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Denver Magazine is Marketed Throughout the U.S.A

when others see a

HOUSE I see a


ART $50 million in sales in 11 months Gwenivere Snyder Luxury Broker 303.718.1085




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About the Editor Trisha Ventker

EDITOR IN CHIEF Trisha Ventker CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER Trisha Ventker CONTRIBUTORS Dayna Baird Richard Carroll Chad Chisholm Maia Parish Tiaja Pierre Charlie Price

Trisha Ventker is an author, photographic artist, branding expert, social media influencer, publisher of ELIFE magazine, NoCo magazine and Denver, Colorado Luxury magazine.

Reader impressions

have surpassed 11 million for the magazines, with the Denver, Colorado Luxury magazine leading readership, being nationwide. She is best known for her first book Internet Dates From Hell which had the movie rights optioned by


Paula Wagner. Trisha is also one of the first Indie Book authors to have a book optioned for the big screen. Ventker is originally from New York City, presently residing in Colorado for the last 14+ years, with her husband and son.

photo above: Hardy Klahold cover photo: Chad Chisholm



Feature Modern Christmas Trees: Matthew Bliss Fashion Lady Gaga and House of Gucci Madre Matriarch La Familia Deck the Halls Food & Wine I’m a Classic Man - Charles Heidsieck Champagne Health & Beauty How to Up Your Brow Game Travel For the Love of Frisco Gift Guide Must Haves: Holiday Gift Ideas Denver Guide Hotels, Restaurants, Boutiques and Culture


Dayna Baird “How to Up Your Brow Game”

Richard Carroll “Lady Gaga and the House of Gucci”

Chad Chisholm “Madre Matriarch La Familia” “Deck the Halls”


Maia Parish “I’m a Classic Man Charles Heidsieck Champagne”

Tiaja Pierre “Madre Matriarch La Familia” “Deck the Halls”

Charlie Price “Madre Matriarch La Familia” “Deck the Halls”






What made you realize there’s a need for a modern tree that is more like a piece of f ine art?


Tell us about your newest tree with the LED illuminated lights with the option to change colors:


I didn’t realize that the tree would resonate with people until I unveiled them at the Denver Modernism Show in 2011. It was then that I discovered that the trees resonated with modern design enthusiasts. A part of the marketplace was looking for an alternative to the traditional artif icial Christmas tree. “Finally a tree that reflected their modern design sense.”.


photo: Chad Chisholm

Mat t Bliss

The tree is illuminated by a single LED spotlight that sits on the floor pointing up at the tree rings. The result is magical. Shadows and reflections dance onto the walls and ceiling throughout the room. This year we have released the new Modus LED spotlight that will allow the customer to select any color or the rainbow spectrum by phone app and remote. The LED allows you to set the mood you want and change it as your mood changes. In addition there are a dozen color cycles to choose f rom and the new LED will even dance to music!


We are so excited to feature you and your incredible Modern Christmas Trees Matt. Please tell us about yourself and how this came about:


I’m a third generation Colorado native. I live in Denver, Colorado and run Modern Christmas Trees out of my home. The tree was originally designed by my Grandpa Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker in 1966. He was an engineer who did projects for NASA before he started his own A-f rame Cabin business building hundreds of cabins throughout the Rocky Mountains. He made several trees for the family f rom the 1960’s-70’s. He was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2010. In 2011, I decided to update his tree as a tribute to him and show the world his contribution to modern design.

photo: JC Buck


Tell us about a story f rom a customer that touched you:


One of the most rewarding parts of sharing the trees are the stories I receive f rom customers all over the world. Their experience of owning a tree and how it impacted their holiday. One story came f rom a man who had purchased the tree for his wife. He sent me an email with a photo of his tree in their home. The message said “Thank you for continuing your Grandpa’s legacy and sharing the trees”. He went on to say that his wife has adored the trees for years. He purchased the tree for her and stated he wanted to provide her a special Christmas knowing this in all likelihood would be her last. What product creates a response like this? Makes me proud!





Shark Tank has a wonderful experience! It forced me to learn every aspect of my business. I watched every episode of the show and wrote down every question that sharks asked and studied the “right” answers. I then made life sized cardboard cutouts and placed them in the appropriate seats in my basement and practiced my pitch hundreds of times. It worked! After spending over an hour pitching and negotiating with the sharks I landed on a deal with Barbara Corcoran. She has been a great partner!

Tell us what type of person usually will cherish your product:

We have learned exactly who our customers are by talking with them and asking questions. They have a sophisticated design sense and a desire to make the holidays special and memorable for their family and f riends. They often live in major cities across the US. In many cases they live in codos. The tree solves their problem of space and storage as the tree collapses flat. The other major market is commercial applications including luxury hotels and business lobbies. We have tree installations at The Disneyland Hotel, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, and the Fairmount Hotel in Dubai.



Tell us about your experience on Shark Tank:

photo: Chad Chisholm

What are your goals for Modern Christmas Trees over the next 5 years?

Over the next 5 years we will continue to focus on our “true fans” creating products that resonate with them and continue you to try and improve on the trees. Continue to grow the business and open up international markets. Triumph against all odds. photo: JC Buck



Jeff Crase Jeff CRase, a 5 star realtor has been featured on HGTV


Diversification through Franchise Ownership

1370 South Broadway Denver, CO 80210 303.777.1370



2630 E 3RD AVE

D en ver, CO 80206

125 N Tejon St.

C o. S p r ing s, CO 8 0 9 0 3

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Genesis Gomez

NMLS 1008931

FITLENDING.COM 10146 W. San Juan Way Unit 100 Littleton, Colorado 80127

720-585-7600 Office: 303-667-4771 cell:

I believe in educating individuals and families in the home buying and refinancing process. Asking the right questions upfront to understand their unique financial situation is key. I want to make sure my clients feel 100% confident when they are working with me.

