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g N i s a e L w No -8632



Retail / office Building

2020 8th Ave NE | Aberdeen, SD

• 1200 sq. ft. space (can combine) Professional management and maintenance by the Paramount Management Group will ensure tenants will be happy with the product and proud to invite their customers in for a visit for years to come.


• • • • • •

Great Location Flexible Spaces Unique Exterior Over 8,000 cars pass by daily 74 on-site parking stalls Daily Advertising

• Paramount Estates • Paramount Place • Paramount Villas • Lakewood Place • M & I Villas

! N e p o Now



lf pottery Studio for any age! e s r u o Y t paint i e new paramount village | 2020 8th ave ne Suite 9, aberde en

th ted in a c o L

• • • •


Looking for a great pLace to Live?

Reserve your seat (walk-ins also welcome) Pick your pottery piece Choose colors and tools Let the creativity Begin!

Create unique, personalized pieces of art using bisque ceramics in a fun, relaxing atmosphere

Studio HourS: Monday Closed Tuesday-Thursday 10aM-8pM Friday-saTurday 10aM-9pM sunday 1pM-7pM


/ fourbrushes

T A B L E of C O N T E N T S 

Volume 2 Issue 1 | 2014


Big Shoes From Paramount Estates to My Place hotels, local businessman Ryan Rivett is building on a family tradition.




At home with the Mickelsons


The perfect Valentine’s Day From gourmet truffles to teddy bears, there’s something for everyone on your list.


A fashion flash-forward Classic looks are making a comeback.

See why Craig and Irene love this old place.


THE HUB 6 BUZZ What’s the word on the street? 10 SCENE Aberdeen Magazine was there, were you? 13 TASTE Make it a date and bring on the Italian 16 SPOTLIGHT Lois Beckner and The Art of Ingenuity 17 COPY & CHAMOMILE Curl up with The Mourning Hours

IN THE BACK 32 YESTERDAYS A reflective glimpse into Aberdeen’s past 34 SAVE THE DATE Our top five picks for your social calendar



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Welcome to Volume Two!

Aberdeen Magazine has already given you a year’s worth of reasons to love this city! STARTING THE SECOND YEAR of Aberdeen Magazine, bringing us from New Year’s through Valentine’s Day, I’m feeling quite romantic as I’m reminded of just how much I love this city. Its quiet snow-tinseled streets, its endless sky of stars, and its neighborhoods filled with friendly faces. Within this issue we offer Valentine’s Day gift ideas, fashion reminiscent of romance as it used to be, and an expanded Buzz section that uncovers even more of Aberdeen’s hidden treasures. Our feature section gives a sneak peek into the mind of Ryan Rivett, a young business owner for whom loving Aberdeen is a family tradition. Find a comfy spot, curl up in a warm blanket and enjoy! And now, as has become tradition, I’ll share a memory: “My First Date with Love” A little girl’s first love is always her daddy. He’s the smartest, kindest, most handsome man you know. That is, until you meet that first boy with tousled locks of golden hair and breath that smells like Big League Chew. Then everything changes. At least that’s what happened to me. It was the eighties and in this neck of the woods, roller-skating was all the rage on Saturday nights. Back then a place called “Rollaway” entertained kids three nights a week with roller rink classics like Shoot the Duck, Hokey Pokey and Limbo. I was a regular. Every Wednesday, Friday and sometimes Saturdays too, my dad would pick me up for our “date” and take me to Rollaway. He’d sit patiently while I skated round and round in an oversized sweat shirt, my bangs ratted into a mass

that resembled a puffy cloud, sporting three-toned eye shadow and cherry-flavored lip gloss. I would meet up with a couple of friends who attended sixth grade at other schools. We would speed skate, play Four Corners, and sing along to Debby Gibson. My life was complete. And then I met him, and everything changed. A mysterious boy with wavy blonde hair named Timmy. I’d never seen him at Rollaway before, but he knew how to do it all: Limbo, Shoot the Duck, even backwards skating. And he did it with style. My palms started sweating and my ears got hot. I glanced at my father, who had suddenly become the most embarrassing person I had ever known. My knees went weak, my mouth got dry, and as Timmy skated effortlessly past me, his hand accidentally brushed against mine and I’d never wanted anything more than I wanted him at that moment. He became the reason for every Debbie Gibson song, the reason for fluffy bangs, three-toned eye shadow and cherry lip gloss. Of all the boys I would love, he was the first. Timmy never asked me to couple skate or told my friends he thought that I was pretty. But that was okay. It only took a few weeks before the butterflies in my stomach turned back into cravings for cotton candy, and Barbie dolls and recess made me feel just as happy as they did before. It’s no surprise that first love often doesn’t last. A girl can experience many broken hearts before she finds the right one, especially if she’s waiting for a boy who comes anywhere close to being as amazing as her daddy.

Cover Photo: Troy McQuillen

Craig and Irene Mickelson, owners of Mickelson Realty, are always up for a challenge. When they purchased their 1911 triplex it was what one might call “a fixer-upper.” However, neither Craig nor Irene had done extensive home renovation. So at the age of 47, Irene, armed with a few tools and some encouragement from friends, took on the job of transforming the dated old house into a modern-day dream home. CONTRIBUTORS LAUREN YARBOROUGH NIKOLAS

Fearless do-it-yourselfer and owner of Timeless Moxie, an Etsy shop that created the women’s vintage fashion on page 20.


Web designer and writer with a fondness for big ideas, great stories, and memorable adventures.


Alexander Mitchell Public Library book club member. Book reviewer. Tea drinker.


NSU student, writer, and Aberdeen Magazine contributor.


Owner of Amber Sue Photography who photographed this issue’s vintageinspired fashion.


Chef, food enthusiast, and owner of Mugs Coffee House.




It’s your birthday!!!! Sorry, we didn’t get you anything, but here are




Mammoth Muffin or piece of signature pie THE FLAME

Vanilla sundae or orange sherbet


City Hall’s New Temporary Offices

Photo: Troy McQuillen

IF YOU’VE BEEN FOLLOWING the plans to remodel city hall, you may have overlooked a small tidbit that is actually very significant. In November of 2013, everyone in the city municipal building (Lincoln and 2nd Avenue SE) packed up and relocated to the second floor of the Aberdeen Recreational and Cultural Center (ARCC), or as many know it, Old Central High School. Depending on your age, you may remember this space as an auditorium, or the library. “I honestly never thought I’d see the day when this auditorium was restored,” David Eckert, ARCC Supervisor, states. “The Aberdeen City Council did an amazing thing by restoring this room as temporary city offices. They could have built temporary offices in a number of places, but since they put the money into this room, it is now restored, and will be a shining spot for years to come.” So don’t mail your next water bill. Take the elevator to the second floor and behold the wonder of the sunlight, the architecture and the happy city employees who get to appreciate the space for a whole year.

