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CONDUCTED that utilized Team Quest ropes and True Strides programs to create a session for veterans suffering from PTSD.

RAISED across all giving areas. ADDITIONALLY PROVIDED in financial assistance across all programs on top of the nearly $1,000,000 in planned subsidies.

HOSTED the MN Special Olympics residential sports camp for the first time.

NEW RIDERS in the True Strides therapeutic riding program. A full year in the new equine center resulted in enrollment gains.

ENHANCED our robotics, arts, shooting sports, water sports and self-advocacy sessions.

VOLUNTEERS pursued our mission of providing experience and adventures that enhance independence and self-esteem for individuals with disabilities.

ZIP LINE was installed, which is the first of 12 elements for the wheelchair accessible high ropes course at Camp Courage.

INCREASE in overall enrollment in our core services. NEW accessible fishing dock at Camp Friendship in memory of Dave Carlson. CHILDREN’S CANCER CAMP (now called Victory in Progress – VIP) was saved through efforts by True Friends, Cycle Health and the Children’s Hospital.

GUESTS hosted for the Camp Courage 60th Anniversary celebration.

COMPLETED a Multi-Sensory Environment at Camp Friendship thanks to a generous donation by the Vieau family.


FUNDRAISING GOAL to qualify for a $100,000 matching grant from the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF); all total, $230,000 purchased four new vans and a wheelchair accessible, high ropes course at Camp Courage.

INSTALLED in the fall at Camp Eden Wood; the project was a joint effort between the City of Eden Prairie, CH Robinson Foundation and True Friends.

Dear Friends, Writing this letter is a great part of my job here at True Friends. It gives me the opportunity to look back on an incredible year of accomplishments. I also get to express my heart-felt thanks to people who are truly making a difference. When you support True Friends, you are continuing a 60-year legacy of programs for children and adults with disabilities. In the pages of this annual report, we’re happy to share some special stories. You’ll get to see how your support helps True Friends in providing life-changing experiences. Creating and maintaining dynamic programs takes dedication. As we look to 2016 and beyond, affordability remains an important goal. We continue to make services available regardless of one’s ability to pay. Your support continues to be an essential part of this mission. On behalf of the families and clients we serve, our staff and members of our board, thank you. Thank you for your time, your gifts and for sharing True Friends with those who can benefit from our services. Together, we are truly making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Sincerely,

Ed Stracke , President & CEO



One of our most popular Ventures Travel trips is to a dude ranch in Tanque Verde, Arizona. The week is full of gourmet meals, horseback riding, relaxation by the pool and interacting with other guests on the ranch. Unlike other vacations, the dude ranch is a group experience. This means the entire ranch gets to know one another and engages in activities together throughout the week. One of the most rewarding parts of facilitating a trip is seeing not only how it impacts the travelers, but how it can impact others as well. During the third day on the ranch, a man pulled one of our travel staff aside. He explained that the dude ranch was an annual vacation for his family and this year’s trip was something special because of the interactions they had with our travelers.

Ventures Travel served

He said that witnessing the pure joy and enthusiasm our travelers and staff had for the rodeo elevated the entire event to a new level, as if their actions gave permission to the whole crowd to be silly and have fun. Another man pulled aside our staff and wanted to share that his family’s interactions with our participants opened new discussions for them about disabilities and abilities, care and respect. He had been coming to the ranch for 30 years and said it was a privilege to spend the week with our group. Several of the families from that week called the ranch with a request to book when Ventures Travel would be bringing another group, because they found it so enjoyable. It is amazing to witness the growth that travel can inspire in both our travelers and the community.

in 2015, facilitating

In addition, a was created to make travel even more accessible. 4

Lions Clubs have been long-time supporters of True Friends and it’s never been more evident than with the gifts given recently. Based on a campaign in 2015 the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) presented True Friends with a check for $100,000! To make this LCIF grant possible, True Friends needed to match at least $100,000 – and 37 different Minnesota Lions clubs stepped in to help. The LCIF supports the causes that individual Lions Clubs support with special programs like this matching grant. A total of $230,000 was raised to construct a first-of-its-kind wheelchair accessible, high ropes course and dual 600 foot zip lines at Camp Courage. Additionally, four vans for special needs transportation were purchased.

Special thanks to the MD5M Lions Clubs and donors, including Paul’s Pals Foundation - who provided the lead gift, Finish Line Youth Foundation and the Buuck Family Foundation. These gifts helped us go way beyond our goal. The result of this outstanding generosity and partnership truly enhanced the innovative programs at True Friends. Course designer and True Friends’ Manager of Program Development, Jason Colvin says this course is the result of two years of planning, fundraising and design. “There is no other course in the country with this creative design for individuals in wheelchairs,” Colvin said. “The static course with continuous belay allows for complete independence in navigating the high elements in a wheelchair.” 5

-Carol Sibinski, Secretary of the Camp Friendship Auxiliary

For 40 years the Camp Friendship Auxiliary has been a huge support and help to Camp Friendship, spending countless hours volunteering and donating items and money to camp. The group officially began in 1975 and had 12 members from the cities of Annandale, Buffalo, Maple Lake and Monticello. They supported camp’s mission and held regular meetings discussing plans to volunteer and donate materials. One of their first accomplishments was remodeling the kitchen, which cost $500. Soon the group began growing in size and in the number of projects they accomplished each year. They began fundraising by hosting Tupperware parties, bake sales, Swappers Meet sales, dance parties, craft sales, quilt raffles, fashion shows, public monthly luncheons and their annual Holiday party. Donations from the Auxiliary have provided many scholarships for campers in need of financial assistance. Today, they continue their great support of Camp Friendship and True Friends. The Auxiliary has grown to 29 members with an additional 8 honorary Auxiliary members. They continue to volunteer, help with mailings, provide homemade treats for camp staff, grow and tend a beautiful garden at camp and host a popular holiday party that raised $16,000 in 2015! Within the past five years their holiday parties have raised $77,000. President and CEO of True Friends, Ed Stracke says this about the Auxiliary, “True Friends could not ask for a more committed and dedicated group of volunteers and local ambassadors. The Auxiliary has certainly played a significant role in our growth and success throughout the years. We are so grateful for all that they do in support of our mission.” They volunteered over 1,350 hours in 2015.

-Esther Hanlon, Co-Chair of the Camp Friendship Auxiliary


Gabby Ridlon is our most dedicated youth volunteer from 2015. Her work with camp has impacted many lives, including her own. We thank her for her commitment to providing experiences and adventures to our participants. Gabby says, “Volunteering with True Friends has not only shaped me to be a more understanding and kind person but it has led me to what I want to do as my future career! I am a totally different person today, compared to who I was when I started volunteering at camp and I am SO grateful for that!” “In under two years Gabby has served more volunteer hours with True Friends than most people would in a lifetime. Her commitment, character and quality of service have been irreplaceable in our programs. The impact she has had on everyone she comes in contact with is remarkable,” said True Friends Volunteer Services Coordinator, Maureen O’Connor.

