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Dear Friends, 2017 was a groundbreaking year for Hamot Health Foundation. We grew our fundraising totals, added a new annual event, created new partnerships, welcomed three new board members, expanded our giving network, narrowed our focus, and changed more lives in our community. 2017 was also an exciting year for community initiatives. We celebrated with graduates of Eagle’s Nest and Project SEARCH, we broke our Erie Gives Day record, we launched the Women’s Recovery Center, we welcomed students at our Community Schools partner to their first day at East Middle School, and we continued to strongly support community programs like Parkinson Partners and Produce Express. Philanthropy is changing the landscape of Erie, and none of that happens without the generosity of our donors. Thank you for supporting us, challenging us, and cheering us on as we broke new ground to advance health care in northwestern Pennsylvania. Together, we are creating a brighter and healthier future for our families, our neighbors, and our community.

With gratitude,

Charles “Boo” Hagerty

Garrett Fuhrman

Chief Development Officer

Board Chair

Hamot Health Foundation premiered a video at the 7th Annual UPMC Hamot Gala on January 6, 2018, featuring 16 individuals who were impacted by philanthropy. Their stories are powerful examples of how entire communities are changed one life at a time. You can visit to view the video.


“Because of Hamot Health Foundation, I’ve not only been able to further my education, but with an advanced nursing degree, I will be able to use my expertise to help more patients.” — LARRY Larry Kniess is a senior nurse in the Cardiac Cath Lab at UPMC Hamot. When Larry decided to return to school and get his master’s degree, he applied for a nursing scholarship from Hamot Health Foundation. Larry was awarded the Frank T. Wisniewski Cardiac Scholarship worth $4,000. This scholarship was established last year out of an estate gift from Frank Wisniewski, a grateful cardiac patient. Frank’s generosity made it possible for Larry to go back to school, and Larry’s advanced degree will ensure that patients like Frank get the best care possible at UPMC Hamot.

CONTINUING EDUCATION | In 2017, Hamot Health Foundation awarded 190 scholarships to employees pursuing higher education or other forms of continuing education.

Frank Wisniewski


Asia Burns was working at the Millcreek Mall, saving for college, when someone told her about the Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corporation — a program for inner city young adults funded in part by Hamot Health Foundation. She applied and was promptly accepted into the program, which provides four weeks of professional soft-skills training followed by six weeks of handson training in one of several departments at UPMC Hamot. Asia was the first Eagle’s Nest graduate accepted as a lab technician, but she far exceeded expectations and excelled in her position. Last year, she was awarded a Hamot Health Foundation scholarship to complete her undergraduate degree in pathology at Edinboro University and plans to continue working at UPMC Hamot for years to come.

“Because of Hamot Health Foundation, I didn’t have to put my dreams on hold.” — ASIA 4

CONTINUING EDUCATION | Since its inception in 2015, Eagle’s Nest has had 72 graduates, and 60 of them are still employed at UPMC Hamot.

“The opportunity to record from the brain during DBS surgery is incredibly unique. It’s the only way in neuroscience to collect this type of information about how the brain works .” — DR. RICHARDSON

Mark Richardson, MD, PhD, has the incredible job of reversing the effects of Parkinson’s disease. As an internationally recognized neurosurgeon-neuroscientist, he has been conducting highly unique research in Erie for the last year looking for ways to treat both motor and nonmotor aspects of Parkinson’s disease. During surgical implantations of deep brain stimulation (DBS) electrodes, Dr. Richardson and his Brain Modulation Lab team ask patients, who are awake during a portion of the procedure, to perform simple behavioral tasks while signals are recorded directly from their brains. Studying these signals is helping his team understand how Parkinson’s disease affects speech and what might be done to reverse communication problems in patients with movement disorders. Last year, Hamot Health Foundation granted Dr. Richardson’s team $300,000 over three years to further this groundbreaking research that has garnered global recognition.

CUTTING-EDGE RESEARCH | About one million Americans live with Parkinson’s disease, and 60,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.


Musa and Coletta are refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who moved to Erie three years ago. Musa, though only 25 years old, has been responsible for taking care of his mother Coletta, along with his six nieces and nephews who came with them. Coletta was suffering from a multitude of health issues when they found Wayne Primary Care. The office was built five years ago with funding from Hamot Health Foundation and The Erie Community Foundation since data showed that the East Bayfront neighborhoods had an abundance of residents who did not have a medical home. The team at Wayne Primary Care took the time to understand Coletta’s health needs despite the language barrier, and they were able to help get her on the right treatment plan while providing expert care for the entire family. Now Musa, Coletta, and their family have a primary care physician close to home who provides reliable and compassionate care whenever they need it.

