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Your child’s Trinity journey

flourish starts


Where will your child flourish? There’s no better place than

Trinity School.

Childhood is a time to be savored and celebrated. A time for your child to be cherished and challenged. A time for them to grow and discover.

Driving through Trinity School’s gates is like entering another world. One filled with limitless possibilities for exploration, play- and passion-based learning, and joyful experiences. A place that encourages sticky hands and muddy boots, where curiosity and creativity are cheered, where laughter fills the hallways.

At Trinity, we treasure your child’s educational journey, keep experiential learning as the norm, and produce results that far exceed national private school standards. The School feels like home to our students because they are free to explore in a safe, nurturing, and exhilarating environment where they are known and loved.

We are proud to be Atlanta’s only accredited independent school that focuses solely on the education of students age three through Sixth Grade. Founded in 1951, Trinity is an established thought leader in elementary education with more than 70 years of laser focus and expertise in teaching young children. Ask anyone who knows Trinity, and this is what you will hear: Start at Trinity. Thrive for life.

100% focused on the essential elementary years.

We devote everything we have —expertise, facilities, resources—to helping your child flourish during her critical developmental years. Trinity’s unique and balanced approach to an elementary-only education allows your child to have the opportunity to savor her childhood while also acquiring a deep academic foundation and developing responsibility, leadership, and a strong sense of self.

Your child will learn about herself, others, and the world around her. She has ample opportunity to follow her interests and find her passions. Child-directed investigation and discovery are balanced with teacher-led, targeted instruction that together build creativity, self-assurance, and problem-solving skills.

Encouraged to use his imagination, discover new ideas and approaches, and experiment, your child will gain a lifelong love of learning, confidence in his abilities, and strategies to adapt to new situations and an everchanging world.

Designed and refined

with children in mind.

Every nook and cranny at Trinity, both indoor and outdoor, has been designed with young children in mind. The learning environments at Trinity School are flexible, collaborative, and inviting in order to promote active and joyful engagement. The School’s 43-acre campus has 130,000 square feet of indoor learning space, all under the same roof. Older students interact with younger students, modeling appropriate behavior and building relationships across age groups.

Your child will enjoy open classrooms filled with natural light, the Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Center, the Trinity Garden, natural playgrounds, and walking trails that wind through Discovery Woods. Small class sizes and a 7:1 average student-to-teacher ratio—5:1 in our Early Learners and Pre-K grades—will bring out your child’s very best. She will work with interactive technology and learn the importance of digital citizenship, including access, literacy, and security. Your child will utilize design thinking in flexible spaces that allow for individual and collaborative learning.

He will observe his creative movement in music rooms equipped with mirrored walls. Your child’s Trinity Experience will be enriched by World Languages classrooms, a photography darkroom, kilns, a design and makerspace, a state-of-the-art media center, and a multimedia studio.

Experts in early childhood and elementary education.

Our teachers are early childhood and elementary education experts – and experts in nurturing children. They know just how to help your child stretch and grow. And how to build confidence and celebrate where she shines.

Our teachers love what they do and love to be here. With an average tenure of 17 years working in education, 77 percent of our lead teachers have been at Trinity for five or more years. They will help your child build strong foundations in literacy, numeracy, and social studies, while our specialists in art, French, math, media, music, physical education, Spanish, science, and technology will help provide a well-rounded educational experience.

All students benefit from high-quality, multi-sensory, differentiated instruction: adding more challenge when it is needed and offering additional support when it is needed. In addition, we have a Learning Team dedicated to partnering with parents and teachers to find the best way to approach our students who have learning differences, providing another layer of individualized support to help them become academically independent and confident learners. We celebrate each student’s individual abilities and successes and equip students with learning strategies that they can use for the rest of their lives.

Deep Learning

is at the heart of what we do.

Trinity students aren’t afraid of academic challenge. In fact, they’re more likely to ask for an even tougher test of their wits. That’s because, throughout their Trinity journey, they’ve developed their voice and a growth mindset. They embrace new experiences and ideas. They’re persistent and don’t let setbacks shake their confidence. And they’re willing to take risks, from testing theories in science class to giving a speech before the entire school.

Now is the time for your child to acquire fundamental knowledge and develop healthy habits that are the essential building blocks of academic success in middle school and beyond. In every class, at every grade level, your child will gain understanding, hone self-regulation skills, make real-life connections, and learn to think deeply, explore freely, and express herself with confidence.