Gabby currently has more than hours in 2014 and includes

respite weekends,

lifetime volunteer hours. hours in 2015. Her service weeks of summer camp,

of winter camp, True Strides and


open houses. 7

Looking for the definition of True Friends? Then look no further than the organizers of an incredible 10+ year event. Mark and Debbie Steen, along with Bob Harnett, have been hosting the Annual Circle of Friends Golf Classic that has netted more than $1,500,000 in 11 years! Nearly all of the work for this successful event is done by the Steens, along with their friends and family. Mark and Bob work in the financial investment industry and invite their colleagues to support the True Friends mission. Thousands of children and adults with disabilities are able to have life-changing experiences at camp because of these generous individuals. “True Friends is an organization that Debbie and I feel very strongly about, and we have been long time donors and supporters,” Mark said. Additionally, Mark and Bob served on the True Friends board of directors for many years. Circle of Friends is more than just a catchy name for an event. The story of friendship starts more than 30 years ago. Bob’s brother and sister-in-law, Gabbi and Barb Harnett, were faced with the reality that their three-year-old son Joey suffered permanent brain damage from a prolonged seizure. While still reeling from the effects of their son’s sudden disability, their 18-month-old daughter Molly also suffered a prolonged seizure with the same damaging result a year later. The Steens, along with Bob (Joey and Molly’s uncle), have continued a tradition first started by Gabbi and Barb, to raise money to help thousands of kids with disabilities attend camp. Today, Joey and Molly (and their brother, Neal) still benefit from this camp program, along with the thousands of others who receive financial support from Circle of Friends. “The Steens and Harnetts are such great ambassadors for True Friends,” said President & CEO Ed Stracke. “The long-term impact of their involvement with the Circle of Friends and their fundraising efforts have been phenomenal. These amazing people enable True Friends to help so many participants.” 8

Joel and Mary Lee Jennings have always been committed to helping others in their community and around the world. In fact, their daughter and her family, who have a son with special needs, began a ministry for children with disabilities in Nairobi, Kenya. Closer to home, True Friends is one of the nonprofits they’ve supported each year since 1991. Joel and Mary Lee have two grandchildren with special needs, which led to a strong interest in organizations that serve this community. One of their granddaughters attends a True Friends camp every summer and says it is the best week of her year! “We have seen the True Friends camps and have met a number of the leaders and we are impressed,” Joel said. “We love and respect True Friends and are supremely grateful that they are willing to devote much of their life to reaching out in love to individuals in this special community.” 9

Paul’s Pals Foundation (formerly the Paul Adelman Children with Disabilities Endowment Fund) was founded in 1996 and has been a generous donor to Camp Courage and Camp Friendship for the past two decades. To date, the foundation has given more than $250,000 to support “projects that promote inclusion and accessibility for individuals with disabilities.” The Paul Adelman Golf Classic & Paul’s Party benefits various charities, and has grown to be the eighth largest in the state. This foundation’s gifts have fulfilled a wide variety of camp needs - from a multi-sport court to a lakefront accessibility project, to a therapy horse program lift and support for camper scholarships. A unique and needed gift of generators at each True Friends camp was provided by a special “Fund-A-Dream” live auction. In 2015, camp received a $30,000 grant to develop a robotics and shooting sports program. The renewed robotics program is being offered at Camp Courage North. Sling shot archery is now being offered,


along with an outdoor old west saloon shooting gallery, at Camp Courage. Floyd Adelman and his wife, Andi, founded Paul’s Pals. Floyd and Andi’s son, Paul, is the inspiration behind their generosity and passion for helping individuals with disabilities. Paul lived a short, but inspirational, life with disabilities from three brain tumor surgeries over seven years. He had attended Camp Courage. His spirit lives on through the fund and the programs it supports. Floyd is also a member of the True Friends Board of Directors, serving as chairman during the first three years of the Courage Camps acquisition. “Floyd has the perfect blend of business experience, acumen, professional contacts and passion for providing lifechanging experiences for children and adults with disabilities,” said Ed Stracke, True Friends President & CEO. “The support from his foundation is another incredible gift to this organization.”

Gain on Disposal of Property: $274,030

Public Support: $3,930,739



Extraordinary Item: $300,000

3.2% Investment Income: -$801,721 *




Other Sources: $76,854

Direct Services: 7,063,525


<1% Service Fees: $4,808,144



EXPENSES Administrative: $985,363

Resident Camp Programs


43.3% General Management

Fund Raising



Respite Care/Family Services

Specialized Travel Programs



Education and Training

True Strides


5.2% DIRECT SERVICES EXPENSE BY PROGRAM Resident Camp Programs Education and Training Specialized Travel Programs

3,484,452 1,194,312 1,056,341

Respite Care/Family Services


True Strides Therapy Horses




General Management


*This is corrected from the printed version.

The year was spent continuing, renewing and cultivating support from donors. Total assets at December 31, 2015 were $23,660,534 which includes the investments of True Friends Foundation. The True Friends Foundation, established to provide financial support to True Friends, continues to be a valuable asset to the organization. True Friends portfolio had a gift of $1,850,000 that helped offset the downturn in the investment market. The return on core investments was -5.1% for the year.







Accounts Receivable and Deferrals



Other Current Assets



Total Current Assets



Current Assets Cash

Long Term Assets Investments



Fixed Assets



Other Long Term Assets











Line of Credit



Deferred Revenue



Other Current Liabilities



Total Long Term Assets Total Assets

Liabilities Current Liabilities Accounts Payable

Current portion of long-term debt Total Current Liabilities Long Term Debt Total Liabilities

Fund Balance Fund Balance Beginning of the Year Change in Fund Balance Fund Balance end of the year Total Liabilities and Fund Balance


27,671 1,213,070


704,413 1,917,483













Operating Board of Directors Floyd Adelman Jeff Bangsberg John Bredemus Jerry Caruso Todd Dyste Gaylen Ghylin Jon Gordon Marilyn Hallstrom Bob Harnett Tina Hebert David Jones Carole Mills Bob Polland Greg Wallace Mary Ellen Wells

Foundation Board of Directors

David Jones John Bredemus Jon Gordon Bob Harnett Ruth Johnson Steve Lacke Tom Mahowald Laura Moret Mary Kemp Murray Diane Nettifee John Tollefsrud Greg Wallace Ed Stracke

the dream LEGACY FOREVER FRIENDS LEGACY SOCIETY † indicate deceased members Floyd and Andi Adelman Christine Adolphson † Ruth Anderson † Mary F. Andresen Jeff Bangsberg and Anita Boucher Linda M. Bataglia Janet † and Frank † Bigham Joan Blanch † Denise and Tom Blizil Hilda Borscheid † Donald † Olson and Anne Bowen-Olson L.R. † and Neva † Brinkman Janice Brosen Doris † and Lawrence † Brumm Evelyn Buckley † Lucille N. Christianson Mable Coombs † Robert Day † Gerald Deeney † Doris Deschene † Helen Doherty Gerald and Margaret Dokka Benjamin † and Clarice † Drake William and Jane Dudley Martin Ehlers † Muriel R. and Leslie † Erickson Darlene and Cyril Erkens Lawrence Fallander † Dorothy Feinberg † Arthur † and Marie † Geer Jean Grossman and Charles Heibel Richard and Mabeth Gyllstrom

