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It’s been just two years since the momentous decision was made to join UPMC. Already this partnership is achieving incredible results, elevating the standard of care we all count on. With every gift to Hamot Health Foundation staying local — and under the leadership of our administrative team headed by V. James Fiorenzo, president, and David P. Gibbons, chief operating officer — this standard is sure to be sustained in the future. At the heart of our success are the forward-looking supporters of Hamot Health Foundation who are wholly dedicated to the ideal of health care excellence in our community. They are people unafraid to look ahead, to recognize need, and to commit to making a difference. They are you. In this report, we present the perspectives of some of our benefactors — Corporators, administrators, physicians, volunteers — for whom UPMC Hamot isn’t only a leading medical center, but the very embodiment of their humanistic values. Like you, they have powerful and personal motivations behind their philanthropy. And, like you, they have made their lives by what they have given. Sincerely,

Ann M. Bula President and Chief Development Officer Hamot Health Foundation

Clarence W. Kearney Chairman Hamot Health Foundation


Peter Depowski, MD UPMC Hamot pathologist and vice president of the medical staff



Champions of care: UPMC Hamot Medical Staff


The UPMC Hamot medical staff comprises the most distinguished physicians in northwestern Pennsylvania. It also includes some of the medical center’s foremost philanthropists among its ranks. Working on the front lines of patient care, the medical staff has a unique perspective of the tremendous teamwork, technology, and resources required to be successful. “Without the facilities to provide care, and the hard work and dedication of all of our employees, physicians like me would not be able to practice medicine,” says Peter Depowski, MD, UPMC Hamot pathologist and vice president of the medical staff. “I believe it is our duty to give back and support the organization that has provided us the opportunity to touch the lives of so many patients throughout the years.” To optimize this support, Richard Long, MD, chief medical officer, is spearheading The Strickland Champion Society, a collaborative physician group


Richard Long, MD Chief Medical Officer


Jim Ohrn Chair of the Board of Corporators

promoting the exchange of ideas and coordinating staff philanthropy. “Philanthropy ultimately comes back to benefit us as physicians,” he says. “What’s good for the medical center is inseparably good for our staff and their practices. And as we know all too well, revenue alone cannot keep us on the leading edge.” Dr. Depowski is encouraged by the staff’s reception of the society, and the active engagement of ideas expressed by physicians to financially support the UPMC Hamot mission. “It is clear to me that there are many devoted UPMC Hamot physicians who not only provide outstanding patient care to all of our patients, but have a deep commitment to the institution and support its continued success.” Dr. Long echoes this sentiment. “Although I’m an administrator, I’m still a physician. This is where I work, the place that enables me to pursue my vocation. It provides what I need to practice the way I feel I should — to the best of my ability.”

Soul of volunteerism: UPMC Hamot Aid Society For 107 years, the UPMC Hamot Aid Society has represented the very soul of volunteerism and philanthropy at UPMC Hamot. Its contributions to


the welfare of the medical center are nothing short of amazing: 13,000 volunteer hours per year in 13 designated medical services and facilities, interest-free student loans for graduate and undergraduate medical education, nursing scholarships, Healthy Woman Seminar and other community health programs, UPMC Hamot gift shops, annual golf outing and lottery, and a myriad of fundraisers to support the purchase of equipment and various activities and projects throughout the medical center. The UPMC Hamot Aid Society has an extraordinary capability for adapting to medical center needs, and accommodating assigned projects with versatility and alacrity. Society members raised $1 million for the UPMC Hamot Women’s Hospital, and $1.15 million recently for renovations to the radiology patient waiting area, UPMC Hamot House, and the main entrance and lobby project. Trudy Reichert, UPMC Hamot Aid Society president, describes the organization as a fellowship united in a common cause. “You love them and enjoy being with them,” she says. “It’s simply a joy to associate with people who share these values. We continually exceed what we’re asked to do. That alone shows what kind of people we have.”


Connecting our community: Hamot Health Foundation Board of Corporators Residing at the juncture of health care provision and utilization, Hamot Health Foundation Corporators draw upon collective business acumen and pervasive philanthropic spirit to assist UPMC Hamot in achieving its mission. “As an employer, I felt that I needed to keep ahead of health care issues in our community and see how they were affecting my people and their families,” says Jim Ohrn, chair of the Board of Corporators. “As business people, our membership can relate to the hospital’s need for facilities and equipment to remain competitive. These types of projects have tangible results, and we can quantify the benefit they have for our community.”

Lisa Watkins Campaign Chairperson

Lisa Watkins, campaign chairperson, believes transparency also plays a vital role in securing muchneeded philanthropic support. “Accurate statements of need and impact, precise planning and projection, and quantified results enable UPMC Hamot to stay ahead in securing funding for major education, community, and capital need projects,” she says. In addition to “brick and mortar” projects, Corporators also support programs such as the Next Generation Fund, a student-focused effort that stimulates exposure to career opportunities and helps to develop the health care workforce. But regardless of the nature of the project, Corporator support is founded in a shared commitment to giving back. “A basic tenet of my philosophy is to engage in philanthropy, to return some of my resources for the betterment of the community,” says Ohrn. “Hamot Health Foundation is my connection to the medical center.”





Trudy Reichert UPMC Hamot Aid Society President



Recognizing opportunity: The Next Generation Fund

Realizing dreams: Nursing Scholarships Gifts to scholarship funds are a mainstay in helping to secure and sustain one of UPMC Hamot’s most vital resources: its nurses. Foundation benefactors may support nursing scholarships through several key funds created in honor of Elinor “Punky” and Robert Jeffrey, Pat and Walter Yahn, Audrey Sieber, and Edna Malone. These scholarships help defray the costs of tuition, pay for books and expenses, and reduce loan amounts. “Just as importantly, they reinforce an individual’s sense of value in the organization,” says Jean Bulmer, DNP, RN-BC, director of organizational development and training. “Nursing scholarships encourage future employment for people who can be readily assimilated into our organization,” says Bulmer. “The financial support is greatly valued by each recipient. And, in the long run, these scholarships encourage advancement on our nursing and administrative career ladders.”


The health care industry accounts for approximately one-third of employment in northwestern Pennsylvania, a vital engine driving our local economy. It is imperative for our youth to be aware of the array of diverse health care careers available to them, and to recognize their potential professional compatibility in the industry. Now in its second year, the Next Generation Fund was formed to expand awareness of potential health care careers among area students, and to create experiences exposing them to actual positions in the real working environment. Among the programs it funds is Mercyhurst University’s Health Career Explorer Camp. Over the past six years, nearly 400 culturally diverse high school students have engaged in hands-on experience in nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical lab technology, respiratory therapy, and emergency medical response training. Funds also support UPMC Hamot’s Inclusion Program that sponsors job shadowing, volunteering, career fairs, and related pipeline and workforce development opportunities for area students.

