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Second Grader Haddock couldn’t wait for the first day of school when he said goodbye to his new associate teacher, Rosalyn McLean, on Visitation Day.

Rosalyn, who rejoined Trinity’s faculty after a two-year hiatus, says, “I am looking forward to being back at Trinity and continuing to build on the bonds and relationships with students, families, and faculty that were developed during my time here.”

Read more about Rosalyn and other new and returning faculty and sta on page 22.

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Please send address changes to changeofaddress@trinityatl.org

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Mission Statement

Serving children age three through Sixth Grade, Trinity School creates a community of learners in a diverse and distinctly elementary-only environment, in which each child develops the knowledge, skills, and character to achieve his or her unique potential as a responsible, productive, and compassionate member of the School and greater community.

Non-Discriminatory Statement

Trinity School does not discriminate based on race, color, gender, religion or creed, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or family composition in the administration of our admission and educational policies, in the extension of financial assistance, or other schooladministered programs.

Program and Pedagogy Pillars

Celebrating the present and preparing our students for the future within a nurturing and caring educational environment, we:

• Cherish Childhood

Provide joyful experiences that include play- and passion-based learning

Ensure developmentally appropriate experiences Design experiences around what is important in the life of a child

• Deepen Students’ Educational Experience

Develop creative and critical thinking and questioning skills

Value both process and product of learning Connect learning vertically, horizontally, cross-curricularly, and globally

• Empower Students in Their Learning Foster a growth mindset Cultivate voice, choice, and self-reflection Promote leadership

So that our students:

• Build Academic Foundation

Establish proficiency in essential knowledge and skills Embrace diverse experiences of a well-rounded education

• Develop Character Foundation Exhibit ethical skills, habits, and attitudes of empathy, integrity, and respect

Demonstrate performance skills, habits, and attitudes of accountability, persistence, and resilience

• Exhibit Continued Curiosity, Creativity, and Confidence Imagine, discover, and experiment independently and collaboratively

Adapt to new situations and a changing world

Leadership Team

Joe Marshall, Head of School

Ken Bomar, Director of Finance

Brad Brown, Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management

Ira Dawson, Upper Elementary Division Head

Margaret Douglas, Director of Advancement

Sheree Du Preez, Early Elementary Division Head

Nicole Fash, Director of Marketing and Communications

Jill Gough, Director of Teaching and Learning

Reginald Haley, Director of Operations

Marsha Harris, Director of Curriculum

Jeff Morrison, Director of Education Technology

Ginny Perkinson, Assistant to the Head of School

Kayleen Whitmer, Director of Extended Programs


Board of Trustees

Jenny Latz, Chair

Matt Bartelt

McKnight Brown ’92

Catherine Humann Callaway ’97

Kristin Carothers

Jason Chambers ’89

Elena Chang

Jackie Coleman

Erica Cummings

Isha Damani

Chris Gabriel

Zenobia Godschalk

Molly Jamieson

Carrie Lanier

Melissa Moseley

Street Nalley

Jack Norton

Charlie Ogburn

David Overend ’86

Marcellus Parker

Leslie Patterson

Tina Roddenbery

John Shepard ’68

Boynton Smith

Winnie Smith

Stephanie Stephens

Mary Watson

Ellen Wiley

Neal Williams ’73


6 Greetings from the Head of School 8 Contributing writers


12 New Trustees appreciate Trinity’s elementary-only focus

Our four new Trustees have varied backgrounds and share a strong belief in Trinity’s mission and focus on elementary-only education.

15 Inspire Excellence heads toward final phase

The school year began with the opening of the new Early Elementary Dining Hall. Learn more about this new space and the next phase of the School’s $14.5 million capital and endowment campaign.

20 18 employees awarded for excellence in service

Before school began, the Academic Leadership Team celebrated excellence in service by presenting awards to 18 members of Trinity School’s faculty and staff.

22 Welcome Trinity’s new and returning team members

Learn more about the School’s new and returning faculty and staff.

26 Trinity faculty and staff take on new roles

Twenty team members moved into new or enhanced roles this school year.

30 Faculty and Staff Milestones

We celebrate the personal milestones of our faculty and staff.

32 Trinity honors 134 years of service

We wish a fond farewell to Trinity’s five recent retirees.


34 Trinity Tidbits Read highlights from the spring and summer.

42 Trinity Traditions Enjoy a look at the recent traditions that reinforce Trinity’s identity, curriculum, and values.


48 A preview of this year’s Spotlight on Art 2023

After a record-breaking Spotlight on Art 2022, this year’s series of events is already shaping up to be another incredible year.

50 Staff Story: Lauren Darden Meet Lauren Darden, Trinity’s admissions and enrollment management assistant, who began her career as a teacher.


Nicole Fash

Art Director and Design

Cheryl Beverly, Ridge Creative, Inc.

Associate Editor

Margaret Douglas

Contributing Writers

Thomas Benefield

Margaret Douglas

Nicole Fash

Joe Marshall

Anne Torrey McCuean ’08

Katie Rosengren

Leisy Stevenson

54 A look back at Summer Camp


Our 508 campers had so much fun during Trinity School Summer Camp 2022. Enjoy a peek inside some of the camps!


56 A letter from Anne Torrey McCuean ’08

Anne Torrey, who took on the advancement associate and alumni relations role in May, is excited about connecting with other alums.

59 2022 high school graduates and college choices

60 Class of 2022: “What are you leaving Trinity with?”

62 Alumni Events

Alumni events from the spring and summer are featured in this fun spread.

64 Trinity’s first Team Benefield reunites

Fifth Grade Teacher Thomas Benefield pays homage to his first class at Trinity.

66 Class Notes


Stephanie Selman Michie Turpin

Flourish magazine is published biannually by the communications department at Trinity School and mailed to parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends of Trinity.

Joe addresses all students at the welcome assembly in August. Joe and Stripes lead students and teachers in the wiggle dance during the first Trinity Together Time since March 11, 2020.

Dear Trinity Community,

This year, we are taking every opportunity to celebrate togetherness! I cannot describe the joy experienced by all students and faculty members on August 19, when we held our first Trinity Together Time since March 11, 2020. We opened this special schoolwide welcome assembly with the Pledge of Allegiance, our school prayer, and our school song. How incredible it was to hear all our students, from our three-year-old Early Learners to our 11- and 12-year-old Sixth Graders, raise their voices together.

Oh, Trinity, Oh, Trinity, A great community.

With unity, this has to be, The perfect school for me.

With much respect, We will reflect, On all the things we’ve learned. The friends we met, We won’t forget, Our years at Trinity.

We laughed; we danced; and we discussed how we will all be responsible, respectful, kind, and helpful this year. And just as I present these core values to students at our welcome assembly to keep them top of mind, at the start of every school year, I remind our teachers of the three components of the Instructional Core.

Developed at Harvard’s School of Education, the Instructional Core stresses the integration of three components: the student, the content, and the teacher. To optimize student learning, academic content needs to be challenging and relevant to students, teachers need to utilize effective instructional practices and classroom management techniques, and students need to be engaged in and focused on their studies. Education professor and author John Hattie refers to these components as the ‘skill, will, and thrill’ of learning. To maximize their learning, students need to be inspired (thrill), develop perseverance and resilience habits (will), and have appropriate prior knowledge (skill).

While the three components of the Instructional Core may seem obvious, educational practices have historically tended to emphasize one component while neglecting the other two: the focus might be more on a challenging curriculum or on student effort and attitude toward school. The uniqueness of the Instructional Core is its focus on the interrelation of the components.

In reading through the content for this issue of Flourish, I was struck by how vitally important, talented, and hardworking our faculty and staff are. While the three parts of the Instructional Core are complementary, to me student learning is undergirded by great teachers: how they shape classroom culture, how they develop and deliver curriculum (both how and what is taught), and how they get to know every student in their class and differentiate teaching and learning to meet each student’s needs. We all know how blessed Trinity is in its resources, from facilities to finances; still, our most valuable resource is our faculty and staff. Trinity is renowned for never resting on its laurels and striving to become more effective and efficient tomorrow than we are today. Our faculty members continuously look for emerging research and innovative ideas in education to further their students’ experiences and learning. They truly exemplify why our mission states that Trinity is a ‘community of learners.’

As you peruse this edition of Flourish, you will see the talent and dedication of our employees. You’ll read about five legendary teachers, who after dedicating decades of their career to Trinity decided to retire and were honored by our community. You’ll see the incredible strides we have made in the Inspire Excellence campaign in order to provide the best facilities and learning environments for all our teachers and students. You’ll read about the faculty and staff who were awarded grants from the School’s endowment for excellence and extraordinary performance. You’ll see how our teachers continue to bring special, time-honored grade-level traditions to life, and how one teacher, Mr. Benefield, continues to cheer on his first class at Trinity, seven years later. And finally, you’ll hear from members of our Class of 2022 about how their teachers and time at Trinity influenced and shaped their academic and character foundation.

Our students and teachers are at the heart of everything we do, and this is shaping up to be an incredible school year as we come together and flourish as a community.



Our Writers

Thomas Benefield Fifth Grade Associate Teacher

At Trinity since 2014

Master of Science in Education Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Walden University

Bachelor of Arts in English University of Georgia @MrB5thGradeTea1

Q: What is your favorite Trinity School lunch?

A: The Cuban sandwich that Chef Abel graces us with every once in a while!

Margaret Douglas Director of Advancement

At Trinity since 2008

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish University of Georgia

Q: What was your first job? A: Cashier and drive thru attendant at a barbecue restaurant.

Nicole Fash Director of Marketing and Communications

At Trinity since 2016

Master of Arts in Media and Cultural Studies University of Sussex, Falmer, England

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Spanish Shorter College @trinityatl @trinityschool /trinityatl

Q: What inspires you? A: Experiencing or seeing the selfless acts of others.


Joe Marshall Head of School

At Trinity since 2013

Master of Science in English Education

Hofstra University

Bachelor of Arts in History Franklin and Marshall College


Q: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

A: Choose a profession that fulfills you.

Anne Torrey McCuean ’08

Advancement Associate and Alumni Relations

At Trinity since 2022

Bachelor of Arts in Education Furman University


Q: If you could go back to any moment in time, when would it be and why?

A: I would go back to the day I summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro and take it all in one more time.

Katie Rosengren Associate Director of Advancement

At Trinity since 2003

Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Washington and Lee University

Q: What is your favorite memory from elementary school?

A: The Candyland store at the fall fair.

Leisy Stevenson


of Spotlight on Art and Special Events

At Trinity since 2018

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Rhodes College


@spotlightonart /TrinitySpotlightOnArt

Q: What is the number one item on your bucket list?

A: To travel to Thailand and visit an elephant sanctuary.


thrive here. Bright, young minds

Serving children age three through Sixth Grade, Trinity School has cherished childhood while preparing our students for the future since 1951. Our small class sizes, early childhood and elementary education experts, and state-of-the-art technology are just some of the reasons your child will flourish at Trinity, Atlanta’s only private elementary-only school!

Admission applications for the 2023–24 school year will close on January 27.

Visit us online to learn about Open Houses, tours, and other ways to connect with Trinity and our admissions team. trinityatl.org/admissions 404-231-8118
flourish 11 Established 1951
New Trustees Isha Damani, Winnie Smith, Jackie Coleman, and McKnight Brown ’92

New Trustees appreciate Trinity’s elementary-only focus

Trinity School’s Board of Trustees welcomes four new members this year. We thank each of them for their commitment to Trinity’s mission and vision for the future.

McKnight Brown ’92

In addition to being a Trinity School alum, McKnight Brown ’92 and his wife, Alice, are parents to three Trinity students: Third Grader Madison, First Grader Ward, and Kindergartner Nealy. McKnight thinks it is an exciting time to be joining the Board. It has been his impression, as a Trinity parent, that the Board and administration work very effectively together.

He says, “The last few years have really demonstrated the tremendous capabilities and range of the School’s current leadership. It has been impressive to watch this collective group navigate unfamiliar territory while successfully executing on its strategic priorities. I look forward to beginning my service and working to support the Board’s vision for Trinity going forward.”

McKnight believes that Trinity’s greatest strength is its elementary-only focus and that it is the foundation for all the tremendous moments, experiences, and growth that happen during a student’s time at Trinity.

He says, “There is so much value and intentionality at every step. I see the reverence my children have for the older students, and I’m reminded of those same feelings during my time at Trinity. I think there is a natural cultivation of confidence, responsibility, and leadership that takes place during a student’s time at Trinity that thoroughly prepares them for middle school and beyond.”

Equally important, McKnight believes the people at Trinity are a tremendous asset and that the faculty and staff are very caring, skilled, and dedicated to the School’s students and mission.

McKnight has enjoyed being mystery and guest readers in the classrooms and supporting his wife’s volunteerism with the Trinity School Parents’ Association and Spotlight on Art. He serves on the W.C. Bradley Company’s board of directors and chairs the audit committee and serves on the executive, real estate, and shareholder committees.

He also oversees business operations for GoodSteps, an online footwear and apparel social enterprise founded by his wife, Alice. Previous professional endeavors for McKnight include 10 years with Comcast/NBC Universal in various regional executive roles and more than five years of organizing private investment partnerships and consulting for venture-stage businesses. After graduating from Trinity, McKnight attended Pace Academy, The University of Richmond, and the Goizueta Business School at Emory University.

Jackie Coleman and her husband, John, have three Trinity students—Third Grader John Wyatt, Second Grader Olive, and Early Learner Josie—and their youngest child, Paxton, is two years old. Education and child development have been passions of Jackie’s for decades.

She says, “Joining Trinity’s Board of Trustees is an incredible opportunity to be involved in ensuring that all Trinity students have an extraordinary experience during their early educational years. I feel honored to serve the School in this capacity.”

In previous years, Jackie has enjoyed serving as a Room Parent, and this year, she is also serving as one of the Community Life and Engagement Committee chairs.

