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Annual Report

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Introduction Beloved Friends, The pages of this 2018 Annual Report contain pictures and words capturing another year of faithful living. They are not definitive by any means and we seek forgiveness for what we have collectively and unintentionally omitted. It is our hope to have captured some of the moments we have shared, the work we have done, and the lessons we have learned, all with God’s help. We live in a culture unsupportive of our primal need for connection and belonging. Thankfully, Trinity continues to offer a counterpoint to that narrative of rugged individualism by inviting mystery and reflection in our daily lives as well as encouragement and opportunities to serve by reaching out to others with generous hearts, open minds with a willingness to give and receive love. Dying to self in order to be born again for a life of service, connection, courage and compassion has been Trinity’s invitation and purpose in downtown Toledo for 176 years. And while many things have changed since 1842, we are still being called to seek out and find ways to Love God, Love Our Neighbors and Change the World. I pray this Annual Report is an exciting snapshot of who we are and how we continue to live into that bold purpose. May this Annual Report also be a reflection of who we are today and, with God’s help, still becoming—never finished or perfect, but a holy collage of a beautiful progressive, creative and inclusive community in the heart of downtown Toledo, eager to learn and grow and give ourselves away for the sake of the gospel. May we all find the courage needed every day to let down our guard, open our hearts and “move in” to this spiritual home we create together each and every time two or more are gathered in Christ’s name. May you never forget that you are loved.

Lisa The Rev. Dr. Lisa Tucker-Gray, Rector


Table of Contents & Meeting Agenda Table of Contents Introduction ............................................................................................................... 2 Table of Contents and Meeting Agenda ............................................................ ‌3 Draft Minutes 2018 Annual Meeting ..................................................................... 4 Rector’s Report .......................................................................................................... 5 Sr. Warden Message ..............................................................................................6-7 Summary of Vestry Actions .................................................................................... 8 Guild Reports ............................................................................................................ 9 Music & the Arts ................................................................................................10-11 Christian Formation ............................................................................................... 12 Next to New............................................................................................................. 13 A Year in Photos ................................................................................................14-15 Building and Grounds ........................................................................................... 16 Outreach & Community Development ..........................................................17-19 Building Partners .................................................................................................... 20 Annual Budget Process .......................................................................................... 21 Financials ................................................................................................................. 22 2019 Budget.............................................................................................................. 23 Summary of Annual Giving Campaign .............................................................. 24 Parish & Worship Statistics ................................................................................... 25 2019 Vestry Slate of Nominees.........................................................................26-27

2019 Annual Meeting Agenda Organization .............................................................The Rev. Dr. Lisa Tucker-Gray Call to Order Certification of Quorum Appointment: Secretary Approval of Minutes of 2018 Annual Meeting Recognition of Out-going & Continuing Vestry Members ................................. Alice Todd, Senior Warden Elections of New Vestry Members ............................ Becky Roth, Junior Warden Full 3-year term Bob Meeker Dennis Degnan Donna Steppe

2-year unexpired term Roberta Durham

1-year unexpired term Jeffrey Albright

Acknowledgement of Written Reports ......................................... Darrell Cousino Senior Warden Remarks .......................................................................... Alice Todd Rector Closing Remarks & Dismissal ..................The Rev. Dr. Lisa Tucker-Gray


DRAFT Minutes of 175th Annual Meeting Trinity Episcopal Church, Toledo, Ohio

Sunday, January 21, 2018

10:55a.m-Meeting called to order by the rector the Rev. Dr. Lisa Tucker-Gray. Presence of a quorum was confirmed and Becky Roth was appointed clerk for the meeting. The minutes of the January 21, 2017 Annual Meeting were approved as written. Lisa introduced and thanked the existing staff for their faithful service to Trinity: Daniel Catalano (Music Director), Jane Bueche (Bookkeeper), Alma Shebib (Nursery Care) and Lisa Kish (Next to New Manager). She introduced 3 new staff members: Meredith Nicholson (Parish Administrator), Heather Meyer (Community Outreach & Development) and Elizabeth Cousino (Interim Communications Coordinator). Peggy Heider was also thanked for her generous volunteer service during the 9 months of office coverage between parish administrators. Junior Warden Keith Burris thanked the 4 outgoing members: Keith Burris, Darrell Cousino, Scott Dibling (not in attendance) and Gary Franklin (Senior Warden). He also thanked the continuing vestry members: Peggy Heider, Karen Johnson-Webb, Tim Reeder, Becky Roth, and Alice Todd. Senior Warden Gary Franklin shared reflections on his time as warden, expressing his thanks to God and the Trinity community encouraging all to become involved in the exciting future facing the parish. Junior Warden Keith Burris offered the community’s thanks to Gary for his leadership, maintaining the cohesion of the congregation through some challenging times. Senior Warden Gary Franklin presented the slate of 4 vestry approved nominations:: Keith Burris, Darrell Cousino (full 2nd terms), Jill Hunt, and Dennis Degnan (1-year vacancy). With no additional nominations received, Lisa declared the proposed slate elected by acclamation. Trust Officer Greg Shumaker presented a financial report and referenced the relevant pages in the Annual Report. A balanced 2018 budget was approved at the December vestry meeting. Greg announced that Trinity has received a bequest that will be used to pay off the balance of the outstanding nave renovation loan. Karen Johnson-Webb acknowledged the work represented by the written reports included in the Annual Report from Trinity’s ministries, guilds and committees. Prior to Lisa’s closing remarks (and song, May I Suggest), member Cecelia Johnson expressed concerns about the election of Keith Burris in light of the controversial editorials in the Blade. Lisa offered closing remarks in response encouraging all to let Trinity be a place where opinions matter less than our collective core values and our unity. We are here because we are faithful, not because we are right, and we must respond to each other faithfully. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:38am. Respectfully submitted, Becky Roth, Clerk Pro Tem 4


Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. -Mary Oliver If a picture is worth a thousand words, little is left for me to say in this report. In a short 16 months’ time we have found a place and purpose together on a particular corner in Toledo and in a particular moment in Trinity’s history. This collage was created for our invitation to the Celebration of Ministry and Welcoming of a New Rector liturgy this past fall and I am so grateful for all it embodies. In the faces and times it reflects I see God’s incarnate love. I also see the stories and lives we have chosen to share with each other. This past year has been filled with invitations to increase how we are known and connected to one another. Through the new Pop-Up Dinners, 9:00 Sunday Morning Breakfast, Classes, the Lenten program, the Advent Retreat, the Syrian Refugee Camp, protests and marches, hosting Community events to name a few- we are indeed becoming the Beloved Community.Thanks be to a God that loves us wildly and has so much more in store ahead. May you never forget that you are loved. Lisa The Rev. Dr. Lisa Tucker-Gray, Rector, Trinity 5

Senior Warden Message It is with gratitude and a humble heart I write the 2018 Senior Warden Report. I am a life-long Episcopalian and through a series of relocations and circumstances, I now call Trinity “home” and nothing could make me happier at this point in my life. I am one member of a wonderful vestry, and together, with Lisa, we have worked hard this past year and are pleased with all we have accomplished together, with God’s help and all that is still on the horizon. At every turn we experience Lisa’s love of Trinity, vibrant leadership, high energy and enthusiasm—all of which is contagious. Thank you to all the lay leaders and members who have rolled up their sleeves this year to join committees and guilds. It is a wonderful feeling to become a part of a growing ministry with new faces as well as connect more deeply with those who have been here for many years. We hope the time between someone’s first visit and getting involved beyond Sunday morning worship continues to be less and less. At the center of all the progress this year is the dynamic leadership of Lisa, our new rector of only 15 months. To quote the former Sr. Warden, Gary Franklin, “We have been blessed with a new rector in Lisa Tucker-Gray, who possesses great vision, boundless energy, great spirituality (and a darn good voice). In just 5 months she has lit the fuse of renewed energy and excitement.…Stay turned for continued good news!” Gary was correct and 2018 has brought more good news. Here are some of the things Lisa has helped us accomplish this year: Christian Formation: Lisa is a gifted teacher. Whether it is explaining church finances, or teaching Episcopal 101 classes or leading book discussions, her teaching inspires, engages and connect us more deeply as a community. Increased communication: Lisa has significantly increased all forms of communications and far more transparency which has been greatly appreciated and has resulted in a new feeling of trust and engagement at every level of the ministry. Deeper bonds of affection: Sunday’s 9:00 Free Community Breakfast reminds us we are here not just for ourselves but for a community beyond our walls that is hungry everyday. We have also started Pop-Up Dinners- times to gather in each other’s homes and get to know each other- Trinity members have offered over 15 successful dinner with more scheduled. 6

Senior Warden Message (con’t) Worshipping together: Bringing our two services into one worship service after much reflections and discussion has created a more cohesive community and allowed us to live more authentically into our identity as a progressive, inclusive, creative and downtown church. Establishing 5 Ministry Partners: This move has been a creative and helpful way to shift our understanding of Outreach. We have moved beyond charitable giving and donations to begin developing relationships that will change us all in the process. We look forward to growing in new ways with Toledo Streets, Next to New, Open Table Toledo, University of Toledo Campus Ministry and Food for Thought. Community Engagement: The following, while not an exhaustive list, will give you a taste of all the ways we literally, open our doors to the community. Concerts, recitals and performances by: Toledo School for the Arts, Glass City Singers, Toledo Ballet, Actor’s Collaborative of Toledo have been well attended in addition to some newer events including: Toledo’s “Art Loop”, Yoga Classes, and the I RISE March. In November and December over 800 people have been in Trinity for these events. Coming from a finance and long-range planning background, I am always impatient to get projects accomplished and move on to the next. I have found that churches seem to run on a slower clock, but I expect we will see it speed up in 2019 and see many welcome changes. We have a beautiful, and old building that has suffered from years of deferred maintenance and we are working diligently to attend to its needs. Our list for 2019 includes: • • •

