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American West

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The American West


The Accidental Historian Tales of Trash and Treasure Monte Akers

$29.95 hc 978-0-89672-708-3 | 2010 Through artifact and antique collecting, writing, relic-hunting, visiting historic sites, and good old-fashioned primary source research, Akers has experienced and relived a great deal of the country’s historical panorama.

Adios Nuevo Mexico

The Santa Fe Journal of John Watts in 1859

Transcribed, edited, and a n n o t at e d b y Dav i d R e m l e y $21.95 pb 978-0-89672-906-3 | 2015 In a who’s who of territorial New Mexico, Adios Nuevo Mexico opens a window into what an American boy in his late teens is reading, thinking, doing, and seeing in 1859 in Santa Fe.



After the Massacre

The Violent Legacy of the San Sabá Mission Robert S. Weddle

$32.95 hc 978-0-89672-596-6 | 2007 The narrative focuses on the relatively unknown diary of Juan Ángel de Oyarzún, a captain on the 1759 expedition, and other documents from Spanish archives, all translated as appendices. Oyarzún, in addition to his day-to-day account of the march and the battle, illuminates the natural history of the Rolling Plains and the Western Cross Timbers.

Always Plenty to Do

Growing Up on a Farm in the Long Ago P am e l a R i n e y - K e h r b e r g

$21.95 hc 978-0-89672-692-5 | 2011 Always Plenty to Do provides a strong, basic background in America’s farm heritage through the eyes of children who experienced it.


4 P R A ISE “Shape, color, and light, he has an impeccable eye for composition, for juxtaposing line against line, drawing the viewer’s eye into his subject . . . . Accompanying the first third of Hartman’s photos is a new essay by William Kittredge (always an occasion) . . . . There is no one more authoritatively positioned to comment on the West than Kittredge, nor anyone who can write about it half as well.” —

“America’s 100th Meridian exposes our nation’s heartland in its beauty and desolation—a land as open and mysterious as the palm of God’s hand.” —Annick Smith, co-producer of A River Runs Through It “A breathtaking reminder of the beauty concentrated in that narrow slice of the continent.” —North Dakota Quarterly

“Tells the story of the region in textures of flaking paint and rust juxtaposed against stunning sunsets and big skies. Intense color photographs narrate the 1500-mile, often-inhospitable route from Texas to Canada.” —Texas Parks & Wildlife “A lavish and glorious new coffee-table book . . . . Hartman has a gifted eye for both the natural and man-made vistas that he encounters, and his color images are breathtaking . . . . An aura of loneliness and abandonment clings to many of these shots . . . . Unpainted farm houses and rickety windmills hold silent vigil amid awesome expanses of earth and sky, weeds grow through a Nebraska sidewalk, and an old truck rusts into the Oklahoma soil . . . . A testament to the alluring visual appeal of this country’s great middle.” —Mobile Register

America’s 100th Meridian

A Plains Journey

P h o t o g r ap h s a n d t e x t b y M o n t e Ha r t ma n

$39.95 hc 978-0-89672-561-4 | 2006 Resulting from an arduous series of six journeys along the two-thousand-mile line that divides East from West, Monte Hartman’s perceptive photographs provide the intimate yet dispassionate observations of a person who chose to explore the meanings inherent in the great “empty middle” between our coasts.



American Outback

The Oklahoma Panhandle in the Twentieth Century Richard Lowitt

$21.95 hc 978-0-89672-558-4 | 2006 To settle and remain in the American outback, the unforgiving land of the Oklahoma Panhandle, was an achievement. Prosperity and risk were present in equal measure.

Between Two Rivers

Photographs and Poems Between the

Brazos and the Rio Grande

Jerod Foster and John Poch $35.00 hc 978-1-68283-038-3 | 2019 Under their spell, photographer Jerod Foster and poet John Poch praise and wonder along their varied waterways and across the landscapes they host. The result is communion—a synergy of imagery in story and story in imagery, finding unexpected form, depths, and meaning much as rivers themselves are honed in the pull of gravity and texture.



The Big Ranch Country J . W . W i l l i am s $18.95 pb 978-0-89672-416-7 | 1999 The Big Ranch Country reaches far up into the Texas Panhandle, deep into the Big Bend of Trans-Pecos Texas, and down south to the great ranch empires of the Texas coast.

“Buried Cities, Forgotten Gods”

William Niven’s Life of Discovery and Revolution in Mexico and the American Southwest

Robert S. Wicks and Roland H . Ha r r i s o n

$39.95 hc 978-0-89672-414-3 | 1999 Niven was planning a book about his experiences, but was unable to complete it because of ill health. “Buried Cities, Forgotten Gods” is based upon his surviving manuscripts and personal papers.


