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ETFE is a great material that can be effectively used to construct a greenhouse covering. With an outdoor weathering rating of more than 20 years, your ETFE greenhouse can be relied upon for supreme durability and toughness. Apart from this, there are many other amazing properties that ETFE possesses, which is why you can choose no other material over it! Go through the blog below to recognize the incredible benefits you can achieve with ETFE. And, when you are satisfied enough, you can get in touch with Tuflite Polymers to provide you with the finest quality ETFE sheets and ETFE cushions from Vector Foiltec, the leader in manufacturing ETFE.

Tensile Strength ETFE is flexible, yet tough. This is why you can stretch the material over your structure for a tight fit due to its elasticity, while also keeping it strong and taut owing to its excellent tensile strength. Ultimately, this helps in reducing the effects of high winds, which may otherwise damage your structure.

Chemical Resistance ETFE has amazing chemical resistance, which helps in keeping away the acid rain from plants, while also protecting the greenhouse structure from degradation as the increasing acidity of rain will leave the film unaffected. You can blindly rely upon ETFE for this property as the material has been tested to be compatible with more than 500 chemicals; many of which your greenhouse won’t even encounter.

Long-Lasting ETFE has a life of around 20 years, even if it is exposed to extreme weather conditions! This helps build sustainable greenhouses that can last eight times longer than traditional polyethylene coverings. So, when you have an ETFE greenhouse installed, you needn’t worry about replacing it for the next two decades, no matter how much snow build-up, acid rain, or other environmental tortures it faces.

Self-healing Property ETFE has an incredible self-healing property that can help it to recover from any dents caused by rocks or hail, in only a matter or few hours. Even in extreme temperatures, ETFE can retain all its properties, unlike other transparent materials that may fail in extreme heat or cold.

Self-Extinguishing Property Along with self-healing, ETFE also has a self-extinguishing property. With a flame rating of V-0 UL 94, which is the highest rating available in the industry, ETFE does not allow flames from spreading within the structure, if the material catches fire. Combined with steel or aluminum, you can have an incredibly flame-retardant building!

Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Properties ETFE is one material that has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. How this is possible, you may wonder. ETFE has a very low absorption rate of 0.03%, thus making it impossible to absorb water. This hydrophobic property is the cause that ETFE films are not affected by water, even when submerged in boiling water for hours, days, or months! Also, this property repels all kinds of environmental elements like rain, hail, and snow. However, this hydrophobic property can be transformed into hydrophilic capability by applying a treatment that allows water to sheet on the roof and walls. The water collected from such sheeting action can be re-used in

the irrigation of crops within the greenhouse. With such unique combination, you can shed water, while also using it effectively. With all of these amazing properties, you know that you put up an ETFE greenhouse, and you have to be least worried about your structure or the plants within for years to come. Possessing an ETFE greenhouse provides trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance. Therefore, there seems to be no doubt in the fact that ETFE is an excellent and unmatched material for a greenhouse!

Why should you use etfe for your greenhouse  

ETFE is an unmatched material to be used for a greenhouse because of the incredible properties it possesses. Some include tensile strength,...

Why should you use etfe for your greenhouse  

ETFE is an unmatched material to be used for a greenhouse because of the incredible properties it possesses. Some include tensile strength,...