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”If given the opportunity to earn your business I will promise you the best customer experience. We want to show you why we are the best, not the biggest, but the best. We care about all of our customers and want to earn a customer for life by educating you on products, service, and replacement equipment. We want what is best for you, our customer. Thank you for your time and we look forward to helping you with all of your garage door questions or concerns, big or small.” Trapper Searles | Owner DENVER’S BEST CHOICE WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR GARAGE DOOR AND OPENER SOLUTIONS 303-345-4707 |



Lady Gaga and the

House of Gucci Richard Carroll

credit: Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

credit: PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

Richard Carroll is a nationally known travel writer honored with eight international writing awards. Richard has covered all seven continents, and with family heritage dating to early Colorado.

“Lady Gaga and the House of Gucci” Richard Carroll A character of epic proportions The treachery, scheming and conspiracy within

Both of Lady Gaga’s parents being of Italian an-

the House of Gucci is wholly exposed via the irra-

cestry, she was born Stefani Joanne Angelina

tional actions of madness, finery, clandestine af-

Germanotta in 1986 in Manhattan. In various

fairs, and voracity depicted in the House of Gucci

interviews however, she has made clear that

film, a movie that is far beyond a melodramatic

her performance in the film was not meant to

stage play or soap opera. The leading figures in

speak from the perspective of an Italian-Ameri-

absorbing world of fashion, as well as all of Italy,

can woman, but to portray the perspective of an

were astounded, shocked, and surprised, when

Italian woman. Realizing that portraying a living

on the morning of March 27, 1995, Maurizio Guc-

person on film greatly increases the difficulty,

ci, 46, grandson of Guccio Gucci, the creator of

she spent three years working on her character,

the Gucci fashion realm, was shot dead on the

changing her hair from blonde to brunette, re-

footsteps of his office in Milan, Italy’s most styl-

searching and studying Gucci documents, lis-

ish city. After two disarrayed years of court dra-

tening to Reggiani’s tapes and recordings, and

ma, Milanese socialite Patrizia Reggiani, Mau-

devouring newspaper accounts.

rizio’s former wife, was convicted of murdering Maurizio Gucci and rewarding the hit man with

In order to perfect Reggiani’s accent, Lady Gaga,

a hefty sum of $365,000. She was sentenced to

a superbly trained contralto with a wide vocal

29 years in prison but was released in 2014 after

range and near perfect pitch, visited Vignola, a

serving 16 years. Later, she was observed on the

small Northern Italian city noted for fruit farming

streets of Milan with a parrot on her shoulder,

which was Patrizia Reggiani’s hometown. Lady

seemingly unfazed, and throughout the follow-

Gaga spoke solely in the thick Italian accent she

ing years has spoken openly about the murder.

heard there, not only on set but also to friends and family making certain variations depending

Tabbed the “Black Widow” by the Italian me-

upon the person with whom she was speaking,

dia, Reggiani was approached by a writer from

and with her sensitive ear achieved the task on

the Guardian asking, “Why didn’t you shoot


him yourself?” She replied, “My eyesight is not so good. I didn’t want to miss.” Reggiani’s tan-

Lady Gaga mentioned in several interviews that

gled and complex motivation is the core of the

she stayed in character as Patrizia Reggiani for

biographical film, House of Gucci, directed by

more than a year and near the conclusion of

Ridley Scott, with Emmy and Oscar winner Lady

filming experienced episodes of misplacing real-

Gaga undertaking the demanding role of Patri-

ity and disconnecting from family that were ini-

zia Reggiani. Surrounded by a cast of superlative

tiated by her intense onscreen transformation.

actors—Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci, Jere-

The filming of House of Gucci was set in various

my Irons, Salma Hayek, Al Pacino, Jack Huston,

parts of Italy including Milan, Lake Como, the

Reeve Carney, Carnille Cottin, and Sophia Lor-

Italian Alps, and Florence, wrapping in May 2021.

en—Lady Gaga altered her personality, under-

The factual story, covering three decades of love,

taking a severe transformation to become Patri-

infidelity, and revenge, is a memorable slice of

zia Reggiani.

life to ponder.


A Natural Talent ... Artisan crafted and inspired by the spaces in which we live, love, work and play. Explore the finest collection of handmade leather products and accessories. Old world craftsmanship lives at Hyde Leather Company.

Vintage Feelings Collection

Voted Denver’s “Best Designer Jeweler” 250 Columbine St. Suite 130 Denver, CO 80206 303.355.5050

Custom Handmade Designs Exclusive International Designers GIA Certified Diamonds

MADRE MATRIARCH LA FAMILIA photographer: Chad Chisholm @luxemodelsglobal hair: Charlie Price @charliepricehair MUA & grooming: Tiaja Pierre @tiajamaisondebeaute fashion styling: Hailee Lucchesi @hailee.lucchesi models: Susan Zager@silvermodelsusan RJ Rivera @what_about_rj Salvador Cruz @salvador77co coat/cape: Qinti skirt: Anthropologie men’s longsleeve: Mountain Khaki jewelry: vintage hats: Olive and Pique

coat/cape: Qinti skirt: Anthropologie bracelet: vintage hat: Lack of Color

cardigan/coat: Qinti skirt: Anthropologie men’s longsleeve: Mountain Khaki bracelet: vintage hat: Olive and Pique

blouse: ASTR skirt: vintage

Suit: The Vintage Label, Ted Lapidus Couture Paris

men’s longsleeve: Mountain Khaki pants: Mountain Khaki bolo: vintage RJ hat: Olive and Pique Sal hat: Olive and Pique Sal necklace: vintage

