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Advanced Heart Care Close to Home The occasional chest pain last fall got the attention of Gwenda Kolb of Aberdeen. She had a history of heart disease, including procedures for blocked coronary arteries. “I’d been through this before and was familiar with what should be done,” says the 72-year-old. “But it took me a while to agree to it.” When she learned the advanced heart care she needed was readily available at Sanford Aberdeen, Gwenda moved forward. “My earlier procedures required out-of-town travel. That’s a lot of expenses and arrangements,” she says. “Staying here is so much easier.”

A welcome option, an expert team Gwenda’s specialized heart care in Aberdeen began with an appointment with Dr. John Windsor, Interventional Cardiologist. With 20 years’ experience, he’s performed more than 10,000 procedures. A thorough exam indicated Gwenda needed a cardiac angiogram, a high-level heart study that shows possible blockages. Performed in Sanford Aberdeen’s state-of-the-art cardiac cath lab, the study requires the insertion of a catheter (long, narrow tubing). The usual point of entry is the femoral artery in the groin, but a newer technique involves the radial artery in the wrist. Both techniques are safe and effective, but having had cath procedures in the past, Gwenda opted for the radial procedure, prompting the help of Interventional cardiologist, Dr. Puneet Sharma. Dr. Puneet Sharma has performed hundreds of cardiac catheterizations, many involving wrist access.

Gwenda’s scheduled procedure took place in November. “I went in that morning and by 5 was back home,” she says. “I felt well cared for and didn’t even feel like I was in a hospital. It was very homey and comfortable.” Gwenda’s angiogram showed no major blockages. She takes medication and continues to see Dr. Windsor for follow-up. She also participated in Cardiac Rehab at Sanford Aberdeen. Natalie Frank, Exercise Specialist, stresses the importance of specialized exercise following a heart procedure.

Puneet Sharma, MD

“We slowly build patients to the point where they’re confident exercising on their own,” she says.

Available for emergencies In addition to scheduled procedures, the full-time, Aberdeen-based heart team is well-prepared for emergencies. “Our ‘door to balloon’ time is excellent,” says Dr. Windsor. “From the time a patient with an acute heart attack arrives to the time we open the blockage, we’re consistently at 60 minutes or less. The national goal is 90.” Care doesn’t end after a life has been saved, as Dr. Sharma points out: “Once you’re diagnosed with heart disease, it doesn’t go away. We stay in touch with our patients and we’re available for them.” Gwenda appreciates the difference: “It puts you at ease knowing the care you need is right here in Aberdeen.”

John Windsor, DO To make an appointment with Dr. Sharma or Dr. Windsor, call Sanford Aberdeen at (605) 725-1700.

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Unique looks for your wedding day

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A walk through 100 years of history

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22 event Calendar We’ll see you there! 24 daytrips and staycations Pampered on the Prairie | Mina Lake Cabin



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6 may/June 2013 |


From the Editor On the COver Barb tests out one of the bikes from the Recycle Bike Program (pg. 14)

Barb Andrews

Our blushing bride is Aberdeen's own Carol Joyner, a student of the new accelerated nursing program at Northern State University. She looks absolutely stunning in this vintage satin gown from The Salvation Army Thrift Store. Her chocolate brown locks are held in place with rhinestone hairpins courtesy of Lily's Floral Design and Gifts, and the triangle earrings she wears are from The Salvation Army as well. She holds a bouquet of fresh, delicious produce courtesy of Kessler's produce and floral. What can't those guys make?


Kudos to those who Ride

A summer to be filled with bikes, gardens and weddings


ummertime in aberdeen. for me it brings to mind warm days spent at the lake, and fond memories of childhood. for others, thoughts of family vacations, or awakening last year’s garden from its winter slumber. This summer will be filled with special times: picnics, anniversaries, family reunions, and as always, lots and lots of weddings. When i think of summer, i reminisce about long, warm days without a care, trips to Twist Cone, story Book land and noah’s Critters, all on my bicycle. riding through town, with seemingly endless amounts of energy. in fact, it was summertime, when i remember getting my very first bicycle. it was a little pink bicycle with white tassels and plastic training wheels. it was the happiest sight i could have seen when my dad hoisted it out of his pickup. finally, the world was mine. no more boundaries. i could go. Wherever and whenever i wanted to, and i could get there fast. it was probably similar to the feeling i had when i first learned to walk. no more crawling, dragging my knees across rough carpet in that confining onesie. i walked. Then i ran. Then i climbed, and drank some perfume from the top of a bookshelf. don’t worry – clearly, i survived. so i hopped on that two-wheeler and i pedaled as fast as i could lift my knees and push the pedals down with my feet. it was evening as i recall, and i could hear my mother’s faint voice in the distance… “Come back, come back!” i guess i was born to ride. so why then, so many years later, do i struggle with using my beloved bicycle as a practical means of transportation? i like everything about the idea. The fact that biking doesn’t use

2 |

may/June 2013

any gas, making it cheap and good for the environment; the fact that it gives me needed exercise, and the feeling of wind on my face and sun on my back. so what’s the problem? in a word: organization. i can’t be running out of the house five minutes before i am due at my destination. i can’t be wearing that cute skirt i picked out that goes so well with the flats with absolutely no grip on the bottom of them. i can’t be toting along a big jug of my day’s supply of water, a thermos of hot coffee, a lunch bag stuffed with food, and a purse. and some days it’s going to be cold, or dark, or rainy. How coddled have i become? Have i lost the ability to gleefully tear down the street on my two-wheeler without a second thought? apparently something has changed. i won’t give up. i say to myself. i will continue to work at making lifestyle choices i believe in. i will be better to the earth and better to my pocketbook. i will be better. so i come up with solutions. a backpack. it worked when i was a kid to carry everything i needed for a school day. Why not now? and i’ll leave a change of shoes at the office, and some hairspray in case that glorious wind makes my do go flat. and i’ll take better care of her (my bike, that is). i’ll keep her polished and oiled and her tires filled with air. i’ll put a basket on the back and use her to get my groceries. i’ll put a light on the front and drive her after dark. i’ll set the alarm to wake up fifteen minutes earlier. it’s just fifteen minutes, right? i can do this. i will do this. i hope some of you will decide to do it too. and to those of you who are already avid bikers, as a driver, i make a pledge to share the road. my admiration is yours.