Jackie will never forget picking her kids up after their first day at Trinity in 2018. She says she had to hold her laughter back when John Wyatt got in the car and with a very serious look on his face said, “Mom, bad news. Trinity is a fun school, not a learning school.”

While the Colemans know Trinity is a “learning school,” with a sole focus on elementary education, they said they see the teachers, faculty, and staff doing a masterful job at making learning exciting and fun and that their children can’t wait to get to school every day. Jackie and John both believe that having such a magical, warm, and fun learning environment is a gift to each family and lays a strong foundation for each student’s lifetime love of learning.


A real estate investor and education advocate with a background in early childhood education, child and family psychology, and college access, Jackie graduated from the University of Georgia with her bachelor’s degree, then received a master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Richmont Graduate University in Atlanta. She later graduated with a Master of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In her free time, Jackie writes for Harvard Business Review, in which she has published various articles and book chapters. She also coaches figure skating at Center Ice in Atlanta and serves on Skyland Trail’s adolescent advisory council.

Isha Damani

Isha Damani and husband, Anil, have twins in the Third Grade at Trinity. Nora and Adam began their Trinity Experience when they were in Pre-K.

Isha says, “It is such a privilege to serve on Trinity’s Board of Trustees and contribute to creating the best possible environment for our future generation of learners and leaders.”

Being an elementary-only school, Trinity has the ability to allocate all of its resources and efforts toward children at this fundamental learning age range, and Isha believes that to be the School’s greatest strength. She also believes that keeping children healthy and safe has been a core strength of Trinity’s.

Isha has enjoyed being an active volunteer at Trinity and has served as a media center volunteer, a Room Parent, and a Spotlight on Art volunteer. She also enjoys organizing events to celebrate diverse cultures and holidays in the classrooms. Additionally, Isha and Anil currently serve on the Inspire Excellence campaign committee and have been wonderful advocates for the facility enhancements happening on campus.

In addition to Trinity’s Board of Trustees, Isha serves on the boards for two other nonprofit organizations. She is the lead relationships manager for the Aga Khan Foundation’s Southeastern region and a founding member of 27 Cares. Isha has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Behavioral Science and a Master of Business Administration. She is a consultant for commercial real estate at 27th Group Properties and organizes and promotes events to uplift and empower children and women in diverse communities.

Winnie Smith

Winnie Smith and her husband, Brendan, are the proud parents of two Trinity students, Fifth Grader Barrett and Fourth Grader Winston. Winnie joins Trinity’s Board of Trustees after serving in many volunteer roles at the School, including Trinity School Parents’ Association President and Vice President, Grade Level Representative, Room Parent, Uniform Committee Chair, Trinity Fund Class Caller, and Grade Level Community Service Coordinator.

Winnie believes that Trinity has done an excellent job striking the right balance between meeting its near-term goals for any given academic year and remaining focused on preparing for the future.

She says, “I have enjoyed serving in a number of volunteer roles at Trinity to help ensure our children’s experiences are the absolute best during the school year. I am now excited to have the opportunity to contribute to shaping the policies and strategies of our school for the long term so that Trinity remains the leader in early childhood education for many years to come.”

Winnie knows firsthand that there are so many wonderful things about Trinity, and she believes the unique elementary-only environment and the strong sense of community are truly special.

“Trinity is a place where young children are cherished and feel welcomed, loved, and accepted,” she says. “When combined with the rich educational experiences provided by our amazing teachers, administrators, and staff, our children are provided with all the necessary support they need to build a strong foundation for the future.”

Winnie was raised in Pennsylvania, attended Blair Academy in New Jersey for high school, and received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Bucknell University. She currently serves as senior vice president of investor relations and corporate sustainability at Global Payments in Atlanta.

14 News

First Grade students try out the new Early Elementary Dining Hall.

Inspire Excellence Co-Chairs

TJ and Catherine Humann Callaway ’97

Melissa and Allen Moseley ’81

Sarah and Neal Williams ’73

Parent Co-Chairs

Libby and Brooks Barge

Erica and David Cummings

Aisha and Marcellus Parker

Committee Members

Julie and Jim Balloun

Dana and Will Bickerstaff

Kit and David Bowlin

Katie and Bryan Bradford

Dorsey and Austin Bryan

Rebecca and Chris Cummiskey

Isha and Anil Damani

Lane and Richard Courts

Courtenay and Chris Gabriel

Annie and Paxton Griffin

Morven and Russell Groves

Nathan Hartman and Chris Sipes

Anne and Peter Hennessy

Molly and John Jamieson

Stephanie and Street Nalley

Stephanie and Austin Stephens

Nancy and Chris Suh

Beth and Edward Tate

Ellen and Buck Wiley


Inspire Excellence heads toward final phase

Trinity School’s faculty and staff have been committed to educating young children and providing them with joyful and meaningful educational experiences and instruction throughout our 71-year history. Additionally, the strong support of our community has allowed us to continually enhance and better our facilities so that we are always providing the best learning environments for our students. The priorities of the Inspire Excellence campaign, which launched publicly in April, stay true to that commitment and further confirm our dedication to our students, age three through Sixth Grade.

The generosity of leadership donors and success of early fundraising efforts enabled us to begin last school year with the Upper Elementary classroom renovations completed and open the engaging, new Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Center in April. Both of these projects from the first phase of the campus master plan have proven to be tremendous assets to the evolution of

Trinity’s campus and learning atmospheres. The Upper Elementary renovations have allowed our Sixth Grade Leadership Class to have quick access to the MultiPurpose Room and the Overend Learning Commons, giving them more opportunities for individual and group work while preparing them for middle school. Now that their classrooms are located at the start of the Upper Elementary corridor, they have also had increased leadership opportunities with the younger students. The Fourth Grade is now located in its own hub, which has provided more opportunity for both grade-wide collaboration and student autonomy. The Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Center has been an incredible addition to our campus, providing our youngest learners in the Early Elementary Division with opportunities to learn, play, collaborate, and experiment while having fun, a trademark of a Trinity education. This beautiful new campus landmark blends beautifully and seamlessly with the School’s original architectural style.

News 16
First Grader Harper pauses for a photo after going through the lunch line in the new Early Elementary Dining Hall for the first time.

First Graders wait patiently in the hot food line on the first day of school.


Members of the Inspire Excellence campaign committee persist in their incredible work to continue to meet fundraising goals, allowing us to proceed with the next phases of the campus master plan. Due to their strong advocacy for Trinity’s needs and subsequent success, we opened this school year with the new Early Elementary Dining Hall complete and ready to serve lunch to our youngest learners, including Lunch Bunch participants and Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First-Grade students. This renovation has provided not only the obvious benefit of shortening the time needed to serve lunch but also additional flexibility in classroom scheduling, which allows for even more intentional programming and classroom instruction time. The new Early Elementary Dining Hall has also opened up additional space and flexibility in the afternoons for Extended Programs, especially as the location is adjacent to the Early Elementary playground.

As of November 1, the Inspire Excellence campaign has raised nearly $12 million toward the total goal of $14.5 million. We are deeply grateful for the incredible commitment from so many members of the community— current and past Trustees, parents, alums, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the School— that has allowed us to complete the first phases of the campus master plan. With everyone’s support, we will be able to complete Trinity’s future needs in the coming months. The final capital components include construction and completion of the Multi-Use Recreation Center and improvements to the Early Elementary playground. Additionally, we continue to raise money to increase the School’s endowment for the purposes of financial assistance, faculty and staff support and development, and curricular enhancements.

The Multi-Use Rec Center will house the new Early Elementary physical education gym and an Upper Elementary recess gym that will open up to the Upper Elementary playground and the Trinity Track. It will allow for large gatherings of adults or children and will benefit events like the School Festival. Faculty and staff can utilize the new facility for all-school meetings or professional development opportunities, and Extended

Programs, including summer camps, will have access to it after the school day. The planned improvements to the Early Elementary playground will allow us to have ageappropriate playgrounds for all grade levels at Trinity. Serving children from ages three to 12 has proven to require very different outdoor play and learning spaces for our students. Being outdoors has always been an important part of the Trinity Experience, and we are excited to think about the additional opportunities all of our students will have to learn, play, and grow outside.

Inspire Excellence will increase Trinity’s endowment by $1.5 million. Our endowment provides financial assistance to students from all socio-economic backgrounds, an important priority that supports the mission of Trinity. It provides our faculty and staff, who touch the lives of our students each day, with salary and professional development support, allowing us to recruit and retain the best possible teachers. Lastly, it helps support curricular and program enhancements, ensuring our students and teachers always have access to the programs needed in the classrooms and for individual learners.

The Inspire Excellence campaign is providing campus enhancements and endowment growth that will benefit both current and future generations of Trinity students. The additions and improvements to our campus are happening only because of the incredible generosity and support from our entire community. I am deeply grateful for the dedication of our campaign chairs and committee members who have strongly advocated for Inspire Excellence and the impact it will have on our students. Thank you to everyone who has made a thoughtful and generous commitment to the campaign; your support speaks volumes and has helped the early and rapid success and campus improvements to date. I invite everyone else to think about how you can be involved in this campaign and help make a difference for current and future Trinity students. I am excited about the next phase of the campus master plan and know we can make it happen together!

18 News

A foundation of excellence.

Intentionality and thoughtfulness shape all that occurs at Trinity, and the Inspire Excellence campaign is no exception. This campaign is creating and improving environments that inspire discovery, community, and growth, advancing our unique institution and providing our students with even more opportunities to flourish.

With our Trinity family’s generosity, we have raised nearly $12 million toward our $14.5 million dollar goal and have completed the Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Center, Early Elementary Dining Hall, and Upper Elementary classroom renovations. But there is work still to be done, and we need your help to build the Multi-Use Recreation Center, enhance the Early Elementary Playground, and grow the School’s endowment to fund faculty excellence, financial assistance, and program advancements!

With your support, we can make this transformational campaign a reality. Please consider making your family’s commitment today.


Contact Margaret Douglas, Director of Advancement, at mdouglas@trinityatl.org for more information.

$5 million $10 million $14.5 million

Front Row: Pre-K Lead Teacher Leah Lenhardt; First Grade Lead Teachers Rebecca Stewart, Julianne Schaaf ’81, and Abbie Shaw; Upper Elementary Music Teacher Caitlin Grubbe; Upper Elementary Spanish Teacher Carrie Peralta; Upper Elementary Math Specialist Kerry Coote; Learning Team Specialist Samantha Steinberg

Back Row: Associate Communications Manager Stephanie Selman; First Grade Lead Teachers Natalie Houk, Hilary Daigre, Melissa Cooney, and Margaret Abernathy; First Grade Senior Associate Teacher Bella Giorno; Learning Team Specialist Mary Jacob Harris; Third Grade Lead Teacher Matt Scott; Fourth Grade Lead Teacher Jen Overly; Early Elementary Art Teacher Nina Chamberlain

18 employees awarded for excellence in service

At the annual reception to celebrate excellence in service during employees’ back-to-school Pre-Planning in August, the Academic Leadership Team (ALT) presented awards to 18 esteemed members of Trinity School’s faculty and staff. These awards, which include a stipend to be used for personal growth or reimbursement for professional development expenses, were made possible by generous gifts to the School’s endowment over the years. We are thrilled to have the opportunity each year to honor

passionate employees who demonstrate extraordinary dedication and commitment to Trinity.

Nine employees were honored with Rollins Quest for Excellence grants: First Grade Lead Teacher Margaret Abernathy, Early Elementary Art Teacher Nina Chamberlain, Upper Elementary Math Specialist Kerry Coote, Learning Team Specialist Mary Jacob Harris, Fourth Grade Lead Teacher Jen Overly, First Grade Lead Teacher Julianne Schaaf ’81, Third Grade Lead Teacher Matt Scott,


Associate Communications Manager Stephanie Selman, and Learning Team Specialist Samantha Steinberg. These awards, which were made possible by a very generous gift from the Gary W. Rollins Foundation to recognize dedication and loyalty to Trinity, include a stipend to be used for personal and professional growth and renewal.

ALT presented Upper Elementary Music Teacher Caitlin Grubbe and Pre-K Lead Teacher Leah Lenhardt with awards from The Hartman Family Fund for Faculty Excellence. This fund was established by Trinity parent Nathan Hartman to provide stipends to teachers who go above and beyond to provide exceptional service to the School.

Director of Curriculum Marsha Harris says of Leah, “This recipient is a poster child of love, joy, hard work, partnerships, and dedication to the work that we do at Trinity. She is an excellent teacher whom her students adore.”

Established to honor previous Head of School Stephen Kennedy’s 11 years of service to Trinity, the Stephen G. Kennedy Award for Faculty Excellence honors a faculty member using innovative best practices to foster Information Age skills. Upper Elementary Spanish Teacher Carrie Peralta was recognized with this award and stipend for her leadership in the World Languages department.

Trinity’s First-Grade teachers applied for professional development as a team this year and were each honored with a grant to reimburse their travel expenses for an educational trip to London. The First-Grade teaching team will observe teaching and learning at a small school called The Emerson House that serves students with dyslexia, which causes difficulty with reading and spelling; dyscalculia, which is a learning difference that makes mathematics challenging; and dyspraxia, a developmental coordination disorder that causes difficulty with fine and

gross motor skills. Having taught students who experience these learning differences, the First-Grade team is inspired to see how specialists at The Emerson House support their students. They hope to bring back tools, resources, and a greater understanding of how to best serve students with these learning differences to use in their classrooms and share with their Trinity colleagues.

