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A collaborative effort between the trinidad+tobago film festival and ARC Magazine, New Media 2012 presents an overview of experimental video and film works for the second incarnation of the exhibit. New Media 2012 will showcase the works of 49 artists in a collection of 58 experimental pieces, exposing a wide range of scenarios and interrogations that are linked by the universal language of filmic expression. They utilise Caribbean-related ideas and themes, while being diverse and exploratory in content. New Media signifies the way technology is influencing and challenging our modes of representation, and has developed in parallel with advancements in technology and its relation to cultural production. New Media’s assembled collection challenges how artists are reconsidering evolving art traditions and their proliferation. The use of varied themes show the evolution of these artists’ articulate sensibilities and apply not only to personal experiences and subjectivities, but also operate outside of stereotypical narratives and tropes of representations. The artists rely heavily on the examination of the political, social and gendered concerns of their contemporary moment becoming makers and markers of cultural engagement. The pieces presented range from the humorous, reflexive and contemplative to quizzical while remaining close to an aesthetic engagement with the medium itself.

Abigail Hadeed | Alberta Whittle | Andy Robert | AS Majerus | Christian Bertin | Eduardo Nunes | Felipe Guerrero | Holly Parotti | James Cooper | Janelle Griffith | Janet Cook Rutnik | Karen McLean | Karine Taïlamé | Lawrence Graham-Brown | Manuel Mathieu | Marlon James | Miatta Kawinzi | Michelle Isava | Natalie Wei | Nayda Collazo Lorrens | Nile Saulter | O’Neil Lawrence | Olivia McGilchrist | Patricia Kaersenhout | Petri Saarikko Rodell Warner | Ryan Oduber | Sasha Huber | Sonja Dumas | Sophie Meyer | Steve Hernandez | Versia Harris | Viviana Paretti | Willy Rollé Films4Peace artists include: Janet Bigs | Ergin Cavusoglu | Gregory Crewdson and Constanza Theodolo-Braschi | Yang Fudong | Isaac Julien | Peterson Kamwathi | Nandipha Mntambo | Michael Nyman | Levi van Veluw | Hank Willis Thomas and Terrance Nance

Cover: Still from Kima Momo 58 by Ryan Oduber. Image courtesy of Dwayne Heronimo.

New Media 2012 will run at Medulla Art Gallery in Woodbrook, Port of Spain from the 22nd – 29th September, with satellite screenings and partnerships in association with the Postgraduate Programme in Cultural Studies at UWI, St Augustine and PUMA. Peace: films4peace. New Media 2012 will feature the work of the following acclaimed international and regional emerging artists:



Still from Alberta Whittle’s Ecstatic Grace – Poised

untangling narratives 5


And They Say, Don’t Play with Poison

Between the Lines

Director: Natalie Wei Country: Trinidad + Tobago / Canada Length 0:02:50 Year: 2006

Director: Abigail Hadeed Country: Trinidad + Tobago Length: 0:03:20 Year: 2012

And They Say Don’t Play with Poison is an experimental short film that examines notions of gender, identity and belonging in the contemporary carnival. Carnival time is thought of by many in Trinidad as a time to come together and celebrate, but the characteristics that unite people can also be the ones that divide. Shot during the 2006 carnival on the streets of Port of Spain, the piece presents a narrative around mas-band loyalties, the parade and the personal experience of a band member, who gives a reflection on the contemporary carnival and the circumstances surrounding the final year of masquerade band Poison’s last presentation.

This experimental film explores and follows the frenzied, chaotic, moving shadows cast on the roads by Moko Jumbie Carnival characters. The Sun, like a ‘God above’, beats down on the Moko Jumbies. Shadows are elusive, signifying the paradox of Carnival as a street art for the living…while conjuring up ancestral ghosts and spirits. Shadows and lines on the road might be metaphors for the journey of life, how we walk a fine line between good and other, balancing our life choices.

Sept 25th - 4 & 7pm | Sept 26th - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28th - 7pm at UWI

Sept 23RD - 4 & 7pm | Sept 27th - 4 & 7pm


Carnival of One

Director: Holly Parotti Country: The Bahamas Length: 0:01:08 Year: 2010

Director: James Cooper Country: Bermuda Length: Duration varied Year: 2012

Breathe looks at the physical mechanics of the body while in the process of trying to bring calm during hyperventilation. The use of x-ray imagery and the awkward movement of a starkly contrasted body under stress attempts to illustrate the fragility of the human body performing such a basic yet vital routine.