Completing the necessary repairs to the Plaza and reopening the front doors Upgrading the fire alarm and security alarm systems Increasing LED lighting throughout the church

These and other projects will in turn decrease utility bills, constant repair bills and increase efficiency. The Property Committee, led by Dennis Degnan, has been hard at work all year. The decades of deferred maintenance are finally being addressed and we are so hopeful and grateful for the work of many to move us through this necessary chapter. And once on the other side, we are committed to maintaining the building as a resource for ministry and community building in the heart of downtown Toledo. Stay tuned for another exciting year and more good news about Trinity and our ministry together. It will be an even better year of service and growth than the one we take time to celebrate today. And finally, I want to thank each of you, the members of this congregation, for your support throughout the year. This work is an honor, a challenge and a life-changing experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. Faithfully, Alice Todd Senior Warden


Summary of 2018 Vestry Actions All year-long, the vestry works with Lisa and our committees to build and grow the ministry we share. The vestry’s two main areas of focus in 2018 were continuing improvements to the church property and helping to create a new Sunday morning schedule. During the year, the vestry made a number of important decisions including: v Welcomed two new vestry members, Dennis Degnan and Jill Hunt. v Supported the hiring of a group of talented staff members, including a Communications Coordinator, Director of Operations & Community Development, Music Director, Next to New manager, and part-time Sexton. v Authorized the final, full repayment of the 2003 nave renovation loan of $2.5 million. v Piloted and then adopted a new Sunday morning schedule, including a 9:00 free community breakfast, 10:00 worship, and 11:15 conversation/formation. v Approved the purchase and installation of an enhanced sound system in the sanctuary, with new speakers, microphones, and recording capabilities. v Oversaw the completion of the first phase of a large project to repair/prevent water damage around the Adams Street entrance to the parish house, to get the entrances from the parking garage and the street reopened. v Accepted the Finance Committee’s recommendation to consolidate Trinity’s two trust accounts under the oversight and management of a single custodian, KeyBank. v Affirmed Trinity’s funding of the licensure fee for Open Table Toledo, a new initiative to create and train small groups of adults to offer a year of support to a youth aging out of the foster care system. v Agreed to sponsor Toledo Streets Newspaper for 3 years to help underwrite monthly printing costs, and identified two Trinity members to build genuine relationships with TSN and its vendors. v Authorized the LGBTQ affirming Universal Orthodox Church to use Trinity’s chapel for its worship service on Sunday afternoons. v Directed the spring 2019 installation of the Timothy Schmalz sculpture “Homeless Jesus” adjacent to the main sanctuary entrance door on Adams Street, along with associated sidewalk improvements. v Received a preliminary proposal and approved next steps toward the installation of a new fire alarm system from Guardian Alarm. v Hosted the first newcomers’ brunch in several years, for those new to Trinity in 2018. v Affirmed a one-year field placement at Trinity for seminarian/member Amy Saylor as she completes her M.Div. v Approved 2019 Operating Budget Respectfully submitted, Becky Roth, Junior Warden


Trinity Guilds The work of a faith community is a holy task shared by many hands and hearts. Following is a brief description of some of the ways we work together to create a community of welcome. These ministries are always eager to welcome new members.


MUSIC and The ARTS Trinity’s Music & the Arts ministry is driven by its mission “to create significant, deep, and lasting spiritual relationships by breaching cultural, monetary, and gender identity barriers through all musical and artistic expressions.” Since joining us in August of this year, Nate Leonard has breathed life and inspiration into these words. We are focused on nothing less than redefining the traditional understanding of “church music.” We strive to include not only people from all walks of life, but musical genres that span a wide range lifting up each as a vehicle into our hearts bringing us closer to the source of love that nurtures, challenges and inspires us all everyday of our lives. Thank you, Nate, for saying “yes” to Trinity, stretching and inspiring us with your excellence, skill, passion and love for music and all of us!