Rebecca Hafner-Fogarty and Jerry Fogarty Paul and Karen Hansen Melvin and Dorothy † Heckt Bernt and Suzin Helgaas Steffen and Janet Helgaas Katharine Hill and Christopher Matthews Eugene and Gloria Hippe Anne Holahan † John † and Rosalind † Holahan Jon and Colleen Hollinger Petters Steve Holst Dr. Sherman † and Helen Hoyt William Humphries Marion A. Hunter John and Stephanie Jacobson Grace Jefferson † David and Julie Jones Thomas and Anne Jones Mark † and Dorothy † Keymer Lucile B. † and Clarence† King Mel and Barb Knudsen John Kokula Bonnie † and Burdette † Kraemer William and Joan † Krippner Wilmer † and Luvern † Kroells Mary Jane Kviberg † Mirth † and Charles † Langer Harold † and Kathryn † Larson Eileen † and Gene † Leary

John and Michelle LeBlanc John and Kathleen LeMay Darlene and Donald † Lemke Ina Lindsley † Alice † and Claude † Loesch Marie Lynch Jeff and Janice Lynn Stephanie Mann LaVerne † and LaPrele † Markowski Fred † and Elvina † Mathison Joseph † and Lucille † Maun Edmund † and Myrtle † Meierbachtol Harold † and Agnes † Metcalf Marlene and Brian † Miller Robert and Judith Mueller Robert and Carol Muller Roberta Nagan Elsie † and Albert † Ney Elma † and Arthur † Nolan Walter † and Mary † Noreen Lyla † and Raynold † Otto Jack Peebles † John and Ann Peterson Patricia K. Peterson Marion Picha † Irene Ploen † Elizabeth Reed † Shirley † and Richard † Reed Anna Roberts † Walt and Mary Jo Roberts Joseph † and Wanda † Royle Janice and Royce † Sanner Alice Scanlan †

Virginia S. Schoenbohm-Clymer Linda Schwichtenberg Luella † and Walter † Shaw Allen Shores † Lillian Spiering † Betty † and Richard † Stark Edna Steffens † Jesse Stewart † Dr. and Mrs. Jack Stinogel Barbara † and Bernard † Stracke Ed and Kris Stracke Lester † and Theresa † Strom Fern Swanson † Don W. Taylor Donna Taylor William and Rita Taylor Herbert and Audrey Telshaw Ruth Teslie † Ray and Barbara Thomes Anders Thompson † Linda Tillman and Tim Hjelmeland Vernon M. Tischler John and DeDe Tollefsrud Jeri and Scott † Veldman George Vosen † Gary and Nancy Wagner Robert Webster † Donald Weesner † Pat and Ann Welch Mary † and Richard † Wesley Sandra M. Wilkens Helen † and George † Wipplinger Anonymous (11)


IN MEMORY OF: Lorraine Adelmann Goldie M. DeGross Cliff Beck Anonymous Gregory J. Beuning Roger and Peggy Beuning Jerry Bowdin John and Gayle Barnes Marilyn and Marshall Burke Ruth and Gerry Olson-Bahe Ed and Kris Stracke Michael Bowen Anne M. Bowen-Olson Paul Bowen Anne M. Bowen-Olson Lorabeth Brdlik Zara Clarke Ruth and Wayne Kewitsch Denise and Mark Marino Douglas and Twylla Niehuis Sheri Reis Ed and Kris Stracke Mark and Karin Swenson Curtis and Jillaine Windmuller Betty Bredemus Sandy and Jeff Wubbels Nancy Bredemus Sandy and Jeff Wubbels David Brix Robert and Judith Mueller David Brown Joann E. Brown Don Bruggeman Al and Lylas Boonstra Marilyn Bruggeman Doris Brumm John S. Ellison Duane Christians Ferdinando and Carol Stella Kevin Crandall Sandy and Jeff Wubbels Timm Crandall Lynne Crandall Nick DeGross Wilfred and Yvonne Schulz


Jason Fairley June Fairley C. Andrew Fuller Ernest and Stephanie Brody Lucille E. Gallagher Ray and Mary Wilwerding Jane Gebhardt Orvilla Gebhardt Cathy Genelin Greg and Molly Enz Pat Graeve Ann Langenfeld Ben Grage Jennifer L. Dickinson Dorothy Gragert Marvin Gragert †Harvey A. Haagenson William and Grace Wagnild Anna Handeland Anonymous Charles Hansen Gerald and Oonna Lanahan Christopher R. Hanson Ferdinando and Carol Stella Marcella Hendrick Robert and Judith Mueller Jeff Henson Anonymous Ann Hilgendorf Marion A. Burkhardt Vern Hogan Kathleen D. Hogan C. Sherman Hoyt, MD Bonnie Anderson Timothy and Catherine Anderson William Anderson Anonymous Mary Bang Diane Barnett Stanley Bednar Matthew and Jennifer Bennerotte Andrew Bennett Kathi-lynn Blomquist Louise and Ronald Botko

Raymond and Elizabeth Bowman Dr. and Mrs. James G. Cardle Carol J Jones Revocable Trust Barbara Champ Richard and Dolores Champ Christenson Family Alison and Michael Coffey Anita Cornelius Barbara Curry Louise Dowling Theodore and Judith Edin David and Mary Franske Nancy and Michael Grein Rhonda Groll Carl and Marilyn Halker Katy Hammel Barbara Hansen Wayne and Dana Harmon John and Jean Hedberg Sally Hoyt Amundson Robert and Patricia Hoyt Steven and Sandra Hoyt Robert and Marilyn Ingman Kenneth and Rebecca Jacques James Johnson M. and A. Johnson Mark Jordan Martin and Marlys Jordan Barbara Kaufmann Courtney Magnuson Philip and Margaret Mitchell Barbara Morgan Carol Nelson Richard A. Nordquist Susan O. Nyhammer Kent and Susan Oachs James Olson Darren and Emily Ostern Laura Pepper Carol Persons James Pinckaers Thomas and Jo Ann Pirsch