7 P R A ISE “Never again will readers contemplate a ‘romantic’ image of a windmill against the sky without visualizing the effort required to put it there.” —El Paso Museum of History “Accompanied by Burdick’s photographs, the men’s recollections both enthrall and inform . . . . T. Lindsay Baker offers a fresh perspective on the importance of windmills and windmillers.” —Kansas History “A nostalgic look back at one of our most familiar prairie landmarks.” —New Mexico Magazine “A glimpse of a Texas windmilling business which probably typified many similar enterprises over the nation . . . fascinating and educational.” —Panhandle-Plains Historical Review “With the assistance of Burdick’s photographic lens, Baker gives valuable insights into a neglected aspect of High Plains Americana: the culture of windmilling.” —Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Blades in the Sky

Windmilling through the Eyes of B. H. “Tex” Burdick T . L i n d s ay Ba k e r

$20.00 pb 978-0-89672-294-1 | 1992 From 1923 to 1942, company owner B. H. “Tex” Burdick, Sr., photographed his men at work, producing a chronicle of the windmillers’ lives. Fifty of his remarkable images, paired here with text by historian T. Lindsay Baker, preserve the fascinating story of the industry that made western settlement possible. AMERICAN WEST

8 W INNER Southwest Book Award, Border Regional Library, Top Pick, 2008 New Mexico Book Award, Finalist (Multi-cultural Subject), 2008 Storytelling World Resource Awards, Honor (Special Storytelling Resources), 2008


Stories of Witchcraft and the Supernatural in the

American Southwest and Beyond Na s a r i o Ga r c í a

$34.95 hc 978-0-89672-607-9 | 2007 These stories come from a variety of Southwestern states, as well as Latin America, and demonstrate how the magical world of witchcraft and the supernatural connects Spain to Latin America and Latin America to North America. TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY PRESS | TTUPRESS.ORG


Children of the Dust An Okie Family Story

B e t t y G r a n t H e n s h aw

$22.95 pb 978-0-89672-631-4 | 2008 Finally yielding to pressure from others, with some reluctance Bill piled his family in the Ford pickup and set off along Route 66 for the Golden State.

A Clamor for Equality

Emergence and Exile of Californio Activist Francisco P. Ramírez P a u l B r y a n G r ay

$39.95 hc 978-0-89672-763-2 | 2012 A dramatic response to American racism occurred in Los Angeles during 1855 when eighteen-year-old Francisco P. Ramírez published a Spanish-language newspaper, El Clamor Público. Ramírez called upon a Mexican American majority to rebel and seize power by electing themselves to public office.


10 W INNER Southwest Book Award, Border Regional Library Association, Winner, 2009 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards, Finalist (History), 2009 Arizona Book Award/ Glyph Award, Arizona Book Publishing Association, Finalist (History/Political) 2010

“Court-Martial of Apache Kid, the Renegade of Renegades” C l a r e V . M c Ka n n a , J r . $29.95 hc 978-0-89672-652-9 | 2009 Though Kid spoke no more than seven hundred words at his court martial, Clare McKanna’s use of them in illuminating this legal odyssey is as compelling as Kid’s escape and legend.



Cowboy Justice

Tale of a Texas Lawman Jim Gober

$18.95 pb 978-0-89672-450-1 | 2001 In editing his grandfather’s story, Gober preserves a saga of loyalty and treachery, disaster and triumph, crime and honor—and a worthy addition to the chronicle of the Old West.

Cowboy Park Steer-Roping on the Border

J o h n O . Ba x t e r

$24.95 hc 978-0-89672-642-0 | 2008 Through the history he has recovered and photographs—many published here for the first time—John Baxter documents and illuminates the era of Cowboy Park and the early champions who won their spurs there.


12 W INNER Southwest Books of the Year (Nonfiction), Pima County Public Library, 2013 Spur Award (Nonfiction Biography), Finalist, Western Writers of America, 2014 IndieFab Award, Bronze (Nonfiction – Performing Arts & Music), Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Award, 2013 Will Rogers Medallion Award, Gold, (Western Biographies & Memoirs), 2014

Cowboy Stuntman From Olympic Gold to the Silver Screen D e a n Sm i t h w i t h M i k e C o x

$29.95 hc 978-0-89672-789-2 | 2013 Cowboy Stuntman chronicles the life and achievements of this colorful Texan and Olympic gold medal winner who spent a half century as a Hollywood stuntman and actor, appearing in ten John Wayne movies and doubling for a long list of actors as diverse as Robert Culp, Michael Landon, Steve Martin, Strother Martin, Robert Redford, and Roy Rogers. TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY PRESS | TTUPRESS.ORG


Cowboy’s Lament A Life on the Open Range F r a n k M ay n a r d

$29.95 hc 978-0-89672-705-2 | 2010 Now, alongside the frontier recollections of Charlie Siringo and Charles Colchord, Maynard’s personal account offers a rare and revealing glimpse of the true Old West.

Dance All Night

Those Other Southwestern Swing Bands, Past and Present

J e a n A . B oy d $39.95 pb 978-0-89672-737-3 | 2012 Jean A. Boyd presents the history and music of those bands that did not garner national fame, but were local sensations to thousands of southwesterners hungry for diversion and good dancing during the depression and World War II.