Deck the Halls Editor in Chief, Trisha’s gown: R& M Richards Embellished Cape Dress Fashion Director, Charlie’s suit: INC Tiaja Pierre’s Dress: vintage Photographer: Chad Chisholm @luxemodelsglobal hair and styling: Charlie Price @charliepricehair MUA & grooming: Tiaja Pierre @tiajamaisondebeaute Christmas Tree: Matt Bliss, Modern Christmas Trees

Trisha Ventker Editor-in-Chief

Makeup Artist Tiaja Pierre

Fashion Director Charlie Price

fashion west winter spectacular Monday, December 20, 2021 4:00 p.m.- 2:00 a.m. Reelworks Denver 1399 35th Street Denver, CO 80205 Tickets:


mó x A

mó is trendy/

(888) 258.7885 |


/it can only be mó contact us




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Over the last two to three decades, the Cuvees of Charles Heidsieck has received numerous accolades for their consistent work. Current Vintages: Brut NV Reserve $65. This brut boasts a deep golden hue. The bubbles are delicate and long-lasting. This wine is complex, elegant, with notes of brioche, stone fruit, and red plum. The palate is a creamy pie crust with red apple and berries. Rose Reserve $70. This rose has a beautiful powdery pink color. The nose has notes of strawberry and mixed fruit cup with whiffs of gingerbread. The palate is a rich burst of raspberry, blackberry, and heavy cream.

Charles Heidsieck courtesy of Wiki

Philippe Andre’

I’m a Classic Man - Charles Heidsieck Champagne Maia Parish

Charles Heidsieck loved fashion. He embodied contemporary French glamour. He was known for the classic cut of his attire and his charismatic demeanor. Charles also happened to own a Champagne house. Charles Heidsieck is the smallest of the Grandes Marques Champagne houses. Established in 1851, Charles Heidsieck’s house has a great reputation for producing award-winning Champagne. Over the past 20 years, cellarmasters at Charles have not only increased the quality but have managed to establish the house as one of the primer brands of the world. Their Blanc des Milenaires 2006 is considered one of the greatest of all Blanc de Blancs within the Champagne World. Charles Heidsieck’s house has become the darling of critics and wine collectors. The house enjoyed great success under the legendary Regis Camus and is now under the watchful eye of Theirry Roset. The US ambassador of Charles Heidsieck is Philippe André, Managing Partner of Folio Fine Wines. Their production and popularity have increased under these powerhouse individuals. The house is now considered to be one of the finest of all champagne producers. Rumor has it that Charles Heidsieck has ties to Denver. He was an avid traveler and made the Transatlantic Voyage, from France to the US, four times. This was a big deal back in the day. However, these visits led to relationships that we not so favorable, and Mr. Heidesick found himself in almost financial ruin. One of his agents, David Bayuad made a series of bad investments, and years later, his brother Thomas Bayaud, after whom Bayaud Avenue is named, gave Heidsieck 127 parcels of land. Heidsieck used the land to pay off his debts and save his brand. Charles was a gifted entertainer and used his skills to propel his Champagne during the American Civil War. He made the first of four visits and was embraced by socialites and politicians in New York, Washington, and New Orleans, among other cities. Where is Champagne? Champagne is an actual region of France. Think of it as a state. In order for a wine to be classified as Champagne, it must come from this region’s exclusivity. Anything made outside of Champagne is considered sparkling wine. The wine uses three primary grapes, Chardonnay (white ), Pinot Noir ( red ), Pinot Muiere ( red ). The wine is transformed through secondary fermentation and only when these requirements are met, then the wine can be labeled as champagne. Methode Traditional, Champenoise, Methode Classique are all terms used for this process. What does Cuvee mean? In the world of Champagne, you will hear terms like “Cuvee” and Prestige Cuvee. The term refers to the top wine that a Champagne house can produce. Cuvees represent the finest style of wine and will be reflected within the price. For example, Prestige Cuvee could cost up to four to six times as much.



A charming mountain town. With its own tubing hill, beginner ski-ride hill, Nordic center & sleigh rides.






