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Come and hear what God is doing in our nation and Our Speakers Rev. Wa ayne Clark and his wife Julia currently pastor First Assembly of God in Sa an Antonio, Texxas, where they ha ave been for the past 13 years. Pastor Clark also o serves as Cha airman of the Boa ard for Teen Challenge of Texas. Their ministry is marked by discipleship, stron ng church growth and church planting. The Clarks are extensiv vely involved in Missions work around the world.

Rev. Wayne Franccis, the son of missionaries, grew up in Kenya and later passtored a churcch in Peterborough, Ontario. He continued to serve in differentt churches aro ound the United Sta t tes. He then moved to Calcutta and travelled extensively th hroughout South Asia sharing God’s message of love an nd grace. Todayy, he lives with hiss family near San Diego, travelling across the e country speak aking and raising fu unds to support the work of Calcutta a Mercy Ministrries.



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Fri, Apr 23, 8pm Trinity@Paya Lebar, Levvel 2 Sanctuarry Come dressed in a national co ostume!

MISSIONS CONVENTION Sat & Sun, Ap pr 24 & 25 5 Trinity@Adam m Sat 5pm, Sun 8.30 & 11am m Trinity@Paya a Lebarr Sat 5pm & Su un 10am Look out for ou ur ‘Missions iccons’ and visit th he Missions boo oths!

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From Barrenness to Posterity A Real Life Miracle

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We’ve got mail!

star letter


’ve always looked forward to receiving the latest copy of Trinitarian, and have been particularly blessed by last December’s issue. The four “RE’s” – the four feature articles – were just EVERYTHING that I needed at that moment. The article ‘Review Your Finances’ was relevant as it convicted me to faithfully give of my tithes and reprioritise my finances; the article ‘Recharge Your Spiritual Batteries’ was refreshing as I felt the Lord drawing me back to Him. All these really prepared me for my ‘personal 2010 planning with the Lord’. The article ‘Reach Out With God’s Love’, together with the testimonies in ‘I Was Cared and Connected For’ were especially timely and appropriate as I am a mother of two young children and have been ‘out of touch’ with the ministry for some time. The stories of how lives were touched by God, through Trinitarians, stirred something in me. ur The other article which moved me was the one in which our campus students helped clean up the seven households in Circuit Road. I was very touched to see the Young Adults of this church going beyond themselves to serve the community. I would love to see my own children grow up in a caring community like this! Kudos to the editorial team for bringing to us such real and heartwarming articles every Dear Shannon, quarter. I was encouraged and inspired we’re glad the December by almost every article in this issue. issue made a difference Thank you for a job well done! to you, and we hope your Shannon Quek, recruiter

I like to read the Trinitarian because I find the sharing in it very personal and touching, especially the testimonies. There are so many good articles in it. I also hope to see more updates on Missions work and other corporate activities organised by our church in the magazine. Billy Chiu, director

TEL LL US WHAT AT YOU OU THINK HI K of th he Trinitarian nm mag agazine! e! Wha at articles would you like ke to see in future e issues? SMS Tr T inity<spac ace>your feed edback to 77 77177 or email testim test tim iimonies@ onies@ @trin ity org sg

2010 will be great one. – Eds

I attended Trinity for the first time in February this year. That weekend, I went with a heavy heart as I needed a job. As soon as I entered the Sanctuary, I began listening to the songs and singing them. As I sang, I suddenly felt blessed. That service, I accepted Christ into my heart. When I reached home, I felt worried again thinking about needing a job. I opened the Trinitarian magazine that was given, ‘Are You Ready For 2010?’ The article on ‘Release Your Woes’ caught me. As I read it, I felt inspired to release my worries to God. I learnt that prayer is the answer to worries. It was only a few hours of my joining Trinity, but my life has been touched. Thank you Trinity!


Ma. Pilar Maniquiz, recruitment consultant 7

Behind the Scenes the early birds More than two and a half hours before service began, queues started forming outside the Sanctuary. We approached some ‘early birds’ to ask why they were... well, early.

Who are you here with? I came with my cell-members. What made you come early for Watchnight? Pastor Dominic

said not to reserve seats with tissue packets, that is why we came early. We didn’t want to end up in the back like during the Christmas Service, and we certainly did not want to end up in the overflow room. What made you choose to come here instead of being elsewhere? It’s a great feeling of joy when all Trinitarians

come together and countdown together. What are you looking forward to? I want to hear what God

has for me and to spend the last day of the year with the Lord. Kelly Sow, w homemaker

Who are you here with? I came with my cell. What made you come early for Watchnight? We were in the café

and had to give up our seats, that’s why we’re here. What made you choose to come here instead of being elsewhere?

After 15 years here, there’s nowhere else to go. What are you looking forward to? IGNYTErs dancing and

Pastor Dom’s message. Linda Lee, e assistant canine massage practitioner


It was the final service of the year, a much-anticipated one at the brand new 3000-seat sanctuary. We take you on an exclusive journey as we talk to Trinitarians and uncover some of the most memorable scenes of Watchnight 2009.

Who are you here with? I came with my wife and kid.

Who are you here with? I came with my wife and two

What made you come early for Watchnight? My wife is

kids who are IGNYTErs.