Bagel Me, Bro NORTHERN STATE UNIVERSITY has a delicious little secret. We’re talking bagels. Warm and crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. How can you go wrong? The popular and oh-so-delicious Einstein Bros Bagels, located at NSU’s Student Center, is open to both students and the public. Einstein Bros Bagels offers a huge variety of bagels and hearty spreads, and both caters and delivers. Take a Variety Bucket to go, complete with a tub of “Schmear.” Open Mon-Thurs 7:30 a.m.- 8 p.m., Fri 7:30 a.m.- 5 p.m., and Saturday 10 a.m.-2 p.m.


Homemade lemon shortcake


Favorite specialty drink 


Mexican fried ice cream THE ZOO BAR

UV Vodka Cake shot 


One scoop sundae with choice of topping MAVERICKS

Dessert or drink of your choice DADDY’S

Drink of your choice RUBY TUESDAY

Red velvet cupcake with creamy vanilla frosting


Just Charge It!



Bur-Mar’s in the Lakewood Mall has a bag that’s got it all – environmentally friendly, high quality and power-packed. Urban Junket calls it the “Power Trip” bag. This super smart accessory comes complete with a built-in rechargeable battery pack. Now there’s no reason to have to make one of those annoying stops in the middle of your day to charge up your cellphone. Urban Junket bags come in four styles and eight colors and feature a fabric lining made from recycled plastic bottles. Now why didn’t we think of that? Photo: Troy McQuillen



Photo: Roxanne Hinze

For years, Scott Mosey fantasized about opening up his own vintage arcade. He couldn’t be more thrilled to see his dream finally come true. Located at 117 S. Main Street, Retrocade houses dozens of restored classic vintage arcade games and pinball machines. Happy gaming!


Presentation College’s mascot, Spirit, plays in the snow for the first time.

Presentation College Has a New Mascot

Photo: Kelli Krause

THIS SCHOOL YEAR, Presentation College welcomed a new mascot, and she’s not your typical guy acting silly inside a big costume. The mascot, named Spirit, is a six-month-old female Saint Bernard. Spirit spends her days on campus, bonding with faculty in their offices or going on walks with students. Then, at night, she attends almost all of PC’s sporting events. She also poses for pictures at special events on and off campus. Spirit lives with the president’s administrative assistant, Stacy Bauer. Spirit is doing a great job at living up to her name. She has been known to shout out a bark of support to PC athletes during sporting events and before the game starts, she barks her allegiance to the national anthem.


Courtesy photo

Pictured are several members of the Hub Bub Book Club, Left to right back row: Carolyn Lang, Erin Fouberg, Barb Magera, Susan Evans, Guest Author Jeannette Walls, Jackie Reede, and Barb Legge. Front row left to right are Amy Kessler, Toni Knight, and Gina Malchow.

Jeannette Walls Reception A RECEPTION for Jeannette Walls, author of The Silver Star and The Glass Castle, was held in NSU resident sculptor Ben Victor’s art studio on November 20. The Aberdeen American News hosted the event. NSU Foundation board members and community members affiliated with NSU’s Honors Program were in attendance, as well as several members of Hub Bub Book Club (a multi-generational book club that meets monthly in members’ homes). Guests enjoyed beef tenderloin, appetizers and dessert courtesy of Aramark food services.

Life changing therapy here in Aberdeen “Our son’s therapists gave us hope. The Speech and Occupational Therapy departments at Sanford Aberdeen gave us a chance we weren’t getting anywhere else. Sanford Aberdeen has given him every opportunity that he deserves and I cannot ever thank them enough for all that they have done for us. He is a completely different little boy now than when we first started. I want Nicole and Chrissy both to know that without them I don’t know where we would be.”

- Jacey & Easton Friedt, Oakes, ND Sanford Aberdeen looks forward to continuing to care for our friends and neighbors. Together we move forward. sanfordaberdeen.org

622-12400-0288 11/13





Behind the Curtain

Scuba enthusiast Josh Latterell Photo: Troy McQuillen

EVER WONDERED what goes on behind the scenes to create one of Aberdeen’s impressive Community Theatre productions? Find out by taking a guided tour through the Capitol Theatre. You will get a fascinating look at all of the work that goes into a single show, including the workshops and costume shop. Get a glimpse back into cinematic history with a privileged look at the Theatre’s original dressing rooms from the Vaudeville Theatre and silent movies of the 1920s. To schedule a tour, call 605-225-2228 at least two weeks in advance.

Photo courtesy YMCA


Tom’s Shoes Available at Lakewood Mall DOUBLE DOG DARE by Josh Latterell

Scuba Diving Lessons DO YOU LOVE THE WATER? Then dive in and get scuba certified this spring. Mick’s Scuba from Moorhead Minnesota will be offering a weekend scuba diving class March 21- 23 at the Aberdeen Family YMCA Aquatics Center. You don’t have to be a champion swimmer to experience the freedom, beauty and serenity that scuba diving offers. After a couple hours of book learnin’ you’ll be breathing underwater for the first time, and by the end of the weekend you’ll be ready for your checkout dives in the beautiful lakes of Minnesota. Once you’ve finished training, dare to take your adventure to the next level with an excursion to an abandoned mine or a tropical paradise. You won’t regret it! Photo Illustration: Dan Niemi




DID YOU KNOW that TOM’S shoes are available at Glik's and Tradehome Shoes in the Lakewood Mall? TOM’S are unique in that for every pair of TOM’S you purchase, the company donates a pair of new shoes to a child in need. The Lakewood Mall offers them in several styles including the Classic Canvas, Desert Wedge and Nepal Boot, and in so many fun patterns. Trust us, you’ve got to check these out!

YMCA Body Combat THERE’S NOTHING WORSE than getting bored with your workout. The YMCA is going to make darn sure that doesn’t happen by continuing to offer the latest in fitness trends. The class that’s got everyone talking this winter? Body Combat. It’s an empowering group fitness cardio workout that promises to unleash your inner warrior. The class format is inspired by mixed martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi, and muay thai. A new session is produced every three months with new music and choreography, designed by Body Combat master trainers and mixed martial arts experts. Now you’ll never have to get stuck in a fitness rut. Visit www.aberdeenymca.org for more details and class schedules.