For Carnival of One, Cooper collaborated with fellow Bermudian Magnus Constable. The piece is a deep meditation on being an artist on a small Caribbean island in the year 2012.

Sept 26th - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28th - 4 & 7pm

Sept 24th - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28th - 4 & 7pm


Couleurs, Lumières et Harmonie

Director: Felipe Guerrero Country: Colombia Length: 0:69:00 Year: 2012

Director: Karine Tailaime Country: Martinique Length: 0:04:19 Year: 2011

In the beautifully photographed Corta (Cut), agricultural labourers in southwest Colombia harvest a field of sugarcane using cutlasses. The hypnotic tempo and rhythm of their handiwork — a formidable but rapidly disappearing skill — has a meditative effect, as the men sharpen their blades and chop, chop, chop. When they’re finished, enormous trucks drive back and forth and the countryside is set on fire. This is contemplative cinema at its most potent, with undeniable historical undertones.

Couleurs, lumières et harmonie is an installation gathering three aquariums with live fishes and a performance video created by the artist. The video is realised by an art student, Lory Coat, specialized in aquatic photography and with the participation of the model, Marlène Maugee. The artist’s reflection is based on the direct relation between the body and the work of art.

Sept 26th - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28th - 4 & 7pm

Sept 26th - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28th - 4 & 7pm

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes When You Are Awake


Director: Versia Harris Country: Barbados Length 25:00 Year: 2011

Director: Marlon James Country: Jamaica Length: 0:01:56 Year: 2011

In A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes When You are Awake an original character is introduced to Walt Disney animations and consequently layers what she desires from these animations onto herself. She struggles with her perception of herself, given the stark contrast she presents to the typical Disney princess. The work addresses the unrealistic standards to which individuals often choose to compare themselves.

When tenacity and determination amidst dreadful circumstances provides the drive to succeed, being the best is not a need but an urgency. Even when the body rests, at the sound of a bell you’re back into it. A heartbeat throbs in unison with the gentle taps of a rope beating on the ground.

Sept 27th - 4 & 7pm

Sept 26th - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28th - 4 & 7pm


Ecstatic Grace – Poised

Family Planning

Director: Alberta Whittle Country: Barbados Length 0:09:42 Year: 2012

Director: Willy Rollé Country: French Guiana Length 0:12:00 Year: 2012

Ecstatic Grace – Poised, explores the potential of the landscape to act as a site for the exploration of mythologies, mysticism and rituals found throughout history, and art. The insistent use of colour punctuates the landscape, which simulates both familiar and personal locations for enacting shared histories. Encountering a trio of personas, who move through the landscape, they transform into multiple personalities, which hint a new reality.

Earth, 22nd Century. Two people receive a child, that was ordered at the enterprise “GenTech BDB”. Joseph knew nothing about this order. He does not want the child and begins to argue with Mary. The quarrel is so vicious that the man and the woman call their relationship into question.

Sept 22ND - 6pm | Sept 23RD - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28TH - 7pm AT UWI Sept 29TH - 4 & 7pm

Sept 27TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 29TH - 4 & 7pm


The Gaze

Directors: Janet Bigs, Ergin Cavusoglu, Gregory Crewdson and Constanza TheodoloBraschi, Yang Fudong, Isaac Julien, Peterson Kamwathi, Nandipha Mntambo, Michael Nyman, Levi van Veluw, Hank Willis Thomas and Terrance Nance Country: USA, Bulgaria, France, The UK, China, Germany, Kenya, Ireland, Swaziland, Japan and The Netherlands Length 0:17:00 Year: 2012

Director: Sophie Meyer Country: Trinidad + Tobago / France Length: 0:04:30 Year: 2012

Films4Peace features 21 of today’s most innovative artists visually interpreting the subject of peace. These art films will be released at cultural venues globally, online on World Peace Day on 21st September 2012 on a dedicated films4peace website, through social networking and video sharing sites and blogs amongst others. The New Media screening takes place on the 22nd of September. Renowned curator Mark Coetzee has invited 21 artists to create 17 new works.

Featuring living portraits, The Gaze aims to engage the viewer in a silent conversation with stick fighters, drummers and their children. By pointing the camera primarily at the fighters, Meyer projects her inquiries as a white European inspired by stick fighting in Trinidad & Tobago. The Gaze is their answer to Meyer but also a reflection on how ‘the other’ is perceived and how the subject of the gaze reflects back on the viewer.

