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VILLAGE OF INVERNESS While the Village of Inverness has grown considerably from its origins, it still maintains the rural character and natural beauty that attracted its developers over 70 years ago. Today it is a quiet, stable residential community of attractive homes with a population of almost 7,400. VILLAGE HALL 1400 Baldwin Rd. | Inverness, IL 60067 | (847) 358-7740 Mayor: John A. Tatooles | Clerk: Laurie White Park District: (847) 934-6300 Police (non-emergency): (847) 358-7766 Fire (non-emergency) Palatine Rural District: (847) 991-8700 Barrington Countryside District: (847) 304-3600 Lake Zurich Community School District 95: (847) 438-2831 Palatine School District 15: (847) 963-3000 Population: 7,399 (2010 census) Median Household Income: $141,672 Board of Trustees Russell P. Fitton Chuck Fritz Richard C. Gallagher Terrence H. Kral Timothy W. Tiedje John R. Willis

VILLAGE OF KILDEER Named for a white-bellied bird that shouts “kill-dee,” Kildeer is a community nestled in a natural setting with spacious lots and a growing retail sector. Since its incorporation in 1958, the Village’s growth has been carefully and thoughtfully guided. The community consists of custom homes, wooded areas, picturesque ponds and lakes. VILLAGE HALL 21911 Quentin Rd. | Kildeer, IL 60047 | Phone: (847) 438-6000 Village President: Nandia Black | Deputy Clerk: Andra Litzhoff Chief Village Officer: Michael Talbett | School District 95: (847) 438-2831 School District 96: (847) 459-4260 School District 125: (847) 634-4000 Ela Area Public Library: (847) 438-3433 Police (non-emergency): (847) 438-6010 Fire (non-emergency) West side: Lake Zurich Rural Fire Protection District: (847) 438-2349 East side: Long Grove Rural Fire Protection District: (847) 634-3143 Population: 3,968 Median Household Income: $137,498 Board of Trustees William Johnson Keith Kovanda Ralph Liberatore Les Sokolowski Barb Stavropoulos Basel Tarabein

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Barrington Illinois Community Profile  

Barrington: a community rich in both cultural and geographic diversity, and a community that has been coined as “unique” by many of ourvisit...

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