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La voz suburbana de los Hispanos


We’ve seen a force that would shatter our nation rather than share it, Would destroy our country if it meant delaying democracy. And this effort very nearly succeeded. But while democracy can be periodically delayed, It can never be permanently defeated When day comes, we ask ourselves: Where can we find light In this never-ending shade? The loss we carry, a sea we must wade. And yet the dawn is ours before we knew it. Somehow, we do it. Somehow, we’ve weathered and witnessed A nation that isn’t broken, but simply unfinished. CINE



Russell se en piel Tom, hombre vida dejado tener


VOL. 32, No. 4



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Pair of local filmmakers create piece of inaugural history Irish violinist recorded playing at Old St. Patrick’s Church in Chicago BY EILEEN O. DADAY

Daily Herald correspondent

A pair of up-and-coming filmmakers from the suburbs landed a last-minute gig of a lifetime: the chance to film a musical performance to be featured as part of Wednesday’s inaugural events. Jason Polevoi of Buffalo Grove and Teddy Wachholz of Arlington Heights, and their company, One City Films, were selected to film Irish violinist Patricia Treacy in the iconic Old St. Patrick’s Church in Chicago. “Patricia was scheduled to perform in-person at Joe Biden’s inauguration Mass, but due to security concerns after the events at the Capitol building, her performance was changed to remote,” said Polevoi, who attended Stevenson High School and directed the shoot. Polevoi and Wachholz say there is still a chance Treacy could perform in person at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington, D.C., if security measures permit. In that case, their video would be shared on their Chicago-based company’s website. “But we’re hoping (our video) runs,” said Wachholz, a Rolling Meadows High School graduate. “It would be surreal.” According to the young filmmakers, Treacy had been personally invited by the Biden family to perform during the inauguration. Treacy hails from the same county in Ireland as Biden’s ancestral home, County Louth, and has performed for the family on multiple occasions, both in Washington, D.C. and during Biden’s trip to Ireland in 2016. The selected piece, called “The Proclamation,” was composed by Patrick Cassidy in 2016, for the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising in Ireland. For the performance, Treacy played a 315-year-old Stradivarius violin on loan for the occasion. “It’s a hauntingly beautiful piece of music,” Wachholz said. “It seems to fit the occasion. It’s stoic, but it’s about closing the chapter and moving forward. It’s a musical note for the transfer of power.” The shoot came about literally overnight, as inauguration staff members began adapting events after the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol. All of a sudden, Treacy needed a venue and video producers on very short notice, Polevoi said. Enter Bob Teitel, the executive producer of the young film company’s new feature documentary, “A Tiny Ripple of Hope.” Teitel, a friend of Treacy’s boyfriend, Mark O’Malley, called Polevoi about the opportunity Thursday, Jan. 14. A walk-through of the church with Treacy followed on Friday. They filmed for three hours on Saturday and edited on Sunday, Jan. 17. During the shoot, Treacy asked if they could also film her performing one of Biden’s favorite hymns, “On Eagles’ Wings,” which they did.


ARLINGTON HEIGHTS native Teddy Wachholz films Irish violinist Patricia Treacy during a performance scheduled to be shown Wednesday during Joe Biden’s inauguration Mass. Inauguration planners asked Treacy to have the performance filmed at Old St. Patrick’s Church in Chicago in case security concerns keep her from playing in person.

“IT’S A HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF MUSIC. IT SEEMS TO FIT THE OCCASION.” –Filmmaker Teddy Wachholz of Arlington Heights, on “The Proclamation.” “I’m not sure if it will be featured during the Mass,” Wachholz said. “It was my understanding it was a personal gift to the Bidens from Patricia.” Wachholz said he nearly lost focus during the shoot as he got swept up in the music. Polevoi also tried to balance his impressions of the historic church when he edited the video. “I wanted to highlight the majesty of the space and let Patricia’s playing sweep you up in the moment,” Polevoi said. “There was also the actual violin Patricia performed with … It truly would have been a disservice to treat it as just another musical instrument.” The young filmmakers, both graduates of Colombia College in Chicago, say they were happy to be part of the project, whether Treacy performs in person or virtually through their video. “Either way, we were proud to be a part of it,” Wachholz says. “We know the Bidens will ultimately see it.”


SUBURBAN NATIVES Teddy Wachholz of Arlington Heights, left, and Jason Polevoi of Buffalo Grove, right, with Irish violinist Patricia Treacy at Old St. Patrick’s Church in Chicago. The young filmmakers recorded Treacy’s performance was expected to be shown Wednesday during Joe Biden’s inauguration Mass.


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Our wishes for the new president


NATIONAL GUARD troops reinforce the security zone on Capitol Hill in Washington Tuesday before President-elect Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president Wednesday.

As Biden takes helm of a tense nation, we offer hopes for more than mere healing On any other presidential Inauguration Day, we could invoke the feeling that, virtually by definition, always marks this day — hope. But the 25,000 National Guard and other troops swarming over every important site in Washington, D.C., provide an eerie affirmation that other moods also accompany the start of the Joseph R. Biden era. President Donald Trump took office on Jan. 20, 2017, with our best wishes for — among other hopes — wisdom, patience, strength, courage and “the desire to pursue peace and prosperity for all.” Four years later, we can offer no less to President Biden as well. We must acknowledge those troops, however, and the special challenge they represent. Today, they are a manifestation of divisions even greater than those that marked this day in 2016. This week, with luck and skillful execution of their duties, the peace keepers will depart, but the Capitol they leave behind will remain the epicenter of a seismic question that has convulsed our nation from its start: How much government