Gregory Schaus Virginia S. Schoenbohm-Clymer Albert and Beth Schroeder James and Radonna Schwarz John †and Barbara Schwarz Walt J. Seibert Ann Singer Geraldine and Michael Sjoblom Jacqueline Smith Jim and Mary Stahlmann Robert and Vianne Stehlik Ed and Kris Stracke Joanne Swanson Charles and Yvonne Sylvestre M J. Thompson Signe and Jeffrey Thompson Susan Titcomb Thomas Warner Karl and Carol Willimans Phyllis and Donald Woodley George Hurda Bay Lake Area Lions Club Mike Jarmuzek Jennifer L. Dickinson Ted Jensen Cafourek Insurance Agency Nancy Johnson Stephanie R. Brown Judith Johnston Mary Andrews Terry Bunkers and Emily Enlge Jean Cunningham Gail Goulett-Meyer and Neil Goulett Mark and Jennifer Johnson Philip Jones Robert and Marie Klepinski Marit Kvamm Mary C. Miller

the dream LEGACY In Memory Con’t

Meredith Morneau Edward and Peggy Pluimer Lois and John Rafferty Mary and Eric Schultz Gaile Sovell Kenyon James and Janis Stephenson Janet Triplett Donna Kaz Anonymous Marlis Kerlus Bonnie Holmes David A. Koch Anonymous George Korpal Saint Croix Valley Lions Club Kathryn Larson David B. Syverson Mary Law Janard and Gwendolyn Law Christine Lee Denis and Susan Hofflander Leverne Lehmann Bonnie Holmes Donald Lemke John and Darelyn Anderson Julie Lund Anonymous Carl Lunowa Barbara Stracke †Amanda Mares Anonymous John Marette Phil Marette Marie Mauer Jennifer L. Dickinson WM Mavencamp Donald Weismann Ellen Maxwell Jennifer L. Dickinson Shirley McAlpine Denise and Tom Blizil Robert and Marcia Carlson Natalie and William Davis Ronald and Linda Dircks Arnold and Ruth Gruys Lorie and Tim Hegle Dave and Pat Holmberg

Jill Johnson Michael and Kathleen Jude Mr. and Mrs. George L. Leach Ardelle and Martin McAlpine David Opheim Donald and Joan Pribyl Howard and Lucille Selander Adeline McCallum Robert and Judith Mueller Phillip McManus Robert and Judith Mueller Adrienne L. McMillan Mac and Betsy McMillan Beth Meyer Robert and Judith Mueller Peggy Miller Roberta Miller Robert V. Miller Carol and Phil Ahern James and Gloria Burt Ronald Claussen Robert Collinge Tom Engel Patricia Nicholson and Paula Gee Saundra and Don Hensley J. Kenneth and Ruth Lee Lori and David Miller Stephen and Evon Pearson Diana Roth Ronald and Brenda Sayres Gary Selleck Ronald and Mary Sorenson Ed and Kris Stracke Steven Strande Addison Myers and Darcelle Wells Barrie Wildgoose William Molloy Debra Sherman James Neis Robert and Judith Mueller Marilyn Nichols Cindy and Todd Henderson Jim Niederer

Stanley and Shirley Hillestad Leland Novotne Anonymous Phil Oswald Richard and Dianne Radman Ramona Pearson Curtis Pearson Donna Pertl Daniel and Elaine Gephart Kathleen Marie Peterson Gaylen and Penny Ghylin Kathy Peterson Jennifer L. Dickinson Nicholas Peterson Paul and Valerie Peterson Howard and Vernette Sickle Cecil Pogatchnik Bonnie Holmes Patricia R. Prewett Shirley Kallevig James and Karen Thimm Donald A. Radman Richard and Dianne Radman Bernice Raeth Norman and Cynthia Bauer Leonard and Elizabeth Biermann Duane and Melva Eckberg Vicki and Philip Gaarder Jodi Kube Gary Lee Raeth Robert and Bonnie Raeth Edwin Raeth Norman and Cynthia Bauer Donald Ramlo Carolyn Ness Lucille Ramlo Ed and Kris Stracke Joyceanne Reasbeck Jennifer L. Dickinson Jean Regan Jennifer L. Dickinson Richard Repke Jennifer L. Dickinson

Jim Ruder Aloys Olson George Schlickta Robert and Judith Mueller Rich Schneider Debra Castellani Ellen Grindel Jennifer Lucchese Joyce Witt Mary Schoen Anonymous Angie Burg Gerald Fleagle and Loris Wick Barb Groebner Michael and Terese Jensen Lauren V. Johnson Michael and Deborah Lindeman Kevin and Linda Lochner Loraine Ouellette Prudential Financial Foundation John Schoen Nancy and Michael Schoen Ed and Kris Stracke William and Terry Toops Daniel J. Schoonover Kenneth and Margaret Hennen Jean Schuldt Kevin Schuldt Marge Schultenover Robert and Judith Mueller John M. Schwartz Jim Burns Marcia Danielson Lynn Haun Thomas Leonard John M. Schwartz Thomas and Catherine Lucas Tim Mackey Shane Menefee Steven Rosenberg Rick and Nancy Schmitz Michael Thompson Dana Urdahl


In Memory Con’t

Linda Zugenbuehler Suzanne Slette Sarah and Wayne Custer Dorothy Sonderman Ann Zimmerman Todd Stach Richard and JoAnn Stach Kay Stockstead Aloys Olson

Lester Strom Christopher Strom Steven C. Thomas Robert and Judith Mueller Richard Tollefsrud Anonymous Tom Trepanier Joseph and Dorothy Trepanier

Rueben Tschetter Linda Tillman and Tim Hjelmeland Andrea Vieau John Fox Ervin Voit Bernice Voit Kenneth Waterman Dick and Laurie Harris

Mary Wesley Cedar Island Elementary Gina Gaglia Ann Gustafson Lisa Hill Ann Rooney Ed and Kris Stracke Julia Wesley-Wong

Ed and Mary Ann Goad Barbara Goad Suzy Gray Helen and Brian Blaney Richard Gyllstrom Anonymous Steffan and Janet Helgaas Ann and Matt Bartus Stan and Shirley Hillestad Wedding Anniversary Ed and Kris Stracke Tom Holahan Maureen L. Asleson Steve Holst Therese and Louis Nagel Sally Krull Matt and Nancy Krull

Michael A. Larson Weldon E. Larson Earl Miller Roberta Miller Leah Olson Matt and Nancy Krull Josh Ous Linda and Kelly Brown Lois J. Ous Paul and Valerie Peterson’s Wedding Diane Christianson Mike and Leanne Novace Paul and Valerie Peterson Howard and Vernette Sickle Nancy Taylor

Elizabeth Reiter Paul and Kathleen Campbell Robert Ribcuic Dan Rutman Brian Richard Lori Richard Ronald S. Smythe Gwendolyn S. Smythe Ed Stracke Therese and Louis Nagel Walt J. Seibert Jacob Walter Gregory and Lissa Walter Caleb Zietlow Philip and Susan Zietlow

IN HONOR OF: Floyd Adelman Ed and Kris Stracke Kaytlyn Anderson Dawn Sayler Bob and Gail Buuck Virginia S. Schoenbohm-Clymer Michael Dalton Shirley Johnson Helen Doherty Howard and Lucille Selander Ed and Kris Stracke David Donnelly, Jr. Jane W. Birks Trust Ryan Fouquette Julie Graupmann