No wonder they’re so comfy! TOM'S design is based on a shoe style called “alpargate,” a simple cotton or canvas slip-on worn by polo players and farmers in Argentina for hundreds of years.


Ruby Tuesday


Photo courtesy Ruby Tuesday


RUBY TUESDAY HAS BEEN OPEN for a few months now and the buzz about their delicious menu made up of premium ingredients is all around town. Some favorite menu items include their Hickory Bourbon Salmon and Asiago Peppercorn Steak, and folks love the endless Fresh Garden Bar. And they’ve got variety. From burgers to lobster and everything in between. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out! Hours are Sun- Thurs 11 a.m.11 p.m. and Fri and Sat 11 a.m.-12 a.m..

Sample a color, because knowing you want Morning Sunshine 2018-50 . matters Morning Sunshine 2018-50

You are invited to attend an evening of dining, silent auction, live music and fun

Tickets available by calling


Durable Benjamin Moore® paints last a remarkably long time. So it’s important the colors you choose are just the ones you want. That’s why we offer samples. And right now, when you purchase one sample pint, the second one’s on us. Visit benjaminmoore.com.

Purchase 1 sample pint and your 2nd pint’s free. Name _____________________________________ Email Address _____________________________________ Sign me up today to begin receiving communications from: _____ My Local Retail Store _____ Benjamin Moore & Co. *Only available at location listed above. Only original offer will be honored, no photocopies or faxes will be allowed. Must present coupon to redeem. Subject to availability. Retailer above reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time. Limit one coupon per household. While supplies last. Cannot be combined with any other offers. ©2013 Benjamin Moore & Co. Benjamin Moore and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks and For everything that matters is a trademark, licensed to Benjamin Moore & Co. Please note a printed rendition of painted substrates can only approximate the actual color on the painted surface. Color accuracy is ensured only when tinted in qualityBenjamin Moore® paints. Color representations may differ slightly from actual paint.

Offer Expires 02/28/2014




Culturefest 2013


A Global Experience


Major David Womack (right) with Molded Fiberglass president David Giovannini, who served as the honorary campaign chair for the 2013 Red Kettle Campaign.

NORTHERN STATE UNIVERSITY’S ANNUAL Culturefest took place at the NSU Barnett Center on Friday, November 1st. It included both unique food and festive entertainment. The event celebrates a variety of cultures in the Aberdeen area.



George and Mary Cross


Betty and Sidney Beckler


Members of the Brown County Sheriff’s office, Janice Moore, Kathy Neitzel, Carol Wolf, Tom Schmitt and Amy Lake-Harmon


For the second year in a row, international students surprised Culturefest attendees with a flash mob.


Hoop dancer Jackie Bird was the special guest at the NSU Wacipi on Nov. 2.

Red Kettle Kick-Off The Bells are Ringing

THE SALVATION ARMY’S annual Red Kettle Kick-Off was on Friday, November 15 at the Ramada, in the form of a community breakfast. Mr. David Giovannini from Molded Fiberglass presented the “kick-off challenge” as this year’s honorary campaign chairperson. This year’s giving goal was set at $195,000 and funds raised will be used to help local households in need throughout the coming year. The kickoff marks the beginning of red donation kettles and enthusiastic volunteers, ringing in the season.



Culturefest attendees learned a lot about other countries – and some even got a lesson in belly dancing.






Chinese dancers were among the entertainment acts at the Culturefest crowds on Nov. 1.




The NSU Polynesian dancers performed at the third annual Culturefest on Nov. 1.


Photos: Troy McQuillen | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014

Photos: NSU University Relations’ Jennifer Vaughn and Amanda Madden Mahlke


Color Run



A Cause for Color

Being pelted with blue only stopped participants for a moment before they carried on to the next shower of color.

BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW AND PINK could be seen splashed across the streets October 26 during the first 5K color run/walk ever held in Aberdeen. In support of Dawn Seiler, a local mother, coach and assistant principal at Aberdeen Central High School, hundreds came out to walk, run and be colorized. The majority of the proceeds went to help Dawn, who has been battling non-Hodgkin lymphoma since she was diagnosed in July.


As volunteers rained color down on the 5K champions, it was hard to tell who was wearing more of it – the volunteers or the runners.




A young Aberdonian eyes his next victim, making sure all his bright ammunition is gone by the end of the race.


Human canvases Kristen Rux and Jodi McQuillen pose in their colored glory after the race. Photos: Abby Buehler

Weight loss surgery here in Aberdeen “Dr. Rendon has a lot of experience with bariatric surgery which is uncommon in such a small community, it was important to me to have an expert right here. It was also important to me to have my friends and my family around me during this journey Weight loss surgery has had a significant impact on my life. Now I’m at the gym every day for an hour. I am able to play with my kids. I am able to do more. I have lost 40 pounds since surgery and it has been miraculous for me. I have been doing all the hard work that you still need to do when you’re in a weight loss process but weight loss surgery has been a key tool that I have in my toolbox of getting well.”

- Ruth Hernandez, Webster, SD Sanford Aberdeen looks forward to continuing to care for our friends and neighbors. Together we move forward. sanfordaberdeen.org

622-12400-0287 11/13




Northern Night


2 1

The Gold Rush Room


NSU’s annual fundraiser keeps the dream of higher education alive. THIS YEAR’S Northern Night at the Dakota Event Center marked the 15th anniversary of NSU’s scholarship fundraising event. Attendees were provided with an elegant meal catered by the DEC. They also enjoyed a live performance by the band “The Power of Ten” and a live painting by local artists Nick and Nicole Fischer of the NSU pillars, which was auctioned off later that night.

Nicole and Nick Fischer. The painting they are working on was to be auctioned later that night.


The Power of Ten




Matt Scott,Tom Hurlbert, Connie Smith, Yvonne Freese, Dr. James Smith (President, NSU)

Photos: Greg Gilbertson

Vascular care here in Aberdeen “We found an aneurysm back in August and my medical team said it was getting large enough that something should be done. Aneurysms are hereditary and my mother had one. I wanted to have my care here at Sanford Aberdeen because I didn’t want to leave home. I am very grateful for the care that I received at Sanford Aberdeen.”

