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Volume LXXVII Issue 3

Table of Contents State Convention Schedule



Competition finalists

Officer elections + “nomcom” recap

The TSJCL Midnight Torch 2018 - 2


Salvete amici! W elcome to the 2018 TSJCL State Convention! The first general assembly kicked off the start of an exciting convention. We’ve had strong contribution for our community service project. Please consider just donating one pair of socks to the less fortunate and, If you have the opportunity to, please feel free to go beyond and donate as many pairs as you can. We will also continue having the service project note writing open to everyone in the cafeteria. With each package of socks we donate, we hope to attach a warm, kind note.

Besides plans to help with the project, I invite you to take your convention schedule and highlight all of the events you’re interested in. With a new, colorful schedule, come prepared to scream like you’ve never screamed before in our first state spirit competition at our final general assembly!

Top: TSJCL President Hunter liu Bottom: TSJCL board members gathered outside of naaman forest high school

And never ever never ever ever (repetition adds emphasis) be afraid to stop me or any of the other convention volunteers to ask us a question or tell us about a concern. Ever. Go forward and enjoy the 2018 TSJCL State Convention! Sincerely, Hunter Liu TSJCL President

The TSJCL Midnight Torch 2018 - 3


2018 State convention Naaman Forest High School






Ludi Volleyball (Gym 2)

Late General Registration Late Art Registration

8:30-10:30 Academic Testing

See for the full list of room numbers.


Community Service

11:00-1:00 Latin Oratory Contest (505)

11:00-2:30 Colloquium Session II (205/421)

- Itinera Mirabilia--Going Places in Latin - Spartan Women with a Side of Feminism

Sight Recitation (142)





10:30-1:30 Agora/Bazaar

10:30-1:45 Movies (435/437)

The TSJCL Midnight Torch 2018 - 4

Shift 1 - 11:30-12:15 Shift 2 - 12:15-1:00 Shift 3 - 1:00-2:00

12:00-2:00 Certamen Finals

Ludi Basketball (Gym 1)



Colloquium Session III (416/421) Colloquium Session IV - Latin Abroad - Cooking and Dining in Ancient Rome

General Assembly II

- Artes et Artificia: Using non-Latin Skills to Build Latin Skills (205) - Propaganda and Subversion in Aeneas’ Shield (416) - Cosmos: Ancient and Modern Ideas (427)



Candidates Open Forum

SCL Catapult Contest


Art Viewing (Library)

3:00-5:00 Open Certamen

3:00-6:00 Movies (435/437) Bounce House Giant Hungry Hippos Giant Jenga

3:30-6:00 Dinner (Food Trucks)

4:30-5:30 Art Pick-up

5:00-5:30 SCL General Assembly

3:30-4:30 Community Service Talent Show

The TSJCL Midnight Torch 2018 - 5

Schedule (cont.) Final Assembly 6:00-7:30 Call to Order Spirit Competition JCL Creed JCL Song Contest Results Latin Student of the Year Latin Club of the Year Spirit Award Presentation of New Officers Sweepstakes Award 2018-2019 TSJCL President

for the full, unabridged schedule please visit: The TSJCL Midnight Torch 2018 - 6

Competition Finalists Certamen (Novice/Intermediate)

Areas A, B and F Certamen (Advanced)

Areas B, C and F Talent show Meera Shaw and Catherine Heinrich

Sally Edwards, Adrian Ching and Travis Edwards

Zach Masaryk

Norie Yowell

Joseph Newman

Advian Nguyen

Sneha Mokkala

Carter Wiese

Salma Escamilla

Cami Crowley

The TSJCL Midnight Torch 2018 - 7

Officer Elections President Current TSJCL 2nd Vice President Carl Quist is running unopposed for the office of President. He has extensive knowledge of the JCL having coordinated Spirit at Nationals and administered art competitions at State. He hopes to bring TSJCLers even closer together.

1st vice president Both Luke Martin and Wyatt King have advanced as 1st VP candidates. Luke holds numerous awards across TSJCL conventions and the National Latin Exam, and is a State Convention volunteer. Wyatt has a long record of organization and team work both inside and outside of the classics.

2nd vice president Nour Kassem has held many leadership roles outside of Latin, and she cites her desire to build a strong sense of community, her responsibility, and her knowledge of the duties associated with 2nd VP as reasons she would make a good candidate. The TSJCL Midnight Torch 2018 - 8

Historian Current TSJCL Appointed Historian Faith Padgett is seeking re-election unopposed for next year as Historian. She has of many art programs including Photoshop and Illustrator, and has background experience in capturing TSJCL events.

Secretary Grant Morrison is running unopposed as Secretary. He cites an extensive knowledge of convention activities and wants to rework programs such as the Sweepstakes with a points-based system.

Outreach coordinator Current TSJCL Secretary Will Snider and Bridget Lynch have advanced as candidates with Luke Blackman being eliminated. Both candidates hope to use their previous experience to increase JCL participation. The TSJCL Midnight Torch 2018 - 9


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The TSJCL Midnight Torch 2018 - 10

Profile for Texas State Junior Classical League

The Midnight TORCH 2018  

The Midnight TORCH 2018