Your child will develop strong habits of mind through creative and critical thinking and questioning. Identify real-world problems and design innovative solutions. He will gain deeper understanding by demonstrating what he knows in more than one way and applying what he knows in different situations.

Your child will grow

Our Early Elementary Division, Early Learners (three-year-olds) through First Grade, is all about learning to love learning. Your child will run to his classroom, eager to start a new day at Trinity. He will be immersed in a language-rich learning environment, one with dedicated time to art, music, movement, science, classroom responsibilities, public speaking, group discussions, and hands-on exploration and discovery. Your child is building a solid foundation for his future academic achievement as he masters the fundamentals of literacy, numeracy, and Spanish or French.

She will enjoy engineering and design puzzles, media center time, visiting authors and scientists, service-learning projects, and an innovative physical education program. Your child will be in a constant state of inquiry and experimentation, emboldened by our welcoming and nurturing environment.

When your child advances from the Early Elementary Division to the Upper Elementary Division, she moves forward with the knowledge that she has a voice in her learning and can achieve anything through hard work and dedication.

upward! Onward and

Moving from the Early to Upper Elementary Division, home to our Second through Sixth Grade, is a celebrated rite of passage as your child relocates upstairs. Over the next five years, your child will grow in confidence and competence as she is encouraged, challenged, and inspired. Your child will look forward to outdoor education trips, even more robust service-learning opportunities, bigger public speaking and performance opportunities, and mentoring younger students.

More will be expected from your child academically, and he will continue to enjoy a nurturing and empowering environment where he can freely express ideas and opinions and learn about impact and influence. Your child will begin to lead some of her parent-teacher conferences and report on her progress to you and her teacher. As your child matures, he will demonstrate the trademark qualities that Trinity students are known for: intelligence, expressiveness, passion, integrity, respect, personality, inquisitiveness, and a whole lot of heart.

Sixth Grade caps off your child’s Trinity Experience.

Sixth Grade at Trinity is a truly unique culminating experience for your child. It is a year of stretching, growing, and advancing. Being at the top in Sixth Grade, your child is set up for a better middle school experience and more success in the coming years. At Trinity, he is a school leader. A star performer. A role model. He helps select the annual school theme, broadcasts his own TV segments, and presents a multidisciplinary capstone project. Leading the School in Sixth Grade will have a lasting impact on your child’s educational journey.


The School’s rich history began in 1951, and every year Trinity enhances its programming and best practices. At the same time, your child will enjoy numerous traditions that reinforce the School’s uniqueness, curriculum, and values, and more importantly, become some of her most beloved memories. Your child will race in specially designed pushcarts during the Pre-K Olympics and face off with the faculty during the Sixth-Grade basketball game. He will care for newly hatched chicks in Kindergarten and create working prototypes as part of a capstone experience in Sixth Grade.

From harvesting vegetables in the Trinity Garden to going on field trips to the Georgia Aquarium, from paddling down the river during an outdoor education trip to building robots in the School’s makerspace, your child will fall in love with learning through unforgettable hands-on experiences.

memories that will last a lifetime.

Cultivating character.

Morning Meeting. Class jobs. Buddy program and other mentoring opportunities. Service-learning projects. Values classes. Outdoor education trips. Character development is integrated into everything we do. That is how Trinity students learn empathy, compassion, responsibility, respect, cooperation, and establish a sense of self and belonging.

Cultivating character begins at age three, in our Early Learners program, when your child explores what it means to be a good neighbor and contribute to her community. In First Grade, your child builds teamwork skills as he goes off campus for a service-learning project. By Sixth Grade, your child is a campus leader, developing deeper connections beyond Trinity’s gates as a responsible, productive, and compassionate member of the greater community.

Spotlight on Art

Nearly 200 parents enjoy volunteering annually for Trinity’s renowned Spotlight on Art, a series of art events that builds community and has raised money for the School since 1982. The highlight is an on-campus Artists Market that is the largest market of its kind in the southeastern United States.

Join a vibrant community.

Trinity is not just a school; it is a community in every sense of the word. Our parents are invested and appreciated. They are eager to serve in the multiple volunteer opportunities available. They support all students with their gifts of philanthropic support, which is demonstrated year after year by the more than 90 percent participation in the School’s annual fund (the national average is 65 percent).

Our community values the power of dialogue, fosters acceptance, and embraces an attitude of continual growth and learning for all. We guide every student to develop a strong sense of self and belonging; to treat others with dignity, fairness, and respect; and to cultivate a sincere, empathetic care and concern for others. In 1963, Trinity School became the first racially integrated private independent school in Georgia. Today, we continue to make diversity, equity, and inclusion an ever-present, integrated part of the school day.