For our First-Grade teachers to take part in this meaningful opportunity together, each team member received an award from the endowment. Lead Teachers Margaret Abernathy, Melissa Cooney, Natalie Houk, and Julianne Schaaf ’81 were honored with awards from The Childress Family Fund for Faculty Excellence. Established in 2013, The Childress Family Fund supports faculty members in their professional growth and development by providing funds to pursue innovative programs to increase awareness, knowledge, and proficiency or insight that will be applied in the classroom and shared with Trinity colleagues. Lead Teachers Rebecca Stewart and Hilary Daigre received awards from the Teacher Opportunity Fund, which was established in 1994 to honor excellence in teaching and provides awards to faculty for travel, exploration, and curriculum enhancement. Senior Associate Teacher Bella Giorno and Lead Teacher Abbie Shaw received awards from The Chambers Medical Foundation for Faculty Support established in 2018 to recognize and honor exceptional faculty members with awards to pursue professional development that will enable them to bring new and innovative teaching practices back to the classroom and share this knowledge with Trinity colleagues.

Congratulations to this year’s award recipients!




Welcome Trinity’s new and returning team members

Join us in welcoming our newest faculty and staff members, some of whom are returning to the Trinity School community. Please enjoy learning more about these dedicated and creative individuals.

Revathi Arasavelli join Teams

Trinity as an Early Learners Associate Teacher and works alongside Lead Teacher Pam Lauer and Associate Teacher Molly Lair. She most recently served as an assistant teacher at St. Benedict’s Episcopal School in

Smyrna, a paraprofessional at the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Vinings-Smyrna, and a substitute teacher for Cobb County schools. She spent several years teaching students from Pre-K through Fifth Grade at different schools in India. Revathi has a diploma in Montessori and a pre-primary teacher training certificate from India and is working toward a Bachelor of Arts in English from Acharya Nagarjuna University in Guntur, India.

We asked Revathi, why did you want to work at Trinity? Her response: “I’ve known about Trinity for a long time and really admire it. I believe I can make a positive impact here.”

April Blazejewski joins Trinity as a Third Grade Associate Teacher and works alongside Lead Teacher Lauren Covington. With 12 years’ experience teaching elementary school students, April previously taught Fifth Grade, serving as a lead science teacher and a lead math teacher, as well as

Row: Sarah Mokotoff, Revathi Arasavelli, Mary Catherine Gober ’95, Esther Francis, Lisa Gyovai, Samara Meshad, Kaitlin Snodgrass, Molly Lair, Rosalyn McLean
Row: Koby Collins, Jose Martinez, Kelsey Ricci, Stephanie Mosac, Marcia Twiggs, Stacey Goss, April Blazejewski, Tertia Bonner, Anne Torrey McCuean ’08, Thomas Cheese

Third and Fourth Grades. She has won several Teacher of the Year awards; led math workshops at numerous local, state, and national teacher conferences; and served as a Grade Level Chair. April has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the College of Charleston.

We asked April, why did you want to work at Trinity? She responded: “I love the positive atmosphere and how cherishing childhood and challenging students is the focus of Trinity.”

Tertia Bonner joins the Trinity community as a Pre-K Associate Teacher and works alongside Lead Teacher Tiki Norris and Associate Teacher Eman Srouji. With 10 years of teaching experience, Tertia has spent the last four years teaching students in Kindergarten through Third Grade at Cobb County Schools. She has also spent time as a Pre-K teacher at Goddard School and Smart Children Academy and a preschool teacher at Discovery Point. Before becoming an educator, Tertia served as an officer for the Department of Juvenile Justice. She has a Master of Education in Elementary Education from Grand Canyon University, a Master of Public Administration from Strayer University, and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Georgia State University.

We asked Tertia, what are you most looking forward to during your first year at Trinity? She responded: “I look forward to a year of growth and learning for students, staff, and families.”

Thomas Cheese joins Team Trinity full time as a Fifth Grade Associate Teacher, working alongside Lead Teachers Bridget Billups and Michaela Davida after serving as a Substitute Teacher at Trinity since March 2022. He previously taught Third Grade at Albany Community Charter School in Albany, New York. This summer, he participated in a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion internship at Shipt

and has previously held social work internships at Encompass Health in Lawrenceville, Georgia, and Project Family in Athens, Georgia. Thomas has a Master of Social Work from the University of Georgia and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Dartmouth College.

We asked Thomas, why did you want to work at Trinity? He responded: “Trinity is committed to academic excellence and allowing children to be children.”

Koby Collins, who began working at Trinity in November 2020 as a Long-Term Substitute Teacher, joins the Third-Grade team as an Associate Teacher and works alongside Lead Teacher Andrene Leslie. He has served as a private tutor for nearly 13 years; has taught ESL/TESOL at schools in Beijing, China; and been an associate teacher at The Westminster Schools. Koby has a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Western Governors University.

We asked Koby, why did you want to work at Trinity? His response: “I believe in the mission of Trinity and creating a learning environment for students to flourish and cherish childhood.”

Esther Francis joins Team Trinity as the Upper Elementary Art Teacher. Specializing in acrylic and oil painting and digital drawing, Esther has been a professional artist for 14 years and spent a decade as the lower school art director at Holy Spirit Preparatory School. She has a Master of Arts in Art Education from Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration and Design from The Art Institute of Atlanta.

We asked Esther, what is your educational philosophy? Her response: “A positive attitude goes a long way!”

Mary Catherine Gober ’95, a Trinity alumna and a graduate of Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, returns to Trinity as a Kindergarten

Senior Associate Teacher and works alongside Lead Teachers Jessica Lyles, Shaun McCarthy, April Patton, and Marley West. With 13 years of teaching experience, Mary Catherine previously held the position of First Grade Lead Teacher from 2016 to 2018. Before coming to Trinity, she taught Kindergarten and Second Grade at The Schenck School and Kindergarten at Ashley Hall in Charleston, South Carolina. An OrtonGillingham Associate, Mary Catherine has a Master of Education in Special Education and Learning Disabilities and a Bachelor of Science in Special and Elementary Education from Vanderbilt University.

We asked Mary Catherine, why did you want to work in education? Her response: “I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl. I have always loved working with children.”

Stacey Goss returns to Trinity as a part-time receptionist. She worked at Trinity for more than a decade, from 2003–2015, as a Second Grade Lead Teacher, Learning Team Specialist, and First Grade Lead Teacher. She has a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Kennesaw State University, a Master of Education in Elementary Education from the University of West Georgia, and a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Shippensburg University.

We asked Stacey, why did you want to return to Trinity? Her response: “I miss my old friends and being in a school setting. Trinity fills my bucket!”

Lisa Gyovai joins Team Trinity as the Early Education Media Specialist. She has most recently served as a library volunteer at Trinity and The Westminster Schools and spent several years homeschooling her children from grades Pre-K through Fifth, designing and implementing their curriculum. Lisa was previously a lead teacher in Kindergarten and Fifth at Patronis Elementary School in Panama City Beach and worked


for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS), first in the Azores, Portugal, then in Okinawa, Japan. She has a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Intervention from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Miami University. Her article, “Early Reading Intervention: Responding to the Learning Needs of Young At-Risk English Language Learners” was published in a 2009 edition of Learning Disability Quarterly, which publishes high-quality research and scholarship concerning children, youth, and adults with learning disabilities.

We asked Lisa, what is your educational philosophy? Her response: “I am inspired by the energy of young learners and their inherent passion for discovery and knowledge. My mission is to honor students’ childhood and foster an authentic connection to the curriculum and community through meaningful relationships.”

Molly Lair joins Team Trinity as an Early Learners Associate Teacher and works alongside Lead Teacher Pam Lauer and Associate Teacher Revathi Arasavelli. Molly brings more than a decade of experience in the corporate world, having served as chief of staff at NRG Energy, partnerships manager for Near Future Summit, marketing manager for Collins Cooper Carusi Architects, and as proprietor of her own design consulting firm. She has a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

We asked Molly, why did you want to work in education? Her response: “I wanted to continue working somewhere that I could have a positive influence on the world. I am most looking forward to getting to know all the little ones!”

Jose Martinez returns to Trinity as Facilities Lead after most recently serving as a lead maintenance technician at Whitefield Academy for three years. A certified electrician, he began his time at Trinity in 2015 as a janitor with Cleanstar before taking on the role of Maintenance Technician I from 2016 to 2019. Prior to his facilities career, Jose worked in the food service industry as a cashier, server, and cook. Outside of work, he enjoys playing and coaching soccer.

We asked Jose, why did you want to return to Trinity? “It’s a great place to work and offers growth opportunities. I look forward to helping build a strong facilities team.”

Anne Torrey McCuean ’08 joined Team Trinity in May and serves in the Advancement Associate and Alumni Relations position. A graduate of Trinity and The Lovett School, Anne Torrey came to us from Atlanta Youth Academy, where she served as development manager and grant writer. Prior to her role at AYA, she was at Atlanta Girls’ School, where she was the advancement assistant and director of S.M.A.R.T. Girls Camp. Anne Torrey holds a Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies with a concentration in Communication from Furman University.

We asked Anne Torrey, why did you want to work at Trinity? Her response: “I wanted to work at Trinity because some of the most memorable experiences and relationships I have came from my time as a student at Trinity. I want to be a part of providing those same memories for our current students.”

Rosalyn McLean returns to Trinity as a Second Grade Associate Teacher, a role she held previously, and works alongside Lead Teacher Ellen Marbut. At Trinity from 2018 to 2020, Rosalyn began her time with us as a Kindergarten Associate Teacher before moving to Second Grade. Before joining Trinity in 2018, Rosalyn

taught ESL online to elementary students and Second Grade at the University of Chicago Charter School. She has her Master of Arts in Teaching in Elementary Education from The University of Chicago and her Bachelor of Arts in Business from Michigan State University.

We asked Rosalyn, why did you want to return to Trinity? Her response: “Trinity School is a magical place where the warmth and joy of learning can be felt throughout the community. As a dedicated lifelong learner who is always committed to growing my teaching practice, there are lots of professional development and learning opportunities available for the teaching staff. Additionally, Trinity is a school that values collaboration and working together. Trinity’s values align with my own, which makes it a wonderful place to work!”

Samara Meshad joins Team Trinity as a Third Grade Lead Teacher and works alongside Associate Teacher Gretchen Blake. For the last two years, Samara has worked at Mount Vernon School, first as a Kindergarten Collaborative Teacher and most recently as a First Grade Teacher. She previously served as a preschool teacher at The Little Nook in Atlanta. Samara has a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education with a focus on Gifted Education from the University of Georgia and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Florida State University.

We asked Samara, why did you want to work at Trinity? Her response: “The concept of ’cherishing childhood’ really struck home with me when I began researching Trinity. Through my various conversations and interactions with members at the School, I quickly learned that Trinity was committed to its mission and that the professional and personal community at Trinity was one I wanted to join.”


Sarah Mokotoff returns to Trinity School as an Upper Elementary Learning Team Specialist. With 18 years of teaching experience, Sarah most recently served as a learning lab specialist at The Epstein School for three years. At Trinity from 2006–2019, she spent one year as a Second Grade Associate Teacher before moving into a Second Grade Lead Teacher role. Sarah also spent two years at The Schiff Preschool of Temple Emanu-El as a co-teacher for the two-year-old and 18-month-old classes. Orton-Gillingham trained, she has a Master of Arts in Teaching with a concentration in Early Childhood Education from Oglethorpe University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Tulane University.

We asked Sarah, what is your educational philosophy? Her response: “I believe that all children are capable of learning if they trust in their own abilities and have someone cheering them on and helping them believe this. Children will learn best when they feel respected and loved. Helping a student establish a growth mindset is one of the most important tools an educator can teach a student.”

Stephanie Mosac joins Team Trinity as a Pre-K Associate Teacher and works alongside Lead Teacher Claire Paul and Associate Teacher Holly Brookshire. With 20 years in education, Stephanie most recently served as the assistant director at Eagle Pointe Preschool in Acworth. Her previous experience also includes Pre-K lead teacher at Tallatoona Headstart in Rome; school director at Primrose School of East Cobb; and director of operations, director, and assistant director/infant care coordinator at various locations of The Goddard School in Georgia. Prior to working in education, she was a nurse in California. Stephanie has an Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Care and Education from Chattahoochee Technical College and

an Associate of Science in Nursing from Yuba College.

We asked Stephanie, why did you want to work in education? Her response: “I love children, and I love to watch them explore and learn. I want to give each child that I come in contact with a lifelong love of learning.”

Kelsey Ricci, who served as Trinity’s Long-Term Substitute Nurse during the second half of the 202122 school year, now works alongside Nurse Debbie Bright as a second full-time School Nurse. A Registered Nurse (RN), Kelsey received her Associate of Science in Nursing from Pasco-Hernando State College and completed clinical training at Northside Hospital Atlanta as well as Hellen Ellis Memorial Hospital in Tarpon Springs, Florida. She has previously served as a surgical nurse at Comanche County Memorial Hospital in Lawton, Oklahoma and midwife/medical assistant at Labor of Love Birth Center in Dunedin, Florida.

We asked Kelsey, why did you want to work at Trinity? Her response: “My experience at Trinity has been nothing short of amazing. All of the staff and faculty truly work together to create a nurturing and caring educational environment. The children who have the privilege of learning at Trinity are respected and valued in a way I’ve not witnessed elsewhere. I love the Trinity community already and want to work here for as long as possible!”

Kaitlin Snodgrass joins Team

Trinity as an Early Learners Associate Teacher and works alongside Lead Teacher Robin Martin and Associate Teacher Kimberly Marchant. She previously worked at St. Martin’s Episcopal School for several years as a Second Grade lead teacher and First and Second Grade assistant teacher before staying home with her two children. Kaitlin, who attended Georgia independent schools from age four through 12th Grade, served as a

Room Parent in Robin’s classroom last year when her daughter, Brooke, was in it. Kaitlin has a Master of Arts in Teaching from Mercer University and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Auburn University. We asked Kaitlin, what are you most looking forward to during your first year teaching at Trinity? Her response: “Robin Martin is an exceptional teacher who treats each child as her own. Witnessing the academic and social growth my daughter made in her class last year was truly remarkable. I cannot wait to be a part of the magic of the Butterfly class on a daily basis. I look forward to the growth each child makes from our first day together in August to our last day in May. I know we are going to have the best time! I have also loved meeting Trinity faculty and staff, and I am eager to meet more this first year.”

