives a thorough breakdown of business and accounts. • Will help with preparation of financial statements. • Aids in interpretation of accounts to value a business. • Gives an understanding of basic bookkeeping. ISBN 13: 9781847167026, 176pp p/b, £8.99 Published by STRAIGHTFORWARD PUBLISHING Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Legal Reference


It is often thought that buying or selling property at aution is complicated and risky and should only be undertaken by those with experience. However, nowadays, property auctions are an increasingly popular way for people to buy a home, increase their residential or commerical portfolio or sell an existing property. This book will guide the reader throught the entire process, is packed with useful information and will ensure that the experience will be based on solid foundations, and that peope avoid the pitfalls inherent in buying property at auction. KEY SELLING POINTS • Details how auctions work and the types of property at auction. • Provides guidance on how to find the right property and how to bid at auction. • Gives advice on why you should buy/sell at auction; what to do before an auction and upon completion of sale. ISBN 13: 9781847167156, 192pp p/b, £9.99 Published by STRAIGHTFORWARD PUBLISHING Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Popular Science

OTHER LEFT SIDE, THE Left and Right in Evolution and Other Essays Goldschmidt, Tijs

A book of wonderfully original essays that shatters our expectations of what a scientific essay is and then rebuilds it in intensely personal, artful and wry ways. Tijs Goldschmidt has won the top awards in Holland and is well known internationally within the field of science writing. Now for the first time available in English, his essays crackle with insight and joy at the discoveries to be made in the world in which we live. The Other Left Side turns the deep currents of contemporary evolutionary biology into something to be savoured and enjoyed by all. KEY SELLING POINTS • A book of artful, engaging and philosophical science essays. • Tijs Goldschmidt is an award-winning writer with a background in evolutionary biology. • He gave a widely viewed TED talk in 2013. • The book has crossover appeal; it will appeal not only to readers of science but to general readers. ISBN 13: 9781609806668, 272pp h/b, £22.99 Published by SEVEN STORIES PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland & Europe

Business & Charities

Fitness and Diet



Without a doubt one of the biggest headaches for all business owners is the issue of taxation and making sure that the correct tax is paid when due. This comprehensive guide to Business and Taxation is an up-to-date guide to all of the issues concerning the operation of a compancy. It deals with all areas of tax, from an outline of the tax system to what should be paid and when.

The go-to system for dieting has long been counting calories: to lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you use for fuel. But monitoring your caloric intake can only take you so far. It’s not how many calories you consume but the kinds of calories that ultimately determines if you reach your physique goal, whether that’s weight loss, fat loss, weight gain, or lean muscle gain.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Gives details on what taxes businesses need to pay. • Provides information on how the tax system operates and different business types. • Gives advice on profit and loss in business, employees VAT equipment premises and selling/closing a business. ISBN 13: 9781847167002, 176pp p/b, £9.99 Published by STRAIGHTFORWARD PUBLISHING Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

KEY SELLING POINTS • The Macros Diet (IIFYM) already has core adherents in the bodybuilding and weight loss world. • Educates readers in the core concepts of using macronutrients. • A no-nonsense guide on how to utilise a macro counting meal plan and bulk food preparation to meet your macronutrient goals. • Author with a background in chemistry and track record of coaching athletes. • Focuses on the practical aspects of how to count macros in day-to-day life. ISBN 13: 9781628603002, 400pp p/b, £30.99 Published by VICTORY BELT Rep Territories: UK, Ireland & Europe

Richards, Colin

Hronec, Christine



Fitness and Diet

PALEO PRINCIPLES Ballantyne, Sarah

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Approach and The Healing Kitchen comes the most comprehensive resource to date for those seeking a scientifically founded nutritional approach to optimal health. In her signature approachable yet scientifically detailed style, Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, has laid a complete foundation for understanding the principles of the Paleo template in order to inform and empower your day-to-day choices. Features an unprecedented collection of practical strategies, tips and visual guides, plus more than 200 delicious recipes and meal plans. KEY SELLING POINTS • The most comprehensive Paleo resource to date. • From the New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Approach and The Healing Kitchen (Victory Belt, also available). • Dr. Ballantyne is a key thought leader in the field. • 200 recipes and 20 meal plans tailored to diverse health goals. ISBN 13: 9781628609004, 400pp p/b, £34.99 Published by VICTORY BELT Rep Territories: UK, Ireland & Europe