should a free nation sustain? The challenge of every American president, indeed of every American Congress, is to address that question in a way that satisfies a nation whose hundreds of millions of residents all answer it differently. It is clear today that Joe Biden takes the helm of a country nursing much dissatisfaction, and while he takes the oath with 81 million votes behind him — the largest total ever achieved by a presidential candidate —, he also takes it with more than 74 million votes challenging him — it, too, a larger sum than any presidential candidate previously produced. So, the charge that confronts Biden today is not just to bask in the cheers of those 81 million who sided with him, but to encourage the participation of those 74 million who did not. It is not just to chart a new way forward for the nation, but to solicit the engagement of nearly half the country in supporting and advancing a vision that includes all of us. In his victory speech and countless

addresses since, Biden has made it clear he understands the duty that lurks behind every policy initiative he promotes — whether it be the pandemic, immigration reform, foreign affairs, health care or the economy and taxation. He frames that responsibility in terms of “healing,” and that is unquestionably appropriate imagery. But it is not merely healing that Joe Biden must foster; it is also strength. It is not merely telling 74 million Americans that they have the president’s ear, it is also demonstrating to them that they have a valued place in the country we all love. The National Guard troops, let’s be clear, are not on hand to protect against the millions who preferred a president other than Biden. They are there because of the minority factions within that group that have demonstrated a clear and present danger to the health of our government. Neutralizing those factions is the immediate demand of the moment; nurturing an environment that does not encourage or sustain them must closely follow. For, ultimately, America’s future cannot

be secured through a succession of tectonic political shifts from right to left to right and backagain.ThetaskaheadforJoeBidentoday — and for the next four years — is not just advancing a vision for the role of government in our lives, it is also producing stability, so that collectively we can find a shared vision. To meet that task, we offer additional wishes on the day of his inauguration. We wish him energy. We wish him the fortitude to resist the winds of political convenience. We wish him the tenacity to harness the gales of societal need. We offer him, perhaps above all, the same wish we had for Donald Trump four years ago — “the power to dream of great things and the statesmanship to make them come true.” And we wish for ourselves, as we also wished in 2016, to be “our best selves” so that regardless of which camp we identify with — whether those behind Biden or those who sought a different outcome — we will overlay our hopes and apprehensions with faith and continue to build a nation that works for all.



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Business Insight

Joliet Junior College partners with Suncast Corporation BY MELISSA LACHCIK

La voz suburbana de los Hispanos GERENTE DE VENTAS Y OPERACIONES Linda Siete lsiete@reflejos.com (847) 806-1411 VENTAS Raul Ortiz rortiz@reflejos.com (847) 427-4634 CLASIFICADOS (847) 427-4770 CIRCULACION (847) 806-1111 COORDINACIÓN DE ANUNCIOS Ana Maria Hinkhouse ahinkhouse@reflejos.com Reflejos Publications, LLC

95 W Algonquin Rd Suite 300 Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Reflejos es una publicación que sirve a los latinos de los suburbios de Chicago en los condados de Cook, DuPage, Kane, KendallLake, McHenry y Will. Reflejos orgullosamente forma parte de la Familia Paddock y es publicacion hermana del Daily Herald. Fundado en 1990.

In alliance with

Joliet Junior College

The growing demand for skilled workers in the advanced manufacturing sector continues to be at the forefront of discussions among business leaders and educators. Whether it’s to fill positions due to a retiring workforce or add new positions because of expansion, there is a definite need among companies. In addition, technology and automation have revolutionized the industry and created a sense of urgency for employees to have technical training and expertise to bridge the skills gap. What is the solution? Advanced manufacturing companies are turning to registered apprenticeship programs to develop, grow and retain a skilled workforce. Joliet Junior College and Suncast Corp. are partnering through JJC’s Registered Apprenticeship program to develop a talent pipeline of skilled workers in advanced manufacturing. “We are in a period of dramatic growth right now as a company, with ambitious plans for the next five-10 years, and we need to strengthen our bench with talented people who can help get us there,” said Jim Ahlborn, senior vice president at Suncast. Apprenticeship programs combine on-the-job learning with related instruction in technical areas to produce qualified, highly skilled employees for careers that require precision skills. Suncast Corp.’s areas of focus include automation technician (industrial maintenance mechanic), AutoCAD technician, and injection molding set up technician (injection molding machine operator). Suncast is a privately held designer, manufacturer and distributor of consumer and commercial products for the home and industrial markets. Suncast continues to be a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality resin


DEMOLITION BEGAN in December at Huntley Square in Carpentersville, which has been vacant since 2017.

Huntley Square demolition viewed as sign of progress in Carpentersville BY KEVIN SCHMIT

For Reflejos

JOLIET JUNIOR College is proud to announce Alexis Travis as Suncast Corporation’s first apprentice. Travis is pictured with Jim Ahlborn, senior vice president at Suncast Corporation during her official signing day.

products, and the Suncast brand is the market share leader in hose reels, outdoor storage and snow tools. The Batavia-based company also recently signed its first apprentice. Alexis Travis will work as an automation maintenance technician as part of her on-the-job learning while also taking classes at JJC for the related technical instruction. Mark Kimmey, automation maintenance assistant manager at Suncast, explained that Travis will be working on the automated equipment that assembles hose reels and shovels as well as learning about the safety circuits and the sequencing of the fixtures. Establishing an apprenticeship program is also an important step toward increasing interest among the future workforce. “The whole industry is starving for members who want to pursue a career in manufacturing, Kimmey said.

CLC strengthens workforce with new Advanced Technology Center BY LINDSEY NEMCEK

College of Lake County

College of Lake County is creating a worldclass Advanced Technology Center in Gurnee. After evaluating the workforce and economic needs in Lake County, CLC developed plans for a center of advanced manufacturing excellence to provide industry-relevant career pathways in fall 2021. “Manufacturing is the backbone of Lake County’s economy and College of Lake County is committed to ensuring a skilled workforce talent pipeline exists to support industry needs and future growth opportunities,” said CLC board of trustees chair William M. Griffin. “This will be accomplished through the expansion of short and long-term credentials, incumbent worker training and new program development that aligns with industry needs.” CLC President Lori Suddick said the college will engage its workforce ecosystem partners, including local manufacturers, vendors, workforce and economic development, as well as education and community agencies in the design and launch of the ATC.

