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C ontents Add George heading Kramer: 3-6 Nini Mohamed: 8-10 Lisa L. Borm: 12-15 Dave Creek: 17-21 Lisa Colondy: 23-25

George Kramer

“Without giving the plot away, and I have to fix loose ends, Arcadis has to help save someone that never needed saving. He will have to figure out how, and if, he even can save that person. When you read book seven, you’ll understand Kramer is now the my meaning.” author of multiple “ Arcadis barely self published escaped the books, including catacombs the seven-book underneath “Arcadis” series. Indianapolis. When he returns to his The newest realm, he contracts addition is “Arcadis: Days of a magical virus which will spell his Reckoning” When asked if he doom. To further complicated could give any matters, Arcadis is hints about the astounded when book Kramer George Kramer first became enthralled with writing in the fifth grade when his teacher was reading “Treasure Island” “My mind wandered to the point where I started writing in my notebook.”


a being is able to easily defeat both he and Divinius at the same time. Divinius transports Arcadis to a realm to find a cure for the magical virus so they can mount an attack on the being that defeated them. But Arcadis never returns.Ten long years pass before the sorcerers are finally able to locate Arcadis. And when they find him, they find a changed man.” When asked how the series has changed since book one Kramer responded. “ The series has grown to the point

I can end book eight right where I started with book one, or I can continue on with more adventures. The main character, Arcadis has grown from a magical perspective to being totally humbled, and that is hard for Arcadis to accept.” Kramer thought about leaving the series at 6 novels but two things changed his mind . “The most important reason was my small but growing fan base.At several book signings people kept asking me where book six was.

People liking my books is a great motivating factor. I actually have a few people that call themselves “superfans.” The second reason is that I posed to social media the question how many books I should write. The response was overwhelming. People told me to write as many as I want, some said write as many as the fans would be willing to buy, still others told me Perry Mason had over ninety books, the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys had hundreds.” Currently Kramer is busy with upcoming projects.

“I am working on several things. I am writing the sequel to my medical horror book, I want to write a play (having playwright behind my name would be awesome!) and have it put on local theaters. I may write book eight of Arcadis, I was thinking of writing more horror books (not necessarily in the medical genre) and possibly a book of short stories based on the Regulators (equivalent to police in the magical world.Secondary color powers are Regulators who patrol earth, and are fiercely loyal to the Convocation.

You have to read my Arcadis books to understand.” Kramer is planning on starting the 8th novel in the series as well as working on “ It really depends on the fans reaction, and time management” Kramer also has advice for new writers. “before any editing or formatting are completed, have beta readers read your material. Since you write, when you read your own material, you’re looking at it subjectively

(i.e. you might not see mistakes). With beta readers, they are more apt to see mistakes, and ask questions. Editors will do that too, but beta readers are free. By the by, editors are absolutely essential. Never get a book published without them!”

Nini Mohamed

He also has Mohamed is the At first I didn't take author of "African them serious but the dreams of opening his own sports in America" a self more they told me, shop and starting published biopic my mind was filled novel about his with their knowledge a mentoring coming to America. and everything they program for disadvantaged “I started writing told me was very because I have a interesting and on top youths with education and in message for the of that what I had world and I did not been through while life. see anyone else they raised me After struggling writing about it. It inspired me. My with Selfhas to be me. community also However, i love played an important publishing and paying different writing, every time i part on writing my people to help see something or autobiography I ease the strain someone that thought of nothing and stress caused catches my else but to write from publishing for attention, all i think about everything." about is, write it.” Mohamed is working the first time,he “My mother, father on 3 different novels decided to do and my one of which is set to some research and found that he community. They be published in could publish for inspired me to summer. He has write my entitled it “25 jobs in free through autobiography One year” Apart from Amazon. This seemed like a because my his writing he has parents always told also started a clothing dream come true for him. He is still me stories about line called “The their life, African in America”. looking for a

traditional publisher but is content with self publishing for now. “I chose to publish that way because i couldn't pay the cost of what some companies were asking. It was too much for me. I thought to start with self publishing to get your story out there and when I get the money switch to companies that will publish my books for me.”He also has some great advice for young writers. “I have A lot of advice for young writers, but the most important

one is that If you feel like its your gift to write, don't let anyone else discourage from it. Trust me many people would tell you, your writing is poor, this and that doesn’t make sense. I will tell you don't listen to them, to be able to write is a gift because many people find it difficult to write. If you are a writer, you must write something consistently because that's how you get better at your writing. you will make mistakes but the more you make them, the more you will improve. Follow your dream of writing

because you will never know what you are capable of doing for the world with your writing. you might inspire a lot of people whom were in need for someone to inspire them. Keep up and keep your heads up.