Marcia Twiggs joins Team Trinity as a Fourth Grade Associate Teacher and works alongside Lead Teacher Hunter Branch. An elementary classroom teacher for 23 years, Marcia most recently worked at Sarah Smith Elementary in Atlanta, where she received a Teacher of the Year award. She has also taught at schools in Memphis, Tennessee, and served as a team leader. Marcia earned an Education Specialist in Curriculum and Supervision as well as a Master of Education from Union University and a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from The University of Tennessee.

We asked Marcia, why did you want to work at Trinity? Her response: “My experiences with Trinity have been through a parent’s eyes. I have seen through my daughter’s experience and personal encounters the commitment to honoring the joys of childhood while also developing critical thinking and leadership skills. I am very excited to work in a place where this is the primary focus.”



Trinity faculty and staff take on new roles

Learn more about our faculty and staff who transitioned into new roles or grade levels at Trinity this school year.

Thomas Benefield, who has been at Trinity since 2014 as a Fifth Grade Lead Teacher, has transitioned into an Associate Teacher position and works alongside Fifth Grade Lead Teachers Kathy Bruyn and

Kelsey Strickland. Before coming to Trinity, Thomas worked at Fernbank Elementary School in Dekalb County for 13 years, serving as a computer lab instructor, Fifth Grade teacher, and the director of after-school extended day program. He has a Master of Science in Education Curriculum, Instruction, and

Assessment from Walden University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Georgia.

Val Boone, who joined Team Trinity as an Early Elementary Media Specialist in 2021, now serves as the School’s Instructional Technologist.

A state-certified librarian, Val was a

26 News
Front Row: Claire Snyder, Marley West, Kate Burton, Sarah Cascone, Val Boone, Jessica Lyles, Jamie Webster, Jennie Rountree, Michelle Siegel Row: Joanna Rios-Vargas, Kelsey Strickland, Andrene Leslie, Annie Jacobs, Melissa Cooney, April Patton, Jennifer Jones, Brooke Ovorus, Mary Jacob Harris, Leah Lenhardt, Thomas Benefield

media specialist at a private school in Decatur prior to coming to Trinity. She holds a Master of Information Science with a concentration in K-12 Library/Media from Rutgers University and a Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Geography from Kennesaw State University.

Kate Burton has moved into a Kindergarten Lead Teacher position and works alongside Lead Teacher Brooke Kelly and Senior Associate Teacher Laurice Drews. She joined the Trinity team in August 2007 as a Fourth Grade Lead Teacher and later served as the Fourth Grade and Sixth Grade Science Teacher as well as a Sixth Grade Lead Teacher. Kate most recently served as the First–Fourth Grade Science Teacher after completing her role as Trinity’s Steam Integration Specialist, a three-year position that was funded through a grant focused on strategic innovation. During her 27-year teaching career, she has also held various teaching positions in grades four through eight at schools in Florida. She has an Educational Specialist Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Kennesaw State University, a master’s degree in Elementary Math and Science from the University of South Florida, and a bachelor’s degree in English from Stetson University. Kate is currently working toward her Doctor of Education in Teacher Leadership from Kennesaw State University.

Sarah Cascone, who began working at Trinity in 2021 as the Substitute Teacher and Field Trip Coordinator and a part-time Extended Programs Teacher, now serves as the Associate to Human Resources, Teaching and Learning, and Field Trip Operations. Prior to joining the Trinity team, Sarah was a public relations coordinator at Atlanta-based M-Squared Public Relations, a personal stylist at Fab’rik,

and a front office administrator at the Athens YMCA. She earned a master’s degree in Public Relations from the University of Georgia and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations from the University of Mississippi.

Melissa Cooney has moved into a First Grade Lead Teacher position and teams with Lead Teacher Hilary Daigre and Associate Teacher Bella Giorno after serving as a Kindergarten Senior Associate Teacher since 2019. Before coming to Trinity, Melissa taught Kindergarten for seven years at Queen of Angels Catholic School in Roswell. She also helped coach Girls Varsity and JV Cross Country and Track Teams at Blessed Trinity Catholic High School. Melissa is OrtonGillingham trained and has a Master of Education in Literacy from Clemson University as well as a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Appalachian State University.

Mary Jacob Harris, who has been at Trinity since 2007, has moved to an Upper Elementary Learning Team Specialist position after serving as a Kindergarten Lead Teacher since 2017. She previously served as a Third Grade Lead Teacher, First Grade Lead Teacher, and First Grade Associate Teacher. Mary Jacob has a Master of Education in Reading, Language, and Literacy: Early Literacy from Georgia State University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Washington and Lee University.

Annie Jacobs, who has been a Third Grade Associate Teacher at Trinity since 2021, has moved to the First-Grade team as a Lead Teacher and works alongside Lead Teacher Margaret Abernathy and Associate Teacher Bella Giorno. Prior to joining Trinity, Annie had studentteaching experience in Kindergarten as well as Second, Third, and Fifth

Grades. She has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with an ESOL Endorsement from Georgia Southern University.

Jennifer Jones, who joined Trinity in 2021 as a Fourth Grade Associate Teacher, has moved into a Second Grade Associate Teacher position and works alongside Lead Teacher Claire Snyder. Prior to coming to Trinity, she was a teacher assistant at Woodward Academy for seven years. Prior to her experience in education, Jennifer was a pharmaceutical sales representative for Pfizer in Atlanta as well as vice president of various departments within Nations Bank (now Bank of America). She has a Master of Business Administration from Clark Atlanta University and a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Ohio University.

Leah Lenhardt has transitioned into a Pre-K Lead Teacher position and works alongside Associate Teachers Anne Jones and SatyaGrace Kaskade. She joined the Trinity community in 2016 and previously served as a Pre-K Associate Teacher for four years and an Early Learners Associate Teacher for two. In addition, Leah has prior experience as a Pre-K Lead Teacher when she took on the role in the fall of 2020 when her team member went on maternity leave. Leah, who earned a Bachelor of Science in Special Education from The University of Georgia, received one of The Hartman Family Fund for Faculty Excellence awards in August.

Andrene Leslie, who joined Trinity in 2017 as a Third Grade Associate Teacher, has moved into a Third Grade Lead Teacher position and works alongside Associate Teacher Koby Collins. With 14 years of teaching experience, Andrene taught First Grade for eight years and Third Grade for one year at George Headley Primary School in Kingston, Jamaica,


before coming to Trinity. She received her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Shortwood Teachers’ College in Kingston.

Jessica Lyles now serves as a Kindergarten Lead Teacher alongside Lead Teacher April Patton and Senior Associate Teacher Mary Catherine Gober ’95 after joining Team Trinity in 2021 as an Early Learners Associate Teacher. Before coming to Trinity, she was a lead teacher for three-year-old students at The Westminster Nursery, a lead preschool teacher at the Washington Street Child Development Center, and a lead teacher at Peachtree Road Lutheran Preschool for several years. At the beginning of her career, Jessica was a clinical assistant in a psychological assessment office and held counseling internships at Laurel Heights Hospital and Hope Counseling Center, both in Atlanta. A member of Georgia Researchers of Educational Psychology, she has a Master of Education in Educational Psychology: Applied Cognition and Development from the University of Georgia, a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling: Child and Adolescent Counseling from Richmont Graduate University, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Belhaven University.

Brooke Ovorus now serves as the Fourth as well as the Sixth Grade Science Teacher, a position she has held since 2018. A Fourth Grade Lead Teacher at Trinity from 2014–2018, Brooke previously taught Fourth Grade for seven years at Argyle Elementary in Smyrna, Georgia, and Third and Fourth Grade for three years at J.C. Magill Elementary in Loganville, Georgia. She has a Master of Science in Elementary Reading and Literacy from Walden University and a Bachelor of Science in Education with minors in English, Mathematics, and Science from the Western Michigan University.

April Patton has moved to the Kindergarten team as a Lead Teacher and works alongside Lead Teacher Jessica Lyles and Senior Associate Teacher Mary Catherine Gober ’95. At Trinity since 2012, April began as an Early Learners Associate Teacher, moved to Pre-K as an Associate Teacher, added a role as an Extended Programs Teacher, then became a Pre-K Lead Teacher in 2016. She previously served as a lead teacher at Crème de la Crème Preschool for six years and was also a professional portrait photographer. April has a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education from University of Phoenix and a Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Development from the University of Georgia.

Joanna Rios-Vargas, who began working at Trinity in 2019 as a part-time Extended Programs Teacher and Substitute Teacher, now serves as a three-day-aweek Receptionist throughout the school year and summer. She most recently served Trinity as a parttime Extended Programs Teacher and Substitute Receptionist, and her previous work experience includes time as an insurance agent and a sales associate. Joanna is working toward an associate’s degree in Business Administration from Georgia Highlands College.

Jennie Rountree, who most recently served as a Second Grade Lead Teacher, is now the First–Third Grade Science Teacher. Jennie, who joined the Trinity community in 2018 as a Second Grade Associate Teacher, has previously served at other schools as an instructional learning specialist, science coordinator, robotics teacher, guidance counselor, and tutor. During her 30-year career, she has taught students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade and developed a lower school environmental studies curriculum.

Jennie earned her Master of Arts in Elementary Counseling and Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Louisiana Tech University.

Michelle Siegel was promoted to Assistant Director of Extended Programs after serving as the Extended Programs Core Supervisor since 2019. Prior to joining Team Trinity, Michelle was the assistant general manager at The Peach Pit. She has also worked as a general manager at Gymnastics, USA; a youth coordinator on a cruise line; and a gymnastics coach. She has a Bachelor of Social Work with a minor in Sociology from the University of Central Florida.

Claire Snyder, who joined the Trinity community as a Second Grade Associate Teacher in 2019, now serves as a Second Grade Lead Teacher alongside Associate Teacher Jennifer Jones. At the University of Georgia, she participated in a special “Double Dawgs” program in which she earned both her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Early Childhood Education (Pre-K through Fifth).

Kelsey Strickland, who joined Team Trinity in 2020 as a Fifth Grade Associate Teacher, is now a Fifth Grade Lead Teacher and works alongside Associate Teacher Thomas Benefield. Prior to coming to Trinity, Kelsey was a Fourth Grade Lead Teacher at Summit Hill Elementary School in Milton, Georgia, where she was nominated for Teacher of the Year. She has her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from the University of Georgia.

Jamesia “Jamie” Webster who joined Trinity in 2021 as a Second Grade Associate Teacher, has moved into a Fourth Grade Associate Teacher position and works alongside Lead Teacher Jen Overly. Jamie previously served as the secretary/

28 News

clerk and a paraprofessional at Barksdale Elementary in Conyers, Georgia; a lead teacher at The Goddard School Buckhead; a longterm substitute teacher and summer camp coach at The Children’s School; and a dance teacher at I Love Dance Atlanta. Jamie has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Walden University.

Marley West has moved to the Kindergarten team as a Lead Teacher and works alongside Lead Teacher Shaun McCarthy and Senior Associate Teacher Mary Catherine Gober ’95 after serving as a Third Grade Lead Teacher since 2019. Before coming to Trinity, Marley served as a Second Grade teacher at High Point Elementary School in Sandy Springs and a Specials Enrichment Teacher and Pre-K teacher at Trinity Presbyterian Preschool. Marley holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from Reinhardt University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from North Carolina State University.


Faculty and Staff Milestones

Join us as we celebrate the personal milestones of Trinity School’s faculty and staff in this recurring feature.

Pre-K Lead Teacher Claire Paul, who has been at Trinity since 2017, and her husband, Michael, welcomed their first child, Michael “Mills” Douglas Paul III, on March 9.

At Trinity since 2022, Upper Elementary Art Teacher Esther Francis and her husband, Chris, welcomed their fourth child, Isabella Millie Francis, on March 19. Isabella joins proud big sisters: seven-year-old Olivia, six-year-old Sophia, and four-year-old Emma.

Trinity since 2016, Second

on May 21.

childhood, held their

Beach, Florida.

At Grade Lead Teacher Katherine Spits married Geoffrey Goldberg The couple, who have known each other since wedding and reception on the Western Green in Rosemary

At Trinity since 2018, Fourth Grade Lead Teacher Laura Kaplan and her husband, Trevor, welcomed their first child, Haley Rose Kaplan, on March 5.

At Trinity since 2016, Fourth Grade Lead Teacher Brian Toth and his wife, Samantha, welcomed their second son, Bryson Robert Toth, on August 8. Bryson joins proud big brother Jackson.

Fifth Grade Associate Teacher Thomas Benefield, who has been at Trinity since 2014, was awarded Coach of the Year this past summer by the Atlanta Swim Association for the Summer League Swim Teams.


Trinity honors 134 years of service

Meredith Burris ’68, Media Specialist | 34 years

Media Specialist Meredith Burris ’68 spent 24 of her 45 years in education at Trinity School. Meredith taught in Kindergarten, Fourth, and Fifth Grade and most recently served as a media specialist for the last 10 years.

Born in Philadelphia, Meredith was raised in Atlanta from the time she was six months old and actually attended Trinity School when she was in Kindergarten. She spent one year at Georgia State University as a voice major, then three years at Emerson College in Boston, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Theater Education with a minor in speech.

Meredith went on to grad school, earning a Master of Education with a concentration in middle grades from Brenau College, and later earned a Media Specialist certification from the University of West Georgia.

In addition to her roles in education, Meredith had experience working for various organizations in and around Atlanta, including costume designer for The Georgia Opera Company, library assistant at the Atlanta Public Library, and production assistant and public relations for Unique Exposure Photography. Prior to joining the Trinity faculty in August of 1988, she was director of the P. K. Yonge Reading Lab at Haynes Bridge Middle

School and Paul D. West Middle School, where she was also a Sixth and Seventh Grade interdisciplinary teacher; the director of the speech and drama department at M.D. Collins High School; and Fourth Grade teacher and high school drama assistant at The Lovett School.