A Frisco Frolic Trisha Ventker

A Frisco Frolic Trisha Ventker

Aaah, Frisco. I so enjoyed discovering a wide breadth of Colorado history in this small mountain town set 9,097 feet, nestled in the towering Rocky Mountains. At first glance Frisco seems more like a welcoming village with an abundance of natural treasures and cultural riches, and an ideal place to unplug and recharge. The Friscan’s have preserved the town with an architectural mix spanning a century with a dozen restored buildings including the Schoolhouse Museum and the Frisco Jail that found a home in the downtown Frisco Historic Park & Museum. Only just over 70 miles from Denver, the town has hosted everyone from Native Americans, French, Spaniards, and Mountain Men to a gold rush in 1854 followed by a silver boom in 1879, and of course visitors like you and me. Named after the narrow gauge, St. Louis/San Francisco Railway, Frisco has a robust medley of local cuisines and accommodations set among the expansiveness of a vast landscape that to me is intense and dazzlingly with changing colors and complex weather patterns. Traveling with my husband Tom, son Tristan, and the Mowery family, we booked a large stylish penthouse condo at Summit Mountain Rentals. The location, ideal for strolling Frisco’s Main Street, tabbed “The Main Street of the Rockies,” is perfect for chatting with today’s Friscans. The town is also the ultimate setting for outdoor adventures: Frisco offers 2,500 acres of skiable terrain, 140 marked hiking trails, ice skating, tubing, a large Nordic Center on the shores of the Dillon Reservoir at the eastern end of Main Street, family-friendly snow-mobiling, and incredibly four world-class ski resorts nearby, making it a great launching destination for a great launching destination for skiers with ambitious skiers. Dining Frisco A travel bonus for me has always been experiencing the brisk values of homebased cuisine. Our dining choices were on Main Street and locally owned. Greco’s Pastaria noted for New York style pizza which caught my taste buds. Being a long-time New Yorker, the wide slices, hand-tossed with a thin crust were New York style delightful. Breakfast at the busy Butterhorn Bakery & Café has been a local favorite from the time they opened in 1978, with pastries and bread baked daily. Uptown on Main converted from an old tire shop in the mid 90’s is an ideal dinner choice. My Spinach and Kale Salad with strawberries and pecans and a hefty sprinkle of balsamic vinaigrette dressing was a winner. Bread & Salt, open till 2 p.m. features breakfast and lunch dishes such as a earthy butternut squash scramble and vegetable hash with beets and goat cheese. Spending a few delightful days here it’s easy to see that Frisco is preserving the town’s heritage on a human scale with a modern twist of adventure, and is another mountain-high Colorado gem. More info and bookings:

Real Colorado,



With visions of wildlife roaming free across unspoiled wilderness, the history of Colorado’s Ranch Creek Valley still runs deep here including our namesake and endless real mountain adventure. Experience true Colorado just as the early pioneers did while also enjoying modern comforts of today. Saddle a horse through falling snow, lounge poolside year-round, glide across award-winning Nordic ski trails, or hit the downhill slopes of nearby Winter Park Resort. However you choose to spend your days, cozy lodge rooms with western flair, pasture-to-plate dining, and fireside s’mores await each night.

Located 15 Minutes from Winter Park, CO | (970) 726-3773 |

Welcome Home

Vacation indefinitely with your own acreage at the Ranch and exclusive, full-time access to the resort.

Real, honest luxury.

Nestled in the Elk River Valley, just up the road from the popular ski resort town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, awaits a magical escape at Vista Verde Ranch. Our luxury guest ranch offers spectacular scenery, private log cabins, a diverse offering of guided activities, fine dining prepared by talented chefs, and friendly, down-to-earth Western hospitality. Check out our all-inclusive vacation packages at and start dreaming of sleigh bells ringing and gently falling snow.

St eambo at Sp r in g s , Co lo r ad o | 9 7 0 .8 7 9 . 3 8 5 8 | re s e r va t i ons @ v i s t ave rde . c om | w w w. v i s t ave rde . c om

Iconic Luxury in Downtown Denver

321 17th Street | T +1 303 297 3111 | |


dine with us. stay with us

H E A L T H &

& B E A U T Y



Rocky Mountain Dental Specialists Team (as pictured from left to right): Sara Qadi, DDS | Ryan Lewi Rocky Mountain Dental Specialists Team (as pictured from left to right): Sara Qadi, DDS | Ryan Lewis,

COLLABORATION IS THE DIFFERENCE WE COMPREHENSIVELY DIAGNOSE AS A TEAM. Proper diagnosis leads to proper treatment. With five experienced specialists on the team, we’re able to see every angle for the most comprehensive and best diagnosis. WE COORDINATE PERSONALIZED TREATMENT PLANS AS A TEAM. Coordination provides a comprehensive view of treatment approaches and perspectives. The multifaceted view allows us to meld ideas to craft the best plan WE COLLABORATE TO CREATE LONG-LASTING BEAUTIFUL RESULTS AS A TEAM Patients and doctors all want the same thing – amazing results. Our specialized master team fully collaborates together to create transformational smile solutions.



is, DMD, MSD | Christine Cole, DDS, MHS | Andrew Johann, DDS, MS | Giles Horrocks, DDS, MS , DMD, MSD | Christine Cole, DDS, MHS | Andrew Johann, DDS, MS, PC | Giles Horrocks, DDS, MS


1551 Professional Lane, Suite 250 | Longmont, CO 80501

How to Up Your Brow Game Dayna Baird

Instantly define, groom, condition and hold

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finish with BROWFOOD’s brush-on-gel. Infused

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with Nano-Peptide Complex, a powerful pep-

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tide blend to help promote brow rejuvenation,

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this lightweight formula can work alone or over

motes fulness of lashes and brows. Nourish-

pencils without flaking or hardening. The cus-

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tom-engineered dual-sided brush allows for steady and quick application, delivering the perfect amount of product for flawless results.



FIVE10 Brow & Beauty has been in business for 5 years in Broomfield and just recently expanded to a Littleton location. The Five10 name pays tribute to a close, personal friend who unexpectedly and suddenly passed away from Brugada Syndrome. Dayna started this business to empower and develop each clients’ individual styles.

How to Up Your Brow Game Dayna Baird

Every brow is different. Perfectly sculpted brows are an easy way to make yourself look and feel fabulous by highlighting and accentuating your natural beauty. I take natural restoration seriously; and while subtle results can take between 6-9 months to notice, it’s well worth the wait! Evolution of Brows

Brow trends are constantly changing. Thin, round arches rocked the 1920s. Fuller, less rounded was 1940s fabulous. Thin, slightly arched returned in the 1960s-1970s. While over-tweezed, mis-shaped brows crushed in the 1990s-2000s. Late 2019 to 2021 have been known for windswept, brushed-up brows for a bit, the style has since settled down into gently sculpted territory slated for 2022. Sculpting vs. Shaping

A sculpted brow is mapped and measured, waxed to the perfect shape, and topped with a semi-permanent color to enhance definition. A shaped brow is mapped and measured, waxed to the perfect shape, and left in its natural state. Henna or Tinting can last 2-5 weeks depending on your at-home skincare routine. At first it may seem dark to many, but in a few days it will look the perfect color. Do Serums Work?

