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T h e ultimate battle in gaming history has been talked about for many years. Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation are the most talked about game consoles in the gaming world. This December, the new updated versions of the two systems will most likely be the gifts to have for Christmas, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Each system has different and similar advantages and disadvantages. The question is which game console is the best gateway to the virtual world? Once you unbox of these game consoles, the first thing you see, of course, is the console itself. The shape, the style and “Where can I put this?� are usually the first things that comes to mind. The Xbox One is quite strange in its design. The system seems just as big as or maybe even bigger than the Xbox 360. The style seems stale and flat. The design can make it blend into other entertainment components of a person’s room. The PlayStation 4 on the other hand seems more like a game console. The size of it is just right and can fit in most places of a room. The style seems sharper and h a s n i c e p r o fi l e ,

pay to play online, which is a first in PlayStation history. much This might be a downfall in the better than the PlayStation 3. This has to be a one of beginning for Playstation 4 but the most attractive game system most gamers have maybe in the future, it might pay ever seen. off. Design is not the only thing the consumer looks for in a game system, performance is one of the key elements in this console war. Once you finishing setting and installing the systems, you will find yourself in the main menu of the console. Both systems seem to run smooth but PlayStation 4’s menu seems more unorganized and confusing at some points.

The Kinect and PlayStation Camera are two similar looking items for the two systems but outweigh the other a lot. Xbox One’s Kinect is one of Microsoft’s greatest creations for the Xbox. The new Kinect now has facial recognition. This feature is quite amazing and fast and makes it seem futuristic. Someone can simply walk One of the biggest features in the two systems, of right in to the Kinect and sign in to your profile course, is the online gaming. Xbox is known for its in an instant. The PlayStation Camera has the outstanding performance in online gaming but with the similar feature but is not as fast and accurate as PlayStation 4, Xbox One may have an unexpected the Kinect. This component requires an amount opponent. PlayStation 4’s online gaming seems to of light to function well. have some features that the Xbox One is missing like real-name and Twitch support. Microsoft announced PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are no doubt amazing that they postpone those features and hopefully will be gifts to get for gamers everywhere for Christmas. up and running. The down side for the PlayStation 4 Even with the PlayStation 4 having a $100 price players, you must difference, both gaming consoles have their advantages and disadvantages. With design, multiple features and online gaming, the consoles have been neck and neck in this battle of the best gaming systems but it is still too early to tell. So it is up to you, the player, to decide which game console is supreme.

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can be a stressful process. Sometimes you just can’t find the right gift, most especially with the limited places that you have to work with on Guam. The frustration of finding the right gift for the right person becomes a chore. On the other hand, some receivers of presents, (although grateful) are left wondering what kind of thought went into giving them a gift that they have no use for or interest in. These gifts are then stashed away, never to see the light of day-which results in the giver just wasting their time and money. Pretty horrible for a holiday that was supposedly about love and good cheer, huh? How can this annual feeling of frustration be avoided and keep both parties happy? Invest in experiences rather on useless trinkets that may just likely be stashed away. You may forget what you received three Christmases ago but would you forget a romantic evening out gazing at the stars with someone close to your heart? Cupcakes, a panini and red velvet frappes with your best friend for lunch? Or a nice family dinner at your favorite restaurant? Of course not, you took a million pictures of it and posted half of them on Facebook and Instagram. Spending time with loved ones beats a questionable present any day. You wouldn’t waste your time trying to figure out what the perfect present would be or stress over whether they would like it or not. Such a “present” would be as simple as saying, “Hey [insert name of recipient here], let’s have dinner at [recipient’s favorite place to eat] this weekend. I know how much you love that [favorite dish].” Or “I know you’ve been wanting to go skydiving for a while now, let’s set up an appointment.” This way, you were able to give the gift of having a pleasant dinner or an exciting experience that the recipient will definitely never forget instead of being worried about getting the wrong color or design-or the worst yet-the wrong size (uh-oh). This is most especially helpful for those who have little to no time to shop around-or let’s face it, for those who lack the creativity. The feeling of knowing someone thought about your interests and happiness is priceless. Jessica Malinao, a Business graduate of the University of Guam in 2011 who now resides in the mainland, says the