Sept 23RD - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 29TH - 4 & 7pm Sept 22ND - 6pm | Sept 23RD - 4 & 7pm


GIF Performance (Live Performance)


Directors: Rodell Warner and André Stewart Country: Trinidad + Tobago Length: Approx. 20-30 mins Year: 2012

Director: Nile Saulter Country: Jamaica Length: 0:05:24 Year: 2012

Live event featuring an audio-visual collaboration / performance by Warner and Stewart. Original music with original and appropriated digital animations.

The rugged beauty of Dakar, Senegal’s capital and Africa’s westernmost city, is seen through the eyes of a young father. He traverses the bustling streets and glides along the serene coastline of this metropolis, searching, for his child himself.

One time live performance on Sept 22ND - STARTING AT 7pm

Sept 25TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28TH - 7pm AT UWI



Director: Viviana Peretti Country: USA / Italy Length: 0:05:09 Year: 2012

Director: Ryan Oduber Country: Aruba Length: 0:12:04 Year: 2012

In the Mood for Lord interrogates the role that religion has played in disaporic communities specifically within the Dominican and Hispanic demographic of Brooklyn NY, imbued with its its embedded rituals and worship.

A carnival queen, her king, and the mob of revelers they rule – this is a playful yet dark social commentary on the influence of power, celebrity and machismo within Caribbean society.

Sept 26TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 27TH - 4 & 7pm

Sept 22ND - 6pm | Sept 23RD - 4 & 7pm | Sept 27TH - 4 & 7pm Sept 28TH - 7pm AT UWI | Sept 29TH - 4 & 7pm





Director: Christian Bertin Country: Martinique Length: 0:06:00 Year: 2007

Director: Christian Bertin Country: Martinique Length: 0:06:00 Year: 2009

In this performance, Bertin collaborates with photographer Robert Charlotte, d’Isis Vérin et Carl Gotin – students of l’École des Beaux-Arts de la Martinique – and artist Fred Lagnau to stretch a wire between Morne Vert and Bellafontaine; an abandoned military truck and bomb d’lo.

La Diabla is the result of a filmed performance that pays tribute to Aimé Césaire, who often spoke of a discovery he had made during a trip to Senegal, where he saw an African mask – a symbol of fertility – that was similar to a very well-known red mask used in Martinique to scare revellers during Carnival. This red mask, topped with gold horns, was recreated for this piece and worn in the streets of Paris.

Sept 27TH - 4 & 7pm

Sept 28TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 29TH - 4 & 7pm



Director: Michelle Isava Country: Trinidad + Tobago Length: 0:01:56 Year: 2010

Director: Janet Cook Rutnik Country: St. Croix Length: 0:06:14 Year: 2010

This video is part of a series of works entitled ‘The Repeating Body’ and is based on a close reading of The Repeating Island by Antonio Benitez Rojo. Throughout the book he uses the metaphor of the female body for the Caribbean space. This space was not historically conceived as autonomous but rather it was designed to satisfy another. Similarly, I am repeating the female form to locate, that which is my own, between Venezuela and the island of Trinidad.

Moments in Time is a video of images illustrating the timeless beauty of the eternal night sky framed by the same flora that has existed in this part of the world since recorded history. The subtitles, with quotes from Columbus’s Diaries of 1493, show the common threads running through the last five centuries which have been dominated by changes that are man made but have not destroyed the initial impression made on Columbus and those who come here for the first time.

Sept 26TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28TH - 7pm AT UWI | Sept 29TH - 4 & 7pm

Sept 26TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 27TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28TH - 7pm AT UWI



Director: Karen McLean Country: Trinidad + Tobago Length: 0:12:41 Year: 2010

Director: Steve Hernandez Country: Trinidad + Tobago Length: 0:04:10 Year: 2011

There is a well-known saying that oil and water don’t mix. This meditative video work draws on that theme to visually represent the racial and social tensions and isolation that exist in contemporary England.

Postmodern Sex is an experimental short film that adapts Russian montage in its juxtaposition of excerpts of a video interview with Alev Adil on postmodernism with moving images of phallic symbols. The film uses totally unrelated images and music to compel the viewer to use cognitive skills to forge meaning from the apparently incoherent images on the screen.

Sept 22ND - 6pm | Sept 27TH - 4 & 7pm

Sept Sept 27TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28TH - 4 & 7pm



Director: Christian Bertin Country: Martinique Length: 0:05:40 Year: 2011

Director: AS Majerus Country: Barbados / Canada Length: 0:09:10 Year: 2012

Precheur is a performance art piece that draws on the words of Gabriel Henry and Aimé Césaire to recollect the tensions, revolts and ultimate triumph that surrounded the abolition of slavery in Martinique on May 22, 1848.

