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Welcome Note:

Tanta Students’ Scientific Association is really honored to invite you all to attend the 2nd GA of IFMSA-Egypt for the term 2011-2012 in Tanta. TSSA and its members will be really honored to host you all and to ensure that you’ll all have a smooth and amazing meeting. For the last 3 years, TSSA didn’t have the honor to host any of our national GAs, and we believe that it’s time for you all to experience the great combination of our hospitality and professionalism during this GA. Can’t wait to see you all in Tanta.

About Tanta:

Tanta is Egypt’s 5th largest City, with an estimated 429,000 inhabitants (2008). Tanta is located 94 km (59 miles) north of Cairo and 130 km (81 miles) southeast of Alexandria. It is the capital of the Gharbiya governorate and the main railroad hub of Egypt and all the high ways and rail ways pass by Tanta so it won’t take more than an hour from most cities to reach Tanta. Themain streets are Al- Bahr (Al-Geish) Street, Al-Galaa Street, Al-Nahhas Street and SaeedStreet.

On behalf of Tanta people and TSSA Team TSSA Board

About TSSA:

TSSA is one of the Oldest LCs in IFMSA-Egypt, since its foundation in 1969, it has been serving Medical Students in the fourth largest faculty of Medicine in Egypt, giving them the opportunity to use their talents and skills and to develop them too.

Why TSSA ?

TSSA hasn’t hosted any national GAs for long time and that’s why we are applying for hosting this GA which will be a good chance for our new members to get better knowledge about IFMSA-Egypt, its potentials and network and share more in the national experience. Hosting this GA will help us giving a better image for TSSA and IFMSA-Egypt to our Faculty board helping TSSA and IFMSA-Egypt activities in Tanta. In addition to strengthening the representation of TSSA in IFMSA-Egypt. Being easily reached and TSSA team is of great hospitality we think that IFMSA-Egypt will have an outstanding end of this great term.

Details of the Application: Application for: Hosting the 2nd IFMSA-Egypt GA for the term of 2011-2012 Proposed By: TSSA [Tanta Students’ Scientific Association] Date: 28th of January 2012 Timing: 9:00am till 9:00pm (closing time is flexible) Venue: Tanta Faculty of Medicine main building How to reach: From the bus station or the railway station, you will take a taxi to Tanta Medical Campus and pay 3L.E max. TSSA OC will be waiting for you.


• For Presidents’ session and SCs sessions:

6 halls the smallest of them is suitable to accommodate 100 persons.

•For Training sessions:

Same halls for SCs sessions.

•For Plenary:

Large Hall accommodating 300 persons.

All Halls are airconditioned and equipped with technical requirement (Computers, Data shows and Sound systems) in addition to logistics(Flip Charts, Markers and Sticky Notes.)

Registration: • Early Registration: 25 EGP • Late Registration: 30 EGP • On Desk: 40 EGP •• LCs Presidents: FREE

And Includes:

• Attending all GA events • Meeting Package (Note – Pen – Printed Agenda - file) • Name Tag • Coffee Break (Snack + Coffee or Tea) • Lunch ( 2 medium size Sandwiches + Soda can)


Fun Programme We will organize football matches,If your LC is interested form a team of 5 players Also there will be a Ping Pong competition . free portrait session by professional photographer

Deadlines: • For Early Registration:

Till Tuesday 24th January 2012 midnight

• For Late Registration:

From Tuesday 24th January 2012 midnight till Thursday 26th January 2012 midnight (for printed Name Tag with names)

• For Very Late Registration:

From Thursday 26th January 2012 midnight till arrival (for printed NameTag without names)

•Printing special materials:

Before Thursday 24th January 2012 midnight

• Special requirements in the sessions or Plenary:

Before Thursday 24th January 2012 midnight

Contact information: - All LCs presidents should send their delegates to:

- For any additional information you can contact:

Reham Salama - Head of GA organizing committee: 01226941405

Hussein El-Sayed - TSSA President 01226604783

Waiting for you.......... :)

GA Hosting Proposal  

TSSA Proposal for hosting second IFMSA-Egypt GA in the term 2011-2012

GA Hosting Proposal  

TSSA Proposal for hosting second IFMSA-Egypt GA in the term 2011-2012