COMMUNITY HEALTH | Wayne Primary Care has 3,459 patients, many of whom were using UPMC Hamot’s Emergency Department as their medical provider before the practice opened in 2012. 6

“The doctors at Wayne Primary Care take good care of people. It’s great to know they are there for my family when we need them, and they are so close to home.” — MUSA 7

“Our stay in the NICU was a really positive experience. The advanced technology not only eased our worries, but it helped to keep our son stable and healthy before he was able to come home.” — ERICA

Erica Trapp was rushed to UPMC Hamot 10 weeks before her due date to deliver her son, Troy. She and her husband, Eric, spent day after day in the NICU hoping that their son would continue to improve so they could take him home. And 71 days later, their wish finally came true.

CAPITAL | The NICU at UPMC Hamot cared for 300 babies in 2017. 8

While Troy was in the NICU, Erica and Eric received a parking pass from Hamot Health Foundation that saved them hundreds of dollars over 2½ months. They also learned firsthand just how great some of the Hamot Health Foundation funded technology is, like the easy-to-clean Giraffe OmniBeds and the NICview cameras, which allowed Erica and Eric to see Troy from home when they couldn’t be by his side. Today, Erica and Eric still keep in touch with their NICU nurses, and Troy is a perfectly healthy toddler!

CONTINUING EDUCATION | 1,826 patients were treated by the trauma team at UPMC Hamot in 2017.

Pat Fuhrman was driving his 24-yearold daughter, Ali, home on December 27, 2015, when their car was hit by another driver. Pat woke up in the ICU only to discover the worst news possible — Ali did not survive. Last year, it was the great privilege of Hamot Health Foundation and the Fuhrman family to honor Ali by naming the Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses program at UPMC Hamot after her. Nurses who complete this course are named “Ali’s Angels” as a tribute to the incredible young woman who left an everlasting mark on this earth. The training was completed by 27 nurses this year and has further elevated the level of care we are able to provide to our patients — the same care that was so important to Ali’s family. A portion of the funds raised to establish Ali’s Angels also provided bereavement training and support for nurses.

“By establishing Ali’s Angels, nurses are getting the training they need to help save lives. It brings a good feeling to my heart.” — PAT 9

“By helping someone struggling with substance use disorder, we can make a difference that not only affects a whole family, but that also impacts our entire community in a positive way.” — MANDY


Mandy Fauble has been working at Safe Harbor Behavioral Health of UPMC Hamot since 2002 in both clinical and administrative roles. Naturally, she’s passionate about altering services to create the most effective patientcentered experience possible. So when Mandy saw that patients in UPMC Hamot’s Emergency Department who presented with substance use disorder weren’t getting connected to rehabilitation care fast enough, she started the warm handoff program with a grant from Hamot Health Foundation and is now getting those patients connected to treatment before they are discharged. Mandy has also championed the Women’s Recovery Center at Magee-Womens, UPMC Hamot, which is getting pregnant mothers struggling with substance use disorder the help they need to have a healthy pregnancy.

CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE | In its first 15 months, the warm handoff staff saw 448 patients, and 204 of those patients accepted treatment.



“Some holidays I’ve had to decide between paying bills and buying food or getting my son a gift. I don’t know what I would have done without the Wish Tree .” — MAJMA

Majma Aganas and Takisa Vaughn are UPMC Hamot employees who were beneficiaries of the United Charities Fund at Hamot Health Foundation. Majma and Takisa are two of the hardest workers in the Environmental Services Department, but during the holidays, finances can still be tight for them and their children. Every December, our United Charities committee organizes a Wish Tree to provide presents to children of employees like Majma and Takisa. Fellow employees then choose a family and purchase some of the requested presents in time for the holidays. In December 2017, the UPMC Hamot employees, along with Corporators, exceeded expectations and purchased presents for 239 children.

COMMUNITY HEALTH | Last September, United Charities gave away backpacks full of school supplies to 91 families with young children to ensure that all of our community children are equipped to succeed in school.


“The Youth Leadership program is changing lives. We’re helping young people to see they do have a future, they have options.” —EDISON

Edison Nicholson started the Youth Leadership Institute of Erie because he saw a need in the youth of Erie that he believed he could fill. His goal is to develop high school students into leaders who are informed, motivated, and committed to working toward an improved quality of life for an improved community. Thanks to ongoing funding from Hamot Health Foundation, The Youth Leadership Institute can continue to influence young lives for years to come.

COMMUNITY HEALTH | Hamot Health Foundation supports other career development programs in the community like Career Street, Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corporation, Project SEARCH, and The Freedom House Academy.


CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE | The John E. Britton Shock Trauma Center is the only Level II trauma center in the region.

