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ARCHITECTURE Benthem Crouwel Architects have completed the new extension to the Stedelijk Museum. (pages 4-11).


RENOVATION Restauration of ‘La Seu’. Munch Museum. ‘5 sense lounge bar’. (p. 14-23).



AWARDS CEREMONY Porcelanosa: the 6th Interior Design & Architecturte Awards Ceremony. (p. 12-13).




70TH ANNIVERSARY An emotional celebration of Fila in San Martino di Lupari (p. 24-25).


This time we talk about a great number of interesting projects, but it should be noted that the fair Cersaie 2013 is the main event of this month, which from this magazine we drove up there to offer you all the information on what’s new different companies. Cersaie is an international exhibition of ceramics for the building industry and bathroom furnishings. From our magazine we are growing with the aim of attending to you and to keep expanding, in this instance, on an international level. And it’s for that exact reason that we keep on working hard every day to create a product which satisfies all of your expectations and your needs.

CERSAIE 2013 International exhibition of ceramic tile & bathroom furnishings (p. 26-35).

CEMENT ADHESIVE Kerakoll: ‘the special eco porcelain stonewear’. (pages 36-39).

This magazine is periodically distributed in the major countries in Europe: Germany, France, Uni-

ted Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium and Poland, for all professionals linked to the world of ceramic distribution, bathrooms, refurbishment and rehabilitation, starting its periodic delivery at the start of the year. Also, wWe will organise events relating to the world of refurbishment and rehabilitation, the Technical Workshops in concrete points located in the major European countries mentioned above. These formative events will have ample IT coverage, photos, interviews, videos, etc. You will be able to see this material on the website afterwards. If you want to know more about us, check out our website: novationtoday. com




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NEWS_REPORT Benthem Crouwel Architects have completed the new extension to the Stedelijk Museum (‘bathtub’) in Amsterdam designed by Adriaan Willem Weissman in 1895 texts_R. D. / photos_J. L. MARSHALL |








he Stedelijk Museum is internationally known and renowned for its commendable collection of contemporary art. Although her collection is equivalent with the international top museums in this field, the building was outdated. The position on the Museumplein (Museum square) in Amsterdam, where the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Concertgebouw also are situated, created all options to be back at the top of the museums with a renovated and expanded building. ORIGINS OF THE MUSEUM

The existing building of the Stedelijk Museum created in 1895 by the municipal architect A.W. Weismann, is celebrated for its majestic staircase, grand rooms and natural lighting. These strong points have been retained in the design by Benthem Crouwel Architects along with the colour white, introduced throughout the museum by former museum director Willem Sandberg (1945-1962). The new extension does not ask for more of the same, but to supplement by variety and by adding new opportunities for exhibitions. The old remains and forms unity with the new. Both in terms of exhibitions and routing, making compelling choices between old and new has been averted. The expansion is not a subordinate, or very different pavilion next to the existing building, but an integrated addition. NEW BUILDING VERSION

The contrast of the new building versus the old building is obvious from the outside; inside the museum you hardly notice strolling from the new building into the old. The former entrance was unsuitable as a public entrance - with all the associated functions – to be maintained. While maintaining the strengths of the existing building was not possible to have all new components and public functions, which create a museum of the 21st century, in the existing building. This restriction had the obvious ability of turn the orientation of the new museum toward the Museumplein. The Stedelijk Museum is the first museum with an actual entrance on the Museumplein. To make sure that the available space at the Museumplein would not be overbuild, but instead was appropriated as an entrance plaza to the south, the rotated orientation is optimally exploited. The new entrance seamlessly fits into the existing central access |










zone of the symmetrical building and is an extension. By partly lifting the added volume and sinking the rest underground, the existing building remains virtually untouched and fully visible. THE NEW ENTRANCE

In the new entrance all public functions, such as the entrance desks, knowledge center, museum shop and restaurant are located in a large open, transparent space where the plaza floor continues to the outside of the existing






building. The square is part of the building as much as it is a part of the Museumplein. The wing-shaped, cantilevered roof over the square at height of the stone frames, reinforces the open transition from square to building and removes any doubts













about the whereabouts of the entrance. The smooth white volume, also known as ‘the bathtub’, is made from fiber enforced composite. The typical shape of the building arose by pulling the exterior facade tight around the interior functions. The

jutting roof was added as a functional protection against sun and rain. Against the backdrop of the old building, the roof with the volume underneath is the new powerful image of the Stedelijk Museum. From the entrance, visitors can familiarize

themselves with the different routes that are possible through the building. The routing can be controlled by the programming, but is not mandatory in one direction. Thus it is possible to walk directly into the old building to follow various circuits.


8 |


ARCHITECTURE The monumental staircase remained and continues to have an important function in the routing. The new entrance hall also has the possibility to follow a route through the new halls. A broad stairway in a spacious loft offers views of the routing that leads to the lower exhibition rooms. Here, among other things under the square, a large exhibition hall of ± 1,100 m² is created. LOWEST LEVEL

From this lowest level in the building it is possible to move to a new exhibition hall in the floating volume level. Via two escalators in an enclosed yellow “tube”, straight through the new entrance hall, the two exhibition areas are connected. This way the visitor crosses the entrance area without leaving the exhibition route and without being distracted by the public functions: visitors remain in the museum atmosphere. The exhibition hall in the floating volume is directly connected to the hall of honor in the old building, which makes the routing circle complete. Due to the variety of types of space, a new museum comes into existence with a wealth of experiences and exhibition

opportunities. The existing building will be - untouched - in full glory, but at the same time begin a new life, with the new orientation at the Museumplein, under one roof with the new building. FACT SHEET ARCHITECTURE

Facade Material: The smooth white surface of the facade is made up of 271 panels of a pioneering new composite material with Twaron® fiber as its key ingredient. The panels are attached to the steel structure by 1,100 aluminum brackets.Twaron, a synthetic fiber, is extremely lightweight (27 kilograms per square meter, or less than half the weight of a normal curtain wall), is five times as strong as steel, maintains its shape and strength in varying weather conditions and does not melt in fire. Because the composite with carbon fiber and Twaron can be molded, it permits the creation of a smooth, seamless surface of virtually any area. Twaron is ordinarily used for the hulls of motorboats and racing yachts, sailcloth, aerospace and industrial components and sports equipment such as tennis rackets and hockey sticks. At the Stede-

lijk, it is being used for the first time for a large-scale architectural facade. Interior Textile: Petra Blaisse, principal of the firm Inside Outside, has been commissioned by the Stedelijk to design an architectural-scale textile for the interior of the new building. The work covers the back wall of the restaurant and extends into the entrance hall, where it rises 14 meters (46 feet) to the top. The work has been specially fabricated

by the Dutch carpet manufacturer Desso. DIMENSIONS, NEW BUILDING

Footprint at grade: 84 m x 22 m (275 ft x 72 ft). Roof: 100 m x 40 m (328 ft x 131). Height flat roof: 14 m (46 ft) above grade. Height roof: 17.85 m (58.56 ft) above grade. Depth: 8.3 m (27.2 ft) below grade. Protected plaza covered by roof overhang: 2,000 m2 (21,528 sf).