Music, like all other fine art, is an expression of passion. Passion for a cause, another person, an identity, or culture; all are worthy passions that demand expression. My passion for Trinity’s Music Program is to transcend the barriers between cultures, gender identities, race, and economic status. Music can be the thing to make us forget our preconceived notions of how something is or may be for just long enough to have a moment of new insight and freedom. Join us in this work and trust that music can and will open your heart. -Nate Leonard, Trinity Director of Music & the Arts

The Trinity Canterbury Choir includes: Everyone at Trinity is welcome and encouraged to sing in our choir! In addition to Trinity members, we have expanded the choir membership this year to include: 4 Caroline Jobst Choral Scholars: Professionally trained singers offering skill and support 12 Caroline Jobst Choral Students: Local high school students who have a passion for music 1 Caroline Jobst Visiting Artist: An educator/performer with strong ties to the community Trinity Choir practice is Thursday evenings 7:00-8:30 pm (Sept.-June). Sunday morning warmup is at 9:15am after breakfast. All in the Trinity community are invited to join. 10

MUSIC and The ARTS (con’t) Performing Artist Series 2018 Highlights

All year long Trinity opens its doors to welcome a wide range of organizations providing rehearsal and performance space. This act is a gift to the community and an expression of our desire to welcome all. Below is a list of some of the groups who joined us in 2018 and shared brilliant performances- many of which were attended by Trinity members and hundreds of others throughout the wider Toledo community. The Ballet Theatre of Toledo, Jungle Book The Ballet. In addition to featuring the weekend-long performance, the Toledo Zoo brought small animals for guest interaction in our Living Room. The sanctuary was transformed into ... a jungle!

Glass City Singers is an auditioned choir of singers ages 16-30 from the Toledo area under the leadership of Brad Pierson, director of choral activities at University of Toledo. In addition to the April performance, GCS also performed in December 2018 at Trinity. Actor’s Collaborative Toledo (ACT419) Trinity was the venue for a number of stellar ACT productions in 2018 including: Heisenberg An Act of God Nether Realistic Jones

Toledo School For the Arts TSA held performances 6 times throughout 2018, including individual student recitals and choral groups. Trinity loves being a host to these young talented musicians!


Christian Formation Members: Darrell Cousino, Chair, Donna Steppe, Jolene Miller, Amy Saylor, Joan Fothergill, Mary Beroske, Jane Gemmill The Trinity Formation Team spent 2018 planning and organizing opportunities to build community, understanding that faith formation takes on many different shapes and needs different points of entry, access and invitation. Activities like the Monthly Game Night at the Black Cloister as well as the all-parish outing to a Toledo Mudhens Game gave us times to play together. In addition to these outings the Team offered various Sunday morning activities matching opportunities to the seasonsmall discussion groups, guided meditation and sacred coloring to name a few during Lent and Advent. Another highlight was a wonderful ½-day Saturday Advent Retreat. For those who attended, it was a rich and generative morning inviting us into Advent. Another offering was a small group program during Wednesdays in Advent to further explore the themes of “Saying yes to God” introduced at the Saturday Retreat. Other formation opportunities throughout the year included: v Lenten Sunday Adult Formation Preaching & Teaching Series using Brene Brown’s, Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone v Lenten Wednesday (mid-day and evening) Book Study using: Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me v Episcopal 101 4-class series exploring the History, Spirituality, Liturgy and Polity of the Episcopal Church. Over the course of 4 weeks- 65 people in total stopped by for class at least once- an energetic and rich time together. In addition to these events and classes, the Christian Formation Team laid out a framework to shape formation opportunities for 2018-2019. Based on the national “Reclaiming Jesus” movement the team used faith statements to articulate six program themes- one each for our liturgical seasons. The themes of: Making Disciples, Made in the Image of God, Servant Leadership, Social Justice, Cosmic Christ and Ubuntuare being used to help shape and focus our learning throughout the year. 12

Next to New For over 70 years our small but mighty resale shop in the basement has offered the Toledo community an outlet for reasonably priced clothes and home goods as well as kindness, dignity and respect for all. Next to New generates not only goodwill in the community but profits to fund more outreach and community development. 2018 Summary in numbers: • Giveaways of clothing, shoes and other personal items valued at $2,029. • 106 individual visitors found us through referrals from 8 different agencies and walk-ins off the street. • Total generated sales over $18,000. • $6,000 transferred to Trinity 2018 Outreach Budget • Year end net profit was $1,754. Thank you to all who volunteered, offered donations and shopped in the store over this past year; without you we would not be able to do and sustain this important ministry. Please consider joining us- to shop or to volunteer any Monday or Thursday from 9:30-3:30.

Additional Highlights include: August- departure of Lisa Kish, former Manager September 15: New computer and POS system installed September 15: Taylor Tennant hosted Toledo Technology Academy Service Project October-December- staffed by Mary Wabeke & volunteers December 15: Staff announcement includes Lynzi Miller as 2019 Next to New Manager November 3: Next to New All-Parish Work Day for Christmas season prep (17 volunteers) November 18-25: Hat, Mitten, Scarf Drive/Collection for 3 local schools December 9: All-parish Coffee Hour in Next to New A message from Lynzi Miller, Manager of Next to New: “I am beyond excited to begin my journey with this amazing outreach ministry! Already I have witnessed the love, compassion and generosity that Next to New brings to the community and how integral NTN and Trinity are a powerful force for good. Stop by and be a part of what will surely be another wonderful year of working together.” All my love, Lynzi