Orion’s Belt is my point of reference to mapping the night sky as well as the beginnings of understanding my position in my environment. The single shot of melting star ice-cubes references this baring of the body and soul to the elements – a re-adaptation to culture and environment. A paradox lies within the tempo of this work. Appearing slow and tranquil, the stars gradually change state from ice to water or straight to evaporation. Confounding time, what appears slow is, in fact, rapid. The star ice-cubes’ capacity to change state demonstrates the possibility of altering meaning with context, as well as illustrating an always changing perception of reality.

Sept 22ND - 6pm | Sept 25TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28TH - 7pm AT UWI

Sept 26TH - 4 & 7pm





Directors: Sasha Huber and Petri Saarikko Country: Haiti / Finland Length: 0:11:21 Year: 2011

Director: Nayda Collazo-Llorens Country: Puerto Rico Length: 0:05:13 Year: 2005

Cultures are filled with methods of self-help and medical healing. When it comes to health, we rarely use our common sense and environmental awareness to make second guesses. They contain strands of cultural knowledge that celebrate a heritage. Perhaps people’s attitudes to healing are inscribed into beliefs and the enactment of narrative remedies. In 2011 Huber and Saarikko collaborated with the Botkyrka artist residency in Fittja and documented communal and practical remedies, that were pervasive through the community.

Roaming uses a hovering camera’s point of view to take us through a weblike playground structure. This video functions as a mapped space where location or a specific destination is not of importance, but where the process of navigation is the main focus as we roam through cell-like forms and interconnected lines suggesting a mental space or mind-scape.

Sept 22ND - 6pm | Sept 26TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28TH - 7pm AT UWI Sept 29TH - 4 & 7pm

Sept 25TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 27TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 29TH - 4 & 7pm



Director: Lawrence Graham-Brown Country: Jamaica Length: 0:06:27 Year: 2012

Director: O’Neil Lawrence Country: Jamaica Length: 0:03:09 Year: 2011

Seeking a Mr Horse Hung is a performance art piece filmed on location in the “Rooi” (ass crack) of Aruba. This work of art seeks to draw attention and counter-balance the paradigms of indigenous peoples, race, sex/ sexuality, religion/rituals, cultures, tourism, commerce et al, while employing a masturbatory gaze.

Self Portrait deals with thoughts and struggles regarding Jamaica’s often contradictory constructs of masculinity and sexuality, and the almost institutionalized hostility towards that which is different from the socially accepted norm. As the title suggests, this work is autobiographical and presents the artist’s perspective on these issues.

Sept 23RD - 4 & 7pm

Sept 22ND - 6pm | Sept 23RD - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28TH - 4 & 7pm



Director: Janelle Griffith Country: Barbados Length: 0:01:48 Year: 2011

Director: Eduardo Nunes Country: Brazil Length: 1:28:00 Year: 2011

Sounded Symphony is one in a series of videos that explores the physical manifestations of the Hebrew alefbet. It focuses on the movements and sounds created by the mouth as a group of persons repeat this alphabet. Repetition is one of the most important aspects of this series because it is the basis of language learning, and the alphabet is the fundamental component of each language, because by combining these letters in different ways, an entire language is formed.

Before dawn, a carriage pulls up to an inn and a midwife alights. When the woman she is attending dies giving birth, she takes the baby home. Over the course of this same day the infant will become a girl, then an adult, and finally an old woman, and find herself, as the day closes, back at the inn where she was born. This is a strange, wonderful, beautifully hypnotic dream of a film.

Sept 26TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 27TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28TH - 4 & 7pm

Sept 25TH - 4 & 7pM



Director: Sonja Dumas Country: Trinidad + Tobago Length: 0:04:31 Year: 2008

Director: Andy Robert Country: Haiti Length: 0:10:04 Year: 2011

A Thin Line was originally created as a backdrop for a live solo dance performance of the same name. The dance considered the snap decisions and turns that we take in life; the video underscores that life goes on – in, around and behind those decisions and chance occurrences which lead us on our personal journeys.

Untitled (Eyes) is a two-channel video installation that documents a trashcan being filled with water. Created right after the election of President Barack Obama, this poetic work is a response to media talks on water-boarding, torture, interrogation tactics and human rights violations.

