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makes this book even better is that at the end of each chapter is a recipe for a dish that she cooked in that chapter. One of them is a Chocolate Rum Cheesecake that is to die for. No pun intended.” “A Kitchen Affair” has received many great reviews and responses one of which said "you'll gain five pounds just from reading it." It is also her best selling ebook. Preflatish’s journey to publishing has not always been a smooth one, she has worked with three publishers two of which closed down.

“The first two closed, the latter closing just three days before my latest book was supposed to have come out. Losing publishers has been a disappointment, but I found my current publisher, Dragonfly Publishing for my last book and am very happy with them. I received the rights back to my previous books and ended up self-publishing those to get them available again as soon as possible.” All though she does not have any authors that have inspired her romance novels. She did find inspiration from the late Robert B. Parker’s “Jesse Stone” novels. This has inspired her police procedural mystery series. I'm working on getting my first novel re-released in a few months and then my next romance is

Reader's Life Magazine:Feb 2017  

Featuring Beverly Jenkins, Carol Preflatish

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