Buildings & Grounds REPORT Sometimes changing our perspective can make all the difference. Such is the case it seems when approaching the ministry of tending to church property. It is easy to see why many may consider church property to be an albatross- an enormous burden straining and dictating the often-limited resources for ministry. Trinity has wrestled with this reality over the past decade and continues to push against that perspective believing that this building has been and continues to be an asset moving us forward and serving our mission to be an inclusive, creative, progressive, downtown ministry. This perspective does come with a heavy burden and responsibility to attend to the many areas of deferred maintenance discovered in the past few years. We have begun addressing many of these issues and will continue to do so working with the vestry to prioritize the work to be done. Between 2015-2018 Trinity has spent over $1,000,000 on capital improvements including: 2015: Security Cameras, Roof repair, Front door repair, Dishwasher and more Year-end total: $98,446 2016: Bell tower repair, New Boilers, Sanctuary Lighting, Plaza Step Repairs and more Year-end total: $439,920 2017: Property survey, Steel beam inspection, lighting, Control Valve project and more Year-end total: $412,945 2018: Sound System, Plaza Repair, Roof repair, Bell tower repair, and more Year-end total: $236,370 All of this work move us forward and we are grateful to the dedicated individuals who continue to stay focused on the many on-going projects we currently have in the works. 2019 will be spent on: v Garnering architectural drawings for the next phase of the Plaza project v Moving forward with a new and much needed Security/Fire Alarm System v Discerning and acting on next steps for a AC/Chiller replacement v Moving forward on outside concrete and landscape work in preparation for Homeless Jesus statue installation in the Spring v Review/Assessment of current sanctuary lighting


OUTREACH and Community DEVELOPMENT REPORT He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? (Micah 6:8) In 2011 Robert Lupton, Community Organizer and Urban Activist wrote Toxic Charity, a powerful piece making the bold claim that much of what is done with the intent of helping those in need (through donations of clothing, food, and money) often does more harm than good. He went on to explain the underlying reason is the unhealthy dependency often generated in the process. Then four years later his sequel, Charity Detox, picked up where he left off and provides a wealth of experience and anecdotes all of which challenge us to think long and hard about how we might re-imagine the work we are called to do at Trinity. During this past year we too have been focused on examining the how and why we do what do in the name of charitable giving, donations and volunteer service. We met as a community two times (Sunday April 22 and Wednesday October 24) to have this important conversation. It is a challenge to stop doing “good works� and we have endeavored to communicate and discern the underlying ramifications of our choices. Overall, the response has been exciting and supportive. Many have expressed relief and a deeper sense of engagement now that we have named a need to refocus our energy on developing long-term and deeper relationships. Over the course of the year we have discerned 5 Ministry Partners for 2019. They represent a range of efforts in the community and provide many opportunities for us to listen, to learn and then respond from a desire for authentic connection.

With each partner we will focus on mutuality, respect and accountability, learning, listening and responding in ways that are mutually beneficial. These partners are: v Open Table Toledo v Toledo Streets Newspaper v Next to New Resale Shop v Food for Thought v University of Toledo Campus Ministry Each of these partners will receive some financial support throughout the year, but perhaps even more importantly, they will help us learn and grow and find ways to stretch ourselves and our faith. Stay tuned for regular updates and invitations into how we hope to get more involved. 17

OUTREACH and Community DEVELOPMENT REPORT (Con’t) Sharing the Dream Summer Camp (June 25-29, 2018) What started out as a simple concept very certainly grew into an undertaking and nothing short of a miraculous experience for all! The people who made this event happen were scattered around the world as well as right here in our community. This unique collaboration brought a week of music and dance to 30 refugee youth from families connected to the Toledo Resettlement program US Together. Nearly every room in the church was utilized during the week, including the sanctuary, as we installed a full-scale tap dance floor for the children to learn tap. It was a week of pure chaos and joy- we ate, danced, played, sang and throughout it all learned to love one another. Trinity members showed up with requested donations, volunteered their time and cooked food for a room full of hungry children and adults every single day. We are forever changed by this experience of community here at Trinity. It was an added bonus that hundreds of folks from the community showed up for the final performance at the end of the week. Two versions of the story of the week live on in an article written for The Episcopal CafÊ, and in-depth TV coverage from local station WTOL Toledo.

Toledo Art Loop participation From May to December on the third Thursday of every month Trinity opened its doors to the city of Toledo for Art Loop. We welcomed them in and we came out to them. We said hello to many people, gave tours, created art, played music & made bubbles, lots of bubbles! Special highlights were an evening of Ballroom Dancing and a Holiday concert provided by our choir. It was a meaningful inaugural year with the Arts Commission and the downtown community; we look forward to 2019!