“Together, we can make sure Lake County retains and attracts manufacturers because a highly skilled career and talent pipeline exists, ensuring every individual in Lake County has an opportunity for economic and social mobility through educational attainment and a rewarding career,” she said. “The ATC will house state-of-the-art equipment to support programs designed for accelerated completion of coursework delivered by subject matter expert faculty that is aligned to industry needs.” Lake County is the second-largest manufacturing county in Illinois. Locally, manufacturing companies employ more than 50,700 people, generating $35.7 billion in economic output per year. However, job growth is outpacing the number of skilled workers available and recent research from the National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers shows the region can benefit from and is ready to invest in an ATC. “Our students are excited to see this new opportunity coming,” said Richard Ammon, dean of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

When demolition began last month on Huntley Square in Carpentersville, Village Manager Eric Johnson wasn’t the only one who wanted to watch. As he drove toward the corner of Route 31 and Huntley Road, he noticed people lingering near the beleaguered office and retail center to take pictures as the structure met its demise. It’s the end of an era for the village, but to Carpentersville officials, it’s also a signal of progress. “It’s almost unrecognizable from a month ago,” Johnson said. “It’s definitely a positive step forward. It gives it a blank slate to help people imagine what it could be.” That rebirth is driven by Otto Engineering President Tom Roeser, a fierce advocate for development whose firm is the largest employer in Carpentersville. His frustration level grew as Huntley Square, built in the 1980s, deteriorated over the years -- especially since it became vacant in 2017. Roeser, who has spent millions of dollars redeveloping various parts of Carpentersville, saw the site as another opportunity for revitalization. “It’s the thing we saw every morning,” Roeser said. “As an engineer, when you see a problem you know you can fix, you should fix it.” The village tried unsuccessfully for years to buy the rundown property from an outof-state owner, a process that wound up in court. Roeser stepped in last year and bought the 3-acre site for $1.05 million. He estimates demolition costs at $685,000. In October, the village and Otto Engineering entered into an agreement in which Roeser will sell the property at cost to the village if he’s unable to find a developer by the end of 2021. Considering the asking price from the previous owner was $2 million without demolition, the village stands to save hundreds of thousands of dollars if it ends up purchasing the site from Roeser. Village President John Skillman believes Huntley Square is a glowing example of what can happen with public-private cooperation. The prominent intersection also recently finished an extensive rebuild that took more than two years to complete. After enduring traffic delays and the sight of the decaying property on the southwest corner, Carpentersville residents are ready to benefit from their patience. “I’m getting so many great, positive comments from people about what’s going on there,” Skillman said. “It’s really awesome to see.”


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‘Face of poverty’ is making up for lost time

The first car he stole at age 13, the drug dealer he shot, the $25,000 worth of baby formula he stole to pay for his heroin addiction, the years he spent behind bars — all of that is in the past for 27-year-old Zion native Gary Ladehoff. That’s because of the help he got from two suburban police officers, a Hainesville couple and his older sister, says Ladehoff, who tells his remarkable story in WTTW’s ambitious digital series, “Firsthand: Living in Poverty,” now available at WTTW.com/firsthand. “It’s crazy. I would have never thought I’d be able to call these guys (the officers) my friends,” says Ladehoff, who now lives in McHenry with his 3-year-old daughter, MiaBella, and his girlfriend, and says he is dedicated to being a good father. “We were looking for people really on the edge,” says Pat Odom, producer and director of the latest installment of the WTTW “Firsthand” series. He and WTTW executive producer Dan Protess talked to leaders in five dozen agencies that deal with poverty to find the subjects for their documentary. “He’s a great kid. He’s got a lot of potential,” Odom says of Ladehoff. “You need a brave person to open himself up. There’s a stigma associated with poverty. There’s a lot of shame associated with that.” Other people profiled in the series include Patricia Jackson, who lives with her husband and kids in her mom’s basement


TELLING HIS story in WTTW’s new “Living in Poverty” series, Zion native Gary Ladehoff gives a face to the issues facing the suburban poor.

on the South Side of Chicago and receives financial aid from the nonprofit Family Independence Initiative; new father Adino Medina, who lives in Chicago’s Marquette Park neighborhood and needs to pay off his court fees; Melissa Fonseca, who has been working at the same job for 16 years but barely makes enough to cover the cost of living in her gentrifying Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago; and Dominetrius Chambers, who finished third in her high school class and is working with the nonprofit My Block, My Hood, My City to take the next step. As the only suburbanite in the series, Ladehoff faces unique challenges. “One of the big issues about poverty in the

suburbs is how far spread out everything is,” Odom says. “You need transportation to get a job, but you need a job to afford transportation,” Protess says. Ladehoff was living in Zion, bumming rides and working in the kitchen of a sports bar. He lost a better-paying job after breaking his arm. Living with family friends Mike and Deanna Serio in Hainesville, Ladehoff landed a seasonal job with an asphalt company. “Before I would apply anywhere, I’d ask, ‘Do you guys hire a felon?’ ” says Ladehoff, who stole three cars by the time he was 14, once getting caught at the border with Mexico and once in Salt Lake City, Utah, as he was attempting to drive back to Zion. Arrested at age 15 in Zion for growing marijuana, Ladehoff spent time at a juvenile facility in Vernon Hills before serving six months at the Illinois Youth Center in St. Charles. In June 2011, Ladehoff shot a man during what he says was “a drug deal that went bad” in Waukegan. The victim recovered, and Ladehoff was convicted of aggravated battery with a firearm and sent to the Dixon Correctional Center. He was paroled in 2013, but ended up back behind bars because he tested positive for heroin in violation of his parole agreement. To pay for his heroin, he stole $25,000 worth of baby formula from Walmart be-