14 W INNER Great Plains Distinguished Book Prize, Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Finalist, 2008 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards, Bronze (Regional), 2008 Writers’ League of Texas Book Award, Finalist (Nonfiction), 2009 Nebraska Book Award, Nebraska Center of the Book, Winner (Nonfiction), 2009

P R A ISE “A model of how local and regional history can and should be written.” —W. David Baird, Journal of American History “In terms of artistry, The Death of Raymond Yellow Thunder is a grand sweep of history told in the best tradition of literary journalism.” —Carol Berry, Indian Country Today “A riveting and intricately textured retelling of a dreadful murder and its long history.” —Daniel M. Cobb, Western Historical Quarterly “From readers looking for an informative read that flows like a well-written novel to researchers seeking information, this text is a valuable source.” —Jeanette Palmer, Studies in American Indian Literature

The Death of Raymond Yellow Thunder

And Other True Stories from the Nebraska–Pine Ridge Border Towns

Stew Magnuson $29.95 hc 978-0-89672-634-5 | 2008 $24.95 pb 978-0-89672-718-2 | 2010

The long-intertwined communities of the Oglala Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation and the bordering towns in Sheridan County, Nebraska, mark their histories in sensational incidents and quiet human connections, many recorded in detail here for the first time.



Desert Sanctuaries The Chinatis of the Big Bend W y ma n M e i n z e r

$35.00 hc 978-0-89672-488-4 | 2002 $19.95 pb 978-0-89672-489-1 | 2002 Explore, as few have intimately done, the Big Bend Ranch State Park and the Chinati Mountains State Natural Area.

Divinely Guided

The California Work of the Women’s National Indian Association

Va l e r i e S h e r e r M at h e s $39.95 pb 978-0-89672-745-8 | 2012

Founded in Philadelphia in 1879, the WNIA devoted seventy years to working among Native women. Bucking society’s narrow sense of women’s appropriate sphere, WNIA members across the US built homes, missionary cottages, schools, and chapels, and sponsored teachers and physicians—all with a strong dose of Christianity.


16 P R A ISE “One of the most thoroughly researched, detailed histories of any irrigated region in the American West.” —American Historical Review “Recommended . . . . A worthy addition to recent studies of water administration in the West.” —Western Historical Quarterly “A welcomed and excellent study that adds much to our knowledge of water development projects in southeastern New Mexico in the context of the history of the campaign for national reclamation.” —Journal of Southern History

Ditches Across the Desert Irrigation in the Lower Pecos Valley Stephen Bogener

$34.95 hc 978-0-89672-509-6 | 2003 Today, the once formidable Pecos River has become a mere shadow of its former self. Dammed in many places for irrigation, its springs pumped dry in others, the Pecos today leads a precarious existence. Yet the contest over its water continues.



The Fence

National Security, Public Safety, and Illegal Immigration along the U.S.–

Mexico Border

Robert Lee Maril

$29.95 hc 978-0-89672-680-2 | 2011 $24.95 pb 978-0-89672-776-2 | 2012 Maril’s lucid study shows the fence to be a symbol in concrete, steel, microchips, and fiber optics for the crucible of contemporary immigration policy, national security, and public safety.

Field to Fabric The Story of American Cotton Growers Jack Lichtenstein

$24.95 hc 978-0-89672-238-5 | 1990 Since the early 1900s, cotton has shaped the economy and growth of the Texas High Plains. Against the backdrop of the burgeoning West Texas cotton industry, Field to Fabric details the workings of its most vigorous proponent.



Finding the Great Western Trail S y lv i a Ga n n M a h o n e y $34.95 hc 978-0-89672-943-8 | 2015 Finding the Great Western Trail documents the first multi-community effort to recover evidence and verify the route of the Great Western Trail.

Flood on the Tracks

Living, Dying, and the Nature of Disaster in the Elkhorn River Basin

Todd M. Kerstetter

$29.95 hc 978-168283-016-1 | 2017 Using Plains Indian winter counts, postcards, photographs, newspaper accounts, government records, and more, Flood on the Tracks chronicles the river’s natural and human history from the Plains Indians into the twenty-first century.



Free Radical

Ernest Chambers, Black Power, and the Politics of Race

Tekla Agbala Ali Johnson

$24.95 pb 978-0-89672-983-4 | 2016 Amid the deadly racial violence of the 1960s, an unassuming student from a fundamentalist Christian home in Omaha emerged as a leader and nationally recognized black activist.

From Guns to Gavels

How Justice Grew Up in the Outlaw West Bill Neal

$29.95 hc 978-0-89672-637-6 | 2008 $18.95 pb 978-0-89672-982-7 | 2016 In this volume, Bill Neal cleverly weaves detailed facts about actual isolated incidents into an adventure told through the drama of the yarns of those bygone days.



