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8/20/13 9:20 AM

2013–2014 Season at the Lederer Theater Center under the direction of Curt Columbus and Michael Gennaro The Richard L. Bready Executive Director Artistic Director

trinity repertory company

The Grapes of WrathFRANKGALATI



THE ARTISTIC TEAM Directed by Brian McEleney Set design by Michael McGarty Costume design by William Lane Lighting design by John Ambrosone Sound design by Peter Sasha Hurowitz Original music composed by Sherri Eldin & Zdenko Martin Music arranged & performed by 3pile Speech & voice direction by Thom Jones Production stage managed by Buzz Cohen* September 5 – October 6, 2013 in the Sarah and Joseph Dowling, Jr. Theater Sponsored by

Trinity Rep’s 50th season is sponsored by

THE CAST Tom Joad Stephen Thorne* Ma Joad Anne Scurria* Pa Joad Richard Donelly* Granma Janice Duclos* Grampa Stephen Berenson* Uncle John Fred Sullivan, Jr.* Noah Joad, Ensemble, 3pile Ben Grills Ruthie Joad, Ensemble, 3pile Nikki Massoud Winfield Joad, Ensemble, 3pile Ted Moller Rose of Sharon Jessica Crandall* Connie Rivers, Ensemble, 3pile Alex Curtis Al Joad, 3pile Matt E. Russell Jim Casy Joe Wilson, Jr.* Muley Graves, Ensemble Charlie Thurston* Floyd, Ensemble, 3pile Zdenko Martin Mrs. Wainwright Mia Ellis* Proprietor, Ensemble, 3pile Sherri Eldin The Grapes of Wrath is performed with one intermission.

This activity is made possible in part by a grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, through an appropriation by the Rhode Island General Assembly and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Trinity Rep gratefully acknowledges the support of the B.B. Lederer Sons Foundation, the State of Rhode Island, and the City of Providence. The Grapes of Wrath was originally produced on the Broadway stage by The Shubert Organization, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Suntory International Corporation and Jujamcyn Theatres Corporation. The Grapes of Wrath is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.

Production Director Laura E. Smith * Denotes member of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

PLEASE NOTE: Audience members are requested to turn off all cell phones, beepers, pagers, and watch alarms during the performance. Texting and other cell phone use is limited to intermission, outside the theater. Photography is not allowed during the show. ON THE COVER: ANNE SCURRIA & STEPHEN THORNE; PHOTO BY MICHAEL GUY


11:20 AM

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8/20/13 2:09 PM


Dear Friends,

We all know how important it is to mark the milestones in life — birthdays and anniversaries are causes for celebration and, sometimes, retrospection. We can look backwards on our past triumphs with nostalgia, or perhaps regret, and say wistful sentences that begin with “Remember when….” There’s usually cake, speeches (long speeches), and accolades at such occasions. But we are Trinity Repertory Company. The people who founded our theater 50 years ago were visionaries. They looked forward, they saw the future, they built for the nex t generation. They were community leaders who rallied the resources to open Trinity Rep because they knew a lasting cultural institution would have a profound impact on the future of Providence, Rhode Island, and all of Southern New England. They were artists who broke ground with an in-your-face house style and a love of great stories and language. They were artisans and administrators who kept the place running in the most challenging of circumstances, with not a word of recognition on most of those occasions. And I want to celebrate their incredible accomplishments by doing what they did — by looking forward. When I look forward for Trinity Rep, I see generations of learners who will be impacted

continue to be our vital engine, the force behind all of the great work on our stages. We have added three new company members this season (welcome Mia Ellis, Becky Gibel, and Charlie Thurston), and through them, we will continue our commitment to great, local artists making one-of-a-kind, local art for local audiences. When I look forward for Trinity Rep, I see great new plays, indeed, a whole generation of new writers. In late July, we completed our seventh company development workshop, where our resident company and writers from around the nation worked on eight new plays in four days, all candidates for the next several seasons. Our writers will challenge form —Pablo Picasso and provoke thought in ways that I cannot even conceive, but they will remain committed to the live, members know that the face of Providence performed event. In the future, our work will has vastly improved since we moved into be as primal and necessary as ever, a living, the Lederer Theater in 1973, with the many breathing story in an over-mediated world. seedy establishments now replaced by rows Trinity Rep may be entering middle age of swanky restaurants and inspiring public art as an institution, but it is far from feeble in its (take a look at our new mural on Washington potential, its energy, its impact. We celebrate Street! Thank you, AS220!). Our collaborations 50 years with Picasso’s sentiment ringing in with other local arts organizations will grow our ears. We celebrate our youthful vitality. and deepen, continuing this process of We celebrate our future and the next 50 years positive change. for Trinity Repertory Company. I look forward When I look forward for Trinity Rep, I also to being with you on the way, and to seeing see many more years of great artistry. Our you in the theater. MFA programs with Brown University are just —Curt Columbus entering their second decade, and they are The Richard L. Bready Artistic Director already recognized as being among the finest in the country, with an important impact on the entire field. Our resident company will by our programming. Project Discovery students will keep coming through our doors, as will the students in our Young Actors Studio and summer programs, and they will keep having their lives forever changed by the power of live art. Lifelong learners are also a part of our future, as well as students on the autism spectrum and with special needs. We will grow as an integrated learning community, one that is fueled by great theater. When I look forward for Trinity Rep, I see our place in an ever-expanding Rhode Island cultural community. Long-time audience

“It takes a long time to become young.”

LOOKING BACK/looking forward

Trinity Rep’s Strong Ties to Steinbeck and Shepard In 1981 Trinity Rep was invited by the International Communication Agency to take an American classic as well as a more adventurous contemporary play on tour to India and Syria. Artistic Director Adrian Hall chose to remount his acclaimed productions of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men (1976) and Sam Shepard’s Buried Child (1980). The tour was a huge success. Pictured here are (left to right) Ford Rainey and Amy Van Nostrand in Buried Child, and Richard Jenkins and Keith Jochim in Of Mice and Men. Trinity Rep bookends its 50th season with John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and Sam Shepard’s A Lie of the Mind, a return to two playwrights integral to the company’s history. Production design by Eugene lee, costumes by william lane & photos by constance Brown

2:45 PM

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8/20/13 9:20 AM

Brian Mceleney: Directing The Grapes of Wrath oNsTaGE aT TRiNiTY REP

another contemporary issue. We have had a decimation of the labor industry. When the minimum wage was established, certain sectors of industry were excluded, particularly farm workers. Migrant farm work is another big issue of this play. Migrant labor these days is made up of both legal and illegal immigrants who lAuRen: The most important question I are excluded from any kind of protection, have for you is, although The Grapes of Wrath just like the Joads. So the novel and the is certainly a classic text, why produce the play are a strong call toward taking care of show now, in 2013? each other. BRiAn: There are two major currents The final moment of the play is a rather in the story. One is the travails of the Joad startling act of charity on the part of Rose of family, who are beset by a natural disaster, Sharon, who’s just been through a trementhe Dust Bowl, that is exacerbated by the dous personal loss yet finds the strength malfeasance and inaction of government to use that for the cause of good. I find the issues and the content incredibly compelling and incredibly relevant. lAuRen: What will be different about this particular production? BRiAn: It’s going to be really different! It’s going to be unrecognizable from a lot of past productions. I didn’t want the play to be about “spectacle.” I didn’t want it to be a movie. As written it’s very cinematic. I wanted it to be much more of an interior In 2007, Brian McEleney tackled another American classic — story, a story about All the King’s Men by Adrian Hall, adapted from the novel by Robert music and poetry and Penn Warren. Set design by Michael McGarty, costumes by William people. One of the Lane, lighting by John Ambrosone. PHOTO BY MARK TUREK difficulties is that it began as a novel. It’s and banking interests during the Great not a play in the way that we think of a play. Depression. We have seen a number of It’s very plot oriented and that can allow similar events in the past 20 years. We have the audience to just sit back and watch. natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, I’ve always loved theater that requires the but we have also had the collapse of the audience to engage imaginatively rather economy that has caused widespread than sitting back and watching it unfold poverty and homelessness, as well as before them. And that was the great danger distrust in our banking institutions. The Joad in this piece I was trying to avoid. family experiences similar tribulations, and I believe in this novel tremendously there is a heroic example to be found in their — I believe in the issues in the novel and ability to not be overwhelmed and endure. the story of the novel. I wanted to find a Another, more personal thread, is the way of telling the story that would make emergence of Tom Joad’s social consciousit contemporary and relevant rather than ness. His friendship with Casy the preacher nostalgic. The issues of the play, with the helps him develop an understanding of natural and man-made disasters that people sacrifice for the common good. They get have to endure, are very contemporary and involved in a labor uprising and that is I want to put it in a context in which the

Trinity Rep’s Lauren Ustaszewski talks to Associate Director Brian McEleney about the challenges of putting an American classic onstage.

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audience has to ask the questions, “What does this have to do with me?” So I decided to put it in a musical venue, in a bar. We have a band, 3pile, made up of acting students in our Brown/Trinity Rep MFA program, and they have composed original contemporary folk-rock music specifically for this production. And in the same way that we did The Crucible on the steps of City Hall, we’re setting this play in a bar, because we need to tell the story now. So that’s going to be very different. And it’s not going to be a musical. It’s not even a play with music. The brilliant musicians in 3pile were asked to come up with music and songs over the summer that were inspired by reading the play and the novel, but no characters in the play are going to sing. The band will sing the songs and interspersed between that, we’re telling the story of this play. lAuRen: How will that support the story? BRiAn: The songs are a counterpoint to the story. Steinbeck’s writing is poetic and almost religious in its weight. I wanted to have something that will heighten the theatrical event and I hope that the music will do that. And I’m also hoping that the songs will give us a chance to take a breather from the story to reflect on it. lAuRen: Apart from just tackling the challenges, what are you most looking forward to about this particular production? BRiAn: I’ve never done anything like this — we’re almost trying to reinvent a new genre of play and music. So I’m excited about the adventure, I’m excited about having 17 people on stage, which is a tremendous opportunity that we don’t get very often. We have very minimal scenic production values, which is a strong artistic choice. You could go with the water and the fire, and the dust and the car, all of which is great, but that’s been done. Or you can go extremely minimalist and you can say, “We actors are going to create this story.” l Au R e n : What do you want the audience to come away with? BRiAn: I think that one of the functions of art is to make us see things in a new way. I just don’t want people to take this story for granted and say, “Oh that was fun, that was nice, that was nostalgic, that was a piece of Americana.” I really hope they will experience this truly great American novel as a contemporary experience.