OUTREACH Community Engagementand Community DEVELOPMENT REPORT (Con’t) 2018 was a wonderful year of invitation- we flung our doors open wide and many made their way through- some for the first time! Trinity provided building space, served, and marched! Highlights include: v 9:00 Sunday Community Breakfasts v Multi-Faith Council Prayer Services v Mom's Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Meeting v Historical tour of church to 2 separate groups v Rally to Keep Families Together Gathering with Councilperson, Nick Komives v Transgender Day of Remembrance Gathering v Yoga for Cookies (free yoga session in sanctuary-cookies donations for Helping Hands in East Toledo) v Joy of All Who Sorrow Universalist Orthodox Church v St. Paul’s Community Center Lunch- served three times v Hats, Scarves & Mittens Drive for our Partner Schools v I Rise Unity March v Toledo Pride Parade – Marching and Welcoming in front of and inside Trinity v March for Our Lives – Warming Station and marching

May we live into our baptismal promises to serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbor as ourselves, and respecting the dignity of every human being. For it will be through that foundation, we will discover new paradigms of giving and receiving, loving and being loved, ushering in ways to discover shalom in the world around us. 19

Building Partners Trinity supports the work in the world of each of our Building Partners making our downtown community a better, kinder, more engaged and compassionate community. While their missions vary, each one aligns with who we are as a progressive, inclusive, creative community in downtown Toledo. Building Partners are organizations that have been given space at Trinity to do their work, expanding our identity beyond a Sunday worshipping community. As they live and work among us we are blessed knowing that we are doing a small part to help them succeed. Through feeding, inspiring, supporting and training they are changing the face of our neighborhood and the world. We give thanks for their presence among us and look forward to building a deeper relationship through our recent inauguration of Quarterly Building Partner Luncheons as a time to meet and eat and share ways to support each other. You are encouraged to visit their websites to learn more about our building partners. FOOD FOR THOUGHT- envisions a Toledo region where the hunger for food, respect, and belonging is met for all people. Every Friday volunteers are invited to make PB&J sandwiches to be distributed the following Saturday in a brown bag lunch throughout downtown. They also operate a wildly successful mobile food pantry throughout the city. ACT is a group of local actors, directors, and playwrights dedicated to bringing contemporary theatre to Toledo. Trinity provides rehearsal, storage and performance space. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS holds a 12:00 Monday-Friday meeting at Trinity downstairs for anyone living with addiction. This meeting has been held at Trinity for over 25 years. LEADERSHIP TOLEDO is a leadership development organization offering programs to youth and adults to inspire community volunteerism and expand awareness of community issues.

Maybe the most important thing is to learn how to build communities of celebration. Maybe the world will be transformed when we learn how to work and have fun together. Maybe what the world needs more than anything are communities where we celebrate life together and become a sign of hope for our world. Maybe we need signs that it is possible to love each other. -Jean Vanier, Founder, L’Arche communities 20

2019 Budget Process & COnversation For the past 2 years, one week prior to the Annual Meeting, Trinity has hosted an All-Parish Conversation about church finances providing an overview of the sources of funding for our current operating budget. For some, understanding an organization’s finances is second nature, and to others it is not. We have made a commitment to doing all we can to share and educate, empower and inspire all of us in this area of our ministry. Our goal is to create a context and environment where all feel good about asking questions and getting involved. We are the bearers of great gifts and to whom much has been given much is expected- we are committed to living into that mandate together. The purpose of the annual budget conversation is to: • Review the sources of funding supporting the operating budget • Review the results of the most recent Annual Giving Campaign • Review the anticipated year of expenses and capital improvements (including an understanding of our current capital reserves) • Provide an opportunity for questions and conversation This year’s meeting was held on January 14 and 32 members attended. Using this graphic, revenue sources supporting the operating budget were explained. Trinity is recipient of 2 generous funds providing nearly 62% of the resources used to meet anticipated operating expenses. 27% of the funds come from the aggregate of financial pledges and gifts made by the membership for the year ahead and the remaining 11% from outside grants and bequests and revenue transferred from the profits made at Next to New. The Trinity spending policy for the funds determines the amount available to use for ministry each year and the balance of the amount not used is transferred to a capital reserves (savings) account used to fund projects throughout the year. This past year those funds were used for a new sound system, new doors for the Walbridge room and on-going repairs to the Plaza. Both Lisa and Greg Shumaker, Treasurer and Trust Officer, underscored the importance of doing all we can in the months and years ahead to increase the 27% of pledge, plate and special offerings in order to decrease our heavy reliance on the income from the trust funds. We are also looking forward to beginning the first steps of establishing a Planned Giving program providing yet another way to support Trinity financially. We are living into an exciting time with much work ahead and together, with generous and radically welcoming hearts we will, with God’s help do wonderful things.