Somos trabajadores esenciales. Cada día somos la primera línea de defensa. Somos la primera línea de defensa en hospitales, campos de cultivo, supermercados. Nos ponemos en riesgo para contribuir a tu salud o poner alimentos en la mesa. Las vacunas ya están aquí. Pero es importante mantener la distancia, usar mascarilla, lavarse las manos y evitar multitudes y espacios interiores con personas con las que no vivas para frenar la propagación del COVID-19. Aprenda más sobre las vacunas y lo que puede hacer para frenar la propagación en cdc.gov/coronavirus Traído a usted por el Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de EE.UU.


fore an investigation caught him. He spent another six months in the Vandalia Correctional Center. In January 2017 he went through rehab in “A Way Out,” a Lake County program to help those suffering from addiction recover and avoid crimes. “This January is four years clean for me,” says Ladehoff, who gives credit to two of the police officers who had arrested him in the past. An award-winning member of the Winthrop Harbor police, Sgt. Brian Gallaher first arrested Ladehoff for “street racing” and later arrested him on a warrant that sent him back to prison. “When you get out, call me,” Gallaher said. Zion police detective Matt Thornton also has a long history with Ladehoff. “I’ve known him a long time,” Ladehoff says. “He was always fair to me. He told me, ‘You’re going to end up in prison, on drugs, or dead.’ ” Connecting with both those officers after prison, Ladehoff attended Thornton’s missionary outreach group called My Father’s Business. His mother, ill for a long time with multiple sclerosis, died one year ago. His older sister, Lynnde, has been a constant supporter. “No matter what you’re going through, you’ve got to keep pushing forward,” Ladehoff says. “The sooner you step up and try to take the right path, the easier it’s going to be.”



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Biden gets busy signing orders on first day BY NATALIE GONTCHAROVA


Just two weeks after a terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol, watching the pomp and circumstance of the inauguration of 46th President Joseph R. Biden felt remarkably, maybe eerily, normal. But in truth, the day was anything but. As Biden’s motorcade made its way to the Capitol, the closed-off streets were lined with thousands of rifle-wielding National Guard troops, and the military band played to a limited audience of VIPs rather than the usual crowd of thousands. Plenty of extra security measures were taken in light of reports warning of potential new attacks, although things were thankfully relatively quiet in D.C. on Wednesday. And, of course, COVID put a damper on the usual celebrations: There will be no Inaugural Balls, and an evening concert was virtual. Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. and Laura Bush, and others, walked into the ceremony wearing masks and social-distancing, rather than with the usual hugs and handshakes. Despite the scaled-back inaugural events and a nation shaken by the recent insurrection, it is remarkable how much has already changed since Trump departed for Mar-ALago, without so much as an acknowledgement of the new President. Not wasting any time, Biden was expected to sign a historic 17 executive actions on Inaguration Day, which were major reversals from Trump’s policies. Tackling COVID-19 is a major priority: Biden plans to create the position of COVID-19 Response Coordinator, who will report directly to the President. He also plans to launch a “100 Days Masking Challenge,” asking Americans to mask up for 100 days and leading by example in the federal government. And, he will issue an order requiring masks and physical distancing in all federal buildings and by federal employees — quite the change from Trump’s COVID


JOE BIDEN is sworn in as the 46th president of the United States by Chief Justice John Roberts as Jill Biden holds the Bible during the 59th Presidential Inauguration at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 20.

petri dish of a White House. Biden will also make sure the U.S. rejoins the World Health Organization, and will be sending Dr. Anthony Fauci as the head of delegation to its executive board meeting. On COVID relief, Biden plans to extend eviction and foreclosure moratoriums. He also plans to ask the Department of Educa-

VICE PRESIDENT Kamala Harris greats former president Barack Obama at the inauguration ceremony.

tion to consider immediately extending the pause on interest and principal payments for federal student loans. On climate change, the President intends to rejoin the Paris Agreement and roll back many of Trump’s anti-environmental actions. Additionally, Biden will launch a whole-government initiative to advance racial equity, preserve protections for Dreamers, reverse the unconstitutional Muslim ban, revoke Trump’s order that directed harsh and extreme immigration enforcement, stop border wall construction, and more. On top of that, he is ordering every appointee in the executive branch to sign an ethics pledge — a much-needed reversal of Trump’s corruption. It is worth noting, too, that with the inauguration and all of the festivities of the days before, this administration has already set a wholly different tone from the last one. On Monday, the Presidential Inaugural Committee organized thousands of volunteers across the country in a National Day of Service celebrating the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Vice President Kamala Harris and husband Doug Emhoff filled bags with groceries at Martha’s Table, a food bank in D.C. The Presidential Inaugural Committee also held a nationwide COVID-19 memorial to honor the nearly 400,000 lives lost to the pandemic, which included illuminating 400 lights around the Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Hundreds of cities

AMERICAN POET Amanda Gorman reads a poem during the 59th Presidential Inauguration at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

and landmarks around the country joined in a national moment of unity on Tuesday evening, with buildings like the Empire State Building and Seattle’s Space Needle’s lighting up to honor the deceased. It was, remarkably, the first nationwide event of its kind to mourn those who have died of COVID-19, a moving and needed moment. It is impossible, also, to overlook the major firsts set forth by this administration, which were on display today. For one, the historic moment when Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina to ever serve on the Supreme Court, swore in Vice President Kamala Harris — the first woman, first African-American, and first South Asian in her position — on a pair of Bibles including first Black Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall’s.