8/20/13 9:20 AM

THE CAST Stephen Berenson* Trinity Rep: 25th season; The Fool, King Lear (and at Dallas Theater Center); Shylock, The Merchant of Venice; Sydney, Absurd Person Singular; Herr Schultz, Cabaret; Harry, Paris by Night; Puck, A M i d su m m e r N i g h t ’s Dream; Jack, Into the Woods; Scrooge (2001, ’02, ’04). Other Theaters: NYC’s Town Hall; BAM; Kennedy Center; 17 summers with Bread Loaf Acting Ensemble (Polonius, Dogberry, Friar Lawrence); tours in the U.S. and Canada; appearances at The White House and on a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Other: Director of Brown/Trinity MFA Programs and member of the Acting faculty; New England Theatre Conference Award; Providence Mayor Citation; Lunt-Fontanne Fellowship. jessica crandall* Trinity Rep: Christmas Past, A Christmas Carol ’05; Ensemble, A Christmas Carol ’04. Brown/ Trinit y Rep: Juliet, Romeo and Juliet; Elizabeth, Richard III; Dottie, Killer Joe; Lydia, Big Love; etc. Other Theaters: Antigone, Burial at Thebes, Kassandra, Agamemnon, La MaMa (Innovative Theatre Award nomination for outstanding featured actress); Andrea Pearl, Birds on a Wire, Sorel, Hay Fever, VOICETheatre (NY); two seasons at the Warehouse Theatre (SC) including Isabella, Measure for Measure, Bride, Blood Wedding, and Portia, Julius Caesar; Shanty (one-woman play), Perishable Theatre; Gray Green Canals, Concrete Temple Theatre (NYC). Other: Brown/Trinity Rep MFA 2006. Alex Curtis

Brown/ Trinity Rep: P o o r N e i g h b o r/ Fa t Cousin, Jedermann; Old Gentleman/Fireman, Rhinoceros; Florizel, The Winter’s Tale; Adam/ William, As You Like It; Baz, A Bright Room Called Day. Other Theaters: Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Marin Shakespeare Company, Cutting Ball Theater, Crowded Fire Theater Company, SF Playhouse, Performers Under Stress, The Un-Scripted Theater Company, and Threshold. Other: Alex is a third-year acting student in the Brown/ Trinity Rep MFA Program, and holds a BA with Honors in Theater and Performance Studies

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from the University of California, Berkeley. Alex is also a director, improviser, and teaching artist. He is founding member of the theater company Threshold. Richard Donelly* Trinity Rep: An American Cocktail; Come Back, Little Sheba; A Christmas Carol; Bo ots on the Ground; Some Things Are Private; Dead Man’s Cell Phone; His Girl Friday; Sparrow Grass; Love Alone. Other Theaters: Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre, Playwrights Horizons, RI Shakespeare Theatre, 2nd Story Theatre, Charles Street Playhouse. Film: Urban Relics, By a Thread, Say You’ll Be Mine. He appears as Congressman Sanders in the upcoming David O. Russell movie American Hustle. Television: Empire State, Law & Order, Providence, Brotherhood, Body of Proof. Janice Duclos*

Trinity Rep: In 29 seasons, favorites include: Rose, Dancing at Lughnasa; Sister Mary, Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All for You; Miss Hannigan, Annie; Polonius, Hamlet; Melony, The Cider House Rules; Josie, A Moon for the Misbegotten; Wanda, The Waiting Room; Virginia, The Clean House; Henriette, Paris by Night; Beverly, The Receptionist; Lady Bracknell, The Importance of Being Earnest; Fraulein Kost, Cabaret; Jean, Dead Man’s Cell Phone; Morgan Le Fay, Camelot; M’Lynn, Steel Magnolias; and One for the Money, which she wrote and directed. Other Theaters: American Repertory Theater, Arena Stage. Other: She is a graduate of CCRI and URI. Sherri Eldin

Off-Broadway: Roar, The New Group, NY ArabAmerican Comedy Festival. Other NYC Theater: Broadway workshop, The Threepenny Opera, Roundabout Theatre Co., various roles at Fordham University and other venues. Brown/Trinity Rep: A Bright Room Called Day, Marisol, Jedermann, The Winter’s Tale, As You Like It (also as composer/ music director). Other: Osbournes: Reloaded, Fox; video series. Sherri is a third-year acting student in Brown/Trinity Rep’s MFA Program and majored in Bilingual Literature and Creative Writing at Fordham, where she received a scholarship to study acting in Italian in Rome.

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8/20/13 9:20 AM

MiA ellis*

trinity Rep: The Ghost of Christmas Past, A Christmas Carol; Francine/ Lena, Clybourne Park. Brown/ trinity Rep: Eleanor Stoddard, U.S.A.; Minola McKnight, Parade; Stevie, The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?; Olga, Three Sisters; Titania, A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Valeria, The Rover; Wesley, The Time of Your Life; Synecdoche, Meronymy; Julia Roberts, O Guru Guru Guru. other theaters: Hamlet, Bread Loaf Acting Ensemble; A Christmas Carol, New Stage Theatre. tv: What Would You Do?, ABC; Person of Interest, CBS. other: Mia is a graduate of the Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Acting Program. She received her BA in music and vocal performance from Tougaloo College. She sends a special thanks to Mom, Semoune, and L.B., and is ecstatic to be a new member of the resident acting company.

Conservatory training at a Tony Awardwinning regional theatre with an Ivy League degree

Brown/Trinity Rep M.F.A. Programs in Acting & Directing Brown University department of theatre Arts and Performance Studies Trinity Repertory Company Rhode Island’s world-class theatre company

Ben GRills

For inFormation:

APPly now for September 2014 AuDitionS in new york City, Chicago, San Francisco and Providence

Jill Jann, Program Administrator 201 Washington St., Providence, RI 02903 (401) 521-1100 x271 clockWISe fRom toP left: house & garden, he Is here he says I say, machInal, BoIng!, machInal, And marIsol. PHotoS BY mARk tURek

Join us for the Fall 2013 Brown/Trinity Rep MFA performances MUCH ADo ABoUT noTHInG

by William Shakspeare Directed by Flordelino Lagundino ’15 october 17–20


by William Shakespeare Directed by Dan Rogers ’15 october 31 – november 3


by Will Eno Directed by Heidi Handelsman ’14 december 5–15

tickets Much Ado & Twelfth Night: $10 general admission, $5 for students (with valid ID) and seniors (62 and older). Middletown: $12 general admission, $6 for students and seniors. Call (401) 351-4242 or visit all PerForMances at the Citizens Bank Theater, Pell Chafee Performance Center, 87 Empire St., Providence.

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Brown/ trinity Rep: Faith, Jedermann; Lenny, Marisol; Orlando, As You Like It; Shepherd, The Winter’s Tale; Monk , Small Craft Warnings. other theaters: Bassanio, The Merchant Of Venice; Barfee, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee; Hakija, Small Tragedy; Pierce Butler, Unbound; Victor Chandebise/Poche, A Flea in Her Ear. other: Ben is a third-year student in the Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Acting Program and holds a BFA in Acting from the University of RI. zdenko MARtin

Brown/ trinity Rep: Autolycus, The Winter's Tale; Husz, A Bright Room Called Day; Duke Senior, As You Like It; Golf Club/ I ce Cre am , Marisol; Mammon, Jedermann. nyc theaters: Hudson to China, St . A n n's Warehouse; In His Bold Gaze My Ruin Is Writ Large, La Tea Theatre; The Maderati, The Red Room; Flowers, Center Stage; Lost, Looking Glass Theatre; Romeo and Juliet, Manhattan Rep; Cowboy Mouth, 45th Street Theatre; The Dreamer Examines His Pillow, Abrams Art Center. other theaters: I Am Not Batman, The Open Road Anthology, Pizza Theology, Humana Festival, Actors Theatre of Louisville; International Kukla Festivali, Istanbul, Turkey. other: Zdenko is a third-year student at Brown/ Trinity Rep MFA Acting Program. He is also a stage combat instructor, fight choreographer, musician and composer.

8/20/13 9:20 AM

Nikki Massoud

Brown/ Trinity Rep: Marisol, Marisol; Cook/ T h e D e b to r 's W i f e, Jedermann; Celia, As You Like It; Time/Oracle, The Winter’s Tale; Rosa Malek, A Bright Room Called Day; Alba, Religiones Gringas, Writing Is Live Festival. Other Theaters: Ensemble/Laura, The Glass Menagerie Project, Arena Stage; Vasanti, Sanyasi, DC Fringe Festival; Maryam, Crazy Blood, Zeitgeist Festival/Arena Stage; Mary, The Grace of Mary Traverse, Wife/Moon, Blood Wedding, “Z”/Zaynab, You Are Dead You Are Here, Georgetown University. Other: Nikki is a third-year student in the Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Acting Program and holds a BA in History, Theatre, and Psychology from Georgetown. ted moller

Trinity Rep: Barry Love, House & Garden. Brown/ Tr i n i t y R e p : J e a n , Rhinoceros; Touchstone, As You Like It; Antigonus; The Winter’s Tale; Doc, Small Craft Warnings. Other: Ted is a third-year student in the Brown/ Trinity Rep MFA Acting program and holds a BA in Theater from Boston College. matt E. Russell

Brown/ Trinity Rep: Jedermann, Jedermann; Bill McCorkle, Small Craft Warnings; Polixenes, The Winter’s Tale; Botard/ Café Proprietor, Rhinoceros; Corin, As You Like It. Other Theaters: Levi, Joseph and…Dreamcoat; Drew, In a Dark Dark House; Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Harcourt, The Country Wife. Other: Matt is a third-year student in the Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Acting Program and will teach Introduction to Acting and Directing at Brown this fall. He holds a BA in Economics and Theatre from Vanderbilt University. Anne Scurria*

Trinity Rep: Highlights from over 100 product i o n s : B e v/ K a t hy, Clybourne Park; Marion, Absurd Person Singular; Elizabeth, The Syringa Tr e e ; H o m e b o d y , Homebody/Kabul; Vivian Bearing, Wit; Martha, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?; Lady Macbeth; LilBit, How I Learned to Drive; Scrooge, A Christmas Carol; Mary Tyrone, Long Day’s Journey

Grapes of Wrath_2013.indd 13

Into Night. Other Theaters: New York Public Theater, Circle Rep, Intiman Theatre, Arena Stage, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Pittsburgh Public Theater, Long Wharf Theatre, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Circle Rep, Lyric Stage, SpeakEasy Stage, New Century Theater, and Perseverance Theatre. Other: Anne was a Kaplan Fellow and a graduate of the Trinity Rep Conservatory. She teaches acting in the Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Program. Fred Sullivan, Jr.* Trinity Rep: 110 productions, 30 seasons: Teddy, House & Garden; Walter Burns, His Girl Friday; Charles, Blithe Spirit (Norton Award); Jamie Tyrone, A Moon for the Misbegotten; Edmund, Long Day’s Journey into Night; Joe, Angels in America; Harold Hill, Falstaff, Alfie Doolittle, Oscar Madison, Creon, Scrooge, Warbucks, Belch, Captain Hook. Directing: Boeing-Boeing, Shooting Star, A Christmas Carol. Other Theaters: Commonwealth Shakespeare Co. (Bottom, Jaques, Parolles. Menenius), ATL, DTC, Berkeley Rep, NJ Shakespeare. Gamm Theatre: Rothko, Red; and resident director: Hamlet, Lear, Much Ado About Nothing, Tempest, Barrymore, Glass Menagerie, Glengarry Glen Ross, boom, The Real Thing, Awake and Sing! (Norton Award). Other: Fred teaches acting at Gamm, Trinity Rep and RISD. Stephen Thorne* Trinity Rep: This is Mr. Thorne’s 14th season. Favorite roles: Homer Wells, The Cider House Rules; John Proctor, The Crucible; Arthur, Camelot; Hamlet; Stephen, The Long Christmas Ride Home; Hal/Henry V, The Henriad; Matt, The Fantasticks; Heisenberg, Copenhagen; Quango, Homebody/Kabul; Garry, Noises Off. Other Theaters: Actors Theatre of Louisville, Long Wharf Theatre and Riverside Shakespeare Festival. He has been a member of the Bread Loaf School of English Acting Ensemble since 1999. Other: Stephen also wrote The Completely Fictional – Utterly True – Final Strange Tale of Edgar Allan Poe, produced at Trinity Rep in 2011, and Veronica Meadows, to be produced this season at Trinity Rep.

