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10 MIT Myths

Thinking of signing up for a Missions Impact Team (MIT) but have reservations? We identify and debunk common-held MIT myths. Do these apply to you?

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1 I feel inadequate; I’m not ready; I’m not good enough.

• God is not looking for someone perfect. Rick Warren once said, “If God only used perfect people, nothing

I’m :( not ready

I feel inadequate


would get done” • Offer to God everything that you are

and whatever little you have – your five loaves and two fish; the miracle is His to work • Training T i i will ililll be b provided through a TENet

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course. Be sure not to miss any session!

2 I have a fear of praying for

people and sharing the gospel. • It is the anointing that makes the difference; as you g about miracles step out in faith, God’s grace will bring • Training will be provided through a TENet course • Many team members who’ve had little or no experience in praying for pe p ed out ou ut in in faith ffai aith aith ai h people and sharing the gospel stepped and witnessed for themselves the miracles of God. Read the testimony on page 73. Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


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