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847.882.1438 www.Skypointmed.com

1102 South Roselle Rd. • Schaumburg,IL 60193

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La Triste historia de Carlos Tevez


Gerardo Anaya Fronteras de la Noticia - aminoapps La infancia da Tevez estuvo marcada por muchos episodios dolorosos, cuando tenia apenas 10 meses, el agua hirviendo de una pava cayò encima de su rostro, lo llevaron rápidamente al hospital, pero envuelto en *&ras de nailon, la quemadura empeorò, y el pequeño estuvo en terapia intensiva casi dos meses, quedándole graves secuelas en la cara y en el cuello. Cuando se repuso, Carlitos quedò a cargo de sus tíos maternos, Adriana Martines y segundo Tevez, am&os vivian en la torre 1 de 3 Fuerte Apache. Carlitos empezò a jugar a la pelota en el clu& #anta Clara, en el Fuerte, una canchita Que se fundò junto con la iglesia y un radio comunitaria (segun el diario clarin) En el verano de 1989 llegò al fuerte un enviado del clu& All $oys en &usca de nuevos talentos, por eso entonces, Carlitos tenía cinco años pero logro cautivar al hom&re #egundo Tevez le dijo al hom&re que Tevez no se podia ir porque no tenia &otines pero el hom&re insistio y le dijo que el conseguiria un par de &o-

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#in duda alguna, esta historia toco muchos corazones. El dinero para Carlos Tevez no ha sido del todo felicidad. Carlitos tenia 5 años cuando su padre (del mismo nom&re) fue asesinado i d por 23 &alazos en Fuerte Appache. El niño a,n no tenía apellido, y suu madre &iològica Fa&iana Martinez see ha&ía ido de casa cuando el pequeño tenía solo seis meses.

tines. Desde ese momento la carrera del fut&olista fue en ascenso, pero Carlitos reci&iò una mala noticia desde $uenos Aires, Juan Al&erto, el ,nico hermano &iològico con quien todavía conversa&a, junto a su cuñado Carlos Avalos ha&ían qudado detenidos por el asalto a un camiòn &lindado. El fut&olista esta&a jugando en el Manchester "nited y, desde ese momento, decidiò cortar de*nitivamente su vinculo. No así con su familia adoptiva, con quien mantiene una estrecha relaciòn. Cada mes, Carlitos les envía dinero a Adriana y a #egundo. Ademas les pagò el viaje a sus hermanos adoptivos para que llegaran hasta #udáfrica, donde pudieron verlo en el Mundial del 2010, cuando fue una de las *guras del equipo que conformò Maradona En plena pretemporada con la Juventus de -talia, el !Apache! de&io enfrentar una conmocionante noticia, que afortunadamente terminò &ien, su padre del corazòn ha&ía sido secuestrado y ocho horas despu%s, #egundo Tevez fue li&erado, tras el pago de un cuantioso rescate.




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+!(!'%")#!, &-*$)#-, • Assistance to complete the application for naturalization • A free legal consultation with an Immigration counselor • Free study materials to help you prepare for the test and interview • Money order of $725. payable to USCIS • Will be a cost of $50 for processing and postage

Friday, February 12, 2021 **BY APPOINTMENT ONLY**

PLEASE CALL (847) 695-9050 ext. 300 CENTRO DE INFORMACION 1885 Lin Lor Ln • Elgin, IL 60123

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BIDEN SE CONVIERTE EN PRESIDENTE CON UN MENSAJE DE UNIDAD Janine Trainor Fronteras de la Noticia - EFE En la ceremonia frente al Capitolio también juró su cargo Kamala Harris, que hizo historia al convertirse en la primera mujer, la primera negra y la primera persona de origen asiático en ocupar la Vicepresidencia de Estados Unidos. "Es un día histórico y de esperanza, de renovación y resolución", dijo Biden en su discurso de investidura, poco después de jurar el cargo como el presidente número 46 de la historia de Estados Unidos. Su juramento puso $n a los turbulentos cuatro a&os de !residencia de Donald Trump, que se convirtió en el primer mandatario saliente en 152 a&os que no asiste a la investidura de su sucesor y, para cuando Biden juró el cargo, ya estaba en Florida. El primer discurso de Biden como presidente fue optimista, aunque realista respecto a los retos que enfrenta el país, inmerso en lo que describió como "un frente unido de crisis y desafíos". "La unidad es el camino a seguir", subrayó, al asegurar que sin ella "no hay paz, solo amargura y furia". El nuevo presidente pidió terminar con lo que de$nió como una "guerra no civil" entre demócratas y republicanos, y prometió trabajar tan duro por los que no le apoyaron en las elecciones del pasado 3 de noviembre "como por los que lo hicieron". "Seremos juzgados, ustedes y yo, por cómo resolvamos esta cascada de crisis de nuestra era. ¿Nos levantaremos para la ocasión? ¿Seremos capaces de superar este hora extra&a y difícil?", planteó. Además, pidió "defender la verdad y derrotar las mentiras", tras cuatro a&os de distorsión de los hechos por parte de Trump y sus aliados, y llamó a confrontar el "extremismo político, el supremacismo blanco y el terrorismo doméstico" de quienes asaltaron el Capitolio hace dos Biden juró su cargo poco semanas. antes del mediodía, sobre la Biden juró su cargo poco antes del mediodía, sobre la misma Biblia misma Biblia que ha que ha utilizado con ese $n durante toda su carrera política' un enorme utilizado con ese $n durante toda tomo que es propiedad de su familia desde 1893, y que mide casi 13 su carrera política' un enorme centímetros de ancho (5 pulgadas). !oco antes, Harris también prestó juramento de su cargo con la ayuda tomo que es de la jueza Sonia Sotomayor, la primera magistrada latina del Tribunal propiedad de su familia desSupremo federal. de 1893 La vicepresidenta juró con la mano encima de dos Biblias' una de ellas perteneció a una amiga de su familia, Regina Shelton, y la segunda fue propiedad del fallecido juez Thurgood Marshall, que fue el primer afroamericano que formó parte del Tribunal Supremo y es uno de los grandes referentes de Harris.