*Denotes member of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

Charlie Thurston* Trinity Rep: Mr. Smith, Social Creatures; Edgar, The Completely Fictional — Utterly True — Final Strange Tale of Edgar Allan Poe. Brown/Trinity Rep: Leo Frank, Parade; Eddie, Tango; Nick, The Time of Your Life; Rocky, Lake Untersee. Other Theaters: Three Sisters, Arden Theatre Company; …Poe, Baltimore Centerstage; Hamlet, Bread Loaf Acting Ensemble; You Can’t Take It ith You, Three Sisters, Carve, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Chautauqua Theater Company; To Fool the Eye, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, A Wonderful Noise, Creede Rep; Prosperity, The Long Christmas Ride Home, Riverside Theatre; Twilight Orchard, Redmoon Theater. Other: He a Brown/Trinity Rep MFA graduate and thrilled to join the resident acting company. Joe Wilson, Jr.*

Trinity Rep: In eight seasons, plays include: King Lear, House & Garden, Boeing-Boeing, The Merchant of Venice, It’s A Wonderful Life, Clybourne Park, Camelot; Yellowman, Cabaret, Twelfth Night, The Odd Couple, A Raisin in the Sun, A Christmas Carol, Paris by Night, All The King’s Men,The Fantasticks, Cherry Orchard, Topdog/Underdog (2005 I.R.N.E. Award), Ain’t Misbehavin’ (2006 I.R.N.E. Award), Hamlet. Broadway: Jesus Christ Superstar. Off Broadway: Little Ham and Josephine’s Song. Other Theaters: Penumbra Theatre, North Shore Music Theatre, Alliance Theatre, McCarter Theatre, Syracuse Stage, Guthrie Theatre, Ordway Music Theatre, Children’s Theatre Company, New Repertory Theatre, and American Players’ Theatre. Other: MFA, University of Minnesota; BA, Notre Dame. Buzz Cohen* Production Stage Manager Trinity Rep: The How and the Why, The Merchant of Venice, Absurd Person Singular, Twelfth Night, A Raisin in the Sun, Richard III, Our Town, The Molière Impromptu, Proof, Copenhagen, Thunder Knocking on the Door, The Piano Lesson, Mrs. Warren’s Profession. Broadway: The Tempest, The Secret Rapture, The Queen and the Rebels, Ned & Jack. Off Broadway: 27 years at the Public Theater/NYSF, stage-managing 60 productions since 1986, including 30 Shakespeare productions (most recently, this summer’s Comedy of Errors); last season’s Neva; Compulsion; Road Show; Durango; Stuff Happens; The Ruby Sunrise; The Story; Lackawanna Blues; Stop Kiss; Golden Child. Other: Honored with the only OBIE ever presented for Distinguished Stage Management.

8/20/13 9:20 AM


Scrooge Redux

The second time is a charm for resident acting company member Fred Sullivan, Jr.

Lauren Ustaszewski: How many times have you played Scrooge? Fred Sullivan, Jr.: I’ve only played Scrooge once before, in 1999. I remember I was performing on Christmas Eve , and I was out in the audience dancing in the Christmas morning scene, and a little girl stood up in her chair, put her arms out and said, “I love you Mr. Scrooge!” My family happened to be there that night, and it was just incredible. Lauren: What a beautiful moment! Fred: Yeah, it really was. A Christmas Carol is so important to people. People propose marriage and celebrate anniversaries at the theater, and bring their kids and their grandkids. When they call it Rhode Island’s greatest holiday tradition, it’s more than just a catch phrase; it’s really, deeply true. I’ve played the gamut of roles from Old Joe to the Nephew Fred. One time I played all the ghosts: I played the Narrator who turned into Marley, who turned into Ghost of Christmas Past, who turned into Ghost of Christmas Present, who turned into Ghost of Christmas Future and then turned into the Turkey Boy! That was actually one of my family’s favorite ones. We’ve produced it 37

times, and this piece has such a great history with this theater. The reason the audience keeps coming back is not just tradition, but because we re-imagine it year after year. Eight generations ago Charles Dickens wrote this story as personally as Eugene O’Neill would write any American play. Dickens sat up all night and thought about his past and wrote this incredible story about his own youth and his view of the world, mostly his view of poverty and our responsibility to each other. And he made this masterpiece that is going to live forever and is powerful as any myth that we share. To me it’s as profound and as magical as Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, or The Lord of the Rings. Lauren: It’s a parable in so many ways. Fred: It’s true. The character has been played so many different times and in various ways he might as well be Hamlet, or Macbeth or Lear. All of Shakespeare’s greatest characters come face to face with their own mortality, and here we have a character who is literally crying on his own grave. And that’s the reason why Scrooge is a great part and why I’m looking forward to play him again. Lauren: What are some of your favorite Christmas Carol’s from years past? Fred : I have three favorite performances of Scrooge from popular culture. The first is Albert Finney in the musical film, and it’s great because he was a young man at the time so in the flashbacks you see how young he was. I also love the George C. Scott one, in which Scrooge is such a business man with such gravitas, and the moment at the grave is heartbreaking and brilliantly acted. Then my third favorite, I admit, is Mr. Magoo. Lauren: There’s a Mr. Magoo version of A Christmas Carol?! Fred: There’s a Mr. Magoo Christmas Carol and it’s in the shape of a Broadway musical, with Mr. Magoo as a Broadway actor playing Scrooge. They use the Dickens text

and it’s actually quite charming and moving. I have so many favorites from Trinity Rep productions and I’ve learned something from each and every one. If I couldn’t be in it, I’ve always gone to see it. The technical staff says A Christmas Carol is their favorite production every year because the audiences are great. And to hear the laughter and honest reactions of children is amazing to me. I’ve played Marley and flown out over the audience and had kids scream and gasp, and that response is very difficult to get in live theater. A really good Christmas Carol can produce that. Some of the people who come to see this play don’t come to see any other play during the year. It’s great to have every walk of life and every age group in the theater. It’s a big responsibility. It needs to be great and I have every confidence and hope that it will be.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, adapted by Adrian Hall and Richard Cumming and directed by Tyler Dobrowsky, runs November 9 – December 28 in the Chace Theater with Fred Sullivan, Jr. as Ebenezer Scrooge.

From curmudgeonly to cuddly:

Fred Sulllivan, Jr. as Ebenezer Scrooge in Trinity Rep’s 1999 production of A Christmas Carol, with (from left) Stephen Berenson, Mauro Hantman, Jim Barton, Peter Husovsky, Shaelyn Olivia Ray as Tiny Tim, and Barbara Orson. Directed by Mark J. Lerman, set by Tom Buckland and Kathrine Lovell, costumes by William Lane, and lighting by Deb Sullivan.

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ticketstimes &dates THE GRAPES OF WRATH • Sept. 5 – Oct. 6, 2013 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY SEPT. 1



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TICKETS for The Grapes of Wrath PREVIEWS: First Thurs., Fri., Sat. 7:30pm........ $22–$34 REGULAR: Wed. matinee 2pm......................... $22–$58 Sun.–Thurs. 7:30pm ....................... $22–$58 Fri.–Sat. 7:30pm............................... $22–$68 Sat. & Sun. matinees 2pm ............ $22–$68 TICKETS for A Christmas Carol PREVIEWS: November 9–17............................... $30–$36 NON-PEAK: November 23–30............................ $46–$60 PEAK PERFS: December 1–28 ............................... $56–$70 Children (14 & younger) .......................................... $22–$26 Twelfth row bench seats ......................................... $15 AN ADDITIONAL $5.00 per ticket handling fee applies to phone and online orders. DISCOUNTS: Call the box office for discounts for educators, military, police, firefighters, students, and seniors. Rush tickets ($22 main seating, $28 prime seating) are available at box office two hours prior to show (excluding A Christmas Carol). SUBSCRIBERS: Save 20% on additional tickets with handling fees waived. Call (401) 351-4243. MEMBERSHIP: Save 10% on tickets with handling fees waived. Call (401) 351-4242. GROUP DISCOUNTS: call (401) 351-4242 BOX OFFICE: (401) 351-4242 • Fax: (401) 831-1612 Email: or Walk-up hours: noon–8pm, Tuesday–Sunday Phone hours: noon–8pm, Monday–Sunday 201 Washington St., Providence, RI 02903 Order online at PRICES, TIMES AND DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Tickets subject to availability. PROJECT DISCOVERY: For reservations to student matinees, contact (401) 521-1100 x114 or KEY TO CALENDARS $ Pay What You Can: limited number of tickets on sale 1 hour before curtain, limit 1 per person


First Look Thursday: talkback with the artists after play Open Captioned performance

★ ASL Performance

Preview performance Non-Peak performance (A Christmas Carol only) No performance

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About Trinity Rep Tony Award-winning Trinity Repertory Company — recently named the State Theater of Rhode Island — under the leadership of The Richard L. Bready Artistic Director Curt Columbus and Executive Director Michael Gennaro, is thrilled to be celebrating its 50th anniversary season. From its humble roots in 1963 in the Trinity United Methodist Church, Trinity Repertory Company has undergone an incredible transformation in 50 years, becoming one of the most respected regional theaters in the country Featuring the last permanent resident acting company in America, Trinity Rep presents a balance of world premiere, contemporary, and classic works for an estimated annual audience of approximately 145,000. In its 50-year history, the theater has produced 62 world premieres which have gone on to have productions at other theaters throughout the country. Local, national and international recognition has consistently come to Trinity Rep. In 1968, it was the first American theater company invited to perform at the Edinburgh International Festival in Scotland and in 1981 it received the Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theater Company. Arts education at all levels is central to Trinity Rep’s mission. This season marks the 47th year of Project Discovery, Trinity Rep’s pioneering educational outreach program. Last season, Trinity Rep’s educational programs reached over 16,000 Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut students through matinees as well as in-school residencies and workshops. The Young Actors Studio allows thousands of students participate in after-school enrichment activities at the theater as well as

in drama therapy programs designed for children on the autism spectrum. Brown University/Trinity Rep offers professional training for actors and directors in a three year MFA program which combines in-depth classroom curriculum with hands-on experience with a working professional theater. Lifelong learning thrives in talkbacks after every performance, theater arts classes for adults and public forums. In 1973, Trinity Repertory Company moved to its present home in the Lederer Theater Center at 201 Washington Street, downtown Providence. Formerly known as the Majestic Theatre, the historic building houses two performance spaces: the 500 -plus seat Chace Theater and the 300-seat Dowling Theater, as well as offices, production shops, and rehearsal halls. The theater is wheelchair accessible and offers an Assistive Listening System for the hearing-impaired. The Pell Chafee Performance Center, located at 87 Empire Street, is home to Brown/Trinity Rep’s MFA program and Trinity Rep’s educational activities for grades K–12, with classrooms and a flexible theater space. As Rhode Island’s largest arts organization, Trinity Rep has a significant impact on the community, and is a linchpin of Providence’s arts and entertainment district. The theater employs over 100 artistic and administrative staff and annually generates nearly $12 million in economic activity. Curt Columbus became artistic director in January 2006, following Amanda Dehnert, Oskar Eustis, Richard Jenkins, Anne Bogart and Adrian Hall. For more information, please visit