10 |



© 2013 Anjasora Cno. foyes Ferraes s/n 12110 Castellón. l’Alcora t (+34) 964.36.71.24 f (+34) 964.36.35.48



Principal areas, New Building: Lower-level exhibition space: 1,352 m2 (14,553 sf). Main lower-level exhibition gallery: 1,092 m2 (11,754 sf). Upper-level galleries: 702 m2 (7,556 sf). Auditorium: 213 m2 (2,293 sf). Library: 283 m2 (3,046 sf). Restaurant: 307 m2 (3,304 sf). Museum shop: 379 m2 (4,090 sf). Offices and service areas: 4,012 m2 (43,185 sf). Principal materials: steel; glass; composite with carbon fiber and Twaron®; stone and wood for floors DESIGN TEAM

Benthem Crouwel Architects: Mels Crouwel, Joost Vos, Jan

Benthem, Ronno Stegeman, Alexandra Jezierski, Daniel van der Voort, Rogier Putter, Moon Brader, Roy van Rijk, Job Schroen, Marleen van Driel, Florentijn Vleugels, Ton Liemburg and Jan Dirk Valewink. PROJECT TEAM

Construction Manager: DHV Bouw en Industrie. Building Contractor: Volker Wessels. Engineers: Arup. Twaron® Supplier: Teijin Aramid. Technical Engineers: Imtech. Technical Engineering Advisors: Huisman en Van Muijen. All of them have collaborated on this project to renovate the museum._



PORCELANOSA REWARDS THE BEST IN THE SECTOR The Group, who praised architect Richard Rogers for his career, gathered over 250 internationally-recognised professionals and 150 projects from 15 different countries texts_ R.D.


orcelanosa Group recently held the sixth edition of its Architecture and Interior Design Awards, gathering together 250 of the top international professionals. The ceremony took place during the gala dinner which the company held in the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, a historic building in the capital, witness to the cultural and artistic development in our country from the beginning of the 20th century and which has now been declared a National Historic and Artistic Monument. PROJECTS OF THE FUTURE

Over 150 projects from 15 different countries were presented and assessed by a professional jury composed of the chairman of Foster + Partners Madrid, Taba Rasti; Mark Fenwick, from RFA Fenwick Iribarren Architects; Hembert Peñaranda, of Hembert Peñaranda Officina Architetti; Lázaro Rosa Violán from Contemporain Studio; and interior designer, Luis García Fraile. Project: ‘IN-OUT Nature’ (Estudio ARQCION) - First Prize for Professionals ‘Projects for the Future’. In the section ‘Projects for the Future’, for which participants designed a restaurant and its different areas using the multinational’s products, awards were given to the projects IN-OUT Nature, by Marina Esteban and Javier Merlo (Estudio ARQCION) and Nature Sense Restaurant, presented by students from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Bernardo Detisov Ringuer, Arturo Detisov Ringuer and Patricia Erimescu, in subcategories Professionals and Students respectively. It should be noted that both offerings had a common denominator: the integration of the space into a natural environment with emphasis on shapes and organic materials... |


Project: Nature Sense Restaurant - First Prize for Students ‘Projects for the Future’. Now we come to the category ‘Completed Projects’. COMPLETED PROJECTS

In this category, the jury gave awards based on the actual application of Porcelanosa products. The first prize was awarded to the studio Pereda Pérez Arquitectos for the





construction of a single-family home in Villarcayo. Project: Home - First Prize “Completed Projects” Porcelanosa Grupo took advantage of the ceremony to pay a special tribute to some of architecture’s most widely-acclaimed professionals. Richard Rogers received an honorary award for his prolific career, one which has been deserving of distinctions as prestigious as the Pritzker Prize in 2007 or the RIBA’s gold medal. Porcelanosa Grupo’s Chairman, Héctor Colonques, personally gave the award to Richard Rogers. In addition to this, Rogers’ partner in Spain, architect Luis Vidal, also received an honorary award for his contribution to the development

of Spanish architecture around the world and in recognition of his many major international achievements. Architecture studio A-cero received a Porcelanosa award for the use of the Group’s products in the residential architecture project designed by the team led by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares in close collaboration with Porcelanosa Grupo firms. And last but not least, French architects Nicolas Ragueneau, Antoine Roux and Jean-Marie Mazières received an award for their Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine project in Bordeaux. A major reference point in the sector, Porcelanosa Grupo’s successful sixth edition of this ceremony gave some well-deserved recognition to the work of these professionals._



NEWS REPORT_ The restoration of ‘La Seu’, noteworthy for its modern look while preserving its historic value, is now under the direction of the architect Alberto Morera texts_R. D.



e set out from tureforma headed for the heart of Denia, in the Spanish province of Alicante, where we are drawn to the restoration carried out at ‘La Seu’, a restaurant located in the historic part of the city. We speak with the person in charge of the facility, Diana Cervera Navarro, who explains to us the details of the building and tells us about the restoration that has been carried out at this place on Calle Loreto, performed by the architectural firm belonging to Alberto Morera. In 2006, work was begun on this manor house, in the old historic district nestled in the old Arabian-style part of town (the house is from the 16th century), on top of previously made renovations. The most recent restoration includes a mud wall, which is an Arabian architectural feature that consists of layers of pressed mud, a layer of lime that runs lengthwise and another layer on the end faces.








RENOVATION Another noteworthy feature is the rough Mediterranean stone window opening from the late 16th century. In fact, in Denia there is only one other example of this feature, which is located in the castle and is a rounded arch made of rough stone, typical of that period. ORIGINAL RENOVATION

It is worth noting that the original layout of the building was square-shaped and included a residential area, first floor, and cambra on the second floor, with an interior patio and a stable for the animals (horses) in the back. It is also essential to point out that during the renovations, the most characteristic and unique features of the building (central rough stone arch, medieval window, gates, pavements, windows, rough stone walls in the stables, stone wall in the kitchen and Arabic-style tiles) were left in place and preserved, making them the centrepieces of the building, fusing them with a modern and minimalist style of architecture, allowing the architecture of ‘La Seu’ to create one blended setting. EXCLUSIVE LOCAL

The architectural firm has shown particular sensitivity to make the most of the space respecting the essence of the place and investing in a stylish, modern and exclusive local converts a unique place that should be visited if you go to Denia. And is that ‘La Seu’ is much more than a restaurant serving excellent cuisine delight.



