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the future The future lighting in the hospital sector from Luminex

The future lighting in the hospital sector The patients’ comfort, an improved working environment and correct energy installations. So are the demands to the future lightings in hospitals. Independent researches have documented that the correct lighting have positive effects on the working environment. Many studies point out that patients get a better course of an illness with carefully prepared lights in the hospital. Several Danish and international hospitals have already discovered the positive possibilities in thinking in new ways when renovating is necessary. As a consequence LUMINEX together with Rune Lighting and Schneider Electric have developed a lighting system for the hospital sector. Brilliant, because it is based on well-known and tested technologies and therefore easy to use and to an attractive price.





Intelligent solutions

for the hospital The intelligent lights are adjusted for the different working areas. When it’s necessary to work with a certain function in a room the lighting will automatically be adjusted. Not only in the room, but also in relevant secondary rooms like medicine rooms, store rooms, corridors etc. The control panel is intuitive and adjusted local conditions and needs. The architectural elegant luminaires contribute to a functional working light.





Good lighting conditions and good working environment are linked together With dynamic light it is possible to create perfect working conditions and as a result improve the working environment. The light creates the experience of daylight and nice conditions for patients and staff. The light is indirect and therefore without strong contrasted changes. The imperceptible changes in light intensity and – colour follow the rhythm of the day and create peace and a pleasant atmosphere. Together with special themes on the individual sections – from wards to special– and operation sections – the light contribute to the patients´ comfort and normal condition. In practice the coloured light is creating settings, peace and well-being. Finally it’s all about reducing the number of days in bed and improving the general working environment.





Better lighting

conditions contribute to better performance, precision and concentration Dynamic lighting is customised to all functions and procedures: The dynamic lighting is designed to give the surgeon the best possible conditions for monitor viewing. The dynamic lighting is shaddow- and glare-free, with soft transitions between the operating table and the surroundings. For insertion of a PVC (peripheral venous catheter) the lighting colours change to give a better view to the vein. Anaesthesia has full colour rendering during the procedure.





The psychology

of the light is the basis of dynamic light Dynamic lighting regulates strength and colouring itself, so that staff and patients always have perfect lighting conditions. Basically the light contains all colours and imitates the daylight as good as possible in artificial lighting. At the same time the dynamic system reduces many of the discomforts of working in artificial lighting and makes therefore a better well-being amongst staff and patients.





Examples of a dynamic lighting set-up White light – working light, with a very high colour rendering. Emergency – Bright white light in the room and relevant secondary rooms. Warm light – Helps the patient to relax. Green-blue light – Helps to see veins. Red light – Pleasant for the patients. Minimizes the risk and discomfort of night time working. Magenta light – Improves the view of x-ray, ultra sound and colour monitors.



The advantages of dynamic lighting: • Counteract the reflections by screen and monitor work and improve the quality of the images. • Provide a better overview and clarify the details. • Provide precision and better results. • Provide concentration and less tiredness. • Provide safety for staff and patients. • Counteract depressions and improves sleep. • Minimizes tendency to headaches and migraine. • Improve the working environment.



The lighting

supports the staff’s working conditions With the LUMINEX hospital lighting staff and patients experience a comforting and natural day-light rhythm at the ward: By natural sunrise the light in the staff areas start a one hour increase to full daylight. In the afternoon the lights change in the patients´ rooms to a warm yellow/red colour and at 7 pm, to a bluish colour to prepare the body for sleep. One hour later the lights change to a warm/red relaxing evening environment. Before midnight the ward goes to nightlight, pure red, enough for the staff to work without wakening the patients.

The dynamic lighting follows the ward´s rhythm 24/7. When an emergency button is pressed the light changes to full vision.



4.30 am

7.00 am

3.30 pm

7.00 pm

8.00 pm

11.00 pm



Warm yellow and red color

Cold cyan glow

Warm evening light

Night light (red)



the light is part of

good architecture The intelligent and dynamic light is a natural part of the modern hospital. Whether these are highly developed special wards or welcoming arrival areas – then the right light will help to support and contribute to the good architecture. Specify the lighting as early as possible when renovating or building new hospitals. Then the functions, aesthetics and working environment will operate under optimal conditions. Seek LUMINEX’s project department for counsel and get updated with the specifications in the tender and early descriptions.





We take care of the process Dynamic lighting by LUMINEX and Rune Lighting is delivered as a plug-andplay solution for smaller systems, like operating rooms, scanning rooms, examination rooms, single ICU-rooms (Intensive Care Unit) etc. Before this the system has been clarified with the ward´s requirements. The system is installed 1:1 in our lighting-laboratory in Aarhus, Denmark, for test and adjustments before it is packed and shipped with a full documentation. The system is fully functional when installed. Rune Lighting is always available for support by mail and telephone for the installer. Corrections will be made by Rune Lighting by agreement with the ward, then mailed to the technical ward or the super users who will up-load the new configuration to the system.