Editor Barb Andrews CrEativE dirECtor Troy McQuillen dEsign Dan Niemi ComiC artist Eliot Lucas ad salEs Kiki Wanshura BusinEss managEr Suzette McQuillen PuBliCation offiCE

McQuillen Creative Group 423 S. Main St., Suite 1 Aberdeen SD 57401 (605) 226-3481 Printing

Western Printing suBsCriPtion info Aberdeen Magazine is published six times per year with the goal of creating a positive vibe in our Aberdeen community. It is distributed within Aberdeen and Brown County and is for sale at a variety of retail outlets. Subscriptions are available for $19.99 per year. Subscribe online at or send a check to the address above. suBmissions Aberdeen Magazine welcomes your input. Email your story ideas, drop off historic photos, or stop in for a chat. Please contact us at one of the email addresses shown here. | What? no WEBsitE? Sorry about that. Our online existence will be exclusively on Facebook for now. We want people to pick up this magazine. Our hope is that it will be collected, shared, and placed on swanky coffee tables in living rooms all over town. Find us on Facebook at AberdeenMagazine. PrivaCy statEmEnt Any personal information, email addresses, or contact submitted to the editorial office or online via our Facebook page will not be sold or distributed. Aberdeen Magazine does wish to publish public comments and attitudes regarding Aberdeen, therefore voluntary written submissions and comments on our Facebook page implies permission to utilize said information in editorial content. Aberdeen Magazine is produced exclusively in Aberdeen, South Dakota. All content is copyright with all rights reserved. No content may be shared, copied, scanned or posted online without permission. But please just ask. We’re pretty flexible.




YOur sOurCe fOr whAt’s hAppening in Aberdeen.

buzz the sCene | the tAste | styLe | CReAte | Open HOuse Aqua Zumba

Latin splashin’

The new Paramount Village strip mall offers opportunity for creative expression in the form of a build your own pottery studio called “Four Brushes.”

New strip Mall Attractive design stands apart

Paramount village, the new rivett strip mall on 8th avenue northeast, is like nothing we’ve seen. The architectural design is unique in that it resembles a quaint main street commercial area. each store has unique design attributes that offer each business its own flare. one of the businesses is a paint your own pottery studio called four Brushes. There is also going to be a fast food style restaurant and a sports bar. But the mall isn’t filled up yet. There are plans for another building next door to the east. it will be exciting to see what else is in store.

Elyssa Behan brings her experience of being a land Zumba instructor to the water.

NAsCAR in town

aqua Zumba is making a splash at Tm fitness in aberdeen’s downtown. Try out those sultry dance moves in the fun and comfort of a nice warm swimming pool with certified instructor, elyssa Behan. non-members pay $10 per class, members pay $8. so dust off your swimming suit and contact Tm fitness at 228-2909 to sign up. Classes are offered monday and Wednesday evenings and Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

See a car up close

always wanted to be a race car driver? Come out to Brown County speedway on friday, July 5, before the big fireworks show, for a chance to relive your childhood dream. from 1-7 pm, you can get up close to an official nationwide sponsored nasCar show car, brought to aberdeen by insurance Plus. That means it’s got all the features of a genuine nasCar race car. Have your friends take a picture of you standing next to the car and a cut out of danica Patrick or dale earnhardt, Jr. They’ll supply the props, but it’s up to you to make up the story.

In addition to Friday’s event, the show car will be parked on the South side of the Lakewood Mall on Saturday, July 6. There will be a race simulator, family friendly games and giveaways. Both events are free of charge.

Maurices in the Mall Grows

This place is über swanky and packed with finds! ladies, are you craving a girl’s day out? How about one that includes shopping at an upscale boutique? Then you’d better check out the remodeled maurices in the lakewood mall. it’s upscale fashion with friendly price tags. in just a few short weeks maurices extended their store, adding more great merchandise and some of the swankiest dressing rooms in town. you’ve got to check these rooms out. They are gorgeous. The mall continues to upgrade, folks, so go see what’s new. Photos: Troy McQuillen

may/June 2013 |




All the world’s a stage.

Roncalli Ball

Over 400 people attend fundraiser each year the aberdeen Catholic school system hosts the roncalli Ball to give their fundraising efforts a bit of a boost. The event typically raises $75,000 from donations, sponsors, and both silent and live auctions. This is just one more example of aberdeen’s generosity. The ramkota Convention Center was virtually transformed after the installation of flowers, dramatic lighting, and massive paintings skillfully prepared by roncalli art students. The Ball was held on saturday, april 6. Proceeds from the annual Ball support instructional expenses, teacher salaries, professional development, materials and so much more.

Rob Ronayne, Kari McNeary and Liza Ronayne

Seated at the American News table were Will Elkins, Kay Nguyen, Rachel Rabenberg and Tyler Oliver

Burdette Electric’s Brad Burdette and his wife Bobbi

Wooden Mallet’s Jim and Lynn Kreber

All Aberdeen Reads

As Theodore Roosevelt, Joe Wiegand facilitated the discussion of McCullough’s book and answered questions from the audience about Roosevelt.

With Teddy Roosevelt

Geri and Terry Jordre, and Joye and Alan Hoerth

Sylvia Anable won the Kindle Fire presented by Linda Van De Rostyne of the Library Foundation Friends society.