Trinity Rep’s

2013–2014 season

John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath adapted by Frank Galati directed by Brian McEleney • Sept. 5 – Oct. 6, 2013

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, adapted by Adrian Hall & Richard Cumming directed by Tyler Dobrowsky • Nov. 9 – Dec. 28, 2013

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike by Christopher Durang Nov. 21 – Dec. 22, 2013

Intimate Apparel by Lynn Nottage • Jan. 30 – March 2, 2014 Oliver! book, music & lyrics by Lionel Bart • directed and choreographed by Richard & Sharon Jenkins • Feb. 21 – March 30, 2014

Veronica Meadows by Stephen Thorne • directed by Michael Perlman • April 3 – May 4, 2014 A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shepard • directed by Brian Mertes • May 29 – June 29, 2014

STAFF FOR TRINITY REPERTORY COMPANY Curt Columbus The Richard L. Bready Artistic Director Curt Columbus joined Trinity Rep as artistic director in Januar y 2006. His directing credits for Trinity Rep include  His Girl Friday, The Merchant of Venice, Camelot,   Cabaret, The Odd Couple, The Secret Rapture, The Receptionist, A Christmas Carol, Memory House,  Blithe Spirit,  Cherry Orchard and the world premiere of Stephen Thorne’s The Completely Fictional — Utterly

True — Final Strange Tale of Edgar Allan Poe and Jackie Sibblies Drury’s Social Creatures. Three of his plays — Paris by Night, The Dreams of Antigone, and  Sparrow Grass — premiered at Trinity Rep. His adaptation of Crime and Punishment (with Marilyn Campbell) is published by Dramatists’ Play Service. Curt’s translations of Chekhov’s plays are published by Ivan R. Dee, include a collection, Chekhov: The Four Major Plays. The Dreams of Antigone and Sparrow Grass are published by Broadway Play Publishing. Curt lives in Pawtucket with his husband, Nathan Watson.

Michael Gennaro Executive Director Michael joined Trinity Rep as executive director in 2007. He was executive director for eight years at Steppenwolf Theatre where Curt Columbus was associate artistic director. He has also been executive director at Pennsylvania Ballet, managing director at Ford’s Theatre and Producing Director and CEO at Paper Mill Playhouse. Michael has served on grant panels for the NEA, TCG and the Doris Duke Foundation and was a RI Foundation Fellow in 2011. He is also licensed in NY as an attorney and is currently a referee with the Providence Roller Derby. Michael’s wife Donna Lee is a special events coordinator and his son Brendan is a musician in Chicago. Tyler Dobrowsky Associate Artistic Director Tyler has worked at Trinity Rep since 2003, where he has directed Its A Wonderful Life (2010, 2011), Love Alone (2012, co-directed with Deborah Salem Smith), A Christmas Carol (2012). As Trinity Rep’s Education Director, he was instrumental in the expansion of the Young Actors Studio after-school and summer arts programs, and helped to strengthen Trinity Rep’s landmark Project Discovery program. Tyler is the associate producer for Brown/Trinity Playwrights Rep, and teaches for the Brown/ Trinity Rep MFA program as well as Trinity Rep’s educational programs for children and adults. Tyler received his MA from Brown University, and studied theater at Holy Cross. Laura Smith Production Director Ms. Smith is in her 17th season with Trinity Rep. She was the associate production manager at Trinity Rep for six years and the capital projects manager for two years, overseeing the construction of the Pell Chafee Performance Center. In the past, she has been the production manager for the Department of Theatre, Speech and Dance at Brown University and the Berkshire Opera Company. She has also stage managed for institutions such as the Metropolitan Opera, the New York Philharmonic, and the Juilliard School.

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STAFF FOR TRINITY REPERTORY COMPANY RESIDENT ACTING COMPANY Stephen Berenson, Angela Brazil, Timothy Crowe, Janice Duclos, Mia Ellis, Rebecca Gibel, Mauro Hantman, Phyllis Kay, Brian McEleney, Barbara Meek, Anne Scurria, Fred Sullivan, Jr., Stephen Thorne, Charlie Thurston, Rachael Warren, Joe Wilson, Jr. ARTISTIC AND MABEL T. WOOLLEY LITERARY DEPARTMENT The Richard L. Bready Artistic Director................... Curt Columbus Associate Artistic Director.................................... Tyler Dobrowsky Resident Designer........................................................ Eugene Lee Associate Directors...........................Brian McEleney, Brian Mertes Resident Costume Designer.......................................William Lane Resident Artist.....................................................Michael McGarty Playwright in Residence ..............................Deborah Salem Smith Director of Voice & Speech...........................................Thom Jones Literary Intern...........................................................Lexi Diamond Artistic Administrative Intern....................................Molly Greene EDUCATION Education Programs Manager & Teaching Artist................................... Jordan Butterfield School Partnerships Manager.................................Matthew Tibbs Education Intern............................................... Zia Affronti Morter Teaching Artists..........................Jamie Arnold, Shura Baryshnikov Angela Brazil, Ted Chylack, Jackie Davis, Lexi Diamond Tyler Dobrowsky, Amanda Dolan, Billy Domineau Vicki Dorazio, Daniel Duque-Estrada, Mia Ellis, Rebecca Gibel Mauro Hantman, Anne Harrigan, Katie Leeman Zdenko Martin, Nikki Massoud, Mike Miele, Sophie Netanel Beth Nixon, Cari Platt, Barry Press, Dave Rabinow Matt Russell, Anne Scurria, Marcus Stacy, Fred Sullivan Jr. Linda Sutherland, Stephen Thorne, Charlie Thurston Hans Vermy, Rachael Warren, Joe Wilson Jr., Diana Young PRODUCTION Production Director..................................................Laura E. Smith Associate Production Director..................................... Mark Turek Asst. Production Director.....................................Anne L. Harrigan Production Assistants................. Meg Tracy Leddy, Carolyn Reich Sara Sheets Stage Management Intern.................................. Meagan E. Garcia SCENERY Technical Director...........................................................Karl Orrall Draftsman................................................................. Dylan Callery Master Carpenter.......................................................... Ryan Davis Charge Scenic Artist...................................................Philip Creech Carpenter..........................................................Christopher Levine Overhire Carpenter......................................................Jason Inman Stage Carpenter................................................. Thomas Buckland LIGHTING Master Electrician....................................................... Ross Chabot Assistant Master Electrician..............................Matthew Donnelly First Electrician........................................................Steve McLellan Board Operator............................................................Kristen Roth Lighting Intern......................................................Virginia Herbert COSTUMES Costume Shop Director................................ Alison Walker Carrier Cutter/Draper....................................................... Kerry DeLaGarza Costume Technicians/Wardrobe................ Erin Meghan Donnelly Gillian Green, Rachel Dulude Costume Technician/Craftsperson .....................................Sylvi Re Costume Intern....................................................Patria Ferragamo PROPERTIES Master.................................................................... S. Michael Getz Artisan......................................................................Natalie Kearns

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AUDIO Sound Engineer............................................ Peter Sasha Hurowitz Sound Technician.......................................Andrew Bradford Ferry Sound Board Operator................................................Brian Merckx Sound Intern...................................................................Sarah Jick ADMINISTRATION Executive Director................................................Michael Gennaro General Manager.........................................................Katie Byrnes Senior Accounting Assistant................................ Kathy Santagata Staff Accountant ..........................................................Cyndi Wood Executive Assistant.........................................Lauren Ustaszewski Business Assistant...................................................Camron Parker House Manager............................................................ Ted Chylack Assistant House Managers...................Ann Hayes, Stephen Lehrer Kelly McDonald, Karen Pigeon, Jennifer Wilson General Management Intern................................. Christian Leahy BUILDING OPERATIONS Director of Operations & Capital Projects............ Robert Whitney Facilities Supervisor..............................................Michael Beasley Maintenance Technician............................................ Kaii Almeida Security Supervisor...............................................Shawn Williams Security............................................Daniel Meath, Ian Sauvageau Marketing and Public Relations Director of Marketing & PR...................................... Marilyn Busch Creative Director........................................................ Michael Guy Director of Sales.........................................................Linda Barone Public Relations and Advertising Manager.................. Myah Shein

board of trustees BOARD OF TRUSTEES Jonathan Duffy Chair Paul Choquette Vice-Chair Barbara Schoenfeld Vice-Chair John S. Lombardo Treasurer Suzanne Magaziner Secretary Hannah Bell-Lombardo Richard Beretta Angela Brazil Acting Company Sandra Carson Linda Cohen Curt Columbus The Richard L. Bready Artistic Director Brian Daniels Tracey Daugherty Joseph L. Dowling, Jr. Michael Gennaro Executive Director Mark K.W. Gim Philip Gould William F. Greene Laura Harris Sally Herreid Elizabeth (Beppie) Huidekoper Deb Imondi Peter L. Lewiss Doris Licht Peter Lipman Gil MacLean Joseph Madden Chris Marsella Brendan McCarthy

Jack McConnell Brian McGuirk Heidi Keller Moon John Palumbo Marc Perlman Michael Prescott Donald R. Quattrucci Kibbe Reilly Kathryn Sabatini D’Anna D. Soehnge Allison Vareika Maribeth Q. Williamson Trustees Emeritus Richard L. Bready Arnold B. Chace, Jr. Johnnie C. Chace Liz Chace Michael Corrente Geoffrey B. Davis Sally T. Dowling Constance Evrard Rhoda Flaxman Frederick G. Frost III Leslie Y. Gutterman Louis Hafken John M. Harpootian Mary D. Higgins Robert J. Higgins Barry G. Hittner Michael E. Hogue John H. Howland Charles T. Hutchinson Eugene Lee Mayer A. Levitt Robert A. Reichley Myrna K. Rosen Lila Sapinsley

