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O.R. NURSE’S LEGACY TO LIVE ON IN OTHERS Recognizing Linda E. Coffy Olson’s passion for nursing and education, her parents and husband, Earl and Geraldine Coffy and Edward Olson, have donated $5,000 to the Nursing Scholarship Fund in her memory. She passed away Feb. 21, 2010, in Maine at the age of 54. Coffy Olson was the manager of the TMC Surgical Services and worked here for 21 years until leaving Tucson in 1997. A plaque in her honor hangs in the hallway that leads to the TMC Nursing Patio. She strongly believed in education and completed her master’s degree in nursing while working at TMC. She also encouraged others to advance their education. Nancy Maloney, RN, is currently the operating room supervisor in Surgical Services. Maloney was originally hired as a housekeeper in 1991 and assigned to the OR to clean up after surgeries. “I was so excited seeing the surgeries performed that I used to spend my breaks and lunch looking in the windows watching the procedures,” said Maloney. “Linda noted my interest and offered me a job as an operating room assistant.” Maloney’s interest only grew. After about six months, Coffy Olson presented the single mother with tuition-reimbursement papers already signed and approved. She then promoted Maloney to a supply and equipment tech, which had hours better suited for a full-time student. She kept tabs on Maloney and her classes, encouraging her along the way. She also attended Maloney’s graduation.

“I have been in the department for 20 years now, ON CENTER

and my life has

“I have been in the department for 20 years now, and my life has been enriched and improved thanks to Linda,” Maloney said. “Her promotion of education and TMC’s commitment to the staff with tuition reimbursement, allowed me to pursue a dream that I didn’t think was possible.” And through the generosity of her family, Coffy Olson’s legacy of nursing and education will continue.

been enriched and improved thanks to Linda.” 8

Linda Coffy Olson’s parents, Earl and Geraldine Coffy, join TMC nurses Nancy Maloney, right, and Dawn Engstrom at the plaque dedication to honor Linda’s memory and support nursing education.

OR Nurse Legacy  

Excerpt from TMC's 2010 Report to Our Community and TMC Foundation's On Center

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