Sept 27TH - 4 & 7pm

Sept 22ND - 6pm | Sept 23RD - 4 & 7pm | Sept 27TH - 4 & 7pm Sept 28TH - 7pm AT UWI | Sept 29TH - 4 & 7pm





Director: Miatta Kawinzi Country: USA Length: 0:11:31 Year: 2012

Director: Patricia Kaersenhout Country: Suriname Length: 0:15:43 Year: 2010

Urbn Majik is an experimental video that reflects on the possibility of locating moments of poetry and personal renewal amidst contemporary urban landscapes of concrete, material deterioration, and noise. Filmed in NYC, it centers around the quest of the shape-shifting protagonist to shed societal restrictions and achieve physical and metaphorical flight.

Wilhemus Project 2010 is a patchwork of cultural interpretations, in which a Surinamese choir – of different nationalities, all historically connected with the Netherlands – stands at the sea and sings all 15 verses of the national anthem. Worked with religious and secular scripts and overlaid with an original music arrangement, this contemplative work calls into question Dutch nationality and nationalism.

Sept 28TH - 4 & 7pm | Sept 28TH - 7pm AT UWI | Sept 29TH - 4 & 7pm

Sept 22ND - 6pm | Sept 28TH - 7pm AT UWI | Sept 29TH - 4 & 7pm



Olivia McGilchrist

Manuel Mathieu

Fueled by nostalgia, loss and mourning, the works in McGilchrist’s “My Dear Daddy” series re-figure the aura of her late father by mapping out a personal world inhabited by herself as a masked figure portrayed in a variety of domestic and picturesque Caribbean spaces. The human body is also of interest to McGilchrist, who has observed and documented various styles of dance by re-presenting moments of movement and rest.

Mathieu’s practice encompasses an anthropomorphic incarnation generated by a multitude of gestures — sometimes controlled, sometimes left to an inner spontaneity. The result is reminiscent of something monstrous, and he has left that to his viewer coping with distortions and combinations that have no justification.

Elation: Bodies

Creating Time (extract)

Length: 0:05:48 Year: 2010

Length: 0:04:02 Year: 2010-2012


Cycle of Life

Length: 0:05:55 Year: 2010

Length: 0:04:00 Year: 2010-2012



Length: 0:00:55 Year: 2012

Length: 0:07:43 Year: 2010-2012



Length: 0:03:30 Year: 2010

Length: 0:02:18 Year: 2010-2012



Length: 0:22:38 Year: 2012

Length: 0:02:24 Year: 2010-2012 RENDERING

Length: 0:30:37 Year: 2012 STUDY 1

Length: 0:02:39 Year: 2012 UNTITLED_SQUARE (SELF PORTRAIT)

Length: 0:01:52 Year: 2010-2012 WONDERLAND

Length: 0:01:24 Year: 2010-2012

Sept 22ND - 6pm (Elation: Bodies) | Sept 23RD - 4 & 7pm (Elation: Bodies, Elation: Head) | Sept 24TH - 4 & 7pm (ALL) | Sept 28TH - 7pm AT UWI (Elation: Bodies) | Sept 29TH - ALL AT 4 & 7pm (Release Yourself)

Sept 24TH - 4 & 7pm (ALL) | Sept 27TH - 4 & 7pm (Creating Time, Mache Exode) | Sept 28TH - ALL AT 4 & 7pm (Evolution) | Sept 28TH - 7pm AT UWI (Mache Exode) | Sept 29TH - 4 & 7pm (Mache Exode)




Christian Bertin

Sonja Dumas

Christian Bertin was born in Martinique, September 18, 1952. He is a graduate of Fine Arts from Macon, France, and the School of Decorative Arts in Geneva. He has produced numerous solo and group exhibitions in Martinique, France, Ivory Coast, Ireland and across the Caribbean. He is also an art teacher, and conducts workshops and has created numerous public installations.

Sonja Dumas is a performer, choreographer, writer and arts development consultant who lives and works in Trinidad and Tobago. Sonja is also the founder and artistic director of the Continuum Dance Project and has begun to produce films to document the history of Caribbean dance.

Nayda Collazo-Llorens

Lawrence Graham-Brown

Nayda Collazo-Llorens, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a visual artist working in various media. Her videos and multi-channel installations have been exhibited at the 10th Havana Biennial, El Museo del Barrio, and other institutions internationally. Her work has been reviewed in The New York Times, Art Net, Art US, Art Nexus, Art News, and Arte al Día International.

Lawrence Graham-Brown born and raised in Jamaica, and lives and works in New York and New Jersey. Lawrence’s work has been presented at the Judson Memorial Church, NYU; Foundation Ateliers 89 in Aruba and various institutions worldwide. He is one of 30 artists to represent USA in the 2008 Shanghai Biennial in China; his work is the subject of numerous publications and journals internationally.