FINANCIALS NOTE: Available fund revenue for operations is distributed based on a 5% spending policy calculated on the 3-year average of Market value established annually on 9/30. Between 2015-2018 Trinity spent $834,340 for significant capital projects with funding from capital reserves, Planting for Tomorrow pledge receipts, and a grant from the Jobst Foundation$220,000 for the Lobby/Plaza repairs; $90,426 still remaining to be used in 2019. Endowment Funds Fund Name Market Value Purpose 12/31/17 12/31/18 Campbell Trust $1,725,031 $1,511,175 Parish Operations Permanent $2,555,967 $2,226,021 Endowment Parish Operations Other $34,637 $32,872 Endowment Parish Operations Restricted $5,892,684 $5,405,576 Funds

Altar Guild REVENUE Hamm Bequest




Total Income



TOTALS $10,208,319 $9,175,645






Misc/ Supplies




Total Expenses

Summary of Next to New 2018 Finances Next to New Beginning Balance $47,176 REVENUE Sales $18,461 Total Income $18,461 EXPENSES Payroll State Tax Supplies Transfer to Outreach Paypal Fees New POS System Parking Total Expenses Ending Balance

Trinity also holds a number of smaller funds outside those used to support the Operating budget. They are held in reserve until an appropriate request is made matching the stipulations of the donor. The exception includes the HAMM Bequest which has portions designated to supporting costs associated with either the Altar Guild or the E.C.W. (Episcopal Church Women- funds used for women and church related programs). Below is the related detail of activity for these funds in 2018.


Episcopal Church Women Beginning Balance $9,242 REVENUE Hamm Bequest $2,864 Total Income $2,864 EXPENSES Summer Camp Fair Share Total Expenses Ending Balance

$7,728 $1,042 $119 $6,000 $132 $1,244 $440

$3,816 $500 $4,316 $7,790

More detailed information is available for the asking- Please contact Greg Shumaker, Trinity’s Trust Officer, if you have questions or would like further information .

$16,707 $48,930 22

2019 Budget 2018












Prepaid, for next year




Current as if pledged




















Buildings & Grounds




Office Operations




Finance Operations















Community Outreach




Music, Arts




Evangelism & Fellowship



















RESOURCES Plate Offering Pledge Payments

Current Year

Prior Year, paid this year Combined Investment Income Other Operating Income Total Resources EXPENSE

Parking Credits

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Summary of 2019 Annual Giving Campaign From Sunday October 21- Sunday November 11, we engaged a short but meaningful 3-week/4 Sunday Annual Giving Campaign. This year’s theme was “Radical Generosity” and during this campaign we spent time reminding ourselves why saying yes to God through embracing radical generosity is the starting point of our faith journey. We boldly asked each other to give generously through a level of financial support that was meaningful, trusting each pledge comes as a response of gratitude and thanksgiving for God’s presence in our lives. We currently have just over 100 households actively engaged in the ministry. Over the course of the 3-week campaign we extended opportunities to respond at church, on line and through mailing in a pledge card. And while we have not yet met some of the goals we set for this year, we saw a significant and generous response from so many. Summary of pledge commitments 2016-2019 2016 2017 Number of pledges 53 50 Total dollars pledged $136,922 $132,908

2018 64 $155,959

2019 52 $151,894

Additional Results Average Pledge New Pledges Increase Same Decrease

2016 $2,583 3 11 32 20

2017 $2,658 5 15 23 7

2018 $2,497 12 23 22 4

2019 $2,921 16 22 10 4

This year we had set 3 specific “10% goals” for our community relating to overall pledges, pledged amount and individual pledge increases. And while we have yet to reach those goals for 2019, it is hopeful to see that the overall average pledge did increase well beyond 10%. What that says to us is those who are here are stepping up and into the sacrificial nature of who and how we are called to be in community. We are also grateful and excited to see more new pledges as a sign of God’s expansive and radical love welcoming more and more people “home” to Trinity. With grateful hearts and full of excitement for the year ahead, Lisa and the Vestry offer a deep bow of gratitude to each household who discerned the call to give financially as a sign of gratitude and hope for all that God has and will do in our lives together. 24