This architecture is based on superior and natural materials, such as slate, glass, wood, steel, and marble, with the philosophy that the materials are used are decorative and artistic components (the irregularity of the slate, etc.) in order to bring out the characteristic and essential Mediterranean features – the light, space, sea and plant life – captured in the glassed-in patio, the vertical wall and the olive trees, among other features, intimately connecting it to the old Arabic mansions, entrances that are not seen and once you walk in, you discover the space. A space that will surprise you BEFORE |

because it offers elegance, friendly service, excellent food and a spectacular architectural proposal. THE PERFECT COMBINATION

At all times the priority has been to preserve the combination of functionality and simplicity while giving visitors feelings of trust, transparency, tidiness, and calmness. An open kitchen, a different establishment. A unique experience. From this publication we applaud the restoration in this establishment, modern architecture in the heart of Denia._ AFTER



butech building technology, s.a. Ctra. Vila-real - Puebla de Arenoso (CV-20), Km ,5 Apartado de Correos 297 · 12540 Villarreal, Castellón - ESPAÑA. Teléfono (+34) 964 53 62 00 · Fax: (+34) 964 53 00 34 · E-mail: ·



COUNTDOWN TO ‘MUNCH’, BY JUAN HERREROS The Munch Museum in Oslo, work of the Spanish studio Herreros Arquitectos and international exponent of a new type of architecture texts_R. D.


ust a month ago, the Oslo City Hall has given the green light to the construction of the Munch Museum in the new area of Bjorvika near to the famous Opera House. The discussion between the political parties on the location, programme and financing of the museum has led to an agreement that project ‘Lambda’, headed by Spanish studio Herreros Arquitectos, is the best of all the alternatives available from the various agents which participated. Project evolution In March 2009, Juan Herreros won an international competition, beating other architects such as Pritzker Tadao Ando and Zaha Hadid, in order to lead the creation of the Munch Museum and the adjacent commercial and residential complex in Bjorvika. At the end of 2011, after two years of working on the approved master plan for the area and the |



basic building project, various social groups and political parties voiced doubts over this and other projects which were accompanied by the breaking of political alliances which temporarily suspended the agreement on the museum. Since then, the process has required the creation of new prospective jobs and reports, political negotiations which affect the various aspects of cultural and social life in the city, and has even led to protests by citizens, claiming the construction of the museum was necessary for holding the works of the most important Norwegian artist in a dignified manner while avoiding more delays. “In these cases, the architect must maintain a respectful manner, taking a step back from the front line to ensure transparency in the process but must also be seen to be available to listen and explain, offering alternatives and helping to open pathways towards an agreement”, says Juan.






En esta imagen, vista vespertina del exterior del Museo Munch de Herreros Arquitectos y bajo estas líneas, lobby interior del museo.




‘5 SENSES LOUNGE BAR’: A SINGLE SPACE, VARIOUS PERCEPTIONS The solution of ON-A consists of a three-dimensional metal grid that is made up of more than 400 different pieces, which are deformed, shaped and adapted to the existing architecture of the building texts_ R.D. / photos_ L.ROS


lounge bar that was born with a premise: uniqueness and an exclusive treatment for the customer. It is a single space that is capable of generating various perceptions: visual, chromatic, auditory, sensory... The solution consists of a three-dimensional metal grid that is made up of more than 400 different pieces, which are deformed, stretched, shaped and adapted to the existing architecture of the building. It is a single shell that generates the space but at the same time separates it visually. A single solution with a multiplicity of variables. THE AGENCY

ON-A, located in Barcelona since 2005, was created as an international architectural laboratory with great deal of professional experience in its background. The main objective of our studio is to help give meaning to the discipline of architecture by creating interesting solutions to everyday problems, and developing these solutions with the utmost quality and respect to the design, technology and knowledge of the environment. New methods, design and production techniques that have been developed by the industry in recent years enable us to design innovative work strategies, which in turn allow us to develop projects with greater complexities. Tools such as CAD-CAM give us comprehensive control of each product prior to its completion, particularly throughout the construction process. ON-A relates to a wide variety of clients, from management and major developers worldwide to individual customers. Each project has a unique design and is non-transferable, giving exclusivity to each client. Each project also demonstrates an understanding of the client’s intangible idea from the very beginning of the management process to the actual formation, digital to physical, of the product. |







FILA CELEBRATES ITS 70TH ANNIVERSARY WITH ALL CLIENTS The leading company in the cleaning, treatment and projection of ceramic and natural stone organised a weekend event to celebrate the occasion with more than 60 international guests at its headquarters in San Martino di Lupari textos_ M. G.


ore than 60 international guests. More than 40 VIP clients from all around the world. More than 20 international journalists…all together at the headquarters of Fila in the municipality of San Martino di Lupari to celebrate to the fullest the 70th anniversary of the leading company in the cleaning, treatment and projection of ceramic and natural stone. The result was an emotional commemoration of the occasion with an excellent list of events which are described below. First, Fila organised the visit to their headquarters in the aforementioned town of San Martino di Lupari, near Padua, and provided an educational and interesting guided tour of their production facilities, management offices and museum, an area which took guests back in time to learn about the beginnings of the company. THE BEGINNINGS

It must be remembered that the father of Beniamino Pettenon (current president) inaugurated in 1943 the model facilities in the area where shoe cleaning products were produced, leading to different products for cleaning metals. In the 1960s, Beniamino Pettenon saw a business opportunity in creating cleaning products for ceramic and natural stone and decided to open another division, which resulted in the prestigious firm that we know today, and now the company only specialises in this type of production, having become a global leader in ceramic and natural stone cleaning and treatment solutions. PRODUCTION LINE

Those of us who were present were able to witness in full detail how the complete production line works and why Fila is one of the pioneers in these systems at the global level, achieving constant |


ment. This first weekend event also saw Fila president Beniamino Pettenon look back in time to remember some of the most noteworthy events in the life of the company over the past 70 years, highlighting Fila’s ability to constantly reinvent themselves. “Growth has been constant; we have been able to reinvent ourselves to evolve and innovate, even during more difficult times, and now we are experiencing a second youth” he stated. In that same vein, following a brief review of the company’s philosophy during its existence, he assured that “we wish to continue growing, with a firm determination and with the backing of a clear strategic vision based on customer service, the ability to research, presence in international markets and collaboration with the leading manufacturers”. The event had numerous events, and among them one of the most interesting was the showroom/museum that, inaugurated especially for the event, allowed us to experience firsthand all of the history that we shared with you at the beginning of this article. Fila, always close and, as usual, paying full attention to every detail,



continued to display its graciousness and style by preparing an exquisite dinner organised by the manufacturer in Venice, in the 5-star The Westin Europa & Regina Hotel. All of the guests were able to enjoy an unforgettable night on which Beniamino Pettenon and his family served as hosts, ensuring that everything was to the guests’ liking. Finally, the time came to put the final touches to the event with the canal of Venice as a curious silent witness. And as part of that culmination a monumental celebratory cake was served with the company logo and that of Fila’s 70th anniversary, which pleasantly surprised the guests. As

we said, the closeness in Fila’s interaction with its clients, as well as the attention paid to every detail, are features of the firm’s identity, and this could be seen from the inauguration to the tour of the facilities and the museum, ending with the close of the event at the gala dinner. For this reason, here at tureforma we can are extremely grateful for the courtesy shown by all of the areas of the company and managers of the international branches towards us, and for the friendliness and collegiality of all of the guests. We also wish to encourage Fila to continue growing and hope that Benito can overcome his illness and be able to enjoy Fila’s success._ |




INNOVATION, SUSTAINABILITY AND NEW TRENDS IN CERSAIE The organization of the largest world fair dedicated to the ceramic industry expected that a large number of visitors can enjoy this new edition of that fair texts_R. D.


ersaie is an international exhibition of ceramics for the building industry and bathroom furnishings. The major exhibited sectors are the ceramic tiles, sanitary installation, bathroom furnishings, fireplaces, ceramic stoves, tiled kitchens, raw materials and equipments for ceramics, materials and tools for installation, and showroom displays for ceramic p r o -

dy d

ducts. Cersaie have consolidated the success of this exhibition that, once again, is announced as the most important ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings fair. Cersaie is considered a prestigious opportunity to show off products with aestethic and technology innovations, to meet architects and designers, to deal with the world of retailers. THE EXHIBITION

The exhibition provides a meeting point for ceramic products and technologies buyers with leading international suppliers. Ceramics & Ceramic |


Technologies will attract ceramic sector entrepreneurs, technicians, sales managers, designers, architects and in general everyone interested in ceramics products and technologies. It is a meeting point for different professional and business figures, an occasion to update and to investigate topics ranging from research and new technology to marketing and the business outlook for the sector. For this reason, the event host seminars, debates, focus meetings, and conventions. EXHIBITORS’ PROFILE

Companies from the following industries will come as participants.


