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Issue 2/2010

40th Anniversary Bumper Issue!

Our Family, His Story Our Journey, His Leading Our Accolades, His Glory

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Trinity Christian Centre CELEBRATION SERVICES


Trinity@Adam 21 Adam Road

Journey towards the Promised Land Leave your comfort zone

ENGLISH SERVICES Adult Services, Nursery & DiscoveryLand* Sat 5pm Sun 8.30am & 11am


The Signet Ring of Authority With your God-given signet ring

Pre-teens Services (ages 10-12) Sat 5pm Sun 8.30am


IGNYTE Services (ages 13-19) Sat 5pm Sun 11am


Finding ‘Home’ Trinitarians share


CHINESE SERVICES Sun 8.30am & 11am

Hearing God’s Heartbeat Missions Weekends 2010


Five Nights of Prayer April 26 to 30

Trinity@Paya Lebar 247 Paya Lebar Road ENGLISH SERVICES Adult Services, Nursery & DiscoveryLand* Sat 5pm Sun 10am Pre-teens Services (ages 10-12) Sat 5pm Sun 10am IGNYTE Services (ages 13-19) Sat 5pm Sun 10am CHINESE SERVICES Sat 5pm Sun 10am** FILIPINO SERVICE Sun 10am INDONESIAN SERVICE Sun 10am THAI SERVICE Sun 6.30pm



* Nursery (birth to age 4) & DiscoveryLand (ages 4 -12) ** With Cantonese interpretation through earphones. Information is correct at time of printing, and is subject to change.

RADIO MINISTRY Thought for the Day BE107 - Mon to Fri 7.40am & 10.30pm (repeat broadcast)

TRINITY CHRISTIAN CENTRE Tel: 6468 4444 • Fax: 6467 6005 Email: Website: Trinity@Adam 21 Adam Road Trinity@Paya Lebar 247 Paya Lebar Road




40TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Our Family, His Story 42

Our ‘Four-fathers’

Our Journey, His Leading 88

Trinity’s founding fathers


Our Faithful Founders

The journey of faith


Interview with Mrs Kathleen Stafford


Trinity? ME?


Trinity: A Church For Breakthroughs

The PLace fulfils the Vision Zoning of Trinity@Paya Lebar


Miracles galore


The PLace tells His-Story God’s presence 24/7

Interview with Pastor Naomi Dowdy


From No Where to Now Here

Milestones 40 years of God’s faithfulness

Here Am I, Send Me Interview with Pastor Dominic Yeo


A Church for Everyone Our Accolades, His Glory

A service for all


I Grew Up in Trinity!


Eight young adults reminisce


My Family Tree-nity!

Not calefare


Fed, met and wed here


Trinity’s Unsung Heroes


Second Chance


Care Community Services Society Reaching the community

Guess Who?


Recognise your pastors?


TCA College Providing world-class education

A Real Life Miracle


AlphaTrack Trinity’s very own BMT

Went the extra mile


Our Productions

Trinity, A Global Church Our missions outreach

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Our pastors’ trademark lines








We see our worship services, prayer meetings and carecells as places where people hunger for the presence of God and where God delights to inhabit and dwell. In a vibrant atmosphere of worship, prayer and discipleship, we see people encountering God and the manifestation of signs, wonders and miracles.



Atmosphere We see Trinity Christian Centre as a church living together in covenantal relationships; where carecells, ministries, families and individuals are flowing in corporate unity to fulfil God’s purpose and plan for the church for that hour.



We see a people consumed with a vision to touch the world for Jesus Christ and to see His glory displayed throughout the world. We see a church with a passionate heartbeat to fulfil God’s global agenda through sending men and women of faith to equip and empower churches and the body of Christ.



We see the church as a place for the empowerment and development of Spirit-filled leaders who will be strategically positioned and deployed within the Body of Christ. Every Trinitarian a leader with a ministry.





Passionate Honour

Audacious Fervour

Passion to love and honour God

Boldness and zeal to believe and ask largely for the impossible

Relentless Belief

Contagious Faith

Unwavering belief in people and their God-given destiny

Authentic and infectious faith that reaches out to the lost

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Congratulations, Trinity! Friends of the church convey their greetings as Trinity celebrates four decades of God’s faithfulness.


Mr Matthias Yao Chih Mayor, South East District Singapore I first knew about Trinity Christian Centre’s activities in some detail in 2007, when TCC began to conduct church services and social outreach from its premises in Paya Lebar. TCC not only looks after its congregation. It benefits the community as well. Recognising that there are many lower income families living in the surrounding neighbourhood in Paya Lebar, TCC was quick to mobilise volunteers to raise funds and offer assistance. Its social services arm, Care Community Services Society, has several programmes that help to alleviate the hardship of the needy. More importantly, the programmes seek to empower them to achieve their inherent potential. The impact on the community can already be felt. Looking ahead, I am sure TCC will continue to be a well-appreciated partner of our community and welfare organisations, as well as other religious bodies, in the promotion of a strong and vibrant multi-racial and multi-religious society in Singapore. I congratulate TCC on its 40th Anniversary, and wish its leadership and members every success in achieving its vision and mission.

Bishop Dr Robert Solomon President, National Council of Churches of Singapore Singapore Warm greetings and best wishes in Christ to the pastors and members of Trinity Christian Centre as you celebrate your 40th anniversary. In a relatively short span of time, your church has become a key component of the Body of Christ in Singapore. Through your witness and active ministries, you are effectively reaching many. We rejoice with you that God has been good. May the Lord continue to richly bless you to be a blessing to the nations, and help you to keep your eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfector of our faith (Hebrews 12:2).


Rev. Ong Sek Leang General Superintendent, Assemblies of God, Malaysia Senior Pastor, Metro Tabernacle, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Dear Rev. Dominic Yeo, Board Members, Pastors, Leaders and members of Trinity Christian Centre, Congratulations to you on the auspicious occasion of the Dedication of your new church building and 40th Anniversary Celebrations. We rejoice with you on the wonderful work the Lord has done in and through all of you. This special occasion testifies of the great faithfulness of God upon you, the anointed and able leadership of your Senior Pastor, Rev. Dominic Yeo, and the commitment, dedication and sacrifices of the leaders and members. The dedication of this building is a powerful declaration of your passion for God and your continual commitment to the spirit of excellence in all that you set your hearts to envision and hands to do. “Behold, I am building a temple for the name of the Lord my God, to dedicate it to Him. And the temple which I build will be great, for our God is greater than all gods” (2 Chronicles 2:4-5). God provided for Himself through your building – a House where His glory will reside and rest. I believe the coming glory that will be released among you will be so tangible that it will bring an unprecedented level of authority, anointing and influence never experienced before. Pastor Dominic and Sister Chin Inn, it has been a great privilege to know both of you as friends and colleagues in ministry. Both your love for God, love towards each other and commitment to lead and serve God’s people has not only inspired me but also many whom you have touched. The commitment and servant heart of your pastors, leaders and members, stewarded with the spirit of excellence to serve other leaders and churches is well known around the world and have set a benchmark for others to aspire to. The evidences of God’s blessings is clearly upon Trinity Christian Centre and l pray that God will open doors and give you unprecedented opportunities to be a greater blessing to others in myriads of ways, bringing glory to God and the extension of His Kingdom. God’s blessings on all of you.


Rev. Robert Lum Assistant General Superintendent, Assemblies of God, Singapore Senior Pastor, Eternal Life Assembly, Singapore Congratulations on your 40th Anniversary, Rev. Dominic Yeo and Trinitarians! We rejoice with you as you celebrate this significant milestone in your church’s history. From beginning with several young people, you have become the largest church in the Assemblies of God in Singapore. Your growth and influence clearly demonstrate that God has richly blessed you. It is laudable that your theme says, “Blessed to be a Blessing”. We thank God that Trinity Christian Centre has been a great blessing in Singapore and other parts of the world! As you live up to your theme, may the Lord multiply your resources and extend your boundaries! We believe that the future is far more glorious for “no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him” (1 Corinthians 2:9). May God’s abundance overflow through you!

Pastor Dr & Mrs Fumio Terada Executive Presbyter & Planning Office Director, Assemblies of God, Japan Senior Pastor, Nanki Riverside Church, Wakayama, Japan Congratulations to Pastor Dominic Yeo and all TCC members. I sincerely offer my congratulations on your 40th Anniversary and Dedication Service. Since I visited TCC in 1998, I have been given abundant grace, support, blessings and have been positively challenged through your good fellowship. I personally appreciate this predestined encounter. Our church has started a new journey on the carecell model of TCC from 2003. Since then, to my surprise, our church is renewed in its vision, leadership structure, loverelationships, ministry skills, kingdom values and discipleship. In other words, our church experienced new breakthrough and continuous growth by the power of the Holy Spirit. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation of your sincere support and prayer to us and Japan AG. I pray that TCC will be specially used as His lighthouse and mighty hand in this end-time season.


Pastors Bryan and Haley Jarrett Executive Presbyter, Assemblies of God, USA Lead Pastors, Northplace Church, Texas, USA It is a great privilege for Northplace Church, Haley and I to partner with 40 years of Kingdom expansion through the global reach of Trinity Christian Centre. We deeply cherish our friendships with Apostle Dowdy, Pastor Dominic and the entire Trinity congregation. We are better people because our paths have crossed with yours. Your God-sized vision and passion for excellence inspire us. Although we are on the other side of the planet, our hearts beat with yours. May God grace you with His amazing presence in these special days of celebration and may these days thrust you into 40 more years of even greater Kingdom witness!

Rev. David and Pastor Sally Doery Victorian State Executive Member, Australian Christian Churches, Australia Senior Pastor, Bridge Church, Melbourne, Australia What an incredible joy to be celebrating 40 years of God’s grace and favour on Trinity Christian Centre! Knowing the influence the church is having locally and globally, and seeing the abundant provision of the new facilities at Payar Lebar is not only a testimony of God’s goodness but of courageous faith-filled leadership and an ever increasing army of empowered Trinitarians. Bridge Church here in Melbourne congratulates Pastor Dom and all the team. We count it a great privilege to be friends and partners with you and look forward to even greater days ahead.


Rev. Dr Kong Hee Senior Pastor, City Harvest Church Singapore Congratulations to Trinity Christian Centre (TCC) on your 40th anniversary! My heartiest congrats to Rev. Dominic Yeo and the leadership team on this special day. I am believing that in the next 40 years, we will see TCC achieve even greater spiritual breakthroughs in your praise and worship, in your prayers and in the preaching of the Word. May the Lord continue to pour forth His bountiful blessings and give you increase in every aspect of your church growth and ministry. Happy 40th Birthday TCC!

Dr Koichi Kitano President, Central Bible College Tokyo, Japan Dear Rev. Dominic Yeo and the Trinity Family, It is a great joy and honour for me to congratulate you on the 40th Anniversary Thanksgiving and Dedication Service of Trinity@Paya Lebar. This occasion is certainly a tribute to the faithfulness of our Lord and the vision of the leadership together with the commitment of His people. Every time I visit the church, I sense the momentum that naturally produces results. I treasure many wonderful memories of Trinity Christian Centre since the 1970’s, and the church has been a great blessing in my spiritual journey, especially during the time Ellen, Joyce and I were ministering at the Bible Institute of Singapore (AGBC). May the Lord continue to bless your multiple ministries and Pentecostal leadership in Singapore and abroad!


Michael M. Whyte Provost, Azusa Pacific University California, USA It is a great honour to write to you in celebration of your 40th anniversary of ministry in Singapore. Congratulations on your faithful and Christ-centered ministry. I have been privileged to worship with you and be on the campus of Trinity Christian Centre, and know first-hand the way in which God is using you to lift up the name of Jesus and bring the good news to thousands of people across Asia. The relationship with Azusa Pacific University is one that we value highly and look forward to strengthening in years ahead. Our commitment is to serve the church and be part of training future leaders for global influence that puts God first. As we together work to extend the work of God in the world, I pray that this celebration of 40 years will be truly a milestone and represent a commitment to generations ahead. We look forward to a close and long-lasting partnership for Christ!

Rev. Dr Kevin W. Mannoia Chaplain, Azusa Pacific University California, USA Congratulations! And may grace fill you and compel you forward in ministry expansion. Although you rejoice in the heritage of so many who have made these 40 years a blessing, your greatest celebration will be to lean forward in the single-minded mission of Christ for years ahead. You have been a living testimony of the provision and power of God working in His humble servants. He is smiling on you today for the witness you are in your nation. And He is calling you forward to still greater influence for the Kingdom. May the Holy Spirit fill you as you reach and touch the hurting, the broken, the lost and the disenfranchised. I am honoured to be your friend and privileged to have a church home among you. I praise God whenever I am with you. And I pray for you and your pastoral leaders as together you look forward to a brighter future empowered by the Spirit!


Rev. & Mrs Bill Robertson Former Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre from 1988 to 1996 California, USA Greetings to all of our friends in Singapore. Our ministry there from 1987-1996 has given us fond memories. My mind goes back to when I was District Superintendent and Pastor Dowdy and Sis. Beck worked in the District Office. When we came to Singapore, we will never forget the Singing Christmas Tree at Orchard Road and the many souls that were saved. Then I think of Sis. Beck; only eternity knows the number of couples she counselled for marriage. Then I reflect on Pastor Dominic when he was a first year student in Bible School, and look at how God is using him today. Many of you are productive in the ministry of the Kingdom today. My prayer is that Trinity will continue to be used of God to win souls in Singapore and around the world (Revelations 3:8, 10-11).

Rev. Eu Yat Wan, Pastor Angelina Eu & family Former Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre from 1984 to 2002 New Life City Church, Perth, Australia Congratulations Trinitarians on your 40th anniversary celebrations! This church has contributed to my development and growth as a minister and both Angelina and I are deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve as Trinity pastors since 1984 till 2002. We believe that God has raised Trinity to be a beach-head and will raise and equip many anointed ministers to impact nations and fulfill the Great Commission. It has been our joy to be part of this great end-time harvest force. God has blessed Trinity with world-class leaders and pastors who will lead you into a new season of multiplicative growth and marketplace impact. Indeed community transformation will occur as the church prays, reaches out and touches lives because we are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. The Eu family prays for God’s blessings and guidance upon Rev. Dominic Yeo, the pastoral team and the church leadership. Advance His Kingdom!


Bishop Tony & Mrs Kathy Miller Bishop, Destiny World Outreach/The Cathedral Oklahoma, USA To Pastor Dominic, Apostle Naomi, the Leadership Team and the wonderful congregation of Trinity Christian Centre, Kathy and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your 40th anniversary and the dedication of your new facilities. “It is the work of the Lord and it is awesome in our eyes”! Your commitment to reaching the world for Christ, your passion for equipping the saints for works of service and your example of godliness is exemplary to us all. The distinctive impact of Trinity has left a lasting mark on our lives and ministry. Our prayer for you is that you will continue to lead the way in the apostolic reformation throughout the 21st century!

Rev. Dr Rick Seaward President, Asia Theological Centre for Evangelism and Missions (ATCEM), Singapore Apostolic Overseer, Victory Family Centre, Singapore My friendship with Trinity Christian Centre goes back a long way while the church was worshipping at Hillcrest Road. We have seen God’s blessings and favour bringing the church from a tiny congregation to become an influential mega-church in Singapore, with a vision to touch lives and make disciples. I rejoice in the continuing impact and influence you are having both here and around the world. Even at 40, there is something new and fresh about you that could only have come from one source – our Father in heaven. Indeed, you are a church the Lord has planted for His own glory (Isaiah 61:3). May you stay visionary and vibrant from generation to generation, and may you continue to reach the world for Jesus!


Dr David and Mrs Beth Grant Founders, Project Rescue India Heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the pastors and congregation of Trinity Christian Centre. My heart is filled with gratitude to our awesome God who raised up Dr Naomi Dowdy for apostolic leadership, and a number of extraordinary colleagues who worked with her in the early development of Trinity. It has been my abundant joy to be a part of Trinity for the past thirty-nine years. It is miraculous how God has blessed and anointed fresh, powerful present day leadership in Pastor Dominic Yeo and the gifted leadership team today at Trinity. The worldwide impact of this congregation is astounding. On behalf of the eight thousand Assemblies of God churches in India, we express our gratitude for the partnership with Trinity that has strengthened and expanded the church in India. A special thanks from our family and especially our daughter Rebecca and the ministry of Project Rescue in India.

Dr David Wang President Emeritus, Asian Outreach International Hong Kong Great, Greater and Greatest Joy! Knowing Naomi is a great joy. That was more than 40 years ago. We were both very young and were starting out in ministries, and God put us together in Hong Kong to produce Bibles for her Pacific Islands missions field. Then when Naomi started to pastor Trinity Christian Centre, it was an even greater joy for me to get to know Dominic. He was a young man, also just starting out to learn about missions and ministries. Being his teacher then was most gratifying. Even then, some 20 years ago now, I saw great potential in Dominic. Then to witness the passing of the baton from Naomi to Dominic – and to see the continuous growth of Trinity – that must be the greatest joy to me, and to many, many others. “30 folds, 60 folds and even a 100 folds” couldn’t be better demonstrated than in these two wonderful lives. But then as I get to know the people of Trinity, multi-generational blessings, as mentioned in the Old Testament, becomes such a vivid example, that one cannot help but shout, “Praise the Lord, for You are indeed faithful and true!” Keep doing Your marvellous work Lord, we pray.


Mr J. Lee Grady Director, The Mordecai Project Florida, USA Although I have only visited Trinity Christian Centre once, I tell people all over the world about your amazing church. Since I met Rev. Naomi Dowdy almost 10 years ago, I became so impressed with her vision to disciple and train leaders. Then when I actually visited Singapore and saw the church, and met so many wonderful people, I could see how Rev. Dowdy’s vision was not just a is reality! Trinity is a church full of leaders who are changing Singapore and the world for Jesus Christ. Thank you for being a model of how the Kingdom of God should operate. I salute Pastor Dominic Yeo, the leadership team and the entire congregation for being such a godly example!

Pastor Bruce Hills Bruce Hills International Brisbane, Australia Dear Trinity, Heartfelt congratulations on your 40th anniversary. It has been an honour to have spoken at Trinity, its Life Conference and Triennial Church Camp some years ago. Pastor Dom has become a close friend. Trinity, you are blessed to be led by the calibre, quality and anointed leader that God has gifted you with. He is a visionary, highly capable and skilled leader. The team around him is extraordinary. You are a church with an evident passion for the presence of God. You have a sense of God’s tangible presence among you and you fostered a spirit of loving community. Trinity is a unique church in many respects. May Trinity’s future far eclipse its wonderful past. By the grace of God, may Trinity grow to become a church of unending significance, influence and transformation in Singapore and the nations of the world. I pray Isaiah 54:1-3 over you: “Enlarge the place of your tents, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back... For you will spread out to the right and to the left...” Warmest blessings and congratulations on this amazing milestone.


Apostle George Bakalov Overseeing Apostle, Apostolic Reformed Church Bulgaria Trinity Christian Centre is celebrating much more than 40 years. It’s impossible to measure in years the sacrifices so many thousands of people have been making towards making this one of the world’s premier congregations. I, my ministry in Bulgaria and literally hundreds of other churches in our nation have been changed forever through our encounter with Trinity, the leadership of this great church, the staff and its members. Not only did Trinity teams came all the way from the other side of the world to impart into the lives of Bulgarian believers, but our leaders were able to come as well and experience first-hand the tangible blessings the Lord has deposited in Trinity. Through conferences, personal meetings and leadership consultations, you have left an indelible mark in our lives and a lasting fruit is being produced over and over again. Thank you and may the Lord bless you as you venture into the next 40 years of Kingdom service!

Rev. Edmund Chan Senior Pastor, Covenant Evangelical Free Church Singapore Forty years is a generational milestone! Looking back, there’s much to thank God for. Looking forward, there’s much to trust God for. Your pilgrimage of faith, as one of the leading churches in Singapore, has inspired us to behold God’s mighty work in our city. Your message of hope, centered upon the Scriptures, has transformed lives for God’s glory. And your labour of love, empowered by the Spirit, has blessed the nations! May the kinship of our spiritual heritage in Christ Jesus – and the joy of our common allegiance to Him – unite us in these unprecedented times of significant opportunities and strategic open doors. This is a season when God does “awesome things which we did not expect.” (Isaiah 64:3 NASB). As Pastor Naomi Dowdy often says, “God is on the move!” And looking at what the Lord has done at Trinity, we can joyfully say – YES!


Apostle Indrijati Gautama Senior Pastor, Apostolic Generation Church Jakarta, Indonesia Dear Trinity Christian Centre, Congratulations on the celebration of your 40th anniversary and dedication of Trinity@ Paya Lebar. TCC has stood out as a church with an excellent spirit. You have been a shining light for us, the church in Indonesia – a model of awesome, loving and solid leadership of Apostle Naomi Dowdy and Senior Pastor Dominic Yeo. There are no words to express our gratitude of how the TCC leadership has impacted us at Apostolic Generation Church (AGC) to the point that we, a seven-year old church would have the boldness to finish our US$30 million facility and apartment-cum-office complex, The Kuningan P.L.A.C.E. This could only come into being because of the awesome carecell philosophy of TCC – ”Every believer is a leader”. Bravo! We are so proud of you all in TCC! AGC would not be where we are today if not for its divine connection with TCC. Truly, Trinity is an anointed and rare breed in God’s Kingdom. From the bottom of our hearts at AGC, we would like to say, “HAPPY 40th ANNIVERSARY!”

Pastor Koji Hayashi Senior Pastor, Tokyo Metro Church Tokyo, Japan Congratulations! The Lord has made such a great church these 40 years! Trinity has shared with and helped many churches all over the world to grow. We have always been encouraged by you and are filled with hope whenever we visit and meet TCC’s pastors and leaders. I believe the Lord will make to grow Trinity more and more each day, and bless the world with its wonderful carecell model.


Rev. Dr Kow Shih Ming Pastor-in-charge, Faith Methodist Church Singapore Dear friends at Trinity Congratulations on your 40th Anniversary! 40 is a very significant number in the Bible. It marks the number of days Moses spent on the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments. It is the number of years the Israelites spent in the wilderness before they entered The Promised Land. It is the number of days Jesus spent in the desert before He began proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom to all peoples. 40 often marks the watershed moment when the Lord initiates a fresh work in and through his people. As you celebrate your anniversary, may you be filled with gratitude to God. At the same time, may you be full of anticipation of a greater work that the Lord will do in and through you to transform lives and change the world. Blessed 40th Anniversary!

