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DOWNTOWN OSWEGO commerce, and a community focal point. That same sense of community is alive today!”

With an eye to the future and firm roots dating back to the 1833 arrival of its first settlers, the Oswego community today combines progressive economic vision, a burgeoning business community and quintessential American charm.

Located along the scenic Fox River, historic downtown Oswego includes shops, restaurants, the Oswego Public Library with its new addition and the iconic Little White School Museum known for classic mid19th century Greek Revival-style church architecture.

Just 50 miles southwest of downtown Chicago, Oswego boasts hundreds of stores, more than 70 restaurants and easy access to entertainment venues in town and throughout the nearby metropolitan area. The community is fast becoming an employment hub for manufacturing, engineering and companies representing multiple market sectors. As the largest community in rapidly growing Kendall County, Oswego is home to a number of national retailers, big box stores, service providers, entrepreneurs, restaurants and small businesses.

Many downtown shops are housed in historically significant buildings, with QR codes visible in windows and storefronts, attesting to the structure’s historical prominence. Local history of Oswego dates to 1835, when the village was first platted by Lewis B. Judson and Levi F. Arnold. The waves of growth that have occurred in the village from its origin to the present have led to the development of an architecturally diverse urban area.

While the area’s bustling shopping hub is located along the busy Route 34 corridor and Orchard Road, Oswego’s downtown serves as an icon of community pride and plays frequent host to popular community events including Wine on the Fox, and the Beats & Eats celebrations promoting music, art, food and culture, as well as a plethora of seasonal and holiday festivals. An annual antiques fest, farmers market with locally grown produce, fall festival, cookie walk, bunny hop, and antique car and tractor shows are among the popular and varied downtown events.

Centered along Main Street, older historic buildings, pedestrian-oriented streets, parks and the Fox River generate a charming atmosphere for downtown Oswego’s eclectic mix of restaurants and cultural/ entertainment facilities, taking advantage of both the waterfront setting and historic character.

“Downtown Oswego is the heart and center of the community,” said Angie Hibben, President & CEO, Oswego Chamber of Commerce. “Since the early 1800s the area has been the site for gatherings,


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Oswego IL Chamber Profile  
Oswego IL Chamber Profile