First contact


Design options

The requirements of the dynamic lighting are analyzed by a questionnaire answered by the ward.

Calculations, visualisation, presentation.



The final cost is presented. (please see the exambles on the next page)

Implementation The system is installed 1:1 in our lighting laboratory in Denmark for test, control and adjustments, before packing with all necessary documentation, installation diagrams and manuals.



Delivery on time Education, follow-up, implementation, renewal. After-sales service on inquiry.

Package solution Larger systems are shipped as a package solution. The system undergoes the same test and documentation procedures as a plug-and-play solution, but because of the size the final adjustments will be made when the system is installed. The final adjustments are followed up by a comprehensive education of technical staff and super users. Because of the customised functional lighting and a very advanced programming, the dynamic lighting saves energy, compared to conventional installations. One system where HVAC (Heating-Ventilation-Air-Conditioning), power supply, lighting and power control work with security and information and computing technology. The dynamic lighting is incorporable in e.g. Schneider Electric CTS-systems. All the components of the LUMINEX luminaires and Rune Lighting light control panel are tested by Schneider Electric to operate together 24/7 and be implemented by trained and approved partners. Schneider Electric offers an innovative secure power distribution and monitoring solution for operating theatres, in conformity with the IEC 60364-7-710 standard.


a strong team The dynamic lighting system by LUMINEX and Rune Lighting can be implemented in all CTS-systems. LUMINEX, Rune Lighting and Schneider Electric cooperate in solutions for full implementation. Schneider Electric delivers an innovative system for operating theatres in the IEC60364-7-710 standard.

Ex 1. One large operating room without secondary rooms. Controls on a LCD-touch panel can cooperate with operating equipment and CTS. Approx: 21.000 € Ex 2. Two large operating rooms without secondary rooms. Controls on LCD-touch panels can cooperate with operating equipment and CTS. Approx: 32.000 €€ Ex 3. One scanning room with control room. Controls on LCD-touch panels + push-button panels at workstations and scanner. Approx: 22.000 €€ Ex 4. Intensive care unit with ten single-bed rooms. Controls on LCD-touch panels + push-button panels in columns and workstations, can cooperate with CTS and e.g. heart failure alarms. Approx: 76.000€€ Ex 5. Ward with ten units of two-bed rooms, night lighting and functional dynamic lighting. Control on LCD-touch panel + push-button panels at workstations and beds. Can cooperate with CTS and e.g. heart failure alarms. Approx: 62.000€€ All prices in the catalogue are exclusive of VAT.



Description of products LUMINEX ‘ luminaires for hospitals are based on a built-in luminaire with a detachable front plate which is 100 % adjusted to the ceiling system. The front plate doesn´t have any edges and therefore it is very simple to clean. LUMINEX delivers the luminaires with circular or square cutting as a standard.

Dynamic RGBW The dynamic lighting luminaires are specially developed and tested by LUMINEX and fulfil all demands for high quality in materials and performance. You’ll find a secure homogeneity on the luminaires´ visible prism via the built-in diffusing opal plate resulting in an optimal benefit of light and a comfortable and direct light distribution, which will light up the whole room. In this way we are able to make light suiting any working situation on a hospital. LUMINEX can deliver these luminaires to all kinds of ceiling systems in module 600 x 600 mm, 625 x 625 mm, 600 x 1200 mm, 625 x 1250 mm or custom-made. Dynamic RGBW built-in luminaires Circular 500 mm / square 525 x 525 mm Housing: Steel plate, special high reflect powder coating in white Optics: Micro-prime front lens and high performance satine lens on the backside Colour front plate: White – all colours are possible on the front Light source: T5 or LED on inquiry Control gear: 4 pieces of Dali ballasts, other options available on request Connection: 5-pole WAGO/WINSTA Mounting: For different ceiling systems and built-in solid ceiling Protection: IP23- possibility for IP 44 on inquiry, Class 1 Efficiency η: 57% Dimensions: 595 x 595 x 150 mm, 599 x 599 x 150 mm, 622 x 622 x 150 mm, 624 x 624 x 150 mm Light sources RGBW: 2 pieces Red: 24W/colour 60, 2 pieces Green: 24W/colour 66, 2 pieces Blue: 24W/colour 67, 2 pieces White: 24W/colour, 965 DE LUXE Dynamic (RW) built-in luminaires, circular 500 mm / square 525 x 525 mm Specifications as above with the exception of the following changes: Control gear: Dimensions: Light sources RW:

2 pieces of Dali ballasts 595 x 595 x 101 mm, 599 x 599 x 101 mm, 622 x 622 x 101 mm, 624 x 624 x 101 mm 2 pieces Red: 24W/colour 60, 2 pieces white: 24W/colour 840


η = 57% 90˚ 75˚ 100 150 200

60˚ 45˚




Custom-made If for example there is a wish to the children’s section about another look ( e.g. cloud, teddy bear or the like) then get in contact with LUMINEX , and we will try to help in planning according to your design and the level of light wished for. Talking about custom designs you should reflect on LED giving quite new possibilities. Here it’s only the fantasy giving limits. We look forward to discuss your wishes.

MATRIC W1 An elegant and timeless designed wall luminaire with individual lengths from 280 mm to 4280 mm. An obvious choice to indicate bed sections or the like. Specifications: Type: MATRIC W1 Housing - Optics: Satine acrylic covering – polycarbonate on inquiry Front cover: Natural anodized aluminium Colour: Natural anodized aluminum, other colours available on request Light source: TC-L: 18W, 24W, 36W, 55W or T5 14/24W, 21/39W, 28/54W, 35/49/80W Control gear: HF, Dali, 1-10V Connection: Cable entrance on the backside Mounting: Direct on wall or ceiling Protection: IP20, class 1 Efficiency η: 74,9% Dimensions: L: 280, 370, 470, 604, 904-4280 mm, H: 113 mm, W: 73 mm Extra: Custom-made text and logo, colour filter foil, possibility of emergency lighting.

matric w1 28w 160 120 80

η = 75% 120˚ 105˚ 90˚ 75˚ 60˚ 45˚

Lumi-wall As supplement to the dynamic luminaires LUMINEX has developed a wall luminaire with the same function as the built-in luminaires. That is RGBW (dynamic light and daylight) as well as RW (red and daylight). The special construction in the luminaires and placement in the room will secure a light without shadows so that the staff never make shadows for themselves in the working situation. LUMI-WALL (RGBW) – Wall luminaire Housing: Steel plate, special high reflect powder coating in white Optics: High performance satine lens on the top. Colour: White, other colours available on request Light source: T5 or LED on inquiry Control gear: 4 pieces Dali ballasts Connection: Terminal block 5-P Mounting: On the wall Protection: IP 23 – IP44 on request, class 1 Efficiency η: 39% Dimensions: 580 x 220 x 110 mm, 1180 x 220 x 110 mm Light sources RGBW: 1 piece Red: Colour 60 24W or 54W, 1 piece Green: Colour 66 24W or 54W, 1 piece Blue: Colour 67 24W or 54W, 1 piece White: Colour, 965 DE LUXE 24W or 54W LUMI-WALL (RW) – Wall luminaire Specifications as above except as follows: Control gear: 2 pieces Dali ballasts Light sources RGBW: 1 piece Red: Colour 60 24W or 54W, 1 piece White: Colour 840 24W or 54W

η = 39%

Lumi wall

100 80 60





90˚ 75˚



DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCTS Z-GUIDE: MIRROR LUMINAIRE A slimline luminaire in aluminium with angular opal polycarbonate optics. An obvious choice of mirror luminaire.

Z-Guide Housing: Aluminium, extruded Optics: Polycarbonate satiné Colour: Alu, other colours available on request Light source: Multiwatt: 14/24W, 21/39W, 28/54W, 35/49/80W T5 Control gear: HF, Dali, 1-10V Z-Guide 1x14 Connection: 10 mm cable entrance 100 Mounting: On the wall 80 Protection: IP44, Class 1 60 40 Efficiency η: 49% Dimensions: L: 600, 900, 1200, 1500 mm, H: 60 mm, D: 60 mm Extra: All lengths are available on request.

η = 49%

120˚ 105˚ 90˚ 75˚ 60˚ 45˚

Z-Line The light band system Z-line is flexible and can be combined so it fits all arrangements and all sizes and shapes of rooms. The aluminium profiles are delivered in the dimensions 55 x 55 mm, 55 x 75 mm, 82 x 82 mm and can be recessed in all ceilings systems, surface mounted or pendant depended on the actual wish.