Foundations, Funds and Trusts $100,000+

Foundations, Funds and Trusts $25,000-$99,999

R.R.W. & Florence Berglund Family Foundation

Arthur Andersen & Co. Alumni Donor Advised Fund Baskerville-Peterson Family Fund of Courage Kenny Foundation Buuck Family Foundation John R. Cross Fund of the Saint Paul Foundation William and Jane Dudley Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation Finish Line Youth Foundation Jennings Family Foundation Lucile B. and Clarence M. King Courage Trust

Service Organizations $100,000+ Circle of Friends Golf Classic Lions Clubs International Foundation

Individuals $25,000-$99,999 Melvin Heckt Dr. Sherman † and Helen Hoyt Barbara and David † Koch


Paul’s Pals Foundation The Shores Fund of the Saint Paul Foundation Stracke Family Fund of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation The Wasie Foundation

Individuals $10,000-$24,999 Garry and Sandy Fehr John Kokula Steven Kuhn Anonymous

Foundations, Funds and Trusts $10,000-$24,999 Butzow Family Foundation The Charlson Foundation The McKnight Foundation The Patch Foundation C. H. Robinson Worldwide Foundation Katherine Sanderson Trust Royce and Janice Sanner Fund of the St. Paul Foundation The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Starkey Hearing Foundation Lillian F. Wallace Trust Anonymous

Businesses $10,000-$24,999 Dorsal Capital Management, LLC Interval Partners LLC Luther Automotive Group Wright Hennepin Co-op Electric Association

Service Organizations $10,000-$24,999 Albertville Lions Club Camp Friendship Auxiliary Children’s Charities of America Clearwater Lions Club Eden Prairie Lions Club Knights of Columbus State Council Ramsey Lions Club Tee It Up for Campers

FFA $10,000-$24,999 New Ulm FFA Randolph FFA Tracy Area FFA

Individuals $5,000-$9,999 Robbie and Ivy Burkhart Gaylen and Penny Ghylin Bernt and Suzin Helgaas David and Julie Jones Greg and Julie Lindberg Stephanie Mann Shirley McAlpine † Barbara Stracke † Ed and Kris Stracke Jerry and Janet Stracke

Mary Ellen Wells and William Arendt Donna Welsh Anonymous

Foundations, Funds and Trusts $5,000-$9,999 Andersen Corporate Foundation Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation Hugh J. Andersen Foundation The Bieber Family Foundation Blandin Foundation Eden Prairie Community Foundation Math Fischer Foundation J. Elmer and Esther Hansman Charitable Trust Hardenbergh Foundation The Mauer Foundation Minnesota Timberwolves FastBreak Foundation Northwest Minnesota Foundation Edward Ozias Memorial Trust Palmer and June Peterson Family Charitable Fund Shirley and Richard Reed Fund of the Saint Paul Foundation Carl and Verna Schmidt Foundation TJX Foundation Julianne Williams Fund of the Central MN Community Foundation

Businesses $5,000-$9,999 Annandale State Bank KBL Partners Marshall Wace North America LP Polar Securities, Incorporated Scopia Management, Incorporated Starwood Real Estate Securities

Service Organizations $5,000-$9,999 Annandale Snowmobile Club Maple Grove Lions Club Midwest Motorcycle Club UFCW 8 Golden State

FFA $5,000-$9,999 Alden-Conger FFA Blooming Prairie FFA

Dawson-Boyd FFA Ellsworth FFA GFW Pioneer Express FFA MACCRAY FFA Murray County Central FFA Truman FFA

Individuals $2,500-$4,999 Cara and Sherman Black David Boyer John and Beth Bredemus Bill and Phyllis Bryan Robert and Gail Buuck Wayne and Carolyn Dondelinger Dan and Theresa Fogarty Gary Follett Russ and Kathy Funk Christopher Hughes and Christy Timm-Hughes Deborah and Bruce Kierstead David Kim John and Maryanne Mahowald Virginia S. Schoenbohm-Clymer Dr. and Mrs. Jack Stinogel Alicia Vanvickle

Foundations, Funds and Trusts $2,500-$4,999 Build-A-Bear Workshop/Bear Hugs Foundation James and Mildred Cashman Fund Michael Adam Carroll Fund of Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation Columns Resource Group Foundation, Inc Joseph C. and Lillian A. Duke Foundation Nevin N. Huested Foundation K Foundation Kopp Family Foundation Carl & Aune Lind Family Foundation The MENTOR Network Charitable Foundation Poehler-Stremel Charitable Trust Margaret Rivers Fund Riverway Foundation Smith Foundation, Inc. G. Kendall Smith Fund of Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation


Foundations, Funds and Trusts $2,500-$4,999 Con’t

Spenser Somers Foundation Three Rivers Community Foundation Westhoff Family Foundation Women’s Flexible Fund of the Central MN Community Foundation

Businesses $2,500-$4,999 BlackRock Partners CZ Capital Energized Electric Corporation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Lawin Enterprises, LLC National Investment Services, Inc. NEPC, LLC Senzar Asset Management, LLC UBS Community Affairs and Corporate Responsibility, Americas Western National Insurance Group Ziegler, Inc.

Service Organizations $2,500-$4,999 Clear Lake Lions Club New Brighton Lions Club Osseo Lions Club Plymouth Lions Club Rosemount Lions Club Sherburne County Area United Way St. Cloud Metro Lions Club UFCW Local #99 United Way of McLeod County

FFA $2,500-$4,999 Dassel-Cokato FFA Eden Valley-Watkins FFA Fillmore Central FFA Foley FFA Fulda FFA Glencoe-Silver Lake FFA Hayfield FFA Hutchinson FFA New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale Geneva FFA Norwood Young America FFA Spring Valley-Wykoff FFA Springfield FFA United South Central FFA Wabasso FFA Waseca FFA


Individuals $1,000-$2,499 Floyd and Andi Adelman Tim and Penny Allen Frank Babb and Betsy Iventosch Babb Ann and Gary Betters Roger and Peggy Beuning Denise and Tom Blizil Joseph Campbell Jerry Caruso Ben and Rhoda Drake Robert Droegemueller John and Barbara Dumont Jane F. Fargo Raymond and Mary Flaa William Fleischhacker Jon and Jane Gordon Richard and Mabeth Gyllstrom Marilyn and Jim Hallstrom David and Mona Harmann William F. Hartfiel and Kate Heegaard Hartfiel Steffen and Janet Helgaas Robert A. Herkenhoff Richard and Carrie Higgins Kathleen Holahan James and Jodi Hynes Gregory and Becky Jaeger Ruth Johnson Kelly and Chad Kerlin Steve and Heather Lacke Ann Langenfeld Joseph and Michelle Lavely John and Mary Lindquist Patrick E. Lynch Phil Marette Brian and Ronda Mathiowetz Frank P. Mayers John and Rita McAlpine Denise McGee Vincent and Sherry Meola Laura Moret and Patrick Rooney James Olson Joseph P. O’Shaughnessy Terrance and Katherine Picha David Ring Walter and Mary Jo Roberts Barbara Rogan Janice Sanner Keith and Patricia Sauer