- Eugene Dennert, Columbia, SD Sanford Aberdeen looks forward to continuing to care for our friends and neighbors. Together we move forward. sanfordaberdeen.org

622-12400-0289 11/13




AUTHOR: Mina Solinger

PHOTOS: Troy McQuillen


Local couple Gabriella Hinman and Kody Stucker enjoy their first date sharing a plate of Roma’s pasta in the spirit of Lady and the Tramp. Whatever your Valentine’s Day plans, Roma’s sets the mood. LOCATION

104 S Main St, Aberdeen, SD HOURS

In clockwise order: Chicken Calabrese with Mushrooms, Roasted Peppers, and Brandy Cream Sauce; Tortellini Alla Panna; and Lasagna. The wine is Ruffino Riserva Ducale Chianti Classico

Mon-Thurs 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Fri-Sat 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Closed Sun. MENU

Traditional Italian, pasta, subs, pizza, chicken, veal, seafood

Roma Ristorante Italiano

To properly romance your Valentine there are three main essentials: flowers, a box of fine chocolates, and, most importantly, a candle-lit dinner for two. Roma’s Ristorante Italiano can help with the last one. LOCATED INSIDE the Alonzo Ward Hotel, Roma’s offers a fine Italian dining experience like no other. Cousins and co-owners Raffi Smajli and Tony Avdiu opened Roma’s on February 13th, 2013. Before coming to Aberdeen, Raffi owned an Italian restaurant in Mid-Cities, Texas, while Tony worked at an Italian restaurant in Brookings. When they were offered the space, there were many obstacles in the way. The biggest one was getting Raffi to relocate to South Dakota. After three months of deliberation, they decided to open up what is now called Roma. The two cousins chose to open an Italian restaurant not only because of their talent for making decadent Italian cuisine, but also because authentic Italian food is what they grew up eating and loving. The menu is very diverse, including numerous pasta dishes as well as subs like the Philly Cheese Steak, pizzas, and dishes that feature chicken, veal, and seafood. One of the more popular entrées is the Frutti Di Mare, which includes shrimp, baby clams,

and mussels, all tossed in their special marinara sauce and served over linguine pasta. They also offer a wide range of wines to compliment your meal, suited to anyone’s taste and budget. Dinner is the busiest time during the week, but the little restaurant is most alive on weekends. Roma has an intimate atmosphere with a capacity of just seventy and a very elegant feel. Every detail of the restaurant’s design exudes the romance reminiscent of Italy. It’s the perfect place to take your date on Valentine’s Day and enjoy the “Sweetheart’s Meal” special. The special includes an appetizer, two main dishes, and a dessert for two. Roma’s Ristorante Italiano is a go-to location for a date any night of the year, and a great place for lunches as well. With a huge variety of amazing food and wine menu to match, there is just so much to love.

Co-Owner Tony Avdiu takes pride in every dish created.



AUTHOR: Lauren Yarborough Nikolas

PHOTO: Barb Andrews


Italian Cooking FAQ by Tim Pierson

Colossal Meatball

When it comes to Italian, the meatball is king, and this one is deserving of the title. FOR SOME REASON, if I were to tell my family that it’s spaghetti night, I’d typically hear them grumble about my choice for dinner. They don’t tend to be huge spaghetti and meatball fans. However, when I serve them a plate of tender Italian noodles, featuring a sumptuously large meatball, they all (even my husband) pat me on the back. Why? Because one of the mysteries of Italian food is that if you combine both high-quality ingredients and elegant presentation, you transform an all-too-familiar food into something extraordinary. And you can really taste the love in this recipe! The enormous meatballs hold together so well, they reminded me of a mini meat loaf, all thanks to the surprise addition of French’s French Fried Onions.

INGREDIENTS Servings: 8 (allowing for ½ pound meatball per person) 1 2.8 ounce can French’s French Fried Onions 1 tablespoon basil 1 tablespoon oregano 1 ½ tablespoon balsamic vinegar 4 pounds 80 or 90% lean ground beef 2 tablespoons quality olive oil 3 24-ounce jars of quality tomato sauce (I used Newman’s Own Fire Roasted Tomato and Garlic) 1 16-ounce package of spaghetti noodles

(preferably something imported from Italy. Trust me, it makes all the difference!)

Ready-to-bake garlic bread (optional)




AMERICANS LOVE to go to Italian restaurants, but don’t know what to think of authentic Italian food. That was the finding of the huge marketing survey undertaken before the launch of The Olive Garden. To most Americans, Italian food doesn’t sound like much on the menu and doesn’t look that impressive on the plate, but can bring you to your knees with its flavor. Italian cuisine, as well as Italian agriculture (they are intertwined), is among the oldest in western civilization. The qualities of Italian food evolved over such a long period, it seems the best way to regain its original characteristics is by replicating the original ingredients and techniques as authentically as possible. To that end, let’s see if we can clarify some of the more common points of confusion:

COMBINE all ingredients except sauce,

olive oil, and noodles in a stand mixer and blend until the meat mixture is of uniform consistency. The meat should be nice and smooth and not at all chunky. Feel free to use your hands if you don’t have a stand mixer. They work just as well.


HEAT olive oil in the bottom of an extra

large skillet. Form the meat mixture into ½ pound balls and lay them in the bottom of the skillet. Immediately cover with all three jars of sauce and a lid. Let the meatballs simmer on medium low for about four hours, or if you don’t have time for that, put them in a slow cooker set to medium and go about your day.

COOK’S TIP: If you wish to dress up your sauce, throw in a dash of basil, oregano, a little more balsamic, and a few pinches of kosher salt. Or you can add flavors such as thyme, garlic powder or salt, a little dry wine, or even traditional Italian vegetables such as mushrooms, onions, or asparagus.


ONCE the meatballs have cooked,

prepare the spaghetti noodles according to package directions. Top each plate of spaghetti with one colossal meatball and a few scoops of the sauce. Accompany this dish with your favorite Italian wine and a side of crusty garlic bread fresh from the oven. Buon appetito!


DON’T be intimidated by the variety or the expense of olive oil. Olive oil is healthier than other cooking fats, and has been the soul of Italian cuisine since before Romulus and Remus. There are three basic types: Extra Virgin, 100% Pure, and Pomace. Forget Pomace, it’s what they scrape out of the equipment after they make the real stuff, and exists for bad Italian restaurants. 100% Pure is used only for cooking meats and other applications using higher heats and longer cooking times. Extra Virgin is used raw for salad dressings, garnishes, etc., and for light sautés. Remember, Italian food is ingredient based, so don’t use junk.