Raw materials, Ceramics manufacturing technologies, design and engineering, pressing, forming and casting, lapping and polishing techniques , waste utilization etc., Equipment and tools for ceramics producing and processing, Chemical products, additives, glazing and screen printing paste. The organization of the largest world fair dedicated to the ceramic industry and is held annually in the Italian city of Bologna expected that a large number of audiences can enjoy this new edition of Cersaie 2013._

dynamic dynamicideas ideasfor foraamoving movingworld world



SCHLÜTER SCHLÜTER SYSTEMS SYSTEMS LAUNCHES LAUNCHES LIPROTEC’S LIPROTEC’S COLLECTION COLLECTION The illuminated profile technology comes in five intelligent profile geometries, which are suited for a wide range of installation situations texts_R. D.


he illuminated profiles of the new ‘Schlüter®-Liprotec’ system have received enthusiastic praise since their introduction earlier this year. The Iserlohn-based company expanded its stand in Bologna by 30% to appropriately present the innovative technology. The expanded space gives visitors a comprehensive overview of the design options with light and ceramic tiles. ‘Schlüter®-Liprotec’ has enormous potential, as accentuated lighting “from within the wall” allows for customising space in accordance with user preferences. The system’s LED lighting strips are manufactured

specifically for Schlüter-Systems and create particularly homogeneous lighting. They are mostly cast and comply with protection class IP 65, which makes them highly durable and suited for use in moist environments. The illuminated profile technology comes in five intelligent profile geometries, which are suited for a wide range of installation situations (edges of platforms and countertops; illumination of skirtings; illuminated edges of wall coverings and skirting tiles; illumination of wall panels and on-wall installations; and, finally, illuminated frames of flush decorative objects and mirrors._

FUSTECMA PRESENTS ITS HIGH QUALITY IN RETAIL The company works along with the prestigious firm Roberto Verino who has entrusted them with the manufacturing and setting up of their new programme of integrated stores in ‘El Corte Inglés’ for the next fall texts_R. D.

Fustecma firm has managed to enter definitively into the retail market. After several years performing first projects in the store furniture market both in small business and catering as well as in some emerging sectors of sport and footwear trade. The company of Castellón has decided to step fordward and bet seriously for this interesting, hard but rewarding world of furniture stores. This time Fustecma works along with the prestigious firm Roberto Verino who has entrusted them with the manufacturing and setting up of their new programme of integrated stores in ‘El Corte Inglés’ for the next fall. The design department of |


Roberto Verino has managed to present its new image of elegance and avant-garde emanating both from its icon and founder and its own garnments drawing from a combination of sober materials, elegant and avant-garde, using finished timbers with ethnic features such as Wenge and Mongoi, and a bronze tone in their metallic structures, with touches of stainless Steel hanging bars and elements with higher turnover of product. Offering a comprehensive range of both products and services, Fustecma, stands out as one of the most stable companies on the national scene in the retail market._


COSENTINO INNOVATES WITH ‘NEBULA CODE’ Silestone® by Cosentino, worldwide leader in quartz surfaces, presents ‘Nebula Code’, a new series of five colours that represent an evolution of the popular series Silestone®Nebula texts_R. D.


ilestone® by Cosentino presents ‘Nebula Code’. Moving forward in cutting-edge design, the new colours Hélix, Pulsar, Daria, Istmo and Dreis are inspired by the appearance and harmony of natural stone, with rich veins and a sense of movement that have come as an innovation in quartz surfaces. The tones of ‘Nebula Code’ are characterised for being warm and natural, ideal to create the striking environments at the forefront of design.

with the most advanced technology has resulted in a unique and distinct product for each customer, owing to the random, unrepeatable and original pattern of each vein in each creation. HARDNESS AND RESISTANCE

In addition to its uniqueness, depth and beauty, ‘Nebula Code’ ensures the performance and reliability of the unique product that is Silestone® by Cosentino, which possesses extraordinary characteristics such as hardness, resistance to impact and scratching, extremely low absorption and an exclusive bacteriostatic property that improves its hygiene._


The excellent work carried out by the Cosentino R&D department

VENATTO ENLARGES THEIR MOST UNIQUE COLLECTION The company launches ‘Ópalo, a practical solution, and easy to install, which combines Spanish ceramic technology with thousand year old inspired designs texts_R. D.


The company launches new decorative designs. Venatto are broadening their range of decorated paving with the launch of the new collection ‘Ópalo’: unique pieces which care for ever last detail with the quality guarantee of last generation ceramic technology, and the most advanced Spanish technology. The exclusive production process through extrusion allows for the perfect integration of the cast stones, which obtains a surface of exquisite purity for the most demanding markets. This natural paving can act as a perfect substitute for marble or quarried stones, and it will remain

impeccable with the passing of time, even in frequently used spaces. Carmen Luna, marketing director of Greco Gres International, explains that “the collection of Venatto decorative designs is our venture for the high end international market, where we are highly regarded. The collection is the haute couture of ceramics, with designs inspired by the paving of legendary palaces and exotic cultures which results in the beauty of our product”. Venatto´s decorative designs are a practical solution and are easy to install; they offer multiple combinations to obtain unique paving which is easy to clean and maintain._ |





NOKEN LAUNCHES ‘FORMA’ COLLECTION AT CERSAIE The elegant yet strong rounded lines of this collection with smooth rounded finish, makes this collection the perfect choice for any body who wants to create a contemporary yet cosy bathroom texts_R. D.


he rounded edges and the distinctive lines of the Forma collection are also present in the toilet. The toilet and bidet are available in wall hung version. Again, the components appear to be floating and transmit lightness to the collection. The toilet seat has SoftClose funtion. Noken rises to the challenge of saving water and energy with the launch of its new Forma range of brassware. This will be the newest addition to the Porcelanosa group’s range of ECO product. The R&D of the Porcelanosa group is focused toward its environmental responsibi-

lity. The Forma incorporates 2 basic functions contributing to a more sustainable environment. A new opening system on the cold water and an eco aerator. When the Forma tap is opened at the centre position only the cold water is released, unlike a standard basin mixer that has a traditional blend mode which lies in the central position of the tap. This results in consumption of hot water thus eliminating energy consumption that is when heating the water. With the Forma mixer moving the head to the left will start the flow of hot water, giving the user more control._

INTERMATEX PRESENTS ITS NEW COLLECTIONS The Group exhibits at Cersaie 2013 its new porcelain’s range ‘Naturwood beige’ and ‘Teknia’ and the mosaics’ novelties as ‘Quartz’, ‘Surfin’, ‘Crazy’, ‘Exclusive’ & ‘Royal’


texts_R. D.