Marketing Intern......................................................Corrie Ignagni Graphic Design Intern...........................................Lauren Prospere DEVELOPMENT Director of Development................................... Kathryn A. Calnan Associate Director of Development....................... Jennifer Canole Manager of VIP Services & Special Events................. David Azulay Annual Fund & Database Manager............................Kristen Orrall Individual & Legacy Giving Officer........................ Carol E. Drewes Donor Programs & Individual Giving Officer.................Kate Kataja Grants Writer ..........................................................Emily Atkinson Development Intern................................................ Rebecca Miller BOX OFFICE AND AUDIENCE SERVICES Box Office Manager..................................................Brian Andrade Ticket Sales Supervisors...................Amanda Mann, Walter Prince Lead Ticket Sales Reps................. Daniel Meath, Katherine Rourke Lenny Schwartz, Evan Tessier Ticket Sales Reps.............................Dan Boucher, Stephanie Carey Joharlen Carvajal, Patricia Centofanti, Kevin Girard Kat Harvey, Theresa Rowland, Ian Sauvageau Corinne Southern Volunteer Coordinator............................................ Stephen Lehrer Audience Service Reps..................Desiree Clements, Mike Daniels Leslie Gerundio, Michael Grabosky Deanna Marandola, Christine Mills, Dale Murgo Dani Riley, Dan Rowland, Marybeth Rowland May Rowland, Meredith Wilcox Volunteers Many thanks to our dedicated volunteer ushers

Brown University/ Trinity Rep MFA PROGRAM The Richard L. Bready Artistic Director Trinity Repertory Company......................... Curt Columbus Director, Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Programs...... Stephen Berenson Head, MFA Acting................................................... Brian McEleney Head, MFA Directing.................................................. Brian Mertes Head, Voice & Speech...................................................Thom Jones Head, Movement & Physical Theatre.......................... Daniel Stein Chair, Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies............................................. Erik Ehn Director, Academic Graduate Studies......................Patricia Ybarra Artistic Director, Rites and Reason Theatre......Elmo Terry-Morgan Program Administrator..................................................... Jill Jann Production Manager......................................... Margaret E. O’Neil PCPC Tech Supervisor............................................Jason Eckenroth Production Coordinator............................................ Cole Ratkoski Acting............... Stephen Berenson, Lowry Marshall, Anne Scurria Directing.................................... Curt Columbus, Melissa Kievman Kym Moore, Joanna Settle Playwriting......... Erik Ehn, Marcus Gardley, Deborah Salem Smith Voice...................................................... D’Arcy Dersham, Carol Gill Singing..............................................................Kathryne Jennings Dance........................Shura Baryshnikov, Michelle Bach-Coulibaly Julie Adams Strandberg Design.......................................................................... Eugene Lee Clown/Mask................................................................... Kali Quinn Alexander Technique........................................... Christine Stevens Yoga.................................................................... Olivia D’Ambrosio Professional Development................................... Tyler Dobrowsky Communications......................................... Barbara Tannenbaum Theatrical Modernism/Theory................................ Spencer Golub Theatre History............................................................ John Emigh Performance Studies........................................ Rebecca Schneider Brown/Trinity Rep Intern...................................Christina Henricks

8/20/13 2:40 PM

Three’s Company

Trinity Rep adds three actors to the resident company Trinity Rep’s Lauren Ustaszewski sat down with Mia Ellis, Rebecca Gibel and Charlie Thurston to talk about joining Trinity Rep’s prestigious and longstanding resident acting company. Lauren Ustaszewski: The entire Trinity Rep family couldn’t be more excited for the three of you to join our acting company — are you excited? Rebecca Gibel: Excited is an understatement! Having graduated from the Brown/Trinity Rrep MFA program, we got a window into that world and never expected the opportunity. Mia Ellis: I’m excited to be working with a company of people that have been working together for a long time. I think being in an acting company will help me learn my strengths, and help me strengthen my weaknesses as a n actor. Lauren : How did you get your start in acting? Rebecca: I started in dance, but I wasn’t very good. (Laughs) In New Mexico, where I’m from, we didn’t have anything like Project Discovery so I was never exposed to theater specifically. Charlie Thurston: I started as an athlete in high school, and I auditioned for a play and was cast. I was attracted to theater because it was a whole different world, and it was such a vibrant community of people sharing the same energy. Mia: I’ve always been fascinated at how theater brings people together. I started as a music major, but I was desperate to find a community. I fell in love with a production of Pride and Prejudice that I did, and after that I performed in a lot of community theater before deciding to pursue acting as a career. Lauren: What drew you to the Brown/ Trinity Rep MFA program? Rebecca: I applied four times before I got into the program. The reason I love Brown/ Trinity Rep is there are many programs that tear you down in order to build you back up again, and while that works for some people, I thrive best in a place that’s really supportive and that’s what drew me to the program. This week we’re involved in the annual new play workshops, and every person who comes in the room has a huge smile on their face and they’re so happy to see everyone and work together. This company is an amazing group of collaborators. Mia : I can never really remember exactly how I found out about the program because it wasn’t on my list at first. But once

Grapes of Wrath_2013.indd 34

I auditioned, I told my mom immediately that I was going to be so disappointed if I didn’t get in. I was especially excited about the fact that there was a summer program that involved teaching kids. Charlie: I think a lot of the appeal is the interdisciplinary nature of the program. I was able to get playwriting experience by studying under Deb Salem Smith, Trinity Rep’s playwright-in-residence, and Erik Ehn, the head of playwriting at Brown. Being connected to a professional theater is also really great. It’s nice to have a place where the goal is to create art for a community. Lauren: What have you been working on since you graduated from the MFA program? Rebecca: Since graduating in 2010, I have been lucky enough to return to Trinity Rep a number of times — for Camelot, A Christmas Carol, Boeing-Boeing, and Social Creatures. I also played a rather mouthy auxiliary cop on CBS’s Blue Bloods. I just finished playing Tessie Tura in Gypsy at the Hangar Theatre in Ithaca, and currently I’m rehearsing as Brooke/Vicki in Noises Off at The Actors Theatre of Louisville. This past winter, I helped Fiasco Theatre (a company of Brown/Trinity Rep alumni) workshop their re-imagining of Into the Woods. I’ve been exceptionally blessed with work these past few years, and all of it is directly linked to my relationship with Trinity Rep. Charlie: I’ve moved five times in the last year! I went to Baltimore to reprise my role in Stephen Thorne’s …Poe at Baltimore CenterStage. After I went back to New York City from Social Creatures at Trinity Rep, I did a reading series at MCC. Mia: I did A Christmas Carol here this past year, but before that I did some television and a little bit of film. After A Christmas Carol, I returned to New York and did another television spot and then started working on my solo show, which I started writing while I was in school here. So I’ve been keeping busy, with small projects on the side… and babysitting, because you’ve got to eat, right? Lauren: How did the invitation to join the company come about? Mia : Curt invited me to be in the company the night before A Christmas Carol closed. It was a shock to me, I didn’t see it coming. I thought we were just getting sushi! (laughter) Rebecca: It wasn’t until Curt and the rest of the company had decided Charlie and I were good candidates that we were made aware joining the company was even on the table! There were a few conversations

8/20/13 9:20 AM

with company members and Curt over the last couple years that made my heart skip a beat — when I thought to myself, “Wow! Is this maybe a possibility?” I would broach the topic with Charlie, and the conversations always ended with one of us saying something like, “We shouldn’t get our hopes up. It’s too good to imagine.” Charlie : Curt took Becky and me to dinner at an Afghani restaurant in Baltimore. It was opening night of Poe. At dinner, Curt officially offered us company positions. Becky cried; I did my best to not. Rebecca: We ordered appetizers, and just as the waiter was bringing our turnips, Curt formally invited us to be part of the company. That waiter must have been dumbfounded because he set the turnips in front of me, and I immediately started weeping! We couldn’t be more grateful or excited to be part of this incredible, dynamic, unique artistic family. Charlie: As students, we’d seen the company work and learned about the institution. We secretly dreamed for something like that for us, but never thought it could happen here. It’s so rare, in this business, to have an artistic home and a stable artistic community. We are tickled pink to have this opportunity and make Providence our home. From Top: Mia Ellis as Lena in Clybourne Park (2011) by Bruce Norris, directed by Brian Mertes, set design by Eugene Lee, costume design by Oliver Gajic and lighting design by Dan Scully. Rebecca Gibel as Guenevere in Camelot (2010) by Lerner and Loewe, directed by Curt Columbus, set and lighting design by Eugene Lee and costume design by William Lane. Charlie Thurston as Leo Frank in Parade (2011 Brown/Trinity Rep production) by Alfred Uhry and Jason Robert Brown, directed by Talya Klein, set design by Tilly Grimes, costume design by Cait O’Connor and lighting design by Scott Bolman. photos by Mark Turek



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8/20/13 9:20 AM

playbill trinity 2.3x3.75 7.0: playbill trinity 2.3x3.75 7.0:Layout 1 9: 8 playbill trinity 2.3x3.75 7.0:Layout 8/12/11 playbill trinity 2.3x3.75 7.0:Layout 1 18/12/11

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foR students GRAdes k-12, our Young Actors Studio offers year-round programming that ranges from introductory classes for beginners to more advanced study. In the summer, students can take part in our Young Actors Summer Institute. foR Adults, we offer classes such Improv, Audition Techniques, Comedy, Shakespeare and more, as well as Beyond the Stage, a lively discussion series that illuminates the artistic process of creating the work on stage. Classes take place over fall, winter and spring trimesters, and are taught by our education staff and resident acting company members. For details or to register, visit or call (401) 521-1100 x114.

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8/20/13 9:21 AM



Picture this: students hard at work, noses in notebooks, pens flying, writing scripts, collaborating on

sketch comedy, improvising, dancing, memorizing Shakespeare, designing, acting!

photo by mark turek

This may not be what springs to mind when you think of summer break, but this is what happens every day at Trinity Rep’s by Matthew Tibbs Young Actors Summer Institute (YASI). But more on that a little later. First, I want to share a little about myself — my name is Mathew Tibbs, and I’m the newly hired School Partnerships Manager here at Trinity Rep. I actually worked as an intern in Trinity Rep’s education department back in the ’08–’09 season, and since then I’ve toured with a “Theater for Young Audiences” show, taught and toured with the New England Youth Theater and most recently worked down in Austin, Texas, at a charter school for at-risk youth. While in Austin, I also worked with a theater company focused on bringing free accessible theater to the community by performing in underutilized parks around the city. However, when I learned that Trinity Rep had an opening, I knew it was time to migrate north. I arrived just in time to help run our summer program, YASI. YASI is a special place. It’s special for many reasons, but most importantly it’s because we have the ratios right. We have the right amount of learning and laughter, of smiles and maturity, of bravery and acceptance; the right mix of memories and milestones. These aren’t easy ratios to get exactly right, but we’ve been blessed with some truly outstanding students. Throughout the course of the summer, time and again I watched as students came together

Grapes of Wrath_2013.indd 38

8/20/13 9:21 AM


Lisa Dantas Located in South Providence, the independent Pamela Delaney school – grades three through eight – fosters Sarah Denby creative study in a racially, ethnically, and cultur‑ Chrissy DiLuglio ally diverse student body. Community Preparatory Diane Ellis School a rigorous curriculum to failure ensure that to try employs new things, without fear of (and remember, this is theater Community Preparatory School waspretty founded Karen Greene Special Events camp, so we ask them to do strange things). Their bravery students develop the academic andsome social skills that