Hester and Lowell Schnipper Robert and Sandy Sexton Jim and Mary Stahlmann Evelyn J. Sweasy Barry Tedlund Stanley Theis and Mary Jo Connelly-Theis John and Diane Thorvilson Steven and Ami Tix George and Shirley Torrey Mary R. Vaughn Mike and Deb Veldman Gary and Nancy Wagner Greg and Jennifer Wallace Gregory and Lissa Walter Marikay and Michael Wolf Mark and Ann Young

Foundations, Funds and Trusts $1,000-$2,499 The Adelman Family Philanthropic Fund Benevity Community Impact Fund Wendy Bowen Memorial Foundation Burdick Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Camp Thunderbird Charitable Foundation Charity, Inc. The Cliffs Foundation Enterprise Holdings Foundation Lawrence T. Fallander Trust C.E. Fuller, Jr. & M.K. Fuller Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation Immordino Charitable Trust Kevin & Amy Kluesner Fund of the Central MN Community Foundation Leverne Carlsen Foundation of Minnesota Community Foundation MDU Resources Foundation/Knife River Corporation Miller Family Fund of Central Minnesota Community Foundation National Philanthropic Trust DAF Susan Stuart Seiler Family Foundation Warren Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation

Businesses $1,000-$2,499 Annandale Advocate Boker’s, Inc.

Bryan Rock Products, Inc. BTD Manufacturing, Inc. Corval Group Crescent Capital Group LP Dance Arts Centre DeZurik, Inc. Tom Dolan Insurance Agency, Inc. Dondelinger GM First National Bank of Bemidji First National Bank of Osakis Funfar Landscaping LLC GNP Company Great River Energy Horwitz, Inc. J&B Group Kayak Investment Partners LLC Klein Bank Lake Country Power Midwest Pension and Profit Sharing Services, Inc. Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative NetGain Technology, Inc. Piper Jaffray Charitable Giving Program Rollx Rutherford & Bechtold LLC Ryan Automotive Sam’s Club - Shakopee Sam’s Club - White Bear Lake Seawolf Capital LLC Windsor Financial Group, LLC

Service Organizations $1,000-$2,499 Annandale Lions Club Autism Allies Buffalo Lions Club Burnsville Lions Club CFCNCA 0990 Coon Rapids Lions Club Fridley Lions Club Hamel Lions Club Hanover Lions Club Hugo Lions Club Princeton Lions Club Rockford Lions Club Rogers Lions Club Spring Lake Park Lions Club St. Paul Park Newport Lions Club United Way of Central Minnesota

United Way of Dodge County United Way of Hastings United Way of Washington County East Wayzata Lions Club White Bear Lake Lions Club

FFA $1,000-$2,499 Albert Lea FFA Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City FFA Belle Plaine FFA Buffalo FFA Cedar Mountain FFA Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted FFA Lac qui Parle Valley FFA Lanesboro FFA LeRoy-Ostrander FFA Luverne - Adrian FFA Martin County West FFA Montevideo FFA Morris Area FFA New Richmond FFA Princeton FFA Renville County West FFA Sauk Rapids-Rice FFA SouthWest Metro FFA St. James FFA Stewartville FFA

Individuals $500-$999 Dr. Thomas R. Arlander Jeff Bangsberg and Anita Boucher Richard and Juliet Boemer Randy and Susan Boser Paul and Lauri Brunner Marion A. Burkhardt Michael and Brittany Callahan Marc and Kristin Campbell Breanna Chapman Bill and Anne Cook William and Monica Dawson Sara Derichs Terrence P. Doyle Charles and Janice Engebretson Jeffrey and Patricia Engelsgjerd Tyron and Mary Estlick Mark and Natalie Fosland John Fox Evelyn Franklin Bernard and Damaris Friel

Jeffrey Golden Donald Helgeson and Sue Shepard Del and Brenda Jensen Gerald Johnson Charles and Mary Jungmann John and Michelle LeBlanc Marilyn Lenzen Jan Malcolm Robert and Kimberly McCart John and Marcia McKean Eric and Mary Meester Katherine Megarry and Ian Charpentier Brent and Courtney Miller John and Virginia Miller Carole and Robert Mills Jeffrey and Mary Prouty Richard and Dianne Radman Gary Lee Raeth Stewart Rallis James† and Joan Rhude David Ring Colette Routel Ann Schenkel Robert and Charlotte Shadduck Margaret and Timothy Shoger Kevin and Nicole St. John Thomas R. Stealey Frederick and Karen Steen Mark and Deborah Steen David and Tara Stewart John and DeDe Tollefsrud Vern and Marlene Tschida Nathan Wandersee Mark and Pamela Whitmore Adam and Gina Wyatt

Foundations, Funds and Trusts $500-$999 American Foundation for Disabled Children, Inc Daggett Family Advised Fund of American Endowment Foundation Knitcraft-St. Croix Foundation Twin Cities United Fund

Businesses $500-$999 Agralite Electric Cooperative Authority Fence & Decks, Inc. Bayer Crop Science


Business $500-$999 Con’t

Bell State Bank & Trust Clearwater Recreation LLC DAPE MN State Leadership Committee Dellwood Country Club Freeborn County Chapter of Thrivent Financial Foot & Ankle Clinics, P.A., Woodbury Frontier Appraising, LLC Gazelle Marketing, Inc. Heart of the Lakes Triathlon, Inc. Itasca-Mantrap Cooperative Electrical Assoc. Kwik Trip, Inc. McGough Construction Co., Inc. Midwest Starz Digital Production MWSDC Corporation Nantahala Capital Management, LLC Parameters Runestone Electric Association Community Trust Sam’s Club - Sartell Skywater Search Partners, Inc. E.A. Sween Company Tourbillon Capital Partners, LP Travelers Wiese Law Firm, PA

Service Organizations $500-$999 American Legion Post #552 American Legion Post #621 Anoka Lions Club Bemidji Lions Club Big Lake Lions Club Brooklyn Park Lions Club Corcoran Lions Club Duelm Area Lions Club Eagles Aerie #4120 Elk River Lions Club Falcon Heights Lauderdale Lions Club International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 292 Knights of Columbus #9657 Knights of Columbus Council #3613 Knights of Columbus Council #3827 Le Sueur Lions Club Lester Prairie Lions Club Lincoln Scandia Valley Township Lions Lions District 5M3 Luxemburg Lions Club Montrose Lions Club