Intermatex keeps on enlarging their catalogue with new ranges, in mosaic and in porcelain. Few novelties will be introduced on Intermatex’ stand in the two product lines. With regards to the porcelain, we add one more colour to the woods range ‘Naturwood’, so the forth colour is ‘Naturwood Beige’, with a really natural and realistic look, it inspires time passing over a aged oak The Group also introduce in porcelain a new selection of mosaic complements for range ‘Teknia’. For both superwhite Alaska and superblack Kenya we are launching Quartz mosaic, with our popular interlocking and mixing matt and gloss, |


and 5x5cm polished mosaic. On the other side we introduce the 3D 5x5, mixing matt and gloss that in this format bring a nice 3D look. MOSAICS

Intermatex add 3 items to our best seller range ‘Quartz’: Quartz Gray, Quartz Corinto and Quartz Blue, all them linked by the quartzstone, but giving a wider choice of colours, with a light grey and bright red on one hand and a navy blue very elegant, out of most regular colours, on the other hand. The group launchs two avant-garde ranges with a risky design that include also a novelty with regards to the technology used:

‘Surfing’ and ‘Crazy’. Range ‘Surfing’ includes 5 mosaics (Java, Samoa, Tahiti, Bali and Hawai) that represent 5 compositions mixing different colours. ‘Crazy’ is a bet mainly on design and has been a pleasant surprise at Cersaie. On another hand, Intermatex exhibits ‘Exclusive’, a range that includes 7 different items with a2 common idea, the mixture of different size chips in the same mosaic and with a random composition. As a last addition launchs ‘Royal’. It is a small chip range, very modular, that brings a selection of colours that were not in our assortment before that also has, because of its composition, a wide possibility of uses._



LEVANTINA PRESENTS NEW COLOURS AND TEXTURES The leading company in the extraction, processing and sale of Natural Stone exhibits its new collections at Cersaie 2013: ‘Leather’, ‘Basic’ and ‘Hydra’ texts_R. D.



evantina, the leading company in the extraction, processing and sale of Natural Stone, once again exhibits at Cersaie, thus reinforcing its position as the pioneering company in Spain in the manufacture of the large-size, slim ceramic. Levantina took advantage of the superb showcase offered by Cersaie to present its new collections. On the one hand, there is the outstanding new ‘Leather Collection’, which has a second skin on its surface, and gives Techlam® the look and feel of leather. It is especially suitable for wall-covering and its neutral colours go well with other colours and materials. Leather can

be used to create unique spaces, where the ceramic is the star decorative element. In addition, there is a clear emphasis on colours with the addition of three new colours in the ‘Basic Collection’, the most popular Techlam® collection. Alongside Basic Lavande, a colour that was presented at the last Cevisama, the collection now includes Candy, Coral and Emerald. The range of colours in the ‘Hydra Collection’ is also increased with the addition of a green: Hydra Moss. It is another of the Techlam® star collections that has become extremely popular since its launch some years ago._

INDA AND SAMO JOIN TO BECOME STRONGER The agreement between the families Venturato (Samo) and Fantoni (Inda) expects that Venturato will be the controlling shareholders of the new group texts_R. D.

After a period of intense preparation, the merger between Inda and Samo has been finalized in these days, aimed to create an European leader of bathroom furniture. Inda e Samo become an integrated group in the bathroom furnishing sector, with a tournover nearly €100 million and it’s able to offer a variety of products, from shower enclosures (Samo is an Italian leader), accessories (Inda is one of the leading European manufacturer) to bathroom furniture. Samo will add to it’s strong presence in the Italian market, the retail structure of Inda in Europe, markets such as France, Switzerland,

Belgium and Germany. Both brands will maintain their strong identity and their commercial networks. The operation involves the concentration of a large part of the production of shower enclosures at Bonavigo (VR) (Samo’s Warehouse) and other productions sites. The operation has been made through the creation of a Holding, Samo industries, which owns 100% of the both companies and will be controlled by Venturato family. In order to ensure the realization of the transaction, Inda, during the month of January, has lodge the pre agreed request at the Court of Busto Arsizio. The strong support

received from the shareholders and the determination of the group have allowed to make the operation -in bonis- without any sacrifice for the providers and the financial institutions. Despite a difficult market conditions”, commented Ms. Donata Fantoni, Shareholder’s representative of Inda, “the merger with Samo means a new start for Inda”. The industrial efficiency – added Denis Venturato, Chairman and CEO of Samo- “is the customer service, understood as innovative service that has characterized the history of Samo and will represent the motor for the relaunch of the brand Inda”._ |





THE NEW APPLICATIONS BY ARKAIS-LLAC AT FAIR The firm has developed a series of new accessories for the APLI paneling system and presents a number of technical desks, modular and customizable to the needs of each clinet texts_R. D.


he new add-ons for the APLI paneling system, its motorized sliding panels display and an improved ‘Solid Surface’, some of the proposals. The firm introduces a good number of new developments at Cersaie 2013. On one hand, has developed a series of new accessories for the APLI paneling system. This way, Arkais-Llac will present this proposal at the stand differentiating two categories: ‘add-ons for mosaics’ and ‘add-ons for big size pieces’. On the other hand, Arkais-Llac will present a number of technical desks, modular and customizable to the needs

of each clinet, as well as new ranges of big-size exhibitors, since the firm has observed a trend in the market for this kind of pieces currently. In a different line, Arkais-llac will show their ‘Extending Motorizado’ motorized sliding panel display. NEW APLICATIONS

Besides, from Arkais-llac they keep innovating and creating new applications to improve day by day their service regarding the design of stands and showrooms, observing the guidelines followed in the market. Finally, remark the even more improved ‘Solid Surface’, in which

Arcais-Llac is able to design and manufacture all kinds of furniture, countertops, facades and other elements ... using Solid Surface materials, as they have highly qualified personnel and the necessary machinery to generate all kinds of geometries._

CIFRE CERÁMICA BRINGS RICH DECORS AND LARGE FORMATS The company will be showing in the Italian exhibition new large pieces in de 45x90, 90x90, 120 x 60 o 120x20 cm formats with textures and natural motifs texts_R. D.

Large format ceramic tiles will be the stars of the new products that Cifre Cerámica will be showing during Cersaie 2013. The company will be showing in the Italian exhibition new large pieces in de 45x90, 90x90, 120 x 60 o 120x20 cm formats. With these new sizes, the company strengthens its commitment to large projects.



Textures and natural motifs take center stage in these new series, with marble, stone and wood in different shades. With its participation in Cersaie 2013, Cifre Cerámica aims to consolidate its growth in exterior |



markets, with several collections created for the Russian and Arab markets. Rich decors, floral patterns and golden elements help to increase the product range of the company from Onda. _


NEW BUTECH PRODUCTS FOR CERSAIE 2013 The company presents ‘Elegance’ collection featuring Swarovski elements, with a new model: pro-part profile Gold SW 1500 and ‘Crystal’, a step forward in the collaboration between Swarovski and Porcelanosa Group


he fair is the main meeting point between European ceramics manufacturers and clients. It is an essential event to be in touch with the market trends and to introduce new products of the next season. It represents a challenge that our company, butech, is facing once again. In ceramic decoration, Butech extends the ‘Elegance’ collection featuring Swarovski elements, with a new model: pro-part profile Gold SW 1500, which combines the distinction of 24k gold, with the extraordinary shine of crystals. butech is also introducing the spectacular ‘Crystal’ collection, a step forward in the co-

llaboration between Swarovski and Porcelanosa Group. DECORATIVE POSIBILITIES.