Meredith, who plans to read, travel, see Broadway shows, and volunteer on repeat during her retirement, says she will miss the community at Trinity the most.

“It has been my family for many years, seeing me through some difficult times,” she says. “I will miss the human interactions.”

In May, we wished a fond farewell to five employees who each served more than two decades at Trinity School. With 134 years of combined service, these retired employees have left an indelible mark on the School, and we wish them all the best in the next chapter of their lives.
Diane Dickey ’69, Emily Wood, Meredith Burris ’68, Pat Kerner, Billie Yarbrough, and Myra Morrison, a former media specialist who retired at the end of the 2020-21 school year after 41 years of service to Trinity School, are pictured at their May 18 retirement reception.

Diane Dickey ’69, Learning Team Specialist | 23 years

Learning Team Specialist Diane Dickey ’69 devoted 22 of her 31 years in education to Trinity School. Diane, who attended Trinity for one year as a student, has worked three separate stints at the School: from 1984-1986 as a Pre-First teacher, from 2000-2004 as a First Grade teacher, and from 2008 to May 2022 as a team specialist.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Diane always wanted to be a teacher. She says it was in her “gene pool” as her mother was a teacher and her father was a college professor. Diane earned a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from the University of Georgia.

In addition to her time teaching at Trinity, Diane also taught First and Third Grade in Cobb County. Her advice to new teachers is to “invest in a good pencil sharpener.”

Diane, who has moved her homebase to Highlands, North Carolina, says that there are too many fond memories at Trinity to choose a favorite and that she will miss the students, her friends, and lunch the most.

Pat Kerner, Upper Elementary Art Teacher | 22 years

Upper Elementary Art Teacher Pat Kerner worked in education for 43 years, 22 of them at Trinity. A native of Pennsylvania, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from Kutztown State College and a Master of Arts in Humanities from Central Michigan University. Pat was inspired to become a teacher by her middle and high school art teacher, Sandy Gardner, who remains a good friend.

Pat began her career teaching at St. Pius X High School in 1977. She spent eight years at Immaculate Heart of Mary School, where she began the art department and taught grades K–8. She then spent 13 years working for Atlanta Public Schools as an itinerant art teacher during which she started many of the art departments at various schools.

Pat initially came to Trinity as the School’s first “Artist-in-Residence” in 1987, when she substituted for the then-Art Teacher Joyce Vroon. She says that she also taught jewelry design at Trinity during her spring breaks and always found the School to “be a welcoming and highly creative environment” and was pleased to be offered the position of Upper Elementary art teacher in 2000.

“I am so grateful for the opportunities I was afforded at Trinity, including the Teacher Opportunity Grants, the art seminars and national conventions I was able to attend, and the support of the administration to shift my teaching pedagogy to Choice-Art, which the students loved,” she says.

Emily Wood, Receptionist | 22 years

Receptionist Emily Wood, who spent 22 years greeting families at the front desk, says that Trinity is her “happy place.”

She says, “I will miss the positive energy, the feeling that I am part of a family, and the children. Trinity School offers the environment for persons of all ages to flourish.”

Originally from Burlington, North Carolina, Emily says that she wanted to work in education because she greatly admired several of her elementary school teachers. She graduated from Converse College

with a Bachelor of Arts and Georgia State University with a Master of Education in Elementary Education. She taught Fifth and Sixth Grade in the Cobb County school system for many years.

Emily says she wanted to work at Trinity because she wanted a part-time job and had many ties to the School.

She says, “Our daughter had been a student here, and I knew it to be ‘a good place.’ Also, because of my membership at Trinity Presbyterian Church, I already knew many parents, faculty, and staff.”

Billie Yarbrough, Learning Team Specialist | 33 years

Learning Team Specialist Billie Yarbrough spent 35 years in education, 33 of which were at Trinity. Beginning in 1989, Billie worked in the afternoon enrichment program, a precursor to today’s Extended Programs before teaching First Grade. She then joined the Learning Team in 2005.

Originally from Mount Airy, North Carolina, Billie knew that she always wanted to be a teacher. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Guilford College. Prior to joining the teaching staff at Trinity, she taught Third Grade in Dekalb County and at an elementary school in Gulfport, Mississippi.

She says she wanted to work at Trinity because of “the uniqueness of Trinity’s mission and the uniqueness of the faculty.”

Billie—who will spend her retirement traveling, gardening, and tutoring— says, “Enjoy your time at Trinity. It is a special place.”



Trinity Tidbits

Sixth Grade Outdoor Ed Trip

On March 31 and April 1, then-Sixth Graders had fun on their outdoor education trip to Camp Twin Lakes. Members of the 2022 Sixth Grade Leadership Class made lifelong memories while taking part in many traditional outdoor education activities, from paddle boating to playing team-building games, riding bikes to rock climbing.

Bryson and Selma enjoy petting a goat while Candler, Emily, Braylon, and Henry look on.

Award-winning musician performs for students

On March 4, during Music In Our Schools Month, award-winning trumpeter, composer, and music educator Melvin Jones visited campus. Also a dad to two Trinity students, Melvin gave a special presentation and performance to Upper Elementary students. A special thank you to Melvin for taking the time to share his musical passion with Trinity students.

Grand Day

Following a one-year hiatus, we welcomed students’ grandparents and special friends on campus for Grand Day on April 8. After enjoying a welcome reception and song by Trinity’s choir, our special guests joined their grandchildren in the classroom to see all the interesting things our students had worked on throughout the school year. What a joy it was to see our students light up when their grandparents and special friends walked into the room.

Then-Fourth Grader Ekeoma poses with his grandmother. Then-Kindergartner Rose poses for a photo with her grandparents.

Trinity partners with Kate’s Club for Day of Service

In the spring, members of the Trinity School community once again demonstrated how committed they are to giving back during Trinity annual Day of Service. The School partnered with Kate’s Club, a nonprofit organization that provides critical social and therapeutic programming to grieving children (ages 5 - 18) and their families who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, or primary caregiver, at no cost to the families. On March 26, Trinity hosted approximately 200 Kate’s Club participants who enjoyed bounce houses, a video game truck, group games, balloon artists, music, crafts, and lunch. The event not only provided Trinity families with the opportunity to give back and have a fun day but also gave parents and caregivers of Kate’s Club kids the rare opportunity to connect and participate in “Caregiver Connection” time while the kids were engaged in all the fun activities. The Trinity community also donated games, craft supplies, snacks, beverages, and prizes for the event.

Sixth Graders make laundry kits for Ronald McDonald House

On March 30, the 2022 Sixth Grade Leadership Class met with a Ronald McDonald House representative to learn about the organization’s program, make laundry kits, and write encouraging notes for future participants.

Then-Sixth Graders Edward and Theo enjoy making laundry kits.

The School Festival Returns

After a one-year hiatus, the School Festival returned on April 10 and was bigger and better than ever. All current families and employees were invited to join the festivities that spanned Trinity’s campus, including the new Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Center. Festival attractions included a zipline, rock wall, obstacle course, miniature golf, giant games, face painting, and carnival games.

Then-Fifth Grader Sammy stops by the face painting station. The Corn Maze was a big hit for students of all ages. Students pause before beginning a race through the obstacle course.

Georgia Tech coach discusses sportsmanship with Fifth Graders

On April 25, in preparation for Trinity’s Fifth Grade Olympics, Georgia Tech Men’s Basketball Head Coach Josh Pastner spoke to Fifth Graders about what it means to be a teammate and a competitor. A special thank you to Coach Pastner for taking the time to visit with students and share what he has learned during his athletic career.

Fifth Grade Outdoor Ed Trip

On April 21 and 22, as a culminating trip for last school year’s Fifth-Grade class, students and teachers traveled to the Blue Ridge Outdoor Education Center in Toccoa, Georgia. Fifth Graders participated in teamwork challenges, river excursions, and adventurous hikes. A campfire sing-along was the highlight of the trip, and students reflected on their years of friendship at Trinity.

Brynn, Camille, and Ava enjoy hiking through the woods. William, Graham, Ben, and Christopher celebrate finding a waterfall.

Alums featured on Eldridge Publishing website

Members of Trinity’s Class of 2021 performing The True Story of Hey Diddle Diddle during their Sixth Grade Leadership year are featured on the Eldridge Publishing website. Student photos were selected by Eldridge Publishing, a leading play publisher since 1906, after they were submitted by Upper Elementary Music Teacher Caitlin Grubbe.

Trinity student donates time and talent to MUST Ministries

“Every child deserves a nutritious and delicious lunch every day, especially in the summer months when schools are closed,” says Fifth Grader Sofia Peralta.

This belief led Sofia to help students in the local community this past summer by contributing to the Summer Lunch Program at MUST Ministries, which distributes meals across eight counties: Bartow, Cobb, Cherokee, Douglas, Fulton, Gwinnett, Paulding, and Pickens.

Assisted by her brother, James, who is a Second Grader at Trinity, Sofia organized a neighborhood lemonade stand to raise funds to purchase lunch items such as granola bars, peanut butter crackers, applesauce, and juice boxes. Additionally, she collected old T-shirts, using them to construct and donate 25 jump ropes to the children served by MUST Ministries.

Kerry Coote featured as MGB honoree

On September 3, Upper Elementary Math Specialist Kerry Coote was featured as an honoree on Mathematically Gifted and Black, a website that highlights the contributions and lives of Black mathematicians. The feature highlighted her journey to becoming a mathematician, her love for mathematics, and her role at Trinity.


Becky Holden speaks at mathematics conference

Early Elementary Math Specialist Becky Holden, who has been at Trinity since 2015, was invited to speak at the CGI (Cognitively Guided Instruction) national biennial conference held in Orlando, Florida, in late June. According to CGI’s website, it is a “teacher professional learning program that supports teachers to understand research knowledge of children’s mathematical thinking and how to use students’ mathematical thinking to guide instruction.” Becky presented “When CGI Opened a Coaching Window.”


At Trinity since 2021, Kindergarten

Lead Teacher Jessica Lyles completed her Master of Education in Educational Psychology: Applied Cognition and Development from the University of Georgia over the summer. A member of Georgia Researchers of Educational Psychology, Jessica also has a Master of Education in Professional Counseling and Child and Adolescent Counseling from Richmont Graduate University and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Belhaven University.

Jessica Lyles completes second master’s

Robyn Denson earns MBA and joins NSLS

At Trinity since 2021, Controller Robyn Denson completed her Master of Business Administration from Western Governors University this summer and was invited to join the National Society for Leadership and Success. A Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner, Robyn also has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Kennesaw State University.

Justin Jackson earns PSP certification

At Trinity since 2016, Campus Security Manager Justin Jackson earned his Physical Security Professional (PSP) certification in April. The PSP certification is a globally recognized credential that validates an individual’s knowledge and expertise in physical security and is the only physical security certification that is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Justin, who is also trained and certified as a field investigator and active shooter responder through the Atlanta Police Academy, also recently completed the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) Instructor Course provided by Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service.

Lauren Covington earns master’s degree

Third Grade Lead Teacher Lauren Covington, who began working at Trinity in 2018, completed her Master of Education in Educational Psychology (Gifted and Creative Education) from the University of Georgia in May. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Human Development from UGA.

“As the world becomes increasingly more digitized, the importance of physical security should not be underestimated,” says Justin, better known as Officer Jackson. “At Trinity, we always seek to do everything possible to ensure the safety of our students and community, and I thought it was essential to have a certified Physical Security Professional on staff. This certification combined with my Atlanta Police Department experience means I am even more prepared to conduct threat surveys, design security procedures and systems, and maintain security systems. I can keep our school more agile by training staff and students on security procedures and staying up to date on the latest security technologies and best practices. In addition, completing the CRASE Instructor Course better equipped me to provide our employees with the skills they need to keep our students safe. As a law enforcement officer, I possess the tools and training required from a direct-to-threat standpoint. I can now close the loop to develop and deliver a model response program to our community.”


Trinity Traditions

Trinity School’s rich history began in 1951. While the campus has moved twice since its founding and the School’s programming is continually enhanced, Trinity also maintains and occasionally updates numerous grade-level, division-wide, and school-wide traditions that reinforce the School’s identity, curriculum, and values. This section is dedicated to highlighting some of the many special events that our students look forward to every year.

101 Days of First Grade

In February, First Graders celebrated the 101st day of school. Dressing up as the 101 Dalmatians, students developed numeracy through special games and activities designed around the number 101.

Second Grade Valentine Necklaces

A beloved tradition since 2001, handmade Valentine’s Day necklaces were given to moms and other loved ones during February’s Second Grade Morning with Mom. The necklaces are handmade with love by Second Graders every step of the way, from molding the clay and stamping the design to selecting the color and glazing the hearts

Third Grade Living Museum

In February, history came alive as each Third Grader researched and took on a historic figure’s persona. Third Graders walked the red carpet and confidently told their character’s story before assembled students and visitors during the Living Museum.

Pre-K Olympics

In February, Pre-K students trained hard to participate in specially adapted sporting events during their very own Olympics. Students had fun while learning about different countries and teamwork as they earned medals during events such as “bobsledding,” tricycle and “horse” racing, hurdles, basketball, and soccer. Teachers and family members were there to cheer them on.

Kindergarten Trip Around the World

In January and February, Kindergartners “traveled” to Australia, England, Italy, and Mexico during their annual Kindergarten Trip Around the World. Throughout this unit of study, students deepened their understanding of communities as they learned the history, geography, and culture of various countries.

First Grade Zoo Exhibit

In March, First Graders wrapped up their month-long animal research project with the annual Zoo Exhibit. Students dressed up as their favorite animals, paraded around the Trinity Track, and confidently shared their findings with classmates and parents. In addition, the First Graders published their research in their very own nonfiction animal books.