From Texas to San Diego in 1851

The Overland Journal of Dr. S. W. Woodhouse, Surgeon-Naturalist of the Sitgreaves Expedition

E d i t e d a n d a n n o t at e d b y Andrew Wallace and Richard H . H e v ly $45.00 hc 978-0-89672-597-3 | 2007

Although the basic facts of the Sitgreaves expedition have long been known, the journal adds much detail and great depth to the story, allowing the editors to draw credible conclusions about natural science and Southwestern exploration in the mid-nineteenth century.

“Get Along, Little Dogies” The Chisholm Trail Diary of Hallie Lou Wells

Lisa Waller Rogers

$14.95 pb 978-0-89672-670-3 | 2010 Following Hallie’s diary is a historic summary of life along the Chisholm Trail in 1878, complete with photographs and map, useful to young readers and teachers alike.


21 W INNER Spur Award, Western Writers of America, Finalist (Western Nonfiction), 2007 NOLA Book of the Year Award, National Association of Outlaw and Lawman History, Winner, 2007 Violet Crown Book Award, Writers’ League of Texas, Finalist (Nonfiction), 2007 Rupert N. Richardson Award for the best book on West Texas history, West Texas Historical Association, Winner, 2007

Getting Away with Murder on the Texas Frontier Notorious Killings and Celebrated Trials Bill Neal

$18.95 pb 978-0-89672-651-2 | 2009 In this very different time and place, a murderer might go free based on the following reasoning: The son-of-a-gun is guilty all right, but we must turn him loose. He owes me for a pair of boots, and if we convict him I’ll never get my money. AMERICAN WEST

22 W INNER Lamplighter Award, Nominee, 2004-05 Western Heritage Award, National Cowboy and Heritage Museum, Winner (Outstanding Juvenile Book), 2003

P R A ISE “An action-packed narrative . . . . Students will enjoy this compelling story, and, drawn in by the drama, they will be immersed in the historical past that Rogers has recreated.” —Southwestern Historical Quarterly “Rogers is so careful in her research that her books give one the feeling of being there.” —Victoria Advocate “This is history the way it should be taught.” —Wichita Falls Times Record News “Marvelous historical fiction . . . . This superb addition to children’s literature nicely complements the other solid, historically accurate works about the storm.” —Review of Texas Books “As a first-hand account, it brings home the full impact of the disaster . . . . Austin-based author Lisa Waller Rogers has done a terrific job seeking out the minutiae as well as the key facts to bring both J. T. and his diary to life.” —Texas Books in Review

The Great Storm

The Hurricane Diary of J. T. King, Galveston, Texas, 1900 Lisa Waller Rogers

$14.50 hc 978-0-89672-478-5 | 2002 $14.95 pb 978-0-89672-720-5 | 2010 Extensive primary-source research forms the backbone of J. T.’s thrilling, authentic, and richly

detailed diary. The historical appendix, complete with photos and map, is invaluable to young readers and teachers alike.



Getting By in Hard Times

Letters from the Pitchfork Ranch, 1938–1939 Scott White

$25.00 hc 978-146754-688-1 | 2012 This book provides a rare look at the day-to-day details of running the Pitchfork Ranch during the late 1930s.

Horsing Around, Vol. I

Contemporary Cowboy Humor

E d . b y Law r e n c e C l ay t o n , K e n n e t h W . Dav i s , a n d M a r y E v e ly n C o l l i n s

$17.95 pb 978-0-89672-407-5 | 1998 In Horsing Around, Clayton, Davis, and Collins draw upon the vast amount of anecdotes portraying the lighter side of working on the range. The collected vignettes in Horsing Around will provide the collector of Texana greater accessibility to stories that are often told only at public performances.


24 W INNER Missouri Affiliate of National Federation of Press Women, First Place (Books/Fiction/ Young Adult), 2007 New Mexico Press Women, National Federation of Press Women, First Place, 2007 Missouri Writers Guild, Best Book about Missouri, Honorable Mention (Best Fiction Book), 2007 WILLA Literary Award, Women Writing the West, Winner (Children’s/Young Adult Fiction and Nonfiction), 2007 New Mexico Book Award, Finalist (Young Adult), 2007

P R A ISE “. . . . Readers may not realize they’re getting a history lesson as well as an exciting tale . . . . Foard supplements the story with a section on the real Harvey Girls history. In Kansas City, a Mrs. Steel hires the protagonist, saying: ‘I like your spunk, Clara.’ Readers will agree.” —Foreword Magazine “The 21st century ceases to exist once the reader opens the pages of this young adult novel. The author deftly recreates life on a poor farm, the trepidation of your first interview, and the excitement of starting your first job . . . . Information about the real Harvey Girls [is] icing on the cake.” —Historical Novels Review

Harvey Girl Sheila Wood Foard $18.95 pb 978-0-89672-570-6 | 2006 In a time when there were limited career choices for women, becoming a Harvey Girl offered rare independence for young ladies.