Butech also presents epotech crystal, a new grouting material with endless decorative possibilities. It can be used with no additive, offering a nice translucent look, especially recommended for glass mosaics, or mixed with epotech shine, that gives joints a fantastic metallic gloss. In addition there are new decorative drain grates, which round off butech solutions for ceramic showers. On the other hand, butech continues innovating on construction solutions in order to ensure the right

installation of Porcelanosa Group materials. Lamitech n has just been improved for substrate preparation, superprim is a new primer for nonabsorbent substrates and the butech leveling spacers are now adapted for extra slim porcelain tiles, like Xlight from Urbatek. NEW SISTEMS

Butech keeps developing new façade cladding systems for Porcelanosa Group materials. Among the new systems, we highlight a new type of Krion ventilated façade and the new technical solutions developed for Xlight tiles cladding on exterior walls.

ELEGANCE ON THE ‘SPIRIT’, FROM MOIDECAR The company presents new versions of its collection of exhibitors: ‘Spirit’ and ‘Spirit Evolution’, two proposals that multiply the design options and benefits of this series of displays with minimalist design texts_R. D.

One more year, the company Moidecar will be presenting its new proposals at Cersaie, the exhibition is a reference for the sector in Europe, which meets annually to architects, interior designers, retailers and manufacturers worldwide. For the occasion of this international event, Moidecar present new versions of its collection of exhibitors: ‘Spirit’ and ‘Spirit Evolution’. Elegance and Functionality on the new collection Spirit from Moidecar TWO PROPOSALS

Two proposals that multiply the design options and benefits of this series of displays with minimalist

design the keynote to straight lines, finished in gloss white lacquered wood and new finish for iron, toffee, in line with current trends in interior decoration and design. WHITE FINISHES

Moidecar bet on your stand by white finishes for maintaining a refined appearance and toffee to give an antique finish that gives the exhibitor a strong personality that adds warmth to any space. The continuity of materials finishes and colour shades define the company space that can be visited at the area 44, booth 60. Moidecar, a safe bet at Cersaie 2013._ |





ANJASORA ANJASORA SHOW SHOW ITS ITS NATURAL NATURAL STONE STONE AND AND ‘ANJASORATILE’ ‘ANJASORATILE’ The company presents its new collections: a new range of porcelain and natural stone flexible ‘Flextone’, a new ceramic concept texts_R. D.


njasora goes to the show with an interesting proposal. On one hand, its range of tiles ‘AnjasoraTile’ and, secondly, its attractive flexible natural stone ‘Flextone’. ‘AnjasoraTile’ is a collection porcelain tile made of eight series characterized by the high quality of its finishes and versatility of their design.An amazing collection that is having a great success in their stand at fair (hall 14, stand C31). Furthermore, the company is committed to flexibility and lighting as a new architectural concept: ‘Flextone’: backlit natural stone sheets that provide great warmth in your home._

AZTECA AND DISNEY JOIN IN CERSAIE 2013 The company comes one year more at this international show and presents an atractive range of novelties and provides ideas about decoration and interior design texts_R. D.

Azteca presents at Cersaie a wide range of new products with new collections in the world of interior design and decoration. One of the most important innovations that are having better reception is the launch of its new license: Disney. Since the great successful of ‘Real Madrid’ and ‘Barcelona FC’ collections, Disney presents its new four collections: ‘Disney Princess’, ‘Cars’, ‘Mickey and friends’ and ‘Classic Mickey’ (more to approach adult comic type, white, black and red), among other interesting proposals and novelties. This is just one example of the wide range that Azteca presents at Cersaie show._ |



GRES DE ARAGÓN PRESENTS ITS NEW COLLECTIONS ‘Magna’ is a porcelain klinker with rounded sides presented in size 30x30cm. and in three actual colors and ‘Stone’ is a new collection of porcelain klinker, presented in two colors, the traditional concrete grey and beige texts_R. D.


res de Aragón exhibits its new collections ‘Magna’ and ‘Stone’. ‘Magna’ is a Porcelain klinker with rounded sides presented in size 30x30cm and in 3 actual colors: brown, orange and grey. It has class 2 antislip and it is presented with a special pieces kit composed by step, corner, strings and skirting. On the other hand, ‘Stone’ is the new collection of porcelain klinker, presented in two colors, the traditional concrete grey as well as a beige that never goes out of style. It is presented as a trend that company goes for. Its stylish aspect as its excellent qualities will make this collection adaptable to all kind of tastes and settings._

FILA EXHIBITS ITS NEW SOLUTIONS AT CERSAIE The company exhibits new products, further uses for existing products and surface care solutions, proof of the energy and ability to innovate of Fila, which this year celebrates the 70th anniversary of its foundation texts_R. D.

Fila Surface Care Solutions will be taking part in the two main sector fairs: Cersaie and Marmomacc (Verona) -from 25 to 28 september with new products, further uses for existing products and surface care solutions. Attention to eco-friendly solutions will bring to the fair an enrichment of the Fila Greenline with new solvent-free protectors, high performance and environmentally friendly thanks to their ‘Voc-free’ water-based formulas. Whereas Filanodrops, devised for glass shower cubicles, is a new protective detergent to stop water

drops on showers, mirrors, enamelled ceramic tiles and glass mosaics that Fila will be presenting at Cersaie. Again at Cersaie, Fila will be introducing a new different use for FilaPD15, the protector for lappato porcelain tiles launched last year, which is now ideal also for textured natural porcelain tiles laid either indoors or out. Other news concern communication tools for the sales point. One is the new Fila smartphone APP, thought up for both those working on site and retailers, making it easier for them to find the most suitable solution to the their customers’

requirements. The other is Fila Service, the Fila division dedicated to manufacturers, designers and contractors, which provides a turnkey service for site management, with specific focus on surface care solutions. In addition to its 70th anniversary, Fila also achieved another important distinctive goal in 2013. To date, it is in fact the only brand of solutions for protection and care of

surfaces to be recommended by over 200 international manufacturers of floors and wall coverings in ceramic tile and natural stone. A guarantee of reliability, quality and effectiveness. You will find all the new Fila entries at Cersaie - Area 45, stand 28._ |






Packaging and mixing


uring this first step, focused in packaging and mixing, we observe the word “greenbuilding” on the product bag, making reference to eco-sustainability, something which is noticeable at first glance. On the other hand, as it happens with most products, the actual weight of the package is greater than that indicated in the bag. Regarding information, it is sufficient and clear (the letters on the bag could be bigger). Our tile fixers coincide with the fact that the reference to C1 and C2 (for interiors) is “striking”, creating some confusion at first. The word “porcelain” is particularly salient, as well as the 15mm width achieved in walls. On the other hand, we consider the package as easy to transport and manipulate, like the majority of |




sacks. We will now focus on the loss of material. During the test for loss of material, we verify that with the sack closed, only a small though insignificant amount of material is wasted. As far as dust emission or user trouble is concerned, we can confirm they do not exist, and, at the same time, we can verify that we do not find dry clods of material or lumps, features which coincide with other similar products we have tested. Finally - within this first section - it is worth mentioning that the mixture can be stirred without inconvenience, that the homogeneity of the mixture is high and that both the viscosity and the stickiness of the mixture are in optimal conditions according to our tile fixers. The process is carried out using the manufacturer’s recommended amount of water for the mixing (8 litres).