Rev. Drs Robert & Marion Lim Founding Pastors, Evangel Family Church Singapore Dear Rev. Dominic Yeo, We rejoice with you and the wonderful people of Trinity Christian Church on your 40th Anniversary and the dedication of Trinity@Paya Lebar. Be it a nation, organisation, church or family, the success lies with its leadership. Trinity Christian Centre has enjoyed the best of leadership from the time of Dr Naomi Dowdy to its present leadership in Pastor Dominic Yeo. Recently, a friend said to me, “Any leadership without a successor is no success at all.” I have personally witnesed the tremendous blessing of God upon Trinity Christian Centre and it is because of the able leadership and faithful people who have served God through these last 40 years. Trinity has blessed and set a fine example to churches in Singapore and the region to follow and that is: integrity and the pursuit of excellence in God’s work can bring about the physical structure and growth of the church. Our hearts are truly encouraged and blessed by what God has done through your church. Once again, our heartiest congratulations and we rejoice with you.


Pastor Tetsuyuki Masuda Senior Pastor, City Vision Glory Church Yokohama, Japan City Vision Glory Church (CVGC) in Japan would like to congratulate Trinity Christian Centre on your 40th anniversary! TCC is an excellent church with apostolic anointing through which the Kingdom of God is advancing. We at CVGC feel privileged to be in partnership with TCC. I believe that Rev. Dominic will exercise his God-given wisdom and leadership to guide TCC into a new stage of blessing. I also believe that TCC will be a model church for numerous churches and have powerful influence upon many nations. I am deeply grateful that Rev. Dowdy and Rev. Dominic have visited Japan since 2001 and have guided us on the cell-based church and proper church leadership. The ministry of TCC is giving great impact and encouragement to CVGC and many churches in Japan. May the Lord bless and anoint Rev. Dominic and Trinity Christian Centre mightily for His glory!

Pastor Nobue Nakahara Hiroshima Love of God Christ Church Hiroshima, Japan Congratulations on your 40th anniversary. We thank God that He has blessed TCC abundantly. As an apostolic church, you have served God throughout the whole world. We would also like to thank you for coming to our small church in Hiroshima and serving us with all your heart. Our desire is to serve God’s will and grow spiritually just like how your church has. Thank you very much for your love and prayers. We pray that God will continue to use TCC boldly as His vessel.


Pastor & Mrs Yoshio Sanga Koriyama Grace Garden Chapel Koriyama, Japan Dear Trinitarians, Congratulations on your 40th anniversary! We really thank you for your dedicated missionary support to Japan, including our church. Through your ministry with Rev. Dominic, Rev. Jeffrey and all ministers who came to Japan, leaders and churches here are growing and being transformed. New churches and young people in Japan are very impressed with TCC’s vision and cell group system. Now they are ready to stand up, and start and represent another milestone in Japanese missionary history. We hope and believe that churches in Japan will get to the next stage in 2010 through your work. Praying for Trinity Christian Centre’s continued outstanding success.

Dr Ivan Satyavrata Chairman and Senior Pastor, The Assembly of God Church Kolkata, India Dear Pastor Dominic, The church family of the Assembly of God Mission here in Kolkata join my wife and I in congratulating and blessing your people on reaching this significant milestone in the life of Trinity Christian Centre. Trinity Christian Centre has truly been a lighthouse for Christ’s Kingdom in Singapore – the “Antioch of the East”. We praise God for Pastor Naomi Dowdy’s years of visionary leadership of the Church and now under your dynamic leadership, we look forward to TCC rising to greater heights of Christ-glorifying Kingdom advancement! Our family has always been grateful for the impact and influence of TCC upon us beginning in Vancouver, Canada, then Bangalore and now in Kolkata. We rejoice with you on this occasion of celebration and pray for God’s rich anointing and blessing upon your church family during this time.


Rev. Samuel Song Senior Pastor, Solomon’s Porch Hong Kong Dear Pastor Dominic and Trinity Christian Centre, Greetings from Solomon’s Porch in Hong Kong and congratulations on your 40th anniversary. God’s favour is clearly evident in your life and ministry. It was a great pleasure hosting you and your team last March. We are still receiving praise reports from your time with us. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Even when I was living in the US, I had heard of Trinity Christian Centre and the impact that the church was having in Singapore. After spending some time with you and your staff I can see firsthand that the hand of the Lord is on you and your church. I know that in the next 40 years, God will do much more abundantly beyond what you can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Thank you for your friendship and your willingness to partner with us to see His Kingdom come to Hong Kong and Asia.

Rev. Joyce Williams Senior Pastor, Bethany Chapel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia We praise God for 40 great and fruitful years that the Lord has given Trinity. We in Bethany have been truly blessed by Trinity’s support for many years. Special thanks to Pastor Dom and team for availing yourselves tirelessly to come and minister at our church regularly. We are also grateful for the many consultation sessions and wise counsel that you have imparted upon our leadership team. God has indeed used you to trigger many of the positive changes that we are experiencing in our church today. This is a testament to the apostolic anointing and calling upon Trinity. Your dedication, friendship and practical support is greatly appreciated by all of us. We pray that God will continue to release His special grace upon Trinity and move you into a greater realm of influence.


…through a student

…through recommendations

A student in the school I was

We were looking for a church to settle in and had asked

teaching in invited me to

around for recommendations. Our friend, Ethel Chan

Trinity in 1980. It was during a

recommended us Trinity, and we went. We found

Sunday service at Hilton Hotel

Trinity to be a very

where I received Jesus into

welcoming church

my life. After that, I decided to

and the cell members

get water baptised and so wanted to get rid of the idols

as well. Not only did

in my home. Initially, my mother was unhappy and said

we make Trinity our

no, but later on, she suddenly removed them all on her

home church but

own. After getting baptised, I brought my wife to Trinity.

we also got baptised

After attending church a few times, my wife also received

and married here.

Jesus. Then, we invited my mother to church. She

The time we have in Trinity has been fruitful; we have

attended Trinity’s service at the World Trade Centre and

grown spiritually and we like the preaching of the pastors

saw a vision of Jesus. She accepted Christ as her Saviour

here. Last but not the least, our carecell has been most

after that. After that, my other family members gradually

supportive of us in our walk with God and we give thanks

came to accept Jesus into their lives.

to God for all these blessings in Trinity.

Chin Fook Neng, IT project manager

Wesley Teo Kim Soong, senior executive and Daphne Tan, education officer

…through a friend Do you know that Trinity used to have prayer meetings at the ‘Spring Singapore’ building at Bukit Merah Central? It was called ‘Friday Power Packed Night’. I was invited by a friend to one of the prayer meetings in September 1987, and I there got saved! That was 23 years ago and I have been here ever since. Lawrence Eng, police officer


Finding Home Why are you in Trinity? Seven Trinitarians share.

…through passing by Passing by the red brick-

…through an advertisement

clad building along Adam

I first came to Trinity’s production

Road was an everyday

‘Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames’ in 1997 with my family. We had

affair as it was along my

seen the advertisement in the newspapers. Coming to Trinity left

way to work. It was not

a deep impression on me. Later on in 2003

until me and my wife

when I was looking for a church to attend, I

Joanne started looking

got a friend to go with me to Trinity. Since that

for a church that could meet the needs of our

visit, I have made Trinity my home church.

growing children that the familiar ‘red bricked

That friend who came with me is now a

building’ struck a chord in us. We came to visit

carecell Leader!

and finally made Trinity our home church.

Joy Yew, piano teacher

Carl Tan, project manager

…through the Trinitarian magazine It all started when my husband Peter had a lunch appointment

…through a TENet course

at Han’s café at Trinity@Paya Lebar on 19 September 2008, and

I was preparing to marry my wife Bee Lian,

brought back a Trinitarian magazine full of testimonies and

who was then my girlfriend. I came to Trinity

faith-building articles. We realised that Trinity was a place where

to attend its pre-marital class, ‘Before You Say

everyone experienced God, and we wanted to be part of it too. We

Yes’ and made Trinity my home church after

decided to visit and were very edified by all the messages preached.

that! We now have

Pastor Dominic’s Watchnight message was

two daughters, Reesa

one of the many confirmations that Trinity was

and Rae who attend

where the Lord wanted us to be. We are indeed

DiscoveryLand and

very blessed and grateful that the Lord takes a

IGNYTE respectively.

very personal interest in our spiritual walk with

Reginald Chua, businessman

Him. Today, we are members of Trinity! Lindsay Chin, homemaker


Journey towards the Promised Land


From the early days, God has led Trinity on a journey of faith. Forty years on, the church is still following His lead. Dr Kevin Mannoia shares about the importance of leaving one’s comfort zone, a concept Trinity was wellaccustomed to in the early days of its nomadic past. Have you left yours yet?

In Exodus 13:17, it reads, When Pharaoh let the people go, God did not lead them on the road through the Philistine country, though that was shorter. For God said, “If they face war, they might change their minds and return to Egypt. Further down, in Exodus 13:20 it says, After leaving Succoth they camped at Etham on the edge of the desert. By day the LORD went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night. Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people. The people of Israel were living in the land of Egypt and although they were in bondage, they had some level of comfort and security there. It was a known place: they knew where they were going to lay their heads every night, where they were going to get their food and the rules under which they lived. Even though they were in bondage and it had become oppressive, Egypt was, in a strange way, their comfort zone. But God said to them, I want you to come out of Egypt onto a journey toward a promised land. And on this journey, God neither gave Moses a roadmap nor a final picture. He just said, I want you to leave this place and I want you to walk into the Promised Land.


You have to know something about a comfort zone. The

and growing with one another. Interdependence is a

people of Israel went to Egypt because they didn’t have

Kingdom principal, independence is not and certainly

food. Egypt was an answer to their prayers! It provided

co-dependence is not.

food, connections and validation through their brother Joseph. Egypt was a ‘God thing’. It was a blessing to

This passage in Exodus 13 is not so much about God

them. But your blessings can become bondage if

leading us as much as it is about us following God. And

you stay there

the question

too long.

is, “Will we or won’t we?” God

In your spiritual

is saying, I want

comfort zone, you

you to leave your

could be saying,

comfort zone of

“I’m a pretty good

Egypt, and I want

Christian. I pray

you to walk out

this amount, I

to a Promised

tithe this amount,

Land that I have

I serve this amount, I’ve got things pretty much under control”. While these may be

The passage in Exodus 13 is not so much about God leading us as it is about us following God. “Will we or won’t we?”

good, soon you

in mind for you. I don’t know what that might be in your life, but I think you might and your spirit certainly does.

might begin to depend on your own ability to manage your life. Comfort zones will breed independence

How did God lead them? It’s very interesting He led

and isolation.

them by a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. What was that pillar? What was the cloud?

Independence is neither a Kingdom principle


nor is it something that God has in mind for you,

Some people say that the pillar of cloud was nothing

but following God out of your comfort zone will

more than a dust devil. They occur when the wind

breed interdependence. It is a Kingdom principle.

begins to swirl, creating a vortex, a suction that sucks

Interdependence is where we mutually submit to one

the dusts of the desert up into a tornado-looking thing.

another as to the Lord, depending on, learning from

These tubes where the winds suck the sand up look

like a cloud. Some people think that the pillar of cloud

animal flesh in sacrifice to God. And so as the dust devil

was nothing more than a dust devil, or that the pillar of

positioned itself right over the flames, the light of the

cloud was nothing more than their imagination.

flames was refracted on the dust particles up through the cloud, such that from a distance it looked like a very

But think about this: there were estimates that there

beautiful pillar of fire. That is why we have beautiful

were around six million people in this exodus. If you

sunsets in the L.A. area because we have so much dirt

think it was a dream, then you have to believe that

in there. It would require an awful lot of faith to believe

God had put, in the minds of six million people, the

that every night, God would move that dust devil and

picture of a cloud everyday for 40 years running and

position it over the fire so the fire would refract up

that cloud in their minds moved at precisely the same

through it and make it look like the pillar of fire.

direction. Similarly, you would have to believe that God had created a dust devil every single day for 40 years

I happen to believe that it was fire in the cloud.

running that moved precisely where He wanted it to.

Whatever that pillar was, I can assure you that it represented the presence of God. God Himself was

I happen to think that it was a cloud, and if you walked

going before them toward the Promised Land.

into that cloud, you couldn’t see what was in front of you. A real cloud, a cumulous cloud, a white puffy cloud

You may be frightened to come out of your comfort zone

in the desert sky.

into that journey of the unknown. You may be frightened, but this I assure you: when you answer the call of God to

Some people believe that the pillar of fire by night was

move out of a comfort zone toward a Promised Land that

nothing more than the dust devil positioning itself

He has for you, He Himself will lead you. All you have to do

over the altar of sacrifice where they were burning the

is focus on the presence of God, keep your heart soft and


another airplane flying through the same cloud

When you answer the call of God to move out of a comfort zone toward a Promised Land that He has for you, He Himself will lead you.

we were flying through. I don’t know what are inside those clouds, yet each time the cloud has been faithful in carrying me to my destination. Likewise, you don’t know what lies ahead of you but the presence of God will be faithful to guide you to your Promised Land. It will guide you on your journey of following God. Fire, what about fire? It’s warm, breeds community but also sheds light to cast out darkness. It reveals the things that might trip us up. It shows us where there is a turn in the road. A few years ago, I was speaking at a college education retreat up on the mountains. That evening, we went up to the fire circle. It was dark out there and the director went up to the fire circle to light the fire in preparation for the students who were coming out. I asked if he was going to drive his golf cart up to the fire circle and if I could I ride with him. He said, “Sure, come on in”. I got up and had my flashlight with me. I went

be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. But again, this passage is not so

up to a golf cart and asked if I could drive since I

much about God leading as it is us following. Will we, or won’t we?

had never driven one before. He said “Yeah okay, give me your flashlight and wherever I point the

It’s interesting that God used cloud and fire. One can’t really

flashlight, you turn that direction.” I gave him

see inside of a cloud or know what’s inside of it. The cloud

my flashlight and he turned it on. Every time he

represents the unknown things that lie in front of you in

showed the light to the right, I turned to the right

your journey when you leave your comfort zone.

and every time he showed it to the left, I turned to the left. I thought to myself, as I blindly turned


I was in the airplane looking out the window and began to

whichever he pointed to, that he could drive me

wonder what was inside those clouds, if there was a mountain

into a tree, off a cliff or into a pool if he wanted to.

in there that we were going to hit. I wondered if there was

Ultimately, I had to trust the holder of the light.

You may not trust your own ability to find your way on the

God does not want us to settle down comfortably in

journey with God but you can trust the holder of the light.

our spiritual comfort zones. He wants us leaning forward, on the balls of our

Why would God use a cloud? The

feet, tilting ahead. He wants

thing about the desert sky is that

us growing, deepening, in

it’s a very deep blue and there

action. He wants us climbing

usually are never clouds in the

higher, going deeper.

sky. God made it very obvious by

God wants growth out of

putting a white, bellowing cloud in a deep, blue desert sky. That way, it would definitely be seen even from miles away. And why would He use fire?

you because the minute

You may not trust your own ability to find your way on the journey with God but you can trust the holder of the light.

It is pitch black at night in the desert. Similarly, God was saying, I want to lead my

growth stops, stagnation begins. He has given you His presence to guide us. He’s even said, I will go before you. But remember: this passage is not so

much about God leading as it is about us following.

people, and to do it I’m going to put a pillar of flaming fire in the night sky. So that wherever they are, they can see it

So here’s the deal, it’s really simple. God may be saying to

from kilometers away. God is saying, I’m going to lead

you, I want you to move out of your comfort zone. I don’t

my people as obviously as I know how, and they’re

know what that comfort zone is in your life, but the Holy

not going to be able to miss my presence, unless they

Spirit does. You’ve been depending on it too much. It

choose to ignore it.

used to be your blessing but now it’s your bondage. Now it’s holding you back and God is saying. “Step out!“ Step

What are you going to do? Remember, this passage is

out of the comfort zone. Step out in faith believing that

not so much about God leading you as it is about you

His standing presence will guide you.

following Him. Why is He calling you? Look at Exodus 13: 21. By day the LORD went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night. He gave them light so that they might travel. So they could move, press on, grow, deepen, expand and achieve to move into their Promised Land. So that they might leave their comfort zone, so that they would always be in motion.

Dr Kevin W. Mannoia is Professor of Ministry and serves as Chaplain at Azusa Pacific University. Were you blessed by this article? Tell us about it! SMS “Trinity<space>your comments” to 79777 or email


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In order to accomplish anything in the Kingdom and be a blessing to others, you need authority. Apostle George Bakalov reveals secrets about the authority God has given you.


ou can’t accomplish anything in the Kingdom of

again, He makes us like Him, replacing our spirit with

God without authority.

His own. We become a new creation and this new breed has to get used to living as a new breed in the same, old

John 1:12 (NKJV) says, But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name.

carnal nature that used to sin. So the Lord says, You’re not here just visiting, you’re not a temporary resident, you are now a child of God. You are a son, you are a daughter and you have authority. Authority? Me? Exactly! You need authority. Why?

You received authority when you became a child of God. You didn’t just become a nice little saved Christian.

You need authority over sin. When you become born

The Word of God says that we received authority – it

again, you are given authority over sin by the blood of

was a transaction of authority. According to Colossians

Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

chapter 1, the Lord literally pulls you out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of His beloved son.

The concept of authority is very significant whether you can identify with it or not. A token that God gives

Once you’ve transferred into the Kingdom of God, He

is a sign of that transfer of power. It is a sign of that

gives you authority to be a son and a daughter. The

new place God has for us in His Kingdom. In the Bible,

word ‘holy’ means of another kind. We can’t just make

we see three times a transfer of authority and in those

ourselves righteous. God is holy. As we become born

times there is a golden ring being exchanged or given.


The first time is in Genesis 41:42

I found out that Joseph never received another vision

(KJV), where Pharaoh took off

beyond what he saw from God at age 17. I want to

his signet ring from his hand

encourage you, parents, that if you have young people

and put it upon Joseph’s hand

at home, this may be the most important time of their

and arrayed him in vestures of

lives. They may see and hear things from God that will

fine linen and put a gold chain around his neck.

change the rest of their lives. When Joseph was only 17, he heard and saw two separate visions that firmly set him on his course in life, and nothing – absolutely

Joseph had just come out of a difficult situation. He

nothing – had the power to deviate him from what God

had been rejected and betrayed. To be given that ring

had set for him.

was a significant thing. We would identify with his situation if we have been rejected and

The Lord loves to speak to us through visions and

betrayed by our own siblings. Yet,

dreams. If you’re a young person reading this, know

Joseph kept his eyes on the reward:

that this is the time to see God. Do not think that

the Word of God.

maybe only someday will God treat you seriously. You decide this to be a day of visitation for your life.

For 20 years of ministry, I was driven by ‘the Paul

Parents, encourage your children to go to the Lord to

paradigm’, the creative apostolic anointing which

hear from Him, because there might be testing and trials

enabled him to go and literally start something up from

they would not be able to withstand if not for this divine

scratch. He would find the ‘landing strip’, a place where

impartation in their lives.

there was nothing going on, and would raise up a community of fellowship that would minister with the

Some people would say, that Joseph

love of Jesus. I loved that.

didn’t really do anything, that God just showed up sovereignly and spoke to Him.

So for 20 years, it has been my driving motivation to see

That may be, but the condition of his

nations impacted by the power of God. About 18 months

heart was one of openness in receiving

ago, the Lord began to change that by speaking to me

from God. He had the receptiveness and

about Joseph and the ability to not only preach the

therefore was prepared to hear from God.

gospel and plant churches, but to look at a city, nation or


territory and say, “How do we establish structures, be it

Joseph has now overcome the betrayal.

churches or organisations, that restore life?” Joseph was

He has overcome the difficult decisions

sent to save lives. According to his own words, he said,

and Pharaoh recognises his place of

God sent me to save lives (Genesis 45:5, 7).

authority. He takes off his own ring, his

signet ring, and makes Joseph the second man after him

That ring was something that was given by someone

in his kingdom. What kind of authority is that? It is the

with higher authority to someone with a lower

authority to govern other people.

authority. It was a token of reminder to its holder that he or she had the authority.

Why would you need the authority to govern other

It was also a token to remind


other people that nothing could change that conferment of authority.

The great commission really is Jesus giving us the authority

Why do we need these tokens

to go interact with

of abundant living? Why do

people, preaching

we need these tokens of

the gospel to and

reminders of our covenant

discipling them. We

with God? It is very simple:

need the authority in

our carnal nature needs it. Our sinful nature drags

the workplace, in our

us down all the time. It tells us, ‘’Oh, you really don’t

nations and in the world. Whether we preach the gospel

deserve this”, but to that, you say, “You’re right. I don’t,

or develop businesses and companies, we need the

yet God in His grace gave me that authority for His

authority and counsel of God.

own purpose.’’

he co


of his heart was on

penn e of o

ess in receiving from God.


In Genesis 1:26-28, we see that God’s original plan for mankind was to create man and woman and to give them authority on earth to rule and reign with Him. We need the authority and God is giving us the authority to govern among other people, to establish His will on the earth among other people. In Esther 8:2, we see another situation where the king takes off his ring and gives it to a man called Mordecai. Mordecai could be described as a prophet, intercessor, governor and father. He was a natural leader among his people but he didn’t quite have the recognition. The invisible hand of God was there throughout the book of Esther – it is the only book in the bible that the name of God isn’t mentioned even once, and yet His providence is seen from beginning to end. We see the invisible hand of God waking up a king, stirring his spirit to remind him of what someone else had done for him. We see the hand of God over His people, protecting and blessing them. When you become born into the Kingdom of God, you are recreated in the image of Christ and have certain giftings, talents and abilities that are supernaturally given to you. You become positioned to fulfill your divine purpose. The Bible speaks about the many areas of giftedness: prophecy, serving, giving, hospitality, administration and so on. In the old paradigm of church, we would have this pyarmidical structure where there would be a ‘super pastor’ who would push everybody down to show how spiritual they are. Thank God you’re in a church that pushes you up and says, “Now you be released in all your giftings because you know what, it is the way it’s supposed to be.” Many Christians today shrink back and say, “I go to church on Sunday and that should be the best they can expect from me.” But God has


given you authority amongst your own people. Like a

In Luke 15:22, Jesus speaks of

sculptor who takes his piece of clay and gives it a shape,

the Father who was waiting

releasing it to fulfill its purpose, God has graced you

for his son to return. This son

with certain talents and released you.

had made wrong choices and in a way, had backslidden.