Gratitude at the front line: Guardian Angel Program Since its inception, the Guardian Angel Program has raised more than $62,000 from approximately 820 donors paying tribute to a UPMC Hamot employee, physician, or department, or simply making a nondesignated gift. These donations support new technology, equipment, and facilities, and advance the education and training of the UPMC Hamot team. Equally important, gifts to the Guardian Angel Program are valued by employees who, in turn, are recognized in the hospital’s employee newsletter and honored in special presentations — and who also enjoy the personal satisfaction of exceeding patient and family expectations.





PROJECTS Putting children first: New Pediatrics Wing Officially opening this year, the new Pediatric Care Unit at the UPMC Hamot Women’s Hospital is a testament to the hospital’s mission of keeping families together and centralizing women’s and children’s services for an optimally comfortable, secure, and positive environment. The Pediatric Care Unit at UPMC Hamot treats acutely ill pediatric patients ranging from infancy to 18 years of age, and includes medical, surgical, orthopaedic, urology, and trauma services for children. Gifts through Hamot Health Foundation are transforming the Pediatric Care Unit into a place where kids and families will be comfortable, assured, and — most importantly — united. Relocating the unit from the main building to the Women’s



Hospital is estimated to cost more than $700,000. Work is underway, and patients began to occupy the new unit in September.

Crossing the threshold: Main Lobby Renovation Improving accessibility to health care is a literal and figurative goal at UPMC Hamot. The lobby renovation scheduled to begin this year will not only improve the aesthetics of the main entrance, but also ensure more effective, efficient traffic flow and logistics. The renovation is being funded by long-time Hamot Health Foundation philanthropists William and Suzanne Conner, the UPMC Hamot Aid Society, as well as with support from the Foundation. The current lobby has remained essentially unchanged since 1977 when the South Complex opened. The design restricts both motorized and foot traffic, and creates unnecessary energy expenses and discomfort for patients and employees during cold-weather months. Goals of the new design are to improve accessibility to patient registration, valet parking, and elevators, and to enlarge the information and


gift shop areas. Moreover, the new entrance will reflect the image of a nationally renowned medical center and key partner in western Pennsylvania’s largest health system. David Gibbons, chief operating officer, applauds the role that philanthropy is playing to make this project possible, linking generosity to the very identity of the medical center. “Philanthropy raises funds for incredibly important projects that, in essence, make us who we are and what we’re capable of doing.”

David Gibbons Chief Operating Officer


Taking health care to the underserved: Wayne Primary Care Erie’s low-income families are chronically underserved by health care. However, approximately a year ago, a tremendous step was taken to address this need with the creation of the first schoolbased health service in northwestern Pennsylvania, Wayne Primary Care, funded in part by major support from Hamot Health Foundation. This vital facility addresses basic needs of a segment of our community that is more likely to suffer chronic illnesses, be in fair or poor health, depend upon emergency services, and be unable to afford health care than any other segment. Wayne Primary Care connects the medical home with the educational home, and helps to eliminate barriers entailed in transportation, timing, and scheduling. And it’s working. Approximately 2,000 visits have been recorded since it opened in October 2012. Equally important, the facility is connecting people to primary care physicians and effecting a notable reduction in emergency visits among the segment it serves. The service is also networking with area community groups and churches to spread awareness, increase utilization, and coordinate health education programs on issues

Kristen Chandler, DO, Wayne Primary Care

such as personal hygiene, self esteem, and prenatal and postnatal care. For immigrants, the Wayne Primary Care staff also has initiated grass roots services such as interpretation, ordering and using medications, and getting required immunizations. Amy Arrington, director of the UPMC Hamot Primary Care Network, credits the energy and vision of Kristen Chandler, DO, for a large portion of the success the new practice is experiencing. She also emphasizes that support through philanthropy will be the key to expanding the benefits of schoolbased care in the future. “We’re proving that the concept is viable,” she says, “and we want to see this continue to happen. The greatest challenge will be funding, and the generosity of the Foundation and its supporters will be essential.”


GIFTS A Abbott Laboratories Thomas M. Abraham, Jr., DO Dr. Sarah Achenbach and Mr. Matthew Achenbach Edward C. Althof American Trauma Society K. Stephen Anderson, CRNA, MEd Shellye R. Andrus Anonymous (9) Atty. James M. Antoun and Atty. Marcia H. Haller Dave Armstrong Mike Arnold Mrs. Prudence J. Artello Mrs. Yvonne D. Atkinson-Mishrell

B Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Baldwin Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Balsan Bank of America (Matching Gifts Program) Patrick J. Bannon, MD Dr. Maureen Barber-Carey Ben Bastow Mr. Bryan G. Baumann Bayada Home Health Care Bayside OB/GYN & Infertility Carol and Jeff Beach Cathy and Bob Becker


Mr. and Mrs. Jim Becker Mrs. Elizabeth Beckman J. Brad Bellotte, MD, and Pamela S. Beck-Morey, DO Joseph A. and Berit I. Benacci Matthew Benacci The Bert Company Doug and Randi Bert Joan and Boyd Bert John Beuchart Bianchi Motors, Inc. B & L Wholesale Supply, Inc. Richard T. Blatt John E. Bleil, CPA Geoffrey Boehm Ed and Dee Dee Bolt John and Julia Bongiovanni Bonnell’s Auto Glass Betsy Bort Bostwick Design Partnership Charles and Barbara Bracken Fund of The Erie Community Foundation Noel and Marci Bradley Michael F. Brady Clarke S. Bressler Britton Family Foundation Leo J. and Teresa Brugger Bruns Insurance Services, LLC Dr. and Mrs. Jan F. Brzozowski Buhren’s Pharmacy, Inc. Building Systems, Inc.

Mary C. Bula Debbie and George Burbules Ted Burkhart The Burnside Family

C Dr. and Mrs. Philip M. Cacchione Steve Cain Callista Salon, LLC Christopher R. Cammarata, DO Jim and Marie Canfield Dr. and Mrs. John M. Carney District Judge Tom Carney The Charles and Renee Caryl Family Delores Catalde Robert W. Chambers Dr. Kristen and Robert Chandler Chest Diseases of NW PA Jeanette J. Chimenti Mike Chodubski Dr. and Mrs. Winston Chu Church & Murdock Electric, Inc. City of Erie Community Service Fund CJL Engineering John and Sherry Cline W. John Collins Jim Colvin Tracy Comeau Suzanne and William Conner

The following list represents gifts received between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

Considine Biebel & Company Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Constable Conway and O’Malley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Cook, Jr. CORE – Center for Organ Recovery and Education Richard C. Cornwell, II Country Fair, Inc. Deaconess Heidi Cowey Jeff Craft John H. Craft, CRNA, PC Mr. and Mrs. M. Robert Cross Crossfit EOS, LLC Crossfit FBO Bud Crowers John B. Cummings Sian Currie Mabel Curtin Ms. Ann J. Czajka

D Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Dahlkemper Dr. Ellen E. Dailey and Dr. Geoffrey P. Dunn Dr. James P. Dailey and Dr. Penny Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Dalglish Kathy and Steve Danch Anne M. Davis Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Decker Louis C. DeLuca

Steve Deluca Jim and Dorie DeMatteis The Depowski Family Paul R. Detzel Neal and Daria Devlin Bill and Sally DeWitt Dr. and Mrs. David W. Dexter Dr. and Mrs. William P. Diefenbach Dr. Joseph M. and Laura DiFranco Ronald D. DiSantis Dobrich Properties Al Donahue Jim and Kristen Donnelly Donna E. Douglass Mr. Dewey Doverspike Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Dugan George and Gretchen Dusckas, Jr. Ann M. & Robert G. Dwyer Fund of the Erie Community Foundation Elizabeth B. Dwyer Atty. and Mrs. Robert G. Dwyer

E Mark Eberl Edinboro University Foundation Elliott J. Ehrenreich The Eighmy Family Mr. and Mrs. John Elliott Jason Elwell Roofing and Construction

Emerson Electric Co., Weigand Division John B. Enders Dr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Engel Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. Erhartic Erie Bank Erie Beer Company The Erie Community Foundation Erie/Crawford County Funeral Directors’ Association, Inc. Erie FOP 7 Erie Insurance Group Erie Women’s Fund Dr. Jeffrey J. Esper George and Cynda Espy Jeff and Emily Evans Karen and John Evans Robert Evans

F Thomas J. Falcolner Christine A. Falk Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ferraro Bob and Christie Ferrier Chris Fette and Mary Leach Fette Les Fetterman Carl G. and Twila M. Fetzner Drs. Laura and Andrew Figura William J. Figurski Frank Filipski Joanne Finn, MD


GIFTS Bill and Renee Finnecy Annette and Jim Fiorenzo FirstEnergy Matt Fischer Henry and Laurana Fish Dr. and Mrs. Leo D. Fitzgibbon Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous Wayne Forcier Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Foster Dr. and Mrs. Francis P. Foti Fralo Industries, Inc. Mr. Robert P. Frenzel Kim Frey Janet Friedman Jeff and Carrie Froess Mr. and Mrs. Garrett A. Fuhrman Hal and Shirley Fuller John A. Fust, MD

Atty. M. Fletcher and Elsie O. Gornall Donor Designated Fund of The Erie Community Foundation M. Fletcher Gornall, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Gottschalk Mr. and Mrs. George P. Gourlias Great Lakes Home Health and Hospice Great Lakes Insurance Services Group, LLC Greater Erie Community Action Committee Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Gredler Griffith Electric Adam R. Griffith, DO Michelle Griffith-Aresco Rick and Noreen Frances Griffith Henry Guelfi Steve Gula



Thomas J. Gamble, PhD Diane Garcia Dr. William P. Garvey Agnes Gausman GE Foundation Kevin and Sally Gearity Geiger and Sons Phylus Genaway David P. Gibbons Chet Giermak David S. Gifford Fund of the Erie Community Foundation Colleen Gildea Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Glass Glowacki Management Company Robert and Mary Alice Glowacki Golf, Etc.

Angela Hadzega Hagan Business Machines, Inc. Susan and Tom Hagen Aimee and Boo Hagerty Jason Hain Rekha D. Halligan, MD, PhD and David T. Halligan, PhD Phil Hardesty Walter O. Harf Mr. Daniel L. Harmon Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Harris Kelly L. Hayes, MD, PhD Hertel and Brown Physical Therapy, PC Hagan and Kelly Hetz Brandon Heynes Anthony R. Himes, Esq. Historic Square Agency Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Holt


Howard Hanna Real Estate Services Howard Industries Howard and Dee Howlett Dave Hudson Christopher Hughes, MD Bob and Sue Humes John S. Hupcej Dr. and Mrs. David C. Hutzel

I Mrs. Mary Catharine Imboden David Immonen Marj and Don Inderlied Scott Irwin

J Bill Jackson Les James Dr. Andrea T. Jeffress and Mr. William Jeffress Elinor (Punky) and Robert Jeffrey Joe B’s Carpets Danny Jones Dawn and Chuck Joy Margaret Joy, Esq.

K Gurjaipal S. Kang, MD Dr. Jay Kang and Dr. Mona Kang Clarence and Sandy Kearney Pat Kennedy Ken Kensill Kern Family Foundation B. Scott Kern and Amy Cuzzola-Kern Mrs. Nancy R. Kern

Ed Kloecker Jerome “Jerry” Kloss John W. Kloss Mrs. Arlene A. Knoll Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett, P.C. Dr. Robert Kormos Alex and Anna Kosenko Frances M. Kramer, DNP, CRNA David M. Kruszewski, DO Thomas Kruszewski Clarke and Sue Kuebler Charles Kuneman Mike Kuneman Dr. and Mrs. Sam and Su Kurien

L Lake Erie Dental Inc. and Kearsarge Office Lakeside Auto Sales, Inc. Vickie and Chris Lampe Richard and Danielle Lang Henry R. C. Lara, MD Chris and Patti Larson John H. Laver, III LECOM Meda Mitchell Lee Dr. David LeVan Jeffrey H. Levine, MD Liberty Mortgage Corporation Patricia J. Liebel Bill and Linda Lillis Lilly Broadcasting Lincoln Recycling Mary and Howard Lincoln Kyle Lino Jim and Sue Livingston Richard and Jeanie Long Chris Loomis Denise Lopez

Thomas Lord Fund of The Erie Community Foundation F. Brady Louis LTL Properties Terri and John Lubahn Michael J. Lubowicki Dana R. Lundquist Jim Lyons

M MacDonald Illig Jones & Britton LLP Deborah and John Maciak LuAnne and Ken MacIsaac Gerry Madison Robert and Kathryn Maholic John and Karen Malone Yolanda and John Malone Mary L. Manno Mr. and Mrs. John D. Marcoline Maria’s Pizza Marquette Savings Bank Marsh Spaeder Baur Spaeder & Schaaf, LLP Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services James E. Martin John E. and Karen D. Martin Michael P. Martin Frank D. Martinelli, Jr. Janet Martinez Bill Marucci Charlotte and Michael Mashyna Dr. Carolynn Masters and Dr. Thomas R. Masters David and Heather McBrier Mr. and Mrs. James P. McBrier Mr. and Mrs. C.E. McCormick Des and Deb McDonald McDowell Activity Fund