best present she has received was an all-expense paid trip from her brothers to Palau. “I actually fly free so their gift to me was technically paying for food, transportation, and boarding during our stay. I didn't see it that way though. For me, the gift was taking time off to spend with me during the few precious days of summer.” Since one of her brothers was an elementary school teacher, it really meant a lot to her that he was willing to dedicate part of his break to her. In addition, her brother’s decision to take her to Palau was special as they were supposed to go with some friends previously but was not able to, so it was also a way to make it up to her. Learning experiences that can be shared with a significant other make some of the greatest memories. Take Business major, Jaran Aguon, who said the best present he’s ever received was a certificate to get diving certified from his girlfriend so that they could get their licenses together. “When I opened it, I knew that this gift would come with another great experience and moment to remember as a couple,” he said. Aguon was quite excited, as he knew diving was something neither of them has tried before. “We had so much fun learning how to dive. Underwater, we became all giddy and blew kisses, showed each other heart signs with our fingers and eventually kissed,” he said. Receiving material things are great, it’s exciting to have a beautifully wrapped box to unwrap on Christmas morning but many prefer gifts that will stay with their heart for a lifetime. “Although I do enjoy receiving material things as gifts, it doesn't compare to the gifts that come with no price tags on them,” said Nicanor Mercado, a Communication major. The best present Mercado ever received was the being able to fly out to see his sister out in Maryland last year to spend Christmas together as a complete family. Since it’s been four years he’s seen her, it was a very enjoyable and unforgettable experience for him. “These materials gifts we receive each year, they're temporary, but the gifts you can't find in stores, they're forever,” he said. This Christmas season, create experiences, give your time and last but not least, put your heart into giving presents. Giving the gift of experience is giving unforgettable memories that the recipient will hold in their hearts forever. Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas!

EXPERIENCE By Catherine Bungabong


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ith the holidays approaching, it is that time once again to put up the tree, hang the lights and spend ridiculous amounts of money on presents for loved ones. However there is nothing like a good ol’ holiday playlist to bring out the inner holiday spirit. Normally, the same old songs are heard time after time. While there is nothing wrong with the classics, sometimes an old song could use a new trick. Here is a mix of new original holiday music and overlooked covers that give those famous classics an interesting twist. 10. MXPX – Auld Lang Syne One of numerous songs on the playlist that take classic holiday songs and make them work in a way that none would imagine. MXPX turn up the volume and the pace as they give this well-known song new life. A guitar solo and gang vocals add a nice touch to the song as MXPX does what they do best. 9.Weezer – Come O Ye Faithful Here is yet another cover with a modern twist. Rivers Cuomo and company take this holiday classic, add distortion and magic is made. The duel solo between Cuomo and guitarist Brian Bell and the three part harmonies through out the song adds the bells and whistles to please the ears of any listener. 8. Descendents – Christmas Vacation Although the holidays are mostly seen as a time for joy and happiness, that is not always the case. In this song the punk veterans sing about losing a girlfriend while she on holiday with another guy. The chorus alone will leave you singing along but at the same time feeling sad as lead singer Milo belts, “Christmas vacation / you took a vacation from me.”

7. Tenacious D, ft. Sum 41 – Things I Want The artists alone should be an indicator that this is one hell of a song. Pounding drums and Iron Maiden-esque guitars shatter what starts off as a nice tune with all the fa la las and the narrative provided by Santa. As the music begins to settle Jack Black starts to list all the cool “stuff” he wants from the North Pole this Christmas. Even though the things Black wants are bizarre like, a statue of Moby on the surface of the sun and a sleigh pulled by flying skunks, it is hard to refuse this awesomeness of three and a half minutes. 6. New Found Glory – The Christmas Song Known for their cover songs through out their career, pop-punk heavyweights New Found Glory add a folksy touch to the Christmas song. Vocalist Jordan Pundik provides his distinct vocals as acoustic guitars and light percussion play all through the songs that will give listeners that warm holiday feeling. The band also add a verse in which they refer to Hanukkah and Kwanza noting that is not only Christmas time, but holiday season in general. 5. Blink-182 – Won’t Be Home For Christmas Known for their toilet bowl humor and catchy choruses, the Mark Tom and Travis show does not disappoint with this bratty song about the holidays. With a bah humbug spirit bassist, vocalist Mark Hoppus laments “It’s time to be nice to the people you can’t stand.” The song gives all the scrooges in the world an anthem to sing along to. If you won’t be home, just leave the presents at the door though. 4. The Ravenettes – The Christmas Song Not to be confused with previously mentioned New Found Glory song, The Ravenettes bring an almost bluesy vibe to Christmas slowing things down for listeners that want to sit around with their significant other and just enjoy the holidays.