Mordecai had natural leadership ability. He was a

He had betrayed his father and

natural father. He was also a natural strategist but he

brought shame upon the family. In

wasn’t recognised by higher authority. Mordecai was

that culture, honour was very important, so to desecrate

the one who raised Esther up. Yet, when the king gives

the family name was a huge issue. Yet, when his son

him a ring, Esther was the one who then

came back, the father says, “Bring the son here and make

set Mordecai in the house of God. God

a feast. Son, come here, now here’s a ring I’m putting on

gives abilities, talents and anointing;

you.” The son suggested that he should be among the

man gives authority in the church.

servants, but when God restores, He restores fully.

When I travel, people say to me, “Pastor, could you

The third kind of authority the Father wants you to have

please tell the leadership of my church that I’m a

is the authority in your own family. Whether it’s your

prophet.” No, I can’t. God may have given you that gift,

immediate family or your extended family, the Lord

but it is leadership that raises you to a place of authority. You need to be under authority so you can be given authority. We need to trust that the same God who

wants you not to

God may have given you that gift, but it is leadership that raises you to a place of authority. You need to be under authority so you can be given authority.

be nervous or to work it out your own way because He has His way to position you to be heard. You may be

saved us is the same

discouraged with

God who is giving us

your marriage

abilities, and He has

situation or with

given leadership to

your children

exercise oversight

or parents, and

over the church.

you’re saying,

God wants to give us

“When, God?

authority in the Body

When will they

of Christ.

hear my words?”


God has given the authority from heaven for you to be a blessing to your family. The Father has what it takes for you to speak and for your words to be heard in your family. He has a token to remind you, I’m with you in your family; I’m with you in that marriage; I’m with you in that difficult situation with your children; I’m with you to bless your whole household through you; I have put a signet ring on you and when you speak in the spirit, when you pray in the spirit, something happens.

I’m m with h yo ou in you ur fa amilyy; I’’m with h you in n th hat marrria agee; I’m m with you in n th hat diffficult situ uattion wiith yourr child dren;; I’m m with h you to blless yo our wholle ho ouseeho old d th hroug gh you u; I havee putt a siigneet rin ng on n yo ou and when n you sp peakk in the spirritt, wheen you u prayy in the spiiriit,, so ometthing g ha appeenss.

When I became a Christian 21 years ago, the change was so dramatic, so quick and so radical my parents really thought I had lost my mind. My mother had never

this is what you two have been planning and God

seen me nicely dressed like that, so orderly and clean.

is saying this is wrong.” They were shocked, but still

I was a rebel before that. One day, she came to me

their heart wouldn’t change. And I said, “God why is it

and said “By the way, thank your God for me, because

that I don’t have the authority to say some things and

he achieved for you in a few months what I couldn’t

to see a change.“

achieve all these years.” I continued to pray. I put a bible next to my dad’s


I began to really pray for my father and mother to

bed and I prayed over his pillow. I began to anoint his

become Christians and it was very difficult. I ended up

pillow and prayed ‘Father, when he lies down to sleep...”

at one point very frustrated. But God would give me

I prayed for my mother’s bed, “When she lies down to

dreams. He would give me dreams and I would go to

sleep, Holy Spirit come and speak to them.” And

them and I say “This is what you two are talking about,

I realised that the first place of authority in my family

is my prayer life. Many years later, my parents gave their

fear of man and receive the authority that God has for

lives to Christ.

you. Church, you must be strong. God is expecting you to be victorious. He has opened doors for you in high and low places where you must succeed – not to glorify yourself, not for your resume to look better; you must because you’re a man and a woman of God. He has prepared you for success.

The Lord says, My people, don’t look to the left or to the right, don’t look at the signet ring that your brother or sister has

I realised that the first place of authority in my family is my prayer life. Husbands and wives, if you don’t pray

received. I have one for you. You’re not just going to feel like one of many but you will know. You are a unique creation of God. You have unique authority to achieve things no one else can achieve. I

for your spouses, you pretty much don’t have the

have things for you, I have commissioned

authority to say anything to them. Same goes for

you for a higher task no one else can do.

parents, if you don’t pray for your children, you are

You have been empowered.

neglecting your authority in the spirit. The Father wants you to know you have authority in the family. Prayer is what validates our authority in the household. You can have the breakthrough in your family. You already have the authority. Don’t forfeit it. Exercise it in prayer, and when the Lord gives you the opportunity, exercise it in reality. Today I want you to lay down your sinful mentality of unworthiness and receive a ring of authority. You already have it but it is a prophetic act. Lay down that

Apostle George Bakalov is the founder and overseer of Apostolic Reformed Church, a network of churches in Bulgaria of approximately 2,500 people in close to 40 different churches. He is also the founder and president of the Bulgarian-American Bridges of Fellowship Foundation. Were you blessed by this article? Tell us about it! SMS “Trinity<space>your comments” to 79777 or email


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Our ‘Four-fathers’



Rev. and Mrs Glenn D. Stafford

Rev. and Mrs. Raymond A. Busby

Trinity had its humble beginnings in the personal residence of

July 1971 saw the handing over of

its founders, Rev. and Mrs Glenn Stafford at 1 Greenleaf View

the young church to another set of

in September 1969. The Staffords were missionaries from the

missionary pastors, Rev. and Mrs Ray

Assemblies of God, America. Their hearts’ cry was to have

Busby. They grounded the church in

“a Pentecostal witness in District 11 of Singapore”, so they

the Word of God. More young people

started a prayer meeting with 10 people, including five from

continued to attend Trinity and were

their family, in their home in September 1969.

led to Christ. This group of young adults would eventually become

The weekly prayer meetings continued until April 1970 when

the core group of members and

the Staffords launched a first Sunday Service at No. 2 Hillcrest

workers in Trinity.

Road in Bukit Timah. Trinity Christian Centre was birthed. Within several months, Sunday School, Sunday evening evangelistic services and mid-week prayer meetings were also added. Mrs Stafford also conducted tract distributions around the Hillcrest and Watten Estate areas, inviting many young adults to the church. By the time the Staffords took their furlough in July 1971, the total attendance was about 50.




Rev. and Mrs Robert E. Ferguson

Rev. Dr Naomi Dowdy

In February 1974, Rev. and Mrs. R

1976 was a momentous year as it saw the appointment of Rev. Naomi

Ferguson were sent as missionaries

Dowdy as Senior Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre. It ushered in a period

to continue the work in Trinity. Their

of spiritual revival that has continued unabated. The congregation,

Our Family, His Story

As the old adage goes, “What we do in life echoes in eternity”. So exemplify the foundations laid by forefathers of Trinity Christian Centre, solid bedrocks that have left a lasting legacy.

faithful ministry saw rapid growth in

then over 250 in number, outgrew the ballroom of Hotel Equatorial and

the church, and Trinity had to relocate

relocated to the auditorium of Regional English Language Centre (RELC)

to the ballroom of Hotel Equatorial at

at Orange Grove Road. To win, nurture and disciple became Trinity’s

Bukit Timah Road. Three buses were also

mission. Evangelistic productions, equipping classes, carecells and

chartered to bring people to church,

missions became the hallmarks of the church.

packing the ballroom that seated 300. Trinity’s very first baptismal service was

By the time she turned the church over to her sucessor Rev. Dominic Yeo,

held in 1975, and so its first members

the present Senior Pastor, Trinity Christian Centre had grown to a church

came into being.

of global impact, with more than 4,000 in attendance, a strong missions programme and three freehold properties in the land-scarce city state.

Indeed, much of the foundations of Trinity were established by the forefathers of the past. Yet, as Hebrews 11:40 says, God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect. The charge of continuing the great tradition of faith in Trinity now rests upon us!


Our Faithful Founders Forty years ago, Trinity was started because there was no church in District 11 of Singapore. Talk about finding and meeting needs! Little more is known about our first founders. Trinitarian speaks with Kathleen Stafford, the wife of the late Rev. Glenn Stafford to discover more. What made you choose to come to Singapore?

What was the first service like?

In 1967, Glenn and I had been assigned to teach in

with ten people; it was in the living room of our home

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia at Bible Institute of Malaya

at Greenleaf View. I remember one of the hymns

(BIM), where we taught for two years. When the AOG

that we sang that night: “Oh Love That Will Not Let

General Council of Singapore invited us to start a

Me Go”. This stands out in my memory as there were

church in District 11, we were thrilled to join the

several among us who needed spiritual healing. It

Singapore Team. We moved to Singapore right after

was encouraging to us that

the Riots of 1969 in Malaysia.

these few would be the

The very first service was actually a prayer meeting

nucleus of the church. We

Why did you choose to call the church ‘Trinity’? When we were pastors in Lubbock Texas, xas, one of our fellow churches gave their church the name ‘Trinity’. It has such powerful meaning: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! It was a time in Singapore when it was difficult to get Government permission to start another church, so we, with the Brethren, decided on ‘TRINITY CHRISTIAN CENTRE’, which made room for all the activities which needed to be covered at the time.


continued meeting at our home until we could find a place to rent.

Our Family, His Story Could you tell us about the search for a worship premise? As many of the older ones that are still there can remember, it was a real chore to find a place to rent. We tried to get a facility that would be in the area that was targeted for the new church plant. With many prayers and limited funds, the Lord provided a starting place at No. 2 Hillcrest, at the corner of Bukit Timah. It was then that we opened Trinity Christian Centre in April, 1970. Sister Pricilla Lim joined us as part of the ministerial team.

Were there any memorable happenings you recall of the early days? We did not realise that there was a Middle School nearby and every day the kids passed by on their way home. We started a Bible Club. We made signs, we had a service which included choruses, a short Bible lesson and then we had games, from Ping-Pong to Chess. We also gave out ICI’s Correspondence lessons – “The Great Questions of Life”. Pricilla Lim

helped teach and sing and we went door-to-door throughout the neighborhood to invite people to church. Glenn and I purchased an organ (which I realise isn’t as popular these days in churches, but I still enjoy playing), but it was a tremendous blessing in those beginning times. General Superintendent Andrew Yeo ministered in the opening service. Samuel Ko, Sonny and Kheng Wong were there from the beginning.

How did you see the hand of God on Trinity in the days of humble beginnings? We took our home leave in 1971 with every intention of returning to Singapore, but the U.S.A. Missions Department sent us to Vietnam. Our ministry there was very fruitful although we were disappointed in not returning to Singapore. Even though we could not return to this “baby church”, we could see that the hand of God supplied the leadership necessary to continue it’s growth until it has become the Body it is today.


Trinity? ME?

People looking for a ‘sp ‘spiritual answer’ as to why Pastor Naomi Dowdy came to Trinity would truly be disappointed. The missionary, churchbuilder and apostle says her vision for the church was, “How soon can I get out of here”. But God changed her heart as quickly as He turned things around in Trinity. Trinitarian speaks to Trinity’s first Senior Pastor and uncovers her labour of love and the hand of God upon the church.

Why did you choose to come to Trinity? I did not choose to come to Trinity. I was a missionary evangelist with the Assemblies of God (USA) and had come to Singapore at the invitation of Howard and Rosala Ridings, missionaries to Singapore back in the 60s. So, in 1972 I came for a month to preach in the youth rallies, then returned to the Marshall Islands. In 1975, the General Council asked me to stop at Singapore to discuss the possibilities of coming back. So I did, and the then-General Superintendent,


words. God never spoke again; it

meeting over lunch. As we were

was just that one, audible voice.

walking up the steps of the old immigration building, I said, “By the

The missionary couple left.

way, why are we here?” He said a

Meanwhile, somehow a Board

missionary had a visa problem so he

member from Trinity found me.

had come to see if he could work it

The General Council and Board

out. The missionary had been given

members asked me to take the

seven days to leave the country.

position. I tried to evade, saying

Our Family, His Story

Rev. Andrew Yeo and I had a

I came to a point I knew I either had to disobey God or go against what I wanted to do.

I needed time to pray. I called up Springfield, the AG headquarters.

The spirit of the Lord spoke to me: “and you are going to take the church”.

Back in the early 70’s, they had a paper stating that no missionary was supposed to pastor a church; all missionaries pastoring were supposed to turn the churches over

As soon as he said this, the spirit

to local indigenous pastors. So I

Ultimately, I agreed to stay for

of the Lord spoke to me: “and you

told them that a church was asking

six months, telling God, “In the

are going to take the church”. I’m

me to pastor. I said, “Remember the

meantime You can still look for

like, “Not me! I’m an evangelist, not

white paper?” I was expecting them

someone.” I told Him, “See, I’m doing

a pastor. I train pastors, not be a

to say, “Follow the paper, don’t do

what You said to do. I’m taking

pastor”. I was doing a good job. I

it”, but he said, “Oh that’s wonderful,

it for awhile.” They never found a

was comfortable. I began to argue

I think you should do it.” I said, “NO!

replacement. In the process, God

with God. After the lunch, he sent

You are not supposed to tell me

changed me.

me back to the hotel and dropped

that. You’re supposed to say ‘no’.” My

me off. I thought to myself, “If

last resort was now closed.

they can’t find me, they can’t ask

God put me in Trinity, changed my attitude and then worked in

me right?” You talk about Jonah

I came to a point I knew I either

me to develop what it was He was

running and Jacob wrestling,

had to disobey God or go against

wanting. God needed a workshop

I had both their anointings. I

what I wanted to do. I did not

and Trinity became that workshop

packed up and went to another

want to pastor. I didn’t feel it was

to develop the carecell models

hotel. Can’t find me, you can’t ask

my anointing. I did not have a

that we now have that impact

me. But I knew God had said those

positive image of a woman pastor.

churches around the world.


What are some of the struggles you faced in the early days?

There was also a lot of in-fighting and backbiting, but no one mediated to settle these things. No other pastor in town wanted Trinity.

The congregation, which was about

It was a church of “42 members

250 in number, did not know how

with 75 problems.”

to worship and we did not have musicians. We had one girl who was

We also did not have adults.

taking piano lessons; she had not

Youths formed the bulk of the

yet passed Grade 8. She could only

congregation. They were first-

play notes from the hymn book –

generation Christians who came

and she didn’t always come. There

to know the Lord. They had no role

were no guitars, no drummers.

models. Adults would come, see all

We just had a little upright piano.

these young people and not come

Worship and altar calls didn’t

back again. My prayer was, “God,


send us some adults. These young people need to see adult Christians;


Our Family, His Story We were also nomadic, constantly

reproduce themselves. We went

moving and searching for worship

through several cycles of training

locations. We rented many different

our leaders as we refined the carecell

premises. For example, whenever a

model to what we have today.

premise had a function, we would be kicked out. But we could not

We started with homecells in 1977,

be negative. We had to have the

but realised over time that homecells

faith to trust Him. We made the

focused too much on fellowship

displacement positive: “Let’s rent

and Christian living. We finally

the ballroom at Shangri-la. In two

re-launched into carecells in 1990.

weeks, we are going to have a big

they need spiritual moms and dads.” Ben and Bertha were the first adults who came. They brought Buck Chua and Kim and it grew from there. It

God was teaching me to go beyond evangelism to disciple and to build leaders.

was always by connections: those they brought had connections and the people they brought had connections. People came, miracles

meeting at Shangri-la, invite your

Carecells took the people beyond

happened. God answered all kinds

friends. There’ll be special music.

having a sense of belonging into

of prayer.

Dress differently!”

action – Evangelism, Nurture and Discipleship (END). Through

People came, miracles happened. God answered all kinds of prayer.

We also finally got people into small

the carecell model, we released

groups. God was teaching me to

the five-fold ministries to equip

go beyond evangelism to disciple

God’s people, so that it is them

and to build leaders, Kingdom-

who fulfil the ministry of

minded leaders that would



You handed over the leadership to Pastor Dominic Yeo in 2005. How did you identify your successor and what were your expectations? I had to grow my own leaders and realised I needed a successor. I began to develop men and women who could work in every area of ministry â&#x20AC;&#x201C; pastoral skills, leadership skills and preaching skills. Most of all, I was looking for spiritual sons and daughters who had the DNA of the church. In my heart and spirit, I believed that God had appointed Dominic as the next leader of Trinity. I told Dominic that if the church went down in membership or in finances, then I was the failure, not him. I also asked him who his successor was. I wanted him to begin his tenure aware that he already needed to plan his own successor. I certainly expect Pastor Dominic to take the church further than I have. I expect him to stand on my shoulders and build on the foundations Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve laid. Of course, he was part of the team that helped me build that foundation. But I pray that he will have greater and faster success.


includes the changing of mindsets.

I could be a pastor even though

I believe Trinity does parallel in

that wasn’t on my radar. It was a

the positive values in transition

journey. So God may have some

That Trinity’s DNA is to develop

of leadership and leadership

gifts inside you that you don’t think

others and not have everything


are possible, but look out. Be open

Our Family, His Story

To this day, what are you proudest of Trinity?

to what He says. Let God fulfil His

rest upon one person. We were up to about 1,000-1,500 in attendance

I’m proud of Trinity, the pastors of

and that was when I realised the

Trinity and what Trinity represents

church was being built upon my

to the body of Christ, not only in

ministry. I realised I had to build

Singapore but overseas as well.

purposes in You.

others up. So, I began developing preaching teams, involving lay leaders from the church in preaching, song leading and so on. I think we epitomise team leadership. Trinity has the maturity and heart to see others develop.

After almost 30 years of pastoring Trinity, what is one word of wisdom you have for people reading this?

I’m proud that Trinity started with

People ask me, “What was your

nothing but today, we are a model

vision for the church when you

that is looked up to around the

came to Trinity?” and wait for some

world. We are still growing. We

really spiritual answer, and I’d say,

grow with the times but never

“You don’t really want to know”…

compromise the gospel and the

“Yes we want to know”… “You really

purposes of the Kingdom. So I

want to know?”… “Yes”… My vision

feel I can identify with Lee Kuan

for the church when I first came

Yew in terms of purpose, the

was “How soon can I get out of

transitioning and developing of

here.” Because of my attitude, I

leaders, mentoring them behind

didn’t want to be here. I was ‘a finger

the scenes and putting them out

in the dyke’; I wanted God to get

there. I feel our development

somebody else here so I could get

has been much like the overall

on with my life. God had to change

development of Singapore, and that

my heart toward what I did, that

It was a journey. So God may have some gifts inside you that you don’t think are possible, but look out. Be open to what He says. Let God fulfil His purposes in You.


“Come to the church, come to the church to be prayed for.” In the 70s and 80s, Trinity became a byword among many seeking a breakthrough. “We laid hand on people one by one. It was just miracles after miracles after miracles,” Pastor Dowdy recounts. Decades on, the miracles of God continue to be a trademark of Trinity; miracles still happen today.

Trinity: A Church for Breakthroughs Where: Children’s Church When: End-1980


Cysts and Lumps Gone

Where: At home When: October 2001

Where: Power Weekend When: August 2006

When my daughter Verine was five in 2001, she started foaming at her mouth and went into a fit. Subsequently, she began suffering from many seizures. She was admitted into hospital where multiple tests were conducted on her – MRI, EEG, CT scan, blood and fluid tests…the list goes on. She was diagnosed to be suffering from Primary Epilepsy; she would go into a seizure without reason or warning. We were also told that she might not qualify for “normal schools” as her brain was affected and enlarged during the seizures. We were devastated by the report.

In year 2004, through a medical checkup, I was found to have three cysts and a nodule on my breast. In March 2006, I found another lump on my breast. At the same time, another scan at my pelvic area showed a cyst and a fibroid. I kept claiming that “God is my banner”. At the ’I Need a Miracle’ Power Weekend, I stood up for prayer.

Right at that moment, God comforted me and assured me that He was with me during this storm and that I needed to look to him. From that moment, I did just that and continued to pray for healing. The seizures started to reduce in occurrence and two months later, my daughter stopped having any. This was in 2002. In 2003, when my daughter was in Primary 1, her school examination results were presented to the neurologist professor. He was amazed by her good results. In 2004, my daughter went through another CT scan, sleep test, blood test and IQ test. All results showed her condition to have normalised, and that her IQ was even high. This must have been the work of God. She was taken off medication in June 2004 and was discharged clinically from epilepsy in September 2006. The Lord has healed her totally, baffling our doctors. Because of the Lord’s healing, my daughter has been in the best class and has excelled academically. If you look at Verine today, you would never have believed she suffered from epilepsy which affected her brain. God is truly our healer and help in times of need. Francis Lee, project manager West, Trinity@Adam

Ouur Family, His Story

Epilepsy Healed

One week later, I went for a medical review and was told that all the cysts and lumps on my breast were gone. In addition, the nodule that was benign was no longer growing. The doctor claim that it would not grow any bigger and said it was safe to leave it alone. The cyst on my pelvic was also gone and the fibroid has shrunk so small that it is no longer significant anymore. All glory to the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He is my healer! Shermeen Phua, distributor West, Trinity@Adam


Hole in the Heart Healed

Arthritis Healed

Where: Power Weekend When: August 2007

Where: Pre-service Prayer When: July 2009

I had a hole in my heart since birth, but in 2005 doctors detected another hole in my heart. I went to Trinityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Power Weekend and asked God to heal me. When I went for my check-up, the doctors were unable to detect a single hole. God had sealed up the holes in my heart! Amazing!

My mother-in-law, Tan Gek Kee was suffering from Arthritis for a long while. Her condition had worsened and the pain had intensified. The doctors put her on new pain killers and informed us that if the medication did not work, then my mother-in-law would have to inject herself once every three days with stronger painkillers. These stronger painkillers would have adverse effects on her lung and kidney conditions.

Barbara Cheng, assistant to managing director East, Trinity@Paya Lebar

Marriage Restored Where: Pre-service Prayer When: April 2009

In the meantime the doctors scheduled her for an operation in January 2010. My husband and I believed that God will heal her and submitted a prayer slip during the pre-service prayer, and the church prayed. After a few weeks of persevering prayer, my mum-in-law could walk and testified that the pain had left her. In January, she did not have to go for the operation and today, she is completely healed of Arthritis. Kelly Poh, self-employed West, Trinity@Adam


Job Provided

Baby Healed

Where: Pre-service Prayer When: July 2009

Where: Carecell and Pre-service Prayer When: March 2010

My neighbour, Esther, had been out of a job for a long while. I invited her to come visit our Jobs Connection bulletin boards, and attend service as well. As we were early, she joined in for the time of prayer during Pre-service Prayer. There, the church prayed for God to provide her with a job. Two weeks later, Esther finally landed a job. Praise God!