Celebration of Cultures

In March, the entire school participated in Celebration of Cultures, an event that inspires students to explore the culture or traditions within their family and learn about the different heritages represented in our school. All students, faculty, and staff were encouraged to dress in attire that represents their values, beliefs, and traditions. Classroom learning focused on learning the meaning of culture and that we all have a story to share and that we all belong to this wonderful community. Special guests included Caribbean dancers, Chinese dragon performers, a mariachi band, and a bagpiper.

Fourth Grade Westward Expansion

In the spring, Fourth Graders explored life in the 1800s as settlers were expanding into the American West. In their culminating event on April 1, students donned western attire, enjoyed a meal by the campfire, danced, and completed their model homestead group project.

Fifth Grade Olympics

In April, Fifth Graders culminated their study of different countries through a fun and competitive outdoor Olympics event. From the opening ceremony and team events to individual events and an awards ceremony, our students pushed themselves and supported their classmates in various athletic competitions.

Sixth Grade Opera

For the 44th year, Sixth Graders performed an annual musical production that was a highlight of their time at Trinity. Taking the stage as characters in RATS! The Story of the Pied Piper, students amazed audiences with beautiful live singing, fun costumes, and incredible set design.

Kindergarten Chick Masters

Each spring, Kindergartners participate in Chick Masters, an annual tradition since 2008. During a study on the life cycle of a chicken, students demonstrate responsibility and compassion as they care for the eggs, watch them hatch, and observe and nurture the young chicks. Over a two-week period, Kindergartners traveled with their chicks and visited students in other grades to share all they had learned during their time as Chick Masters.

Field Day

A Trinity tradition since 1986, Field Day is an end-of-the-year celebration for Kindergarten through Sixth Grade students. Held over three days in May, the event included athletic competitions and Sportsmanship Awards for each grade. From tug-of-war to potato sack races, students enjoyed these fun-filled days.

43 1 2 1. Fourth Grade Westward Expansion 2. 101 Days of First Grade 3. Field Day 3 All traditions occurred during the second half of the 2021–22 school year.
7 4 8 Highlights 44
6 5 4. Celebration of Cultures 5. Kindergarten Chick Masters 6. Kindergarten Trip Around the World 7. Second Grade Valentine’s Necklace 8. Fifth Grade Olympics 9. Third Grade Living Museum 9 45
10 10. Sixth Grade Opera 11. Third Grade Living Museum 12. Pre-K Olympics 13. Pre-K Olympics 14. First Grade Zoo Exhibit 15. Fifth Grade Olympics 16. Kindergarten Trip Around the World 14 Highlights 46
47 11 12 15 16 13


Artists Market

January 30–February 4, 2023

Featuring the work of more than 350 selected artists and spanning all price points and styles, the Artists Market includes an ever-changing inventory in 6,000 square feet of gallery space. The Market averages daily sales of 1,000 pieces of artwork, and curated sections include contemporary, realism, whimsical, and jewelry.

Opening Night Celebration

Monday, January 30 | 6–9 PM

Cocktails and Canvases

Friday, February 3 | 6–9 PM

Held at Trinity School, the Market is open to the public with free parking and admission. Visit SpotlightOnArt.com to see daily market hours.

Gala and Auction

February 25, 2023

Atlanta History Center

130 West Paces Ferry Road NW, Atlanta

Current parents, faculty, and staff as well as current and past members of the Board of Trustees and Alumni Association Board are invited to this special evening that is the culminating Spotlight on Art event. Tickets must be purchased in advance and last year’s event sold out. Other members of the Trinity community can participate by bidding online for items.

Visit SpotlightOnArt.com for more information.

Mark your calendars!
Two Emily Newman paintings stand alongside three pieces by artist Kristin Shearer at the Pop-Up Gallery at Neiman Marcus.

Spotlight on Art is in full swing

In the spring, we wrapped up an incredible Spotlight on Art season and 40th anniversary celebration. Thank you again to the more than 100 Trinity parents who helped make each event last school year such a success. Our volunteers’ hard work and the eagerness of our community to purchase original art after a one-year hiatus from our regular series of events resulted in a record-breaking $735,000 raised for Trinity School. We are extremely proud of the way Spotlight unites our community, especially after placing a hold on in-person events during the 2020–21 school year.

We eagerly kicked off this year’s Spotlight on Art season with our annual Pop-Up Gallery at Neiman Marcus at Lenox Square, which ran from September 27–October 27. This month-long gallery featured the artwork of five preeminent contemporary artists: Shannon Coppage, Reagan Corbett, Emily Newman, Kristin Shearer, and Brook Soss. Their work features different textures and mediums, and the display included photography for the first time. The gallery concluded with An Evening with Neiman Marcus. Held at Neiman Marcus at Lenox Square, this annual event featured a runway show and a brief presentation on the latest fashion trends led by Neiman Marcus Public Relations Manager Rebecca Brodnan and artist Reagan Corbett. Attendees also enjoyed champagne and light bites while they viewed the Spotlight artwork displayed around the store.

The Spotlight on Art season continued with the Pop-Up Shop during parentteacher conferences in early November. Open to current Trinity families only during conferences, the Pop-Up Shop featured jewelry, home décor, and other small gift items. New this year, we also included an evening Sip ‘n Shop event that was open to the public. The Pop-Up Shop is always a great time to purchase holiday gifts for family and friends.

We are looking forward to the highly anticipated Artists Market that will take place Monday, January 30–Saturday, February 4, 2023. Welcoming thousands of attendees each year, the Artists Market introduces original work by the best emerging talent as well as new pieces by established artists. Inventory changes daily, so everyone is encouraged to stop by often. Also, mark your calendars for special events during the Market. Opening Night will be held on Monday, January 30, from 6–9 PM and Cocktails and Canvases will be held on Friday, February 3, from 6–9pm.

Lastly, we will cap off the Spotlight on Art season with our annual Auction and Gala, which will be held at the Atlanta History Center on Saturday, February 25. Open to current Trinity parents, faculty, staff, Trustees, and Alumni Association Board members, the fun-filled evening will feature silent and live auctions, a seated dinner catered by Bold Catering and Design, and a DJ. This final celebration is a great way to bring the community together and raise a toast to another successful year. More details, including ticket information, will be sent to the Trinity community soon.

Photos by Reagan Corbett were featured at the Pop-Up Gallery at Neiman Marcus.
Features 50
Lauren chats with Pre-K student Nala during a new student Popsicles on the Playground event in June.

Staff Story: Lauren Darden

An Atlanta native, Admissions and Enrollment Management Assistant Lauren Darden grew up in a close-knit family, the youngest of three children. Her parents encouraged her and her two older brothers to explore their interests and talents, which ultimately led to Lauren playing soccer from the time she was six years old through high school.

“I continue to be grateful to have found something that I loved growing up,” she says. “Playing soccer competitively taught me a lot of life lessons that helped shape the person that I am today. I look back on my childhood very fondly; it was a joyful time.”

Education was very important to her family, and Lauren attended Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool, High Point Elementary, and Woodward Academy. Going to an independent school was not in the original educational plan for Lauren and her siblings, but after her brother Dennis, who is five years her senior, went to a local middle school and discovered it was not a good fit, the family chose to enroll him at Woodward.

“Once my parents saw the advantages [of independent school] for my oldest brother, they made the decision to send all of us. And now, I cannot imagine it any other way,” says Lauren. “I loved every minute at Woodward. I felt like I was challenged in the best ways and had teachers who knew me and could meet my needs when I needed additional support. I very quickly found my group of friends who are my best friends to this day. It opened my eyes to so many different opportunities that I may not have had without Woodward. It was also a valuable lesson for me to see the sacrifices my parents made so that we could go to private school.”

After graduating from Woodward, Lauren followed in her parents’ footsteps and attended the University of Georgia. From a very young age, she enjoyed working with young

children, which led her to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education.

In addition to taking part in the usual student-teaching opportunities at local elementary schools in Athens, Lauren participated in the Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST) program and spent a summer studying abroad in Howick, New Zealand.

“New Zealand is known for its education and especially its approach to reading and writing,” she says. “It was really great to see different approaches than what I had learned in Athens. I quickly learned to think on my feet in new situations.”

Following her time at UGA, Lauren began her teaching career at High Point Elementary. She describes returning to her elementary school as a teacher a “full-circle moment” and found it to be an incredible experience that allowed her to give back to the community that had so strongly enriched her childhood. During her four years teaching Third Grade at High Point, Lauren was a Grade-Level Team Lead, a two-time “Teacher of the Year” finalist, and a Fulton County Central Learning Community (CLC) “You Rock” award recipient.

When a former colleague from High Point who was working at Trinity told her about an open position at the School, Lauren applied that same day. She believes the different experiences she had as a student increased her desire to work at an independent school, and many of her soccer teammates attended Trinity so she was familiar with it.

“Initially, I was attracted to Trinity because of the incredible professional development opportunities,” says Lauren. “I was encouraged by the School’s ability and desire to foster a community of lifelong learners, and I was excited to continue doing what I loved while growing my skillset. Also, I was seeking work-life balance, which I found here.”

In December of 2017, Lauren plays outside with then-Third Graders (now Class of 2021 graduates) Mary Ellen Dunton, Ann Rosengren, and Sibley Winter during an unexpected snowfall. In the winter of 2018, Lauren leads her Third Graders in a discussion about character traits.

Fun Facts about Lauren Darden

Favorite type of food: Mexican

Favorite band: Dawes

Favorite movie: Shawshank Redemption

Favorite TV shows: The West Wing, Newsroom, and Yellowstone

Favorite school subjects: Social Studies and Reading

Favorite children’s book: The Amelia Bedelia series

Favorite Flik meal: Quesadillas

Superpower: My superpower is being able to listen to a random snippet of a movie without seeing the screen, and I can usually tell you what movie it is.

Words of wisdom for Trinity students: Be kinder than necessary. The world can always use more kindness, and you will never regret being kind to others.

Lauren, who participated in numerous growth opportunities as a teacher, has led professional development sessions at Trinity on reading and writing as well as how to incorporate students’ making inferences, thinking deeper, and explaining their thinking into daily classroom routines. In addition, she has shared her expertise in Flourish magazine. Published under her maiden name of Lauren McClelland, she wrote How to deepen the educational experience for the spring 2018 edition and co-authored Mathematizing children’s literature for deep learning for the fall 2017 edition. In 2019, she applied and was selected as the Third Grade’s Grade-Level Team Leader for the 2019–20 school year, which gave her the opportunity to work closely with members of the Academic Leadership Team, support effective teacher teamwork to meet school and grade-level goals, and grow her skills as a leader. In August 2020, she received a Trinity’s Rollins Quest for Excellence Grant, a handful of which are awarded each year to employees for excellent performance and loyalty of service.

After eight years teaching Third Grade, four of which were as a lead teacher at Trinity, Lauren was ready for a new challenge. She wanted to remain in education and at Trinity, if possible, and was excited to accept the position of admissions and enrollment management assistant in the spring of 2020.

Lauren, Annie, and Tad enjoy time at the beach this past summer.

In this role, Lauren manages the online application portal and helps oversee numerous admission events. She collaborates with Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management Brad Brown and Director of Outplacement Sarah Morgan Bonham to put on four Open Houses each admission season. She celebrates enrollment decisions with new student events, like on-campus playdates, and facilitates Early Learner and Pre-K Meet and Greets and New Student Orientation before school begins each year. In addition, Lauren welcomes families to campus on an individual basis for campus tours and observations. She says this is one of her favorite aspects of her job because she connects with families and applicants and gets to know them and their stories.

“Working in admissions, I have gained a greater understanding and appreciation for the different roles that everyone in the School plays, and it has also been an amazing opportunity for me to engage with a broader group of people in our community,” she says. “I relate to children through humor. In my classroom, while we worked hard, there was always a lot of laughter and fun. Entering a classroom for the first time or walking into an admissions assessment can be nerve-wracking. I try to put children at ease right from the start by showing that I care about who they are and what they are interested in so I can make a connection and go from there.”

Features 52

One extra-special connection was seeing her niece, Molly, go through the admissions process and become a Trinity Kindergartner in 2021. Diplomatic as always, Lauren says that she did not pressure her brother, Dennis, and his wife, Tessa, to send Molly to Trinity, but after they toured the School, it was the only place they applied.

“They really valued the character development, the facilities, and the elementary-only experience that Trinity offers to get to know Molly as a learner so that they can make a more informed decision about schools down the road,” Lauren says. “It has brought me immense joy watching her walk these hallways, grow in her confidence, and develop a true love of learning. As a member of the admissions office, I get to share the possibilities of the Trinity Experience with prospective families, and as an aunt, I have gotten to see all these possibilities come to life with Molly.”

Staying at Trinity has been important to Lauren because she loves her work and believes in the School’s mission. And, as she says, “I have lived a lot of life in my time here, and I have always felt loved, supported, and cared for by my Trinity family in every life circumstance. Those are things that you don’t find at every company, and it’s just another example of what makes this place so special.”

Over the last few years, Lauren’s colleagues have rallied around her when she lost both of her parents over a twoyear period. In January 2019, when she was making plans for her wedding later that spring, Lauren’s mom, Luanne McClelland, began to go downhill after fighting a 12-year battle against colon cancer. To make sure her mom was at her wedding, Lauren and her then-fiancé, Tad, held a small ceremony on their back porch in February. While her mom ended up being strong enough to attend the big wedding in April, the backyard ceremony is still one of Lauren’s most cherished memories. On July 10, 2019, she and her family surrounded Luanne and said their final goodbyes.

“My mom was sick for a long time, and I just always saw a lot of faith and courage and determination,” Lauren says. “The day of her passing was one of the hardest days of my life; however, it was also a moment we were all ready for because she had been in so much pain for so long. When you see someone you love experiencing that much pain, you want them to be free of it. That is how I came to terms with losing her. I have been blessed with family and friends, and now this work community, that carry me through the tough times.”

A year-and-a-half after her mom’s passing, Lauren and Tad welcomed their first child, a daughter. Called Annie, she was named Luanne in honor of Lauren’s mom. Lauren calls Annie a “bright light.”