McDowell Boys Basketball Boosters Keith T. McGarvey Jeffrey P. McGovern, MD Mike McIntire Jim and Linda McKibben Susan E. McMahon MDA Michael and Adele Mead Mr. and Mrs. E. Joseph Mehl Mr. Timothy J. Mehl Jorge M. Mercado, MD Merchant Services Merwin Foundation Mid Town Tattoo Dr. and Mrs. Ferdinando L. Mirarchi Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Mirone Dr. and Mrs. Forrest C. Mischler Mitchell-Russo Inc. DBA Golf Etc. Erie Dan Mitchell Peter M. Mitchell Family Pete Mitchell, Sr. Pete and Lesley Mitchell Robert Monroe Carl and Barbara Moore Nathan M. Moore, MD Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Moore Judith A. Morley Homer and Marlene Mosco Ms. Denise Mosley Motsch Plumbing Mr. Harry E. Mueller, Jr. Douglas and Deborah Murphy Dr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Murphy

N Edward J. Nageli Family J. Gordon Naughton


GIFTS Laura S. Nelson, Esq. Marc Nelson Richard J. Neuer, OD Larry and Gloria New Family Fund of the PAA Foundation Cheryl C. Niedermeier Tony Noble Nachiko Nordstrom North American Partners in Anesthesia Northwest Savings Bank Northwestern University Judge and Mrs. Richard L. Nygaard

O OC Reilly Inc. Odis 12, Inc. Jim and Sue Ohrn Robert E. Olson Frank Orlando John R. Orlando Funeral Home, Inc. John and Michele Orlando Quentin M. Orlando, DO Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine of Erie, PC Ellen Osborn Oskin Family Jason Owen

P Matt Passalenqua Pathology Associates of Erie, Inc. Patterson-Erie Corporation Dr. and Mrs. James A. Pepicello Richard C. Perkins Chuck Peters


Walter and Marion Peterson Edward and Kathy Petrusch PHEAA Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Caleb M. Pifer Monty and Rosemary Pifer Patrick A. Pinder, CRNA Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union # 47 of NW PA Plymouth Tavern PNC Bank PNC Foundation Police and Fireman’s Insurance Association Don Pollack Matt Pollack Barbara R. Pollock Porky’s Pizzeria, LLC Matthew G. Porsch Attorney at Law Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Power, Jr. Presque Isle Tent and Table, LLC Prudential Financial Dividend Account

R Bruce and K.D. Raimy Fund of The Erie Community Foundation Kathryn and Mark Raimy Ramm Skating School Meredyth E. Rawa RBC Dain Rauscher Real Training and Fitness, LLC C. H. Reams and Associates Chuck and Wallie Reams Tom and Kelly Reams Mr. and Mrs. Ross E. Rectenwald Dr. and Mrs. John C. Reilly Billy, Nicole, and Liam Reitzell Gary Rhodes Peter and Christi Richter

Walter E. Rizzoni, MD Mr. and Mrs. Jason N. Roeback Laurie B. Root Deborah Roper, CRNA Dr. and Mrs. Jan M. Rothman Sally B. Rouch, DrPh Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rush

S T. Savchuk Jim and Meg Schneider Robert Schultz Dave Schumacher Tom Schumacher Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Schwartz Shawn Schwartz Atty. Jeffrey D. Scibetta Dr. and Mrs. M. Peter Scibetta Scobell Co. Nick and Karen Scott Dr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Scully Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Scutella Norman and Margaret Seip Raymond Sekula, Jr., MD Craig and Barb Sessamen Daniel and Lisa Severo Richard M. Seybold Dr. and Mrs. Sukh Dev Sharma Marilyn A. Sharp Stuart and Jamie Shellenberger Family (Tranquilized Anesthesia, LLC) Ruth Shindledecker Donald and Laure Sieber Derf and Sandy Sieber Paul A. Sieber Rev. and Mrs. Steven P. Simon Harry and Martha Sinden Mayor Joseph E. Sinnott Sloppy Duck Saloon John S. and Barbara M. Smith

Ryan and Katrina Smith Msgr. L. Thomas Snyderwine John A. and Margaret E. Spaeder Fund of The Erie Community Foundation Robert Spaulding Mr. James B. Spiegel Dr. and Mrs. Barry D. Stamm Brian and Kate Stark F. Cole Stearns Steel 12 Grub and Chug Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Steele Sheila Sterrett Dr. Dale R. Stevens and Dr. Michelle A. Stevens Dr. Scott Stevens Dr. and Mrs. David M. Strasser Mr. Hamilton W. Strayer Mr. Leonard O. Strong James Stubenhofer Dr. Jennifer Stull and Mr. James Marshall Dave Super Bonnie and George Tarcia

T Tax Strategies – Mary F. Dyklewski Daryl E. Terella Matthew A. Testrake, DPM Dr. Larry W. Thompson and Dr. Kimberly Thompson Thomas and Elizabeth Thompson Ms. Melanie Titzel Dawn and David Tofel, II Marianne and Royce Tonjes Mr. and Mrs. Hans O. Torbjornsen Dr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Trageser Phil Tredway Mr. Thomas A. Tredway Bernard J. Trejchel Brian Trejchel

Chris Trejchel Todd Trejchel Vince Trenga Jason and Renee Triana Tungsten Creative Group Atty. and Mrs. Thomas A. Tupitza

U Mrs. Janice D. Underhill United Way of Erie County UPMC Hamot UPMC Hamot Aid Society UPMC Hamot Medical Staff UPMC Hamot Nursing Department UPMC Hamot School of Anesthesia UPMC Health Plan

V Jack Vanchieri Nick Vandamia Vendetti & Vendetti Ryan Victory R. Michael Vincent Volcano

W Bob and JoAnn Wagner Everett D. Walker Family Jacqueline R. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Walton Dr. Sarah L. Warner and Mr. Brian Rehrig Dave Warren Attorney Mark T. Wassell Hollis Wasser and Margaret Wasser

Ramon and Lisa Watkins Adam and Summer Weaver Amy and Don Weaver Leo B. Weiner Chris Welch Gail Welch Welders Supply Mr. Cyrus R. Wellman Wheelchairs and More Robert C. White WICU, WSEE and CW Ms. Linda J. Wilkinson Dr. and Mrs. Ryan Will George and Cindy Willis Mitch and Christel Willis Becky Wilson Scott K. Wright Kim and Mark Wykoff

Y Yahn Fund of The Erie Community Foundation Patricia S. and Walter J. Yahn Lois and Richard Yeager Peter Yoars, Jr., Esq.

Z Angeline Zebrowski Mr. and Mrs. David J. Zimmer Mr. David M. Zurn Mr. Frank W. Zurn Mr. Roger W. Zurn Norm Zymm

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our donor list. If you discover an error, please accept our apology and notify us at 814-877-7020 so we can correct our records. Thank you.