If I Was a Highway Michael Ventura P h o t o g r ap h s b y B u t c h Ha n c o c k $27.95 pb 978-68283-010-9 | 2017 $29.95 hc 978-0-89672-706-9 | 2011 In this collection, its title borrowed from a Butch Hancock song, the essays switch lanes with Hancock’s evocative black-and-white photographs.

Judge Roy Bean Country Jack Skiles $18.95 pb 978-0-89672-369-6 | 1996 Jack Skiles started with a determination to learn the truth behind the legend of Judge Roy Bean. Armed with a second-hand tape recorder in the 1960s, he interviewed Texas Rangers, ranchers, treasure hunters, and any Langtry old-timer with a good memory and a story to tell about the Judge.



Kit Carson and the First Battle of Adobe Walls

A Tale of Two Journeys A lv i n R . Ly n n

$34.95 hc 978-0-89672-861-5 | 2014 With nearly eighty battle site and artifact photographs taken by renowned photographer Wyman Meinzer, Kit Carson and the First Battle of Adobe Walls documents Carson’s military expedition from Fort Bascom to Adobe Walls and Lynn’s own journey more than a century later to discover what really happened.

Law at Little Big Horn Due Process Denied

Charles E. Wright $45.00 hc 978-0-89672-912-4 | 2015 Charles E. Wright analyzes the legal backdrop to the Great Sioux War, asking the hard questions of how treaties were to be honored and how the US government failed to abide by its sovereign word. Until now, little attention has been focused on how the events leading up to and during the Battle of Little Big Horn violated American law.



Law on the Last Frontier

Texas Ranger Arthur Hill S . E . Sp i n k s

$21.95 pb 978-0-89672-984-1 | 2016 From the Lone Star Steel strike, the KKK, and the “Dixie Mafia” to problems of drug-running and illegal immigration, Arthur Hill’s life as a Texas ranger illuminates both the present and the past.

Life in the Saddle

Cow Country Cowboy Stories

Scott White

$29.95 hc 978-1-63173-303-1 | 2014 These anecdotes, family histories, and personal accounts will please anyone in search of real Western history as it was lived.



Light in the Trees Ga i l F o l k i n s $24.95 pb 978-0-89672-952-0 | 2015 $35.00 hc 978-0-89672-951-3 | 2015 A memoir of home, nature, and change in the American West, Light in the Trees makes cultural and environmental topics personal through a narrator’s travels between past and present, rural and urban.

Lone Star Law

A Legal History of Texas Michael Ariens

$29.95 pb 978-0-89672-979-7 | 2016 Lone Star Law examines the legal system in Texas, from the Canary Islanders who settled in San Antonio to the modern era of the mega-law firms in Houston and Dallas. Michael Ariens, a St. Mary’s University law professor, uses historical anecdotes from the state’s colorful past to explain the establishment and evolution of the law and Texas as a colony, a Republic, and a state itself. TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY PRESS | TTUPRESS.ORG


Mysteries of Love and Grief

Reflections on a Plainswoman’s Life Sa n d r a S c o f i e l d

$29.95 hc 978-0-89672-941-4 | 2015 At last, in Mysteries of Love and Grief, Scofield wrestles with the meaning of her grandmother Frieda’s saga of labor and loss, trying to balance her need to understand with respect for Frieda’s mystery.

The Notorious Dr. Flippin

Abortion and Consequence in the Early Twentieth Century J am i e Q . Ta l l ma n

$34.95 hc 978-0-89672-675-8 | 2011 The first book to focus exclusively on attitudes towards abortion in early twentieth-century rural communities, The Notorious Dr. Flippin supplies long overlooked context for current debate and enriches studies of African American, western, women’s, and medical history.


30 W INNER Southwest Book Award, Border Regional Library Association, Winner, 2005

P R A ISE “The stories are charmingly frank, unexpectedly humorous, sometimes sad, all reminiscent of a simpler, though not always uncomplicated time . . . . The book brims with anecdotes, folklore, and oral history that help define one of New Mexico’s most fascinating pockets of enchantment.” —Albuquerque Journal “García presents stories on life in the countryside, education, folk healing, witchcraft, superstitions, religion, politics, folk sayings, and riddles . . . . Recommended.” —Choice “There is a rich and engaging text in two languages, humor and intelligence mixed in just the right proportion; what else could be desired? Photos! Ancianos, penitentes, cowboys: Welcome faces smile out of almost every page at the beginning of the book . . . . In this book many, many stories will live to be enjoyed and appreciated by generations of new readers.” —Southwest BookViews

Old Las Vegas

Hispanic Memories from the New Mexico Meadowlands Na s a r i o Ga r c í a

$22.95 pb 978-0-89672-595-9 | 2006 “A veritable buffet of reminiscences . . . . An outstanding contribution to the folklore and history of Hispanic New Mexico.” —New Mexico Historical Review.



Patrolling Chaos

The U.S. Border Patrol in Deep South Texas Robert Lee Maril

$24.95 pb 978-0-89672-594-2 | 2006 Patrolling Chaos is based on extensive ethnographic field work focusing on one station of three hundred Border Patrol agents over a two-year period.