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3. Dustin Kensrue – The Good Night Is Still Everywhere Keeping it simple with two acoustic guitars and a whole lot of soul, Kensrue sings about how good life can be and how special the holidays are. The added touch of a slide guitar brings out the warmth of Kensrue’s vocals as he sings, “This good night is still everywhere to me”--a line that will keep you warm by the fire wherever you are. 2. Relient K – 12 Days Of Christmas “What’s a partridge, and what’s a pear tree? I don’t know so please don’t ask me,” sings Matthew Thiessen during the chorus of this cover of one the most popular Christmas songs. Relient K mixes energy with musicianship as they blow out the speakers while counting from 1 to 12. 1. No Doubt – Oi To The World Before they were one of the biggest bands in the world, No Doubt was a small punk band from Anaheim. On this song, the band display their strength with punchy guitar and bass with horns to go along with drums that showcase singer Gwen Stefani and her voice. The message of the song outshines the musicianship though as Stefani sings about unity and love rather than presents. The holidays are a special time all over the world, as it brings people together to celebrate another year of life despite all the struggles that happen along the way. It is a time to enjoy friends and family, and there is no other better way to celebrate than grab a guitar and start singing songs. Visit the Triton’s Call website to hear the playlist in its entirety.

By Colin Leon Guerrero


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Popcorn flying everywhere. That just about summed up the experience of watching World War Z. The sci-fi thriller was 116 minutes of non-stop action, complete with buttclenching scenes and Brad Pitt in all his macho glory. So there were a few no-way-didhe-survive-that moments. And the skeptic would doubt that a single man solved a mystery that the left the world’s most intelligent scientists puzzled. But World War Z was not just another zombie bloodbath—its thrilling plot and heart racing scenes made it nearly impossible for audiences to catch a breath.

Most Bizarre Sports Moment: Power goes out at the Superdome Super Bowl XLVII was supposed to be the big post-Katrina comeback for New Orleans. All was going well, until a power outage plunged



Well folks, we’ve survived another year. 2012 didn’t kill us, and while the doomsday cult took some time off to readjust, the rest of us went on having a great year. Before we ring in 2014, let’s take a look back at the stories, happenings and events that made 2013 a year to remember.

Best Blockbuster that wasn’t a sequel or a remake: World War Z

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the Superdome into darkness during the third quarter. At that point, the Ravens had a comfortable 28-6 lead. When the lights returned a half hour later, the 49ers stepped on the field with a newfound energy—scoring 17 straight points. It looked like the power outage gave the blowout game a much-needed jolt. Despite the effort, the Ravens won the thrilling game with a final score of 34-31.

Song that will always remind you of 2013: Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke You could not avoid this song if you tried. “Blurred Lines” spent four months at number one on the Billboard charts, making it the longest-running number-one single in 2013. The song played on every radio station at least three times an hour, and when you tried to change the station, there it was again. “Hey, hey, hey.” Haunting you like a bad stalker.

People could not stop talking about: Miley Cyrus Love her or hate her, Miley Cyrus (and her publicity team) is brilliant. She shocked the world with the release of her raunchy music video for “We Can’t Stop,” an even raunchier performance for the VMAs, and a twerking episode with Robin Thicke—all coinciding with the release of her latest music video “Wrecking Ball.” She’s always been making money off her fans, but she’s making even more off the haters who keep her name in the news. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, and Miley can’t stop.

Local news story that caught our attention: North Korea Threatens Guam On March 21, North Korea released a statement threatening Andersen Air Force Base: “The U.S. should not forget that the Anderson (sic) Air Force Base on Guam where B-52

A Year in Review

By Katrina Palanca

Image courtesy of Lucas Jackson, Reuters

takes off and naval bases in Japan proper and Okinawa where nuclear-powered submarines are launched are within striking range of the DPRK’s precision strike means.” While Guam did keep an eye on the news, local residents didn’t take the threat too seriously. Like any other bully on the playground, North Korea eventually stopped talking.