Dacotah Prairie Museum’s Lora Schaunaman and husband Neil

4 |

may/June 2013

Hub City Inc.’s Jim Campbell and his wife, Laurie

This year’s all aberdeen reads event featured Pulitzer Prize winning author and historian david mcCullough’s book, Mornings On Horseback. This story is a brilliant biography of a young Theodore roosevelt and his time spent in the dakotas. The community discussion took place Tuesday, april 16 at the native american Cultural Center. doors opened at 6 pm with an all american dinner, followed by an entertaining one-man theatre show of Theodore roosevelt given by nationally acclaimed artist, Joe Wiegand.

City Council woman Jennifer Slaight-Hansen brought her son Connor to meet Teddy Roosevelt.

Photos | All Aberdeen Reads: Nicole Hoines, other events: Troy McQuillen

safe harbor Mardi Gras Gala This festive fundraiser offers a great time for a great cause safe Harbor’s annual mardi gras fundraiser was once again an event to remember. attendees enjoyed a night of Cajun cuisine, live music and good friends. attendance at this event has been increasing steadily every year. about 180 guests were in attendance. The fundraiser brought in approximately $10,000 for the safe Harbor foundation. The foundation assists with emergency needs for those in the thralls of domestic violence.

Doug (Town and Country) and Gina Karst (Safe Harbor)

Heidi Zeller-Crawford, Shelly Crouch, Michelle Clemens, and Nicole Crawford.

Tom and Diane Agnitsch

Ronayne and Wein’s Tom Cogley and his wife Abby.

Dakota Broadcasting’s Joel Swanson and wife Donna

nsu honors Outcasts United A Night with Warren St. John

nsu’s got great taste. on march 18, the nsu Honors Program presented “a night with Warren st. John,” author of Outcasts United at the Johnson fine arts Center. Outcasts United tells the story of a soccer team of refugee boys (relocated to Clarkston, ga) and their inspirational coach. st. John traveled from new york to chat with students and the general public. st. John and special guests were treated to exquisite hors d’oeuvres prior to the presentation courtesy of northern state dining services.

Molded Fiberglass’ Dave Giovannini and NSU’s Erin Giovannini

Dr. Curt Wischmeier and wife Sue.

Barb and Gregg Magera, Jason Lien and Mary Job

Elizabeth and Cory Bollinger (American News, event sponsor)

Author Warren St. John, Danielle Weisz, Ethan Brown, Dr. Erin Fouberg (Director of NSU Honors Program)

Want your event included in the next issue of Aberdeen Magazine? send us some pics! email

may/June 2013 |



It’s so good once it hits your lips.

Mugs Coffee House at 1124 S Washington St. A second floor seating area is available for small group gatherings. Call ahead to reserve the spot. The second floor space is also available for local artists (both student and professional) to exhibit their work.

MuGs Coffee house

Our Take

And amazing gourmet sandwiches mugs Coffee House has a lot more than great coffee. The interior is designed in a Tuscan-meets-country style with beautiful sunlit rooms making the diner feel like its always summer inside. Tim Pierson, owner and chef, brings to your table many years of experience as a chef and baker. He and his wife, Judy, run mugs at its two locations; 1124 south Washington, across from northern state university, and 305 south state street, inside of avera st. luke’s Hospital. When Tim opened mugs five years ago, he knew he wanted to feature the grilled cheese sandwich along with his special homemade scones. But mugs doesn’t offer any ordinary grilled cheese. after choosing from five toasty breads and seven creamy cheeses, it’s time to choose from twenty-one possible toppings to make a grilled cheese that’s way past ordinary. Pair that with a fresh pile of greens or homemade soup and you’ve got a wonderfully unique combination of flavors only available at mugs.

Mugs puts a new and unique twist on a classic favorite, the grilled cheese sandwich. Seen here is “Grilled Cheese Du Jour,” melty muenster on Russian rye with bacon, mushrooms, asparagus, and red peppers. Served aside a bed of mixed greens for $7.50.

Tim and Judy Pierson are meticulous in their selection of ingredients, hand picking many of them daily from local markets.

6 |

may/June 2013

Mugs hours of operation: washington street: 7am-5pm Mon-Thurs, 7am-3pm Friday, and Saturday 8am-2pm Avera st. Luke’s: 7am-5pm Mon-Thurs, 7am-4pm Friday

Mugs serves a classic spread of coffee accompaniments such as white chocolate almond raspberry bars and apple toffee scones ($2.50 each). Gluten-free and vegetarian options are available as well.

Photos: Troy McQuillen

Grilled Cheese CaPrese sTyle

We take a run at our own “Grilled Cheese Du Jour”


arm, toasty, melty grilled cheese. a comfort food reminiscent of childhood or college days. a true classic that can’t be beat. Why stop eating it now that we’re all grown up? it’s a great standby whenever we’re in a crunch for time or just want something simple and delicious. But mugs inspired us to take our favorite melty sandwich from predictable to gourmet. This is a grilled cheese for the more mature, refined palate, deserving of good wine and great company.

Serves • • • • • • • • •


Ingredients Sea salt Freshly cracked black pepper olive oil 2 vine ripe tomatoes, sliced 1 cup balsamic vinegar (high quality) 1 cup loosely packed fresh basil, chopped 4 slices provolone Fresh mozzarella ball (shredded/broken apart) 8 slices bread (we used rustic multi-grain loaf, and sliced it thickly)

Preparation 1. pour balsamic into a small saucepan and bring it to a gentle boil over medium to medium-low heat. let the balsamic reduce for ten to twenty minutes. Watch it carefully so it doesn’t burn. it’ll slowly start to thicken. remove reduction from heat when it’s a nice, thick (but still pourable) glaze. Cool in fridge. once reduction is cooled it looks a little thick, but it will be the perfect consistency.

