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Gender Equality (DUGES) Gamers

This year was busy for the D.U. Gender Equality Society. We had many great events, including a discussion entitled Sex on Screen, where a panel of women from the media, including author Anna McPartlin, director Neasa Hardiman, members of the Irish Feminist Network and Dr. Debbie Ging, lecturer in cultural studies at DCU discussed the position and representation of women and gender roles in film and television today. The society also welcomed Jill Filipovic, activist and writer, to speak to our members about the work she does in the world of online campaigning. We were also heavily involved with the colIt’s been an incredibly active year for Trinity Gamers! The Society room has been open almost every day all year, with four regular role-playing games running every week and a weekly boardgames night that was very well-attended. We also ran several introductory role-playing games nights where we were able to show off the talents of our game writers both new and old. Our annual convention, Leprecon, was as always a great space for socialising and gaming alike. Where Gamers has really shone this year, however, is in our special events. We started out by beating Freshers with rubber swords, then moved on to a liveaction role-play afternoon on campus during 4th Week. Our

lege’s celebration of International Women’s Week; among other events we hosted self-defence classes with the Judo society as well as a discussion on women in literature with Anna Carey of the Anti-Room blog and Nora Pelizzari, a PhD student in English Literature here in college. We also do film screenings throughout the year of films which we feel are relevant to our cause. The society even worked with The Historical Society to organise a debate on Pornography in society today. All in all, a very productive year!

Christmas game ended the term nicely, with Marxist reindeer and unionised elves fighting over five gold rings... The Society’s annual trip to Cork in January was particularly memorable, and helped us really get to know our newer members – better than we expected in some cases! Finally, our Valentine’s Day game, The Dance and the Dawn, followed Lords and Ladies desperately seeking True Love at a midnight ball. We’ve had a wonderful year, and we look forward to next year’s gaming!

Stephen Kenneally, President


TCD Societies Yearbook 2012