Biggest Celebrity Scandal: Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend Hoax In January 2013, sports blog “Deadspin” published an article stating that the reported death of Manti Te’o’s girlfriend last year was a hoax. Te’o, then a college football player for the University of Notre Dame, was a rising athlete. An acquaintance named Ronaiah Tuiasosopo admitted to having feelings for Te’o and inventing the identity of Lennay Kekua to express his love. Te’o had never met Kekua in person. After getting into an argument with Te’o, Tuiasosopo decided to kill the Kekua character—only to call Te’o a few

Image courtesy of Art Chan, EIF Guam

months later claiming that she faked her death.

Image courtesy of ABC Australia

song and dance. Hundreds of people attended EIF, decked out in neon and lights, ready to spread the love.

Worst Baby Name: North West The attention-hungry duo strikes again. In a move that made headlines, Kimye gave their daughter a directional name: “North.” Kimye can say what they want about the meaning and symbolism of “North,” but it’s clear that the name is a pun on her rapper dad’s last name.

Party of the Year: Electric Island Festival The pristine shores of Gun Beach provided the backdrop to the first electronic dance festival in Guam. Electronic dance DJs from Los Angeles and the Philippines joined local DJs in performing for the largest electronic dance movement to ever hit the island. The Electronic Dance Music scene created the modern day hippie—united by the love of

That Came Out of Nowhere: Pope Benedict XVI Resigned On February 11, the Vatican announced that Pope Benedict XVI would step down as pope in a little over two weeks. When the announcement was made, Pope Benedict said that the resignation was due to his declining health. In August, however, Catholic news agency Zenit reported that Pope Benedict resigned after having a mystical experience with God. The resignation brought worry over a handful of Catholics who believe in the Prophecy of Popes—a group of 112 phrases written by St. Malachy that predict the succession of Roman Catholic popes. According to the prophecy, St. Benedict’s successor was to be the pope who leads the world into Judgment Day.


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By Jesse Mangham


lthough it is the season to be jolly, many people find it difficult to keep the smile on their faces. They end up breaking down, overwhelmed by the stress that comes with the Christmas rush.

In Guam, Christmas can be more than hectic if one doesn't set limits to abide by. And the reason behind all the craziness is none other than family, or more specifically, extended family. it is common to find people around the island with 20 or more close extended family members. Others have that many in nieces and nephews alone that without Christmas limits on gift giving it becomes impossible to end up buying presents for each and every one of them. This is the case for 33-year-old James Rosario. He and his college-going girlfriend do not have any kids of their own but, between the both of them, they have 19 nieces and nephews, not to mention four young brothers and sisters. They choose to buy presents for the whole bunch. The couple plans to move to Hawaii after Rosario's girlfriend graduates from UOG this December. "Since it's our last Christmas here, we want to make this year a big deal." But with their responsibilities of work and school, they are really feeling the pressure of the holiday season. "It's hard with so many kids. Hard to set a budget and hard to find the time to shop with our busy schedules." Rosario hopes that they can pull off this seemingly impossible task. For some people, Christmas stress doesn't just come from giving gifts but also from family get-togethers. Colin Leon Guerrero, a 22-year-old Communication major and soon-to-be graduate, only buys presents for his immediate family, close friends, and godchildren. However, he has large family gatherings every year and hardly ever looks forward to them. "I don't get along with my Dad's side of the family." Leon Guerrero remembers that it's the time of year for cheer and good times so he decides to do the right thing and soldier through it. If he is really feeling stressed, he has his ways to deal with it. "I run or play guitar." It is a simple but effective solution. But in December, Christmas isn't the only thing that a student must worry about. For Jasmine Stole, another Communication major who will be marching this month, there is quite a load on her shoulders. At 22 years old, Stole's stress level on a scale of one to 10 is at a peak 700. Although, that it mostly from studies and not much from the holidays. Like Leon Guerrero, she only shops for her immediate family and, of course, herself. "Who else knows what I want?" For her, holiday stress is easier to deal with than school stress. To fight it Stole drinks wine and eats holiday food to overcome the end of year headaches. Top it off with school and Stole gives a simple solution, "If I can afford to, I ditch classes and errands and do something that I want to do." With all kinds of obligations that can tire a person out, it is difficult to remember to keep smiling. But if one has ways of working through the hardship, they can keep their blessings from turning into burdens and enjoy the holiday cheer. After all, it's Christmas and nobody likes a grinch.