Cook’s tip: experiment with different cheeses, such as Havarti or smoked Gouda. try roasted red peppers or fire roasted tomatoes as a filler. if you like things a little saltier, add some garlic salt to the bread when you drizzle it with olive oil.

2. Slice bread and drizzle olive oil on one side of each slice. put one slice of bread, olive oil side down in pan and stack with provolone, and 2-3 tomato slices (sprinkled with the salt and pepper). then top with chopped fresh basil leaves. 3. Finish off with mozzarella shreds on top. Drizzle a small amount of the balsamic reduction sauce (enough to moisten the bread but not make it soggy) over the cheese and put on the second slice of bread. Cook on medium high heat until cheese has melted. Flip sandwich carefully in pan and cook until second slice of bread is slightly toasted. remove from heat. 4. Serve along side fresh greens and remaining balsamic dressing.

Photos: Troy McQuillen

may/June 2013 |



Consider the lilies of the field...

This summer’s vibrant color palette is in

FuLL bLOOM the salvation Army thrift store is trend setting with this seasons most popular colors Earrings Salvation Army Thrift Store Grayed Jade, Nectarine, and Mustard Yellow

$3.00 per bag

this felted wool owl’s irresistibility can’t be denied Felted Wool Owl Parkview Nursery


this rustic painted watering pot makes for beautiful vintage garden décor Comfort meets fun with Alegria donna Hippie Chic shoes Alegria Shoes Webb Shoe Co.


8 |

may/June 2013

Garden Seeds Decorative Green Pitcher Parkview Nursery


smartwool socks make the practicality of wool cute and trendy Smartwool Socks Webb Shoe Co. Saturnsphere, Pinwheel Garden

$21.95 Dazzle Dot – Royal (Ultra Comfy)


tiny critters make an addition to home décor that’s delightful Beadwork Wire Sculpture Frog Parkview Nursery on sale for $10

Be a fashion queen with this one of a kind hand painted bag by Anuschka Hand-painted Flower Anuschka Bag Webb Shoe Co.

$235.00 welcome the fairies to your miniature garden with these inviting fairy gardening pieces from parkview nursery:



Mini Pink Butterfly Back Bench $8.99


Mini Blue Bridge $8.99


Small Crystal Shroomyz $7.99


Med Large Crystal Shroomyz $14.99


Mini Multi Colored Panel Door $7.99


Mini Green Vine/Floral Screen $7.99





5 Photos: Troy McQuillen

may/June 2013 |


Open HOuse

Smells like cookies.

welCoMe to our hoMe Intriguing interiors invite you to come on in.

ever driven past a quaint or interesting home in aberdeen and thought to yourself, “i wonder what that place looks like on the inside?” Well Aberdeen Magazine has been invited in, along with you, the reader, so take your shoes off and stay awhile. Here’s a peek into aberdeen photographer amber marten Bergeson’s dollhouse-like home that she shares with her husband, kevin. is this the perfect fairytale setting or what?

Kevin and Amber’s house, originally in Columbia, SD, was moved to Aberdeen in 1989.

10 |

may/June 2013

A farmhouse with f lair The main level of the home boasts transplanted wood flooring, original doors, and gobs of natural light. first time home owners with absolutely no furniture sought the help of antique stores and garage sales to help furnish this stylish sitting room. They were able to transform this neutral palette with some pops of sangria, green, and yellow (which coincidentally were also their wedding colors). Throw in some old suitcases, fresh succulents, soft pillows… and it’s home.

A homemade backsplash created from old deck wood.

amber not only designed this storybook home, she photographed it beautifully for us too. amber sue Photography is a new natural light photography business located in aberdeen. she’s been in business since 2006 and specializes in newborns, families, seniors, and weddings. Head over to her facebook page and see her fresh perspective on the people of the aberdeen area.

the only full priced furniture purchase in the house: a 5x5 storage cube. well worth the money! Amber’s craft room has never been so organized.

the claw foot tub is decoration in itself. with white accents, this bathroom is purposely simple and clean.

This yellow damask chair was a $25 garage sale find. Amber recovered it using old curtains purchased from The Salvation Army for $2.99, and had enough material left over for matching throw pillows for the couch. Photos: Amber Sue Photography

may/June 2013 |



You can’t rush art.

down hoMe

Naturally inspired oil paintings by local artist Jay Hopkins local artist Jay Hopkins, mfa, grew up in the dakotas and has always been inspired by the beauty she finds in nature. Jay incorporates a part of her inner self into her often-abstract and whimsical interpretations of nature and the world around her. “nature is my biggest influence,” says Jay. “i’m obsessed with birds, their shapes and silhouettes, their nests and dwellings, and how they communicate and socialize with one another.” she has had many exhibits around the community, including shows at gallery go, and the most recent exhibit she calls “down Home,” which was featured at the dacotah Prairie museum. To purchase or view this art in person, contact Jay at 605-290-8170.

12 |

The pictured art is part of Jay’s "Down Home" exhibit that was shown at the Dakotah Prairie Museum from February 14 - April 5 Above: "City Roots" Top Right: "Early Morning" Bottom Right: "Fort Collins Memory"

Photos: Barb Andrews

Local artist Jay Hopkins stands by her painting "Lady Muscio," a piece inspired by her love of nature and admiration for women of bravery may/June 2013

say Cheese! Local hobbyists use photography to capture the heart of Aberdeen Thought of taking your photography to the next level? need pointers? ideas? support? Through the lens camera club, founded by dana geuther, meets on the third monday of each month. during winter, they meet at the arCC, and in the summer months they take advantage of the finer weather and capture outdoor photo opportunities. last year, some of the places they visited were: The Ward Hotel, Centennial village, riverside Cemetery, and dacotah Prairie museum. “We have been lucky enough to find places that allow us to come in during our regular meeting times,” said dana. “We’d love to continue to be invited to different places to take pictures around the aberdeen area.” during their regular winter meetings at the arCC, Through the lens has had experts present on things like: Photography 101, Photoshop, and lightbox Photography. “We are always looking for people that would like to come in and present to the club and are open to anything that would benefit us and our photography,” said dana. If you would like to participate in the club, contact Dana at 605-290-9590 or look them up on Facebook.