“We often say that Annie was handpicked by her Lulu [Lauren’s mom]. She radiates joy and has kept us smiling and laughing since the day she was born,” says Lauren.

Annie has also been a source of balance during difficult times, which was especially important in the months to follow as Lauren’s dad, Dennis “Denny” McClelland, had a minor heart attack a few days after Annie’s birth.

“My dad, he was never quite the same after losing my mom,” she says. “He and my mom had been together almost 40 years, so he had a hard time adjusting to life without her in it. His greatest source of joy was spending time with his family, especially his granddaughters, Molly, Emma, and Annie. I often pleaded with him to take care of himself because Annie and her cousins needed ‘Guy’ around to love on them and watch them grow.”

Tragically, Lauren’s dad passed away about six months later after suffering another heart attack.

“It has been really hard to have lost both my parents in my early 30s, but it has strengthened my relationship with my brothers as we have had to lean on one another. It has also strengthened my relationship with Tad and Annie and allowed me to truly reevaluate what is important,” she says. “I really understand that life is short and that family and friends that feel like family are a blessing and not something to take for granted.”

From sending notes of encouragement to stopping by to check on her, Lauren’s fellow teachers and staffers made sure she knew she was loved and that she had the space and time she needed to grieve the loss of her parents.

“At Trinity, I have always felt deeply cared for and know that I am trusted to get my job done and done well,” Lauren says. “I know that there are some companies where you cannot just get up and leave when something comes up, you feel guilty even though you know there are more important things to tend to, and I have never felt that way here. It is really important when you find that in a workplace.

“The hardships I have experienced only strengthened my faith and belief that there is something better beyond this life,” she continues. “And my understanding is that while we may go through hard things, there is purpose in our pain and God has a plan for me. I am not walking this path alone.”

Lauren has found contentment in her current phase of life and is enjoying the present while looking forward to the years ahead.

“I hope to continue growing our family here in Atlanta,” she says. “While Tad is from Richmond, he considers Atlanta home now, and we really love the life we’ve built together. I hope to continue learning and growing in my admissions role, and I’m excited for what the future holds. My greatest joy in life is watching Annie learn new things and develop her own personality, so I hope to continue soaking up every minute of this precious time.”


campers participated in 53 camps during the 2022 Trinity School Summer Camp.

Fine Cooking, Art, and Music Live Like a Disney Princess Math Games and Puzzles with Mrs. Coote Trinity Sports Camp

Choose your adventure at Trinity School Summer Camp 2023!

Trinity School Summer Camp offers a variety of academic, specialty, and sports camps for children ages 4 to 13. From coding to Legos, soccer to science, choose your child’s summer adventure from our camps that will run Monday–Friday from June 5–30*, 2023. Join us in Before-Camp Care, Activities in the Afternoon, and After-Camp Care to extend your summer fun to a full day, from 7:30 AM–4 PM!

There will also be limited offerings available during a fifth session of summer camp that will occur July 31–August 4.

Trinity School Summer Camp is open to the public. Trinity parents will receive a sneak peek of the camps in December, and registration will open at 10 AM on January 26, 2023. Some camps are waitlisted the day registration opens so register early for the best selection. www.trinityatl.org/summercamp

Please contact Kayleen Whitmer, Director of Extended Programs, at kwhitmer@trinityatl.org for more information.

*Trinity School will be closed on June 19 in honor of Juneteenth; no camps will be offered on that day.

Super Scientists: Fizz, Pop, Bang…Kid Chemistry!


Dear Fellow Trinity Alumni,

What a joy it has been to be back on Trinity School’s campus as we embarked on the 2022–23 school year! To relive some of my favorite childhood experiences, from cheering on our Sixth Graders during their back-to-school caravan to watching our Pre-K students search for the Gingerbread Man. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Anne Torrey McCuean, and I am a proud alum from the Class of 2008 who spent eight wonderful years at Trinity, from Pre-K through Sixth Grade. In early May, I enthusiastically accepted the role of advancement associate and alumni relations at Trinity and immediately began to think about ways to begin connecting with other alums and reconnecting them with our precious alma mater.

When I reminisce about my time at Trinity with friends and family outside of Atlanta, I will often see a look of wonder on their faces. On several occasions, I have heard in response,

“Wow, I definitely don’t remember loving Fourth Grade the way you did.” And I always wish that they could have experienced the joy that Ms. Mo [Margaret McGinness] brought to the classroom every single day.

Trinity is not just where I went to elementary school, it is where I first learned compassion, resilience, integrity, and collaboration. Trinity is where I found my voice and began to develop into the person I am today.

I can still name the teachers who shaped my Trinity Experience, and I imagine many of them touched your lives as well. So many of my favorite childhood memories and “aha” moments involved Ms. Sibyl [Sibyl Scales] and Ms. Sallie [Sallie Wilgus], Ms. Margaret [Margaret Abernathy] and Ms. Lisa [Lisa Siegel Ackerman ’86], Ms. D’Arconte [Sandy D’Arconte], Ms. Mo, Mrs. Simmons [Meredith Bailey Simmons ’95], and Ms. Howard [Megan Howard Nellen ’93].

Anne Torrey McCuean ’08 and Meredith Bailey Simmons ’95 share a laugh in the Trinity courtyard.

After completing my Sixth-Grade year at Trinity, I went on to graduate from The Lovett School and Furman University. My experiences at both Lovett and Furman were an extension of Trinity, providing me opportunities to grow as a student and as a person. While at Lovett, I discovered my passion for children and education and wanted to be a teacher after the wonderful examples set for me throughout my years there and at Trinity. It was during my junior year at Furman, when I was taking courses for my education major, that I realized that teaching was not the career for me. I was devastated, feeling as if I was letting my dream of empowering children slip through my fingers. Thankfully, I was fortunate to have a mentor, a former Trinity Teacher and fellow alum, who offered me an opportunity that would change my life.

My Fifth-Grade teacher, Meredith Simmons ’95, and her husband, McKittrick Simmons ’88, have played an integral role in my life since we first met at Trinity. I maintained a friendly relationship with Meredith after graduating from Trinity, and what began as a babysitting job turned into walks around the park with her young children in strollers that evolved into conversations about college and beyond over dinners at her house. When I found myself struggling to decide what my post-college future might look like, Meredith and I connected about an exciting opportunity to intern at Atlanta Youth Academy (AYA) as part of a summer fellowship program that she, McKittrick, and a group of other couples came together to host.

It was that summer after my junior year of college when I was introduced to the arena of independent school advancement, which encompasses alumni relations, development, and marketing and communications. My experience interning in the advancement department at AYA allowed me to see that I could still make a difference in the life of a child outside the classroom. Since graduating from Furman, I have spent time as the advancement assistant at Atlanta Girls’ School and as the development manager and grant writer at AYA. Fast forward to today, and I am working for my beloved alma mater in a position that combines my passion for children and advancing their education. Returning to Trinity as an employee has allowed me to come full circle.

Many of you experienced your Trinity journeyat Trinity Presbyterian Church or on our previous campus just down the road. I also remember that campus, having spent my Pre-K and Kindergarten years there. Although the physical location has changed twice, what’s most important—the School’s integrity, values, and commitment to focusing on the young child—has remained the same since the first students arrived in 1951.

Trinity continues to be the place where childhood is cherished. Where developing strong academic and character foundations are equally important. Where lifelong friendships are built. It is where you and I are blessed to call home. As the saying goes, “Once a Trinity child, always a Trinity child.”

Trinity’s Alumni Association is more than 4,000 members strong, and you are an important part of that. I will be reaching out to you through email, newsletters, event invitations, and social media to help you keep in touch, informed, involved, and invested in our alma mater. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me to send your latest news, grab a cup of coffee and catch up, or set up a tour of campus—we have many exciting things happening, including the recent construction of a new Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Center—and relive the joy that is ever-present at Trinity. I look forward to connecting with you soon!


Anne Torrey McCuean ’08 Advancement Associate and Alumni Relations amccuean@trinityatl.org | 404-240-2273

57 Connect with Trinity Update your information and submit Class Notes at www.trinityatl.org/alumni Follow the new, private Trinity alums Instagram account @trinityschoolalums to connect with each other, keep up with alumni news and events, and more! Join Us for an Upcoming Event November 10: Alumni Night at Trinity School February 3, 2022: Spotlight on Art Cocktail Hour for Alumni (21+) and Parents of Alumni April 23, 2022: Class of 2017 Reunion

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All of Trinity School’s resources are devoted to building strong, independent young minds. For more than 70 years, Trinity has fostered a joyful love of learning, in which each child develops the knowledge, skills, and character to achieve his or her unique potential as a responsible, productive, and compassionate member of the School and greater community.

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2022 High School Graduates and College Choices

Mary Claire Anderson, Notre Dame

Owen Armentrout, Georgia Institute of Technology

Kelsey Austin, University of South Carolina

Kargil Behl, Princeton University

Robert Bernot, Washington and Lee University

Edward Blaha, Columbia University

George Blaha, Columbia University

Wyatt Bonner, Georgia State University

Ramsay Brewer, Colorado State University

Emily Bronstein, University of Virginia

Ellie Bruce, Georgetown University

Christian Cain, Sewanee: University of the South

Claire Catterton, Kennesaw State University

Darren Chase, Colby College

Mary Collier Childress, University of Denver

Preston Childress, Washington and Lee University

William Cornett, Champlain College

Ashley Davidson, Tulane University

Frank Decker, Tulane University

Oliver DeVries, Florida Atlantic University

Caroline Dixon, Texas Christian University

Rachel Doman, University of Pennsylvania

Jacqueline Draughon, Texas Christian University

Margaret Drury, College of Charleston

Logan Easterly, New York University

William Ezell, Georgia Institute of Technology

Avery Fantucci, University of Michigan

Leah Favero, Georgetown University

Lauren Fernando, University of Michigan

Matthew Fernando, University of Pennsylvania

Ben Foster, Northeastern University

Katia Fuson, University of Colorado at Boulder

Kaylin Harris, Northwestern University

Jack Herakovich, Georgetown University

Sam Jackson, United States Naval Academy

Asia Bay Jacobs, Clemson University

Julia Jamieson, Clemson University

Peyton Kanaly, Dartmouth College

Sara Kapasi, Georgia Institute of Technology

Ansley Kendall, St. Louis University

Campbell Key, Cornell University

Stewart Key, Emory University

Arin Khanna, Georgia Institute of Technology

Amy Kight, Tulane University

Norah Lascar, Washington University

Alex Latz, Georgia Institute of Technology

Brennan Law, University of Texas at Austin

Ford Lee, Suffolk University

Aidan Mahoney, New York University

William Malone, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Everett Markwalter, Georgia Institute of Technology

Natalie Marshall, Texas Christian University

Conor McCarthy, Southern Methodist University

Robert McKee, University of Michigan

Spencer Mermans, Wake Forest University

Camille Mitchell, University of Miami

Liza Montag, Southern Methodist University

John Mori, Rhodes College

Helen Moseley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Walton Newton, University of Georgia

Natalie Osby, Loyola Marymount University

Reyn Owen, Wake Forest University

Cricket Paine, Boston University

Ella Grace Pickering, University of Georgia

Lily Puricelli, University of Georgia

Ava Reichman, University of Massachusetts

Ishan Sheth, Georgia Institute of Technology

Hunt Shurling, University of Georgia

Bobby Spencer, Tulane University

Fritz Sumter, Belmont University

Whitaker Swann, American University

Helen Symbas, University of Virginia

Mattie Taylor, Clemson University

Lexi Thomas, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Ava Tomlin, University of Michigan

Michael Tye, Auburn University

Nik Vijayvergiya, Georgia Institute of Technology

Carly Walker, Georgia College

Zack Wandtke, Samford University

Jaden Ward, Georgia Institute of Technology

Campbell Watts, University of Alabama

Brody Weeks, University of Tennessee

Noah Whittle, Clemson University

Morgan Whittle, Clemson University

Mary Bowden Wilkins, Mississippi State University

Xander Williams, Auburn University

Daniel Wood, Georgia Institute of Technology

Amelia Wright, Tulane University

Claire Wyant, Southern Methodist University

Jane Zeising, Belmont University


Class of 2022

I am leaving Trinity with...

60 Alumni

Edward Askew-Norton

The Westminster Schools lots of great memories and friends, and I learned a lot of information.

Peyton Ball

The Westminster Schools amazing friendships, great memories, and lots of knowledge. The friendships and memories that I have made here at Trinity will last forever.

Bryce Bennett

The Lovett School passionate friends, love from the teachers, and the tools for my next school. I will miss Trinity very much.

Dev Bhoopathy

Woodward Academy some of the best times of my life and friendships that I hope will stay with me forever. I cannot say enough of what I have gained from Trinity. My education here has been stellar. From being a little Pre-K student all the way to a big Sixth Grader, I have loved all my teachers. I wish I never had to leave Trinity, but we all have to move on sometime. These have been the best years of my life so far.

Emily Buschmann

Marist Scool

the amazing memories and incredible friendships I have made. Everyone here has helped me have the best experience possible at Trinity, and I am so grateful for everything I have been able to do here.

Harper d’Amecourt

The Paideia School great memories. I have loved almost every moment here at Trinity. I am very grateful for my teachers and friends.

Madison Davies-Roark

St. Martin’s Episcopal School a love of learning and friendships with my teachers.

David Demetrius

The Westminster Schools a lot of new and old friends.

Caroline Fisher

The Westminster Schools lots of friends who are always there for me and amazing memories that I will never forget. I know I will still be friends with everyone because of the strong connection we share.

Parker Fletcher

The Lovett School awesome friends and great teachers; I learned so much.

Liam Foster Athens Academy

my good friends and memories of the Fifth Grade Olympics and Third Grade Living Museum. I will miss the teachers and faculty here at Trinity.

Chase Godschalk

The Westminster Schools my friends and great memories, such as the Living Museum and the Outdoor Ed trips.