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What a student wants for Christmas doesn’t just consist of the commonalities, but also necessities for college survival. For a list of random wish list ideas to buy for the college student in your life (or for yourself), keep reading. 1. The oldest gift in the book: money. No doubt, this would be the most essential to a student’s survival, or anyone for that matter. It’s also the best fallback to any doubt a person has for a present. 2. Laptops. The trend these days seem to consist of more and more students experiencing the let down of laptops that weren’t so relentless. With the recent wave of new and improved laptops, no one can go wrong with the latest MacBook, Ideapad, or innovative hybrids of tablet notebooks. 3. Plane tickets. Yes, this would be the definition of the dent in one’s wallet, but to experience a vacation away from home or even to come back for family is priceless. 4. Concert tickets. At present, the most wanted concert tickets that UOG students would crave are the Pepper tickets. This rock/ reggae band has captured many islanders and their performance on December 31 would be the ideal way to ring in the New Year. 5. PS4. When it comes to owning the latest video game console, age is definitely just a number. This is probably on every gamer’s wish list and just perfect for the good boys that stay at home (and some girls, too). 6. Video games. What’s a PS4 without new video games? Avid gamers line up at midnight for new releases all the time. 7. GoPro. These cameras are affordable and pump out high-quality images and videos. Anyone with an active lifestyle would appreciate this gadget. 8. Bluetooth speakers. Spending Christmas vacation on the beach would not be complete without speakers. Bluetooth speakers make it even better since fighting with the wires might cause stress levels to rise. 9. Smartphone. There is only a handful of the population that can live life without a phone. Most college students do not fall into this category. With the many deals that eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist have to offer, there are no limits to finding the right phone, with the right price tag, for the right person. 10.Basic necessities for college life. A very different, but beneficial gift would be items that could potentially save a student’s grade. A unique USB would not go unnoticed; neither would a classy leather portfolio. 11.An IV connected to a bag of coffee. If a student does not get to enjoy the Christmas break because of intercession, coffee might be the most important drug to stay on. 12.Memory foam mattress topper. No doubt, this gift is worth drooling over, especially after the crash caused by the above mentioned coffee dose.

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Oh, the 12 Gifts of Christmas By Bingle Pizarro

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FOR CHRISTMAS By Ruzelle Amparo

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, each Christbelieving child prepares him or herself to answer what is perhaps the most asked question of the holiday season: "What do you want for Christmas?" Once the year begins to come to a close, many children start to write their letters to Santa, describing what they would like to receive on Christmas morning. While not everyone will remember what they received on their birthdays, they almost always remember their favorite Christmas presents, even as kids. As a kid, Salvador Avilla, age 21, mainly received "sports stuff." "My favorite was a Nerf Football," said Avilla.

13 |


Jennie Evans, who is in her 30s, received mainly Cabbage Patch Kids. In the 90s, it was the LinBarbies and board games. She remembers being coln Log Cabin and Super Soakers. really excited when she received Monopoly one year. There are still many toy options for a child's Christmas present. The Polly Pockets have upClemence Castro, age 23, says that he mostly graded and the Barbies have more clothes. Howreceived toys but really looked forward to particu- ever, today the gifting game has changed and lar toys. "Dinosaurs and robots. If it could trans- kids are more likely to have received something form, then I'd go nuts," Castro said. with a bright screen or something that can be hooked up to one. Over the years, the items on a typical child's Christmas list have changed. What used to be Kevin Primacio, 19, observed that he usually sees toolsets and bicycles have become iPads and kids receiving video games, tablets, iPods, cellvideo games. Back in the 80s, what were consid- phones and computers for Christmas. ered to be the top-notch presents were slap bracelets, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and

om / get .c f ht tp:/ /ww w.p adg ad yo rtes cou ge Ima

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Avilla's observation was no different and admits that he wishes that gifting strategies these days were different. "I wish I saw more stuff being used outside," said Avilla. "Kids today aren't as active. They have lots of energy but it isn't being used." In 2011, Jason Gilbert of The Huffington Post wrote that the iPad was the most desirable holiday gift for kids and teens. In fact, children as young as 2-years-old have received iPads as Christmas presents. Last Christmas, Drew Chamberlain gifted both his children, Zaiah, age 6, and Zane, age 9, iPad Minis. Each year, Chamberlain has his kids write letters to Santa Claus and mail them to the North