THERE ARE over 300 shapes of pasta recognized by the Italian government, and each has a specific sauce that is traditionally served with it (usually for good reason). Generally, use the pasta recommended in the recipe.


USING fresh tomatoes in any climate unlike Sicily is risky, especially in one like ours. There is no shame in using canned tomatoes, as long as they’re good ones. The most reliable canned tomatoes I’ve found are Muir Glen, an organic brand available in Aberdeen.


IT SEEMS Americans are born with a fear of garlic, which we eventually overcome and then put WAY too much garlic on everything. Garlic is usually a background flavor, noticed more in absence than presence. On the other hand garlic can also be treated as a vegetable in applications with long cooking times to mellow the flavor. In this case, peel a generous number of cloves and add them whole to a long cooking roast, stew or sauce. Garlic should be sliced thin with a sharp knife, and either used like that or further chopped. Never use a press or any other gadget. Avoid gadgets in general.

Local comfort with boundless taste.


Get in touch with Aberdeen Magazine to learn about including your business in Aberdeen’s community lifestyle magazine, and become a part of a fresh and growing look at South Dakota’s Hub City.

CONCEPTS – AN AVEDA SALON AND SPA 419 S. Main St, Aberdeen, SD, 57401 (605) 262-8332 | www.conceptssalonspa.com The minute you walk into an Aveda Salon and Spa, the sights and smells of our all-natural salon will take your breath away. We are a full service salon and spa here to suit your needs. And don’t forget, $10 off your first cut and color. We look forward to seeing you soon!

2 0 2 0 8 t h A v e N E S u i t e 1 | O p e n d a i ly a t 11 a .m. 6 0 5 - 2 6 2 - 3 6 6 3 | v i s i t f l a t l a n d e rs .co m

LEgaCy DEsignCraiggroup B. Larsen, p.E. if you’rE pLanning to BuiLD, LEt us hELp you pLan.

• Engineering • 3D Modeling • Design Build • Construction Management

BUR-MAR’S CLOTHING, SHOES AND ACCESSORIES Lakewood Mall, Aberdeen, SD, 57401 (605) 225-0620 | www.burmarshoes.com Bur-Mar’s specializes in stylish and supportive footwear, unique clothing and accessories, plus Smartwool socks. We offer Dansko, Naot, Orthaheel, Alegria, Telic, Birkenstock and Special Occasion footwear for women. The hand painted Dansko’s are our exclusive designs. Family locally owned since 1979.

Myplace Hotel BisMarck, nd




AUTHOR: Barb Andrews/Staff

PHOTO: Troy McQuillen


The Upstairs Gallery Mugs the Coffee House

1124 South Washington Street 605-262-2060 Mon-Thurs 7  a.m.-5 p.m., Fri 7 a.m.-3 p.m., and Sat 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Gallery Go

126 South Main Street 605-262-2026 Mon-Sat 10 a.m.6 p.m., Sun 12-6 p.m.

Wein Gallery Presentation College

The Art of Ingenuity

In the ARCC classroom, Lois keeps a variety of odds and ends on hand. In the same way she views her students, she sees each item’s creative potential.

ARCC Cultural Arts Program Coordinator Lois Beckner coordinates and teaches art classes at the Aberdeen Recreation and Cultural Center, runs the ARCC Gallery, and is an active member of the Artworks Cooperative in the Lakewood Mall. Amidst all this, she still finds the time to create her own artistic work. LOIS’S LIFE DEDICATED TO ART started with an interest in paint-by-number kits when she was a kid growing up in Pennsylvania. In graduate school at West Virginia University, she was the teaching assistant for the newly formed Children’s Art Studio, as well as the satellite teacher for a community class in Pennsylvania. In 1988, after relocating to Aberdeen, Lois started at the ARCC, teaching children’s art classes such as the summer Discovery course. Since then, she has taught art to all ages and abilities and was given the title of Program Coordinator in 1993. One talent that helps Lois to keep art available and affordable for all, aside from her artistic ability, is her knack for being resourceful. “My philosophy for creating is, ‘well, what can I do

with this; or, this reminds me of ___; or, let’s have some fun!’ I was always an imaginative and inventive kid. When my dad renovated an old school house into our home, I would visit the junk-pile of heating radiators, pipe, plumbing and etcetera and make stuff out of it. One time I made a miniature golf course to cover the entire acre of back yard we had!” Lois’s teaching philosophy has evolved over the years. She used to be concerned more with the knowledge and skills her students could develop. Now, she’s realized, “It is more about the experience – the joy and the love of creation – no matter what the end product may look like.” She wants the process to be fun for her students. “Skill comes from practice; if someone likes doing what they do, they become better at it in their own time, not mine,” she says.


16 grid: torn paper, cardboard, beer boxes, McDonald’s sandwich cartons, various cardboard out of the trash; mounted on canvas Metalica Tree: same as 16 Grid It Wasn’t in the Cards: encaustic collage with fabric, altered photo, clip art, playing cards, ribbon, rhinestones Artwork by Lois Beckner



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AUTHOR: Jennifer Streifel

The Mourning Hours A Novel by Paula Treick DeBoard

ON JANUARY 8, 2014, THE AMPL BOOK CLUB will be discussing the mystery novel The Mourning Hours by Paula Treick DeBoard. Written from the point of view of nine-year-old Kirsten Hammarstrom, the story begins in the summer of 1994 in rural Wisconsin. Kirsten’s life on the Hammarstrom dairy farm seems idyllic. Her older brother, Johnny, is a popular high school wrestler, and the family has hopes that Johnny will be awarded an athletic scholarship. Kirsten is initially thrilled when the elegant Stacy Lemke shows an interest in Kirsten and her brother Johnny, but as a romance develops between Stacy and Johnny, Kirsten begins to have qualms about the relationship. Stacy’s manipulative and possessive behavior towards Johnny creates tension in the family, as her parents become concerned about the intensity of the romance. Then one snowy March night Stacy and Johnny go out on a date. They have an argument, and Johnny returns home. Stacy, however, is never heard from again, and Johnny naturally becomes the prime suspect in Stacy’s disappearance. Although no evidence is found to link Johnny to a possible murder, he is convicted in the court of the public eye. The Hammarstrom family, once so solid and respectable, becomes ostracized. As a result of accusations and anger among themselves, the family begins to break apart. Read the book and find out what really happened to Stacy Lemke on that snowy night. Jennifer Streifel has been an avid library user since 1981 as a college student, then as an elementary school teacher, and has been an AMPL book club member since 1999.