Dana Geuther leads Through the Lens camera club. Photos shown here are untitled by Dana Geuther, and "Old Boot" by Todd Schaffer

Your Friend in Real Estate

Kathy Barber

View our full listings at

(605) 228-2863 may/June 2013 |


in the


everyone needs a ride

Two local men put their talents and hearts into providing bikes for the underprivileged by Barb Andrews


icycling is the great equalizer. it bridges all gaps. it appeals to all ages. from tassels to metal baskets, training wheels to tricked out tires. it brings people from different backgrounds, different walks of life, like mark marion, a retired nuclear medicine technologist, and Jim mortenson, an a-1 sanitation worker, together. united for the cause. They believe bicycle ownership should be completely nondiscriminatory, that every man, woman and child should have access to a bicycle. and that’s the goal they’ve set out to accomplish. The reCycle bike program, operated by mark and Jim, has been in business now for

four years. The program’s goal is to get every person in need of transportation on a bicycle. Whether it be a young child needing a way to get to school or an older gentleman whose budget won’t stretch far enough to pay for the licensing and insurance required for car ownership. sometimes an entire family will come to the reCycle shop in need of bikes. They’ll come trickling in one by one, looking around with awestruck eyes. Then they’ll select their favorite bike, try it out for size, and ride out with a smile. “it touches your heart,” said mark. The program’s goal, to get financially needy people a bicycle as a mode of transportation,

The ReCycle program has been running in its current location for one year. Program volunteers Mark Marion (left) and Jim Mortenson have turned out 700 bicycles since their start four years ago. They are located across from the Boys and Girls Club. If you need a bike contact Jim at 605-380-9257.

14 |

may/June 2013

Quantum Properties, owners of the old K.O. Lee building, provide space for ReCycle rent-free.

was birthed in divine inspiration. mark had an encounter on his bicycle with a man who voiced that he had no way of getting around. mark’s conscience told him to give the man his bicycle and he ignored the nudge, but couldn’t stop thinking about the less fortunate man. meanwhile, Jim had been repairing bicycles for over fifteen years. He would sell them for little to no money and knew the good feeling that gave him. The two men serendipitously came together through an ad mark placed in the american news, looking for used bicycles. at that point, mark and Jim were united at the ground level of the reCycle project, starting

304 E Melgaard Rd, Aberdeen • 225-7818 •

with only a few bikes. They have since gotten nation of space at Quantum Properties, owners over 700 bikes repaired and distributed to peo- of the k. o. lee building. reCycle, which was initially funded by the ple in need. and it’s obvious they are having a knight foundation and managed by united lot of fun doing it. To what does this program owe its success? Way, has since kept itself going on donations in a word: generosity. That’s what makes the from the public. “each bicycle costs about reCycle bike program possible in aberdeen. $20 in parts to repair,” said Jim. The two men The citizens of this community care about each donate all of their time and talent to the proother, about helping out their neighbor, about gram so there is no cost for labor. and thanks giving back. The reCycle program runs com- to Quantum Properties, they can set up shop rent-free. The men pletely on donations. have been very frumark and Jim dogal with the foundanate their time, talpeople are starting to know grant of $5,000 ents and labor free we are here. when they have tion they received four of charge because a bike they no longer want, years ago, using evthey believe very ery single bike part strongly in the cause. they think of us. they can salvage and The aberdeen Potransferring funclice department has donated several bikes from the city impound. tional parts from one bike to another, all while Community members donate used bikes by maintaining a quality product. But funds have leaving them off in the silver rack outside the since run out. This doesn’t seem to concern shop. and facilities have provided utilities and them too much, however. from the beginning space, rent-free. When reCycle first began, it they’ve run the program on good faith and must was housed by the city in the old arCC dance believe that if it is meant to continue, it will. “if you know of anyone in need of a bicycle studio location on 10th avenue and state, and they’ve since been given another generous do- who cannot otherwise afford one, please send

Photos: Troy McQuillen

Landscaping Irrigation Greenhouse Garden Center

them our way,” mark and Jim state with enthusiasm. They often receive referrals from human service agencies but get many walk-in customers as well. “People are starting to know we are here. When they have a bike they no longer want, they think of us, instead of setting it next to a dumpster,” said Jim. if you have a bicycle to donate, leave it in the silver bike rack at the old k.o. lee building on south first avenue and south Harrison (across from the Boys and girls club) or contact Jim at 605-380-9257. mark and Jim will get your bike fixed up, donated, and back on the road. To make a monetary contribution, send a check or money order written out to united Way and mail to: United Way c/o ReCycle PO Box 1065 Aberdeen, SD 57401

may/June 2013 |


Express Yourself A unique look for your big day our bride is a smart spender. she picked up this thrift store score at The salvation army. Here are some interesting facts you might not know about aberdeen’s classic thrift store:

• • •

gently used and new items are always welcome. They accept clothing, furniture, household items and collectibles. all donations remain at the local store. all proceeds benefit local programs and services of The salvation army. your donations provide assistance with food, emergency shelter, childcare, housing and utilities for those in need in our community.

Photos: Troy McQuillen

Our bride’s bouquet is not only beautiful, it’s delicious! Come see what other edible arrangements are available through the creative hands of Kessler’s produce and floral.

these trendy shoes are therapy for your feet! Alegria shoes have bright colors and patterns sure to lift your mood while giving you comfort that will keep you on your feet all day long, and into the night.