Serums are highly effective with regard to eyebrow restoration. I recommend BROWFOOD Clear Brow Enhancing Gelfix. This clear brow gel’s powerful nano-peptide blend helps condition healthier, fuller looking brows while keeping your brow styled. Another product I suggest is Lash by HYDROPEPTIDE. How to Maintain your Brows

• • • •

Please don’t tweeze Use growth serum daily Use serum morning and night to restore damaged brows Be appointment consistent 720.232.1820 Denver, Colorado USA County Cork, Ireland New York, New York USA



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THE ANSWER Created by Broomfield-based civil engineer-turned certified personal trainer Joe Roseberry, THE ANSWER is the newest innovation in home fitness. Users of the patented piece of fitness equipment combine strength, core and cardio training in one fluid movement to achieve a highly-efficient full-body workout in as little as 15 minutes. Available nationwide online as well as in Colorado Home Fitness retail stores, THE ANSWER requires no subscription for workout content; all users have access to hundreds of free, continuously added virtual workouts. THE ANSWER, comprised of a lumbar supporting-cushioned seat and foot stabilizing bar, is easy to assemble, lightweight, portable and can be used on its own or paired with a variety of exercise and sports equipment. $399


FlOYD’S GROOMING PRODUCTS The grip cream, styling cream, and molding paste “pucks” are the perfect stocking stuffers! They vary in hold strength, giving options depending on styling preference. From November 15th – January 2nd, all styling products will be buy one get one 50% off.

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THE DIAMOND RESERVE The Multi Faceted Diamond Necklace by EF Collection features emerald, round and pear shaped diamonds, totaling 0.05 carats. This statement piece is perfect for everyday wear, giving the perfect amount of sparkle. The chain is 18 inches, with a 16 inch adjustment, plus two more 1 inch adjustment making it so versatile with any outfit. Available in yellow, white, and rose gol $895

MUST HAVES Holiday Gifts


THE DIAMOND RESERVE This stunning engagement ring features a 3.01 carat Oval Lab Grown Diamond, D colorless, VVS2 clarity, excellent polish and symmetry, set in a timeless micropavé setting. Handmade in Denver, Colorado. Lab grown diamonds are on the rise, a big look, for an incredible price. $13,000

THE DIAMOND RESERVE This bespoke Men’s Diamond Eternity Band features 11 carats of diamonds, each accompanied by a GIA certificate. Thick gold gives it a bold and masculine feel, while the tension set diamonds give off their greatest luster. Handcrafted in Denver, CO. $80,000

MUST HAVES Holiday Gifts

INTELLIGENT ELIXIRS Hydrating Skin Kit Contains full size Rose Foaming Cream Cleanser, Ultra Restorative Moisturizer & Pure Squalane In the cooler months our skin tends to get a little more dry and dehydrated. Keeping skin properly hydrated is key to youthful, healthy skin. These products have clinically proven ingredients that enhance the skin barrier function to increase internal hydration and keep the skin smooth and supple. $57.00 ($64 value)


SHOP & SIP PACKAGE AT THE HILTON DENVER INVERNESS This holiday season, Hilton Denver Inverness welcomes those near and far for a memorable experience complete with festive offerings and specialty packages. Upon arrival, guests will feel the holiday spirit as they descend upon the hotel’s lit up drive, complete with twinkling trees that enclose both sides, and spot the life-sized housemade gingerbread cottage in the vaulted lobby. In celebration of the giving season, their Shop & Sip Package includes: a $50 gift card to shop at Park Meadows Mall with free transportation and a holiday speciality beverage at Fireside Bar & Grill. Note, the offer is valid on weekend night stays only from Friday, Nov. 12 - Sunday, Dec. 26. For more information: visit:

MUST HAVES Foodie Favs

FOR A GIFT THAT GIVES YEAR-ROUND Subscribers to Seasons of Spice celebrate the flavors of the season with quarterly, chef-curated spice collections to add inspiration and exploration to seasonal cooking. Subscribers (or gift recipients) receive four boxes over the course of a year. Boxes ship quarterly and contain a balanced blend of seasonal flavors to complement favorite fall bakes, cozy winter soups, fresh spring salads, and sizzling summer barbecues. $130

FOR THE POPCORN TIN NOSTALGIST Savory Spice’s new holiday popcorn seasonings include Frosted Cinnamon Bun, Garlic Dill Pickle and Creamy Mac & Cheese – perfect for kids and adults alike. trio $26.99onutorders@hopsandp


BOOTHEEL 7 RANCH HOLIDAY GIFT BOXES Local and sustainable family-owned ranch will deliver beef gift boxes across Colorado’s Front Range and ship across the U.S. The family-owned ranch will be taking orders now until December 7, 2021 for three different sizes of flavorful beef-filled gift boxes, perfect for corporate, client and family gifting. Most products ship frozen and can be home-delivered across the Front Ranch of Colorado or shipped to most of the U.S. within 2-3 days. Bootheel 7 Ranch Holiday Family Box: Ribeye Steak, Bone In (4), Flat Iron Steak(4), Beef Jerky (4), Beef Bone Broth (4), Stew Meat (2), Uncured Beef Hot Dogs (2), 4 Burger Patties (2), 1 lb. Ground Beef (2) $249 Bootheel 7 Ranch Holiday Sampler Box: Ribeye Steak, Bone In (2), Flat Iron Steak (2), Beef Jerky (4), Uncured Beef Hot Dogs (1) $99