HONORS In Honor of 5 South Nancy B. Pascale In Honor of K. Stephen Anderson Suzanne and Mark Morrison In Honor of Bernadine Bagniszewski Susan M. Hurta In Honor of Amy Bailey Gary Maras In Honor of Patrick J. Bannon, MD Thomas M. Dougherty In Honor of Daniel Barbero, MD Debbie DeAngelo In Honor of Jessica Barrett Debbie DeAngelo In Honor of Gregory K. Beard, DO Lu and Bill Adams The Family of Dana Bachman Walter and Marion Peterson In Honor of Pamela S. Beck-Morey, DO J. Brad Bellotte, MD In Honor of Allison Boyd Anonymous


In Honor of Rachel Boyer The Family of John D. Berarducci, Sr. In Honor of Marci E. Bradley Amy J. Beckman Emily L. Bradley Jean Bulmer Elizabeth Cancilla Cheryl A. Cook William P. Edgar Kim M. Hampy Emily J. Hirsch Donna Irish Kelly K. Kalkhof Colleen A. Komar Dianna K. Lindsey Julie Maloney Muffi Mascaro Carri A. Milano Matthew W. Niles Robin L. Pearson Donna M. Rapheal-Huckno Darlene Rihel Heidi L. Thayer Cynthia A. Toale Rebecca Totzke Debra A. Weismiller Jennifer Wolfram Susan Zajac In Honor of Gary T. Brotherson, MD Anonymous In Honor of Christine M. Brown, MD Fred Tarbosso

In Honor of Michael D. Butler, MD Henry Guelfi Gerry Madison Mrs. Ann L. Orinko S. Vega Family In Honor of Christopher R. Cammarata, DO Joe and Stephanie Weunski In Honor of Elizabeth Cancilla Alice and Richard Davis In Honor of Joseph A. Carvelli, MD Presogna Family In Honor of Mary Beth Cermak, MD Mary Walker In Honor of Albert E. Charron, MD Phyllis A. Irene and Wendy In Honor of Our Children and Grandchildren Marj and Don Inderlied In Honor of Chaplain Sonny Concepcion The Family of John D. Berarducci, Sr.

The following list represents gifts received between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

In Honor of Gary J. Cortina, MD Anonymous

In Honor of Elio DeMeira, MD Gerald L. Edwards

In Honor of Jen Counts Tom and Kelly Reams

In Honor of David W. Dexter, MD George Hartner

In Honor of Chaplain Heidi Cowey Brandi R. Stadler

In Honor of Ginny DiGello Amy J. Beckman Jean Bulmer Elizabeth Cancilla Cheryl A. Cook William P. Edgar Kim M. Hampy Emily J. Hirsch Donna Irish Kelly K. Kalkhof Colleen A. Komar Dianna K. Lindsey Julie Maloney Muffi Mascaro Carri A. Milano Matthew W. Niles Robin L. Pearson Donna M. Rapheal-Huckno Darlene Rihel Heidi L. Thayer Cynthia A. Toale Rebecca Totzke Debra A. Weismiller Jennifer Wolfram Susan Zajac

In Honor of the CRNAs at UPMC Hamot, the UPMC Hamot Women’s Hospital, and the UPMC Hamot Surgery Center Chris and Patti Larson In Honor of Stephanie Cullen Walt Horner In Honor of Joseph F. Deimel, MD Mary Jarosik In Honor of James A. DeLullo, MD Carol M. Conner In Honor of James A. DeMatteis, MD Richard and Jeannette Fitzsimmons Lois Hoffman Dan and Donna Werle In Honor of Ralph DeMatteis Anonymous

In Honor of Heather DiLuzio Gerald Hagerty

In Honor of Jim Donnelly Amy J. Beckman Jean Bulmer Elizabeth Cancilla Cheryl A. Cook, RN, BSN William P. Edgar Kim M. Hampy Emily J. Hirsch Donna Irish Kelly K. Kalkhof Colleen A. Komar Dianna K. Lindsey Julie Maloney and Family Muffi Mascaro Carri A. Milano Matthew W. Niles Robin L. Pearson Donna M. Rapheal-Huckno Darlene and Ron Rihel Heidi L. Thayer Cynthia A. Toale Rebecca Totzke Debra A. Weismiller Jennifer Wolfram Susan Zajac In Honor of Jane Dudas Walt Horner In Honor of Geoffrey P. Dunn, MD The Family of John D. Berarducci, Sr. Nancy B. Pascale Dr. and Mrs. James A. Pepicello Ann and Steven Scutella Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Verdecchia


HONORS In Honor of Emergency Department Doctors Benjawon Kilgallon

In Honor of Sara Erhartic Debbie DeAngelo

In Honor of David P. Gibbons Lu Bobrowicz Debbie Burbules Joe Butler Jim Donnelly Ray Moluski Denise Mosley Jason Roeback Ms. Lynn M. Rupp Ann Scutella Emmett Verdecchia

In Honor of Jeffrey J. Esper, DO Anonymous

In Honor of Stephen Gleason Walt Horner

In Honor of Darcie Farnsworth Anonymous

In Honor of Kristen Grande Marj and Don Inderlied

In Honor of Cindy S. Fellows Gary Maras

In Honor of Erica Grazioli, DO Anonymous Joan C. Caruso

In Honor of Mike Eller, PA-C Debbie DeAngelo, Corporate Health Services, UPMC

In Honor of Megan Fellows Debbie DeAngelo In Honor of Robert J. Ferraro, MD Noel and Marci Bradley Valerie McKissick Robert Powell Family Ernest L. Sheets In Honor of V. James Fiorenzo Marj and Don Inderlied In Honor of Kathleen Freeman, CRNP Anonymous In Honor of the Front Desk Staff at OB/GYN Associates of Erie Tom and Kelly Reams In Honor of Kara Fuller Debbie DeAngelo


In Honor of Cristina Green, RN Lorna B. Penny In Honor of Joseph Grego The Family of John D. Berarducci, Sr. In Honor of Tina M. Gregory Gary Maras In Honor of Scott A. Griffith, MD Delores Catalde In Honor of Timothy N. Grode Gary Maras In Honor of A. Tayfun Gurbuz, MD Louise Caskey

In Honor of Matthew Gutierrez, MD Dean Ornish Program Team In Honor of Julia Hamilton Walt Horner In Honor of Phil Hardesty Walt Horner In Honor of Cassie Harrington, MD Gary and Mary Bilss and Lillie Mae In Honor of Kelly L. Hayes, MD, PhD Anonymous Richard R. Feldbauer In Honor of Joseph H. Hines, MD Kathryn Oesch In Honor of Walt Horner Gary Maras In Honor of Lindsey Howe Anonymous In Honor of Tessa Hunter Debbie DeAngelo Walt Horner In Honor of David C. Hutzel, MD The Family of John D. Berarducci, Sr. Carol M. Conner Katherine and Paul Kohler Betty Krysiak James M. Schwartz In Honor of ICU Doctors Benjawon Kilgallon

In Honor of Donald K. Inderlied Harry and Martha Sinden

In Honor of Theresa Kisiel Gary Maras

In Honor of Thomas A. Iorio, RN The Family of John D. Berarducci, Sr.