My nephew, Geoffrey was born severely premature. He was delivered at 26 weeks and weighed no more than 800grams. Because of that, he was in the critical care of the hospital in New York where he was born. To make matters worse, baby Geoffrey contracted pneumonia during his stay at the hospital and was later diagnosed with H1N1. The situation turned critical when doctors told his parents to be prepared for the worst, as â&#x20AC;&#x153;anything could happen in the next 12 hoursâ&#x20AC;?. The diagnosis dashed all their hopes for baby Geoffrey.



Winnie Tan, homemaker South, Trinity@Adam

Back Pain Healed Where: Pre-service Prayer When: September 2009

Not satisfied that I had to live with this condition, I submitted a prayer request during the Pre-Service Prayer time and the pastor led the congregation to pray. Right after that, I did not have to take any medication and up till today, I have not had any relapse of back pain. God has healed me completely!

My carecell and I prayed fervently. During service, I submitted a request for baby Geoffrey at the Pre-service prayer. Praise the Lord! After the 12-hour observation, the diagnosis changed from H1N1 to a common flu. God had eradicated the pneumonia and H1N1 virus. Now, baby Geoffrey is a healthy baby, reunited with his family at home. God did a big miracle in a tiny baby. Hallelujah!

Johnson Guo, assistant manager East, Trinity@Adam

Mary Jane Capistrano, housewife East, Trinity@Paya Lebar

I sustained a back injury since my army days after I fell from the three-tonner. Since then, whenever I played squash or participated in any strenuous activity, my back would hurt. I saw doctors and tried Chinese acupuncture but all these would only relieve the pain for a moment. Doctors said the best way to not aggravate the pain would be to refrain from serious activities and be careful with my movements. However, the pain would still linger and escalate every now and then.

Our Family, His Story

Trinity: A Church for Breakthroughs


Here Am I, Send Me Visionary, Mentor, Strategic Leader, Prophet, Church Consultant – Rev. Dominic Yeo is all these and more, but says it simply started with a desire to serve God. Trinitarian speaks to the first home-bred local Seniorr Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre for insig ghtss on his life, his call and his vision for the ch hurch.

How did you come to Trinity? Well, my life story has become an open book through the recent Easter presentation, ’Red Brick Road’. I was the bullied ‘Ah Boy’, the gangster on drugs and the suave, young man seeking acceptance and popularity. I am not proud of all that, but all I can say is that it is truly by the grace of God that He has saved me and transformed my life. In 9 June 1980, I accepted Christ in a Saturday night Evangelistic meeting by Pastor Fred Seaward. The very next day, my friend brought



Trinitarian finds out about Pastor Dominic’s ministry before he entered full-time clergy ministry. He was then 25.

me to Trinity. Mind you, I was not at all like the clean-shaven man portrayed in the Easter presentation; I had long hair and wore ‘hole-ly’ jeans. I reeked of alcohol and cigarettes. I remember entering

“Dominic was

Our Family, His Story


passionate about God. He plunged himself into the thick of church activities,

Trinity Christian Centre at RELC, where

serving as a senior

services were then held and a ‘red sea of


people’ literally parted around me. I did

in the Royal Rangers, teaching

not look like a Christian and I certainly

in Sunday School, sitting in the

did not smell like one.

Youth-In-Action Committee and the Petra Committee. He also song-led on

That day, there was this American lady preaching. I went forward to the altar call. No one came to pray for

Celebration Services,

me, except one – the same American lady who was preaching, and I

Friday overnight

vividly remember the strong fragrance of her perfume. She came to

prayer meetings and coordinated

me, put her arms around me and prayed for me. That day, I felt God’s love and grace through her. That person was Pastor Dowdy. God gave me a second chance and I stayed on in Trinity.

Christmas and Easter projects. He led in fund-raising activities, especially annual walka-runs. He also had a hand in the Students’ Ministry,

How did you come into full-time ministry?

besides leading

People often ask me,

his own cell and

“How did God call you?”


After I was saved, my

Group meetings.”

first words to God were, “Here am I, Lord, send me.” I did not receive a special call from God; I I simply had a desire to serve Him. My initial years with the Lord were really like a yo-yo, since my surname is “Yeo” (laughs); I would backslide, disappear from church,


then return and receive Christ again. Eventually, the

Pastor Dowdy

prayers and perseverance of my spiritual parents, Pastor

has been

Yat Wan, Mervyn Wong, Samuel Ko and Antoinette

my constant

Lek paid off. They really believed in me. Then, I started


serving. Whatever I could put my hands on, I would do.

through the different

Then came the step to go into full-time. I just wanted

junctures of

to serve God with all my life. It was not an easy one for

my life. She

me as I was an air-traffic controller with the Republic of


Singapore Air Force (RSAF) since 1981. But the turning

me to have

point came after confirmation through the Word,

a ‘Kingdom

prophecies and in one service, altars prayers from Pastor


Dowdy and Pastor Yat Wan.

and heart, especially during the missions trips. I also learnt through her example of giving: giving of oneself

I went to altar call for prayers and Pastor Yat Wan prayed

sacrificially to the ministry and giving everyone a

over me Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane:

second chance.

‘Father, not my will but Thine will be done.’ And when Pastor Dowdy came along to pray for me, it was almost

Dr Kitano, my principal in Bible

word-for-word identically! Then at my cell group’s

Institute of Singapore (BIS) has

Chinese New Year gathering, I had a verse in my ‘ang

always been my spiritual father and

pow for Jesus’. The verse said, “Not my will but Thy

mentor. He inspired me with three

Will be done.”

things that I seek as a personal goal: to build up the heart of

I took a step of faith and resigned from RSAF in March

a priest, the eyes of a prophet

1985. It had to be God who paved the way, because

and the knees of a servant. Why? A priest must have

two months later I received the official “OK” from the air

concern for people around him, a prophet must have

force, and did not have to repay any liabilities. I went

eyes to see beyond the circumstances of a situation, and

into full-time ministry on 1 June 1985 and started with

a servant serves in whichever capacity he is called to.

a missions trip to Central Java.

How did you receive God’s Vision for Trinity?


Tell us about your spiritual mentors.

It was in the year 2001. Pastor Dowdy asked both Pastor

I have two key spiritual mentors in my life, Pastor Naomi

Yat Wan and I to seek God for the Vision of the church, for

Dowdy and Dr Koichi Kitano.

its future. We were serving in the Apostolic Team then.

Our Family, His Story I was driving from Adam Road to my home when I had

They affirmed these as God’s Vision for our church.

a vision from God. I don’t know how I managed to drive that day without running a red light or getting into an

That year, Pastor Dowdy assigned me to lead the

accident, but I guess God took care of that.

pastoral team and the districts of Trinity. We began the journey of sharing God’s Vision for Trinity with

The vision lasted several minutes, and here’s what

the pastors, leaders and the congregation: Vibrant

I saw: I saw people encountering God in a vibrant

Atmosphere, Incredible Unity, Passionate Heartbeat

atmosphere; individuals, families and ministries

and Strategic Leadership, or VIPS for short.

flowing in incredible unity; people consumed with a passionate heartbeat to touch the world; and

How did the Core Values then come about?

Trinitarians rising up as strategic leaders wherever

In end 2002, we had a Sectional Leaders’ Summit and

God would place them.

one of our SLs asked an intriguing question: How were we going to fulfill our vision? It was a question I could

It was such a compelling vision. I was awed by the whole

not answer and I mulled over this for many days.

experience and I shared this with the Apostolic Team.


Then I had my ‘Frankfurt Airport experience’: I was on a ministry trip to Europe, on a sevenhour stopover at Frankfurt Airport. It was like God suddenly pressed the “download” button

O U R C O R E VA L U E S Passionate Honour Passion to love and honour God

and I had to ask Him to slow down. I scurried to buy a notepad and scribbled down all that God was “downloading”. God was showing me how we could fulfill His Vision. He was calling us to build His church, a people with Kingdom values. God wanted us to build in every Trinitarian the Core Values of

Passionate Honour like David, Audacious Fervour like Elijah, Relentless Belief like Barnabas, and Contagious Faith like Andrew, or PARC for short. In 2004, we started the ‘Trinitarian Experience’: the experience of everyone who comes into Trinity as Trinitarians pursue the Vision and live out these Core Values. We want everyone to have a God-experience and be transformed in Trinity.

In recent years, ‘Care and Connect culture’ has become a buzzword in Trinity. Can you tell us more about it? In end 2006, I sought the Lord for the Watchnight service message. It was then that I had a dream in which I preached on the Good Samaritan and Barnabas, how they cared and connected with people. That Watchnight, I preached this dream. God was leading us to build a culture of caring and connecting. As we pursue the Vision and live out


Relentless Belief

ple Unwavering belief in peo tiny des n ive d-g Go and their

r Audacious Fervouiev e

Boldness and zeal to bel ossible and ask largely for the imp

Contagious Faith

faith Authentic and infectious t los the to that reaches out

Our Family, His Story We had missionaries who founded the church, Pastor Dowdy who established the church, but now, it is you and I – every Trinitarian, young and old – who must carry on the mantle of faith to fulfill God’s destiny for Trinity.

behavioural norm – a culture – for Trinitarians. We build

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, what would you like to share with all Trinitarians?

this Care and Connect culture in three practical ways:

Looking back, I am humbled by how God has led Trinity

firstly, ‘Bring a Friend, Connect the Friend’; secondly,

from its beginnings. We had missionaries who founded

‘Find a Need, Meet the Need’; thirdly, ‘See a Potential,

the church, Pastor Dowdy who established the church,

Develop the Potential’. In-so-doing, the ‘Trinitarian

but now, it is you and I – every Trinitarian, young and

Experience’ is created.

old – who must carry on the mantle of faith to fulfill

the Core Values, caring and connecting becomes a

God’s destiny for Trinity. It has been eight years since we first shared on God’s Vision. Each time I see or hear about Trinitarians

It has been a journey of simply listening to God’s voice

exemplifying the Core Values and going the extra mile

and following Him. In every step of faith, God has been

to care and connect with people, I get very excited.

faithful and has never failed to bless us abundantly. So

Now, we are seeing glimpses of this vision coming

Trinitarians, more than ever before, we must arise to be

to pass.

a blessing to our community, our nation and the world.


Glimpses of Trinitarians and visitors alike testify

We see our worship services services, prayer meetings and carecells as places where people hunger for the presence of God and where God delights to inhabit and dwell. In a vibrant atmosphere of worship, prayer and discipleship, we see people encountering God and the manifestation of signs, wonders and miracles.

I feel most at home here. Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s presence is tangible and overwhelms me every time I step into this place. - Hannah

Life-changing sermons and spirit-filled worship. - Allen

The atmosphere is pregnant with His presence, at the brink of a revival. - Sarah Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s presence is here 24/7

Trinity is a place where

and the worship brings tears

I encountered God and

to my eyes! The preaching

experienced miracles in

of the Word is balanced.

my life! - Benjamin

- Priscilla The worship is very good and it brings me into total engagement with God. I feel the presence of God and Him speaking to me. - Alex

I can feel the very presence of God whenever I worship at Trinity. When I am troubled, the sermons always speak to me. - Anna

I received many revelations from God during worship and service in Trinity which raised me above my trials and reassured me that He is with me. - Rebecca


Trinity... Home truly... Where God is... Never a dull moment. - Mey

of their Trinitarian Experience.

Our Family, His Story

the Vision We see Trinity ity Christian Centre as a church living together in covenantal relationships; where carecells, ministries, families and individuals are flowing in corporate unity to fulfill God’s purpose and plan for the church for that hour.

Through this church, my entire family has come to know God. - Tommy In my first two to three months in carecell, I gave all kinds of excuses NOT to go. Now, I can’t find any reason NOT to go for cell! I want to meet

Carecell is the greatest. You see lives transformed and

my fellow brothers and sisters there. - Kok Wai

community living come alive. - Nancy

I come into Singapore from JB almost every weekend just to attend carecell and church. We take care of each other, I am very happy in my cell! - Hock Chong

We grow together spiritually, account to each other and encourage one another, and are there whenever anyone needs help. Everyone participates in some way or another. Even the children are involved! - Syebvonne

of my life. - Corine

In Trinity I found my family in my pastors, cell members and friends. Never have I felt so belonged. - Junie

I can feel God’s love in Trinity through the practical and

Trinity is so special to me because without Trinity,

sincere expression of care and connect. - Gregory

I wouldn’t have made such lasting friendships. - Eunice

Trinity has given me godly friends to pray and help me to stand up again when I was facing a most difficult time


We see a people consumed with a vision to touch the world for Jesus Christ and to see His glory displayed throughout the world. We see a church with a passionate heartbeat to fulfill God’s global agenda through sending men and women of faith to equip and empower churches and the body of Christ.

At Trinity, I can join with God-fearing

We gave out sandals

brothers and sisters to reach the lost and

and exercise books

hurting with His love and salvation. - Carl

written with “Jesus loves you” in Telugu

I am glad I obeyed God to for MIT to India.

to the destitute

I saw miracles which God did through

children. They were

my hands. Souls were saved, people

so happy to receive

were healed and lives were

them that they would

touched. - Gary

run a few steps with their sandals on, place them back

God did not ask us to pray about going, but to simply go. Compassion took a greater meaning as I witnessed the needs in India. We saw breakthroughs and miracles. I finally experienced the abundant life God has for me – to serve God with all that I am. - Jasslyne


in their boxes and continue running and screaming in excitement. - Jeremy We drilled and completed two bore wells in Kurnool, India.

The villagers now have water that sustains life. I will never forget the joyful looks on the children’s faces. - Rachel

Trinity raised me from no one to someone significant and special. - Steven am today through the nurturing and discipleship. - Mark

Whether I am wearing the Traffic Marshall vest or my uniform at work, I am always thankful for the opportunity to serve and make a difference. - Chee Keong

Great leadership, godly vision and divine strategies. A

When the staff were on the brink of losing their jobs and

church with a mission, vision and purpose. - Amberyce

business were reduced by 70%, I prayed for wisdom and

I accepted Christ here and grew to be the man of God I

Our Family, His Story

We see the church as a place for the empowerment and development of Spirit-filled leaders who will be strategically positioned and deployed within the Body of Christ. Every Trinitarian a leader with a ministry.

for the management for me to keep 50 staff who were Coming to Trinity is my New Beginnings; going through

supposed to be retrenched... All 50 staff kept their jobs.

Water Baptism is my New Step; becoming a carecell

- Patrick

Leader is my New Choice and now, being a Sectional Leader is my New Calling. - Michael

When I met with challenges in my workplace, I prayed for God’s favour and He gave me the wisdom to deal

With so many resources available, Trinity is a place where

with them. I was even commended as “the most

there is no excuse for one not to grow in God. - Pete

responsible staff ever met.” - Cindy


A Church for Everyone e Thankful for th e w re he w , ry se ur N our at th d are assure is d ol th on nine-m of re ca n ke ta well ship so we can wor in peace.

t Awesomemos y! tr youth minis

“Kids have Children’s Ministry, maid has her service, in-laws have their Chinese ministry and we have the English service. There’s something for everyone.”

ข้าพเจ้าได้ต้อนรับพระค ริสต์เข้ามาในชีวิตที่ทรินิ ตี้ และข้าพเจ้าได้รับกา รรักษาโรคอย่างเด็ดขาด สิ่งที่หมอรักษาไม่ได้ พร ะเจ้าได้ทำการอัศจรรย์ใน ชีวิตของข้าพเจ้า


I accepted Christ into my life at Trinity and there received complete healing. What medical science could not do for me, God worked that miracle in my life.

My two daug hters would rather forgo a trip to Malay sia than miss a ch ildren’s service. It’s so met very special to hing them.

‫ތہ‬ ໩֭‫ـ‬ሸg༦ ‫؃‬փ໩ ෬ሸૌ۹ᇣଔ ಈࢥ߾Ģ er-in-law, My son, daught hildren and my grandc urch ch bring me to . nd ke ee every w

Our Family, His Story

Young or old, single or married, local or foreigner, there is a place for you in Trinity. This is a church for everyone because there is a service for all.

Noong una akong mag bisita sa Filipino Ministry sa Trinity, naramdaman kong parang ako’y nasa sariling bayan. The first time I visited the Filipino Ministry in Trinity, I felt right at home.

For a list of service times, refer to page 4 or visit 67

Our Children, His Inheritance n e Our Childr

1990s, Children’s Ministry service

1989, Sunday School Children’s choir

Late 1970’s, Sunday School Children’s programme

1998, ‘Pipe Zone’ Children’s camp 2009, revamped DiscoveryLand service 2009, revamped DiscoveryLand service

s h t u o Y Our 1991, ‘Messianic Bonfire’ Youth camp

1983, ‘Building People of Power’ Youth camp

1984, Secondary Youth Bible class

1990, ‘Making A Diffrence’ Youth camp 68

1980s, Christ’s Ambassadors camp

Our Young A lts du 1999, Chi Alpha camp

Our Family, His Story

From ages past, we have put a premium on our children, youths and young adults because Trinity believes every child has a God-given destiny. Here are snapshots of our young ones through the ages.

1980s, Christ’s Ambassadors camp

2009, Young Adults’ camp 2008, ‘Infinity’ Campus camp

2007, ‘Battlecall’ Youth camp


by Cindy Jacobs, 2001

“I am going to raise up a whole, vast multitude of youths. For I am raising up a new spirit of sacrifice, says the Lord, across Asia, where the people of God will love not their lives unto death, where their lives will not be about money and position, but only about Me.”


by Les Bowling, 2009

“I believe that God is raising up a generation that is going to live at the altar of God. And I believe there they will intercede, and supplicate, and wait and tarry and linger in the presence of God till they are empowered with an anointing from an omnipotent God, and go out and change the world.” 2008, ‘Surge’ Youth camp 69

It was in n a 1993 youth

Growing up in Childre ren’s

If not for the relentlesss

camp th hat I got serious with God d.

Ministry has de evelo oped in

belief of my IGNYTE leaders, d ,

In 1994, I answered the call to serve

me a strong fo ounda ation for my

I would ne ever have sttepped pped up

God in full-time ministry. In 1995 5’s

Christian life. The less ssons learnt

to serve ass a Spirituall Parent and

youth ca amp, adult leader Allen

from the Sund day school teachers t

subsequen ntly, a Careccell Leader.

Loh prop phesied that I would be a

really gave ve me e ‘something to fall

It is a privilege to be able ble to make mak

Worship p Leader... I did not believ ve

back on’ during g my rebellious

a positive impact on the he lives of

him. In a 1996 youth camp, Pasto or

teenage years..

young peo ople and he elp p them fi fin nd

Dominicc prophesied that God ha ad anointed d me when I was six with h a Levite’’s anointing. In another

Aaron Lai,i seniior officer in civil service East, Trinity@Pa @Pa aya Lebar Sectional Leadeer Trainee

camp, Pa astor Lorie prophesied th hat

the best an nswer to liffe – God. Jonathan Ho, o universsityy student d IGNYTE, Triinity@Adam m Carecell Leeader

I would write songs to heal the nations. I wait upon God for His Will to be done in my life. Victor Toh, zone pastor Creative Ministries

I grew up in n Sunday School, where

Youth h camps were wha at I enjoyed the

I learnt man ny children’s songs

most. There, I le learnt earnt ab bout ut God an and

which were simple but powerful.

Christtian living. iving.. I was alsso o blessed

It was throu ugh these songs of God’ss

encou untering ering God’s God’s p prese se sence ence during duri

promises an nd love that pulled me

the tim mess of worship. wo orship. I now no ow desire for

through my ‘valley moments’. Olive Ch hin, senior ad dministrative assistant Children’ss Ministry Spiritual Parent 70

morre of His presen prresence! e! Va alerie Tan, exxecutive Norrth, Trinity@Paya a Lebar b Careceell Leader

Our Family, His Story

They epitomise the saying “God has no grandchildren”. The statement, attributed to evangelist Billy Graham, refers to faith not being inherited. Meet eight young adults, second-generation Christians who grew up in Trinity.

The turning poin oint in

I first receive rec ed

Growing up in

the call to se serve erve Go God in n

Trinity is a great blessing. ng g

father suffered d a heart rt attack attac some

missions in the form of a

I thank God for the manyy leaders lead eaderrs

17 years ago. My mother ther to told us to

dream when I was 15. I dreamt

who have sown into my life ife fe

trust God for a m miracle le and we prayed

that I was ministering to a

and made me who I am today. day ay.

every night to togetther. r. We witnessed w

group of brown-skinned

What I remember most are th the

God’s miraculous us healing aling u upon him.

children on brown earr th.

times spent soaking and being ng

It was like a Sunda unday ay school lesson on

Through the years of growing

refreshed in God’s presence, be e

the miracles of Jesus Jessus broug brought brou to life!

up in Trinity, God affirm med and

it in worship services or camps.

It led us to reco recog ognise se e the rreality re of

confirmed my call thro ough

One message inscribed in my

God’s powe power an nd the e depth of His love.

opening doors and ha aving

heart is the truth that we all

Through this, we have ve learnt learn how to

leaders and pastors sp peaking

have a destiny in God and that

exercise faith in n our prayers! prayers

to me about entering full-time,

God wants to use the talents He

in the direction of Missions.

has given us to be a blessing to

our lives wass when w our

Mark Yong, g law wyer South, Trinity@Paya Lebar Charlotte Yong g, insurance surance a advisor Creative Ministrries Carecell Leaderrs

Cal-Lin Neubronner, r ministerial staff m Nor orth, Trinity@Paya Leb bar

others. Vera Lee, e music teacher Creative Ministries Carecell Leader

I joined Trini nity in 1988 where I had the privilege of growing up in the solid, bible and dw worship-based Child dren’s Ministry. It was during my Youth Ministry days w when God called me into o Music Ministry. I remember telling God that I only had Grade 2 in piano and couldn’t even play hymns out off a songbook, bu ut He replied that if I was willing, He would equip and use me e. By God’s grace and through training in the Creative Ministries, I was able e to t serve Him and have been doing so for the e last 19 years. Kevin Sim, doctor Creative Ministries Sp piritual Parent 71

My Family The year was 1988, and they were both students in Trinity’s Timothian programme, a six-month missions training programme. There were projects and

Pastor Jeffrey and Janie –

assignments, and a one-month missions trip to Sumatra. Jeff ’s first impression of Janie was that she was “a very good lady; a big-hearted lady who helps others who are in need”. “She still is!” he asserts. There was a fellow classmate who playfully took Jeff ’s bank passbook and read its statements out loud. Janie realised that Jeff had little savings and quietly passed him some money to help tide him through. Jeff genuinely felt very touched. Their friendship gradually blossomed. Their involvement in ministry helped them know each other better. At times, after the Timothian programme, they would go to Burger King to talk. Jeff also recounts an incident where Janie wrote a note and slipped it under his desk – “the first personal note to express our friendship and the good times that we shared.”