Jerky Sampler: A selection of four of our favorite jerkys (Hickory Seasoned, Hot, Garlic BBQ Seasoned, Black Pepper and Garlic) $24.95

MUST HAVES Foodie Favs

THE FORT RESTAURANT COOKBOOK The Fort Restaurant Cookbook: New Foods of the Old West from the Landmark Colorado Restaurant, contains over 150 easy-tomake recipes. This cookbook is a celebration of The Fort, and details the history and recipes of the award-winning and iconic restaurant developed over nearly six decades. More than just recipes, the cookbook offers tidbits of history from the restaurant, as well as dives into the shared experiences of Southwest, Spanish, Mexican, American Indian, African and early European cultures as they lived, worked and ate in the trading forts of the West. $33.99 rders@hopsandpie


BLACK SMOKE BUNDLE For the food historian lover and grill master: In a collaboration with James Beard Award Winner and Coloradoan Adrian Miller, Black Smoke ($29.99) is a spice collection of five regional African American barbecue seasonings in conjunction with his book, Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue. $49.28 $




D enver’s leading guide to highly-rated hotels, restaurants and culture

The Brown Palace The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa is aptly named with its palatial atrium aweing guests of all ages. The hotel first opened in 1892 and has kept its historical charm while providing modern and luxurious amenities. A walking tour of the hotel is available to enlighten visitors of the heart and soul that went into its design and highlights special details only visible to a knowledgeable eye. Despite the close proximity to a bustling downtown, guests enjoy the many restaurant options on-site, including afternoon tea time in the stunning atrium, complete with devonshire cream shipped in directly from England, and the culinary mastery offered at the Palace Arms restaurant, served in a room with hand painted wallpaper and surrounded by ancient relics. 321 17th Street, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 297-3111

HOTELS The Crawford Hotel The Crawford is a truly unique hotel, located in Denver’s Union Station. Designed within the original walls of this historical landmark, which dates back to 1881, guests find themselves enjoying a new room experience at each visit, as no two rooms are the same. The hotel boasts historical yet modern design features, with rooms that feel cozy yet luxurious. Guests looking for a peaceful atmosphere can curl up with a good book in one of the reading nooks while those looking for more excitement need only walk downstairs to The Great Hall. Also known as Denver’s Living Room, The Great Hall features a vibrant array of shops and restaurants with award winning chefs. Whether patrons are enjoying a craft beer from the Terminal Bar or competing in a friendly game of shuffleboard, The Great Hall brings people together, a perfect reflection of the building’s original intention. 1701 Wynkoop Street Denver, CO 80202 (720) 460-3700

D Four Seasons Four Seasons hotels are known for their luxurious accommodations and unmatched customer service, and the Four Seasons Denver is no exception. From the moment guests enter the hotel, they are treated to an experience like no other. Large suites with stunning mountain views, unforgettable meals at the famed EDGE Restaurant & Bar, relaxing treatments at the full-service spa, and delicious cocktails served poolside at the rooftop pool oasis, are just a few of the unique amenities awaiting Four Seasons guests. Its convenient location across from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts complex and just steps away from Larimer Square and the 16th Street Mall, allows guests easy access to shows, shopping, restaurants, sporting activities, and exciting nightlife offered in downtown Denver. 1111 14th Street

Denver, CO 80202 (303) 389-3000


The Gaylord of the Rockies Located minutes from Denver International Airport in the idyllic All American City of Aurora, Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center will feature over 1,500 guest rooms including 114 well-appointed suites and over 485,000 square feet of extraordinary meeting and convention space. As a gateway to the Rockies, Gaylord Rockies will offer memorable experiences to its guests with first-class restaurants, a luxurious spa and salon, diverse shops, winding waterways and picture perfect sunset views. Rustic alpine charm and exciting “open-air” activity make this Rocky Mountain Front Range retreat an adventure in itself.

6700 North Gaylord Rockies Blvd. Aurora, Colorado 80019 (720) 452-6900

The Oxford Hotel The Oxford Hotel, in addition to being one of the most popular luxury hotels in downtown Denver, is the oldest operating hotel. It has seen many enhancements through the years, perfecting the art that is a luxury hotel, while preserving the character and integrity of its history. As a registered landmark on the National Register for Historic Places, and boasting a stunning display of art and historical architecture, it’s no wonder the hotel receives guests from across the globe. 1600 17th Street Denver, CO 80202 (303) 628-5400

HOTELS The Ritz-Carlton The Ritz-Carlton Denver, located in the heart of downtown, lives up to its name with quality and modern sophistication incorporated into every inch of the hotel. Special attention to detail is evident throughout and provides guests with a tranquil setting to enjoy a luxurious home away from home. Even the youngest of guests are considered VIP’s and eligible to take part in the Ritz Kids program. A myriad of dining options are available within walking distance of the hotel but many guests enjoy paying tribute to famed Broncos quarterback John Elway, by indulging in the fine dining offered on site at ELWAY’S steakhouse. 1881 Curtis Street Denver, CO 80202 (303) 312-3800

Acova Owned and operated by restaurant veterans, Sean and Betsy Workman, Acova debuted in the Lower Highlands area of Denver in June of 2018 and was designed to be the neighborhood joint for friends and family. The kitchen creates an eclectic menu for all lifestyles and dietary restrictions and serves lunch, happy hour, dinner and weekend brunch.

www.acovarestaurantcom 3651 Navajo Street, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 736.2718 Mon - Fri

