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Cornelia Melcu, Vasso Oikonomidou, Magdalena Goc , Angela Tsakiri, Dimitris Tsintzas

A Mysterious Story

There she lay, unconscious, on the staircase, her pearly necklace broken and the little beige pearls scattered all around. She was dressed up in her fine silky dress and fur coat. She was sure everything would be perfect tonight. Her red cabriolet car ca was waiting for her in the locked garage and so was everybody else. Never again, had she broken her promises promises. “Am I alive or is this that another world, that better one? I can see some fairly coloured baby hand prints as if a child played with different paints and left its prints on the paper. Where have I seen them? Are they real? How does the child that left them look like? Is it a girl with beautiful, golden locks round her small, sweet childish headie or a boy, small cupid? Where am I? What had happened? Have I lost my memory?” The mystery was growing... When dr. Watson arrived, the scene was set: •

the baby handprint

the broken necklace

a torn paper, possibly airfare

the drawn papers and

the lecture that never took place. The lecture that this dynamic woman was about to give.

Picture 1:: Dr. Watson

The telephone kept ringing constantly. Participants of the lecture were eager to hear what professor Sarah Green had to propose about a revolutionary method to address the t problem of excessive exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Neither sunscreen creams nor sunglasses would any longer be needed. Unfortunately, that lecture never took place...

The experienced dr. Watson’s eye fell on the torn ticket. Destination: Destination Kenya. Who would want to hurt her? Did she have any enemies? She was a prominent scientist, always caring for those in need. The questions must be answered but not by her, her memory loss won’t on’t help. Dr. Watson has to find the people close to her. Was anyone supposed to go with her on that trip to the safari park? A tiny rhinoceros hanging from her key keyring implied that maybe she had been there before. Going on a safari trip is certainly not somewhere to go with your girlfriends... a man must be involved. Dr. Watson checked her agenda and called the plane company. Picture 2: J. J. Gibson shows off his gold medal after There was the answer! Mr. Gibson, the gold medal winning the 5,000m at the Olympic Games winner of the Olympic ic Games in long distance running had made a reservation for three for the trip. Only two flew this morning. What could their relationship be? The missing child kept torturing the detective’s mind. My God! Sarah’s daughter! It was obvious. ous. A child was living with Sarah but nobody knew if she was married. Jonathan Gibson was the only man in her life. He should go by himself in Kenya! Sure. That’s where he was staying the whole year practicing his athletics for the World Championship. Now he wanted both of them there but Sarah refused. Why? Sarah never took her ticket. She ripped it and threw it away.... but the child? All the evidence ce led to the conclusion of kidnapping! Picture 3: Kenya

And what about solar radiation? Kenya is one of the most warm and sunny unny places on earth. How is it connected with Sarah’s research? Is it because she and her child were planning to live there with Jonathan? The pieces of the puzzle began to come together. ther. But what changed the last minute? Was it Jonathan Gibson Gibso who took Sarah’s daughter to Kenya with him? And why did he leave Sarah behind? Or is there some other explanation lurking?

Yes! A flash memory came to dr. Watson’s mind. She was Green He was Gibson. The answer to the puzzle was a green Gibson! Sarah met this guitar player and ran away from the goldmedalist when he decided to change his name to Gibson. Then he came back to take his child with him. Sarah was not a good mother. Her life was devoted in research and now she was following that man in all his concerts leaving her child alone. The group he is playing is named “Smashing Pumpkins” and her favorite song was ““Rhinoceros”” (that’s why she carried that rhino in her keyring and NOT because of Kenya). Jonathan was hoping to take both of them with him but when he came, he saw Anna and the guitarist together. He announced her that he was going to take both her and their daughter with him to Kenya. But Sarah refused - she didn’t want to leave the guitarist. guitaris Jonathan was very disappointed and went to a nearby pub. He got drunk and lost control... The rest can easily be understood. Inspector Watson have clarified another case of mystery. But was it enough? Deep inside, he knew that the story was hiding hidi a family drama. He smoked his last cigarette and took the road to his house. Small, everyday stories … as usual.


A Mysterious story  

a story created by Young Green Writers during the e-Twinning learning lab: Creative writing in eTwinning- a hands on experience