Photo: Troy McQuillen

In The Mourning Hours Kirsten remembers how one summer night before the tragedy she had wished she could scoop up her family as she captured fireflies in her mother’s canning jars, keeping them safe and together forever. The Mason jar on the book cover made me think to pair this book with sun tea, a welcome summery refreshment to enjoy in the midst of winter. Fill a glass gallon jar with distilled water and eight bags of black tea. Set it in the sun until the water turns brown. Sweeten to taste and pour over ice. Add lemon if you wish. Black tea is known to improve learning, memory, and information processing. Enjoy!




iquor Kessler’s ML ark Whisky, Maker’siqueur , and Kinky L Red Wine Apothic



Displays courtesy of Lily’s Floral Design and Gifts

Kessler’s Bakery Special order Decorated Sugar Cookies

The Corner used books (Book Shoppe gently from Kessle located across r’s)

al Design Lily’s Flor Party and Gifts one dozen Truffles, m Roses Red Freedo

welers Anthony Je18-karat White Handmade nd and Natural Gold Diamo e Pendent Alexandrit

Lily’s Floral Design and gifts assorted plush animals








ildlife conservationist Juli Gehant and local artist/educator Jake Bosmoe rock these vintage-style fashions in order to represent a nostalgic time when men and women dressed to impress. In this picturesque scene, set in the 1940s, the lovely couple is saying “farewell” to one another before parting ways for what may seem like an eternity. Thank you Hangar 9 and airplane owner John Bormes for allowing us to photograph this beautiful 1942 Stearman. The Stearman was used in World War II as a primary training airplane for pilots before they moved up into bombers.


Florsheim Shoes: Webb Shoe Company Dockers Suspenders, Dockers Dress Pants, and Van Heusen Dress Shirt: JCPenny Geoffrey Beene Men’s Tie: Herberger’s JULI GEHANT

Hair and makeup by Concepts Aveda Salon Spa Etc. Custom Top and Skirt Set, similar items available at Timeless Moxie on facebook.com/timeless moxie or etsy.com Carnation Bouquet by Lily’s Floral Design and Gifts





rockabilly locks. Gloria of Concepts Salon has replicated the fun era of 1940s with Juli’s edgy pinned up do. Curls really took off in the 40s and ladies would wrap portions of their hair around their fingers and secure them with a pin. The curls were placed quite firmly and close to their head in whatever size was desired. This style was parted in the middle and pulled back and up toward the sides, forming a roll. And just as it would have been in the 40s, Juli’s hairstyle was designed to accommodate her most fashionable hat. Aveda’s “Control Force” spray holds her glamorous style in place. Juli was made even more stunning by the Aveda “Art of Nature” make-up collection.


OB care here in Aberdeen “Dr. Smook told me from the first appointment, it looks like you are going to be due around the time our new hospital is built. At every doctor appointment, we were trying to hold on and make sure we were going to be a Sanford baby. We chose Sanford because they were the friendliest around. They were amazing, taking care of all of our needs, making sure everyone was healthy, comfortable, and safe. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.�

- David and Camille Warne, Aberdeen, SD Sanford Aberdeen looks forward to continuing to care for our friends and neighbors. Together we move forward. sanfordaberdeen.org

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Welcome to the lovely slice of Americana that Craig, Irene and their son, Israel call home.


Mickelson’s Photos: Troy McQuillen


“I like simple design with a retro feel. I’m really not into over clutter. I chose a couple of dominant colors to give a sense of unity- shades of green and orange.”

IRENE is a REAL DOIT-YOURSELFER. At age 47 she decided to take on the challenge of remodeling their newly purchased 1911 home. She has since created a dream house that is able to offer comfort and accommodate many eclectic interests.

“The very first thing I did after three weeks of marriage and tirelessly running out the front door and going outside to get into the back door, was to bust out the wall that closed off the upstairs stairway. Then we could walk through the main house to go up to bed.”

d the “We purchased our home in 1993 as a triplex. We turne d decide but ing, dwell ly -fami main house back into a single e.” garag the above ment apart to keep the brick

being “I got a router, a table saw and a chop saw after g moldin crown the do encouraged by others that I could simple was house the of design ork work myself. The woodw ” enough that it only required basic carpentry skills.


The living room foyer is Irene’s music area where she keeps her pianos and acoustic instruments. The painting of a woman seen here is of Irene by their daughter Ana. In the middle is a painting done by Irene’s fellow art student received in an art exchange and the violin was hand-crafted by Irene’s father as a family heirloom.


“My art teacher always told me to own art This art deco piece of a woman in a suit purchased in 1973 was the first piece of art Irene owned. On the backside of the painting is a second painting of a man riding a horse through a park in Chicago.

Irene is always thrilled to discover great vintage items to use as focal pieces in her design. She says the trick is not to display too many of your favorite items at once.

The back room is used as a studio for Irene’s sewing projects and paintings, as well as a home office for her and Craig. 26


the Mickelsons purchased their home it still had a 1950s metal kitchen. Irene’s goal in remodeling was to expand the kitchen’s dimensions without taking down any walls. What the original kitchen was lacking in space has now been made up for by its clever design.

Before Transform your home. Whether your style is vintage, traditional, or contemporary, our designers will help achieve the look for your kitchen or bath.

418 S 2ND ST.

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“I designed the kitchen based on what I thought the basic woman’s needs would be. I love to make cookies, scones, banana bread, and lots of vegetables to keep my family healthy.”


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Foosball -Valley

Games Pools


-Olhausen Billards -American Heritage -Connelly Billards

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-Saunatec -Finnleo


Hot Tub & Pool Supplies






BIG SHOES LOCAL BUSINESS OWNER RYAN RIVETT, grandson of Super 8 Co-Founder and hotel franchising pioneer Ron Rivett, spends a good portion his days in an office located in one of the original Super 8 administrative buildings. The windows lining two of the four walls offer a great northwestern view of the edge of town, a promising stretch of uncultivated land. The calm of the open landscape contrasts with the busy hum of ringing phones and clicking computer keys. Yet the contrast becomes synchronized when you meet Ryan, a young visionary whose calm demeanor suggests he's found a place of balance somewhere between the quiet and the chaos. And in that place he's made a humble vow to utilize the opportunities that have been given to him (through his multigenerational family business) in order to create opportunity for others.