11 am - 12 am


10 am - 12 am


10 am- 11 pm

R E S TA U R AN T S Barolo Grill One of Colorado’s best northern Italian restaurants, Barolo Grill has also been recognized as one of the world’s best restaurants for wine. In 2018 Barolo was honored with both Wine Spectator’s Grand Award and Wine Enthusiasts’ Best 100 Wine Restaurants award. Known for hand crafted modern Piemontese cuisine and knowledgeable, attentive staff, Barolo is the perfect choice for special occasions or a great night out. Their seasonally changing menus highlight items from the staff’s annual pilgrimage to Northern Italy and features locally sourced ingredients from regional farms and artisans. 3030 East Sixth Avenue, Denver, CO 80206 (303) 393.1040 Dinner

Tues - Thurs

5:15 pm - 10:00 pm

Fri - Sat

5:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Sun - Mon


Ash’kara Ash’Kara, a globally inspired restaurant with influences from Israel, the Middle East and Mesopotamia, is a collaborative partnership with the restaurateur team of chef Daniel Asher and Josh Dinar (River and Woods, the forthcoming Tributary Food Hall in Golden and Mother Tongue at Broadway Market) and Culinary Creative Group (Bar Dough, Senor Bear, Morin and the forthcoming Maine Shack). Ash’Kara is located in Denver’s Lower Highlands neighborhood. 2005 W 33rd Avenue, Denver, CO 80211 (303) 537-4407 Mon - Thurs

4 pm - 11 pm

Fri - Sat

4 pm - 12 am


10 am- 11 pm photo courtesy of Eater Denver

R E S TA U R AN T S Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse The restaurant features warm dining spaces, with local stone and classic mahogany throughout to create an unparalleled ambiance. Enjoy Denver’s premiere smoking lounge with more than 65 cigars to choose from in our humidor. Located in the prestigious Greenwood Village area, it’s the perfect place to reconnect over an intimate dinner and is one of the best steakhouses in Denver. 8100 E Orchard Road, Denver, CO 80111 (303) 796-0100 Lunch


11 am - 2 pm


Mon - Thurs

5 pm - 10 pm

Fri- Sat

5 pm - 11 pm


5 pm - 9 pm


check website

Guard and Grace There’s a reason that Guard and Grace is the first name on people’s lips when asked for a steakhouse recommendation in Denver. Chef and owner Troy Guard wows his patrons with a fine dining experience featuring mouth watering steaks and a delicious raw bar, turning any social gathering into a celebration. 1801 California Street, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 293-8500


Mon - Fri

11 am - 3 pm


Mon - Thurs

5 pm - 10 pm

Fri - Sat

5 pm - 11 pm


3 pm - 6 pm

Social Hour

R E S TA U R AN T S Le French Founded by Senegalese French sisters Aminata and Rougui Dia, Le French is a gourmet, casual-chic French bakery and bistro. Le French specializes in high-end pastries and elevated modern Parisian cuisine with global influences, a nod to the sisters’ heritage. 4901 S. Newport St. Denver, CO 80237 (720) 710-8963

photo credit Rachel Adams

Tues - Thurs

7 am - 9 pm

Fri - Sat

7 am - 10 pm

Brunch Sat-Sun

7:30 am- 2:30 pm

Le Bilboquet Reminiscent of a charming French bistro, Le Bilboquet Denver is located in Cherry Creek North within the St. Paul Collection. The restaurant offers a vibrant atmosphere paired with simple, classic French cooking - bringing a slice of Parisian café culture to the neighborhood. Le Bilboquet is a natural gathering spot to enjoy a chilled bottle of rosé alfresco or classic bistro fare like croque monsieur paired with a local draft beer. 299 St. Paul Street, Denver, CO 80206 (303) 835-9999 Lunch

Mon - Fri

11 am - 5 pm


Sun - Thurs

5 pm - 10 pm

Fri - Sat

5 pm - 11 pm


10 am - 3 pm


photo credit Emily Teater Photography

R E S TA U R AN T S Spuntino Spuntino Food & Wine claims a “Global Mind, Colorado Body, and Italian Soul” and the statement could not be more true. The owners, a husband and wife team, bring their passion for Italian food and culture to the Highlands region of Denver. Fresh, house-made focaccia, gnocchi, and gelato are enhanced by an extensive wine list and intimate setting. 2639 W. 32nd Avenue, Denver, CO 80211 (303) 433-0949


Happy Hour

Tues - Thurs, Sun

5 pm - 9 pm

Fri - Sat

5 pm - 10 pm

Tues- Sun

5 pm - 6:30 pm

Tamayo Patterned after Tequileiras in Mexico, Tamayo invites patrons in for delicious small plates and specialty margaritas designed to perfection, inciting conversation and community. This modern take on Mexican cuisine is not found at a typical Mexican restaurant. Served on the terrace while watching a spectacular sunset over the Rocky Mountains, first time visitors are sure to return again and again. 1400 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80202 (720) 946-1433 Lunch

Mon - Fri

11 am - 2 pm


Sun - Thurs

5 pm - 10 pm

Fri - Sat

5 pm - 11 pm


Sat - Sun

10:30am - 2:30pm

Happy Hour

Daily at the tequila bar & lounge

2 pm - 6 pm

R E S TA U R AN T S The Fort The Fort, an award-winning Denver western restaurant located just southwest of Denver, is one of the nation’s most recognized establishments and sells more buffalo steaks than any other independently owned restaurant in the country. Featuring fine beef, buffalo, game and seafood, The Fort’s menu offers a tantalizing selection of old and new foods from the Early West. The Fort 19192 Highway 8 Morrison, CO 80465 (303) 697-4771 Mon -Sun