Our Family, His Story

They got saved here, discipled here, served here, met their spouses here and their kids grew up here. Meet three couples who from their spiritual family have formed a biological one.

e Tr e-nity Back then, Jeff was also serving as a cell leader. Janie says

Joan along to every meeting.

Jeff ’s leadership qualities were what she noticed.

She was still a baby. She came with us to TCA College when we were studying. She attended the first funeral

Soon, their friendship progressed into

with us when she was two weeks old – we simply didn’t

a relationship. In late 1988, they got

have other choices, no domestic helper,” both recall.

together, and were married in 1990. That year, the bible school sent them to

Today, Joan, who is 19 serves in IGNYTE as a youth

Port Dickson to set up a booth for TCA.

leader and in the worship team. She says, “Through my

“It was a rough journey to Port Dickson

parents’ lives, I have learnt to serve, and that when I

by bus and I was bleeding heavily.

serve, I should serve God wholeheartedly.”

I went to see a gynaecologist, who thought I had a miscarriage and sent

In true ‘pastoral fashion’, Pastor Jeff has this word of

me to KK Hospital. I didn’t even know I was pregnant.

advice for couples: “When couples come together they

Thank God the scan detected the baby’s heartbeat,”

have romantic dreams and ideals. But if you are entering

Janie recalls. In 1991, their only child, Joan was born. Jeff

a marriage to seek happiness, you will never find it. In

says, “Our daughter is a divine intervention.”

a marriage, you will face a lot of challenges living with another person. You only grow through learning to

“Back then when we were both in ministry, we brought

serve and give sacrificially.” 73

Roland and Lynn –

They first met in the early 90’s,

They say that “our pastors and friends in Trinity are a great

when Lynn joined and was

support in our marriage too.” In March this year, their

actively involved in the NTU

youngest daughter Gloria was hospitalised for two weeks

carecell in Chi Alpha, as the

due to a sudden bout of pneumonia. Pastors and church

Campus ministry was then

friends came alongside them, even accompanying Lynn

known. Also active in the same

and Roland till the wee hours of the night. Gloria has

carecell was Roland, another

since recovered completely.

student from NTU. There were weekly prayer meetings in campus and the two grew in their

Roland and Lynn recall

walk with the Lord along with a

how God was not just

strong community of fellow believers.

real to them, but towards their domestic helper

Lynn was an athlete with the NTU

Yanti as well. She used

Track and Field team while Roland

to insist on staying in

was an outstanding competitive

Nursery to take care

swimmer. Along with their cell, Roland and

of Gloria instead of attending service. One day,

Lynn would often turn up to support each

when Yanti was alone at home, she saw a man

other’s competitions, cheering the other

decked in “a long flow-y white robe”. She said she

on. There were times when Roland would

felt no fear or anxiety. Roland then pored over

make the trip from home to NTU extra early

books and magazines with images of Jesus, and

in the morning just to train with Lynn who

she finally identified the man she saw as none

was staying in hostel. Lynn vividly recalls a time during a

other than Jesus Himself. Yanti finally embraced Jesus as

Chi Alpha camp when Roland was playing the keyboard

her personal saviour, and has returned to Indonesia.

during worship, and she heard God stating that Roland


was “The one”. As Lynn looked back on what attracted her

Today, the couple hosts a cell in the West, Trinity@

to Roland more than 15 years ago, she says that it was her

Paya Lebar, where Roland is a cell leader. Their three

feeling that she could just be herself around him, and that

children, Ariel, 13, Daniel, 11 and Gloria, 4 are in IGNYTE,

he drew her to God. Roland himself was impressed with

DiscoveryLand and Nursery respectively. Having met

Lynn’s loving actions and kind words, that she could share

and served God here, the couple now want the same for

openly and was trusting.

their children.

Soon, Roland and Lynn realised there was something

“Trinity is a significant part of our lives. Having my kids

special about each other – Lynn found Roland trustworthy

in church helps us foster a close-knit family in the

and realised he shared with her a hunger in seeking God.

sense that we now have an extended family – our

She shares that it was also chemistry that brought them

church, which we love and serve in. As we serve in

together; something which God creates and cannot be

church, we believe our kids will follow our example in

purchased or forced. They tied the knot in November 1995.

serving the Lord,” they share.

Our Family, l His Story

My Family

Tree-nity Adrian and Jasmine – The year? 2003. The event? An audition for Trinity’s

round and she had to try to let him win. As they laughed

Easter musical, ‘The King and I’. Among the audition

about it, they concluded that he was “really lousy” at pool.

hopefuls were Adrian, who was serving as a vocalist in the Creative Ministry, and Jasmine, who had just graduated from Chi Alpha.

Performing in Trinity for the first time, Jasmine was rather unsure of herself. Adrian gave her the much-needed boost of confidence

It was love at first sight for Adrian. When

and encouragement. He helped Jasmine

they were both shortlisted into the

learn to laugh at herself and see humour

second round of auditions, Adrian was

in trying situations. The best friends tied

praying he would get the role of Joseph

the knot in 2006.

(he did) – and secretly hoping Jasmine would get to play Mary. She did.

Both Adrian and Jasmine serve in the Creative Ministry as co-leaders, even

Over the course of the rehearsals,

after the addition of their two children

Adrian’s voice caught Jasmine’s

– Cherise, four and David who is one.

attention, and vice-versa. The first

Adrian shared that they didn’t want the

move was made when Adrian

blessing of children to take them away

valiantly tested the pick-up line

from serving God. With much planning

of the year – he noticed they

and support from the leadership,

shared the same mobile phone

they managed to work out a schedule

model – so they might as well

which allowed them to juggle work,

share their mobile numbers.

family and ministry commitments. It was not easy, but Jasmine chose to serve throughout her first and second

There were mutual friends who knew that Adrian was

pregnancy, taking only a year’s break from serving after

smitten with Jasmine. But when prodded, Jasmine

David was born.

would share that she thought he was “rather skinny”. They went out in groups with friends; it was then that

At home, they practise worship songs together and

they found each other tahan-able (loosely translated,

teach their children the songs too. They never once


forgot that what brought them together in the first place was the fact that they served and sang together.

They fondly reminisced their first date at Mambo Villa –

They met in a production, and now try to be involved in

a game of pool. A very-confident Adrian wanted to let

every production that comes along, whether backstage

Jasmine win the game, only to realise she was actually

or onstage. “Having children makes you realise

very good at it. In fact, so good that he lost every single

serving is a privilege,” they add. 75

Evelyn and Dora were the latest to join the line of the church’s communion wafer bakers. Every month for the last couple of years, within two weeks of Communion day, they would start rolling and kneading the dough for the communion wafers. This involves some physical exertion. “Rolling the dough requires a lot of strength, so initially when I was not used to it, my arms were aching,” says Dora. An early riser, Evelyn would start baking at 6 a.m. in the morning and set aside three hours to bake a portion of the wafers, leaving another portion for another day. It was not possible for them to finish baking everything in one

t n a r g a r AF Sacrifice

them, y are if you see e th o h w w o kn You might not wafers you have n io n u m m co e th ade but chances are church were m in n io n u m m o oly C tre’s eaten during H y Christian Cen it in Tr t e e M s. Neo (Sister by their hand im K g n o e h C – fer bakers Ng communion wa Sham), Evelyn r te is (S g n e Y an Kim), Sham Ng g y Quek Yan Yin B i. o Ts ra o D d an

day as it would be too tiring – rolling the dough is hard on the wrists and the back. The work continues even after the wafers are put into the oven to bake. One has to watch over the wafers baking in the oven – if the wafers get burnt, one has to bake them all over again. It’s time-consuming and tiring, not the most glamorous form of serving around. There’s little recognition as the work is mostly done behind the scenes. What then keeps them going? For Evelyn, it’s “the joy of being able to see the wafers served every Communion and to know that you had a hand in baking an emblem of the body of Christ.” Says Dora: “When I know that I’m


preparing this for church and for God…that was what

Kim thought it wasn’t worth it to buy a whole packet

kept me going.”

when their members were not many – “I told Pastor

Our Family, His Story

ward r o f ing mov d n sick, ng a e i h t w t i o is gr who v ntre e l e p C o n eries, pe s a r i y u t a n l s e i r th the rs, run ty Ch i . It is i f o f n h i a c t r s n T l gi stora as, sin eeps a r p k e t e m a h a oc Wh only t an vide m , is not have s n itarians who n hristia ri T e C s e th w f e en some o nurtur on. Here are s e o g t s li e and…th t God. nts and treasures to me, talen ing of theirr tim ra mile in giving e extra gone the

Dowdy I wanted to experiment.” She looked at the Before Evelyn and Dora took over, Sister Sham, together

packaging of the communion bread and noted the

with Molley Yeo (not present for the interview), helped

ingredients, which were vegetable oil, water and flour.

to bake the church’s communion wafers. Says Sister

Using the ingredients, she came up with the recipe for

Sham: “My husband asked me to help out, to learn from

the communion wafer, which has been used ever since.

Sister Kim how to do it. I enjoy baking so I just gave it a try – that was how I started.” It was not exactly because

The wafers were a success. Pastor Dowdy tried them

of a revelation from God that she started to serve –

and was enthusiastic about using them in Communion.

more of a case of meeting a need in the church: Sister

When pastors from overseas visited Trinity and saw

Kim, the church’s long-time communion wafer baker

the wafers, they commented that they had not seen

had just stepped down after 30 years of service.

this kind of communion bread before and asked where they could buy it. When informed by Trinity’s pastors

Now 83 years old, Sister Kim had baked the church’s

that one of the church members, Sister Kim, had baked

communion wafers every month from 1976 to 2006 –

it, they asked whether she was willing to sell it. Sister

single-handedly at first, then with the help of

Kim declined – she

Molley in the later years. In fact, Sister Kim was

didn’t want to sell;

the one who came up with the idea of baking

she only wanted to

communion wafers so that the church would

bake for the church.

not have to spend money to buy them.

The recipe has since been given

It was in 1976, when the church only numbered

to churches who

a few members. Sister Kim was then 49 years old

requested for it.

and was at a service at Hotel Equatorial. “Pastor Dowdy said as long as we believed, we could take

Until a few years ago, Sister Kim and others who

the communion. I had a backache and a problem with

helped to prepare for Communion paid for incurred

my hearing. I took the communion and put my hand

expenses out of their own pockets. Sister Kim would

on my back, and I was instantly healed. From that

also make sure that everything was ready the night

time onwards, I said I wanted to serve God,” she says.

before Communion day. “Once I commit to serving God, I want to do it properly, not half-heartedly.” Early in the

At that time, the church would buy a packet of

morning, she would get up to prepare for Communion

communion bread at $7 from the Bible House. Sister

for the 8.30 a.m. service. Her husband would drive


Sister Kim to church with her sitting in the backseat of the car, holding on to the communion trays and the wafers, making sure they would not overturn. After the Communion services, Sister Kim would bring the communion trays and plastic cups (used to contain the grape juice during Communion) home to wash. They did not throw the plastic cups away as they wanted to save money. Sister Kim would soak the cups in water with detergent and painstakingly use satay sticks to clean the cups. She had a large table at home and would cover it with a tablecloth before laying out the cups on the table to dry. As the congregation grew in size, the cups came to number a few thousand and covered the entire table. As the church grew, so too did Sister Kim’s workload. When she first started baking communion wafers for the church, the oil that she used only filled a peanut butter jar. Over time, the amount of oil needed came to fill four of the big bottles used for containing love-letters that one sees during Chinese New Year. One might think that as the amount of work increased, Sister Kim would find it more difficult to continue serving, especially as she was also growing older. Yet for her, “there were no difficulties.” “Once I commit to serving God, I would serve God. God healed me, so I wanted to serve God.” As younger communion wafer bakers came on board, she passed them the recipe and taught them before stepping down at the age of 79. March 2010 was the last time Trinity used hand-baked wafers. From April 2010 onwards, because of the church’s growth, wafers were and would be bought. Trinity’s tradition of using hand-baked wafers might have stopped, but one imagines that the fragrance of the wafer bakers’ offering to God continues to linger and please His heart.


How to Bake Trinity’s Communion Wafer

Our Family, His Story

INGREDIENTS 1 kg of flour 2 cups of water 1 cup of oil


Pour oil and water onto flour.


Use hands to knead flour, oil and water into dough until it is soft and tender.


Let the dough rest for about 30 minutes so that its texture would be soft and pliable.


Scatter some flour onto table surface so that dough will not stick onto table.


Roll dough with rolling pin until dough is flat and thin. This is to ensure that the baked wafer would be crispy. Roll the dough into a squarish shape so that it can fit into tray.


Transfer the rolled-out dough onto tray. Cut away excess bits so that the dough fits into the tray while covering the tray.


Use pastry-cutter to cut the rolled-out dough into squares (each square is about 1 cm by 1 cm). You might want to use a ruler to measure. You also need steady hands!


Pre-heat oven to 360°F for 10 minutes.


Put tray into oven and bake for 30 minutes.



Take the tray out after about 20 minutes to check that wafers are evenly baked. Remove the wafers that are brown enough already and take them out first to prevent them from getting burnt. Reject the wafers that are too burnt. Put the rest of the wafers back in the oven to continue baking.


30 minutes

Put the wafers that are ready on the cooling rack to cool thoroughly.

3.5kg of flour is needed to bake communion wafers for the two centres’ communion services every month. 79

e c i v r Se e l i m S A h t Wi

to service Welcoming people bulletin may lady ne Tan. The young and handing out the re Se r fo so t no t bu serving dless task, t stopped her from no seem to many a min s ha is th t, Ye d. is partially-blin recell has glaucoma and speaks with her Ca an ri ita in Tr k. ee w y t ever l Wong. as a Celebration Hos ional Leader, Rache ct Se d an , oo Ch e and Richi Leaders, Carol Tan All three remember how Serene was like when she first came in. “When Serene first joined our carecell, she was a very quiet person”, Richie says. “When asked to pray in carecell, she would decline. She felt she was a burden to others as she could not get around on her own – attending carecell or a celebration service would require someone to

Rachel also recalls the change in Serene after she

personally fetch her to and fro.”

served. “Serene is now a different person altogether. She has grown to become more confident and more joyful.

“She wanted to sign-up during a Ministry Expressions

She also serves above the fortnightly schedules –

(ME) recruitment but did not because she did not feel

rain or shine, she serves every Saturday.”

confident about it. The carecell encouraged her. We told her that she might not be able to direct cars at the

In carecell, Serene would pray for different ones. “She

driveway or people to their seats in the auditorium

would call my wife, Grace, and offer to pray for her,” says

but she could smile and hand out the bulletin.

Richie. “She facilitates Gel in carecell and even invites

Serene started to serve as a Celebration Host, doing

her oikos to church.” Rachel adds, “If anyone needed

simple things like giving out the bulletin and smiling at

someone to go to church with them, Serene would be

whoever she could see coming, with her tunnel vision.”

glad to accompany him or her”. This is one


Carol agrees. “Serene has come a long way since the first

Trinitarian who has

time I met her. From a quiet person who hardly speaks

blessed many her with

at cell, she has become more confident in sharing,

smile and welcomed

sometimes even offering to pray for me. Serene was

many through the

eager to serve so I told her to ask God how she can serve

doors of Trinity

in other areas and not to let her disability get in the way.”

Christian Centre!

Our Family, His Story

The Drive to Serve rive in While many of us ar rselves church and whisk ou ed service into the air-condition Marshalls halls, these Traffic in until the brave the sun and ra . Trinitarian very last car leaves ce of unfolds the experien Marshall I/C. Max Chan, a Traffic “Need a free sauna? How about Trinity’s very own ‘slimming programme’?” This was what Max and his fellow Traffic Marshalls would joke with new Traffic Marshalls joining the team. The creative group head with an advertising company directs the traffic at Trinity@Paya Lebar on weekends. Tall and broad-framed, people may think nothing can put fear in this “gigantor”. They are wrong. Max has a secret fear: while on duty, he fears drivers would flare up at him. Traffic Marshalling is not the easiest Ministry Expression around. They face people – not the most patient ones – who get stuck in a jam because 1) others are dropping their children/elderly parents off, 2) earlier drivers are looking for a parking lot, 3) they are making a dash for the celebration services. Yes, getting chided by drivers are all part of the “job description“ of a Traffic Marshall (TM).


was really touched because he gave up the opportunity to be at the Watchnight service for the past four years.” Head of Operations, Tan Chee Keong adds, “Max truly exemplifies the essence of ‘blessed to be a blessing’ – his passion and tireless spirit has truly blessed all of us.” Apart from sacrifices, Max has earned the respect of his team. “I was quite touched when I saw Max personally There was once a driver who continuously shouted at

running around the carpark to help out,” says Jeremy

Max despite many attempts to calm him down. The

Chew who has been serving as a TM for the past four

driver drove off dangerously fast on the driveway, ran

years. Dominic adds, “He is very proactive and always

onto the kerb and got his tyre punctured. Most would

makes sure everything runs smoothly. When he knew

have sniggered “retribution”, but Max raced across with

that I was serving for the first time on Sunday at Trintiy@

his team of TMs and helped to change the tyre.

Paya Lebar, he gave me a personal guided tour of what to expect. Max inspires me to be a good role model,

“That driver stopped shouting and remained very

because he is a very good one.”

quiet while we were changing his tyres. After we finished, he drove off – this time, slowly.” The driver was not a Trinitarian but chauffeured his daughter and mother to church every week. Max and his team hoped that through this, the man would be shown God’s love. Traffic Marshalling is truly a form of ministry. Even Reverend Wayne Clark, a guest speaker for Missions Convention exclaimed, “This church welcomes right from the doorstep, starting with our Traffic Marshalls. This church welcomes you to experience God and

What keeps Max going after his five years

welcomes you to stay…”

as TM? Every time he sees a car coming in and going out, he knows that

Max has made many

someone will be saved in the process.

sacrifices in his serving as

It is the sense of joy having the entire

TM I/C. Dominic Tey, a fellow


TM team cooperating and seeing the entire

TM shares: “Max has served as TM during Watchnight

operations running smoothly. Max and his team have

service, and so had to miss it. Last year in 2009, he was

committed themselves to a job well done. So next time,

finally able to attend the service and was very blessed! I

let’s appreciate our tireless TMs!

In the past, I led

each other. Whenever we talked,

a colourful life.

we would clash.

Our Family, His Story

second a d e e n le p o life, pe s Sometimes in first. Max Chan share ish chance to fin is at Trinity. dh how he foun

I had a flamboyant lifestyle. I would go

My then-boss brought me to

to KTVs and clubs

Trinity in end-2002. At one of the

and drink every

services, I accepted Christ into

night. I was a heavy

my heart. That year also, my pub

drinker. I would flirt

business failed. I then began to

around. I even started

work as a freelancer. My social life

my own disco/club. I would get drunk

remained pretty much the same. I still went to clubs, still flirted, still got very drunk.

every night. Things got really messy. In end-2003, the boss who brought me to church My relationships were all unstable. I would change

stopped coming, but I continued to come to church on

partners frequently; my relationships would come

my own, on an on-and-off basis. At the beginning of

and go. I would chase after â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;big moneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, big cars. I was

2004, I felt that I needed to make a serious commitment

materialistic. I led a very worldly life.

to God. Only God could make a difference in my life. It was the first service of the year and so before I went,

My relationship with my father was also very bad. We

I told myself that if someone asked me to receive Jesus,

either quarreled everyday or were having cold wars with

I would. It was the first service of the year and this would


the right way. “Start walking nd ur mistakes a Learn from yo ith Me.” w move on. Walk

I met Bernard in a cell I was posted to after receiving Christ. His walk with God and his faith encouraged and spurred me on. He gave me Carecell Leader Bernard

sound advice. He told me to trust God whenever I felt

down. My carecell and section also prayed for me and walked me through my down times. I also had friends from carecell such as Alfred, Amos, and Jonathan who were there for me. God sent more people to guide me. In 2006, I started volunteering with Care Community Services Society be my fresh start. That particular day, I responded to the

(CCSS) as a driver

altar call. The pastor who spoke to me said, “You’ve been

for the elderly. I met Hong Yip, who was the then-

in and out of church… you must join a carecell.” So, I was

Programme Coordinator with CCSS’s CARElderly. While

connected to one.

I drove the van, he would talk to me. He encouraged me to live my life as a testimony for God. He helped me align

My real wake-up call came in early 2006. I found out

my perspective, teaching me how to see things as how

that two of my ex-girlfriends were hurt very, very badly

God would. He also taught me how to spend Time Alone

because of me. I only found out five years after the

With God. He taught me a lot about Christ.

relationships. That was when I started thinking, “Enough. Enough of hurting people. When am I going to be

I slowly recognised that the problem

serious about my life? I’ve done enough damage.” I was

was me, not the people around me or


my surroundings. I asked God to change me. Through encouragement from brothers


In the midst of my guilt and shame, God spoke to me.

and sisters in Christ, through revelation received from

“Start walking the right way. Learn from your mistakes

the study of the Bible and the Walking In The Word series

and move on. Walk with Me,” He said.

at Trinity, a change began to take place in me.