Preparatory Schoolto was founded inthe 1984 to provide students fromCommunity Special Events andwill culture oflow‑income acceptance allowed new ideas grow intoGroch great Roberta they need to excel in high school and college. Committee in 1984 to provide low‑income students from ones. TheIsland’s students support their fellow classmates, and this familial Rhode impoverished neighborhoods a place Dan Rhode Island’s impoverished neighborhoods a placeCorley Dan Corley Shane Halajko learn,flourish. and succeed – in school and in life. Lisa Dantas environment true to to learn, growallows and succeed – increativity school and intoLocated life.ingrow Lisa Dantas Pamela Delaney South Providence, the independent Community Prep students score at the same levels, When I looked in on our Sketch Comedy class I saw real collaboraschool – grades three through eight – fosters Myrna Hall Located in South Providence, the independent Sarah Denby Pamela study in a racially, ethnically, and cultur‑ Delaney — as the students were a professional writing room, working Chrissy DiLuglio ortion higher, on–ifgrades statewide tests ascreative allystudents diverse student body. Community Preparatory school threestandardized through eightin – fosters Sean Harrington Diane Ellis Sarah together to make the work of one School student into a toshowcase the employs a rigorous curriculum ensure that Denbyfor from creative Rhode Island’s prosperous study in amost racially, ethnically,communities. and cultur‑ Karen Greene students develop the academic and social skills that entire class. In Page to Stage, their work adapting a Taylor Swift Jennifer Jansen Chrissy DiLuglio Roberta Groch they will need to excel in high school and college. diverse student Community Preparatory Eighty‑three percent ofbody. Community Prep graduates – imaginative. Speaking Shane Halajko songallyinto an original Moosical was incredibly Diane Ellis Joyce Leven Community Prep students score at the same levels, Myrna Hall School employs a urban rigorous curriculum ensureperformances that– more than twice public schooltoclass average of songs, thethe Solos and Duets or higher, on statewide standardized tests were as students incredibly Sean Harrington KarenRoss Greene students develop the academic and social skills that from Rhode Island’s most prosperous communities. Mattis moving — and not just because of the performances. As one student Jennifer Jansen have continued their studies at universities across Eighty‑three percent of Community Prep graduates – Joycethe Leven Roberta Groch they will need front to excelof in the high school college. moved to the classand to sing his her the rest of more than twiceor the urban publicsong, school average –Ellen Miller Ross Mattis the country. have continued their studies at universities across

Invitation Design: Alan Greco Design, Inc.

R. Jim Stahl Directed by

Kate Lohman

Invitation Design: Alan Greco Design, Inc.

Tickets $150 Invitation Design: Alan Greco Design, Inc.

class sat off to the side, mouthing the words along with their fellow Shane Halajko Ellen Miller the country. Parris William Parris student, following along every note. It was one Myrna ofWilliam the Community Prep students score to at the same levels, Hallclearest Marianne Pursley signs support and standardized encouragement I’ve seen. It wasMarianne like every note Pursley or of higher, on statewide tests as students Sean Harrington Joanne Rich the singer hit built up the whole class! The list of highlights goes on, John Paul Smith from Rhode Island’s most prosperous communities. Joanne Rich Weiss Jennifer but what I’m most proud of was their growth not just as Jansen artistsMariebut Eighty‑three percent of Community Prep graduates – JohnLeven Paul Smith also as people. Joyce more than twice the urban public school average – Humans are social creatures. We like and need the companionMattisWeiss Marie continued their at universities across like most ofRoss shiphave of others. Thatstudies being said, it seems our problems Ellen Miller the country. originate because of a failure to communicate. We push people away, William Parris build up walls between each other; we text instead of call, burying our noses in screens. At YASI we used theater and performance Marianne Pursleyto tear down those walls. We became other characters, and as we Joanne Richwalked a mile in those characters’ shoes and searched for understanding, John Paul Smith our worlds expanded, our perspective broadened. We became more MarieisWeiss informed and better able to make clear decisions. This one of the many reasons I wish the world were more like YASI, but then, with all of our students going out into the world, maybe it will be. That’s my favorite part. We are following Gandhi’s advice… we are trying to be the change we want to see in the world. I saw the change happen all across YASI. The staff and I watched, laughed, and applauded the students all summer and now we have sent them out, having walked in the shoes of hundreds of characters, having built a capacity for understanding others. And now we have released them all back into the world knowing the world will be better for it. How truly awesome. That’s the power of the arts. That’s the beauty of YASI. We make creative connections to people. President Obama said, “The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create,” and I couldn’t agree with him more. So as we go our separate ways at the end of summer it may be the last time we work with some of these students. I hope they will visit and I know that there will always be a safe space for them here. No matter where they go, I know they will continue to be YASI brave. They will be just fine, and I feel better knowing they are out there.

Written and performed by

Benefiting Community Preparatory School


September 23, 2013, 6 pm Trinity Repertory Company Supper with the playwright immediately following


Tickets available at All proceeds support scholarships for low-income students at Community Preparatory School.

09.23.13 Come be a Mountie!

We are a private, Catholic, college preparatory junior/senior high school committed to academic excellence, moral values, and well-rounded students. Our commitment to caring means that each and every student is known, valued, and treasured. Come be a Mountie!



November 3rd

2 – 4 pm

ENTRANCE EXAM: Saturday December 7 & 12 th

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8:15 am

8/20/13 4C ad for Mount Saint Charles Academy for Trinity Rep

9:21 AM

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On April 26, 2010 Trinity Repertory Company launched the Theater for Every Generation Campaign to ensure that the unique vision and values that have carried us through the past 50 years are preserved for future audiences. We are deeply grateful to the following donors, who made leadership gifts and/or multi-year commitments to the campaign prior to July 10, 2013. Anonymous Amica Susan & Robert Bahr Victor & Gussie Baxt Hannah Bell-Lombardo & John S. Lombardo Lisa Bisaccia & Robert Naparstek Mr. & Mrs. Russell Boss Richard L. Bready Paul Brooks Scott & Cynthia Burns Cardi’s Furniture Letitia & John Carter/ Carter Family Charitable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm G. Chace/ The Chace Fund Chase Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Choquette, Jr. Linda & Steven Cohen Curt Columbus & Nathan Watson Marilyn & Ted Colvin Frank & Roberta Cook Joan Countryman & Edward B. Jakmauh CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Tracy & Bill Daugherty Ms. Edythe M. De Marco & Mr. Thomas W. Byrne Sarah & Charley Denby James V. DeRentis & Brett P. Smiley Louise D. Dinsmore Edgar & Tracy Dobie Dr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Dowling, Jr. Angela Dowling Munro Jon & Julie Duffy David & Heidi Kirk Duffy The Elms Foundation/ Merle & Stanley Goldstein, Larry & Jill Goldstein, Eugene & Melina Goldstein Dr. Nathan B. Epstein The Norman & Rosalie Fain Family Foundation Patricia Farley Donald & Maia Farish Rhoda & B. Allen Flaxman Bill & Helena Foulkes Greg Frazier & Patricia M. Dwyer Joe & Helene Gemma Michael & Donna Lee Gennaro Mr. & Mrs. Mark K. W. Gim Gail A. Ginnetty Philip Gould & Athena Poppas/ Gould Charitable Lead Unitrust Bill & Kira Greene Vartan & Clare Gregorian Elsa & Jerry Grieder GTECH Corporation Dr. Louis Hafken & Ms. Lee Ann Johnston Adam & Alicia Hamblett Mrs. Stephen Hamblett Mr. & Mrs. John M. Harpootian/ Paster & Harpootian, Ltd. Laura H. Harris Mary & Robert Higgins

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Barry G. Hittner, Esq. & Kathleen Hittner Lillian & Charles T. Hutchinson Douglas Jacobs & Connie Pemmerl Mr. & Mrs. V. Duncan Johnson David Katzen, MD & Barbara R. Binder Susan A. Keller Lois Kelly & Greg Matta Carl H. Knerem & Thomas F. Matt Marie J. Langlois Sally E. Lapides & Arthur P. Solomon/ Residential Properties Ltd. Monica & Scott Laurans Gerry & Paula Levesque Dr. Mayer & Judy Levitt Peter L. Lewiss Doris Licht & Ron Borod Peter & Deborah Lipman Suzanne & Ira Magaziner Mandell Family Fund Judy & Robert Mann Emily A. Maranjian Ronald & Karen Markoff Ruth & Samuel Markoff Foundation Drs. Michael & Jean Marrapodi John & Rosalie Maxham Jack & Sara McConnell Mr. & Mrs. Norman E. McCulloch, Jr., Trustees for the McAdams Charitable Foundation Barbara Meek Maureen & Tom Moakley Dr. & Mrs. Wayne J. Montague Heidi Keller Moon The Murray Family Charitable Foundation National Grid The Pacifica Foundation Kathryn Palen John & Gail Palumbo Mrs. Nuala Pell Marc & Claire Perlman/ Ocean State Jobbers, Inc. George & Dominique Perrin Prince Charitable Trust/ Elizabeth Prince de Ramel/ Guillaume & Molly de Ramel Providence Journal Charitable Foundation Don & Patsy Quattrucci Herbert Rakatansky, MD & Barbara Sokoloff Lynn Rakatansky Kibbe & Tom Reilly Cathy & Tom Ryan Monica & Frank Schaberg Larry & Barbara Schoenfeld Hank & Peggy Sharpe/ Sharpe Family Foundation Els & Allan Shine Ruth J. Simmons The Rosalyn Sinclair Family Jack & Maggie Skenyon Mr. & Mrs. Eric R. C. Smith Walter & D’Anna Soehnge Selma & Milton Stanzler

Dennis E. Stark & Robert F. Amarantes Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust Walter Stone Susan Symonds Alec & Susan Taylor Textron Inc. Flo Tilles Mr. & Mrs. William Vareika Vanessa Toledo-Vickers Bob & Grace Vincent Roger & Linda Warren The Washington Trust Company Alan & Maria Weiss Taco / The White Family Foundation Jim & Maribeth Williamson Don & Kitty Wineberg Richard D. & Mary M. Worrell David B. Green & Myrth York/ Otto H. York Foundation

To coincide and commemorate our 50th Anniversary, we are seeking to raise $18 million in campaign and annual fund support by June 2014. Philanthropy now has a starring role and we invite you to step onto the stage and into the spotlight. Won’t you join us? For more information or to make an online contribution, please visit or contact Kathy Calnan, Director of Development, at (401) 453-9238 or

We honor donors who support our endowment (Endowment Society) and who have included Trinity Rep in their estate plans (Stanzler Society) with society membership and benefits. Did you know a gift to Trinity Rep can help you save on taxes? This year donors aged 70.5 or older can gift up to $100,000 and fulfill annual minimum disbursement requirements from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) by rolling funds over to Trinity Rep by December 31, 2013. Is Trinity Rep in your estate plan? Document your planned gift to Trinity Rep by December 31st and receive a complimentary copy of Hershey Rosen’s book Creating a Guide So Your Partner Can Go On Living! a useful guide to helping your survivors manage % day-to-day matters and honor your philanthropic intents. Inform You Mu ation st Pas s On


N. Ro


For more information, contact Individual and Legacy Giving Officer Carol Drewes at (401) 453-9285 or

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legacy giving The Stanzler Society,

named in honor of Milton Stanzler, one of Trinity Rep’s founders, the Stanzler Society recognizes those who have included Trinity Rep in their estate plans. Potential benefits of planned gifts include avoiding capital gains tax, increasing current income, reducing income tax, and making a commitment to the theater and community that can be celebrated during your lifetime. To learn more about the Stanzler Society or planned gifts, please call Carol Drewes at (401) 453-9285.