5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

The Corner Office The Corner Office, located in downtown Denver, opened in 2008 by restaurateur Peter Karpinski of Sage Restaurant Group. The Corner Office is where enjoying great food and cocktails is your only assignment Loosen up, kick back and slide into prime time with colleagues, friends or someone special. Designed with a modern eye for comfort and good times, The Corner Office features a bustling bar, energetic dining rooms, communal table and private event rooms. 1401 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 825-6500 Mon - Thurs

6 am - 11 pm


6 am - 12 am


7 am - 12 am


7 am-11 pm


LIVE LOVE LASH Serving Denver and surrounding areas, LIVE LOVE LASH Denver provides personalized and professional beauty treatments to a local and worldwide clientele. LIVE LOVE LASH Denver specializes in day spa services including: Xtreme Eyelash Extensions, custom facials, spray tanning, waxing and professional make-up artistry. All services are performed by certified lash stylists and award winning make-up artists and aestheticians in a relaxing studio atmosphere, or ... we will travel to you! 2717 E 3rd Avenue Denver, CO 80206 (303) 388-5274

L U X E FAV S Gnat Jewelers Today, father and son create a beautiful array of custom jewelry ranging from classic to contemporary. While Gnat Original Design is well known for our exquisite engagement rings, we also craft one-of-a-kind pieces in the entire range of jewelry using precious metals, fine gemstones and certified diamonds. 250 Columbine Street Suite 130 Denver, CO 80206 (303) 355-5050 Monday

11:00 am- 5:00 pm

Tues - Fri

11:00 am - 6:00 pm


10:00 am- 6:00 pm

Moore For Life Michael Moore has worked in the cosmetics industry since 1988 with brand leaders such as Bobbi Brown Essentials, Chanel, and Estée Lauder. In New York City, he was often seen backstage during fashion week, supporting major designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Bob Mackie, and Vera Wang. Michael’s client list included Oscar winners, First Ladies of the United States, and royalty. Eventually, the quality of the Colorado lifestyle—the healthy, natural atmosphere that inspires his technique— drew him out west, where he opened Moore For Life in Denver’s own center of chic, Cherry Creek North. 3035 East 3rd Avenue Denver, CO 80206 (303) 484-1857 Tues- Saturday

10 am - 6 pm

L U X E FAV S Hermes A family company whose craftspeople make, often by hand and always with love , bags and belts, diaries and dishes, scarves and shoes, perfumes and purses, ties and travelling furniture, as well as gloves, hats, watches, jewelery and clothes. 3000 E. 1st Avenue Denver, CO 80206 (303) 388-0700


11:00 am- 7:00 pm



D Denver Art Museum The Denver Art Museum continues to wow visitors daily with its extensive display of world-class art, featuring painting and sculpture disciplines, modern and contemporary art, photography, textile art, and other representations from around the world. Temporary exhibitions provide a constant source of new art to view and appreciate. Special activities and games for kids are incorporated into the museum, allowing for an engaging and enlightening experience for all ages.

100 W. 14th Avenue Parkway, Denver, CO 80204 (720) 865-5000

Mon - Thurs

10am - 5pm


10am - 8pm

Sat- Sun

10am - 5pm


Denver Center for the Performing Arts The Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) is the largest non-profit theatre organization in the country. From Broadway tours including performances such as Phantom of the Opera, Rent, Les Miserables, and Wicked, to more intimate theatres featuring comedy shows and other events, and education for all levels of thespian talent, the DCPA offers something for everyone.

1101 13th Street, Denver, CO 80204

Administrative offices: (303) 893-4100 Main Box Office: (303) 893-4100 Mon - Sun

Closed major holidays

10am - 8pm

Denver Botanic Gardens The Denver Botanic Gardens offers visitors an escape to a tranquil, 24-acre floral oasis. It features endless trails to meander while surrounded by a stunning display of natural beauty, showcasing local plants as well as plants from around the world. Many enjoy stopping in at the Offshoots Cafe for a coffee and croissant before continuing their journey. Families enjoy the Mordecai Children’s Garden, a rooftop garden designed for kids, providing them with a safe space to explore and connect with nature. 1007 York Street, Denver, CO 80206 (720) 865-3500 Mon - Sun

9am - 5pm

C U LT U R E Downtown Aquarium The Downtown Aquarium is truly an underwater adventure with exhibits featuring creatures in multiple habitats across the globe. From the desert to the rainforest and everything in between, visitors of all ages will marvel at the beauty of this underwater life. Aquarium visits are enhanced by dining at the aquarium restaurant where delicious meals are served with a view of a 50,000 gallon aquarium containing tropical fish, sharks, and even a mermaid or two. 700 Water Street, Denver, CO 80211 (303) 561-4450 Sun-Thurs

10am - 9pm


10am - 9:30pm

Denver Museum of Nature & Science The DMNS provides visitors with multiple exhibits to explore and perform hands-on activities. Visit the Health exhibit to test your strength and view your self-portrait from 50 years in the future. Explore the Space Odyssey exhibit and experiment with the impacts of water, air, and magnets. Walk through the Wildlife dioramas to experience the magnificent size of a bear. The Discovery Zone was specially designed for small children and gives them the opportunity to expand the use of their fives senses within a safe environment. Museum visitors also enjoy the many shows offered at the IMAX and Planetarium. 2001 Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO 80205 (303) 370-6000 Museum Mon - Sun 9am - 5pm except Dec 25) Shop Dock Hours

Mon - Sun

9am - 5pm 8am - 2:30pm


photo courtesy of The Ritz Carlton

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