Photos: Troy McQuillen | Compositing: Dan Niemi




Fueled by a heart for business and the South Dakota work ethic passed down to him by his grandfather Ron, Ryan strives to give back to the family business, to his own family and to the Aberdeen community.

Photo: Troy McQuillen

At what point in your life did you decide to become involved in business? I'm not sure I ever consciously made the decision. I've sort of grown up in it. From going to Super 8 conventions when I was six or seven years old, and being involved in all the cool stuff that was happening, to spending a lot of time with my grandfather and others who've been involved in the business. It's just something I kind of always wanted to do and was expected to do when I got there. In high school and college I was a decent student, but I wasn't very interested in school because I was anxious to get to where I could experience first hand the fascinating business world that I had observed as a kid, but going to college was mandatory. Learning the responsibility and work ethic, and obtaining the knowledge, and the degree was critical before anything could go further. The interesting thing about family business (at least in our family) is that family is always given the opportunity to participate and the opportunity to come in and work and become successful through their work, but they

always have to actually work. The opportunity is there, but it's what you make of it. That is the important part that will get you somewhere. I'm very fortunate, very blessed, to have a family business opportunity here in town that I can take advantage of, get into and make more out of. If you don't know how to handle what you've got, it's pretty hard to keep it.

What are the companies that you are involved in, and on what level are you involved? It does get very complex to try to understand how everything works around here. We’re involved in every facet of the hotel business so there are lots of different moving parts. Currently what we have are a lot of small companies sort of lumped together by common ownership and objective. I'm not personally involved in all of them, but I am personally involved in many of them. Not necessarily from the standpoint of ownership either, just from the point of occupational responsibility. The newest local property I am involved in is Paramount Village Retail. (shown above)

The property opened in April, Four Brushes-Paint Your Own Pottery Studio was completed in September, and Flatlanders Kitchen & Tap House opened in October. We are about half full now and soon to be adding a new business called Hush Boutique, a mother and baby boutique. Beyond that, the My Place hotel chain, founded by Ron and I, has been our primary focus for the last 24 months or so. It’s been very exciting to have an opportunity to get back into the hotel franchising business with a concept and a product that has thus far been so well received in every market we’ve ventured into. Since February 2012 we've opened five My Place hotels. We are currently under construction with three more. The most recent ones to open were in April of this year, and we expect to open a few more in January. Ryan's "deck of cards" includes Rivett Refuge Preserve, My Place hotels, Legacy Builders, and Paramount Estates

1973 A BRIEF HISTORY Through the generations, the Rivetts have been a symbol of the Aberdeen entrepreneurial spirit and have demonstrated what innovation and hard work can accomplish.


My Place logo by McQuillen Creative Group

Noting there were no new budget/economy hotels east of California, Dennis Brown and Ron Rivett open the first Super 8 hotel in Aberdeen in 1973.


The no frills 60-room hotel rented for $8.88 per night.


Ryan and Ron note the market of ’73 had come to repeat itself and there was again a lack of new economy hotels. The idea for My Place Economy Extended stay hotel was born. And in 2010 the Rivetts were back in the franchise business.

What would be one or two of your favorite things about this community? The entrepreneurial spirit around here. It's interesting to see new businesses come up and people come out with new ideas almost on a continual basis. We have a population of 26,000 people, yet we seem to have something new happening constantly. That makes living in Aberdeen very rewarding for me. If you look at Aberdeen compared to other midwestern

The opportunity is there, but it’s what you make of it that is the important part that will get you somewhere. I’m very fortunate, very blessed to have a family business opportunity here in town that I can take advantage of, get into and make more out of. cities of similar population, you don't see that as much. There's just something about Aberdeen. What else I like about Aberdeen… well, I like hunting and fishing, and we certainly have plenty of that. I like the summers here. They're great. The changing seasons are a lot of fun. When people we know that don't live here get a chance to visit they say, “Wow, it's amazing how drastic your changes in seasons are!” So there are a lot of great things about living in Aberdeen. You hear about a lot of people that get out of high school or college and move away and end up coming back, whether it's for family reasons or for professional reasons. But a lot of people end up coming back to Aberdeen just because it is a really great place to live, and there are opportunities here despite our relatively small population.

say that I hope my children have better things than I have one day because I've had a pretty great experience in life and been very blessed, nonetheless progress is important. I have four children. They've all been born and raised in Aberdeen and wouldn't know what to do living anywhere else. Aberdeen is safe. There are a lot of family values here. It's a great place to raise children and a great place in general. I've lived elsewhere and there's something about Aberdeen that is so rewarding to come home to. Yesterday I was in five different cities in Washington and Oregon and back by dinnertime. I’m fortunate in that through my business I get to meet a lot of different people and see a lot of different things, but there's just always something about being back in Aberdeen even if you're just gone for a day. So with all of that being the underlying emotion about my hometown, it's sort of natural that you would take all of the opportunities that come along to better your environment. Also I think there's a lot of really tremendously talented people in Aberdeen. People with a very great entrepreneurial spirit. So that's another great reason why you'd want to locate a business in Aberdeen and why it's so important for us to remain here. I say “us” somewhat loosely as all of us in Aberdeen who own and operate businesses here. The people have been the greatest part for me as we've transitioned into a larger focus of becoming a franchise company again and growing the hotel chain My Place. None of that growth happens without a lot of good people coming along. If I was in this building with two or three people working for me, and that's all I had for my resources, I'd never be even close to where I am today. The greatest part about

growing a business has been the opportunity to bring new people in and work with them. The new ideas that come in and the new work ethics and the motivation and drive are really great. It's really cool to watch. I've had some people come in that are downstairs right now working primarily on the My Place brand, and are working with me on a daily basis to identify the brand and grow the brand, and that's been the most rewarding part about it. Opening a property is opening a property regardless of what the sign says, but working with people who come up with ideas on how you create a larger concept is really cool.

What's been the biggest challenge for you as a business owner? Probably the biggest challenge thus far in my career has been learning the difference between responding and reacting. It really goes through to everything, whether I'm negotiating a price on a piece of real estate, or I'm negotiating a subcontract in our construction division, or whether I'm dealing with an employee who maybe didn't make the right decision, and we have a problem to fix subsequently. That's probably the most challenging thing. What we do around here is generally fairly simple because we have a lot of knowledge and experience at hand, and it's just a series of steps to get through the process of developing, building, and managing a hotel, or apartment building, or retail building or whatever. But when dealing with all of the variables of life, and family and business and employees and clients and others, responding versus reacting is the biggest challenge.