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Vestry Slate Serving on the vestry of any church is an amazing experience, and a unique opportunity to live and grow into a consistent, faithful, demanding, and hopefully, extremely rewarding role in the life of a community of faith. The members of a vestry serve for 3-year terms providing fiduciary oversight and take responsibility for the temporal and financial aspects of our common life. I am so grateful to all who discerned this leadership position and today we present to you a full slate of members who have engaged the process of discernment and are ready to commit to this important responsibility. This year we have a total of 5 candidates; 2 willing to fill unexpired terms and 3 ready to begin full 3-year terms. Each of these members have been interviewed; have reviewed the roles and responsibilities and are ready to work for our greater good together. Your vestry has affirmed this slate of nominees and commends them to you for affirmation. Please join me in thanking them in advance for the work they will do on our behalf during their tenure. Thanks be to God. Lisa Jeffrey Albright (1-year unexpired term): I have been a parishioner at Trinity Episcopal Church since Advent 2003. I was elected to Vestry in 2005 and served two full terms. During my tenure on Vestry, I served one year as Junior Warden and 2 years as Senior Warden. Prior to that, I was a parishioner, Associate Rector Search Committee member and Vestry member at St. Michael's Episcopal Church, NYC. I have been on the Outreach Committee and on two Rector Search Committees at Trinity. I am very active in promoting the performing arts at Trinity and am a founding member and current Board President of Trinity's Building Partner, Actors Collaborative Toledo. I serve as the head of the Greeter Guild and am also on the Lector Guild. One of my proudest--and at the same time humbling--moments at Trinity was as a volunteer this past summer for the Music & Tap Dance Camp for Refugee Children. That was CHURCH! This is an exciting time at Trinity with new and focused leadership that is poised to help us discern what is next for us as a parish and a downtown presence. I look forward to being part of the catalyst to create positive change at Trinity and in downtown Toledo. Roberta Durham (2-year unexpired term): I first joined Trinity Episcopal Church in 2006, a time of deep spiritual exploration for me. This church welcomed and nurtured and nourished me when I needed it most. For reasons having little to do with the church, I took a hiatus from corporate worship for awhile; returning recently, I find a newly vibrant spirit. I am eager to be part of a movement to connect us ever more meaningfully to one another, and which in turn then moves us out into the street to serve, as we are commanded. I’m grateful that Trinity has embraced as a ministry the Open Table Toledo initiative, to support youth exiting the fostercare system. I believe this is just one of many ways we can join together to be a known and recognized force for good (read: love) in our community. Apologies for not knowing whom to credit for this, but whoever said it said it best: “Trinity: We’re more than Sundays.” Amen and amen. I would be honored to serve this parish however I can. 26

Vestry Slate (con’t) Dennis Degnan (3-year term): I have spent this past year serving a 1-year unexpired term and am ready to begin a full 3-year term. As Chair of the Property Committee, I am excited to continue the work we have begun on several major projects that will renovate the church and maintain our magnificent structure. Amy and I have headed up the Degnan Group in Northwest Ohio for 20 years. We aspire with our business to be a secular ministry, exemplifying the true potential of principle-based Christian leadership through efficient business practices, fair pricing structures and compassionate leadership. I accepted the call to Vestry because Amy and I believe in Trinity as an inclusive, diverse and Christian community. Trinity is full of kind, compassionate and caring people and, simply stated, we love it here. As a consequence, both of us are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to help our beloved community in any way possible. It is a privilege and an opportunity to serve. Donna Steppe (3-year term): Donna Steppe I work as a Senior Enterprise Server Systems Administrator at The University of Toledo. I have been a part of the Episcopal Church since 1996, and have been at Trinity for 6 years now. I feel that this is an exciting time in the life of our congregation. We have a lot of work to do as we move through the process of discerning who we want to become as a congregation, and who we want to be to the greater surrounding community. I am excited we are starting to look at who we are as a congregation, and who we want to become in the future. The music, liturgy, energy and love Lisa shares with each of us every Sunday combined with seeing new faces almost every Sunday is exciting. I was a vestry member at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church for 8 years, and 5 of those years as the Senior Warden. I know the work of vestry can be hard, and takes commitment. As a vestry member I have always tried to make my decisions based on what is the best choice for the congregation, and not what would benefit me personally. We have a great group of people on the vestry, and I would like to join them, and be a part of where we are going as a congregation. Bob Meeker (3-year term): The busy-ness of church requires a sense of business. With assistance from all of you and joy for all we can do, I expect to bring that skill set to each project and every meeting. What excites me most about Trinity is inarguable capacity. We are a people and a place of potential! We can, to quote our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry echoing the diocesan bumper sticker, “Change the world!” I've served on vestries for over 30 years, several times as a warden and on lots of finance and project committees. I've been on the Trinity vestry before and have served in leadership roles on the projects above. I enjoy small group dynamics, since as Eric Clapton sang and Margaret Mead wrote it's the only way change truly happens. Also, there's usually food involved. 27


Parish Staff The Rev. Dr. Lisa Tucker-Gray Rector Heather Meyer Director of Operations & Outreach Jane Bueche Parish Accountant Nate Leonard Director of Music & the Arts Lynzi Miller Next to New Manager & Communications Coordinator Elizabeth Cousino Special Projects Manger

Parish Offices Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm Phone 419.243.1231 Email:

Episcopal Diocese of Ohio 2230 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44115-2499 216.771.4815 The Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth, Jr. Diocesan Bishop

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2018 Trinity Annual Report  

The pages of this 2018 Annual Report contain pictures and words capturing another year of faithful living. They are not definitive by any me...

2018 Trinity Annual Report  

The pages of this 2018 Annual Report contain pictures and words capturing another year of faithful living. They are not definitive by any me...