Joe Biden se convirtió el miércoles 20 de enero en el presidente número 46 de Estados Unidos en una solemne ceremonia de investidura en la que pidió apostar por la unidad para superar las múltiples crisis que atraviesa el país, y proclamó que "la democracia ha prevalecido" tras el mandato de Donald Trump.


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DIRECTORIO DE SERVICOS FUNERARIOS Funeral Services Directory Para más información sobre cómo participar en este Directorio, llame al: (847) 427-4776


Countryside Funeral Homes and Crematory www.countrysidefuneralhomes.com 1640 S. Greenmeadows Blvd. (at Barrington Road) Streamwood, IL 60107 630-289-8054 950 S. Bartlett Road (at Stearns Road) Bartlett, IL 60103 630-289-7575 333 S. Roselle Road Roselle, IL 60172 630-529-5751

River Woods Funeral Chapels 205 S. River Road Des Plaines, IL 60016 847-635-5900 www.riverwoodsfc.com Funeraria más cercana al Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Strang Funeral Chapel Crematorium Ltd. 410 E. Belvidere Road Grayslake, IL 60030 847-223-8122 www.strangfuneral.org

santuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe CEMENTERIO ST. CASIMIR EN CHICAGO

95 S. Gilbert St. (at State St.) South Elgin, IL 60177 847-289-8054 Se Habla Español Symonds-Madison Funeral Home 305 Park St. Elgin, IL 60120 847-741-1128 www.symondsmadison.com Veteran and Family Owned The Healy Chapel www.healychapel.com 332 W. Downer Place Aurora, IL 60506 630-897-9291 370 Division Drive Sugar Grove, IL 60554 630-466-1330

Kolssak Funeral Home 189 S. Milwaukee Ave. Wheeling, IL 60090 847-537-6600 www.funerals.pro

Northern Illinois Funeral Service, Inc. 31632 N. Ellis Drive, Unit 209 Volo, IL 60073 847-833-2928 www.nifsinc.com Family owned, we take pride in serving our families with dignity.

Thompson Spring Grove Funeral Home 8103 Wilmot Road Spring Grove, IL 60081 815-675-0550 www.thompsonspringgrove.com Independently Owned and Operated for all your funeral needs.


Para más información sobre la compra de espacio para la tumba en el nuevo santuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe en el cementerio St. Casimir, complete y envié por correo este formulario o llame al 708-449-2340. Nuestros consultores que hablan español están disponibles para ayudarlo.

Memories in the Making, Inc.

Headstones, Monuments, Cemetery Lettering and Pre-Funded Funeral & Cremation Plans

630-824-7306 www.memoriesinthemaking.net 50 mile radius Chicagoland area





Dirección Correo Electrónico


Información personal será mantenida confidencial y utilizada solo para responder a las preguntas.

1400 South Wolf Road • Hillside, IL 60162-2197 708-236-5400 Inglés • 708-449-2340 Español www.CatholicCemeteriesChicago.org




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De acuerdo con datos de Netflix, los primeros episodios sobre la vida de la intérprete fueron vistos en más de 25 millones de hogares

Carolina Pikacho, Fronteras de la Noticia - unotv.com Para quienes se quedaron en suspenso al final de la primera temporada de Selena: la serie, Netflix tiene una buena noticia, pues anunció que la segunda temporada se estrenará el próximo 14 de mayo. En los primeros capítulos sobre la vida de la “Reina del Tex Mex”, interpretada por la actriz Christian Serratos, se presentaron los inicios de la carrera musical de Selena en compañía de sus hermanos, padres y amigos, pero en los siguientes episodios se podrá ver la visión de la familia Quintanilla sobre la fatídica relación de la cantante con Yolanda Saldívar. A través de una publicación en sus redes sociales, Netflix dio a conocer algunos datos que dejan claro el poder que aún sigue teniendo el


recuerdo de Selena entre el público. Para cerrar el mensaje, la plataforma recordó una de las canciones más famosas de la estrella (Bidi bidi bom bom) al incluir la frase: “Se emociona, ya no razona, no se puede controlar”. Así que los fans de Selena y quienes están interesados en conocer la vida de la cantante, desde el punto de vista de su familia, no tendrán que esperar tanto para conocer la siguiente parte de la historia, incluido el trágico asesinato de la cantante, ocurrido el 31 de marzo de 1995, a manos de Yolanda Saldívar. Por ahora, quienes siguieron la primera temporada -estrenada el 4 de diciembre de 2020- pudieron ver los difíciles inicios en la carrera de Selena, en los que debió sacrificar parte de las actividades cotidianas de cualquier adolescente para lograr su sueño. En dichos episodios apenas se tocó la presencia de Yolanda Saldívar en la vida de Selena. Solo se recordó que fue contactada para responder las cartas de los fans de la intérprete. Lo que sí se trató más fue el romance entre la cantante y el guitarrista Chris Perez, quien terminaría convirtiéndose en su esposo. En una entrevista, Christian Serratos habló de la presión que se puso para interpretar a Selena. “Soy una gran admiradora de Selena y probablemente fui muy crítica conmigo misma, creo que la presión me hizo diez veces más fuerte para asegurarme de que la estaba honrando con respeto... Todo lo que quiero hacer es un buen trabajo para enorgullecer a Selena en un ciento cincuenta porciento. Quería dar todo lo que tenía y te juro que lo hice y espero que los admiradores estén contentos”. La serie está producida por la empresa Campanario Entertainment, así como por Suzette Quintanilla, hermana de Selena, Jaime Dávila, Rico Martinez, Simran A. Singh y Moisés Zamora. Fue la propia Suzette quien anunció la producción de la serie, en diciembre de 2018. “Selena siempre tendrá un lugar imborrable en la historia de la música y sentimos una gran responsabilidad de hacerle justicia a su recuerdo”, declaró en aquel momento. Además de Christian, en el elenco están Gabriel Chavarría como A.B. Quintanilla, el hermano mayor de Selena; Ricardo Chavira como Abraham Quintanilla, el padre de la cantante; Noemí González da vida a Suzette Quintanilla; Seidy López es la madre de Selena, Marcela Quintanilla, mientras que Madison Taylor Baez se encargó de interpretar a la cantante cuando era niña.