Walker Kenna Pace Academy many great friends and memories.

Lawson Lee a better version of myself than I came here with.

Selma Mahoney St. Lawrence Martyr School a lot of empathy because of how much I have learned about friendship and spreading love.

Candler McDaniel

The Lovett School many amazing friends that I will never forget and many great memories. I am also leaving Trinity with many learning skills that will help get me through middle school. I am so thankful for all of my teachers and classmates who have gotten me to where I am today.

Ariana Oskouei

The Westminster Schools a ton of amazing friendships and memories.

Braylon Parks

Woodward Academy my memories from Early Learners to Sixth Grade. My favorites are the Fifth Grade Olympics, Sixth Grade Opera, Outdoor Ed trips in Sixth Grade, and Wagon Train in Fourth Grade.

Kaylen Parks

Woodward Academy my fun memories of Outdoor Ed being with all of my friends is what made it so special. I got to be around and learn about my teachers and my classmates more.

William Ramer

The Westminster Schools lots of friends from Early Learners all the way to Sixth Grade, memories from Camp Glisson and Camp Twin Lakes, and memories of the Fifth Grade and Pre-K Olympics.

Theo Teague

The Westminster Schools a lot of friendships. Some of my good friends are also going to the same school as me.

Bryson Tye

The Galloway School my love of learning about science and having all the opportunities to write stories. I also had some amazing friendships throughout the years. Lastly, I loved doing all of the Trinity traditions such as catching the gingerbread man, the Fifth Grade Olympics, and the Sixth Grade Opera.

Henry Velarde

The Westminster Schools a good education, friendships that will last a lifetime, and fun memories.

Gailyn Walker

Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School lots of knowledge and memories that will stay with me forever.

Ellie Winter

The Galloway School my good friends and my love of writing stories.

Ellie Wood

The Mount Vernon School lots of knowledge, amazing friendships, lots of memories, a good attitude, craziness, and a new view of life. I will miss all of my friends and teachers.


Alumni Events

Welcome to the Alumni Association Luncheon

Before our Sixth Graders walk the stage for the graduation ceremony, they are welcomed into the Alumni Association with a luncheon. Held on May 13, the soon-to-be alums created care packages to send to other Trinity alums who were completing their senior year of high school and going on to college, taking a gap year, or pursuing a business venture in the fall. After pizza and ice cream sundaes, the Alumni Association presented each member of the Class of 2022 with a copy of Dr. Seuss’s iconic book Oh, the Places You’ll Go! that included hand-written messages from members of Trinity’s faculty and staff.

Edward, Theo, Walker, William, and Braylon implement an assembly line to complete care packages more efficiently.
Selma, David, Dev, and Kaylen work together on care packages for Trinity’s Class of 2016. Ariana enjoys reading encouraging notes from current and former teachers.

Class of 2016 Reunion

Members of the Class of 2016 and their parents were invited back to Trinity on April 24 for an evening of reminiscing and celebration as these alums graduated from high school. Everyone enjoyed a taco bar as members of the Class of 2016 received and read the letters they had written to themselves in Sixth Grade then played on the new Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Center.

Ansley Kendall ’16 and Jack Higgins ’16 enjoy reading letters they wrote to themselves as Sixth Graders while Liza Montag ’16 looks on. Matthew Fernando ’16, Preston Childress ’16, and Robert Bernot ’16 spend time in the Community Room catching up. Members of the Class of 2016 gather for a group photo after playing on Trinity’s new Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Center.
64 Alumni
Members of Trinity’s original Team Benefield take a group photo with Thomas Benefield during their Class of 2016 Reunion.

Trinity’s first Team Benefield reunites

Eight years ago, I accepted the position of Fifth-Grade teacher at Trinity School. It would be my first homeroom in three years, and I was excited to have a core group of students to get to know, watch grow, and have fun with. What a great first group I received that August of 2014!

One of the hardest parts of being a Fifth-Grade teacher is once the year is over, I don’t get to see many of those kids anymore as some choose to stay for Sixth Grade and others matriculate to other schools. Luckily, Trinity brings all its former students back together during their senior year of high school. I’ve been able to keep up with a few of them through their parents’ social media accounts, but many I had not heard about or from since they completed Fifth Grade in May 2015.

I can’t overstate how I have been looking forward to my first class at Trinity’s senior reunion for the past seven years. If you know me, you know how I feel about my students, and if you’re a teacher you know that every kid that comes through your door has a piece of your heart, and sometimes we never get to see those pieces again. Well, let me tell you that when you do, especially after seven years apart, the missing piece fits right back into place. You remember little things they did as 10- or 11-year-olds and wonder if they still do them. You remember how they grew and changed over a school year. You remember how you challenged them, and they sometimes challenged you. Of my 20 homeroom students that year, 14 of them made it back for the reunion in May, 13 in time for a class photo.

These young men and women were going on to Auburn, UNC, Columbia, BU, NYU, Penn, Tulane, Georgia Tech, and other as-of-then undecided locations.

This reunion is just one way the phrase “Once a Trinity child, always a Trinity child” plays out. Seeing so many of

the students from the Trinity Class of 2016 was such a joy, and the setting for the reunion could not have been more fitting - the new Outdoor Learning Center for Trinity’s Early Elementary students. Seeing these 17- and 18-yearolds making their way around this awesome space was so fun. After the group pics and food happened, two of my former students approached me and asked if it would be okay to go back and play in the tree.

“I mean, I’m sure we CAN, we’re just not sure if it would be socially acceptable,” one said.

“Get out there and play, man,” I responded enthusiastically.

For at least 10 minutes that is what they did. Climbing, laughing, talking, and letting their inner little kid back out for a bit. Upon exiting the tree, one turned to look at it and said, “That is a good tree!”

When it was time for me to go, I made my way around to my former students, wished them luck, told them how great it was to see them, and successfully held back some tears. I’m so excited for them, their potential is limited only by their drive, and this group’s drive is STRONG. Athletics, academics, and philanthropic endeavors are just a few of the areas these young women and men have excelled in since leaving Trinity School, and will, without a doubt, continue to do so.

Avery, Bobby, Cricket, Edward, Frank, Jack, Logan, Matthew, Nora, Owen, Rachel, Walton, William, and Xander - I don’t know if you realize how much it means to me that you seemed as happy to see me as I was to see you, but rest assured, you filled my cup to the brim with enough left over for a to-go cup. Asia Bay, Campbell, Ella Grace, Elle, Kelsey, and Mollie, we missed seeing you, but I know you’re on to great things, too! As I told you in May 2015, my door is always open to you, and once Team Benefield, always Team Benefield. You have a faithful, cheering supporter here!


1Kelly York Hays ’03 and her husband, Lowell Hays, welcomed their first child, Harper Hays, on April 5, 2021. They live in Atlanta and love being back close to family and friends.

2Olivia Leonaitis ’03 married John Robinson on October 9, 2021, in Atlanta, where the happy couple resides.

Class Notes 3

3Kelly Boyd ’04 married Berton Spring at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta on November 20, 2021. They recently brought home a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy named Marshall.

Corey Golden ’04 married Brian Farber on June 11 in Westhampton Beach. Corey, who is the lifestyle blogger behind @seegoldenstyle, and her new husband spent their two-week honeymoon in Italy and Greece.

Tindall Sewell ’04 married Eric Hein on October 23, 2021, at the Frederica Golf Club on St. Simons Island.

Elizabeth Walker Wadsworth ’04 and her husband, Andrew Wadsworth, welcomed a baby girl, Charlotte Laine Wadsworth, on June 9. After graduating from Emory Medical School, Liz and her husband moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where she is completing her residency in otolaryngology head and neck surgery.

Sara Lynn Been ’05 married Jackson Hill, also an Atlanta native, at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church on May 22, 2021. They currently live in Birmingham, Alabama.

Eliza Granade ’06 married William McGee on April 24, 2021, in Atlanta. The happy couple now resides in Dallas, Texas.

Sally Ann Mitchell ’06 said “I do!” to her best friend, now-husband, Mark Chapline, during their sunny Vero Beach, Florida wedding on June 11. While they’ve decided to plant their roots out west in Denver, Colorado, a wedding in Sally Ann’s special childhood place, the John’s Island Club, seemed like the perfect setting to gather oceanside with family and friends from near and far to celebrate their special day.

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68 10 11 12 14 15 Alumni Visit www.trinityatl.org/alumni to submit Class Notes and update your contact information. 13

Michael Russell ’06 recently began a new role as director of sales at New York-based Fenway Sports Management, where he’s responsible for crafting and selling partnerships for Liverpool Football Club and The Springhill Company.

Ben Zacks ’06 graduated from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in 2021. He is now in his second year of his pediatrics residency at the University of Colorado and is interested in pursuing a sports medicine fellowship after completing his residency.

Blythe Morocco Holliday ’08 and her husband, Hunter Holliday, welcomed their daughter, Spencer Jane Holliday, on January 14.

The mother-daughter team of Jorie Moran ’09 and Allison Bolch Moran ’80, who is also a former Trinity Trustee, launched an interior design business, Wesley Interiors, in 2021.

Andrew Hennessy ’11 moved to Seattle this fall to begin a position with Amazon as a software development engineer. He graduated in May from the College of Computing at Georgia Tech with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Industrial Design. He spent the summer in Atlanta learning to fly, one of his lifelong passions.

Kia Jie Jacobs ’11 has committed to play professional soccer overseas in North Macedonia for Tiverija Strumica Women’s FC.

Catherine Cole ’12 graduated Summa Cum Laude from Emory University and is now attending Law School at Duke University.

Katherine Hennessy ’13, fellow Trinity School classmate Hayden Ratliff ’13, and fellow University of Virginia classmate hiked 133 miles over nine days along the iconic Le Haute hiking trail between Chamonix and Zermatt, high in the French and Swiss Alps. Katherine followed this journey with two challenging mountain climbs that have been on her list, the Matterhorn and the Eiger. She began her final year at UVA in August.

This past summer, I’Mani Barnes ’15 participated in an eight-week civic engagement project for the Louisville Urban League as part of the Civic Collaboration Project program that all Morehead-Cain Scholars complete before their second year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She and other Morehead-Cain scholars were involved in community organizations across the country in order to investigate opportunities and challenges in their designated communities and offer meaningful solutions.

Sixteen Trinity alums from the Classes of 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 performed in The Westminster School’s spring musical, Something Rotten!, in April.

Front Row: Trevor Dempsey ’19, Jane Zeising ’16, Leah Black-Holmes ’18, Austin Genova ’19

Back/Middle Row: Sarah Kim ’18, Jonathan Hunt ’19, Owen Norman ’19, Madeline Wright ’18, Alexis McDonald ’18, Ethan Mattingly ’19, Amanda Glidden ’19, Rachel Doman ’16, Reese Norman ’17, Sara Kapasi ’16, Frank Decker ’16, Jack Herakovich ’16


16At the age of 17, Everett Delonga ’16 earned both his fixed-wing and helicopter pilot licenses and has since earned his instrument rating. He also enjoys motor racing and competes in endurance races at Atlanta Motorsports Park, Road Atlanta, and other tracks across the country. A highly driven entrepreneur, Everett co-founded an asset liquidation company and liquidated a 40,000-square-foot distribution center for American Standard plumbing fixtures and all 31 locations of Fry’s Electronics.

Alix Draper ’16 graduated from The Paideia School in May and is taking a gap year to visit Ecuador and hopefully Japan with United Planet to work with communities on environmental sustainability before attending Pomona College in Claremont, California.


Now a freshman business major at Clemson University, Asia Bay Jacobs ’16 was awarded Holy Spirit Preparatory School’s Positive Athlete for the 2021-2022 school year by the organization Positive Athlete. According to its website, “Positive Athlete is a recognition program that celebrates high character, high school student-athletes and coaches who have overcome difficult circumstances, given back to their schools and communities in a significant way, or just have an infectious positive attitude that makes everyone around them a better person.” Asia was a multi-sport varsity athlete, participating in basketball, cheerleading, soccer, and volleyball.


Owen Armentrout ’16, John Mori ’16, Ridley Richert ’17, Julian Cassinelli ’18, and Davis Dickson ’18 were all part of the The Lovett School’s boys lacrosse team that won the State Championship team in May. The team went undefeated, triumphing over the reigning championship teams from both the 6A and 7A regions. 19

Davis Dickson ’18, Ellie Gabriel ’17, Elise Kuzniak ’18, and Luke Parikh ’18 recently completed a two-year study of the Bible at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church. Over the course of the study, the students participated in local field trips to The Temple Synagogue in Atlanta, Al-Farooq Mosjid Mosque, and The Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation before embarking on a ten-day trip to Israel. Davis, Elise, Luke, and Ellie are pictured in front of the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on June 30.

A senior year at Woodward Academy, Cristiano Profumo ’17 was one of two high school students selected by NCR Corporation. for a paid summer internship through TAG-Ed, the educational collaborative of the Technology Association of Georgia. More than 1,000 applications are received each year for the internship, which provides real-world work experience for high-achieving students with strong STEM aptitude.

20James Ramer ’21 and his teammate, Cory Schimpf, competed in the fourth annual FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving held in Belgium in April. The duo set a new North American speed record in the Junior category and earned a bronze medal for Team USA. Twenty-two countries were represented at the competition, and James was one of more than 40 athletes from the United States participating in various disciplines.

In May, Woodward Academy presented Sibley Winter ’21 with two Certificates of Merit in Recognition of High Achievement as both the Most Outstanding Seventh Grade Student in French and the 2021–2022 Woodward Way Leadership Award. She was also awarded Gold Eagle Honors for Superior Academic Achievement after maintaining a 3.8 GPA throughout the school year.

In May, Jack Winter ’22 was awarded Gold Eagle Honors for Superior Academic Achievement from Woodward Academy after maintaining a 3.8 GPA throughout the school year. In addition, Jack was awarded the Daughters of the American Revolution Youth Citizenship Award.

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