Lisa L Borm

Lisa L Borm wrote her first Laura Ingalls Wilder knock off in 3rd grade. “ It was ripped out of my hand on the school bus and my classmates made fun of me” It was then recovered by one of her teachers. “Miss Bliss rescued the crumbled attempt and offered reassurances. She was the first of many teachers to encourage my writing - it just took years for me to listen.”

in a 3 week frenzy. . “Then my life imploded and I carried this huge manuscript around like Sisyphus’ stone. It is set in my hometown of Brady, Nebraska and is the story of Margo who left but has to move back because of her divorce. Childhood friends are renewed but the ghosts from the past threatens to force them apart once again. Margo finds herself falling Borm is the author for her first love of “When Lightning and it’s all kinds of strikes the wrong. Along the Cottonwood”A novel way there are the that is based in her shenanigans of hometown, Borm living in a small says she wrote the town. The novel 10 years ago

characters try to take care of each other, occasionally fight like alley cats, and seek shelter when their lives turn as volatile as a midwestern thunderstorm. “ “I always wanted to write about my hometown. I’ve been an avid reader since I was a child and desired to read more books (Yay, Willa Cather!) based in Nebraska. So I wrote one. I like real life - the ugliness, the absurdity, the sheer unbelievable Ican’t-believe-theydid-that. Margo is a real woman who is flawed but still deserves to be

to be loved (even when you don’t like her). It interests me how most of us have children before we figure life out. There’s this delicate tightrope dance of growth while keeping your children protected."

“Since this takes place in my old stomping grounds, I did minimum research. I did have to look up when the cottonwood snows and check into small aircraft. The majority of the heavy lifting was improving my writing. A wise Borm wrote the writer passed on a novel with the list of 92 lazy, intention of making inactive, overused it a standalone, but words. I spent says that the more time rewriting characters keep sentences than bugging her and writing the draft.” there may be an When asked why attempt at a she chose to self sequel within a publish: her year. answer was plain. Since she is from “Who doesn’t the area she dream of being the required little next Joyce Carol research for the Oates? setting.

The fact is, I’m unknown and unproven. Even if I were offered a traditional publishing contract - they would not spend money marketing my books. I might as well do it myself and keep the bigger profit. Did I infer I made money writing? I think I just snorted coffee out my nose. I’m learning new life skills selfpublishing and since I’m in the upper age bracket, I’m hoping my continuing education will stave off dementia. Win-win?” Lisa Borm has a 5 book goal this

year. “ A four novella series falling under the title of ‘Feral Women’- I’m half way through the rough draft of the first book ‘Swimming Lessons.’ I’ve also started a short story/essay collection tentatively titled ‘Confessions of the Invisibles.’”

Find a real critique group - not friends and family. I use Scribophile and it has made me a better writer. It’s time consuming and sometimes my feelings get hurt by harsh critiques, but once the tears dry, I usually agree.

AND find and pay She also has some for an editor. You unique advice for don’t give yourself a new writers. “Writing colonoscopy - go to is like raising a professional.” children - you can read all the books and gather advice but then you have to just trust your gut and heart.Write. No seriously, it’s that easy and that hard. Sit your butt in the chair with an egg timer and go.

Dave Creek

Dave Creek is My first book, a short the author of story collection A several short GLIMPSE OF stories and SPLENDOR, came anthologies out in 2009. I'm featured in many working on a new different edition right now, in a magazines. smaller format and a “I sold my first different cover.” short story in 1994 to ANALOG “CHANDA'S SCIENCE AWAKENING tells the FICTION AND story of Chanda FACT. I'd been Kasmira, a "frontier writing for a few ambassador" for the years before that, Earth Unity who's and when I made assigned to the planet that first sale I Splendor. It's a world thought the sitting in a strategic floodgates would location that two alien open. I sold my races may end up next story to fighting over If that them six years wasn't enough, it's later, in 2000. also a world under a But I've sold 22 death sentence, as there altogether, the gas nebula from a as well as to nearby supernova will APEX MAGAZINEwipe it clean of all life and various within a few decades. anthologies.

Chanda is working to find a way to evacuate the two very different intelligent but primitive native species to other planets so they'll survive. The problem is that those species, the valley dwellers and highlanders, are tied to one another in several ways, from commerce to religion. And Splendor's ecology is so odd that she's been unable to find another world that's the same. And the valley dwellers and highlanders are resisting going to separate worlds.

the planet Splendor It already is part of He and Chanda and its unique a larger series I've also shared an adventure related ecology for the been writing. previous short Chanda appeared within GLIMPSE. stories set there. in several stories in Although much of the novel takes Splendor is a ANALOG and place on the planet mostly icy world elsewhere that were collected in A Splendor, I wanted that has several to take Chanda low-lying regions GLIMPSE OF SPLENDOR. As away from there so that are much we could see her in warmer due to for future stories action elsewhere. regular lava flows. about her, stay tuned. I'm turning She visits two other The highlanders to my other major alien worlds in her live in the icy areas latest attempt to and depend upon series character, Mike Christopher save Splendor, not the valley dwellers to make the metal next, for a sequel to just from the weapons and other SOME DISTANT oncoming gas nebula, but from a implements than SHORE, my first potential conflict cannot create novel about him. between the themselves. The His adventures Sobrenians (a valley dwellers, in have also been violent race who turn, trade those chronicled in GLIMPSE, and he considers weaponry implements for, its highest form of among other things, was actually the art) and the Buruden the furs that allow first human to them to explore the make contact with (a starfish-like race).I'd done much icy areas of their the natives on of my research on world. It's hinted Splendor.

that they also look upon the highlanders as being something close to gods.”