Here, you and your child are known and loved. From meeting other families at new family Popsicle parties to participating in parent education opportunities to volunteering in the Trinity Garden, you will make lifelong friendships and connections.

enrichment. Extended after-school

Play chess, join the running club, build a robot, learn violin, paint a masterpiece. These are a few of the activities that your child can participate in after school through Trinity’s robust after-school program called Extended Programs.

Whether your child’s school day ends at 12:30, 2, or 3 PM, Extended Programs offers a variety of possibilities designed to best meet the needs of your family. Led by Trinity Teachers and experts from the community, Extended Programs has fun and challenging on-campus offerings that run through 6 PM. Whatever your child’s passions are, she can follow them in Extended Programs.

Start at Trinity. Thrive for life.

Our students flourish at schools such as Westminster, Lovett, Pace, Woodward, and Holy Innocents’ and then go on to succeed in college and beyond. But the bonds they’ve formed at Trinity remain strong. As our alumni proudly say, “Once a Trinity child, always a Trinity child.”

“Trinity helped me understand the big picture and to see how multiple elements can come together to make something great. Trinity challenged me to be a well-rounded person, who, above all, knows how to learn and loves to do it. This love of learning was the foundation for my continued education and the work that I get to do every day.”

Head of the Communications and Public Diplomacy section at the Embassy of Switzerland in the U.S., Marcellus is responsible for leading the embassy’s efforts to create and maintain sustained contact and dialogue on topics of common diplomatic interests with both Swiss and U.S audiences while serving as the embassy’s spokesperson. He also supports opportunities for Swiss and U.S. audiences to learn from each other’s experiences and explore new possibilities for cooperation in the fields of academia, advocacy, the arts, business, culture, development, education, human rights, international cooperation, the media, and science. Marcellus has a Master of Science in communication from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Arts in sociology, communications, and media studies from Tufts University.

“Trinity helped me flourish because it provided me with the building blocks I needed to succeed. In addition to book knowledge, it provided a loving and challenging environment for my development. I learned core Christian values and developed friendships that have lasted a lifetime. Trinity School will always hold a special place in my heart.”

“Trinity absolutely helped foster my career path, instilling a mindset that made me an entrepreneur. I believe having hands-on learning experiences from an early age helped me develop an attitude of creative exploration that led to finding solutions for some of the world’s largest problems. This creative atmosphere has helped me question the status quo of how things work and is at the foundation of what has brought me joy in life.”

An attending adult emergency medicine physician at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and the center’s emergency medicine clerkship director for fourth-year medical students, Allison is board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine and a member of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and Council of Residency Directors (CORD). She completed an emergency medicine residency at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) after earning her Doctor of Medicine from Emory University School of Medicine and Bachelor of Science in psychology from Davidson College, where she participated in the pre-med program.

Founder and CEO of Blueprint Local, a venture that aims to become the premier platform for people to invest in their communities, Ross is also the founder of Village Capital, a pioneering venture capital firm that supports entrepreneurs worldwide. He authored the best-selling book The Innovation Blind Spot, is a Venture Partner with Access Ventures, and helped create the Capital Access Lab initiative as an innovatorin-residence in Entrepreneurship at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Ross serves on the University of Virginia Alumni Association’s Board of Managers as well as the boards of the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership and Village Capital. He has a Master of Philosophy from the University of Oxford, where he was a Marshall Scholar, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Virginia, where he was a Truman Scholar and a Jefferson Scholar.

– Dr. Allison Cobb Barrett ’95

See for yourself.

The Trinity Admissions process is child centered. Your child will be known personally. Admission requirements vary by grade and are designed to assess your child’s readiness for Trinity and potential to thrive in our program. Our top priority is to determine if Trinity is the right fit for your child and your family. Nothing compares to a visit on our campus. If available, join us for an Open House or take a personal tour. Talk with students and teachers. See classes and activities in action. All will give you a better idea of the excitement and energy that permeate Trinity. We also have a virtual tour option available. We look forward to getting to know you and your child!

Your Admissions Team, Brad, Lauren, and Sarah Morgan

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Trinity School does not discriminate based on race, color, gender, religion or creed, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or family composition in the administration of our admission and educational policies, in the extension of financial assistance, or other school-administered programs.

Trinity School is accredited by the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), Georgia Independent School Association (GISA), and Atlanta Area Association of Independent Schools (AAAIS).

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