Janet Cook Rutnik

Janelle Griffith

Janet Cook Rutnik was born in New York but has been a resident of the US Virgin Islands since 1969. Her current work involves collaborative and solo projects in multimedia, which deal with migration and journeys in a personal and collective way and the impact of colonialism in the US Virgin Islands and the Caribbean.

Janelle Griffith is a 22-year-old recent graduate of the BFA program in her native Barbados. She is especially interested in language and communication, specifically how language is physically manifested through sound, movements of the mouth and the hands in writing. In relating these ideas, Janelle uses the media of photography and video.

James Cooper

Felipe Guerrero

James Cooper was born in Hamilton, Bermuda in 1965. He graduated from the University of Virginia. Over the past three years, his work has been shown in many venues and publications around the world. These include gallery shows in Tokyo, San Francisco, London, New York, Oslo, Bermuda, Trinidad, Haiti, Barbados , Martinique, and Toronto, as well as in magazines and books in Paris, Berlin, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Felipe Guerrero has a Film Editing degree from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Italy. He has worked as an editor on various internationally showcased and critically acclaimed films. His award-winning film Paraíso (2006) was his directorial debut. Corta is his second film.


Abigail Hadeed

Michelle Isava

Abigail Hadeed is a natural visual storyteller known mostly for her striking photography. She has produced substantial archives of artwork spanning more than two decades. With this digital age, which provides more accessibility to film making, Abigail is beginning to gaze through the moving lens.

Michelle Isava (b.1985) Citizenship: Trinidadian / Venezuelan. Isava is a conceptual artist who straddles different mediums and genres to place priority on message and experience. She experiments with performance, drawing, painting, and video. Her primary interest is the body as an object and what it has the potential to reveal about the subject.

Versia Harris

Marlon James

Versia Harris is a Barbadian artist living and working in Weston St. James. She recently graduated from the Barbados Community College BFA in Studio Art programme. Her primary media include pen and watercolour on paper. She also uses Adobe Photoshop to create animations.

Born in Jamaica in 1980, Marlon James studied sculpture at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts (EMC) but found fulfillment in photography under the tutelage of Donette Zacca. He has been nominated for Jamaica’s Under 40 Artist of the Year competition, and is currently employed as a photography technician, lecturer and assistant curator of the College’s CAG[e] Gallery at EMC.

Steve Hernandez

Miatta Kawinzi

Steve Bartholomew Hernandez attained his BA in Media and Communications at University of Greenwich. The artist has recently found his home with experimental film. Black Herman’s Changing of The Gods was screened at the trinidad+tobago film festival in 2010.

Miatta Kawinzi is a filmmaker and inter-disciplinary artist. Born in 1987 in Nashville, Tennessee to a Liberian mother and Kenyan father, her familial roots also stretch to Jamaica and she is influenced by the cultural hybridity of the African Diaspora in her work. She received a BA in Art & Cultural Theory from Hampshire College in 2010 and has exhibited her work in galleries and alternative spaces internationally.

Sasha HubeR and Petri Saarikko

Patricia Kaersenhout

Ever since their first days at Fabrica (Creative Lab by Benetton in Italy) in 2000 the artist-designer duo has been collaborating with individual artists, cultural institutions, research organisations and commercial parties. Since 2011, they have run an emerging art space, Kallio Kunsthalle, in Helsinki, Finland. They developed and produced Remedies during an artist’s residency at Botkyrka Konsthall in Sweden.

Born in Den Helder, Holland, but a descendant from Surinamese parents, Patricia Kaersenhout developed an artistic journey in which she investigates her Surinamese background in relation to her upbringing in a West European culture. Kaersenhout studied Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Currently her work can be seen in the show Caribbean: Crossroads of the World.




O’Neil Lawrence

Karen McLean

O’Neil Lawrence is a Jamaican photographer and emerging filmmaker who has been exhibiting his work since 2004. His work deals with issues of gender and sexuality in a contemporary and historical Caribbean context using the male body as a repository for memory and experience. Lawrence is currently the Assistant Curator at the National Gallery of Jamaica.

Karen Mc Lean is a Trinidadian freelance artist living and working in Birmingham, UK. She moved to England at the end of 2000 where she pursued a degree in Art at Birmingham City University. This year she will take part in the Trinidad and Tobago celebrations in London for the 50th Independence at the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn and at the Hackney Museum. In July she completed a week residency at Alice Yard.