Sex Guides



Start the conversation! Learn more about those you love! 52 Questions for a Better Family has carefully formulated questions - fun, thought-provoking - that help you do anything from start a great conversation, learn more about yourself, your spouse, and your children, and deepen your relationships with the people you love. Presented beautifully in a compact package that’s perfect for gift-giving, 52 Questions for a Better Family helps readers to remember why nothing in the world can come before family.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Simple and accessible, this handy book offers readers a chance to improve their relationships with their family. • Helps readers to better understand the feelings of those most important to them. • Helps readers use simple questions in order to promote open, honest conversations that build strong family ties. • Charmingly presented to encourage meaning and fun in all relationships. ISBN 13: 9781578266937, 64pp p/b, £4.99 Published by HATHERLEIGH PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

OPEN LOVE The Complete Guide to Open Relationships, Polyamory, and More Neustadter, Axel

In his new book Open Love, Axel Neustadter addresses the promise and the problems in gay non monogamy. He takes an in-depth look at how love can be sustained and nurtured outside the monogamy mould. Along the way he answers questions such as: how to open up a relationship without jealousy and how to avoid the trap of expecting too much from the freedoms this kind of love can bring. An essential guide for the post-monogamy generation. KEY SELLING POINTS • Many people are choosing to embrace polyamory and open relationships and the subject is now more public. • All aspects of the topic are covered in a competent, informative and humorous way. • Amply illustrated with numerous photographs. • By the author of the bestselling Gayma Sutra (Bruno Gmunder). • Part of Bruno Gmunder’s popular series of gay sex guides, many of which are also available from Turnaround. ISBN 13: 9783959852838, 176pp p/b, £12.99 Published by BRUNO GMUNDER Rep Territories: UK, Ireland & Far East

Sex Guides

EXPLORER’S GUIDE TO PLANET ORGASM, THE For Every Body Sprinkle, Annie & Stephens, Beth

Welcome to the most mysterious and wonderful of planets, a planet made just for you. We call it Planet Orgasm. On Planet Orgasm, there are dozens of kinds of orgasms, just waiting for us all to have them. You can take Orgasmanaut Training, learn the fascinating history of orgasm research, expand your definition of orgasm, and voyage into undiscovered orgasmic lands. You’ll discover orgasms for people of every gender and orientation: big world-shaking orgasms and gentle mini-gasms. Let sex experts Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens show you how to get there! KEY SELLING POINTS • An accessible and fun sex guide that focuses specifically on the orgasm different types and how to achieve them! • Annie Sprinkle is one of the most iconic sexual educators and porn stars of all time. • Sprinkle has a huge following, both in an out of the queer community; her work promotes inclusivity. • Beth Stephens is a performance artist and professor of art at UCSC. He work explores feminism and queerness. • Both Sprinkle and Stephens are pioneers of the ecosex movement, which this book also focuses on. ISBN 13: 9780937609859, 128pp p/b, £11.99 Published by GREENERY PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East



Start the conversation! Learn more about your friends! 52 Questions for a Better Friendship has carefully formulated questions - fun, thought-provoking - that help you do anything from start a great conversation, learn more about yourself and your friends, and deepen your relationships with the people you love. Presented beautifully in a compact package that’s perfect for gift-giving, 52 Questions for a Better Friendship helps readers to remember why friendship is the most valuable gift of all.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Simple and accessible, this handy book offers readers a chance to improve their relationships with their friends. • Helps readers to better understand the feelings of those most important to them. • Helps readers use simple questions in order to promote open, honest conversations that build strong friendships. • Charmingly presented to encourage meaning and fun in all relationships. ISBN 13: 9781578266890, 64pp p/b, £4.99 Published by HATHERLEIGH PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



Start the conversation! Learn more about those you love! 52 Questions for a Better Relationship has carefully formulated questions - fun, thoughtprovoking - that help you do anything from start a great conversation, learn more about yourself and your partner, rekindle old passions, and deepen relationships with the person you love most. Presented beautifully in a compact package that’s perfect for gift-giving, 52 Questions for a Better Relationship helps readers to remember why they fell in love in the first place.