In Honor of David L. Klawon, MD Erie County Medical Society Alliance

In Honor of Lisa Irwin Gary Maras

In Honor of Tami Kordes Anonymous

In Honor of Jackie Robert Donovan

In Honor of Mark A. Krahe, DO Gerald L. Edwards Dale L. Fox Cheryl C. Niedermeier

In Honor of Val Jackson Gary Maras In Honor of Jay L. Jenkins, MD Erie County Medical Society Alliance In Honor of Craig T. Johnston, DO Anonymous In Honor of Ajaipal Kang, MD Ben L. Shetler In Honor of Gurjaipal S. Kang, MD and Staff Ben L. Shetler In Honor of Clarence W. Kearney Anonymous Northwest Savings Bank In Honor of Ron Keene Gary Maras In Honor of Daniel J. Kinem, DO Anonymous

In Honor of Kevin M. Kuric, MD Viola B. Perry In Honor of Heather Lane Billy, Nicole, and Liam Reitzell In Honor of Margaret Laukaitis, MD Filomena Rossi In Honor of Linda M. Leitzinger, DO Frank and Shirley Czulewicz In Honor of Maria Irma S. Leonard, MD Brady and Tanner Black In Honor of Sharon Levick Gary Maras In Honor of Jeffrey H. Levine, MD Priscilla Nicosia Michael Schneider In Honor of David J. Levy, MD Anonymous

In Honor of Anne-Marie Liszka, DO Lorna B. Penny Florence F. Willis In Honor of Richard W. Long, MD Noel and Marci Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Dugan Ann and Steven Scutella In Honor of John D. Lubahn, MD Employees of Hand, Microsurgery and Reconstructive Orthopaedics, LLP Patricia Rogers In Honor of Robert L. Maholic, DO Emily L. Bradley In Honor of Allison Mailliard, DO Bonnie and George Tarcia In Honor of Paul J. Malaspina, MD Lu and Bill Adams Anonymous Peggy and Jay Jenkins In Honor of Nicole Malec Billy, Nicole, and Liam Reitzell In Honor of Jeff Malina Jaimee Black In Honor of John T. Malone Anonymous (2) Marj and Don Inderlied Dennis Ranalli In Honor of Carly Manino Debbie DeAngelo


HONORS In Honor of Christopher Marsh, MD The Family of John D. Berarducci, Sr. Mardy and Jim Marsh In Honor of Scott Marton Gary Maras In Honor of Muffi Mascaro Joan C. Caruso In Honor of Lisa Masterson Anonymous In Honor of Raymond McCallister, MD Monty and Rosemary Pifer Edith Srnka In Honor of Kathleen McClintock Debbie DeAngelo, Corporate Health Services, UPMC

In Honor of Joseph P. Nedresky, MD Judy and Dave Pratt

In Honor of the Peach Street Mammography Team Nancy E. Lahnen

In Honor of Gary L. Neer, MD Deacon Dennis and Lynn Kudlak

In Honor of Richard W. Petrella, MD Anonymous Dean Ornish Program Team Earl Duink Richard R. Feldbauer Shirley J. Wiles

In Honor of Brian Y. Ng, MD John Willis In Honor of Katie Nick Billy, Nicole, and Liam Reitzell In Honor of Matt Niles Gary Maras In Honor of the Nurses and Caregivers at the Hip and Knee Center Raymond P. McQuillen In Honor of Mimi O’Connor Walt Horner

In Honor of Cathy McKenzie The Family of John D. Berarducci, Sr.

In Honor of Jackie Ollinger Walt Horner

In Honor of Heather McLaughlin The Family of John D. Berarducci, Sr.

In Honor of Quentin Orlando, DO Valerie McKissick Filomena Rossi

In Honor of the Medicor Nurses Angeline Zebrowski

In Honor of James E. Oskin, DO Benjawon Kilgallon

In Honor of Judith Miller Walt Horner

In Honor of Our Parents and Grandparents The David A. Waples Family

In Honor of Lisa and Pat Mullen Anonymous In Honor of Andrea Nason Debbie DeAngelo


In Honor of Rebecca Parkhurst, PA-C Anonymous In Honor of Ellen M. Patterson Debbie DeAngelo

In Honor of Patrick Pontzer Jennifer Nygaard Pontzer Judge and Mrs. Richard L. Nygaard In Honor of Jason Puffenberger Jim and Dorie DeMatteis In Honor of John C. Reilly, MD Emily L. Evans Rose A. Mansfield In Honor of James Restivo Anonymous In Honor of Lynn M. Rupp Jim and Dorie DeMatteis In Honor of Dr. Nancy Sauers Anonymous In Honor of the School Nurses in Erie County Dr. Kevin and Beth Kuric In Honor of Carolyn Schwartz The Family of John D. Berarducci, Sr. In Honor of Ann M. Scutella Marj and Don Inderlied

In Honor of Michael A. Scutella, MD Rebecca and Jerry Lee In Honor of Raymond F. Sekula, MD Ronald Kelly In Honor of Carol and Russell Shaffer Anonymous In Honor of Bridget Shanahan, DO Anonymous In Honor of Katherine Sheridan Debbie DeAngelo In Honor of Sandra Shreve Pickens Suzanne and Mark Morrison In Honor of Kathy Siefer Mrs. Ann L. Orinko In Honor of Thomas D. Skelly Anonymous In Honor of R. Anthony Snow, MD Johnnie W. Carter Walt Horner In Honor of Ann E. Sokoloff Anonymous In Honor of Sandy Staaf Bonnie Tarcia In Honor of Brian J. Stark, DO Bonnie and George Tarcia In Honor of Nick J. Stefanovski Lois Hoffman

In Honor of Michelle Stevens, DO Anonymous In Honor of David M. Strasser, MD John Guglielmo Narita C. Pickard In Honor of Mark D. Suprock, MD Betty M. Yarbenet In Memory of Lorrie Szablewski Gary Maras In Honor of Naomi Teperow Gary Maras In Honor of Heidi L. Thayer Gary Maras

In Honor of Chel Westcott The Family of John D. Berarducci, Sr. In Honor of Patty Whaley Tom and Kelly Reams In Honor of D. Patrick Williams, DO Rose M. Thompson In Honor of Jay Williams Gary Maras In Honor of Pat Yopek Marj and Don Inderlied In Honor of Bonnie Zebrowski Angeline Zebrowski

In Honor of Frank Tursi, DO Anonymous In Honor of the Unit Directors and Clinicians Jim Donnelly, Marci Bradley and Ginny DiGello In Honor of Cecilia Urquico, MD Leo B. Weiner In Honor of Kathy Vitale Debbie DeAngelo In Honor of Michael L. Webster, MD Billy, Nicole, and Liam Reitzell In Honor of Eleanor Wells John A. Wells In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Werle Anonymous

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our donor list. If you discover an error, please accept our apology and notify us at 814-877-7020 so we can correct our records. Thank you.