Why do feel confident Aberdeen is a good place to continue opening businesses? Aberdeen is home. You always want to see your hometown continue to grow into something better, something more satisfying, and something that as your children grow up they'll learn to appreciate. I can't necessarily

Ryan is a real family man. His children are eight, five, two, and one. His wife, Jennifer, owns the Four Brushes Paint Your Own Pottery Studio. Ryan says she is a very talented artist, though she rarely admits it to anyone. JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 |



AUTHOR: Troy McQuillen

ABERDEEN BOOMS TO THE NORTH! These four “row houses” appear to be located at the north end of the base of the overpass, on 2nd Street. The overpass and the bus barn cleared out many of these houses.


PHOTO: Courtesy Library of Congress, photographed by N.A. Brothers, Aberdeen

THE CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE, ST. PAUL AND PACIFIC RAILROAD (Milwaukee Road) played a significant role in Aberdeen’s development. Aberdeen was platted in 1881, and grew fast. By 1885 the Milwaukee Road refused to allow the town to cross the tracks, preventing development to the north. In fact, they built their coal barns on the north side of the tracks as obstacles. A battle of sorts erupted with townspeople cutting holes in Railroad structures so they could pass to the north, and as legend has it, blowing up railroad property. In the early 1900s, the Milwaukee Road relented and Aberdeen spilled over the tracks. This image is from 1911 and shows the rapid growth of the “north side” in just a few years. The only structure high enough to afford this sort of view would have been the International Harvester building, which later became Hub City Iron (burned to the ground in 1972). Today, you can see a similar view by climbing to the top of the overpass on Second Street and casting your gaze due northeast.

If you can identify anything specific in this picture, please email me at troy@mcquillencreative.com. Monroe School 4th Avenue NE. / Razed

Intersection of North 2nd Street and 1st Avenue NW.

This house is still standing as are two across the street. The address of the white house is 105 N. First Street.

Home of George Jenkins, Brown County States Attorney and partner in the law firm Jenkins & Campbell / Corner of North 1st Street and 1st Avenue SW. / Built circa 1890s. Razed.

Intersection of Railroad Avenue and Main Street. Railroad Avenue is the actual dividing line between North and South – not the railroad tracks.

The Milwaukee Road main terminal depot. Built in only nine months in 1911, this was the third depot built on this site by the Milwaukee. It still stands today at 1 North Main.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church / 201 North Arch Street / Built 1903. Razed.

This long structure was known as the freight building for the Milwaukee Road. It is long gone.

Intersection of North Main Street and 1st Avenue N.

McKinley School 621 3rd Avenue NE Built 1904. Razed.

Aberdeen Wholesale Grocery / 6 North Main Street / Built 1907. Razed.

Does anyone know what this building is? Located at the present site of Mazatlan Restaurant on the corner of Railroad Avenue and South 1st Street.




Lake Outdoor Activities 1 Richmond JANUARY 11 AND FEBRUARY 1

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up inside. Here are two great outdoor events that give you a chance to breathe fresh air while enjoying picturesque scenery and getting a little exercise! SNOWSHOE HIKE

Saturday, January 11, at 10 a.m. is your chance to try snowshoeing. The exact location at Richmond Lake will be determined closer to the date so participants can take advantage of the best snow available. Pre-registration is required if you don’t have your own snowshoes. // Contact Becky at 605-626-3488 for more information. 18TH ANNUAL ICE BOWL

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t go disc golfing! The 18th Annual Ice Bowl disc golf tournament is on Saturday, February 1. Registration begins at 10 a.m. with tee off at 11 a.m.. Ice Bowls are held across the country to give disc golfers an excuse to play their favorite fair weather sport in winter, and to help discers stay up on their skills in the off season. // Contact Josh at 605-626-3595 for more information.

2 The Get Down 2.0 JANUARY 18


On Saturday, January 18, the Eagles Club will be transformed into a one-of-a-kind electronic dance music experience for all ages. The Get Down 2.0 is the second event of its kind in Aberdeen and features five local DJs showcasing electronic music styles such as dubstep, house music, trap, moombahton, footwork, and electro. A huge sound system and stage lighting will intensify the experience. Get down to seven hours of non-stop progressive dance music courtesy of: DJ Buddha, DJ Acey, DJ Dane Lemler , DJ Jam6icks, DJ Rad Jackson, and The Clockkeeper. The event goes from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. // For more information, contact Rad Jackson at facebook.com/radjackson.




Girl’s Night Out at the Lakewood Mall




On Wednesday, February 5, the Lakewood Mall brings you a much-needed Girl’s Night Out. This special event is free to attend as a way to show customers appreciation for their business. Stores will be highlighting their new spring merchandise and offering fun activities, demonstrations, giveaways, wine tasting, and food. No invitation is needed to attend. Just bring your I.D. There will be prize giveaways of up to $1500 in total value. The event goes from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. // For more information, contact Karla at 605-226-2162.


Barrel Legislative Sessions 4 Cracker FEBRUARY 8, 22, AND MARCH 1


The Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce’s Government Affairs Committee will be hosting three Cracker Barrel sessions this year at NSU’s Centennial Rooms. Cracker Barrels are open public forums where community members have the opportunity to hear from the South Dakota legislators representing Brown County in Districts 1, 2, and 3. The floor will be open for legislators to make opening and closing remarks in relevance to discussions about current bills and issues. The moderator will then take questions from the audience, and refreshments will be served. In past years, 100-150 people have attended the event. Cracker Barrels will run from 10 a.m. to noon. // For more information, contact the Aberdeen Chamber at 605-225-2860.

5 Black and White Ball





Presentation College will be holding their 12th annual Black and White Ball at the Ramkota Convention Center. This gala is a student scholarship fundraising event for academically talented students. This year’s theme, titled Now in Color, will add a pop or color and excitement to the traditional black and white event. The décor will be a play off of the classic movie The Wizard of Oz. The Ball will feature a cocktail hour, dinner, dessert, auctions, and music provided by Tami and the Bachelors. // For more information or to purchase an event ticket, contact Lori Herron at 605-229-8454 or lori.herron@presentation.edu.


Photos top to bottom courtesy: Richmond Lake Recreation | Josh Andrews | Lakewood Mall Office | Aberdeen Area Chamber | Presentation College

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Climate Control!

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Aberdeen Magazine Jan/Feb 2014  

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Aberdeen Magazine Jan/Feb 2014  

Aberdeen, South Dakota's community lifestyle magazine. from McQuillen Creative Group