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La Academia de Hollywood amplió de diez a quince el número de cintas semi$nalistas que optarán este año al Oscar a mejor película internacional, antes conocido como Oscar a mejor película en habla no inglesa. Esta ampliación se debe a un cambio en el proceso de votación provocado por la excepcional situación de la

pandemia, informaron medios como Variety. Hasta ahora, el Oscar a mejor película internacional contaba con diez cintas semi$nalistas, una lista preliminar que se desvelaba unas semanas antes de la presentación de las nominaciones en el resto de categorías. Ese día, cuando se conocían de$nitivamente los aspirantes a las estatuillas en todos los apartados, la lista de diez se-

mi$nalistas a mejor película internacional se reducía a las cinco nominadas. La elección de las diez semi$nalistas se obtenía por un doble método. Por una parte, los miembros de un comité preliminar de películas internacionales seleccionaban siete películas con sus votos. Esa relación se compartía después con un más reducido comité ejecutivo de películas internacionales, que en deliberación escogía a tres películas más, de entre las no incluidas en el primer listado, para completar las semi$nalistas. El objetivo de este método ideado por la Academia era evitar que en las semi$nalistas faltaran algunas películas totalmente aclamadas en el círculo internacional. Esto sucedió, por ejemplo, con la rumana “4 Months, 3

Weeks and 2 Days” (2007), que pese a ser una de las cintas más elogiadas del año en todo el mundo no pasó ese primer corte de los Oscar. El problema este año para la Academia es que todo este proceso no se puede desarrollar en persona por culpa de la pandemia. Así que para evitar problemas de seguridad y de $ltraciones han optado por ampliar de 10 a 15 las cintas que serán semi$nalistas y no habrá ningún comité adicional que “corrija” ese listado. Como el resto de la industria de Hollywood, la Academia también ha tenido que lidiar con el coronavirus y a mediados del año pasado decidió que los Oscar de 2021 se retrasaran dos meses, del 28 de febrero al 25 de abril, para intentar esquivar la pandemia en la medida de lo posible.



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VIAJE SEGURO CON PACE Estamos comprometidos a garantizar la seguridad de todos los pasajeros.

Aprenda cómo hacerlo en PaceBus.com/Health



Walk-In Tubs


Responsabilidad de recivir, enviar y almacenar los productos. Responsabilidades: Mover productos y materiales operando montacarga (forklift), al igual con otros camiones industriales. Facilitar un proceso de pedidos preciso utilizando un dispositivo de RF. Requisitos: Experiencia operando forklift en operaciones de entrega y envios. Ayudaria si tiene experiencia con equipo de RF Scanning. $15.50 - $16.50/hr. dependiento el turno. 1er, 2do y 3er turno disponsible. Antecedente / preueba de droga. Tomar prueba escrita y practica.