MEMORIALS In Memory of Lena H. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Wiedmaier In Memory of Treva Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Brett E. Crannell In Memory of Spafford Becker John Becker Mrs. Spafford Becker In Memory of Ralph Bruno Jim and Dorie DeMatteis In Memory of Constance Butler Jim and Dorie DeMatteis In Memory of Doris Celin Mr. Anthony Celin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Celin Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Meier In Memory of Leonard Coover, MD Erie County Medical Society Alliance Joseph and Darlyne Nedresky In Memory of Betty Lou Craft David and Patricia Craft


In Memory of Carl DeDionisio Jim and Dorie DeMatteis In Memory of Janet Delong Island Interiors at Ocean Reef, Inc. In Memory of Diane DeLuca-Thompson Delores Catalde In Memory of William Edgar Amy Beckman Marci Bradley Beth Cancilla Ginny DiGello Jim Donnelly Karin Hill Emily Hirsch Donna Huckno Kelly Kalkhof Muffi Mascaro Julie Maloney Matt Niles Anne Pedersen Darlene Rihel Cindy Toale Debbie Weismiller Susan Zajac In Memory of Florence J. Fitzsimmons Jim and Dorie DeMatteis

In Memory of Dr. Christopher Gibbons Jim and Dorie DeMatteis In Memory of Dorothy Giermak Chet Giermak In Memory of Elsie O. Gornall Jack and Sharon Gornall In Memory of David Gray Marybeth Grimes-Gray In Memory of Adrianna Hagerty Kelly and Buckley Cook Marj and Don Inderlied Gina Rullo and John Johnston Ms. Lynn M. Rupp Diane and Ron Sutton In Memory of Richard Haller Dianne Haller In Memory of Dr. Jack Hirsch Harriet N. Hirsch In Memory of Sperry Hogue Jim and Dorie DeMatteis

The following list represents gifts received between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

In Memory of James Hume Jim and Dorie DeMatteis

In Memory of Debbie Mansur Jim and Dorie DeMatteis

In Memory of Dimitrios Ioannidis Mr. and Mrs. Ron Bailey Herbert and Mary Brown The Comi Family – Susan, Dominick, and Deborah Mr. and Mrs. Mike Crosscut Dr. and Mrs. Wolfgang Daum The Electric Drives Section of GE Transportation, Erie, PA Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hall Friends and Colleagues of Takis at Hitachi Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kamvouris Howard and Jane Levin The Mushrush Family Mr. and Mrs. Al Nacopoulos Daniela and Emil Nikolov Dr. and Mrs. William G. Schaefer Denise and Brian Ward Bret and Kathi Worden

In Memory of Patricia McCain Mark McCain

In Memory of George F. Kish, MD Dr. and Mrs. Paul Demjanenko In Memory of Fe’ Deleon Lara Dr. Henry R. C. Lara and Family In Memory of Harry Ludemann Genevieve Ludemann

In Memory of Larry McMullin Jim and Dorie DeMatteis In Memory of Maeve Alice Miller Sarah and Steven Andrews Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Rodolfo Arreola Casey L. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Beachly Kimberly M. Beachly C. & J. Beasom Amanda Beland Mary Ann Bosworth Karin A. Brown Barrett J. Browning Builders Hardware and Specialty Company Holly Burrows Ms. Lynn Campbell John P. Carrig Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Comstock Rosemary J. Cooper Joyce M. Copeland Mr. and Mrs. Aaron D. Corwin Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Cousins Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas E. Crosby

Roberta Cross James P. Cullinan, IV Elizabeth J. DeAngelo Corey L. Delio Anna S. Dieteman Kelly C. Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Ted Dombrowski Trevor Doust Kimberly L. Doutt Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Doyle Patrick E. Doyle L Duncan Raymond J. Dworakowski Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Edmiston Mr. and Mrs. Eric Esterline Beth Georger Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey B. Ginader Dr. and Mrs. Adam R. Griffith Brian L. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Hayes Mark Heid Stefanie M. Herrmann Valarie E. Hobbs Tom Hong and Sarah Smolik Dr. and Mrs. David C. Hutzel Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Intrieri Dr. and Mrs. James R. Jageman Grace M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Brad J. Kallay Carole L. Karlein Lesley E. Kavala Amy L. Kennelley Ryan and Katie King


MEMORIALS Matthew Kleck Dr. Judy Knoll Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Kott Mr. and Mrs. John Ksenich Michele M. Lane Mr. and Mrs. Mark Larsen Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Lee Jason B. Loflen Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Lowry Sonya Mamoozadeh Ms. Mary L. McDade Mr. Christopher R. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Miller James A. Miller, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Miller Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Miller Dr. and Mrs. Ferdinando L. Mirarchi Mr. and Mrs. Nathan A. Monaco Katie Morales Jim and Judy Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Mussett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Namey Mr. and Mrs. John F. Oshlick Dr. James J. Piersol and Dr. Elizabeth A. Piersol Mr. and Mrs. Blaine A. Puller Dr. and Mrs. Justin P. Puller Michael A. Quen Sarah M. Rafferty and Bridget A. Rafferty John and Margaret Rahner Mr. and Mrs. Carlo S. Randazzo Christine M. Ritchie Mr. and Mrs. John M. Rzymek Dr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Sabotchick Sharon M. Sandberg Christina M. Sargent Steven D. Seip David W. Seppala Jessica N. Seppala Ashley A. Shick Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Skalko Allison N. Smith Kristina N. Sowa


Dr. Jason E. Staszko and Dr. Jennifer E. Staszko Mary Ellen Stewart Atty. and Mrs. Grant C. Travis Riki N. Triana Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Van Eman Terese A. Vorsheck Mr. and Mrs. Micahel F. Vybiral Alfred G. Warner Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Wegelin Nicole M. Whitley Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Wingerter Mr. and Mr. Steven M. Wingrove Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Wobrak Emily E. Yaple YOGAERIE, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Zerkle In Memory of John Monocello Julie Monocello In Memory of Betty A. Mooney Barbara J. Arcaro Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Burdick Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Campbell Mr. David A. Heinonen Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Hewlett Brenda Kisner Michael and Ellen Mooney Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Pelow Mr. and Mrs. Duane E. Punkar Ms. Ruth W. Speer In Memory of Sharene Moore Richard E. Moore In Memory of Wayne E. Nenonen Sharon Nenonen-Miller In Memory of Bonnie J. Pakela Bob and Cammy Pakela