Our Family, His Story The new friends I made in church helped too. After I came to know Christ, I began mingling with brothers and sisters in Christ, and less of my old friends, so I stopped drinking excessively. Previously, I would drink as much as seven to eight glasses a night, but now the craving simply disappeared. I also stopped smoking after receiving Christ. God helped me overcome the smoking by sending a Christian brother to encourage me. This Christian brother, a colleague, told me that “since you know Christ, why don’t you just stop?” I thought about it

they even asked me if I wanted to go on a holiday with

and decided there was no point smoking. That day, I

them to Guangzhou. This could never have happened

had a packet of cigarettes with me, with still many left

before I became a Christian.

untouched inside. I threw the whole pack away. From then on, I stopped smoking. Previously I could smoke

God also spoke to me about trusting Him in everything

as much as 30 cigarettes a day, but there was absolutely

I do, and He is faithful. He has restored my career. I now

no ‘cold turkey’ or headaches when I stopped. Like my

work in an advertising company as a Creative Group Head.

drinking, I also had no craving to smoke anymore. I believe it was the work of God in me. My parents definitely saw that change in me. They encouraged me to go to church. My relationship with my father also

I have since served as a Traffic Marshall for the past five

My life has been totally transformed because of Him. He is indeed a God of second chances.

years. I am also a Spiritual Parent. It is something I would never imagine I could ever be. Since I went for carecell, I have been steadily growing.

started improving. When he knew I was going to church, he would say, “Take my

Today, I look back and marvel at God’s hand upon my

car”. He even took out an idol from the car because

life. My life has been totally transformed because of

he knew I was a Christian. At one point in time last year,

Him. He is indeed a God of second chances.


): in Wong; ANSWERS (from top, L-R Darick Yeo; Pastor Benjam tor Margaret Tay; Pastor han Lee; Pastor Dominic Yeo; Pas rina Chow; Pastor Johnat tor Gary Chia; Pastor Sab er Loy; Pastor Kenny Sng Pastor Colin Lincoln; Pas tor Kelvin Ng; Pastor Pet Pastor Beatrice Kang; Pas Pastor Lai Keet Keong; tor Toh; Pastor Gerald Tan Lee Mei Yee; Pastor Vic ny Chua Pastor Steven Tay; Pastor Wilson Teo; Pastor Sun tor Janice Chng; Pastor Pastor Jeffrey Wong; Pas


There have been the ey Marvel Comics, Disn rsions of the and even Star Wars ve me. There are popular guessing ga ions. This time, smaller, “travel” vers edition! have a go at Trinity’s



Our Family, His Story

t i s i e n i L e s o h W Anyway?

t to hear Here in Trinity, you ge eachers from a wide array of pr gs… with different anointin es. and their trademark lin id these? Can you guess who sa

Pastor Dominic Yeo

1. “Let’s be seated by 2.29pm for LCE”

Pastor Naomi Dowdy

2. “Can somebody say amen”

Pastor Wilson Teo

3. “Gracious heavenly Father…”

Pastor Jeffrey Wong Pastor Danny Leong

Pastor Beatrice Kang

Pastor Gerald Tan

His 4. “The Lord bless the reading of


5. “Tell your neighbour…Wrong thinking”

urt 6. “Same-O Same-O”, “Deep Yogh

7. “There was once the story of a… ”


ANSWERS: 1. Pastor Beatrice Kang; 2. Pastor Wilson Teo; 3. Pastor Danny Leong; 4. Pastor Gerald Tan; 5. Apostle Naomi Dowdy; 6. Pastor Dominic Yeo; 7. Pastor Jeffrey Wong

From No Where to Now Here: 19701980




The clarion call to purchase the land

Our own land at last!

W beg We gan our journey as nomad ds in 19 970 0; we were

For the past 11 yea ars, s Triniity had

On Marcch 6, we paid

alwa al wayyss on the move. We had to rent vario ous premises

been const s antly on the mov o e.

off the fi first lot of land d

for ourr services and programmes – Hillcres e t, Hotel

Would th his be ourr Promised e

at 21 Adam Road. It

Eq qua uato tori to rial ri al, RE al RELC C, Am A er e ican iccan a Sch c ool, oo ol,,

Land La nd d? Th he cch hoice oiice pie o iece ce e of la and d

wass a vi wa victor cto ct orrio rio ous us dayy.

NTUC Conferrence Halll, World d

i excess of 1 acre in e wa w s free ehold,

Afte er ye ears of nomad adic ad

Trade Cent nttre ntre r and so on o .

and centrally

expe erien nce e, God had

located at

fina alll y en e ab abled du uss to find d

H wever, when Ho n those rented

No. 21 and 23

a place th that we could call

premises had oth t er fun u ctions, we

Adam Road.

ou o ur very own wn n. On March

would scramble tto find d another

Bu ut the cost of

3 , we finishe 31 ed pa paym y en entt

suitable location. Som me premises

the la l nd alo lo lone on

fo or the second d lot of la and

would even be too o sm mall to the

wass ov o er two million dolla ars –

at 23 3 Ad Adam a Road. d.. d

congregation. Above e all, every

a very lar arge amoun u t in tho ose

Sund day a , diff fferrent ones had a to carry and d se s t up

days – and d had to be paid d in full

Trinitarians rose to the Tr

musica al in nsttru r ments, audio visual equipm p en pm nt, t

by 31 March 19 1981.

ca all to gi g ve towards

p ojjecto pr orss, tabl b ess, chairs and so on,, and bl d affte ter

t e builldi th ding ng go of Go God’ ds

service, kee e p th he em m all. It was a ted e ious pro r cess

house. The young g

that took plac ace e eve ery week.

congregation gave

Despite all thes ese in inco onven enienc n es,

sacrificially. People

T initarianss ser Tr erve rve v d he h arrti t ly and

g ve hard cash,, th ga t eir

the church grew.

sa av viing ngss a an nd ev e en mortgaged theiir

Pasttor Pa o Dowdy always had d that a stro ong v vision combined witth bold fai a th h for church grow owth and nd our own ch c ur urch building. The search for our ow wn n land was on. 88


The Journey of Faith 1984

God diverts the drain


Woes aplenty, but God made all things possible


Our Journey, His L eading

Since the 1970s, Trinity has evolved from being nomads to becoming owners of three freehold properties. Board member Danny Yeo, who has been in the building committee for all three church buildings recalls the journey of faith. “It is as if our church has walked out of the wilderness into our promised land, just as God’s people did in Biblical times,” he says.

21 Adam Road completed

We got tthe e needed

We fi fin nal a ly had our ver ey

approval from the

own n ch hurch building! The

governme m ntt to divert the me

dedi d cation service for o 21

d ai dr ain se ain sepa ep pa ara ati ting g2 21 1 an and

Ad dam am Roa oad d an and d a se eri ries ess o off

23 Adam m Road to the right

ce elebra ations was held. d d.

side si i off 21 2 Adam Road, so that th att our two plots of land d would not be divided d.

Ba ank woes – se ecu c ring g a bank loan wa as challengiing as no o bank wa w n ntted e to finance churches es in those hose da ays. Ho owever, r, whe h n it seemed like all bankss had clo l sed itss do oors on n us, God provided d a bank to financ n e uss, on one ne that gave us very go good rates to oo! Co on nssstr ttrructi ucti uc t on woe oes – cco ons n trruccti tion on n wo orrkkss fina n lly began at 21 Adam Road. The land n at the Ad Adam Road site comprised m inly ma ly o of marine clay, which made it a diifficult site to build on. The leadership’s viisi s on for Trinity@Adam was to acccommodate as many people as we could. Thus, we wanted a bal co alcony to be added to o pack in mor ore peop op ple le. Together err wit i h our team m off consultantss, we managed to design an nd d build l a me m zz zzan anine level! 89


Mortgage papers burnt


Construction begins at 23 Adam Road


Double celebrations

W had a symbolic act off burrni We ning ng g

It was a significantt yea ar as we

th he morr tgage papers on stage, to o

celebrated our 25 5th anniversary

sh show ho ow w that we had paid up for the e

with the dedicattion n of the buildin ng

build ding. The following Sunday,

in Adam Road on July 30. In a

we had d a tr trem emen em e d en do ou uss dissplay play pl y of

siimple mple mp le cer erem re em mo on ny pr prec eced ec e in i g th he

unitty and vision as Trinitarians

service, Pastor Dow wdy unveiled ed d

p edged pl d a total of more than an n one

the inauguration n pla aqu q e at the

m llio mi on dollars for the bu uilding off

entrance of the e bu buiilding ng. Th he

23 Ad dam m Road.

words â&#x20AC;&#x2122;Reach the Uncchu urched c and Empowerr the Faithffulâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC; we were engraved on it. We had ou ur first s service in the expanded 10 se 000 0 -seat au udi dito torium.




More land to be conquered, more breakthroughs

More approvals needed

CarePoint – a lighthouse to the community

Past Pa stor Dowdyy always had d the e visi sio of si sion

The ta t sk off building att

It was the leade ership’s vision to

five reg egio iona na al centres. Theolo ogiccal Cen ntre

La ave vend vend derr was not easy as a

see Lavender become a lighth house

for Asia (TC TC T CA) A was then houssed e at Adam a

numero r us u submissions wer ee

in the commu unitty. Hence, it

Road. We ea alsso wanted Care Co omm mun u iitty ty

made to various governme m nt

was named ‘C ‘Care ePoint’. Due to

Se S ervic rv vic ices S Soc ocie ocie oc ety ty (C CC CS SS S) to o hav ave e th thei eiir

auth au thor horit orritie ittie es to o com ombi b ne th he e

gove go ve ern nme ment ent nt reg gul u at atio io ons ns,, we we had

o n prem ow e is em ise.

three shophouses with

to keep the e fa f çad de of the buildi ding, di

separa r tiing walls into on ne

but were alllow o ed to holllo ow w out u

Thatt year, we saw many break Th akthroughs h

buildi d ng to provide us wit ih

the internal al spa ace and build the

in the harvest of soulss and d in finances. s

op pti t mal space. But God d

existing intterio or. CareP Point was

We paid off our ex exiistin ng loan

prev pr vailed, and we we ere re re eady

dedicated on o 11 June 2000.

for phase 2 of Ada dam Road.

Our Journey, His L eading


for constructtion!

Foll llowin ng th thiis, God opened doors for us to purchase 103, 105 and 107 Lavender Stre Stre St reet et, an anot otthe o her free eho hold d lan nd. In our Vision Ra ally, we saw faith promises excee ed the S$2 mi mill llio ion n ma m rk! Then on Christmas day, we brough ghtt in gh i ou ur ‘fi firs rst st fruit’ offerings for the Lavender Streett extension centre, which amounted to o over S$1 million in cash!




God-inspired figure wins tender

Audacious requests

Th hen n ca am me th he o op p ppo p rt po rtun un nit ityy to to acq qui u re e She helllll Spo port r s Cl rt C ub b along long P lo Pay aya ay a Leba Leba Le b r

As the As he la an nd a nd att Payya Le Leba b r wa as zo zo n ne ed

Ro oad a ,a ass the 3.71 .7 71 a accre es o off fre reeh ho olld land la an nd d bec ecam am me avai av vai a la abl ble e fo or te end nder e . Affte er t r

un u unde nder de er Sp po orr tss and d Rec ecre reattio on, n, we

mu m ucch h pra rayye er an and d de elil be bera rati ra t on ti on, we we sub bmiitt tted e our bid ed d at S$ S$19 19 9.1 millliion on..

appl ap plied ie ed fo fo orr it its ch hange ange an ge of us use ffrrom om Ch C hurch hur urrch ch, Ci Civi ivi vic and an nd Co Com mm mun unit ityy,, and d Ed u Ed ucca attio ion on zo zone nes. s. We al also o re eq qu ue est sted ed for th fo the h hiigh gher he err plo ot ra ati tio, tio, o, fro rom 0. 0.8 to to 1.4 1. 4.. The h re re we erre se evera verra ve al su subm misssi sion ns an a nd di dialog alog al ogu ue es wi witth h the he au uttho horriittiiies ess. Trrin T init nit itar aria anss wer ere ca all lled to pr pra ay y wiith w h aud udacio udac accio ous u fe errvo vour vour ur.

We wo We on n tthe he te he en nd de er!! Trriin niity’s ty’s ty ’s bid d was as tthe he hig he ghe hest stt of th he si six bids biidss rrec ecce eiiv ve ed d.. It was just was wa jju ust st a wh hiisskker er hig ghe herr th han the e ssec eccon e ndd hi high igh hes estt b biid. d. The Pro rope pert pe rtyy Ma rt Manage nage na er of She of ellll to olld us, uss, “Su S re rely y the Go od d tha at you yo ou se serv rve ga rv gave ve e you ou th hiis fi figu gu g ure r of S 19.1 S$ 19 9.1 .1mi mill mi l io ll on tto o win n th hiis bi b d.” We d diid no ot pa pay an any ny am mou ount nt mor nt ore th ore th han an a n was ne n ecess cess ce s arry to o win the e tten en e nde nde derr.. Ind nde ee ed, d, God od’s ’s ha an nd wa as up upo on n us! Fiina F nanc nce ess wer ere e ti tigh gh g h htt as as T Tri rini ri nity ni ttyy on nlly ha ad a fe few w mi m llllio io on in in cassh le eftt iin n th he ba b nk n , ju just stt enou en o g ou gh h to pa pay fo forr the th he init in nit itia tia iall do down w payyme ent n . Ho Howe weve we ver, ve r, we need ne ee ed ded d to pa p y fo forr th the he b ba ala an ncce pa payya abl ble with with wi hin n tthe h ne he exxt fe few w mo ont n hss. Me Mean an nwh whilile, e the con e, o sttru ructio cttio ion n lo oan n for or CarreP ePoi o ntt at La L ve v nd n e err had ad nott bee e n pa aid d iin n fu fullllll.. Bu Butt Go God prrov ovid i ed id ed.. No N o ott lo long ga aft fter fter ft er we to oo ok k ove verr tth he prem prem pr mises isse ess at Pa Paya ya Leb ya ebar ar, we ar we pai aid do off ff th he buil bu ildi il ldi ding ng cos osts sttss for o Laven av ven nde der an and d ra ais i ed d eno n ugh ug gh to o com mpl plet ete et e th he pu p rc rcha ha h ase ase se o the of he lla and an nd at at Pay aya Le aya eba bar th thro rou ugh th ug the fa fait ith hfful u giv ivin vin ing ng off the he ccon ongr on greg gatio attio ion n.




The incredible favour of God

Land maximised

Mission possible

Th T he he ch han ange e of zo zoni ning ng

Ou O ur re eq qu ues est ffo or a

The de Th The ev ve ello elo opm pmen e t ch en charrge ges fo forr re re -zzon onin ning ing we in were re ini nittiia alllyy

wa w as as ap ppr prov ved ed.. W We e wer ere ere

high hi her er plo lot ra rati tio o of 1.4 4,

esti es tima ti ma m ate ted d to t be $4 4..5 5 milli illli lion io on n. By By G o od d’ss grra ace, cce e, tth he erre w wa as

grante gr ante an ted th thre ree se sepa epa parate ra ate te

up fro up rom 0. 0.8 wa was al alsso o

no o cha h rg ge pa p ya yabl be bl e!! We We stta art r ted d con con nst str trru uccttio on th he errea eafftter er.

pllots p otts – In Inst stit itut tut utio ion

appr ap prov oved oved ed, pa pavi ving g the he

(C Civ viicc and nd Com ommu mmu muni nity ty)),,

way fo wa or us us to ma maxiim miise se

Ever Ev er y ti tim me e whe h n th he Bo B a arrd re evi vie ew wed d Trriiniity ty’ y ’s ’s ba an nk nk

I ssttit In itut utio ion (E ion Edu duca cati tion on n))

use o us off th he e lan and d..

b la ba lanccess, iitt see eeme eeme med d im mpo osssible ib ble e tha hat we e cou ulld d ev ve er pa pay off o

an nd Pl Plac a e of of Wor orssh hip p.

the th e ba bank nkk lo oa an fo an f r th the la and d at Tr Trin init iitty@ y@P Pa ayya a Leb eba arr. Bu But ut Go G od

It was It as a mira irac ir acle le! Th Th e

ne eve er fa failled to pr fail po ov vid de. e. It w wa as no ot long lon lo ng g befor effo orre we we pai a d off off

buiilldi bu ding ng was nam amed d

th he la and d lo oa an. n Ou Ourr ba bank ker ers we w re re verry ssu urp prriisse ed be beca eca caus use us e

oneP oneP on ePLa Lace ce.

w ha we ad d tak aken en out a 10 0--ye ear ar lloa o n, oa n, but ut ha ad d pai aid it it off off in

Our Journey, His L eading


fo our u yea ars rs.. It I was a tru rulyy God od’s d’s pro rov viissiion n. In n ord rder e to sttre er reng ng gth then en e n the e id de ent ntitty o off Tri rini in niity tyy,, th he b bu uiillding ding di ng n me na mess we were were e cha hang nged ng ed d to Tr Trin niittyy@ @Ad @Ad Adam, am a m, Tr Trin in init niittyy@ @La Lave vend en nd de err and Tr an Trin in nitty@ y@Pa y@Pa aya ya Le eb barr.




Entering our new land

Multiplication for growth

Let Your glory fill this place

Phase 1 of Trinity@Paya

‘1 Church, 2 Centres,

By 2009, our attendance broke through the

Lebar was completed

3-nitarians’ was the slogan.

6,000 mark. Phase 2 of Trinity@Paya Lebar was

in time for Watchnight.

The congregation multiplied

finally completed. More than 6,000 people

Trinity@Paya Lebar

into two centres. Adult,

worshipped God in awe at the newly-opened

hosted its first events on

Children, IGNYTE and Chinese

3000-seat Sanctuary at two Christmas

31 December 2006 – our

weekend services were

services! Seeing the buildings filled with people

Family Communion and

held at both Trinity@Adam

worshipping God brought an unparallel sense of

Watchnight Service. There

and Trinity@Paya Lebar.

joy and immense gratitude that all these could

were more than 3,000

Soon after we moved in to

only have been achieved through God’s grace.

people present and we

Trinity@Paya Lebar, our

still had to double park

attendance surpassed the

our cars!

5,000 mark. Meanwhile, phase 2 of building was still underway.



by Ché Ahn, 2000

“I’m sensing in the prophetic is that you are pregnant and you are ready to give birth to revival in Singapore.


Our Journey, His L eading


And I sense in my Spirit that what you’re going to see is

Passing the baton

a rapid growth, and it is not going to be transfer growth. But it’s going to be growth out of conversion, out of your loins. You’re going to see people come

It will be another significant year as we celebrate our

into the Kingdom. And as a result of the growth that

40th anniversary, with the dedication of Trinity@Paya

God is going to give you, you’ve got to expand.

Lebar on 18 June 2010. God has blessed Trinity to be a blessing. Although Trinity@Paya Lebar is completed,

And it says, enlarge the place of your tent. We’re talking

we have not paid off the loans for the building.

about physical expansion here. It’s not a coincidence that God has given you the Shell Centre, the

Over the years, there have been many talented individuals

facilities, the favour. It’s not a coincidence that God

who dedicated their time and efforts to serve in the

has given you that kind of favour. I believe that

building committee to see the fruition of these projects.

God is orchestrating these things because He is preparing you for a great harvest.

Like the generations before us who gave sacrificially so that our generation can enjoy the fruits of their instalments, let us continue to

For the word says that you will stretch from the right to the left and that your descendents will dispossess nations and settle in their desolate cities. I sense in my Spirit that God is raising a new generation out of this church that will be sent to the nations of the world. This is a missionary church. This is an Antioch Church. “

give so that the generations beyond us will continue to be blessed!


by Bill Hamon, 2000

“God says He is opening a door that no man can shut. He is giving you favour. He is giving you buildings, plans. And it’s just started. I say, you’re just started, compared to where you are going.”


The PLace tells

Trinity@Paya Lebar – Dedicated to the glory of God – 18 June 2010 “So we build unto You a palace of praise A throne room of worship for You And in this place we choose to honour Your name Let Your glory fill this House.”

Psalm 24:7 writes, Lift up your heads, O you gates; be

stone façade…[the] beige and black granite panels are

lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may

reminiscent of the canyons and cliffs of Israel.”

come in. The Psalmist accurately paints a picture of what Trinity@Paya Lebar, situated at 247 Paya Lebar Road,

Some key episodes of the Bible are interwoven into the

was created to be – a place filled with the awesome

landscape, beginning from the seven days of creation

presence of Jesus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

at the entrance and culminating in the cross of Christ which is denoted by a water feature. These are depicted


The distinctive façade of the complex is visible along Paya

in ‘His-Story’, portrayed over a series of locales in the

Lebar Road. Conceived by Tai Lee Siang, director of DP

physical form of the complex. With all these in mind,

Architects and his team, the building’s “theatrical backdrop

here’s inviting you to discover the grounds of Trinity@

tells the story of Christianity, [through its] undulating

Paya Lebar anew!

Our Journey, His L eading

His-S ory Trinity@Paya Lebar is a place that tells His story.

02 The Garden of Eden 01 The Creation A Beautiful Home Provided

Blessings of Fruitfulness Lavished

05 The Boat in the Storm Divine Peace Given

03 The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge A Relationship Broken

04 The Lilies of the Field Every Need Met

08 The Waterfall Eternal Life Promised

06 The Walk on Water

07 The Cross

Extraordinary Faith Demonstrated

Sacrificial Love Displayed 97

The PLace fulfils

The Community Hub is, literally, a hub of activity! Here, lives connect and interact, and individuals enjoy the activities these facilities offer. The place contains the summit, conference rooms, meeting rooms, a youth lounge, two cafĂŠs, a bookshop and the offices of Trinity Christian Centre and Care Community Services Society. At the Summit, wedding receptions, dinners, talks and recreational activities are held, allowing people to fellowship and be ministered to.

CCSS Office


Conference Rooms

Summit LEVEL 4

Meeting Rooms


Our Journey, His L eading

the Vision LEVEL 3

Café (Han’s) TCC Office LEVEL 2

Manna Bookshop

Youth Lounge LEVEL 1

Café (Shloop)


The At the Education Hub, lives are equipped and empowered through the education received. The â&#x20AC;&#x153;meditative environment, where spaces are designed to provide an air of tranquil timelessnessâ&#x20AC;? houses the following localities: a 1000-seat chapel, two lecture theatres, 12 classrooms, the TCA College office and a library with a collection of close to 40,000 volumes of books. In addition, there is a rooftop garden, guest lounge, reading lounge and childcare centre.

Roof-top Garden

TCA College Office


Chapel LEVEL 4

Classrooms TCA College Library



Lecture Theatres

Our Journey, His L eading

PLace fulfils the Vision

Activity Rooms LEVEL 2


Childcare Centre Guest Lounge LEVEL 2






The Place of Worship is where people encounter God. It houses the 3000-seat Sanctuary,


two theatrettes and a heritage walk. The magnitude of the Sanctuary awes and humbles – the architecture allows for the individual to be awed at the “power and might of God”.