dust emission





2 Applying and moisture

coating (on site)

flat surface

Regarding this parameter, the tile fixers also agree that the product is easy to apply and requires little effort to do so. One of them points out that it is “very easy to apply, and the line is clean, fine and continuous. Its texture is described as creamy, and another tile fixer describes the application of the product as a “perfect line which also keeps its original rheologic position”, as well as pointing out that “no detachment is seen”. These data is necessary for the vast majority of fixers when working with this type of material. The workability of the material to value this parameter with a porous object was optimum for the three values. Also, the settling of the object was good as well. The data collected regarding impregnation at the back of tiles placed on the wall were as follows:


Open time (wall application)

The adhesive is applied on a cement mortar support with an outside temperature of 23ºC and an environmental humidity of 38% The tests carried out on the bonding material determine that 10 minutes after application the material achieves an optimal condition, and after 12.5 minutes the material’s application starts being imperfect, although with the help of a mixing machine we could use the material for another 10 minutes.

After mixing 5 min.

State Optimum

Temperature HR (%) environment (º C) 23 38

10 min.




12,5 min.




15 min.




17,5 min.

Aceptable (flat) Aceptable (flat Aceptable (flat) Aceptable (Flat) Ended











20 min. 22,5 min. 25 min. 27,5 min. |


Hammering: 79-90%. Tarver: 74-95%. Doble encolado: 98-100%. Para pavimento: Maceado: 81% Tarver: 100% Double coat adhesive: 95% Wall tests results do not coincide among our tile fixers, but we must take into account the temperature and humidity, as well as the wind, since the tests were performed in different days, although buttering and floating proves to be quite effective again. There is also a significant piece of information regarding flat surfaces, in spite of the tests carried out on perfectly flat panels, with adhesive lines perfectly clean, without breaks and homogeneous.





Adjust time

The test is carried out with a10x10cm2 porous object and a temperature of 23-25ºC, as well as an environmental humidity of 44-48%. After 7.5 minutes, the adjustment was optimal and acceptable up to 15 minutes. In this way, the application is much easier with these values. In this respect, it is worth mentioning that for outdoor application, this fixing material has an adjust time of 15 minutes, although we will have to make use of a mixing machine to improve the mixture and continue working.


Performance test

» Viento: 0,2-0,4 m/s.

Castellón. EXPIRY: 12 months. LOTE: 121002181077


Service life

After mixing 45 min.


It is noticeable how the mixture is kept in optimal and acceptable conditions after three hours, with temperatures of 14.5-14ºC and a environmental humidity of 94-92%. This condition is kept after 5 hours by stirring the mixture, and ending its use after 6 hours.


Temperature environment (º C) 14,5


60 min.




90 min.




120 min.




180 min.

Aceptable (stirring) Aceptable (stirring) Aceptable (stirring) Ended









240 min. 300 min. 360 min.

HR (%)


H20: 8 L./ 25 KG. FOR 2 KG OF MATERIAL WE EXTENDED +/- 0,396 M2.

After analysing the properties of the products, we can indicate that it is the only one in which the manufacturer has reached a “2 in 1”, because it enables us, according to our needs and/or demands (following the manufacturer’s instructions) achieve a C1 or C2, an aspect we consider as very interesting. As far as the packaging is concerned, its manageability stands out, and according to our fixers: “It is the type of sack we like”, without giving

too much attention to the aesthetics of it. Regarding the workability of the product, once the mixing water tests indicated by the manufacturer have finished, being of 8 litres for every 25-kilogram sack, we can confirm that the products works in a “practically perfect” way, according to our fixers. At the same time, our fixers do not hesitate to point out that “once you start using it, it looks like cream” as well as achieving “perfect lines” when working with it.





COSENTINO, IN THE SANDTON REYLOF GRAND HOTEL The semiprecious stones used in Prexury, by Cosentino, lies in the properties of each material, which makes the collection suitable for all areas texts_R. D.


he Sandton Reylof Grand Hotel is situated In a prime location in the center of Gent WITHIn walking distance of well known monuments. The hotel has been open since the 1st of July 2011. It has 156 rooms among which Cosy rooms, Charme rooms, Deluxe rooms, Executive appartements, Junior Suites, Grand Suites and a Presidential Suite. Rogier Braakman, founder and general manager of Sandton Hotels: “The biggest asset of the hotel is its general charisma. This place has so much allure, looks beautiful and all that in the center of Gent”, Braakman says. “The combination of the old, historical premises and the newly build house at the back of the hotel with an interior garden included is unique for a city hotel. The rooms have windows till the floor and large balconies. Also special is the classified coach-house in which the wellness- and fitness rooms are located. It is an oasis of tranquility”. The Sandton Group has started with 1 hotel in 2004. Their philosophy: create a unique hotel which is beautiful, with good service and a great staff. Guests have more and more the need for individualization. Each hotel is different. The hotel has to fit in its surroundings, integrated with local art and habits. MAKE THE DIFFERENCE

Construction Group Van de Walle is responsible for the entire expansion of the hotel. They also provided the design of the different bars, one bar in het big restaurant Lof and a smaller bar in cocktail bar Njoy. They provide both bars with an exclusive look and feel they chose the material Prexury by Cosentino®. Potier Stone, member of Van de Walle Bouwgroep, received the order for working with this special material. Johan Lobelle of Potier Stone: “It was a real challenge for our company to work with Prexury. Our company is specialized in all sorts |


of interior applications for both kitchens and bathrooms”. Although the material was completely new to us fabrication wise, we definitely wanted to face the challenge put to us.. Supported by technical information on how to process and the possibilities of the product, we started to test the material. Second challenge was the huge time pressure. The biggest part of the hotel was finished and the restaurant was due to open. “We had to test the material because it has to be treated with care. It is a very hard material but there is

always the danger of damaging the material when it is being cut”, says. “We managed it thanks to a team of dedicated professionals. The most important is that our customers are satisfied. The reactions have been very positive, which is also very valuable for our company. We hope to do more special projects like this in the future”. EXCLUSIVE MATERIAL

Prexury is an exclusive material produced by Cosentino®. It consists of carefully selected pieces of semi

–precious stones. These pieces are being fit like a puzzle and glues together with a resin. The big bar furniture was covered with Classic Quartz, resembling rock chrystal, and the small bar furniture was covered with Amethyst, purple semiprecious stone. Depending on the stone type, the stone either is translucent or not. Because Amethyst is less translucent than Classic Quartz it gives a completely different experience to the restaurant and cocktail bar. The light effects – which bring a beautiful and warm atmosphere – are being created by no less than 33000 led lights. The combination of led lights and stone give a unique and attractive combination which technically gave a real challenge to overcome in the installation of the material. The distance between the lights and the back of the slab had to be just perfect. To achieve a smooth image there could not be any dark lines, stripes of bright spots in the slab..Given the exclusivity of the material and its worth, the realized applications are very rare. Philippe Criel of Cosentino Group: “The decision to install such an eye-catcher here was made on a very short term.. This is the first time we have

RENOVATION 80% of its turnover comes from international markets. ABOUT PREXURY BY COSENTINO®

realized such a big project in Belgium. For both us as to our client Potier Stone this can be seen as a signature of what is possible with this material. We’d love to bring Prexury more into the spotlight and show that next to Silestone® we can also offer very exclusive materials to the market.”