In Memory of My Parents Kim Frey In Memory of Deceased Members of the Pepicello Family Diane Verdecchia Byrne In Memory of Gerry and Joyce Pomeroy Kay C. Pomeroy In Memory of Winnie Potosnak Eileen Sotak Kessler In Memory of Daniel and Amelia Presogna Carmella A. Orlando In Memory of Betty Foht Recicar Mrs. Janice D. Underhill In Memory of Kelly Salvo-Morey Kelly Salvo-Morey Fund of The Erie Community Foundation In Memory of Martha A. Seaman Lois Hoffman In Memory of Audrey R. Sieber Anonymous Charleen A. Bailey Roger K. Bigley Dr. Donald A. Davey and Donelle A. Davey and Family Mary Kolb Shirley P. Lawson Northwest Region PAHA Brandon Sieber Donald and Laure Sieber Paul and Sandy Sieber Ramon and Lisa Watkins Kim and Mark Wykoff

In Memory of William J. Smith Janice Coon Smith In Memory of Joan M. Sposito Richard L. Sposito In Memory of Marie Stark Jim and Dorie DeMatteis In Memory of Patricia J. Stelmack Lois Jones The Officers and Directors of National Fuel Gas Raymond J. Rushboldt S. St. George Enterprises, Inc. Kate Van Schoonhoven In Memory of Glen L. Stewart Lauren Alt Operating Engineers Local #66, Thomas M. Durkin, President, Carlton K. Ingram, Business Representative, Derek J. Suba, Dispatcher Salem Tube, Inc. Staff from SBHM Donald and Judy Tewell Bill Valerian and the directors and staff of Liberty Bank, N.A. In Memory of Hamilton W. Strayer Clarence and Sandy Kearney The Knox Law Firm In Memory of Noreen A. Swift Clarence and Sandy Kearney In Memory of Ernest J. Turco Edward and Marilyn Balliett Shirley and Jimmy Baniszewski Bill and Dell Becker

Wanda C. Bender Kathy and Dave Betts Joe and Julie Breski Susan K. Colvin Dr. and Mrs. John P. Davliakos Marita A. Fagan Bernard R. Graf Fred and Cheryl Gruver Kathy T. Iorio and Dr. Tony Snow Ruth Lorelli Medicor Associates, Inc. Laurie Messmer and Nancy Trojen Kathleen M. Mobilia Mr. and Mrs. David P. O’Leary Jeffrey and Angela Orlando Michelle Perry The Rice Family: Betty Rice, Cork Rice, Ron Rice, Melody Reddecliff, Tammi and Jeff Filutze, Lu and Bob Hawley, Desi Rice, Aleaha, and TJ Cavanaugh Robin, Donna, Mary, Susie, Jeannette, Wanda, Cynthia Pam and Ken Snyder Linda Swigonski Robert A. Tullio David and Barb Warner Jim Wilhelm Ms. Linda J. Wilkinson Ed and Sue Winschel

In Memory of Isahia T. Wallace Roberta Cross Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Miller Jim and Judy Murphy Dr. Carla Orlando Maria Orlando, DMD John and Margaret Rahner In Memory of Carole Wilson Jim and Dorie DeMatteis In Memory of Robert J. Wolny Anonymous Mike Cannavino Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Nardone The Perihs Joann M. Wolny Evelyn D. Yohe In Memory of Tatum Woodworth Douglas M. Fuller

In Memory of Shelby Peters Turnell Jim and Dorie DeMatteis In Memory of the Deceased Members of the Verdecchia Family Diane Verdecchia Byrne In Memory of William A. Verdecchia Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Verdecchia

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our donor list. If you discover an error, please accept our apology and notify us at 814-877-7020 so we can correct our records. Thank you.



FINANCIALS Statement of Financial Position*

Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets*

As of June 30, 2013 (In thousands)

For year ended June 30, 2013 (In thousands)


Cash and Cash Equivalents $ 4,997 Pledges Receivable 1,362 Prepaid Expenses 2

Total Current Assets


Long-Term Investments and Beneficial Interest in Perpetual Trusts Property, Plant and Equipment, Net Other Assets

17,231 284 139

Total Assets 24,015

Liabilities and Net Assets

Due to Affiliates


Total Liabilities


Net Assets (Deficit) Unrestricted (529) Temporary Restricted 9,558 Permanently Restricted 13,053

Revenues and Other Supports

Gifts, Bequests, and Grants $ 2,022 Investment and Endowment Income 2,052 Other Income 17

Total Revenues and Other Supports



Distributions to Affiliates Capital Projects Equipment and Technology Community Benefit Education Endowment Disbursements Programs and Services Other Charity Care

937 509 398 272 249 170 121 51

Total Expenses


Increase in Net Assets


Total Net Assets 22,082

NET ASSETS — Beginning of Year 20,698


NET ASSETS — End of Year


*Preliminary results — final audited financial statements will be available on or after Dec. 1, 2013.


$ 22,082



Clarence W. Kearney, CPA Chairman

Jaimee L. Black Donor Relations Coordinator

Garrett A. Fuhrman Vice Chairman Ann M. Bula President and Chief Development Officer Carrie E. Ennis Secretary Bradley N. Dinger Treasurer


Ann M. Bula President and Chief Development Officer Emily A. Kahler Executive Assistant Kelly A. Reams Development Officer


Gregory S. Baldwin, Esq. Baldwin Brothers, Inc.

Mary S. Lincoln Lincoln Metal Processing

Jeffrey E. Beach, CPA Malin Bergquist & Co. LLP

Carolynn Masters, PhD Gannon University

Mary C. Bula United Way of Erie County

Linda S. Myers Myers Trucking Company

Peter L. Depowski, MD Pathology Associates of Erie

J. Gordon Naughton J.H. Bennett Moving & Storage

B. Scott Eighmy American Turned Products

The Honorable Richard L. Nygaard Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals

Robert J. Ferraro, MD Medicor Associates

Mark H. Raimy Welders Supply Company

Claire A. Foster UPMC Hamot Aid Society

Eric D. Root

Garrett A. Fuhrman Fuhrman Brown Precision Tool Richard E. Griffith Rick Griffith Properties William Jeffress Booker T. Washington Center Johnny C. Johnson Helping You...Helping Me Clarence W. Kearney, CPA Malin Bergquist & Co. LLP

Nicholas N. Scott Scott Enterprises Dennis M. Scully, MD Barry D. Stamm, MD Thomas A. Tupitza, Esq. Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett, PC Janice D. Underhill Sarah L. Warner, MD OB/GYN Associates of Erie

B. Scott Kern, Esq. C.A. Curtze Co.


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HHF 2013 Annual Report  

Annual Report of the Hamot Health Foundation