Our Journey, His L eading

PLace fulfils the Vision






40 years of

Hotel Equatorial



No. 2 Hillcrest Road


First missions trip


Rev. & Mrs Rev. & Mrs Glenn Stafford Ray Busby founded Trinity pastored Trinity Christian Centre. The first service was at Hillcrest Road






Rev. & Mrs Robert Ferguson pastored Trinity. Services moved to Hotel Equatorial

Launch of youth ministry, Christâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ambassadors

Rev. Naomi Dowdy appointed as Senior Pastor

First Missions Convention held

Trinity registered as a company under the Companies Act

Services moved to Regional English Language Centre Trinity recognised by the General Council Assemblies of God Singapore as an AG church


First church camp at Marymount Convent

1979 First missions impact trip to Batu Pahat Trinity School of the Bible (TSB), now known as TCA College founded to provide theological education Launch of Royal Rangers and Missionettes, uniformed programmes for boys and girls respectively

Our Journey, His L eading

God ’s faithfulness Singing Christmas Tree

Trinity @Adam


Missions (Church Planting)

1981 Purchase of Trinity’s first own land at 21 and 23 Adam Road. Until the Adam Road premise was completed in 1990, services were being held at Singapore American School, NTUC Conference Hall and World Trade Centre, among many others Launch of Homecells Trinity Ensemble launched its first worship cassettes




First Singing Christmas Tree production; held again in 83, 85, 86 and 87; beginning of large-scale evangelistic projects

Trinity School of the Bible renamed as Theological Centre for Asia (TCA)

Thhe Ma M stter e ’s Plan staged, a production in partnership with West End AG Church, US

Trinity School of the Bible and Ministry (TSBM) launched as Trinity’s equipping arm Agapeland Childcare Centre opened




Launch of Chhin ines esee se serv rvicicce rv

LLaunch of Yout Yo uthh seerv ut rvicicicee

Launch of campus ministry, Chi Alpha

Launch of Timothian Programme, a 6-month missions live-in programme Pioneered churches: Living Hope Assembly in Taman Perling and the Assemblies of God Church in Purwokerto, Central Java

1989 Pionnee Pion e re redd churches: International Christian Centre in Vancouver and Trinity Agape Church in Medan

1990 Trinity celebrates its 20th anniversary; dedication of 21 Adam Road Transition of Homecell to Carecell system First humanitarian medical missions trip to Baguio Pioneered churches: Trinity Assembly of God in Madras, Trinity Assembly of God in Meenambakkam, Trinity International Christian Church in Perth Missio Miss ions ns oout utre reac achh sppanned to 9 nat atio ions ns





Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames


Trintiy@ Lavender Missions (Training and Consultation)

Care Community Services Society










Missions efforrtss exxpa paand nddedd to partnerships with churches, providing Training and Consultation on the Carecell Model

Pioneered church: Gereja Trinity Berastago in Berastagi, Northern Sumatra

Restructure of Children’s Church into DiscoveryLand

Trinity celebrates its 25th anniversary; dedication of 23 Adam Road

Care Communi nitity ty Services Society (CCSS) founded

Colllab Co Coll abor borat orratedd with more than 7 churches in the Bishan Walk-A-Run; $110,000 raised for 9 schools in Bishan and Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled

Breakthrough into airwaves, ‘Thought for the Day’ on FM105.5, now known as BE107FM

Trinity spearheaded ‘Day to Change Our World’

Dedication of CarePoint, Trinity@Lavender

Restructure of TSBM to Trinity Empowering Network (TENet) Launch of AlphaTrack, a 3-month missions programme

Heaven’s Gates and Hell Flames; 4,700 gave their lives to Christ; held again in 1997

First batch of interns in the Certificate of Pastoral Ministry programme, now known as Ministry Internship First cell-based Christmas event, ‘I’ll be Home for Christmas’ held


Spearheaded Love Singapore Light Up, an Light-Up, island-wide prayer for the nation

Partnered with Indian churches in their Transcell 21 vision to plant 50,000 cells by the year 2001 Partnered with Love SingaporeLove Turkey in humanitarian missions trips to Turkey

Rev. Naomi Dowdy commissioned as International Apostle Launch of first live worship album, ‘Warrior Bride’

Our Journey, His L eading

G d ’ f thf l Charity concert

Family Day Carnival Walk

Change of Command service

Trintiy@ Paya Lebar DiscoveryLand revamped service










Five Nights of Prayer, ‘Reigning with the King’; extended to 10 nights

Rev. Dominic Yeo appointed as Senior Pastor (Designate); Rev. Wilson Teo and Rev. Gerald Tan set as inhouse prophets

Embarkked on the Trinitarian Experience; Core Values set in place

Rev. Dominicc Yeoo installed as Ye Senior Pas asto torr to

Firs Fi rstt Li rs Life fe fe Confferrennce hel ed

‘1 Church, 2 Ce Cent ntre ress, re 3-ni n ta taririr an ans’s beca be eca camee slo came loga oga gan for a collective Trinitarian identity as the church multiplied into two worship centres

Record 1,280 camp ca mper mp ers er rs attend ndded thi hird r trtriiennial ie camp at Cha-Am, Thailand

Initiated LIFE F ndd, Jo Fu Jobs bs C nnection Co and InfoTalks for retrenched individuals

Trin Tr innitty ce c lebrates its 40th anniversary; dedication of Trinity@Paya Lebar

Gave $100,000 to South East Community Development Council for needy families

Missions outreach spanned to 44 nations

First triennial camp held at Sunway Lagoon, KL, Malaysia Divine Exchange and Wholeness (DEW) Ministry begins

Leadership Team established Vision of church set in place Launch of second worship album, ‘Jesus Comes’

Launch of Power Weekend services

Second triennial camp, the first held outside Malaysia at Pattaya, Thailand

Transition of Ch Chii Alpha into Youth Ministry, IGNYTE and the Young Adult carecells in the Districts First service, Watchnight, held at Trinity@ Paya Lebar’s new 1,000-seat Chapel

Enhanced the Trinitarian Experience by building a ‘Care and Connect’ culture TCA renamed as TCA College and becomes a multi-disciplinary Christian College Family Day Carn Ca rnniv ival al W Wal ak al raisissed $$22 ra 22,0 22 , 00 ,0 f r Ma fo MacPPhers hers he rson o on Seco Se cond co n ar nd aryy Sc Scho Scho hool

Charity concert, ’I Have A Lot!’ raised more than $222,000 for The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund DiscoveryLand services revamped Firstt se Firs serv rvicicee, Familyy Chr Fa hrisistm tmas as held in Trin he in ty@ init in y@ Paya Paya Pa ya LLeb ebar eba eb ar’s n w 30 ne 3000 0 -s 00 -sea eat ea Saanc n tuar tuarry tu


Our Productions:

e n a trademark of the church. We have com bee e hav s tion duc pro our s, day ly ear From the ed pts, made our own costumes and compos up with our own sets, written our own scri three can be saved. We centre the stage light on our own songs â&#x20AC;&#x201C; all these, so that people of just some past productions! iconic productions. But first, a snapshot


Our Accolades, His G lory

Not Calefare


>> Singing Christmas Tree

Its towering structure, the scale of Trinitarians involved and the multitudes that thronged the event made the Singing Christmas Tree a definite hallmark of Trinity’s productions in the 1980s. The massive formation was staged in 1982, 1983, 1985, 1986 and 1987. Words fail to capture the extent of the performance and its reach… Hear from people themselves, lives who were impacted by the sights, sounds and, most of all, the heart of the Christmas message.

The heart and hard work… “It was a new experience for the drama team as they acted, sang, danced and communicated in signlanguage to an overflowing auditorium each night. It would never have been possible had it not been for God’s faithfulness in providing good weather, and exclusive TV and press coverage.” - Drama team members “At any time on a December weekend, 21-23 Adam Road turned into a hub of activity. Besides choir and orchestra rehearsals, there were drama rehearsals, counsellor’s trainings and briefings of tracting and witnessing teams.” - A Trinitarian who witnessed the preparations

Source: The Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reprinted with permission


“Our team fitted about 20,000 light bulbs onto the

The work…

structure over many, many nights. There was a canvas

• December 1982:

covering, but due to heavy rains in December, it would

Spiritual Parents

give way, and the rain would hit

dressed as shepherds

against the light bulbs or move

mingled with the

the strings of lights. We often

crowds, spreading the good news of the gospel.

Our Accolades, His G lory

through a The Christmas message presented autiful music. rhapsody of colourful lights and be

had to rearrange everything back into position, sometimes working through the night, and in the daytime go back to work. It was a tedious task but we didn’t give up. God gave us the strength to finish it all, and we also owe it to the prayers of people behind

• December 1983: The 92-voice choir was arranged on a 36-foot tall tree. They were accompanied by a 35-piece orchestra comprised of brass, strings, woodwinds, percussions, guitars, xylophones and organs. Besides the 38 in the orchestra, 370 others worked behind the scenes. • December 1985: It took 20,000

the scenes. All glory to God.”

lights, two weeks of pounding

- Low Lum Soon, retiree

and hammering, 120 singers and

He headed the electricians

15 metres worth of tree to draw

in the construction and fitting

the crowds at the debut of the

of the light bulbs.

Singing Christmas Tree at the Toa Payoh Athletic Centre. More

“I was saved at Singing Christmas Tree in 1984 and my

than 30,000 people attended

husband Kelvin, this last Christmas (December 1985). I am

the event.

thrilled with what God is doing in my life and my family’s. After his salvation, Kelvin helped the project team to ‘strike set’ the following day. I can only say this – God is faithful!” - Marie Neubronner, homemaker She was a great asset to her team in the Lightings Department. “I accepted Christ into my heart in Dec 1986, during a Singing Christmas Tree rehearsal at World Trade Centre.

Trinity had its first Christmas Cantata in 1980. This year, we are making a comeback! Be part of Trinity’s Christmas Cantata! Email your name, district, carecell and contact number to

Lina was invited by her sister, I was invited by my sister. We both gave our lives at that same day, same time, same altar...without knowing it until much later when we were dating.” - Darick Yeo, district pastor Darick and Lina married in 1997.


In the early days, we had neither latest makeup the swankiest of costumes nor the very good nonetheless! techniques, but the cast looked


Gates & Hell’s Flames

The Reality of Eternity A confrontational dramatisation of eternity. “Eternity, eternity, where will you spend eternity?”

in the hundreds of thousands, were distributed at

was a line from the lyrics of the song sang during the

every corner of Singapore, be it the heartlands or in

presentation. The line reverberated throughout the

the heart of the city.

drama as scenarios depicting the actualities of life were met with the realities of heaven and hell. The play was

As the performance was in progress, Spiritual Parents

so impactful that it was extended from one, to two,

prayed on their knees on the third floor of Trinity@

to three and finally to a fourth week.

Adam, warring for the souls. Their prayers were met

Our Accolades, His G lory

>> Heaven’s

by the sustained, awesome presence of God. Behind the scenes, the event was marked by fervent and focused

There was such a strong

prayer, great excitement in seeing

sense of revival. People

souls saved, the overwhelming

came early just to reserve

desire to serve Him more and

rows and rows of seats

total commitment on the part of

for their family and

Trinitarians. Event flyers, printed



Open Heavens

“The scene where the

The production, held both in 1996

Devil pulls people into the

and 1997, changed the course of

lake of fire was when

many lives.

I was confronted to make a decision.” - A female nurse

“My girlfriend’s father had a dream of Jesus a few months ago, saying to him, ‘Son, you’re mine.’ Before, he

“My uncle invited us

was not open to the gospel as he

to HGHF. Interestingly,

said Jesus was a Westerner; but in his

he was not from Trinity

dream, Jesus appeared as an Oriental. He gave his heart

but had heard about the production. When I arrived

to Jesus on the fourth night of HGHF. Now, the whole

at Trinity, the car park was full and cars were double-

family is Christian.”

parked already, but amazingly, there was a lot just there when I turned in. The drama was very impactful and

“It was an unexplainable feeling that made me go forward.

touching. My wife cried and raised her hand to receive

I feel now like a stone has been taken off my heart.”

Jesus. I went up to the altar call with her. I came back

- Cindy, 16

to Trinity for my first service and was wowed by the preaching of the sermon. It was powerful. The whole

“My sister invited me to Trinity a few times. I’m the last

experience was fantastic, the worship was awesome.

one in the family to accept Christ.”

I’ve been here ever since.”

- Susan, 40s

Leslie Lam, zone pastor West, Trinity@Adam

“Hell is too scary” - Kelvin, 15


Our Accolades, His G lory

Fast Facts I saw in the papers that HGHF was going to be extended and asked my friend whether he wanted to go along.

800,000 flyers printed in total

Three of us went. The drama spoke very strongly about making a choice. This confrontational message pushed me to make a decision and I answered the altar call. Tan Haw Jia, director of programmes Sectional Leader, Children’s Ministry

It was not just the adults who were touched during the presentation. “Pa Pa, why are you crying?”

➔ Strange: Before printing the flyers, our church staff checked them through. The church telephone number (6468 4444) was correct. However, just before they were printed, the team decided to check the films again, and found that the number appeared as 6468 6666.

A little toddler, aged three, accepted Christ when he was in Nursery. His father, who was visiting the church, was so touched that he cried.

1,000 posters put up at strategic locations

“I want to know more about Jesus.” A seven-year-old boy called the church office to ask about God.

25,000 souls pledged 17,000 attended the performances 4,700 decisions made for Christ


>> Red Brick Road

Road to Redemption For many visitors and Trinitarians, this year’s Easter presentation stirred hearts and rekindled lost passions.

Behind the scenes, Sharon Lim shares how God changes roadblocks into paths. Challenges are aplenty before, during, and even after any production. There were times when the cast forgot their lines, lyrics or tunes and the timing of the lighting and movement of props simply could not fall into place. There were computers that shut down a day before full-dress rehearsal – computers that held the key to the technical flow of the show. There were curtains that refused to open – or close. God had to remind the team to ‘think primitive’, remove the mechanism and manually open and close the curtains. But when we are hard-pressed, God shows up. It reminds one of the early days when the church first started, how the cast did not have the advancement of modern technology to rely on. In many ways, the sophistication of recent productions like ‘Red Brick Road’ reminds us of our humble beginnings, when there were barely enough performers such that women had to dress up as wise men, or disguise themselves as one of the twelve disciples. Most of these cast and crew are not professionals. Many have never danced outside of their own rooms, spoken in front of a crowd or mastered the art of stage makeup with its elaborate strokes and sweeps. Yet, everyone rose to the occasion. Yet, it is not by the achievements of men that we count this production, or previous ones, an accolade. We count it an accolade because it is by His grace, for His glory.


Our Accolades, His G lory Carol Lim recaps the production’s best moments. Providing a fitting April 2, Saturday:

finale, our Senior Pastor

The friendly hosts set the tone of the afternoon by greeting everyone who turned up. When worship started, the 3,000-seat Sanctuary was already

Dominic D ominic i i Yeo Y came onstage to disclose a truth that stirred the crowd: the play was about his life – HE was Ah Boy! The audience gasped, sat up in their seats and, if they weren’t engaged previously, now listened intently.

packed k d with wit it people. The offering was taken while first-time guests were welcomed. The atmosphere was thick with God’s presence and the audience’s excitement.

His revelation gave credence to the message he preached about God’s stubborn love – a love that demands a response from all of us. Sharing how he chose to follow after Christ some 30 years ago and had not regretted his

Set in Singapore during the ‘60s, the play focused on Ah Boy’s rocky childhood

decision since, he urged the audience to exercise their power of choice to make a similar decision.

to adulthood and, subsequently, his jjourney through th h salvation.

Altar call was given. Many stepped out in boldness, as they exercised their power

Through songs, dances and video clips, the protagonist’s life was fleshed out.

of choice to choose Jesus. The altars were filled. Trinitarians showed equal courage to speak to hesitant friends about giving their

The acting was intense, giving depth to the characters. The songs, mixed with

hearts to Jesus. It was a glorious sight to behold.

overwhelming emotions, made us laugh and cry. There was never a dull moment in the drama. The set and props were painstakingly crafted, seemingly rivaling those used by professional theatre

At the end, many gave their hearts to Jesus, setting them on their way to a personal “red brick road” journey after Christ. Praise the Lord!

companies. The audience lapped it all up. 117

AlphaTrack: T M B n w o y r e v Trinityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

o d by Pastor Dominic Ye he rt bi as w e m m ra og th AlphaTrack Pr d the marketplace. an ch ur In 1995, the three-mon ch e th th bo r fo s d CCSS, rs and strategic leader in TCC, TCA College an to raise harvest warrio aff st e tiv ra ist in m ad d al an tal of For many of our pastor d giftings. To date, a to an ns io ss pa r ei th d pe . they develo duals for the Kingdom vi di AlphaTrack was where in 6 40 of l ta to a g conducted, equippin 34 batches have been

Can you spot them? Pastor Kelvin Ng, Pastor Janice Chng, Pastor Sabrina Lee, Pastor Keet Keong, Pastor Kenny Sng, Pastor Benjamin Wong, Christina Wong, Pastor Sunny Chua, Pastor Priscilla Leong, Pastor Victor Toh, Pastor Wendy Chang, Sharon Chua, Pastor Alan See, Pastor Gary Chia, Pastor Edwin Sam, Chung Kah Fei, Yang Shuyi , Joanna Teoh


Our Accolades, His G lory Can you spot them? Callin Neubronner, Gwen Zhou, Steven Leng, Kimberly Chua, Pastor Mei Yee, Faith Koh, Pastor David Chng, Tan Haw Jia, Ong Ser Ling, Yip Meng Wai


Can you spot them? Pastor Melvin Lim, Diana Lim, Patricia Loke, Pastor Leslie Lam, Sarah Lau, Veronica Teo, Jaena Teo, Esther Lau, Andrea Loh, Stella AwYong

Batch 35 Is God calling you to join AlphaTrack?

To find out more about the programme, visit the AlphaTrack link on or email


YOUR FAST TRACK TO A “GOD-LIFE”! Batch 35: Aug 23 to Nov 19 AlphaTrack iss a th thre three-month, reee-mo mont nthh ffull-time ullul l-titime me programme me tthat hatt ta ha take takes kess yo youu on an adventure of intimacy and encounter with God. Whether you are a student, homemaker or marketplace professional, come be equipped in everything you need to fulfill your God-given destiny. Take that Mission for life fast track to a “God-life” today!


Trinity School of the Bible (TSB) started as the first Pentecostal and Charismatic school to offer Bachelor of Theology and Master of Arts-level studies in Singapore. Rev. Naomi Dowdy, the President of the school and Senior Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre had the vision to provide ministerial training that would prepare Christian leaders with a higher level of education to serve the churches and the Christian community.


Fast Facts: 31 years 34 nations s >170 churche nts >1,000 stude



ng i d i v o r P : e g e l l TCA Co n o i t a c u d e s s a world-cl

ollege has in 1979, TCA C e tr n e C n ia st ool inity Chri s as Trinity Sch g in n in Founded by Tr g e b y rl lyay from its ea ge offers high lle come a long w o C n ia st ri day, the Ch grammes. of the Bible. To ed degree pro it d re cc a d n a lidated acclaimed, va

The total number of books in the TCA library totaled 5,000 volumes.

Rev. Naomi Dowdy was appointed as the Chancellor and Rev. Derek Tan as the second President of the school.



The name of the school was changed to Theological Centre for Asia (TCA).


All the programmes (Diploma, Bachelor and Master) were accredited with Asia Theological Association (ATA).


TCA was among the first two schools which were granted full accreditation by the Asia Pacific Theological Association (APTA). TCA is now fully accredited by ATA and APTA.

Rev. Wilson Teo was appointed and installed as the Vice-President.



The college moved to its new campus at Trinity@Paya Lebar. Partnerships were established with Asuza Pacific University in California, USA, Bangor University and University of Wales. With these partnerships, TCA College will be recognised not just by seminaries but also universities internationally.


Our Accolades, His G lory

Rev. Dominic Yeo, the current Senior Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre was appointed and installed as Vice-Chancellor. He expanded TCAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vision to move the institution from a theological seminary to become a multi-disciplinary college that would equip allrounded Christian leaders to serve their churches and the community.

The library has almost 40,000 volumes, including the donation of about 8,000 books from the late Rev. Derek Tan and Dr Tan-Chow May Ling.




TCA College bade farewell to its late President, Rev. Derek Tan who fought a brave battle with cancer. Rev. Wilson Teo was appointed and installed as the third President of TCA. He launched four Schools: the School of Creative Arts (SCA), the School of Counselling (SOC), School of Divinity (SOD) and School of Leadership (SOL), in line with the vision for a multi-disciplinary education that would equip Christian leaders. To mark this expansion, the name of the college was changed to TCA College.

Several new partnerships and alliances are being considered.

TCA College celebrates 30 years of Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s faithfulness.


The three years I spent in TCA College and Trinity

I enjoyed the privilege and honour of studying in such an

Christian Centre have impacted both my life and my

anointed and prestigious College. God used those kairos

ministry, offering me not just a strong theological

moments in TCA College to launch me into His destiny for

foundation but also a clearer and more pragmatic

my life! I missed TCA College tremendously after I left.

vision for ministry. TCA College has faithfully served so many foreign and local God has blessed us and we have become the

students in the Kingdom of God. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s definitely your time for

largest Romanian church in Australia with an

promotion! You are uniquely positioned to effectively train,

even bigger growth potential for the future. We even

equip and send anointed ministers to win the harvest.

have our own church building as well as very good facilities for education, social and spiritual

Cornelius G. Groenewald Pastor of Asian Ministries and English Congregation Christian Revival Church Bloemfontein, South Africa Graduated with MDiv in 1999

purposes. I would like to express my appreciation to the TCA College faculty for your impact on my life and also to Trinity and its leadership for their support and inspiration during my studies in Singapore. May God bless you all!