New Ulm Lions Club North Branch Lions Club Prior Lake Lions Club Saint Joseph Lions Club Saint Paul East Park Lions Club Scandia Marine Lions Club United Way of Greater Twin Cities United Way of Montevideo Area

FFA $500-$999 Dover-Eyota FFA Glenville-Emmons FFA Hancock FFA Paynesville FFA Southland-Adams FFA Waterville-Elysian-Morristown FFA Zumbrota-Mazeppa FFA

Individuals $250-$499 Brett and Heather Abrahamson Chris and Karen Anderson Todd and Carin Baumgartner Michael Baxter Jason Bernick Alison and Mitch Boerner Patricia L. Bosacker Linda and Kelly Brown Paul and Kathleen Campbell Shannon Canas Richard Carpenter Samuel and Mary Jo Cote Elizabeth B. Curry Goldie M. DeGross David and Kelly Dolan Douglas B. Dudgeon Todd Dyste and Mary Korzeniowski Robert Furdak and Kirsten Ecklund Michael and Theresa Gray Jean and Timothy Hamann Robert J. Harnett Paul C. Holthaus Mary and Peter Hyland Erica Jensrud Paul and Cindy Karos Jeffrey J. Keeler Mary Kemp Murray and Mike Murray Johanne and Frank King Hank and Vicky Kohorst John Kretsch

Raeburn † and Sharon Kriesel Claudia M. Lacy Ronald and Judith Libertus Michael and Carol Lorenzen Bridget M. Marquez David and Bonnie Mathiowetz Carmen Matthews Gaylord and Mary May Dean and Kate McCall Todd and Sara Morrell Michelle Nayar Scott and Ann Nelson Casey and Paula O’Keefe Marion and Kenneth Owens Paul and Valerie Peterson Sandra K. Peterson Don † and Lucille Ramlo Colleen Robison Benita and Douglas Rueckert Robert and Marilynn Scherrer Gary W. Schokmiller Richard and Evelyn Schommer Kevin and Jean † Schuldt John P. Sexton Craig Steen Patricia Stone Christopher Strom Stuart and Frances Ulfers Adnan Umar Jill and Anthony Urdahl Jeri Veldman Ralph and Lana Vieau Jeff and Jane Ward Katie Welch Len Ray and Mary Wilwerding Dr. and Mrs. Fred H. Wolter

Foundations, Funds and Trusts $250-$499 General Electric Foundation Jackson Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Minnesota Vikings Children’s Fund Vandervest Charitable Fund of American Center

Businesses $250-$499 Allina Health System American Time

Dakota Supply Group Detello’s, Inc. Eich Motor Gemini Incorporated Portolite Products, Inc Sprinkler Fitters Local 417 Stogies Inc. Vantage Point Wealth Management West Saint Paul Commercial Club Bar, Inc.

Service Organizations $250-$499 American Legion Post #261 Bethesda Evangelical Lutheran Church Women of the ELCA Carlos Lions Club Chanhassen Lions Club Cokato Community Chest, Inc. Community Shares of Minnesota Eagles Auxiliary #622 Fairmont Rotary Club Floodwood Area Lions Club Forest Lake Lions Club Knights of Columbus Council #11345 Knights of Columbus Council #5276 Knights of Columbus Council #6608 Lake Elmo Lions Club Lake Henry Lions Club Lakeville Lions Club Marysville Township United Fund Minneapolis Riverview Lions Club Mt. Hermon Evangelical Lutheran Church Rockville Lions Club Saint Cloud Lions Club Saint Croix Valley Lions Club Saint Joseph Y2K Lions Club Saint Michael-Albertville Women of Today Saint Paul Midway Lions Club St. John’s Women of the ELCA Trinity Free Lutheran Church Underwood Area Lions Club Vadnais Heights Lions Club Wildwood Lions Club Woodland Township Community Chest

FFA $250-$499 Ada-Borup FFA Clear Lake FFA Hawley FFA Owatonna FFA

Individuals $100-$249 Melissa M. Albay Frank Anderson Rebecca and Joel Anderson Maureen L. Asleson Lori Balestri Dean Barr Alfred J. Bates Mary Battista Michael Baxter Marian Beach Glen and Donna Beltrand Andrew Bennett Amy and Michael Bergstrom Jim and Judi Bieber Christopher and Carolyn Bingham Lynette Black Meredith Bloomquist Jennie Borgen Joseph and Kimberly Bohlke Jennie Borgen Janet and Steven Boss Anne Bowen-Olson Ernest and Stephanie Brody James and Edith Broten Robin and Jason Brown Marilyn and Don † Bruggeman Angie Burg Marilyn and Marshall Burke Jim Burns Ann Campbell Shannon Canas Michael and Carole Casey Marlyn and Deanna Cassem Shad Christensen James and Jean Christopherson Brian and Lisa Citak Dr. and Mrs. James S. Cole Suzette B. Conley Herbert and Dorothy Cook Anita Cornelius Joseph and Sarah Cranny Jean Cummings Sharon Cunagin Marion Dahlquist David and Vicki Datt Robert and Jennifer Daub Jeffrey Davidman Eduardo and Maria De Freitas

Jennifer L. Dickinson George Dingman Arthur J. Downey Charles and Diane Drexler Cary Dudczak Theodore and Judith Edin George Ehrhardt James H. Enestvedt Nicole Erickson and Nolan Walters George and Carla Feldhamer Four Score Plus Reunion Roger and Judith Freeberg Daniel and Sonia Galinson Michael and Carol Garbisch Patricia Nicholson and Paula Gee Roger and Sandra George Lois L. Gernbacher John R. Gilbert John and Ann Glesne Barbara Goad Julie Graupmann Tiffany L. Grimmer Laura Hagen Sue and Wilfried Hahn Thomas and Janice Haley Bernice Hanson Brent and Leondra Hanson Michael and Shannon Happe John and Linda Harambasic Jeannette Hardin Harding High School–Class of 1950 Don and Patricia Harms Dick and Laurie Harris Lynn Haun John and Jean Hedberg David Hellwig and Maureen Welter Gene and Patricia Hetland David and Lynne High Stanley and Shirley Hillestad Eugene and Gloria Hippe Kathleen D. Hogan Meredith A. Holm Amy Holt Kevin and Carol Holton David K. Hopkins Ann and Robert House Sally Hoyt Amundson Robert and Patricia Hoyt Eugene Hughes