Picturing a Different West

Vision, Illustration, and the Tradition of Cather and Austin Janis P. Stout

$40.00 hc 978-0-89672-610-9 | 2007 Picturing a Different West addresses Willa Cather and Mary Austin as central figures in a women’s tradition of the pictured West. Both Cather and Austin moved west in their youth and spent much of their lives there.



The Prairie Dog Sentinel of the Plains

R u s s e l l A . G r av e s

$39.95 hc 978-0-89672-456-3 | 2001 $19.95 pb 978-0-89672-455-6 | 2001 In more than one hundred beautiful and charming color photographs, and with accompanying text, Russell Graves shows prairie dogs and their neighbors in their daily lives, eating, playing, building and keeping a constant lookout over their land. He tells the story of these highly gregarious rodents and gives a fascinating glimpse into their active, vocal society.

Quite Contrary

The Litigious Life of Mary Bennett Love Dav i d J . La n g u m , S r .

$34.95 hc 978-0-89672-874-5 | 2014 Quite Contrary is the first book to focus on Mary Bennett Love. Aside from making for an entertaining story, she is representative of the relationship people had with the law in pre-Gold Rush California.


33 P R A ISE “I can’t remember the last time I used the words ‘lovely’ and ‘marvelous’ to describe a book, but surely they apply to Hugh Hawkins’s evocation of a vanished America, a work that is as sure-footed as it is touching.” —Madeleine Blais, author of Uphill Walkers: Portrait of a Family “Hawkins combines the skills of an accomplished historian with the sensitivities of a novelist to construct an engaging and poignant memoir of a Midwestern childhood in the 1930s and the first half of the 1940s. Through his memories and reflections, the author provides an intimate view of his family and a fresh perspective on the powerful forces that shaped the lives of Americans during these tumultuous times.” —N. Ray Hiner, University of Kansas “Charming, entertaining, and well-written.” —Reference & Research Book News “A delightful book, made especially good because of the historical accounting of the era.” —Mexia Daily News

Railwayman’s Son

A Plains Family Memoir H u g h Haw k i n s

$24.95 hc 978-0-89672-557-7 | 2006 In this warm and thoughtful memoir, Hawkins paints a portrait of a middle-class family’s traditions and values in the heartland of the 1930s and 1940s.



Reconfigurations of Native North America

An Anthology of New Perspectives

Ed. by John R. Wunder and Kurt Kinbacher

$45.00 hc 978-0-89672-641-3 | 2009 The essays range from the specific— single peoples living in well-defined spaces during discrete time periods, to the expansive—broad comparative and international discussions. Yet the volume’s diversity extends beyond its topical breadth.

Rights in the Balance

Free Press, Fair Trial, and Nebraska Press Association v. Stuart Mark R. Scherer $40.00 hc 978-0-89672-626-0 | 2008 Rights in the Balance is the story of the complex legal battles set in motion that tragic night on the western Nebraska plains. In juxtaposition to the criminal prosecution of Erwin Simants, Mark Scherer traces the Nebraska Press Association’s battle to overturn a gag order imposed on the media by state court judges.



The Roadrunner Tenth Anniversary Edition

P h o t o g r ap h s b y W y ma n Meinzer

$19.95 pb 978-0-89672-514-0 | 2003 Punctuated by humor and poignancy, this story possesses an unmatched connectedness and insights afforded only those who develop a longstanding relationship with their subjects of study. Many of the roadrunners that Meinzer recorded became comfortable with his presence—one even permitted his assistance in catching a lizard.

Route 66

A Road to America’s Landscape, History, and Culture MarkKu Henricksson

$39.95 pb 978-0-89672-825-7 | 2013 $65.00s hc 978-0-89672-677-2 | 2013 Not a history of the road itself and the towns along the way, Henriksson’s perspective offers insight into America and its culture as revealed in its peoples, their histories, cultures, and music as displayed along the Mother Road.



Sex, Murder, and the Unwritten Law Courting Judicial Mayhem, Texas Style Bill Neal

$29.95 hc 978-0-89672-662-8 | 2009 $18.95 pb 978-0-89672-981-0 | 2016 Bill Neal explores the imaginative machinations of defense lawyers who extricated obviously guilty clients when there appeared no legal basis upon which to peg a defense. The courtroom triumphs and underlying strategies detailed in this book are remarkable and entertaining for lawyers, historians, and laypersons alike.

Showdown in the Big Quiet

Land, Myth, and Government in the American West John P. Bieter, Jr.

$39.95 pb 978-0-89672-903-2 | 2015 $70.00s hc 978-0-89672-902-5 | 2015 Showdown in the Big Quiet demonstrates how the “Old West” speaks to the “New” and proves how the power of western mythology moved from background to central character.



Skullduggery, Secrets, and Murders

The 1894 Wells Fargo Scam That Backfired Bill Neal

$34.95 hc 978-0-89672-917-9 | 2015 The identities of the masterminds behind the foiled plot have remained a mystery for more than a hundred years. With his usual rough-and-tumble tenacity, Bill Neal undertakes the investigation of these two cold-case murders.