Anonymous (1) Dr. & Mrs. Reid Appleby, Jr. The Estate of Victoria I. Ball Victor & Gussie Baxt Thomas & Linda Beall The Estate of Anna H. Blankstein Luz Bravo-Gleicher & David Gleicher Mr. Paul M. Brooks Mrs. Frances Burrows Dennis & Adrianne Cady Mr. & Mrs. Arnold B. Chace, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Chace Linda & Steven Cohen Anne & Sean Connor Mr. W. Scott Corbett The Estate of Richard Cumming Joseph L. Dowling, Jr., M.D. & Sarah T. Dowling, Esq. The Estate of Ms. Jewel Drickamer The Estate of Miss Edith C. Erlenmeyer The Estate of Rosa Goddard Sidney & Alice Goldstein Dr. Louis Hafken & Ms. Lee Ann Johnston Howard & Myrna Hall Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hamblett Barry G. Hittner, Esq. & Kathleen Hittner Betty Ann Hughson Simone P. Joyaux & Tom Ahern Herbert E. Kaplan & Christine Townsend Michael & Pamela Killoran Lisa Kogut Gerry & Paula Levesque Joananne & Jack Marshall Jack & Sara McConnell Ellen S. Miller Bruce Murphy Jane S. Nelson Connie Palagi The Estate of Mr. Donald I. Perry Miss Mary C. Petrella & Miss Ann Petrella Donald Ramos, MD Arthur Richter Martha P. Sherman Marion Simon Selma & Milton Stanzler Dennis E. Stark Sue Steiner Charles Sullivan Norman & Flo Tilles Marsha Welch Gloria Winston Mrs. Mabel T. Woolley Ann S. Zartler Anna Elsa Zopfi

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national corporate theatre fund The Endowment Society

recognizes donors to our endowment, which has been entrusted to the Rhode Island Foundation; annual disbursements support Trinity Rep’s operating costs. Gifts to our endowment help us secure a strong financial future. Anonymous (1) Bertsche-Abraham Family+ Barbara S. Cohen+ Devra Cohen-Tigor+ Comart Family+ Joanna Coppola+ Sarah & Charley Denby+ The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation* Bud & Ellie Frank Joe & Helene Gemma Elsa & Jerry Grieder+ Mr. & Mrs. John M. Harpootian Alan, Marilyn & Jason Hochman Lillian & Charles T. Hutchinson+ Sussannah Skinner Kelly+ The Kelman Family Kopin Family+ Barbara & George Levine Barbara Meek Heidi Keller Moon+ Kathryn Palen+ Mrs. Nuala Pell* Prince Charitable Trust* Family of Elaine Rakatansky* The Rotsky-Intraub Family+ Dr. Anne Sisson Runyan & Mr. Albert A. Kanters+ Monica & Frank Schaberg Jack & Maggie Skenyon* Sarah Skinner+ Daniel von Bargen+ Arline & Eugene Weinberg Richard D. & Mary M. Worrell + Made a gift to the endowment between July 1, 2012 and July 10, 2013. * Contributed $10,000 or more to Trinity Rep’s endowment.

Trinity Rep is proud to partner with the Rhode Island Foundation to provide legacy giving guidance. To learn more, contact Gail Ginnetty at The Rhode Island Foundation, (401) 274-4564. Currently, the following named funds have been established as part of Trinity Rep’s endowment: Victoria Irene Ball Fund for Theater Education, Buff and Johnnie Chace Fund, Richard Cumming Endowment Fund for Musical Programming at Trinity Rep, Doris Duke Endowment Fund, Oskar Eustis Fund for New Play Development, Ed Hall Memorial Fund, Stephen Hamblett Memorial Fund, John and Yvette Harpootian Fund, Richard Kavanaugh Memorial Fund, Pell Fund for Arts Education, Elaine Rakatansky Memorial Fund, Margo Skinner Memorial Fellowship Fund, and Tilles Family Fund.

National Corporate Theatre Fu n d (N C T F ) i s a n o t- f o r profit created to increase and strengthen support from the business community for this country’s most distinguished professional theatres. The following donors support these theatres through their contributions to NCTF: CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE $250,000+ Ford Foundation* The James S. and Lynne P. Turley Ernst & Young Fund for Impact Creativity** LEADERSHIP CIRCLE $100,000+ Clear Channel Outdoor**† CMT/ABC**† The Hearst Foundations** THEATRE EXECUTIVES $50,000-$99,000 AOL† Bank of America BNY Mellon Ernst & Young BENEFACTORS $25,000-$49,999 American Express Cisco Systems, Inc. Citi Goldman, Sachs & Co. MetLife Morgan Stanley Pfizer, Inc. Wells Fargo** PACESETTERS $15,000 $24,999 Acquis Consulting Group† Bloomberg Steven Bunson** McGraw Hill Financial Frank Orlowski** Southwest Airlines** Gretchen Shugart James S. Turley UBS DONORS $10,000 $14,999 James E. Buckley Christopher Campbell/ Palace Production Center† Datacert, Inc. Dorfman and Kaish Family Foundation, Inc. Dorsey & Whitney Foundation Pamela Farr Marsh & McLennan Companies New York Life Lisa Orberg** RBC Wealth Management** Sharp Electronics† Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLC The Schloss Family Foundation** George S. Smith, Jr.** John Thomopoulos** Time Warner Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP

SUPPORTERS $2,500 $9,999 Mitchell J. Auslander** Dantchik Family Datacert, Inc. Disney/ABC Paula Dominick** Dramatists Play Service, Inc. John R. Dutt** Christ Economos** Epiq Systems** Bruce R. and Tracey Ewing** Richard Fitzburgh John Gore for Jeffrey Gural/Newmark Holdings Mariska Hargitay** Gregory S. Hurst Howard and Janet Kagan** Joseph F. Kirk** Michael Lawrence and Dr. Glen Gillen Jonathan Maurer and Gretchen Shugart** The Maurer Family Foundation** John G. Miller John R. Mathena Ogilvy & Mather† Theodore Nixon** Edison Peres Thomas C. Quick** TD Bank Evelyn Mack Truitt Michael A. Wall Isabelle Winkles** * NCTF/Ford Foundation Fund for New Work † Includes In-kind support ** Impact Creativity is an urgent call to action to save theatre education programs in 19 of our largest cities. Impact Creativity brings together theatres, arts education experts and individuals to help over 500,000 children and youth, most of them disadvantaged, succeed through the arts by sustaining the theatre arts education programs threatened by today’s fiscal climate. For more information on how “theatre education changes lives,” please visit: List complete as of August 2013

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Gala, Indeed! The 2013 Pell Awards delight and inspire


n June 10, Trinity Rep held its 17th Pell Awards, honoring five recipients and welcoming more than 300 guests to its annual gala fundraising event. This event, created on the occasion of Senator Claiborne Pell’s retirement, celebrates the late Senator’s commitment to the arts while recognizing artistic excellence in Rhode Island and on the national level. 2013 Pell Award recipients included Joseph A. Chazan, M.D. (Pell Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts, presented by Trinity Rep Trustee Emeritus Rabbi Les Gutterman), Martha DouglasOsmundson (Charles Sullivan Award for Distinguished Service in the Arts, presented by Julia Eells, Head of School for Lincoln School), Tony Estrella (Rhode Island Pell Award for Excellence in the Arts, presented by Sam Babbitt, Board Vice President of The Gamm Theatre ), John Krasinski (Pell Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Arts, presented by longtime friend and colleague Mike Sablone), and Kate Burton (Pell Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts, presented by Brown University Professor of Theatre Arts & Performance Studies and 2011 Pell award recipient Lowry Marshall). VIP ticket holders enjoyed a pre-ceremony cocktail reception in the beautifully restored Ship Room of the Providence Public Library, located across the street from Trinity Rep. Following the awards ceremony in Trinity Rep’s Chace Theater — at which recipients and presenters alike delighted the crowd with funny, inspiring and heartfelt remarks — guests and honorees walked back to the library for a post-ceremony reception in the newly renovated Grand Hall of the library. Honorary chair Mrs. Nuala Pell, along with event chairs Elizabeth “Beppie” Huidekoper and Joe and Michele Madden and a 20-member event committee, planned a lovely evening featuring a beautiful setting created by John Orton Events, delicious food stations from Russell Morin Fine Catering, and live music by the Music Performance Service Jazz Quartet. Thanks to 25 generous sponsors, strong ticket sales and additional donations in support of the event, the 2013 Pell Awards grossed more than $170,000 for the theater, with proceeds supporting artistic programming at Trinity Rep. —Kathy Calnan

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this page CLOCKWISE FROM UPPER RIGHT: Curt Columbus, Joe Madden & Kate Burton; Emily Blunt, Mike Sablone & John Krasinski; Tyler Starr, Joseph A. Chazan, M.D., Kathy Starr & Clayton Starr; Beppie Huidekoper & Kathy Calnan; Martha Douglas-Osmundson & her daughter Emma; Brian McEleney & Tony Estrella; Providence Public Library’s Ship Room. Photos by Mark turek & Michael Guy

8/20/13 9:21 AM

An Island Getaway


n July, Merrill Sherman hosted Trinity Rep at her lovely home in Jamestown, RI. Guests enjoyed the water view and food by Russell Morin Fine Catering, and were treated to a special conversation with Associate Artistic Director Tyler Dobrowsky and resident acting company member Fred Sullivan, Jr. They discussed Fred’s 24 years as a resident actor at Trinity Rep, favorite roles, the Young Actors Summer Institute (YASI) and Trinity Rep’s myriad year-round education programs, and their upcoming collaboration as actor and director on A Christmas Carol. Following the discussion, Richard L. Bready Artistic Director Curt Columbus and campaign chair Suzanne Magaziner joined Tyler and Fred to talk about the status of our $18 million Theater for Every Generation campaign and how each guest could support the theater in our effort to provide top-notch artistic and education programming for the next 50 years. A great time was had by all! —Jennifer Canole

this page LEFT TO RIGHT FROM TOP: Guests enjoy the Pell Awards; Lowry Marshall, Stephen Berenson & Brian McEleney; Joe Wilson, Touba Ghabessi, Sally Lapides & Art Solomon; Chantel Whittle & Liz Morgan with living floral arrangement by TEN31 Productions.