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Pole. In those letters, the two young Chamberlains detail exactly what they want for Christmas, which Santa almost always provides in full. "She (Zaiah) wants a new iPad because her screen's cracked. And they both want phones so we're going to be doing that," said Chamberlain of this year's gift plans. However, not all parents are so easy to give expensive electronics to their children, such as Evans who is a mother of two. She and her husband try to keep Christmas simple. For example, last year they presented their son Griffin with the Hungry Hungry Hippos board game last year as

opposed to a video game. "Mostly with the G's (her children Griffin and Gwendolyn) I'm worried about something getting busted. So we don't go that way," she said. This year, Evans says she's thinking about gifting Griffin with a scooter and a baby doll with a stroller for Gwendolyn. With the efforts of parents like Evans, perhaps Avilla's wish of more practical gifts is closer to reality than he might think. Somewhere out there, a little girl has only two items on her Christmas wish list: her front teeth.


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A Charitable Christmas By Pauline Patacsil


veryone knows Christmas is just around the corner when Christmas songs are playing out loud at every single retail store and Holiday hits fill radio stations. It is also inevitable to see Christmas trees laced with vibrant, multicolored lights.

Christmas can mean different things for all sorts of people. For some is a religious practice, the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. For others, it could simply mean nothing more than spending precious, quality time with family and friends. For the rest, it may the season of giving to others and receiving presents. Instead of competing and outdoing last years’ Christmas gifts a better way to end 2013 would be giving to someone in need. There are thousands of charities out there. Choosing one might seem overwhelming, so here are five, easily accessible charities you could donate to this Christmas and spread the holiday spirit, and put a smile on someone’s face.

1. Vitamin Angels Vitamin Angels is a non-profit, non-government charity that focuses on supplying pregnant women, mothers, and children under the age of five that lack essential nutrition, specifically Vitamin A. More than 190 million children under the age of five are affected from vitamin A deficiency (VAD), which is the leading cause of child mortality. So far in the last three year, Vitamin Angels has helped forty countries in need by giving out more than one hundred million vitamins. By donating to Vitamin Angels can you reduce the child mortality rate and contribute to the protection of survival of a child in need. To donate, visit their website at

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2. Animal Welfare Institute The aim of Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) is to decrease the suffering of animal cruelty by people. When this organization was first created, its goal was to stop cruel animal experimentation. Throughout the years, AWI has expanded and addressed other serious affliction on different animals. At the moment, they are focusing on factories that raise animals just to slaughter them. In addition, they are also working on reducing the harm caused by humans to endangered species. In order to donate, you must first become a member of AWI. The minimum donation of any members is $35 with the exception of students and senior citizen members who are able to donate a minimum of $10. To become a member and donate, visit their website at

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3. Ronald McDonald House: Collecting Soda Can Tabs Ronald McDonald House offers a multitude of charities for any personal preference. One charity under the Ronald McDonald House is donating soda can tabs. By simply donating your soda tabs will this charity be able to earn money by recycling aluminum. So far they have raised up to a million dollars. These specific funds help underprivileged families through their Pop Tab program. You will be able to give your soda can tabs to your nearest Ronald McDonald House or drop them off at any McDonald's fast food restaurant. For more information, check out the Ronald McDonald House official website at

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4. Child's Play Child's Play is a game industry charity that organizes worldwide toy drives to over 70 hospitals worldwide. This organization is committed primarily to improving a sick child's life by presenting them with toys and games. The Child’s Play staff were able to arrange wish lists on Amazon that were filled with video games, movies, toys, and books. By making these wish lists are donors able to either buy the actual item, which is directly sent to the organization, or give money for the purchases itself through PayPal or check. So far, over 17 million dollars worth of toys, games, and books were donated. To donate to a child in need, visit their website at

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5. Freerice Freerice is a non-profit website that essentially offers a unique and innovative way to fight world hunger by playing their online games. By winning these games will players be able to raise rice. The multiple-choice games include a variety of education subjects such as English vocabulary, geography, literary, and human anatomy. In order to donate, players must click the right answer. If you click the right answer, you receive a harder question. If you get the answer wrong, you get an easier question. For each answer you right, Freerice donates 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. To start playing their online games to donate, visit their website at

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Although everyone has their differences of how they celebrate Christmas, we can all agree that Christmas brings people together, whether it’d be family, friends, or even strangers. Receiving gifts may be one of the many perks of Christmas but nothing compares to the feeling of showing people you care about your appreciation for them through the gift of giving. Happy Holidays!