KEY SELLING POINTS • Simple and accessible, this handy book offers readers a chance to improve their relationships with their partner. • Helps readers to better understand the feelings of those most important to them. • Helps readers use simple questions in order to promote open, honest conversations that build strong relationships. • Charmingly presented to encourage meaning and fun in the relationship. ISBN 13: 9781578266913, 64pp p/b, £4.99 Published by HATHERLEIGH PRESS Rep Territories: UK & Ireland



Housing & Rights Guides


This volume covers the rules across the UK for help with personal housing costs available through the new universal credit, council tax rebates in Great Britain and new rate rebate scheme in Northern Ireland. This guide is designed to run side by side with volume 2 which covers housing benefit. Together they provide a comprehensive guide covering all the main schemes for help with housing costs in the UK. Written in a plain English style it is designed for easy use by tenants, homeowners, local councils, social landlords, welfare rights advisers, tribunal members and housing professionals. KEY SELLING POINTS • Covers rules across the UK for help with personal housing costs available through universal credit and rebate schemes. • Written in a plain English style it is designed for easy use by tenants, councils and landlords alike. • Explains new rules for universal credit (UC) and council tax rebates starting from April 2017. ISBN 13: 9780993498435, TBCpp p/b, £39.99 Published by SHELTER PUBLICATIONS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Housing & Rights Guides


This volume in the Help with Housing Costs series covers the rules for housing benefit and discretionary payments across the United Kingdom. It is designed to complement volume 1, which covers universal credit and council tax rebates. Designed as the successor to the popular Guide to Housing Benefit it has been written in a refreshing plain English style that makes it easy to use while retaining many of features of its predecessor that readers will find reassuringly familiar. This new edition has been fully revised and updated to incorporate all the changes over the past year. KEY SELLING POINTS • Covers the rules for housing benefit and discretionary payments across the United Kingdom. • Written in a refreshing plain English style that makes it easy to use. • Fully revised and updated to incorporate all the changes over the past year. ISBN 13: 9780993498442, TBCpp p/b, £39.99 Published by SHELTER PUBLICATIONS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Housing & Rights Guides


This is the latest publication in the Strightforward Guides Series, A Guide to The Rights of the Private Tenant, is a concise guide to the rights of tenants in private rented residential property. Changes to the law in 2017 are covered, including to the law as it affects accommodation agencies and changes to the benefit system. This book will enable anyone to understand the complex area of law that governs the area of residential housing and to understand the relationship between landlord and tenant. KEY SELLING POINTS • Ideal for anyone who wishes to understand the process involved, or a clear and practical guide, to the legal rights of t • Gives overview of housing law, different tenure types, and the obligations of landlord and tenant. • Gives information about repairing responsibilities, rent and service charges, deposits, and the role of the courts. ISBN 13: 9781847167149, 176pp p/b, £9.99 Published by STRAIGHTFORWARD PUBLISHING Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Mind, Body & Spirit

PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE, THE Leary, Timothy; Alpert, Richard & Metzner, Ralph

The Psychedelic Experience, created in the movement’s early years by the prophetic shaman-professors Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, and Richard Alpert (Ram Dass), is a foundational text that serves as a model and a guide for all subsequent mind-expanding inquiries. In this wholly unique book, the authors provide an interpretation of an ancient sacred manuscript, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, from a psychedelic perspective. Reissued here to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. KEY SELLING POINTS • Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which is of longstanding interest to Western readers. • Written by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, and Richard Alpert who are recognised as the founding fathers of psychedelia. • Interest in psychedelic drugs continues to be strong in today’s music festival culture. • Reissued here to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love (1967). • Interest in the 60s is sure to continue with the 50th anniversary of events such as Woodstock and the Manson murders. ISBN 13: 9780806538570, 144pp p/b, £12.99 Published by CITADEL Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Mind, Body & Spirit