Public Hearings & Notices

Public Hearings & Notices

The Board of Trustees of the Elk Grove Village Public Library is seeking applicants for a vacated seat on the Board. The appointee will serve from March 2021 to May 2023. lissette@elitestaffinginc.com Required Qualifications: Candidates must reside in Elk Grove Village and be registered to vote. trabajos a largo plazo. Core Responsibilities of Trustees: The Board is responsible for the orderly and efficient management and control of the Elk Grove Village Public Library. Trustees attend board meetings, held on the first Tuesday of each month. They participate in discussions and decision making that take place at these meetings. Core areas of responsibility include: the employment of the Library Director, control and approval of all expenditures, establishing general written policies governing the operation and services of the Library, and advocating for the Library in the community. Appointment Timeline: The Board is accepting applications until February 1, and will interview candidates at a Committee of the Whole meeting in IN THE DISTRICT COURT , COUNTY OF SAN MIGUEL February (date to be determined). The approval and STATE OF NEW MEXICO appointment of the new Trustee will tentatively take place D-412-CV-2020-00401 at the March 7, 2021 Regular Board Meeting. Charles J. Romero and Jayne L. Romero, Length of Appointment and Election: The appointment will Plaintiffs, last until the Regular Annual Board Meeting on May 2, vs. 2023. The appointee may run in the 2023 election for any of Tecolote River Association, a New Mexico Limited three six-year seats, although this is not a requirement for Partnership, et al. being appointed. Defendants. Qualified residents are encouraged to send their NOTICE OF PENDENCY OF ACTION resumes/CVs to Debra Nelson, Library Director, at THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO TO: The following named dnelson@egvpl.org. Please feel free to contact Debra with or designated Defendants against whom constructive questions at (847)725-2178. service of process is hereby sought to be obtained, to wit: Applications will be accepted now through 5 p.m. Monday, Tecolote River Association, a New Mexico Limited Part- February 1, 2021. nership; the following Defendants, if living; if deceased, Published in Daily Herald January 22, 2021 (4557488) their unknown heirs: Robert L. Buhler, Robert W. Crain, Elizabeth B. Crain, Marvin M. McKinley, Marian DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY McKinley, Cullum B. “Brad” Watson, Kathleen Watson, FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY Frank N. McSorley, Billie McSorley, Anthony G. Hillerman, Marie T. Hillerman, Harry S. Messec, Mary T. Proposed Flood Hazard Determinations for the Village of Messec, John D. Ward, Jean S. Ward, Joseph H. Mercer, Lisle, DuPage County, Illinois, and Case No. 20-05-3529P. JoAnn S. Mercer, Ronald Boyett, Albert W. Fite and Jean The Department of Homeland Security’s Federal EmerS. Fite, and those named in paragraph 3 of the Caption of gency Management Agency (FEMA) solicits technical inthe Complaint, Unknown Claimants of Interest in the formation or comments on proposed flood hazard determiPremises Adverse to the Plaintiffs (said premises being nations for the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), and where applicable, the Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report the property described in the Complaint in this cause) for your community. These flood hazard determinations GREETINGS: may include the addition or modification of Base Flood YOU AND EACH OF YOU are hereby notified that an Elevations, base flood depths, Special Flood Hazard Area action is now pending in the District Court of the Fourth Judicial District of the State of New Mexico, in and for San boundaries or zone designations, or the regulatory floodMiguel County, New Mexico, and numbered D-412-CV-2020- way. The FIRM and, if applicable, the FIS report have been revised to reflect these flood hazard determinations 00401 on the docket of said Court, wherein Charles J. Romero and Jayne L. Romero are the Plaintiffs, and you through issuance of a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR), in accordance with Title 44, Part 65 of the Code of Federal and others are the Defendants. The general object of said action is to establish and quiet Regulations. These determinations are the basis for the the title of the Plaintiffs in fee simple against the adverse floodplain management measures that your community is required to adopt or show evidence of having in effect to claims of you, and each of you, in and to the property described in the Complaint for Quiet Title in said cause, qualify or remain qualified for participation in the National said property being the following described land and real Flood Insurance Program. For more information on the estate, situate in San Miguel County, New Mexico, to wit: proposed flood hazard determinations and information on Lot Eight (8), Block Four (4) of Tecolote River Association the statutory 90-day period provided for appeals, please Subdivision Two (2), San Miguel County, New Mexico, as visit FEMA’s website at www.fema.gov/plan/prevent/ fhm/bfe, or call the FEMA Map Information eXchange shown on the plat thereof filed in the office of the San Miguel County Clerk, August 28, 1974 in Plat book 7, page (FMIX) toll free at 1-877-FEMA MAP (1-877-336-2627). Published in Daily Herald Jan. 22, 29, 2021 (4557223) 20, document no. 0378, the said Property being more particularly described in the Complaint for Quiet Title in this cause, reference to which Notice of Virtual Public Hearing is hereby made; and to bar and estop you, and each of you, from having or claiming any lien upon or right or title to Public Notice is hereby given that the Zoning Board of Appeals of the Village of Libertyville, Lake County, Illinois the Property, or any portion thereof, adverse to the 60048, will hold a virtual Public Hearing on Monday, FebruPlaintiff. YOU AND EACH OF YOU are further notified that unless ary 8, 2021, at 7:00 P.M. or soon thereafter on the aforemenyou serve and file a responsive pleading or motion in said tioned date for the purpose of considering the following apcause on or before the 15th day of March, 2021, Judgment plications: will be rendered against you, and each of you, by default, and the relief prayed for in the Complaint for Quiet Title ZBA 21-01 Saegene Jung and Melissa Goldberg, Applicants – 742 E. Lincoln Avenue. will be granted. Request is for a variation to increase the maximum The attorney for Plaintiff is Danelle J. Smith, 812 Lincoln permitted lot coverage for property located in an R-6, Avenue, Suite #1, Post Office Box 1811, Las Vegas, New Single Family Residential District. Mexico 87701. WITNESS my hand and the seal of the District Court in and ZBA 21-03 Saegene Jung and Melissa Goldberg, Applicants – 742 E. Lincoln Avenue. for San Miguel County, New Mexico, on this 14th day of Request is for a variation to reduce the minimum January, 2021. required side yard setback in order to allow the ROBERT S. DURAN, COURT ADMINISTRATOR construction of a detached garage for property located in Published in Daily Herald 1/22/21, 1/29/21, 2/5/21 (4557221) an R-6, Single Family Residential District. ZBA 21-04 Lawrence and Christine Genge, Applicants Village of Lake in the Hills – 811 S. Fifth Avenue. Notice of Public Hearing Request is for a variation to reduce the minimum The Lake in the Hills Planning and Zoning Commission will required corner side yard setback in order to construct a hold a public hearing on the petition of Kris Karter Grand, stoop and stairway for property located in an R-5, Single applicant, on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. This Family Residential District. meeting will be held remotely and is subject to change. Please join the meeting from your computer, tablet or The petitioner request approval of a Map Amendment to smartphone. https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/762952637 rezone 1203 Crystal Lake Road from B-2, Neighborhood You can also dial in using your phone. United States: +1 Convenience, to a B-1, Transitional Use. (646) 749-3122 Access Code: 762-952-637. At the public hearing, the Planning and Zoning Documentation concerning these matters is available for Commission shall accept all testimony and evidence. The public inspection on the Village of Libertyville website public is invited to attend remotely and be heard. Remote www.libertyville.com/planning. meeting access instructions will be found on the agenda, Any individual who would like to attend this meeting, but which will be posted on the Village’s website by February because of a disability needs some accommodation to par12, 2021 at 5 p.m. at https://www.lith.org/government/ ticipate, should contact the ADA Coordinator at 118 West agendas-minutes. Cook Avenue, Libertyville, Illinois 60048 (847) 362-2430. AsThe public may also submit to lpekovic@lith.org. Written sistive listening devices are available. testimony to the Planning and Zoning Commission in Dated in the Village of Libertyville, Lake County, Illinois advance of the hearing. The application is also available 60048 on January 20, 2021. for review. Please continue to check the Village’s website Zoning Board of Appeals of the Village of Libertyville, for the latest information. Lake County, Illinois 60048 Joe DeMay, Chairman, Planning and Zoning Commission By: Matthew Krummick Published in Daily Herald January 22, 2021 (4557493) Chair Published in Daily Herald January 22, 2021 (4557435)


Llama e Lissette de Elite at 312-366-1713

Public Hearings & Notices

Public Hearings & Notices

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