16 |

may/June 2013

Lily’s Floral design and Gifts offers comfort and style in this romantic getaway maxi dress. the maxi is super hot this season (while keeping you cool, of course).

our healthy bride is on the go with her retro-inspired beach cruiser bicycle.

sti’s in the move over, Cake Boss. kri kes custom kitchen. kristi’s Cakes ma stage. desserts worthy of center

Cake photos courtesy:

Kristi’s Cakes

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Local couple married for three quarters of a century

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gottlieb and rose gienger, residents of aberdeen since 1985, are proof that true love can last. They’ve been married over 75 years as of last november. gottlieb and rose met in childhood in the sunday school class of the little long-since-torn-down Hope lutheran Church in rural long lake. as gottlieb and rose got older they began their courtship, jointly attending barn dances and functions at the little country church. after one such barn dance, gottlieb worked up the courage to ask rose to marry him. she shows off a modest gold ring on her softly wrinkled hand. The same gold band gottlieb gave her when she became his wife so many years ago.

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Seen in this picture are Gottlieb and Rose Gienger on their wedding day. She wears a simple, yet stunning white gown and holds a bouquet of pink flowers.

Custom engagement ring Anthony Jewelers Photos: Barb Andrews may/June 2013 |


Exploring City Hall

In the throes of the building’s 100-year anniversary, we hope City Hall’s history will be preserved for the future.


omething’s gotta give! originally built in 1913 for a population of 10,700, City Hall now serves 26,000. That’s why our City Council has made remodeling this historic building one of their top priorities. no one is exactly sure when things will get started, but plans are in the works to carve up the space, move walls, change stairways, and shine things up. City Hall has so much fascinating detail and architecture. it has been mentioned that those overseeing the remodel will take care to restore the building’s historic features rather than replacing them or covering them up. This building has so much rich history.

18 |

may/June 2013

By 1910, aberdeen had become the second largest city in south dakota, so it was decided we deserved our own City Hall. The location was selected, and aberdeen architect george fossum was hired to design the building. fossum was one of aberdeen’s most prolific architects and took special care to create a building with character that iconized aberdeen. if you haven’t stopped to look at this building, take a moment to do so. it is rare in aberdeen to have a building that includes so much character specifically relating to the town. This is most notable by the use of the script letter “a.” This can be seen both on the doorknobs

and stained glass window that graces the west façade facing lincoln street. Climb the steps to the third floor and you can experience this stained-glass wonder in all its glory. When City Hall (officially named the aberdeen municipal Building) was designed by fossum in 1911, he set out to create a modest building. There were considerable debates about how practical it should be, but at the same time, everyone wanted it to be a source of civic pride. fossum delivered both: a building of responsible value and a historic landmark. Through the coming remodel, we hope his efforts and work will be preserved. Photos: Troy McQuillen

There are only a few of the monogrammed door knobs left in the building. Some appear to have a ring of patina or paint around the letter. This one is from the Judges Chamber door on the third floor.

Fortunately decorative light globes, removed from previous remodels, are safely stored away, hopefully to return soon.

Much can be interpreted from this stained glass window which graces the west stairwell. The letter A is bright gold, representing a bold, prosperous young town. It is in the middle of a circle, which is fitting since the term Hub City was being used by everyone. The canes of lead which intersect the circle could represent the railway tracks that pierce Aberdeen in every direction.

After 100 years, due to marble’s porous composition, many of the stair treads have been worn down.

The long arched hallway of the second floor is wide and rather clinical feeling. But the tile floor and marble staircase are features rarely seen these days.

may/June 2013 |



y t i n u m m o C

Gardening can be more than just a hobby.

You can start a garden anywhere! Container Gardens

Convenient and useful for apartment living or if your house doesn’t have a yard. you can grow herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, and many other outdoor plants.

Fairy Gardens

These gardens are made up of tiny furniture and plants that would suggest a fairy resides there. Jessie latt of Parkview nursery recommends starting a fairy garden in a stone birdbath or an old hope chest for an extra touch of whimsy.

Herb Gardens

For a lovely start to your flower garden, check out options like these available at Beadle Floral & Nursery


Photo: Troy McQuillen

or aberdeen gardener mary Worlie, the Brown County director of equalization, gardening is more than just a hobby; it’s a key component of a satisfying and meaningful life. she finds gardening to be food for the soul. “it makes you feel so good,” she says. don’t be intimidated to start gardening if you haven’t done it before. There are many resources available to you in the community through the Public library, Brown County extension office, and your neighbors. mary recommends striking up a conversation with anyone who has a garden you admire. “Tell them how much you like their garden, and you’ve made a friend.” she says gardeners are very generous people who are happy to share gardening tips, seeds, and produce. “gardens build community. They help people in neighborhoods to connect and care for each other.”

5 questions Before you start: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

20 |

How much space do i have available? How much money do i want to invest? How much time do i have to care for my garden after it’s planted? How much sun exposure is there on the gardening area i have in mind? Why do i want a garden? for flowers? for food? for the fairies?

may/June 2013

These can be very handy and save you a lot of money, especially if you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs. They are also an ideal choice for container gardening.

Vegetable Gardens

from fields of corn to a tomato in your window, these gardens are primarily planted for the purpose of producing fresh, nutritious, delicious food.

Flower Gardens

Planted largely for their aesthetic value and aromatherapy, these gardens beautify any space. Chose your favorite color and a pretty pot.

Community Gardens

This is a 1,200 square foot plot made available to you through the City. if you don’t have room for a more sizable garden, consider renting a community garden plot. for information on availability contact the Parks, recreation and forestry division at: (605) 626-7015.

The Flexrake hand trowel from Parkview Nursery is an essential garden tool.

Copy and Chamomile

aberdeen aquatic Center

• • • •

Leisure Pool 3 Water Slides Lap Pool with Play Features 380’ Long Lazy River

10th Ave. SE & S. Dakota St.