“The Spurs of James J. Wheat, Pioneer Collector� B r u c e Ba r t l e t t $35.00 hc 978-0-9761834-6-4 | 2008 With its lavish, oversized photographs and fine-grained descriptions, The Spurs of James J. Wheat presents a treat for the eye and a close look at a fascinating aspect of Western utilitarian art.



Sticky Cotton

Measurements and Fiber Processing Eric F. Hequet and Noureddine Abidi

$50.00s hc 978-0-89672-590-4 | 2006 Sticky Cotton is an essential reference for anyone searching for ways to avoid or mitigate the problem of cotton stickiness.

“A Sweet, Separate Intimacy”

Women Writers of the American Frontier, 1800–1922 E d . b y S u s a n C u mm i n s M i l l e r

$26.95 pb 978-0-89672-618-5 | 2007 In this anthology of thirty-four writers who published during the settlement years of the American frontier, Miller assembles nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and occasional writings from women of Anglo, Chinese, Hispanic, and Native American ethnicity.



“Tales of Badmen, Bad Women, and Bad Places” Four Centuries of Texas Outlawry

C. F. Eckhardt

$18.95 pb 978-0-89672-420-4 | 1999 C. F. Eckhardt tells the stories your teacher never told you about Texas outlaws. Some are famous, and some you may never have heard of. All of them were out for their share of the good life in Texas.

Texas Dance Halls

A Two-Step Circuit Ga i l F o l k i n s

$34.95 hc 978-0-89672-603-1 | 2007 Wherever they’ve found fiddlers and dance floors, Texans have been tickled into motion. And for a century and a half, they’ve been kicking up dust in dance halls across the state. Writing about the eighteen she knows best, Gail Folkins celebrates how these halls still bring people together and foster joy.


40 W INNER New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards, finalist, History-New Mexico, New Mexico Book Co-op, 2012

P R A ISE “A major contribution to our understanding of the great dilemmas facing the republic in 1850 . . . a wealth of rich detail that illustrates the tremendous complexities of law making in those days.” —Reviews in American History “Never before has anyone dealt so thoroughly with the central issue of the Texas–New Mexico boundary dispute . . . . With a depth matched by no other scholar, Professor Stegmaier discusses events in Austin and Santa Fe as well as in Washington. Most importantly, he illuminates the relationships among the actors and actions in the three capitals.” —William J. Cooper, Jr., Boyd Professor, Louisiana State University “A marvelous achievement . . . astonishing. Dealing with one of the great crises of the American experience, Stegmaier . . . convincingly carries his point . . . that it was only over the boundary dispute that violence could conceivably have erupted.” —Craig Simpson, author of A Good Southerner: The Life of Henry A. Wise of Virginia

“Texas, New Mexico, and the Compromise of 1850” Boundary Dispute and Sectional Crisis M a r k J . S t e g ma i e r

$34.95 pb 978-0-89672-697-0 | 2012 Writing from the vantage point of the Texas–New Mexico boundary issue, Mark J. Stegmaier provides definitive analysis of the dispute settled by the last great accord on sectional issues between North and South—the Compromise of 1850.



Their Lives, Their Wills Women in the Borderlands, 1750–1846 Amy M. Porter

$39.95 pb 978-0-89672-932-2 | 2015 Using last wills and testaments as main sources, Amy M. Porter explores the ways in which these documents reveal details about religion, family, economics, and material culture. In addition, the wills speak loudly to the difficulties of frontier life, in which widowhood and child mortality were commonplace.

Trail Sisters

Freedwomen in Indian Territory, 1850–1890 L i n d a W i l l i am s R e e s e

$24.95 pb 978-1-68283-015-4 | 2017 $39.95 hc 978-0-896-72810-3 | 2013 Linda Williams Reese is the first to trace the harsh and often bitter journey of these women from arrival in Indian Territory to free-citizen status in 1890. In doing so, she establishes them as pioneers of the American West equal to their Indian and other Plains sisters.



Treasure State Justice

Judge George M. Bourquin, Defender of the Rule of Law

Arnon Gutfeld

$29.95 pb 978-0-89672-845-5 | 2014 $45.00s hc 978-0-89672-844-8 | 2014 Coinciding with the federal government’s largest role over the destiny of the American West, Bourquin’s judicial career provides a unique opportunity to examine the great impact that the legal system and a very unusual judge had in the post-territorial frontier period.

Tuneful Tales Bernice Love Wiggins $14.95 pb 978-0-89672-485-3 | 2002 Just as the Harlem movement focused on experiences of black Americans who sought relief from racism and endeavored to build communities, Tuneful Tales gives voice to the manysided black experience in remote El Paso.