What do dreams reveal? Going beyond superficial explanations, The Dream Interpretation Dictionary brings a deep and rich understanding to a variety of images, signs, and symbols. It considers the context to help anyone complete their own personal jigsaw puzzle. From entries ranging from Abandonment to Zoo, this massive tome analyses sex dreams, money dreams, dreams of falling, running, or paralysis and much more. It brings profound insights to thousands of dream messages by showing what to look for and what to ignore and teaches how to master dream interpretation. KEY SELLING POINTS • An in-depth examination of more than 750 key symbols, thousands of secondary signs and their possible meanings • Provides clues and insights to allow anyone to understand the meaning of any dream. • Logical organisation of information which helps finding information quick and easy • Numerous photographs to help break up the information and present readers with some visual represention • In-depth analysis from a repsected dream researcher and journalist. ISBN 13: 9781578596379, 650pp p/b, £21.99 Published by VISIBLE INK Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Food & Drink


Cooking outside one’s comfort zone is now easier than ever: ingredients once considered exotic are now available at supermarkets across the country, and we’re now more open to exploring the far reaches of the world through food. This tantalizing cookbook takes readers on a global tour through food, from the steamy noodle shops of Seoul to the wood-fired grills of Istanbul and funky dives of San Francisco. KEY SELLING POINTS • HOME AND AWAY contains recipes from all over the world • Written by two authours who have had years of experience in the food industry and promote their own experiences of food • Spoilt for choice. One book for everyone as the recipes are from a number of different countries, there will be somethin ISBN 13: 9781551526737, 304pp p/b, £21.99 Published by ARSENAL PULP PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East



Food & Drink

THIS CHEESE IS NUTS Delicious Vegan Cheese Recipes and Dishes to Cook at Home Piatt, Julie

This Cheese Is Nuts is a stunning collection of flavorful nut-based cheeses. Julie has always been known for her dairy-free cheeses, and here she shares seventyfive recipes using almonds, cashews, and other nuts to create cheeses anyone can make right at home. Nut-based cheeses are on the cutting edge in the world of vegan cuisine. They’re remarkably simple to prepare (all you need are a few ingredients and a basic dehydrator), and in as little as twenty minutes, you can have an assortment of tasty fresh cheeses fit for any occasion. KEY SELLING POINTS • Piatt’s The Plantpower Way has sold nearly 40,000 copies to date. • Vegan cheese is on the forefront of vegan cuisine and these recipes are simple to follow and quick to make. • The number of vegans in the US has doubled since 2009 and Americans are eating 12.2% less meat than they were in 2007. ISBN 13: 9780735213791, 176pp p/b, £20.99 Published by AVERY Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Food & Drink

JUICE TRUCK, THE A Guide to Juicing, Smoothies, Cleanses and Living a Plant-Based Lifestyle Berman, Zach & Slater, Ryan

There are lots of juice books out there, but few get it right. In The Juice Truck, Zach and Ryan make it their mission to make juicing approachable, fun, imaginative and healthy. Alongside colourful and eye-catching photographs and illustrations that match their Juice Truck company’s brilliant branding, The Juice Truck outlines the tools you need to make the perfect juice, the science behind juicing and the benefits of each ingredient. This is not your average juice book - it’s a combination of storytelling, nutrition and tried-and-true recipes that deserves a place in every juicer’s kitchen. KEY SELLING POINTS • There is a huge gap in the market for a properly executed and enjoyable juicing book. • This one combines fun language, popping, sleek imagery and strong content, and is very user-friendly. • The authors run The Juice Truck company in Vancouver, serving over 300 customers per day. • Conde Nast listed The Juice Truck company in the top juice bars to visit in the world (top 14 to be exact). • The authors are very social media savvy, with 32.6k Instagram followers, 10.3k on Facebook and 8,000 on Twitter. ISBN 13: 9780147530011, 240pp p/b, £17.99 Published by RANDOM HOUSE CANADA Rep Territories: UK & Ireland

