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STM-10190 Alluring Alice

STM-10243 Goth School Girl

STM-10273X Midnight Medic

STM-10317 Officer Ivana Pat Down

STM-10190X Alluring Alice

STM-10258 Goth Vampire

STM-10287 Midnight Patrol

STM-10285 Ooh La La

STM-10331 Angel Kit

STM-10280 Halftime Hottie

STM-10174 Midnight Stinger

STM-10285X Ooh La La

STM-10177 Ship Wrecker

STM-10352 Side Kick

STM-10352X Side Kick

STM-10304 At Your Service

STM-10170 Heidi Ho

STM-10290 Baby Blue

STM-10170X Heidi Ho

STM-10308 Bad Kitty

STM-10227 Hot Chef

STM-10174X Midnight Stinger

STM-10301 Miss Bunny Boom

STM-10334 Miss Diagnosed

STM-10330 Peacock Kit

STM-10101 Pirate Hottie

STM-10101X Pirate Hottie

STM-10189 Snow Princess

STM-10189X Snow Princess

STM-10247 Swedish Sweetie

STM-10329 Bee Kit

STM-10297 Bite Me

STM-10279 Blow My Whistle

STM-10351 Tangled Web

STM-10311 Jailbird

STM-10334X Miss Diagnosed

STM-10311X Jailbird

STM-10284X Miss Mod

STM-10296X Pretty Lady

STM-10300 Teacher's Pet

STM-10327 Morticia Deville

STM-10281 Private Time

STM-10298 Team Captain

STM-10292 Kiss Me Cupid

STM-10296 Pretty Lady

STM-10279X Blow My Whistle

STM-10288 Ms. Gangster STM-10299 Kiss The Chef

STM-10306 Caped Crusader

STM-10312 Kitten Kaboodle

STM-10288X Ms. Gangster

STM-10110 Class Flirt

STM-10241 Lacy Navy

STM-10328 My Angel Baby

STM-10281X Private Time

STM-10348 Queen Bee

STM-10298X Team Captain

STM-10302 Third Base

STM-10302X Third Base STM-10142 Queen Of Hearts

STM-10316 Debbie Does Detention

STM-10316X Debbie Does Detention

STM-10318X Drill Sergeant Drill

STM-10332 Ladybug Kit

STM-10283 Naughty Night Nurse

STM-10347 Red Hoodie Cutie

STM-10326 Lovely Lady Bug

STM-10283X STM-10347X Naughty Night Nurse Red Hoodie Cutie

STM-10321 Maid In Paris

STM-10322 Nurse Feel Good

STM-10185 Red Riding Hood

STM-10293 Tickle My Fancy

STM-10295 Tribal Princess

STM-10295X Tribal Princess

STM-10289 Flash Flapper

STM-10349 Maiden Voyage

STM-10118 Nurse Nicky

STM-10133X Fly Away With Me

STM-10350 Major Trouble

STM-10118X Nurse Nicky

STM-10173 Free Love

STM-10291 Mickey's Mistress

STM-10104 Officer Flashy

STM-10185X Red Riding Hood

STM-10315 Varsity Vixen

STM-10262 Wild Thing STM-10303 Retro Hippie

STM-10303X Retro Hippie

STM-10307 Witch-a-licious

STM-10173X Free Love

STM-10291X Mickey's Mistress

STM-10314 Good Ship Lollipop

STM-10175 Midnight Medic

STM-10104X Officer Flashy

STM-10337 Sexy Salem Siren

STM-10278 Wonderlicious

These costumes and more will be coming soon to If you want to place an order now, use the attached order form. These costumes are available now and are In stock. The costumes are not yet listed on the website. All costumes are sizes S, M, & L. Costumes with the X behind the style# are in sizes: 1X/2X, 3/4X

Costumes are $39.99 each/mail order. Website price $49.00 each.





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Please allow 72 hours processing prior to shipment. Verify your address carefully. Please note shipping charges will be added to the order total. All orders shipped USPS. Questions and or orders send to: or call 1-888-766-1868 with questions. You can fax your order to 623-505-9569 your order and shipping confirmation and shipping will be sent via email. / / 1-888-766-1868

Sexy Costumes for you!  

Let the games begin. A wonderful collection of costumes. Allow your imagination to run wild.

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