Sarah Mattocks’ life changed forever when her stepfather passed away after a traumatic brain injury. Sarah was in nursing school at the time, and decided then that she wanted to spend her career working with trauma patients to save as many lives as possible. Sarah is now the Trauma Program manager at UPMC Hamot, and she gives back to the program with every single paycheck. Sarah has supported Foundation-funded programs such as Stop the Bleed, the Flipside, and Ali’s Angels. She is one of the many employees who sees the need for philanthropy in the hospital and takes it upon herself to do something about it. Her passion for her work is just one of the many reasons why Sarah was just elected as president of the international Society of Trauma Nurses.

Nyrie and Abigail are both active in the Youth Leadership Institute where they discovered opportunities to accomplish big goals at a young age. They are both involved at school and in the community and plan on attending competitive universities when they graduate.

“Whether it be nursing education, scholarships that have been given, or injury prevention that we’ve done — I can see the benefits of my donations, daily.” — SARAH 15


CAPITAL | Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Center currently brings 37 doctors from Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC to Erie on a monthly basis in order to keep families in our area from making incessant trips to Pittsburgh whenever possible.

“The Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Center has a very similar feel to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. It has definitely made visits to the doctor much easier for Millie .” — MANDY

Mandy and Millie Beaumont have spent a lot of time in doctors’ offices ever since Millie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 16 months old. Fortunately, Luigi Garibaldi, MD, Millie’s physician at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, travels to Erie once a month to see Millie at Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Center located inside Magee-Womens, UPMC Hamot. While Millie gets a little nervous before regular doctors’ appointments, she never feels nervous before visiting Dr. Garibaldi — and distraction therapy plays a big role in that. Last year, Hamot Health Foundation funded two distraction therapy murals for the Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Center so our pediatric patients, like Millie, don’t experience fear or anxiety that might alter vital signs, diagnoses, and the ability to treat without sedatives. 17

“This program has really helped me with my self-confidence. Because of the skills I’ve been taught, I now have my very first job working at UPMC Hamot and I absolutely love it!” — ABBY

Abby Onuschak was a senior at McDowell High School when one of her teachers recommended Project SEARCH, a special education program through McDowell that connects upperclassmen to entry-level employment opportunities at UPMC Hamot. After learning more about the program, she decided that it was a perfect fit. Abby, along with 10 other Project SEARCH interns, spent six hours a day in the hospital acquiring real-life work experience and training in employability and independent living skills. Abby was placed in the Catering Department at UPMC Hamot where she quickly learned new skills and became a reliable member of the team. In fact, Abby is such an excellent employee that she was offered a job four months early!

COMMUNITY HEALTH | Eight of the 12 students who went through Project SEARCH last year were hired at UPMC Hamot, and eight of the 11 students who are currently in Project SEARCH have received early job offers. 18


$25.2 million ASSETS

$4.1 million


by the numbers fiscal year








higher education and other continuing education

$1.3 million


$395,081 CAPITAL










grant totals

officers Garrett A. Fuhrman | Chair Beth Burnside | Vice Chair David Gibbons | President, UPMC Hamot Charles “Boo” Hagerty | Chief Development Officer Carrie E. Ennis | Secretary Bradley N. Dinger, CPA | Treasurer

staff Charles “Boo” Hagerty | Chief Development Officer Jaimee Black | Vice President of Operations Anna Bentley | Development Coordinator Emily Kahler | Executive Assistant Michelle Robertson | Grants Coordinator

board of trustees Gregory S. Baldwin, Esq. | Baldwin Brothers, Inc. Danielle Bates, CPA | Accudyn Products, Inc. Jeffrey E. Beach, CPA | BKD CPAs & Advisors Harold “H” Bender | Team Hardinger Beth Burnside | CMIT Solutions of Erie Peter L. Depowski, MD | Pathology Associates of Erie Lauren Donatelli-Seyler, DO | Great Lakes Surgical Specialists B. Scott Eighmy | American Turned Products Elliott J. Ehrenreich, Esq. | Knox Law Claire A. Foster | UPMC Hamot Aid Society Garrett A. Fuhrman | Fuhrman-Brown Precision Tool William Jeffress | Mercyhurst University Lisa Watkins | Kimkopy Printing David J. Zimmer | ERIEBANK



7TH ANNUAL GALA Jan. 6, 2018

2017 would not have been possible without the generous support of our incredible sponsors, donors, supporters, and friends. Thank you to each and every single one of you for supporting our events, initiatives, and mission and for bringing greater hope and healing to our community. To view the full list of donors please visit

302 French Street • Erie, PA 16507 ph 814-877-7020 • fax 814-877-7012 •

Hamot Health Foundation Annual Report 2017  

This annual report is more than numbers and information about funds and programs. It is a collection of stories — important stories — about...

Hamot Health Foundation Annual Report 2017  

This annual report is more than numbers and information about funds and programs. It is a collection of stories — important stories — about...