MOTONOVA Assembly Instruction

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A Monowheel with Flywheel Inertia !

The principle of flywheel & gyroscope makes the model balanced with only 1 wheel

A green energy product that generates energy by the iner�a of the flywheel. A�er the force is applied, the magic flywheel acts to stand up, and releases the power with rota�onal kine�c energy to drive the gearbox. It can drive stably and las�ngly on a flat surface and roll forward 15 meters with balance! Through assembling by yourself, you can be�er understand the mechanism of the gearbox. The transparent gearbox can be clearly seen how the internal mechanism works so as to learn interes�ng scien�fic principles while playing. Important

Let it go and try how far and how stable your MOTONOVA can run!

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Important Notice

It is helpful to know before assembly.

Choking hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Warning to avoid danger of suffoca�on, keep the plas�c bag away from babies and children.

Keeping the instruc�ons for future reference.

The burrs should be cut clean, and the parts should not be cut.

Additional Tools Required!

(Size PH1)

Tapping Screw Burr Burr Phillips-head Screwdriver
Diagonal Pliers Remove excess materials & burr s entirely before assembly. Fasten screws to the bottom entirely.

What’s Inside Kit

Let's find, inspect, and �ck the circle.

Plastic Parts

Plas�c parts group A Plas�c parts group B

Tire skin

Mechanical Parts

Check List :

M0. For example

M1. White gear

M2. Green gear

M3. Purple gear

M4. Tapping screw

M5.Foam tape

M6. Round sha� (short)

M7. Round sha� (long)

M8. Hex sha�

M9. Iron washer

M10. Steel ball

M11. Plas�c washer

x6 M6 M7 x2 x1 M8 x1 M9 x3 M10 x1 M11 x1 M1 x1 x4 M2 x1 M3 x1 M4 x4 M5

Knowledge Base

"LEARNING THROUGH PLAY" is the new trend. Let’s go ahead and learn about it!

What Are Gears?

G ears are machinery components, which are used to transmit mechanical power from one sha� to another sha� through rotary mo�on by successively engaging their teeth on the edge. They can be efficient ways to change the direc�on of mo�on, rota�onal speed, and the form of movement.

Motion Direction

The two contact gears will generate the same force and the opposite direction of rotation with each other.

Operating Condition

Gears must have teeth of the same size and shape to hold and drive each other.


How Does Gearbox Work?

G ears mostly exist in combina�on, rather than individually. The combina�on of several gears is called a gearbox, which can adjust the rota�onal speed and transmit rotary mo�on.

How Does Flywheel Work?

F lywheel is essen�ally a mechanical ba�ery, which is powered by external force and stores energy as rota�onal kine�c energy. When the energy is released, the flywheel will keep its rota�onal iner�a and move forward. According to the principle of conserva�on of energy, it will fall when the energy is exhausted.

The more power is applied to the flywheel, the more energy is stored, and the faster the speed. The flywheel rota�ng at high speed has the highest stability and is not easy to change direc�on.


How to Assemble

1 3 2 4 A8 B6 M8 M6(short) X2 M2 (Green) M3 (Purple) B9 1 2 B7 A20
STEP 3 B6 Check! Remove burrs en�rely
Assembly Must assemble in order ! 3 The previous step
M2 (Green)
06 5 7 6 8 A13 A12 A19 B3 M4 1 2 A1 A15 Remove burrs en�rely Remove burrs en�rely Remove burrs en�rely Gearbox Done ! Put B3 all in

Internal Core Assembly

M5 X4
fasten it 1 90° 180°
before use and
s�cks to the groove of A10
M4 X3
A21 2 3
M9 X3
1 The Previous step

M1 B8

For auxiliary only, please put aside and keep it a�er using.

Put it all in

You can use a tool to knock it down!

M7 (Long)

Match as shown

The Previous step

The Previous step

Gearbox 4 6 5 90° 180°
1 2 180° Internal Core Done !

Outer Wheel Assembly

09 Internal Core 1 2 A16 A3 A6 A11
Remove burrs en�rely Remove burrs en�rely
Make sure the numbers are in the same order as shown

Remove burrs

1. Confirm the direc�on

2. Align the 3 holes first and then press down firmly

Be sure to aim each sha� exactly at each hole

2 3 4
en�rely A9 B1 B11
Put it all in
1 2

Remove burrs en�rely

5 6
Press M10 firmly in M4 X2

Make sure �re skins are in the right place

Outer Wheel Done

12 A2 A14 7 8 A7
Remove burrs en�rely
Tire skin X4
13 Rider
A5 A4 A4 A5 Bo�om Must snap A4 into the groove of A5 1 3 4 2 B5 B13 B4 A18 Outer wheel B12 1 2 2
14 5 B2 B10 DONE

How to Play

1 Drive unit

Hold the MOTONOVA and drive the outer wheel to rotate on a flat surface, which makes it to store energy under high-speed rota�on!

Do not forced stop with hands or objects when turning at high speed. !

2 Get moving

Let it go and try how far and how stable your MOTONOVA can run. You can even build obstacles with some color pens and see if it can knock them down!

Tips: The faster the rota�on speed, the be�er the stability!



If MOTONOVA doesn’t work as expected, please follow the instruc�ons below to detect and fix the problem.

1.Ensure the gears assembled in the correct order and aim each sha� exactly at each hole when covering the other lid of the gearbox.

See page 05 step 3-4, page 06 step 5 and page 10 step 4.

2. Remove burrs of part B7, B3, A19, A12, A13, A3, A6, A11, A16, B11, A17, A14 entirely, especially part A19.

See page 05 step 3, page 06 step 6-8, page 09 step 1, page 10 step 3, page 11 step6, and page12 step 7.

3.If there are burrs on the tire skin, please remove burrs entirely.

4. If MOTONOVA can't move after it falls, go back and redo step 4 on page 08.

5.Tear M5(Foam tape) before use and make sure it s�cks to the groove of A10. See page 07 step 2.

6.Do not touch the fan on the model while playing.


Let it go and try how far and how stable your MOTONOVA can run !

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