Travel Writing


Inspired by his wife’s family photographs from the 1930s and her memories of growing up on the Baltic coast, Paul Scraton set out to walk from Lðbeck to the Polish border on the island of Usedom, an area central to the mythology of a nation and bearing the heavy legacy of trauma. Exploring a world of socialist summer camps, Hanseatic trading towns long past their heyday and former fishing villages surrendered to tourism, Ghosts on the Shore unearths stories, folklore and contradictions of the coast, where politics, history and personal memory merge to create a nuanced portrait of place. KEY SELLING POINTS • Important addition to growing canon of place writing. • First book-length work from a respected and critically regarded editor, essayist and journalist. • Addressing an area and history underrepresented in English-language writing. ISBN 13: 9781910312100, TBCpp p/b, £21.99 Published by INFLUX PRESS Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East

Travel Writing

AMONG THE SUMMER SNOW A Highlands Walk Nicholson, Christopher

Christopher Nicholson’s first book of nature writing is a beautiful account of an unusual obsession. In 2016 he spent August searching for the remaining snows of the Scottish Highlands. His account of his solitary walk is by turns funny, fascinating and inspiring. A meditation on walking, mountains, snow and our changing climate, Nicholson also turns his curious eye on naturelovers themselves. What are we looking for when we walk and what is it we want from nature? What is it we see and what is it we miss? What remains when we are gone and what have we lost from the landscape forever? KEY SELLING POINTS • Quizzical, ultimately uplifting, nature writing from award-winning novelist. • Account of a month long walk amongst summer snow patches of Scottish Highlands. • Author publicity and speaking events. ISBN 13: 9781910463604, 256pp h/b, £9.99 Published by SEPTEMBER PUBLISHING Rep Territories: UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle & Far East


SECOND SIGHT Emerson, Sally

Newly re-issued. Smart, savvy and original, Sally Emerson’s story about a young woman growing up with an amoral mother deftly portrays youth and its careful obsessions. For fifteen-year-old Jennifer Hamilton, the transition from adolescence to adulthood is painful and bewildering. Too mature to return to the securities of childhood, yet unwilling to join a world of adults, Jennifer creates a psychic world in which her companions are Shelley and the restoration playwright Aphra Behn. KEY SELLING POINTS • A highly-acclaimed, award-winning novelist with a track record for success in commercial fiction. • The fourth of six titles reissued in a newly-designed series, published throughout 2017 by Quartet. • Second Sight won the Yorkshire Post’s first novel prize. • Sally’s personal and professional networks lead us to expect significant press coverage. • Perfect for readers of Paula Hawkins, Lucie Whitehouse and Clare Mackintosh. ISBN 13: 9780704374386, TBCpp p/b, £8.99 Published by QUARTET Rep Territories: UK & Ireland Not Yet Published


SEPARATION Emerson, Sally

Newly re-issued. Sally Emerson’s timeless novel about the powers children have over their parents brims with wit and smart observations. Tom is a respected cosmologist. Amanda is a high-flying management consultant. Kate is their new baby and Sarah is their nanny. And Alice is a child who lives on the other side of London and who has recently developed a taste for fairy tales because everyone, in the end, gets exactly what they deserve... Told with Emerson s characteristic acuity and wit, Separation is a darkly humorous portrayal of domestic life. KEY SELLING POINTS • A highly-acclaimed, award-winning novelist with a track record for success in commercial fiction. • The third of six titles reissued in a newly-designed series, published throughout 2017 by Quartet. • Separation was originally published to great critical acclaim in 1992. • Sally’s personal and professional networks lead us to expect significant press coverage. • Perfect for readers of Paula Hawkins, Lucie Whitehouse and Clare Mackintosh. ISBN 13: 9780704374379, TBCpp p/b, £10.00 Published by QUARTET Rep Territories: UK & Ireland Not Yet Published


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