AGAT CLEAN – OPERATION LUMINAIRE A luminaire with very high protection class and therefore well qualified for sterile rooms. Recessed luminaire to T5 tube with double parabolic louvers and covered by tempered glass. AGAT CLEAN – OPERATION LUMINAIRE Housing: Steel plate, powder coating in white Optics: In MIRO quality, double parabolic louvre Front glass: Tempered clear glass Gasket: Silicone Colour: Aluminium’s front Light source: Multiwatt 14/24W T5 Control gear: HF, DALI, 1-10V Connection: Terminal block Mounting: For different ceiling systems and built-in solid ceiling Protection: IP65, class 1 Efficiency η: 61% Dimensions: 595 x 595 x 80 mm, 599 x 599 x 80 mm, 622 x 622 x 80 mm, 624 x 624 x 80 mm

Agat clean 4x14/24 η = 61% 90˚ 75˚



150 200 300





SMART X24 MAGNET A quite new developed concept from LUMINEX – developed together with users, technicians and consulting engineers especially for the hospital world. The luminaire is developed with great focus on service, cleaning, the environment and the economy. The luminaire series secure magnetic shutting, easy cleaning and easy replacement of light sources and maintenance. The component box is developed as a recycling unit where maintenance and flexibility of replacement are in focus. The component box is also LED compatible and can be changed with a LED component box compensating the traditional fluorescent tubes. SMART X24 is delivered as a system luminaire with LINECT®. All luminaires are delivered with LINECT multi connectors on the top side. Suitable WAGO, ENSTO, TRIDONIC.ATCO, WIELAND OR ADELS CONTACT. 3-pin for ordinary on/off installation and 5-pin for dimming systems. Furthermore the pre-assembled plugs and sockets, maximizing flexibility and reducing on-site installation times. Up to 30 luminaires can be connected in this way.

SMART X24 or X25 MAGNET Housing: 0,5 mm steel plate, special high reflect powder coating in white. Integrated with revolving brackets Component box: 0,5 mm steel plate, special high reflect powder coating in white. Recycling and changeable unit, with ballast, lamp holder, and linect connector. Replacement of the unit is made with a simple compression without tools. Optics: 0,7 mm steel plate for magnet lock. X24: Prismatic cover with a 40 mm track in the middle X25: Prismatic cover with a 20 mm track in the middle Colour: Special high reflect powder coating in white Light source: Multiwatt, T5 Energy saver lamps 13W/20W or standard T5 14W/24W, LED on request. Control gear: HF, DALI or 1-10V Connections: 3- or 5-pin terminal block with universal LINECT® for WAGO, ENSTO, TRIDONIC.ATCO, WIELAND OR ADELS CONTACT Mounting: For all kinds of ceiling systems Protection: IP20 Efficiency η: X24: 78%, X 25: 84% Dimensions: 599 x 599 x 98 mm, 595 x 595 x 94 mm, 622 x 622 x 98 mm, 624 x 624 x 94 mm Weight: 5,25 kg. Guarantee: 5 years - system guaranty – For the system guaranty, Smart X24 η = 78% the lighting system must be registered.

105˚ 90˚ 75˚



150 200


300 30˚

LED – the light source for the future LED should be considered as a part of lighting in hospitals in the future. But with considerations. In LUMINEX’ dynamic luminaires we have at present chosen T5 fluorescent tubes for RGBW – and RW instead of LED. The reason for this is due to the facts that the T5 light sources are proven and tested. At the same time – unlike to LED – we talk about sources standardised of light with only a few differences from supplier to supplier. At present it isn’t like this on the LED- market. Furthermore RGBW LED costs 3-4 times more than the T5 luminaires. And that is at present without any energy savings worth mentioning.

LED will without any doubt be the light source in the future and can already now contribute to simulation of daylight in waiting rooms, corridors etc. The possibilities using LED are many, and the new technology is developing constantly. LUMINEX have several experts working with the development of LED, being able to give advice about the optimal choices just now and therefore we can already offer our LED-luminaires in many different luminances and colour temperatures. With different consumptions of Watts, corresponding the light flux required for the task. The LED-luminaires can all be delivered as dimmable versions. The LED-series can also be delivered in special “Kelvin-change” or “Colourchange” versions where it is possible to choose a certain colour temperature from a warm light at 2.500 Kelvin to a cold 6.500 Kelvin and then create an authentic daylight indoor. With “Colour-change” we are able to produce all wished scenarios of light.



Contact Luminex A/S Horsens: Vrøndingvej 7, denmark – 8700 Horsens Luminex A/S Copenhagen: Bådehavnsgade 6, 2., Denmark – 2450 København sv Tlf. nr.: +45 8832 0077, Fax: +45 7626 6701,

Rune Lighting Anelystparken 41B, Denmark – 8381 Tilst Tlf. nr.: +45 2077 5393,



The Future - Lighting in the Hospital Sector from Luminex  

The Future - Lighting in the Hospital Sector from Luminex

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