The Cosentino Group currently has 6 factories, 15 kitchen and bathroom surface production centres in the US, more than 70 distribution points or Centres worldwide, and a staff of over 2,200 spread across the globe. From its headquarters in Almeria, Spain, the Group distributes its


“Because everything depends on “Because everything depends on the point of view you are looking at...” the point of view you are looking at...”

come up come up and discover our perspective and discover our perspective


products and brands in more than 60 countries, and directly manages and controls its own facilities and infrastructures in 17 countries: the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Norway, Italy and Portugal. Currently

Prexury is a new series of materials developed with semiprecious stones and other natural materials. With the Prexury Collection, Cosentino brings materials traditionally used in jewellery, such as quartz, amethyst, agate and jasper to the home. The beauty of these stones lies in the properties of each material, which makes the collection suitable for all areas of the home. The collection consists out of twelve colors. Its hardness and resistance allows it to be used in bathrooms and kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms as well as all types of cladding. The semiprecious stones used in Prexury, come from all over the world, including Africa, South America, Australia and North America. These stones have been traditionally used in jewellery or ornaments. In addition, each piece possesses an “ASP” authenticity certificate (Authentic Semi-Precious Stone) that identifies and enables the consumer to trace the product._

... ...

DUALIUM MANAGEMENT SL DUALIUM MANAGEMENT SL C/ Mayor, 21 - 2ºB. 12001 Castellón de la Plana. Spain. Tel. (+34) 964 229 405. Fax. 964 222 618. C/ Mayor, 21 - 2ºB. 12001 Castellón de la Plana. Spain. Tel. (+34) 964 229 405. Fax. 964 222 618.



COUNTDOWN TO TECHNICAL WORKSHOPS 2013 Germany, France, England, Poland, Madrid and Barcelona: some of the destinations set for the celebration of the training days organised by ‘renovation today’ texts_ R.D.

The large team at renovation today is prepared to hold its successful Technical Workshops at locations in Germany, France, England, Poland, Madrid and Barcelona amongst others. Experience gained over more than 15 years supports this platform in the organisation and informational coverage of this type of event, designed to stimulate the demand of products related to the world of refurbishment and reformation. We therefore offer the best commercial tool to those who attend these shows to see new products and techniques and, to achieve this goal, we have the best speakers to ensure that this Technical Workshop is the best training day that you can possible attend. INFORMATION COVERAGE

Our medium (both nationally and internationally, both on paper and on the Internet) comes with the collaboration of studios and firms as important as the Lamela studio, Santiago Calatrava’s architecture office, Carmen Baselga’s project workshop, Héctor Ruiz’s architecture studio and the support of architect Joaquín Torres, amongst many others. All of this also includes ample information coverage with galleries of pictures, interviews and a large number of reports._

» Airport of Barajas. T4 terminal. Work of Richard Rogers y el estudio Lamela.

» ‘The City of Arts and Science’s . Valencia, Spain. Santiago Calatrava. |



especialists in CUTTING AND DRILLING


In this picture, Hotel Sisi, ‘the heart of Europe’ (hotel and luxurius villas), by A-cero (Joaquín Torres Architects).

drill porcelanic tile


Designed by Hector Ruiz-Velazquez, this stunning apartment depicts geometric influence at its finest, and seems to take on inspiration cues from the classic paper art of Origami.

drill bits multipurpose recommended price

granite, sandstone, marble, concrete, worktops, ceramic, metal, wood, glass...

+34 964 209 968



A SUSTAINABLE FACADE THAT ‘BREATHES’ Structural Technology Group of UPC BarcelonaTech (UPC) has developed a concrete that sustains and encourages the growth of a multitude of biological organisms on its surface texts_ P. R. / photos_COWBITE / UPC


his time we talk about a project we’ve seen in archdaily. com: Biological Concrete for a Living, Breathing Facade. The future of design requires thinking innovatively about the way current construction techniques function so we may expand upon their capabilities. Sustainability has evolved far beyond being a trend and has become an indelible part of this design process. Sustainable solutions have always pushed against the status quo of design and now the Structural Technology Group of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech (UPC) has developed a concrete that sustains and encourages the growth of a multitude of biological organisms on its surface. VERTICAL GARDEN

We have seen renditions of the vertical garden and vegetated facades, but what sets the biological concrete apart from these other systems is that it is an integral part of the structure. According to an article in Science Daily, the system is composed of three layers on top of the structural elements that together provide ecological, thermal and aesthetic advantages for the building. The biological layer that promotes the plant growth is actually

concrete, with a fine tuned cement base that promotes plant growth and is specifically catered to the viability of specific mosses and lichens. Generally, the pH levels of concrete are high. Ideal concrete conditions have pH levels lower than 9, but traditional Portland Cement can have pH levels around 12 or 13, which then needs to be reduced to an acceptable level. These are not the ideal conditions for which researchers at UPC are looking. Instead, they are developing the biological layer of concrete using a magnesium phosphate cement that is slightly more acidic and does not require treatment to reduce its pH levels. Mosses can thrive in levels of pH as low as 5 – levels that most other plants do not prefer. Limiting the competition by reducing pH levels will likely promote moss colonization. This strategy will lead researchers to develop several types of cement with a variable distribution of pH levels that promotes specific types of organisms to thrive be it moss, microalgea or lichens. The assembly for this living concrete is composed of three layers on a structural surface. The first layer is a waterproof membrane that protects the structural elements from water penetration.

The new biological layer of concrete is applied on top of this layer. This layer absorbs rainwater, acting as a microstructure that retains and stores rainwater. The final layer is a discontinuous coating that permits the entry of rainwater and traps it between the coating and the waterproof membrane. SYSTEM’S ADVANTAGES

This optimizes the amount of water that is caught within the biological membrane without compromising the structure. The system’s advantages are numerous. The |


plants capture CO2 from the air and release oxygen. The layer also acts as insulation as a thermal mass. It helps regulate temperatures within the building by absorbing heat and preventing it from entering the building in hot weather or escaping the building in cold weather. The material is patented but is still in its experimental phases. Researchers are experimenting with the types of cement that can be used to promote certain species of plant growth. These variations in the facade, both ornamental and ecological, add diversity and color to any facade be it a new building or a renovation._






Innovation, technology & sustainability at Cersaie

Gran Design Lives in Melbourne, Australia

Begins the countdown to the Batimat 2013 in Paris

Cersaie have consolidated the success of this Exhibition that, once again, is announced as the most important ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings fair. Cersaie is considered a prestigious opportunity to show off products with aestethic and technology innovations, to meet architects and designers, to deal with the world of retailers.

Grand Designs Live is the place to get ideas and free advice, plus pick up some great show specials. Discover over 220 premium exhibitors who will showcase the latest products and innovations in the four key zones - Building; Interiors; Kitchens & Bathrooms and Outdoors - this exciting home show is packed with all the ideas for your home.

Batimat is the world’s leading construction exhibition. It brings together the most comprehensive array of products, equipment and services in the world. Professionals of all kinds meet here, where the technical solutions emerge that will form part of the construction and sustainable development projects.




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