LEFT TO RIGHT FROM TOP: Resident actor Fred Sullivan, Jr. & Associate Artistic Director Tyler

Dobrowsky flank host Merrill Sherman; Theater for Every Generation Campaign Chair Suzanne Magaziner (front left), Seth Magaziner (center) & Julia McDowell (right) laugh along with Artistic Director Curt & Director of Development Kathy Calnan; Trinity Rep board member Heidi Keller Moon, Curt Columbus & Jeanne Keller; Brown/Trinity Rep MFA grads Ali Lawrence ’12 & Daniel Duque-Estrada ‘13. Photos by Jennifer Canole

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8/20/13 9:21 AM

TRINITY REP PRODUCTION Photos | For Immediate Release September 6, 2013

John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath adapted for the stage by Frank Galati directed by Brian McEleney in the Dowling Theater Now playing through October 6, 2013 Trinity Rep kicks off their 50th Anniversary season with John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath, the definitive American tale of the strength of family and the human spirit set in the aftermath of the Great Depression. The Grapes of Wrath is now playing until October 6, 2013 in Trinity Rep's Dowling Theater. Adapted for the stage by Frank Galati, this evocative and deeply affecting stage version promises to lift Steinbeck’s novel to new heights of theatrical urgency, especially when married with director Brian McEleney's visceral storytelling style. Part naturalistic epic, part road novel, part inspirational gospel, The Grapes of Wrath boasts a 17 member cast and original folk-rock music from the show's band, 3pile.

Thumbnails are for your reference only. HTML links are to Hi-resolution photos. Anne Scurria, Ted Miller, Richard Donelly, Nikki Massoud and Fred Sullivan, Jr. in John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath adapted by Frank Galati, directed by Brian McEleney, set design by Michael McGarty, lighting design by John Ambrosone, costume design by William Lane. Now playing in Trinity Rep's downstairs Dowling Theater through October 6. PHOTO: MARK TUREK The cast of John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath adapted by Frank Galati, directed by Brian McEleney, set design by Michael McGarty, lighting design by John Ambrosone, costume design by William Lane. Now playing in Trinity Rep's downstairs Dowling Theater through October 6. PHOTO: MARK TUREK Stephen Thorne and the cast of John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath adapted by Frank Galati, directed by Brian McEleney, set design by Michael McGarty, lighting design by John Ambrosone, costume design by William Lane. Now playing in Trinity Rep's downstairs Dowling Theater through October 6. PHOTO: MARK TUREK Anne Scurria and Jessica Crandall in John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath adapted by Frank Galati, directed by Brian McEleney, set design by Michael McGarty, lighting design by John Ambrosone, costume design by William Lane. Now playing in Trinity Rep's downstairs Dowling Theater through October 6. PHOTO: MARK TUREK Stephen Thorne in John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath adapted by Frank Galati, directed by Brian McEleney, set design by Michael McGarty, lighting design by John Ambrosone, costume design by William Lane. Now playing in Trinity Rep's downstairs Dowling Theater through October 6. PHOTO: MARK TUREK The cast of John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath adapted by Frank Galati, directed by Brian McEleney, set design by Michael McGarty, lighting design by John Ambrosone, costume design by William Lane. Now playing in Trinity Rep's downstairs Dowling Theater through October 6. PHOTO: MARK TUREK The band 3pile in John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath adapted by Frank Galati, directed by Brian McEleney, set design by Michael McGarty, lighting design by John Ambrosone, costume design by William Lane. Now playing in Trinity Rep's downstairs Dowling Theater through October 6. PHOTO: MARK TUREK Jessica Crandall and Alex Curtis in John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath adapted by Frank Galati, directed by Brian McEleney, set design by Michael McGarty, lighting design by John Ambrosone, costume design by William Lane. Now playing in Trinity Rep's downstairs Dowling Theater through October 6. PHOTO: MARK TUREK The cast of John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath adapted by Frank Galati, directed by Brian McEleney, set design by Michael McGarty, lighting design by John Ambrosone, costume design by William Lane. Now playing in Trinity Rep's downstairs Dowling Theater through October 6. PHOTO: MARK TUREK


Curt Columbus, Artistic Director Michael Gennaro, Executive Director 201 Washington Street Providence Rhode Island 02903 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 15, 2013 CONTACT: Marilyn Busch, Director of Marketing & PR (401) 453-9228 Myah Shein, Public Relations & Advertising Manager, (401) 521-1100 ext. 226


PROVIDENCE, RI: Trinity Rep kicks off their 50th Anniversary season with John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath, the definitive American tale of the strength of family and the human spirit set in the aftermath of the Great Depression. The Grapes of Wrath begins previews September 5, 2013 and runs until October 6, 2013 in Trinity Rep's Dowling Theater. Adapted for the stage by Frank Galati, this evocative and deeply affecting stage version promises to lift Steinbeck’s novel to new heights of theatrical urgency, especially when married with director Brian McEleney's visceral storytelling style. Part naturalistic epic, part road novel, part inspirational gospel, The Grapes of Wrath boasts a 17 member cast and original folk-rock music from the show's band, 3pile. Tickets for The Grapes of Wrath and the rest of the theater's 50th Anniversary season go on sale Saturday, August 17th at the Trinity Rep box office, 201 Washington St.; by phone at (401) 351-4242; and online at This production is sponsored by Taco/The White Family Foundation. Natural disasters. Rampant foreclosures. Corporate greed and record joblessness. Written in the wake of the Great Depression, The Grapes of Wrath speaks to the same harsh realities that America faces today. The story of a nation is told through the eyes of one Oklahoma clan — the Joads — driven off their farm and forced west to find work in California’s “promised land.” Throughout their epic journey, the family refuses to lose hope in the face of suffering as they cling furiously to their human dignity.

"There is such a need to tell this story now in a very real, very understandable way, "explains director Brian McEleney, "People should not be able to walk away from this and say, 'Oh, that was fun, what a nice re-enactment of Americana.' We have seen natural disasters like Katrina, and we have also seen our neighbors lose their jobs and their homes to foreclosure. The Joad family experiences those same things, and there is a very heroic example to be found in their ability to not be overwhelmed and in fact, endure these trials. I hope audiences will join us on this adventure, this journey, and really experience this truly great American novel in a contemporary way rather than at a nostalgic distance." Director McEleney and his design team have transformed the Dowling Theater space into an intimate and rustic country bar setting and the production will be staged in the round with the audience on both sides. Set designer Michael McGarty has built a functioning bar in the middle of the playing space, and the bartenders will be serving patrons before and after the performance while the house band plays. Resident costume designer William Lane has created the period costumes, lighting designer John Ambrosone and sound designer Peter Sasha Hurowitz lend their talents to the creation of the rustic environment. "I am thrilled to invite Rhode Islanders to join us in celebrating our 50th anniversary season with this amazing, inaugural production," states Curt Columbus, "The Grapes of Wrath is an epic tale, one that sings about the strength of the common man, one that asks us to look for the power that lies within each of us, the power to face forward against insurmountable obstacles." He goes on to say that this production will be staged in what has long become the Trinity Rep's signature style, "This play is unmistakably flesh and blood, heart and soul, and it cries out for a company of great actors to bring these remarkable characters to life." Led by resident acting company member Stephen Thorne as Tom Joad, the cast features fellow acting company members Stephen Berenson, Janice Duclos, Mia Ellis, Anne Scurria, Fred Sullivan, Jr., Charlie Thurston, Joe Wilson, Jr. ; guest artists Jessica Crandall and Richard Donelly, and Brown/Trinity Rep MFA actors Alex Curtis, Sherri Eldin, Ben Grills, Zdenko Martin, Nikki Massoud, Ted Moller and Matt E. Russell. Brian McELeney (director) is a Trinity Rep Associate Director whose productions include House & Garden, The Crucible, Twelfth Night, Absurd Person Singular, The Dreams of Antigone, A Raisin in the

Sun, All the King’s Men, Our Town, Hamlet, Measure for Measure, Master Class, Proof, Sparrowgrass, Mrs. Warren’s Profession, A Christmas Carol, Stones in His Pockets and Dinner With Friends. As a resident acting company member, he has appeared in over 60 plays, including King Lear, Richard II, Richard III, The Completely Fictional — Utterly True — Final Strange Tale of Edgar Allan Poe, The Odd Couple, Twelfth Night, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Cider House Rules, Angels in America, Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Cherry Orchard, Amadeus. He is also Head of Brown/Trinity Rep’s MFA Acting Program. Continuing their tradition of offering affordable tickets for all, The Grapes of Wrath will have discounted previews from September 5th through the 7th at 7:30pm. Friday September 6th is Pay What You Can (PWYC) night, tickets on sale at 6:30 pm that evening, limit one per person. Talkbacks will be held after every performance of The Grapes of Wrath. Audiences are invited to share their response to the play’s production and themes for approximately twenty minutes. Trinity Rep’s 50th Anniversary season is sponsored by NBC 10, with supporting sponsors Cox Media, Rhode Island Monthly and RISCA. TRINITY REPERTORY COMPANY The State Theater of Rhode Island, Trinity Repertory Company is now celebrating its 50th Anniversary Season. Since its founding in 1963, Trinity Repertory Company has been one of the most respected regional theaters in the country. Featuring the last permanent resident acting company in America, Trinity Rep presents a balance of world premiere, contemporary, and classic works for an estimated annual audience of approximately 145,000. In its 50-year history, the theater has produced 62 world premieres, mounted national and international tours, and, through its MFA program, trained hundreds of new actors and directors. This season marks the 46th year of Project Discovery, Trinity Rep's pioneering educational outreach program. Last season, Trinity Rep’s educational programs reached nearly 15,000 Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut students through matinees as well as inschool residencies and workshops. Brown University/Trinity Rep offers professional training for actors and directors in a three-year MFA program. Trinity Rep's 50th Anniversary season continues with the New England premiere of Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike by Christopher Durang, Lionel Bart’s Oliver!, Intimate Apparel by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage, the world premiere of Veronica Meadows by Stephen Thorne and A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shepard. For more information, call the box office at (401) 351-4242 or visit Trinity Rep's website at


John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath adapted for the stage by Frank Galati directed by Brian McEleney in the Dowling Theater September 5 – October 6, 2013 The story of a nation told through the eyes of one Oklahoma clan forced on an epic journey in the wake of the Great Depression. This evocative and deeply affecting stage version brings new life to this definitive tale of the human spirit. Director Set Design Lighting Designer Costume Sound Designer Stage Manager Cast

Brian McEleney Michael McGarty John Ambrosone William Lane Peter Sasha Hurowitz Buzz Cohen

Resident acting company members Stephen Berenson, Janice Duclos, Mia Ellis, Anne Scurria, Fred Sullivan Jr., Stephen Thorne, Charlie Thurston, Joe Wilson Jr. with guest artists Jessica Crandall and Richard Donelly and Brown/Trinity Rep MFA actors Alex Curtis, Sherri Eldin, Ben Grills, Zdenko Martin, Nikki Massoud, Ted Moller and Matt E. Russell.

Press Night REVIEWERS RSVP EMAIL Discounted Previews Pay What You Can night Web Site Box Office Admission Show Sponsor Season Sponsor Supporting Sponsors

Sunday, September 8, 2013 at 7:30PM; seating is limited. Thursday September 5 at 7:30PM, Friday September 6 at 7:30PM, and Saturday September 7 at 7:30PM Friday, September 7 at 7:30PM; on sale 6:30PM, limit 1 per person. (401) 351-4242, 201 Washington Street, Providence, RI 02903 Tickets $28-68 Taco/The White Family Foundation NBC 10 Cox Media, Rhode Island Monthly and RISCA.

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