Individual $100-$249 Con’t

Isabel Huizenga Pat and Rosie Imgrund Brooke Jensen Chad and Dayna Johnson Cynthia A. Johnson John and Alice Johnson Kurt and Debra Johnson Suzanne Johnson April and Robert Kalman Philip and Susan Keithahn Evelyn Kenney Ruth and Wayne Kewitsch Margaret King Justin and Laura Klapperich Forrest and Mary Klingaman Florence D. Klobuchar Leonard and Jacqualine Klockeman Jeanette Kormann Oliver and Carol Krage Leslie Kreutter Candace N. Kroese Matt and Nancy Krull Angie and Fred Kuismi Teri and Gerhard Lano Kristin Lauerman Gretchen Leff Vernon and Mary Ann Leitch Chad A. Lesser Karen and Jerold Lietha Lawrence and Mary Jean Loomis Lisa and Joe Lynch Michelle and Patrick Lynch Courtney Magnuson Patrick Mahoney Nathan Mains Deborah and Bryan Majeske Stacie M. Marquez Jeffrey and Caren Martin Laura and Mark Masuda Mary and William McKoskey Mac and Betsy McMillan Bill and Cindy McNab James and Jane Meeker Richard and Lois Merrill Franklin R. Meyer Kelly Miller Thomas and Katherine Miller James and Carol Moller Carol M. Molyneux


Judge Jay D. Mondry Kathleen Monico Robert and Judith Mueller Richard and Rachelle Naaktgeboren Carol Nelson Bowie and Sheri Neumayer Nicole and Terrence Nielsen Vern and May Nordling James and Debra Olsen Peter J. Olson Dr. and Mrs. Oliver Orth G. Robert Pennington Kathleen J. Pettit David and Marilyn Phillips James Pinckaers Kimberly Polley Peter Pricco Henry and June Radintz Thomas Reiser David and Mary Rekstad Hugh and Kristine Renier Terry and Connie Reyes Jo Ann Rockwell Rich and Willis † Rich Linda and Mike Richardson Tina Richter Jill and Scott Rieken Frank and Laura Ringsmuth Dennis Rubsam Mike and Tess Saunders Dawn Sayler Gregory Schaus Rebecca Schmieg Rick and Nancy Schmitz Carol and Tim Schneeweis Albert and Beth Schroeder James and Radonna Schwarz John and Barbara Schwarz Judith and B.J. Segel Jeffry and Jane Shaw Debra Sherman Ruth and Daniel Sherred Bradford and Heidi Simms Pierce and Helen Smith Gwendolyn S. Smythe Elizabeth Sommer Dawn M. Sorenson Ron Spanier Larry and Mary Spenst Barbara L. Steinkrauss

Robert G. Stillman Keith and Mary Stogsdill Steven Strande Dave and Carol Suggs Don and Wildie Swanson Tim Sweezo David B. Syverson Kari and Michael Tarpey Nancy Taylor Ray and Barbara Thomes Michael Thompson Kristen and Matthew Thurber Susan and Gregory Thurin Linda Tillman and Tim Hjelmeland Susan Titcomb Dolores and Rueben † Tschetter William Vales William and Grace Wagnild Michael and Kimberly Walker David and Monica Walsh Rosemary “Toy” K. Ward Mike and Rosemary Weber Ronald W. Weeks Kelly White Amanda and Sidney Whiteside Guy Wilder Barrie Wildgoose Sandra M. Wilkens Craig and Linda Wilson Mark and Mary Wohlhuter Barry and Benjamin Wolfe Elann and Alan Wright Sandy and Jeff Wubbels Paul and Diane Yager Richard and Gloria Zabel Philip and Susan Zietlow John Zuehlke and Erin Earl

Foundations, Funds and Trusts $100-$249 Jane W. Birks Trust IWJ Charitable Foundation Ostrander United Fund

Businesses $100-$249 Bernatello’s Pizza Brainerd Glass Co. Cafourek Insurance Agency

Electrolux Major Appliances North America Equity Business Solutions, LLC Excelsior Paint & Design Carpet One R. M. Johnson Company, Inc. Kick Lake George Cafe McDonald’s Meats, Inc. Moving Pictures, Inc. North Itasca Electric Cooperative Northstar Tournament Trail Sioux Valley Energy Customer Trust Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Tom’s Food Pride Tri-State Drilling, Inc. Vacuum Cleaner Center & Sewing Room

Service Organizations $100-$249 American Legion Post #131 American Legion Post #260 American Legion Post #328 American Legion Post #404 Annandale Improvement Club Ashby Lions Club Bay Lake Area Lions Club Becker Lions Club Bethlehem Lutheran Church LWML Bird Island Lions Club Boilermakers Union #647 Brooklyn Park Lady Lions Club Cambridge Lions Club Carpenters Local 1382 Cedar East Bethel Lions Club Chisago Lakes Lions Club

Cokato Dassel Lions Club Columbia Heights Lions Club Coon Rapids Lioness Club Cottage Grove Lions Crow River Lions Club Darfur Commercial Club Dassel Community Chest Downtown Lions Club of Saint Paul Eagan Lioness Club Eagan Lions Club Eagles Aerie #2258 Eagles Aerie #3208 Emily Outing 50 Lakes Area Lions Club Farmington Lions Club Glenwood Lions Club Grandy Lions Club Grove City Lions Club Ham Lake Lions Club Hastings Rivertown Lions Club Henderson Lions Club Jasper Area United Fund Kerkhoven Lions Club Kingston Lions Club Maplewood North Lions Club Masonic Motorcycle Club International #24 Melrose Lions Club Milan Lions Club Minnesota Masonic Charities Minnetonka Lions Club Monticello Lions Club Moose Lodge #1463 Morris Area Women of Today Mounds View Lions Club New Market-Elko-Webster Lions Club

New Munich Jaycees North Saint Paul Lions Club Northfield Lions Club Nowthen Lions Club Painters Local Union #386 Pine City Lions Club Saint Augusta Lions Club Sauk Centre Lions Club Sauk Rapids Lions Club South-West Lioness Club St. John’s Lutheran Church Staples 93 Lions Club Swede Grove Drive For Charities Taylors Falls Lions Club The Hugo Lions Club Truist Tyler Lions Club United Association of Plumbers Local Union #15 United Methodist Women VFW Aux. #6992 VFW Ballentine Post #246 VFW Post #2853 VFW Post #5462 Wabasso Lions Club Waverly Lions Club Wendell Lions Club

FFA $100-$249 Brainerd FFA Holdingford FFA Mora FFA Osakis FFA

GIFTS IN KIND A&B Welding & Construction, Inc. Anchor Dock & Lift Bell Lumber & Pole Co. Lynette Black Blandin Foundation Brainerd Glass Co. Phil Braun Bryan Rock Products, Inc. Coborn’s Crafts Direct

Custom Comfort Beds Gerald D. Drangeid Gold’n Plump EmbroidMe Charles A. Fering Emily L. Flatt H&S Heating & A/C David Harmann Home Depot International Dairy Queen Larkin Hoffman Attorneys

Liberty Landscaping Lorenz Bus Service M & M Bus Service, Inc Myrna E. Menth Midwest Asphalt Corp. Pace Ind Product Tech Division Panera Bread Precise Plumbing, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc.

Reinhart Foodservice Rengel Printing Co. Chris Rodenkirchen Jeff Ronning Ed Sass Robin M. Welter SKS Consulting Psychologists Van Sickle, Allen & Associates Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A.

23 24


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