Alexandra (Sandy) Majerus

Sophie Meyer

Alexandra (Sandy) Majerus is a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily in photography and video performance. With a Caribbean background, she has migrated repeatedly between Barbados and Canada. Her practice engages with the notion of western culture and its categorizations, particularly to examine issues of immigration, hybridity and displacement, tourism, and gender in relation to the Caribbean.

Sophie Meyer has worked in television, news and the independent film industry for nearly 20 years mainly in France and the UK where she has lived for 14 years. Meyer has been practicing in Trinidad & Tobago since 2002 and recently earned her Master’s degree in Art and Media practice at Westminster University in London.

Manuel Mathieu

Eduardo Nunes

Manuel Mathieu obtained a bachelor’s degree in visual and media art from Université du Québec à Montréal in 2010. In 2012, he took up a residency at Studio Béluga; had a solo exhibition of his work, PRÉMICES/OPEN-ENDED, at MAI; and will be part of a duo show at the Musée du Montparnasse in Paris. Mathieu was born in Portau-Prince and lives and works in Montreal.

Eduardo Nunes was educated at UFF Film School in Rio de Janeiro. In 1994, he directed his first short film, Breath. He then directed another four short films that won prizes at several festivals. Since 1998 Nunes also has been making TV documentaries. Southwest is his first feature film.

Olivia McGilchrist

Ryan Oduber

Olivia McGilchrist was born in Kingston in 1981 to a French mother and a Jamaican father. and educated in France and the U.K. Since moving back to Jamaica in August 2011, she has been teaching Time Based Media part time at the Edna Manley College of Visual Arts, alongside working as a Curator at the National Gallery of Jamaica.

Aruba-born contemporary artist Ryan Oduber started his career in 2000. His directorial debut, 10 Ave Maria, earned him the award for best short film at the ttff/11. This year Oduber has worked on two short film projects: Kima Momo and Awa Brak.


Viviana Peretti

Nile Saulter

Viviana Peretti is a multilingual Italian photographer based in New York where in 2010 she graduated in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism from ICP. She has received fellowships and awards from many institutions including the Colombian Ministry of Culture. She has been published in a number of international media including The New York Times, New York Magazine and CNN.

Nile Saulter is a cinematographer, director, editor, and founding member of New Caribbean Cinema. He graduated from the New York Film Academy at King’s College, London in 2004. His short films have been exhibited regionally and internationally; most recently the short film Coast which won the award for Best Cinematography at the Portobello Film Festival in 2011.

Holly Parotti

Karine Taïlamé

Holly Parotti received her BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1997. Her portfolio has thus far, often uncomfortably, addressed themes of loneliness and security, as results of man-made boundaries. In 2011 Parotti joined the D’Aguilar Art Foundation as Assistant Director & Curator.

Karine Taïlamé was born in 1983 in Fort-de-France, Martinique. She works in the field of contemporary art. Taïlamé proposes a new approach to space and the world, through the construction of various urban settings.

Andy Robert

Rodell Warner

Born in Haiti, Andy Robert is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work is rooted in collage, assemblage and installation; he is currently living and working in Los Angeles. His last curatorial project was a group show titled, “Authenticity?”, which was hosted at Untitled Art Projects in August 2012.

Born in 1986, Rodell Warner is a Trinidadian graphic designer and photographer. His work explores two main interests which often overlap – what public communications reveal about a particular place and the range of self-images available in contemporary Trinidad and Tobago. Most recently, Warner produced “Common Room: Observations and Comments on Public-Public Communication” in Johannesburg.

Willy Rollé

Natalie Wei

Willy Rollé was born in Paris and currently lives and works in French Guiana. He has an MPhil in Philosophy from Sorbonne-Paris and a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Media University in Stuttgart. His current work involves audio-visual conception, screenplay-writing and consulting, film directing and producing, creative videography and journalism, and teaching film.

Natalie Wei is a Canadian-born artist, freelance photographer and emerging filmmaker of Chinese-Trinidadian descent. Her awardwinning work addresses memory, history, and identity. And They Say, Don’t Play with Poison, is an experimental short and precursor to Chinee Girl, examining similar themes concerning gender, identity and belonging.



Alberta Whittle Alberta Whittle graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2011. Whittle makes collaged sculptural forms, using video, painting and textile processes. She will be undertaking a residency at Thupelo in Wellington (South Africa) and Fresh Milk (Barbados) later this year.