Water on the Great Plains

Issues and Policies

Ed. by Peter J. Longo and Dav i d W . Y o s ko w i t z

$35.00 hc 978-0-89672-459-4 | 2002 In Water on the Great Plains, Peter J. Longo and David W. Yoskowitz have collected current scholarship on the cultural, economic, environmental, legal, and political implications of water policy.

West Texas

A Portrait of Its People and Their Raw and Wondrous Land Mike Cochran and John Lu mp k i n

$34.95 hc 978-0-89672-426-6 | 1999 A West Texan once said, “They show no pictures of my province or even neighboring provinces. They leave a big hole in Texas.� No more is that the case, thanks to Mike Cochran and John Lumpkin.



The Western Parables of the American Dream

J e ff r e y W a l l ma n n

$29.95 hc 978-0-89672-423-5 | 1999 The Western: Parables of the American Dream is the first comprehensive historical survey of the western in all of its various manifestations, from the earliest Indian captivity narratives and pioneer biographies to the most contemporary western novels, films, and television series.

White Justice in Arizona

Apache Murder Trials in the Nineteenth Century C l a r e V . M c Ka n n a , J r .

$27.95 hc 978-0-89672-554-6 | 2005 Though trials in open court suggest impartiality, White Justice in Arizona reveals how, time and again, the judicial system of nineteenth-century Arizona denied Apaches justice.


45 W INNER ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award, Bronze (tie), Adult Nonfiction (Biography), 2011 Great Plains Distinguished Book Prize, finalist, Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 2011 Oklahoma Book Award, finalist, Nonfiction, Oklahoma Center for the Book, 2012 Spur Award, finalist, Western Writers of America, 2012 Will Rogers Medallion Award, Outstanding Merit/Excellence in Printing and Publication, 2012

P R A ISE “Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Molly Ivins owe a debt to Rogers . . . . But in his day, Rogers was bigger than all of them . . . . He starred in dozens of radio broadcasts and 71 movies, and was courted by presidents and legislators.” —John Schwartz, New York Times Book Review

Will Rogers

A Political Life

Richard D. White, Jr.

$29.95 hc 978-0-89672-676-5 | 2011 $19.95 pb 978-0-89672-812-7 | 2016 “Mr. White tells the political side of Rogers’ life clearly and well. His use of original primary material in the last two chapters is nothing less than masterful, making the last page one of the most satisfying and poignant endings to any biography I have read recently.” —Marion Elizabeth Rodgers, Washington Times AMERICAN WEST


Windmill Tales E d . b y C oy F . Ha r r i s P h o t o s b y W y ma n M e i n z e r $24.95 pb 978-0-89672-961-2 | 2016 In Windmill Tales, in nearly one hundred beautiful full-color images, photographer Wyman Meinzer shows American windmills as they appear today.

Women on the North American Plains E d . b y R e n e e M . La e g r e i d a n d Sa n d r a K . M at h e w s $45.00 pb 978-0-89672-728-1 | 2011 $65.00s hc 978-0-89672-733-5 | 2011 The first comprehensive view of women on the North American Plains, these essays explore the richness, variety, and complexity of their experiences.




Cotton and Thrift

Feed Sacks and the Fabric of American Households Marian Ann J. Montgomery F o r e w o r d b y M e r i k ay W a l d v o g e l

$29.95 hc 978-1-68283-042-0 | JULY 2019 This publication serves both to showcase the breadth of the Pat L. Nickols Printed Cotton Sack Research Collection and as a comprehensive visual archive for these important artifacts of rural American material culture.




Dark Eyes, Lady Blue María of Ágreda

M a r i ly n H . F e d e wa $19.95 pb 978-1-68283-056-7 | JUNE 2020 This fresh telling of María’s story is one that will appeal to readers young and old and provides an unforgettable perspective on early American exploration of Texas and New Mexico.




Finding Karen

An Ancestral Mystery

Dorothy Allred Solomon $27.95 pb 978-1-68283-061-1 | JUNE 2020 $9.95 ebook 978-1-68283-062-8 | JUNE 2020 Finding Karen: An Ancestral Mystery springs from a decade of research into Solomon’s paternal great-great grandmother Karen Sorensen Rasmussen, who converted to Mormonism in Denmark and emigrated to the United States in 1859.




Latinos and Latinas in American Sport Stories Beyond Peloteros

Edited by Jorge Iber $39.95 pb 978-1-68283-040-6 | OCTOBER 2019 Latinos and Latinas in American Sport: Stories Beyond Peloteros expands upon the significance of sport in US Latino communities by looking at sports as diverse as drag racing and community softball, the rise of Latinas in high school basketball, and the role of Latinos in protesting social injustice through sport.Â




Wilmettie Sue Houser I l l u s t r at e d b y J o h n n a S c a l i a $17.95 pb 978-1-68283-065-9 | JULY 2020 Wilmettie is a middle-reader work of historical fiction from award-winning children’s author Sue Houser. The book takes readers along for a family’s adventures on their way to what will become their new homestead: covered-wagon trains are formed, rattlesnakes are encountered, rivers are forded, and banks are robbed.


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