Lee Park Book Review: Still Life by Joy fielding Recommended Tea: Valerian Root by Jennifer Streifel


n may 8, 2013, the amPl book club will be discussing the suspense novel Still Life by Joy fielding. The story begins in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on a warm, march day. interior decorator Casey marshall is momentarily distracted by a still-life painting while having lunch with her two closest friends. little does she know that less than one hour later, as she walks toward her car in the parking garage, a silver-colored suv will ram into her, rendering Casey into a stilllife, powerless to move or speak. However, she can hear. over time Casey discovers that a detective spinetti is suspicious about the accident. Was it attempted murder? if so, who arranged the accident? Was it her ex-business partner Janine, or sweet, giggly friend gail? Was it her junkie sister drew, or wealthy, handsome husband Warren? Could it have been nurse Patsy? Who did it, and what lies ahead for Casey marshall?

i chose this book after seeing it on the mondays ’r’ murder reading list for march. i had read Joy fielding’s See Jane Run years ago and enjoyed fielding’s skillful writing. Still Life was a quick, satisfying read. it was suspenseful without being depressingly dark. i also appreciated the author’s efforts to research the medical accuracy about the possible experiences of an individual in a comatose state. The story was of personal interest to me because i had a brother who was in this condition for about a month, following a vehicular accident. i would suggest reading this novel with an accompaniment of valerian root tea. This tea is traditionally used as a sleep aid and has a calming effect. experiencing a sleepy feeling while reading this novel might offer the reader a more accurate window into the mind of Casey, the main character, who spends the majority of this novel in a coma. Jennifer Streifel has been an avid library user since 1981 as a college student, then as an elementary school teacher, and has been an AMPL book club member since 1999. Photo: Troy McQuillen

The AMPL book club is free and open to the public. They meet monthly at the Alexander Mitchell Library on the second Wednesday at 7 pm.

Municipal Golf Course

18 Hole Course | Cart Rental Club Rental | Driving Range Snack Bar | Beer Tee Times on Weekends

Hwy. 281 North Next to Village Bowl


Still Life by Joy Fielding Available at the Alexander Mitchell Library

Wylie Park family fun Headquarters!

Campground | Storybook Land | Land of Oz Mini Train Rides | Carousel Rides | Balloon Rides Paddleboats & Canoes | Mini Golf | Go Karts Zoo | Bumper Boats | Bike Rentals Valerian Root Tea Available at Natural Abundance $7.69 per box

Hwy 281, 1 Mile North of Aberdeen

888-326-9693 may/June 2013 |


Event Calendar



An entertaining look at many centuries of games, puzzles and pieces Friday 5pm, Saturday and Sunday 1-4pm | Dacotah Prairie Museum An art exhibit showcasing her spring collection, part of her Four Seasons project Showing all summer long | NSU Beulah Williams Library Featuring local fresh produce and canned goods Thursdays, 3-6pm | Central Park

33 Miles Live in Concert

roncalli high school graduation


twenty-first annual golf for Kids


ArCC dance recital

17 -18

Music on Main


fischgaard short film project

Christian pop music with mainstream appeal Friday, 8pm | Dakota Event Center Independent filmmakers make a short film from start to finish in one weekend Friday 5:30pm Kick off at Red Rooster, Public showing 5pm Sunday at Aberdeen Community Theatre

24-26 Art and bicycle spectacle

Weekend event includes live music, workshops, free food and free helmets Starts Friday, 6pm | Downtown Main

Sunday, 2pm | Roncalli High School

Handicap and scratch divisions, 18 holes of golf Monday, all day | Moccasin Creek Country Club Kindergarten through High School Performances Nightly recitals starting at 6pm | Johnson Fine Arts Center Nate Poeppel and the Living Tree; June Bug and Gonzo 5 Friday and Saturday, 6-12pm | Downtown Main Street

third season of Custom Cruisers

Cars, trucks, bikes, and vehicles of all kinds 11am-4pm | 105 N Lincoln, Next to the Pub


Central high school graduation


through the Lens Camera Club

Sunday, 2pm | Golden Eagle Arena

Photographers including professionals, enthusiasts, and amateurs are welcome Every 3rd Monday, 7pm | ARCC

Dan Cleberg


running for veterans 5K


take Me Out to the ballgame


final friday

nsu graduation

Saturday, 10:30am | Barnett Center

presentation College graduation

Saturday, mass at 11am and ceremony at 2pm | Strode Center

walk Ms: Aberdeen

Money raised supports those living with MS and research for better treatment Saturday, 10am-12pm | Plymouth Congregational Church

bike Art show Opening reception

A bicycle-themed art exhibit by area artists, featuring music by Rad Jackson Saturday, 7pm | Red Rooster Coffee House

22 |


Opening day of farmer’s Market



Kicking off three weekends of horse racing in Aberdeen Saturdays 1pm, Sundays 5:30pm | Brown County Fairgrounds

fun and games

Martha Mehlhoff nature photography


11 & 12 northeast Area horse racing


“taste of home” Cooking school show


beats and beers Music event


A-town girlz roller derby

Tickets for the show can be purchased at Kessler’s Thursday, all day | DEC

Featuring such local artists as Rad Jackson and Ish the Stomach Saturday, 9pm | Slackers Bar Roller girls bout it out on quad style roller skates Saturday, doors open at 6pm | Expo Building

may/June 2013

Todd Schaffer

Walk | 5k – Show your appreciation at this fun community event Saturday, registration at 7:00am, run starts at 8:00am | Wylie Lake Park Smitty’s baseball home opener playing Sioux Falls West Tuesday, 5pm and 7pm | Fossum Field Featuring a full range of local and regional live music Friday, 6pm | Ward Hotel

remember to check out the Aberdeen American news every thursday for upcoming events listed in the Out and About section.