Still from WILHEMUS PROJECT 2010 by Patricia Kaersenhout





F i r s t Lo o k s Ryan Oduber O’Neil Lawrence Patricia Kaersenhout Karen McLean Rodell Warner Alberta Whittle Christian Bertin Olivia McGilchrist Andy Robert Various Sasha Huber & Petri Saarikko

Kima Momo Self Portrait Wilhelmus Project 2010 Oil and Water GIF performance Ecstatic Grace – Poised Precheur Elation: Bodies Untitled (Eyes) Films4Peace Remedies



THe Flanuer

Untitled Precheur Here I Am (Dakar) Southwest Roaming And They Say, Don’t Play with Poison

Andy Robert Christian Bertin Nile Saulter Eduardo Nunes Nayda Collazo-Llorens Natalie Wei




performative moment

Elation: Bodies Kima Momo Ecstatic Grace – Poised The Gaze Remedies Elation: Head Untitled (Eyes) Between the Lines Couleurs, lumières et harmonie Seeking a Mr Horse Hung Self Portrait Films4Peace



Olivia McGilchrist Ryan Oduber Alberta Whittle Sophie Meyer Sasha Huber & Petri Saarikko Olivia McGilchrist Andy Robert Abigail Hadeed Karine Taïlaimé Lawrence Graham-Brown O’Neil Lawrence Various

Ritual & Movement

Remapping (Orion’s Belt) Moments in Time Memory of Water And They Say, Don’t Play with Poison Remedies Sounded Symphony Drive Corta In the Mood for Lord Breathe

AS Majerus Janet Cook Rutnik Michelle Isava Natalie Wei Sasha Huber & Petri Saarikko Janelle Griffith Marlon James Felipe Guerrero Viviana Peretti Holly Parotti





Carnival of One Sounded Symphony Here I Am (Dakar) Evolution Postmodern Sex The Gaze Self Portrait Roaming La Diabla Couleurs, lumières et harmonie Urbn Majik Breathe Drive Corta


James Cooper Janelle Griffith Nile Saulter Manuel Mathieu Steve Hernandez Sophie Meyer O’Neil Lawrence Nayda Collazo-Llorens Christian Bertin Karine Taïlaimé Miatta Kawinzi Holly Parotti Marlon James Felipe Guerrero




Kima Momo Ecstatic Grace – Poised Mache Exode Remedies Elation: Bodies Urbn Majik Untitled (Eyes) Wilhemus Project 2010 Precheur Here I Am (Dakar) Moments in Time Memory of Water And They Say, Don’t Play With Poison

Ryan Oduber Alberta Whittle Manuel Mathieu Sasha Huber & Petri Saarikko Olivia McGilchrist Miatta Kawinzi Andy Robert Patricia Kaersenhout Christian Bertin Nile Saulter Janet Cook Rutnik Michelle Isava Natalie Wei




Nightmare of a Pregnant Woman Wonderland Mache Exode Creating Time (extract) Cycle of Life Evolution Untitled_Square (Self Portrait) Rendering Study 1 Release Yourself Slow Dance Elation: Head Elation: Bodies The Memory Jacket Carnival of One




Creating Time (extract) Untitled (Eyes) Postmodern Sex Kimo Momo Mache Exode Roaming Sounded Symphony A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes When You are Awake Between the Lines Moments in Time In the Mood for Lord A Thin Line Oil and Water Koudmen (No Man’s Land) Family Planning



Manuel Mathieu Manuel Mathieu Manuel Mathieu Manuel Mathieu Manuel Mathieu Manuel Mathieu Manuel Mathieu Manuel Mathieu Manuel Mathieu Olivia McGilchrist Olivia McGilchrist Olivia McGilchrist Olivia McGilchrist Olivia McGilchrist James Cooper

Manuel Mathieu Andy Robert Steve Hernandez Ryan Oduber Manuel Mathieu Nayda Collazo-Llorens Janelle Griffith Versia Harris Abigail Hadeed Janet Cook Rutnik Viviana Peretti Sonja Dumas Karen McLean Christian Bertin Willy Rollé

L as t Lo o k s

Kima Momo Remedies Ecstatic Grace – Poised Untitled (Eyes) Mache Exode Release Yourself La Diabla Urbn Majik Couleurs, lumières et harmonie Roaming The Gaze Family Planning Wilhelmus project 2010 Memory of Water

Ryan Oduber Sasha Huber & Petri Saarikko Alberta Whittle Andy Robert Manuel Mathieu Olivia McGilchrist Christian Bertin Miatta Kawinzi Karine Taïlaimé Nayda Collazo Lorrens Sophie Meyer Willy Rollé Patricia Kaersenhout Michelle Isava



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