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By Sabrina Fernandez Garcia


t’s the end of the year and holiday cheer is quickly becoming inescapable. “All I Want for Christmas is You” is in heavy rotation on the radio, K-Mart has every inflatable snowman on display, and Christmas magic reveals itself in the form of Santa cloning himself to make an appearance at every shopping mall. As jolly as the first 25 days of the month may be, the last few days leave us with the gnawing reflection of the year in review. And shortly after the contemplation comes the even scarier reality – the year ahead of us. This overwhelming thought process typically leads us to dissatisfaction with our current lives. However, we tend to banish that anxiety with the surge of motivation to improve. Said motivation usually manifests itself in a list. You know which

The most important thing to keep in mind throughout the resolution process (or throughout life, really) is that setbacks are inevitable, but comebacks are optional. Redemption is a choice that is all yours. With all that being said, here are most people’s top five New Year’s resolutions and the suggested solutions to keeping them.

Get fit. There is no place more crowded than the gym during the month of January. Regular gym-goers know firsthand that the sea of new faces they encounter in the beginning of the year rarely become familiar. Instead of swearing by a new gym membership and investing in a ton of new workout gear, drink more water. Go for a side salad instead of a side of fries. Park farther from where you need to be to walk longer. These aren’t dramatic changes but understand that dramatic weight loss isn’t going to happen over night. Little healthy changes will help build a healthy lifestyle. And remember, it’s okay to have a donut every once in a while. The key to get-

17 |


one I mean. They’re the things we love to make and hate to break but just can’t shake – New Year’s resolutions. When you get down to the nitty-gritty of it all, New Year’s resolutions are rooted in good intentions. There is nothing bad about striving for self-improvement. However, years of existence have hyped up the tradition and have distorted the fundamental purpose of it all. These days, we tend to set unrealistic goals for ourselves and inevitably break our own promises before February arrives. New Year’s resolutions have thus become a joke and something to scoff at during holiday parties. This isn’t propaganda to dismiss the custom altogether. Think of this as a reminder of how we are all human, imperfection is in our nature, and error is forgivable.

ting fit is no secret. Eat clean and exercise often. It won’t work unless you do.

Stop procrastinating. Procrastination, otherwise known as the death of us all, is something everyone wants to rid themselves of. There’s something about that last minute rush that we all find addicting to the point of repeating it every single time. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this pandemic. It’s just a matter of prioritizing. Figure out what your priorities are and act accordingly. Easier said than done, but it has to be done.

Get Organized. Think of how much time is wasted correcting mistakes made out of pure laziness. The paperwork we throw to the side after a long day at work suddenly goes missing a couple of hours later because we didn’t care to put it in a designated area. To start getting organized, label everything. Labels help remind us what should go where. This small change will prevent future clumps of clutter.

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Spend less money. College students everywhere can sing the no money blues in unison. With tuition and student fees to pay every semester, there isn’t much room for the non-frugal to survive. Much like eliminating procrastination, prioritizing plays a big role in spending less money. Make a list of things that have financial priority to ensure those get taken care of first. Also, set a side a small amount of whatever income you have and put it away for future use. Something as small as $5 dollars every payday can add up over the course of a year.

Stop smoking/drinking. Most people resort to smoking and/or drinking as a way to de-stress themselves. Cigarettes and alcohol have become the go-to means of sanity. With highly stressful lives, college students are inclined to heavily rely on these substances. If

you have found yourself in this group, the first step to quitting requires a change in attitude. Decide that your health is more important than these harmful ways of alleviating tension. Find other ways to take the edge off. Take a walk, write it out... whatever helps you for the moment and is healthier for you in the long run. None of these suggestions to keeping the resolutions are secrets. In fact, most of them are common sense. The new year that is fast approaching is one more reminder that we’re another year older. Maturity heeds more liability. It’s time to cut the nonsense and accept that we are solely responsible for our lives and that our decisions shape it. Blaming the universe was so high school and there is no room for teen angst in the adult world. Decide what you want your life to be and believe that you are the means to achieving that life. A happy new year to you and your choices. TRITON’S CALL

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Triton's Call – VOL 35 | ISSUE 4 | DEC 2013  
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