I am so proud that I attended TCA College! It laid a very solid foundation for me in theological scholarship and spiritual excellence. As I advanced in ministry and further studies, I realised what a great treasure I had at TCA College! TCA College has come a long way to be acknowledged for its spiritual and educational strides over the years. I consider

Gabriel Florin Pastoring the largest Romanian church in Australia

its new campus Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s great blessing, and also a sign of the

Graduated with MDiv in 2001

the Lord continue to bless the board, faculty, staff and the

proven excellent and visionary nature of its leadership. May entire student body as you work hard to make TCA College an icon in Asia. Rev. Andrew Anane-Asane PhD student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Graduated with MDiv in 2002

ry t s i n i M r o f d e Equipp s how TCA raduates tell u g e g lle o C A inistry These TC for effective m m e th d re a p re College has p fields. ctive mission e sp re ir e th in


Carre Co omm mun nity Serv vice es Society

Reaching the Founded by Trinity in 1996, Care Community Services Society (CCSS) is the social arm of Trinity. The registered charity is a non-profit organisation affiliated with the National Council of Social Service and offers programmes for children, youth, elderly, families and ex-offenders. All donations to CCSS are tax-deductible. Here are four stories of lives restored.

For the Elderly: CARElderly Worried no more, thanks to CARElderly Mdm P*, aged 80, lives alone because she could not get along with her daughter-in-law. Staff

CCSS’ outreach, in figures:

and volunteers of CCSS visited her and invited her to the Seniors Activity Centre (SAC), where

• More than 4,000 homes have been blessed through rations distribution and Make-Their-Day projects between 2006 and 2009

she met many friends. She now comes faithfully every morning to the SAC. She says, gratefully, “If I am alone at home, I worry and think a lot.

• 108 children currently enrolled at our three CareHuts based at different primary schools. • More than 160 elderly residents served at our CARElderly Seniors Activity Centre • An average of 400 inmates and their families served by our case managers in partnership with the Singapore Prison Service every year • More than 1,500 students and over 300 parents and teachers have benefitted from various programmes run in schools in the past two years • 145 volunteers made up of youth, adults and even the elderly serve with us on a regular basis • More than 550 ad-hoc volunteers serve with us annually.


But I don’t have any worries now. The staff and volunteers treat me very well. I am really happy. Thank you CCSS.”

For Ex-Offenders: Prison CARE Services (PCS)

Our Accolades, His G lory

Community For Children: CareHuts

PCS gave me that second chance

Staff at CareHut believed in me

S*, 36, had been in and out of prison several times for

B*, 13, lives with his mother, a single parent in a

drug offences. Twice married, her second husband, a drug

1-room flat. During his early days at CareHut, B

addict, passed away in 2006. With no money to settle her

thrived on defying the staff, was prone to angry

debts, she stole at work and was sentenced to six months

outbursts, spewing vulgarities and bullying the

in prison.

younger children. Despite his rebellion, B still continued coming to CareHut to please his mother

Life after her release was tough. Her family had given up

whom he loved and respected.

on her and she faced numerous rejections in her search for employment. CCSS gave her initial assistance by way of

The staff at CareHut saw past his hardened

food rations. When she was diagnosed with bone cancer,

exterior and sought to meet his needs. They

CCSS helped to refer her to a hospital for treatment and

would find precious teachable moments to

arranged for available financial assistance to cover her

encourage and motivate B towards making

medical fees.

positive changes. Slowly, B no longer came with a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;black faceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and bad attitude. He learnt to manage

CCSS also made home visits to her family, encouraging

his anger and to keep the use of inappropriate

them to support and care for her. S is now a supervisor

words in check. He even started caring for the

at work and has also moved in to live with her mother.

younger children at the centre, playing with them

Relationships with her other family members have also

and helping them out.

improved tremendously. It has been a year since her release and she is determined to keep walking on. Her

Today, B still visits CareHut after school to play with

family has seen the transformation in her life.

the children and chat with the teachers there.


For Youths: Oomph! New oomph in life!

journey of counselling and setting short-term

D*, 17, had no motivation to study, played truant

personal goals with him. Realising how the drugs

and was defiant towards his Discipline Master in

affected him, D resolved to turn over a new leaf.

school. He also smoked, took heroin and betted

His counsellors have noticed a positive change

heavily on soccer, losing large sums of up to $1,700.

in him.

He was referred for counselling but failed to turn up after the first session. He was then caught taking

The Subordinate Courts ruled in February this year

drugs, suspended from school indefinitely and sent

that D would be given a two-year probation. D was

to Queenstown Remand Prison.

grateful for this decision, and has decided to return to school to study for his ‘N’ levels.

Although D wanted to remain in school, he did not have the motivation to study. CCSS began the

* Names have been changed to protect the identities of those featured.

To find out how you can partner with CCSS to bless the community either as a volunteer or a sponsor, please contact our office at 6304 7604 or email

Raise funds for CCSS by being a part of this historic event. Visit for more information.

Aug 8 Singapore Book of Records Event – The most number of people reading a book simultaneously 128

Trinity was founded by missionaries 40 years ago. Today, the missional call to pray, give and go into the nations continues to resonate in the hearts of Trinitarians young and old.

Our Accolades, His G lory

Trinity, A Global Church

In 1977, Trinity conducted its first Missions Convention. Pastor Naomi Dowdy emphasised the importance of giving to missions by having Missions Convention precede Vision Rally. “When we give to the nations, God will build our house,” she said. That Missions Convention, $35,300 was raised for the nations. Even our children, at their tender age, were taught to give to Missions. They were also imparted God’s passionate heartbeat!

Our children: conduits of His blessings On 4 March (in 2000), in DiscoveryLand, I saw God write ‘five zero zero’. So I wrote ‘$500’ on my faith promise card. My DiscoveryLand teacher asked me how I was going to fulfill the faith promise. I replied “My daddy will provide.” One week later, my daddy received a letter with a cheque that said, “On Apostolic Night (7 March), I felt led to give this amount for your son’s missions faith promise.” - Matthaeus Yeo, aged 5 in 2000. Today, the Spiritual Parent, who is 15, serves in IGNYTE’s Drama and Dance ministry. Last year (in 1999), in DiscoveryLand, I made a missions faith promise of $10,000. Many people were shocked by the amount, but I was sure that God had told me to write it down. At the end of the year, when my grandmother passed away, she left our family an inheritance of $10,000. We gave this to the church, and so God provided for the faith promise! - Yvette Leong, aged 12 in 2000. The IGNYTE leader is 22 this year and is currently studying overseas. 129


1990 Reaching 9 nations 2010 Reaching 44 nations










Venezuela Columbia Ecuador


Our Accolades, His G lory




Thailand Singapore


Malaysia a










Turkey Moscow





Hong Kong




Cambodia Papua New Guinea Thailand Solomon Islands Australia Ghana




Sri Lanka


Singapore Malaysia



Thank you for sharing your Carecell Model! God has blessed Trinity with the anointing to develop others. Our Vision is to raise strategic leaders; our DNA is to develop leaders; our heart is to build others. So, it comes naturally that a big part of Trinity’s missions outreach focuses on Training and Consultation efforts. Senior Pastors share how Trinity’s Carecell Model has impacted their church. Building an indestructible church In the initial years of my ministry, I struggled to find a place for worship.

Transitioning a traditional church IS possible

We finally got a place of our own, but it went down in flames a few years

Transitioning an 80+ year-old church of

later. But we kept our faith in God and prayed relentlessly.

some 600 people into a cell church was no small challenge. After five years of

In 1986, our prayers were answered and the Lord taught us how to

consistent training, we have built the

build an indestructible house of God. Even though the church was

leadership structure to now include our

growing, it was not

first District Leader. Starting with 11

properly structured;

cell groups, we have persevered to now

it lacked a clear vision

have 24 cell groups. There have since

and philosophy. I was

been many multiplications and some

frustrated as I was not

Rev. Dr David Mohan

group closures, but for me the key to

able to lead each one of

New Life Assembly of God India

the Trinity model is the leadership

my church members to

development. We now have 4 Sectional

higher levels of spiritual

Leaders and 1 District Leader with 5

maturity. I was aware of the phenomenal growth of prayer groups in Korea

more Sectional Leaders in training. By

and wanted the same to happen in India. I got acquainted with Dr Naomi

building our base, we are poised for

Dowdy and shared my desire for a growing church. Prayerfully, with the

explosive growth.

help of Trinity’s pastors and ours, she initiated many developments and restructured our church. After we embraced Trinity’s Cell Church Model, new converts were nurtured and transformed in their character and lifestyle. We have since grown from 2,500 in 1990 to over 30,000 in our congregation today. Yet everyone of us is connected and cared for through the open and leadership carecells. There is accountability and community life at every level of leadership.


Pastor Wes Lindquist Calvary Lighthouse USA

Our Accolades, His G lory


by Steve Penny, 1994


by David Cartledge, 2000

“There is going to be a unique anointing

“I saw as I was praying for you this morning, God drawing people

on this church… And God says as

to you from the nations, coming from many nations to this House

a church you are going to go into

of God to be trained and developed… And I saw a people coming

harvests that have been destroyed,

from the nations, who, when they went back to their nations, had

that have been abused, and you are

the ability, almost overnight, to challenge the whole nations.

going to reap the broken harvest. You’re going to bring forth a harvest where

I saw God drawing people to you from the nations, coming from

others have said, “Oh, we tried there and

many nations to this House of God to be trained and developed.

it didn’t work.” You’re going to go in and

And coming through the school. But I felt it was not just the

the harvest is going to come in. You’re

school, it was the school and the church.

going to reap the broken harvest. And I saw a people coming from the nations, who, when they went Men and women are going to come

back to their nations, had the ability, almost overnight, to challenge

and receive the anointing to break

the whole nation. That they were movers and shakers who literally

through, and go back to fields of

cause spiritual revolution to take place in their nations. That vision

service and begin to minister in a

will be born here in this House.

breakthrough anointing because of what happens in this place.“

There are men and women that will come to you, because they have heard of your reputation. They’ll say, “I want that anointing in my life.” And if I can say it carefully without being misunderstood, I actually felt like they will do it better than you have done it. That you will put something in their hearts and your influence in this city is great, but when they go back, their influence will be greater. It will be like their nation has been challenged by the awesome power of God..“


A new level of commitment After we embraced the Cell Church Model, our church was able to mobilise the bulk of our members to serve in stewarding, visiting newcomers to our church services and following up with new believers. The commitment level among our members is much higher, and they are also equipped to witness and nurture. Thanks to

Pastor Peter Loo

the cell structure, the

Emmanuel Evangelical Church United Kingdom

cells are able to follow up around 80% of those who professed faith.

We have captured your vision It was a divine appointment in 2001 with Apostle Dowdy that has led Apostolic Generation Church (AGC) to this level of greatness. My cry was to establish a church where no gates of hell shall prevail, but I did not know how to. The carecell philosophy is so powerful because it builds every believer in the cell to embrace the Great Commission. We started with 1 cell of 7 people. We grew to 180 people in 3 months, and 300 people in 8 months. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s how AGC was born. Now, in our 7th year, we have 1,800 people. We have also built a highrise residential and commercial building with our church auditorium in the heart of Jakarta. Apostle Indri Gautama Apostolic Generation Church Jakarta, Indonesia

We now have 85 open carecells for children, single adults, families and seniors. Our carecells have produced missionaries

who have been sent into remote villages in need. We have built a hospital, a private preschool and an elementary school as bridges for the gospel to be heard. We are so proud to have the DNA of Trinity Christian Centre.


Having reaped, now we sow

The average size of the 8,000 Protestant churches in Japan is

After some of my core workers and I

less than 30. Yet since we started to embrace Trinity’s carecell

attended the Cell Conference in 2007, we

model, despite being in a rural town of 20,000 in population,

were convicted that God was answering our

we experienced breakthrough in our areas of evangelism and

longtime prayers to bless our church with a

discipleship. Over 7 years, we grew from about 90 to more than

“new wine skin”. Trinity’s Cell Church Model

150 members. We now see over 10 people baptised every year

has a comprehensive structure and strategy.

and many trained in Spiritual Parenting and Carecell Leaders’

As long as we follow it, we would be able to


successfully transform from a traditional

Our Accolades, His G lory

Revival among elderly and youth

church to an apostolic cell church. Through The elderly (80-104 years old) are saved and water baptised

the model, our church’s values and vision

– a miracle as conversion is so difficult at that age. There is also

– the Great Commandment and Great

revival among the youths – one youth brought 4 out of her

Commission – were restored.

17 classmates to Christ. Youths who have graduated from junior college and universities in other cities are returning back to our

After committing to the model, I preached

town because

on Kingdom values over 10 weeks, set up

of their love

the first leadership carecell, and started to transform the traditional fellowship groups to

for the church and their hometown.

Pastor Fumio and Satomi Terada

apostolic carecells. In a short span of 2 years,

Nanki Riverside Church Japan

adult service attendance has grown from 80

the church has grown from 7 to 20 cells,

Since one and

to 180, and the children and youth services

a half years

have grown significantly as well. People are

ago, we pioneered a carecell of 3 members (including 2 women

nurtured, believers are transformed into

over 65 years) outside our prefecture, travelling several hours to

disciples, and leaders are being raised.

and fro each time. 6 new members have been water baptised and another 4 accepted Jesus. All glory to God!

Pastor Qian Li Rong Ban Qiao Ren Ai Baptist Church Taiwan


The Nations at Our Doorstep Pastor Maitree Anuntanitivet, Thai Ministry I have a burden for the Thais in Singapore. Today, there are more than 40,000 of them here. Most work in the construction sector and a handful are employed in higher-level jobs. My desire is to reach out to them with Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s love, and to nurture them to be strong Christian leaders, so that when they return to Thailand, they will be Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s instruments to make disciples in Thailand. We are witnessing people coming to Christ in almost every weekend service. Pray for us because we need leaders to take care of these spiritual babies.

God @work

Since the day he was employed

Chinnaphan Nanthaseang used to hold a high position

as a construction worker more

in his previous religion, but accepted Christ while

than 10 years ago, Worawut

working in Singapore. Through the Thai ministry, he grew

Kaewsombat never visited his family,

in the Lord and enrolled in a Bible School in Thailand

sent them a letter or called home, for

upon returning home. Now, graduated, he serves full-

he never missed them. He would get

time in a church planting taskforce in Bangkok.

drunk and sleep on the streets. Life was meaningless. Then, he accepted meaning back into his life. He recently went back to visit

What: Good Friday-cum-Water Baptism evangelistic event

his family, who missed him so much that they held him

When: Fri, Apr 2

a homecoming party and invited the whole village to


Jesus into his heart at the Thai Service. God restored

take part in the celebration. The whole village witnessed the change in him. He now serves as a Spiritual Parent, nurturing lives in the Thai Ministry.


At their recent evangelistic event

10 oikos (family and friends) were first-timevisitors, and three gave their lives to Christ.

Pastor Carmelo Dolendo, Filipino Ministry My passion is to see people growing in the Lord and becoming

Our Accolades, His G lory

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, and Trinity is blessed to have the nations at our doorstep. Our Thai, Filipino and Indonesian Ministry pastors tell us what drives them and what God is doing in our midst.

disciple-makers for the Kingdom. There are more and more Filipinos coming to Singapore to work and I want to be able to empower them to make an impact wherever they go. It brings me great joy seeing them caring and connecting people to church and subsequently nurturing and discipling them.

God @work

Throughout her life, Anabel Sison

Precy Esteves worked as a domestic

always felt an unexplainable

worker in Singapore previously. Two

emptiness. Due

years ago, she returned to her province

to a financial situation in the family,

in Bicol, Philippines, and testifies that

she came to Singapore to work as

her training as a Spiritual Parent and

a domestic helper. By Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s divine

Carecell Leader in Trinityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Filipino Ministry greatly

arrangement, someone brought her

equipped her to serve as a Leader there now.

to Trinity where she grew to become a Spiritual Parent. The Lord then spoke to her about

At their recent evangelistic event

serving Him in full-time ministry. She enrolled in a Bible

What: Los Hermanos

correspondence degree

When: Sun, Mar 7

course and carved


out precious time to

20 first-time-visitors, 15 salvations and three re-dedications!

study the Word and understand the ministry. After 12 years of serving as a domestic helper, last December, she returned to her hometown in the Philippines to start a church. Presently, the church has 15 committed leaders who are willing to be trained as Spiritual Parents and Carecell Leaders.


Pastor Samuel Panjaitan, Indonesian Ministry It brings me great joy to see the lost receiving Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. I am also encouraged to see believers actively attending our TENet courses to grow in their spiritual walk. My passion is to see God transform dejected, depressed and disheartened domestic helpers into ‘mighty men’ of God, strong spiritual leaders who become blessings in their workplaces.

God @work

Amelia Nasiroh is a 32-year-old

imagined that she would one day be able to further

domestic helper. When she first

her education. She is now pursuing a diploma in hotel

came to Singapore in 1996, she

management, of which half of her tuition fees are paid for

was suffering from Rheumatism and her employer, a

by her employer.

Trinitarian, prayed for her to be healed. She was healed instantaneously and completely. Having experienced God’s miraculous power, she received Jesus into her

What: Victorious Joy Easter evangelistic event

life and was baptised in December 2002. This year,

When: Sun, Apr 11

Amelia will go back to Indonesia and will be doing her


Theological studies. She is saving up to be trained and equipped for the Kingdom after experiencing God in Trinity Christian Centre. Naomi Mesirun, a 24-year-old domestic helper came to Singapore in January 2003. A friend brought her to Trinity’s Indonesian Ministry. She visited a carecell and enjoyed the fellowship and encouragement received. Through her carecell, she grew in the knowledge of God and accepted Christ. She was water baptised a year later. Today, she is a Carecell Leader and also serves in the worship team. Being a domestic helper, she never


At their recent evangelistic event

There were seven first-time-visitors, five salvations and 35 rededications!

Hearing God’s Heartbeat Trinity Christian Centre held our annual Missions weekend in April. Kevin Kwang takes a look back at some of the more memorable sound bites, sights and sounds.

Missions has always been a faith-stirring event in the life

amounting to $43,267.60, surpassing the amount raised

of Trinity Christian Centre.

in our first Missions Convention in 1977.

Prior to Missions weekend, Missions Booths were set up

For all of you who have given your time, talents and

displaying the full array of Trinity’s Missions expressions.

treasures to become a testimony to the nations, we thank

To add to the excitement, ‘Missions Icons’, pastors and lay

God for your passionate heartbeat.

leaders decked in red and holding red balloons mingled with the crowd, inspiring them to participate in local and

Here’s looking forward to Missions Weekend 2011!

foreign Missions teams. The action climaxed in a draw where two winners of the Missions Quiz,

In the meantime, reminisce on

Rachel Wee and Melvin Goh were picked.

these Missions Weekend 2010 snaps…

Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations

Not only were there testimonies of past Mission Impact Teams (MITs), reports of our influence on the churches in far-flung nations and fervent prayer, guest speakers are also flown in to bless our congregation and challenge their faith. This year, our guest speakers certainly made their presence felt. Both Reverends Wayne Clark and Wayne Francis preached a message that tugged at hearts. “You cannot be close to God and not have a heart for a world that needs Jesus.” With that, Trinitarians were challenged to respond in praying, giving and going. This year, a total of $10,584,349.63 was committed in faith promises for the coming year. Our DiscoveryLand children (ages 7 to 9) alone made faith promises


Five nights of Prayer

To launch Trinity’s 40th anniversary celebrations, the church launched a 40-day Prayer Devotional to equip Trinitarians on a prayer journey. Trinitarians also engaged in five nights of God-encountering prayer meetings from April 26 to 30. And God-encountering it was – the tangible presence of God was felt by all who came.

I saw a jug of anointing oil, and the oil was being poured out until we were all saturated. Pastor Dominic Yeo, senior pastor On the first night, I saw a dove resting on us as we were worshipping the Lord. I had a sense of anticipation that as we continue to tarry before Him, there would be a ‘breaking out and breaking forth’. Over the week, I saw a fire hydrant bursting and men and women rushing to drink from it. On the fifth night, I saw a huge cloth over us but it split in the middle and torrents of water fell on us and soaked us. Overall, I sensed God was giving us a new spirit for the new things ahead. Awesome. Pastor Priscilla Leong, district pastor The prayer meeting was so awesome! Worship was so anointed. Presence of God was so strong. While praying for Trinity, I sensed in my spirit the Lord saying, “Trinity is at the threshold of new miracles, new glory and new strength… in unprecedented measures.” Steven Say, IT director 140

The Prayer Meeting was awesome from the start. There was such a sweet presence of God. Pastor Dom led us step by step in our prayers. Starting with moments of reflections on Jesus, we stepped up to pray and declare God’s Word for our lives, workplaces, our church and the nations. My wife had a tough week; Friday is normally a time to ‘shut down’ for her, but she said, “I felt very revived and

It was very good…I really felt God’s

refreshed in the Lord!”

presence. So many times, we are busy with

Ooi Tiat Hwee, real estate agent,

work that we forget what God has done

Jane Lim, medical case manager

for us, the suffering, the condemnation

and 3-month old Reuven

and the rejection He went through. Today’s message brought me back to what God has called me for.

The presence of God was so strong. I felt so comforted

Michelle Lim, executive secretary

and embraced by the Spirit of God. Praying together is so important. Sometimes it is difficult to pray alone, so

Refreshing... Faith-stirring…

it is great to be in Prayer Meetings where we can pray

Lim Chee Sian, R&D engineer

together, pray for each other, pray for our church and pray for our nation.

There was a strong and different anointing. I could really

Kenneth Tsang, retired

feel the glory of God and I sense that we are moving into a new encounter of intimacy with Him, an encounter

I have always enjoyed attending prayer meetings. These

that will unleash His Power and Spirit. I also feel that

five nights of prayer have been a blessing; I feel spiritually

our church will be an outstanding church in the days

fed and refreshed. I truly enjoyed the time of just seeking

to come… like an eagle that is stronger, sharper and

God ‘face to face’ and being ministered to in His presence.


Christine Sim, public relations officer

Gwen Zhou, ministerial staff


It was a powerful time praying for the other

The Word that was shared and all that we

churches and the different nations. My wife

prayed for were so apt for the situation I am

and I felt the presence of God and were

in. I really feel strengthened by God!

refreshed through the times of prayer.

Dhinakaran, design engineer

Daryl Lee, remisier It was a refreshing time of worship. It was I came with my carecell and my friends. The

also an affirmation of Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s season for my

presence of God was very strong; it was just

life, through the message shared during the

different from service. I felt God tugging in

prayer meeting. I am very blessed by the

my spirit, leading me in my prayers.

nights of prayer.

Frank Lee, trader

Ellen Ng, RSAF engineer

Five nights off Prayer



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