He's a character for new writers. who's been long “Find out what you estranged from the want to write the Earth because of most and write prejudices against that. If you want to Creek also has other him as a artificial write a series, do stories coming out human. It's why he that, otherwise soon. became an explorer, write stand-along “I have a short non- and has never been novels. If you want fiction book coming back to Earth for a to write zombie out, titled MARS quarter-century. Now stories, write ABIDES: RAY Earth is in danger, zombie stories.I BRADBURY'S and he finds himself think a lot of very JOURNEYS TO THE drawn back to aid this successful authors RED PLANET. It planet that's never such as Stephen looks at all of appreciated him. King became Bradbury's stories There's no release successful set on Mars, both date set for that, yet.I because they're those collected in also have a number of writing exactly the THE MARTIAN short stories out there kinds of stories CHRONICLES and at various magazines they want to write. the many others he waiting for (I hope!) It's difficult to wrong in his long acceptance and "write to market" career. My next publication. Any story because by the novel should be ALL not accepted at one time you write your HUMAN THINGS, market immediately version of the hot the second Mike heads out to another kind of story and Christopher novel. one.”And has even publish it, trends given some advice are liable to have moved on.

And since very few people ever make their living in this business, I think you might as well write what you want to write. We have many more options now. I sell short stories to magazines, and making a sale of $200 or $450 or more can help finance any selfpublishing you might want to do. My rule with myself (sometimes broken) is that my writing should at least break even, including selfpublishing expenses, going to science fiction conventions, and any other writingrelated expenses. Some years that doesn't happen. You'll have to find out what works for you.

If you think the above advice works for you, that's great! But you may also come across someone else who has completely contradictory advice, and you find it's much better for you. Also great! The only absolute rule I think writers should live by is that money flows TOWARD the writer. Never pay to be published. Someone who says they want to publish you and wants money for it isn't a publisher. They're likely to be a scam. Obviously, self-publishing is different. Then YOU'RE the publisher, so of course you're going to have expenses for editing, cover art, etc I always suggest that new writers,

or even experienced ones, check out Writer Beware www.writerbeware.co m. The site is run by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), but the advice applies to whatever genre you may be writing. Go through the site, study the examples of bad publishers and agents, and learn what to avoid. They also have alerts about specific publishers and agents to look out for, those currently looking to rip off writers who don't know how publishing really works. Remember, anyone can call themselves a publisher or an agent. There's not licensing for those professions. Don't get ripped off! And keep writing!�

Lisa Colodny

“I don’t ever really remember actually deciding I wanted to write. I’ve always loved to write whether it was summarizing the daily events of The Young and the Restless or writing short stories about growing up with my cousins. When I was a sophomore in high school, I made an active decision to actually pen a fictional story. It wasn’t very good but I did enjoy writing it. Years later in 2011 when I wrote Town Time Forgot, I used several “scenes” from that story of so long ago. “ This is Author Lisa colodny on when she began writing. Colodny is the author of “Yellow River Pledge”

“Imagine being Dr Jordan Chamberlain, a successful, beautiful, young medical examiner with the perfect husband, the perfect life, and perfect friends. To an outside observer, she has it all, until her husband announces without warning that he doesn’t want to be married anymore. Jordan’s perfect life crashes and burns all around, her. She buries herself deep into work and embarks temporarily on a career consulting with the FBI’s Violent Crimes Division, under the careful eye of college friends turned colleagues, who support her during

her time of crisis. Almost simultaneously Jordan connects with an acquaintance from work,Detective Sean Logan, the romance that ensues is the most complete, fulfilling relationship she’s ever known until it is threatened by ties she still has to her ex-husband. As she struggles to find closure for an old life she no longer has and define a new life with Sean, their future together is once again jeopardized as Jordan becomes the next target of the serial killer she’s been pursuing through her work with the FBI.”

While this novel is a Stand alone she is working on a series for Middle readers called “Place Where Magic Lives” The inspiration behind “Yellow River Pledge” is clouser. “ Yellow River pledge is about finding closure so that you can move on to the next phase where ever that happens to take you.” With a novel like this one of the most important parts of the story is ensuring that you research. “Since the main character is a coroner. Most of what I needed to research was forensic tests and data. It was all very cool.”

Some other projects she is currently working are. “My second children’s book, Jericho Alley, about a homeless man and his dog is currently seeking an illustrator and then publisher. I have a third adult fiction, Sanctuary Road, in query. I’m about half way through the first book of the Place Where Magic Lives Series. Only pages into the fourth adult fiction piece. .” Her advice for young writers is very simple” Write what you like, not what you think will sell.”

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Reader's Life Magazine: January 2018  

Reader's Life Magazine is proud to present the 1st issue of 2018. This issue features New Releases by authors, Lisa L, Borm, Lisa Colodny,...

Reader's Life Magazine: January 2018  

Reader's Life Magazine is proud to present the 1st issue of 2018. This issue features New Releases by authors, Lisa L, Borm, Lisa Colodny,...


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