Yelduz shrine golf tournament


Avera Medical group Cardiology race


frosty’s Music festival

7, 9-10 family fun weekend


final friday



pampered on the prairie: A healthier More beautiful You

Community golf tournament sponsored by Yelduz Shrine Saturday 8am, supper to follow | Rolling Hills Golf Course

Camp dreamMakers benefit ride Funds help children with special needs to attend the camp Saturday, 10:30am | Wylie Park

A-town girlz roller derby

Watch these girls bout it out on quad style roller skates Saturday, doors open at 6pm | Expo Building

go-kart racing at Kart track begins

Contact Roger @ 605-380-5414 for more info Every Saturday, 4pm | Aberdeen Karting Club Track (East of BC Speedway)

Fun and budget friendly activities that the whole family will enjoy Thursday-Sunday, start time varies | Wylie Park

hub City garden walk

View beautiful gardens in and near Aberdeen. Funds raised benefit community projects. Thursday 12pm-8pm; $10 (for info contact Barb at 605-225-3678) | The Questers Organization

Walk | 5k | 10k | Half Marathon Saturday, half start time 7am, 10k start 7:30am, 5k start 7:45am | Wylie Park Flag Pole

Featuring a variety of musical genres and bands from the region Saturday and Sunday, all afternoon and evening | Centennial Village Featuring a full range of local and regional live music Friday, 6pm | Ward Hotel

A day especially for ladies in rural Brown County Saturday, 10am-4pm; $25 to include lunch | Granary Cultural Center

Dan Streifel


All dakota fine Arts invitational begins


Chamber golf tournament


Artists from North and South Dakota will be featured in exhibition Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4pm | Granary Rural Cultural Center

Sure to be the best Chamber Tournament yet Monday, 10:30am registration | Moccasin Creek Country Club

Mary Worlie


Chip youth healthcare program


Arts in the park


grape times


schwab fest

Children’s Art Camp

Open to children grades 3-7, Call Lora at 605-6267117 for more details Wednesday-Sunday, 1-5pm | Granary Rural Cultural Center

6, 13, 20 & 27 Aberdeen Aqua Addicts

Watch this hometown ski show team perform. Fridays in June, 7-9pm | Dahme Lake on Hwy. 281


beats and beers


sanford Children’s ChiLd services spring spectacular

Featuring Phantom Balance, Malt Liruoqs, and Rad Jackson Saturday, 9pm | Slackers Bar

An event offering classes for caregivers Saturday, 9am-12pm | Ramada

Brought to you by the APD, contact Ben at 605377-4253 for more information Saturday, 1-4:30pm | Yelduz Shrine Center Celebrating its 38th year of arts, crafts, food and entertainment Saturday and Sunday, 10am-6pm | Melgaard Park

Let’s enjoy the


Support SPURS therapeutic riding while enjoying great wine, food and entertainment Thursday, 7-10pm | Parkview Nursery Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band Featuring opening act Melanie Koehlmoos Friday, 8 pm | Mina, SD

Craig Mickelson 605-380-1823

Heather Smith 605-228-9042

Aaron Darling 605-228-3229

may/June 2013 |


Daytrips and Staycations

Call 1-800-710-CAMP to make a reservation today.

Getaway Cabin at Mina lake Your summer vacation awaits

Pampered on the Prairie A Healthier, More Beautiful You

Presented by the Granary Rural Cultural Center ladies, this one’s for you. grab a few of your closest friends and spend the day together in beautiful rural Brown County at the granary. The granary is an oasis of culture and artistic landscape nestled in Brown County’s countryside. With the dacotah Prairie museum, they are hosting an event called Pampered on the Prairie. This event on saturday, June 29, is specifically for women, with this year’s theme being “a Healthier, more Beautiful you.” Women are natural caregivers. Through educational sessions and intriguing demonstrations, you can learn to better care for yourself as well. Taking time to pamper yourself will result in better overall health and happiness. you deserve it. Register to attend Pampered on the Prairie by contacting the Dacotah Prairie Museum at 605-626-7117. The cost of the event is $25, which includes a homemade, healthful lunch. The Granary is located at 40161 128th Street, near Groton. For directions and a printable map, go to




Community. Life. Style.



Uncovering natural aesthetics in architecture and cosmetics at Profiling Beauty



Great reasons to plant a tree



March/April 2013

CorreCtions FroM last issue

I blame the schools.

Looks for her

In our Arbor day article (p. 13) The name of city forester Aaron Kiesz was incorrectly spelled as Aaron Keys. While we believe that it would be easier if Aaron just changed his name to match, we’re sorry about the screw up. It won’t happen again, Eron.

24 |

may/June 2013

are you dreaming of good times with friends and family this summer, laying in the warm sun, enjoying your favorite book, and telling stories by campfire, at your very own lake cabin? and are you then remembering with great disappointment that you do not own a lake cabin? Well don’t sweat it. We’ve got the perfect solution. mina lake offers a cozy log-style cabin for rent with a scenic porch overlooking the water. There’s an outdoor eating area, a place to build a fire and room for you and three or four of your closest friends (or family members). The cabins are climate controlled and include bunk beds, a double bed, a table and benches. and this staycation is affordable on any budget, at rates ranging from $37-$47 per night. so grab your sleeping bags, a sixer of your favorite beverage and a cooler packed for grilling and call the gang together for a memorable weekend at mina lake.

In the Kitchen with First Premier Realty


Cook pudding and Jello with 3 cups of water until thick. Pour over 8-10 oz. frozen strawberries.

• • •

Cool for 2-3 hours in refrigerator.

1 pkg vanilla pudding (not instant) 1 pkg tapioca pudding 1 pkg strawberry jello (3 oz.)

Add 8 oz. Cool Whip. Garnish with sliced fresh strawberries.

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