“super kiasu”. That’s why we’re so early!

What made you come early for Watchnight? My son had

What made you choose to come here instead of being elsewhere? It’s a yearly tradition to spend the last day of

to come down early and every Watchnight the queue is long so I didn’t want to be waiting.

the year in church.

What made you choose to come here instead of being elsewhere? It has

What are you looking forward to?

always been a yearly affair.

Encouraging testimonies, the worship and prophetic word.

What are you looking forward to?

I expect to receive a revelation from God for the New Year to come!

Cliff Soh, h insurance agent

Francis Cheang, g horticulturist

Who are you here with?

I came with my family. What made you come early

Who are you here with?

for Watchnight? I want to get a good seat so that I don’t

My family.

‘miss out on feeling God’s presence’!

What made you come early for Watchnight? I want to be

What made you choose to come here instead of being elsewhere? It’s a great feeling of joy when all

Trinitarians come together and countdown together. What are you looking forward to? I want to feel God’s

presence and hear God’s prophetic word for the next year. I’m also here to pray for protection and good health for my family in the coming year. Carol Siew, w homemaker

comfortably seated in the front. What made you choose to come here instead of being elsewhere?

The testimonies were very good last year. It is nice to hear good testimonies. What are you looking forward to? A good sermon and

testimonies that inspire. Arlinda Chen, finance and admin manager 9

the burgeoning queues As the minutes passed, the queues swiftly grew.



the views Trinitarian ns share ab bout theirr Watchnig ght experiencee.


I always enjoy every pa rt of the Watchnight service. Th e worship was electrifying, testimonies faith-building and the message life-ch anging. It was especially heart-warm ing to see so many of our youth pre sent at the service instead of out on the streets for the island-wide coun tdown parties. Lim Kok Tiong, finance and admin direct or

t The Watchnight message was a grea told It opening message for the year. me that I have to be a blessing to me others. The message also spoke to me, ugh thro s that God can do miracle to and I realised I am never too little y be His vessel. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m blessed with man e thes ugh thro and wonderful things things I can bless others in need. Joel Loh, student

7.30pm 8pm

the much-awaited night!

Trinitarianss gaathered to celebrate thee year of abund dant living and ush herr in a bran nd new w on ne of blesssings. The atmospherre waas electrifyiing g, the teestim moniies spoke volum mes of God dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s faitthfulnesss an nd the meessaagee serv ved as an n insp piraation n to many.

What I enjoyed most about Watchnight was the worship. The atmosphere was electrifying and the presence of God was tangible. The worship team really led us in that place of worship. Everyone was worshipping God with one heart and one voice! Kelvin Leong, pending employment 11


In 2009, we talked about entering into abundant living. God has confirmed that the season of abundant living is not over yet. As we step into 2010, we are stepping deeper into abundant living! We have entered into abundant living and God wants us, in this year of 2010, to celebrate the prosperity, posterity, provision, plenteous supply, physical wholeness and productive restoration of God. We are called to celebrate this abundant living by being a blessing!


In 2010, God wants us to celebrate the Abundant Living â&#x20AC;&#x201C; because we are blessed to be a blessing, proclaimed Rev. Dominic Yeo on Watchnight 2009.


You are blessed!


God has blessed us in so many ways – with good health, life, the growth of the church, lives that have been transformed, finances and great facilities – God has blessed many of us with new facilities of a home and for some, an office. God has also blessed some of us with babies, new relationships, open doors, promotions in a year of great economic difficulties and opportunities – sales opportunities, opportunities to study abroad and to study in good schools. When I think about being blessed to be a blessing, I think about ‘the manna experience’. When the nation of Israel was in the wilderness, God provided, literally, an open heaven – manna fell to the ground and the Israelites were called to collect what was needed for the day. That is the blessing of provision! They were to take what was enough for them and not to hoard, because the moment they kept more than what was needed, the manna would spoil. Why did God not preserve the manna? Because God is against the spirit of hoarding. He is against the spirit of taking. He is against greed. The blessing of God is not just for us to take, live in and enjoy for ourselves. Some of us may be in situations that overwhelm us; as such, we can accept and believe God about entering into abundant living, but find it hard to believe that we are blessed to be a blessing. But against overwhelming odds, the more we should be ‘Blessers’. In the face of ‘hand-to-mouth situations’, God demands that we be Blessers because in-so-doing, we experience the abundant living that God has for us.

Your five loaves and two fish Whenever I am down, I read Matthew 14:14-21 and God immediately encourages me with it. When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, He had compassion on them and healed their sick. As evening approached, the disciples came to Him and


said, “This is a remote place, and it’s already getting late.

the feeding of 5,000 because though verse 21 states

Send the crowds away, so that they can go to the villages

that “the number that ate was five thousand men”, if

and buy themselves some food.” Jesus replied, “They do

every man brought his wife, it would be the feeding of

not need to go away. You give them something to eat.”

10,000! And if every man and woman brought a son and

“We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish,”

daughter, it would be the feeding of 20,000! In 2010, we

they answered. ”Bring them here to me,” He said. And He

have entered into abundant living but God is going to

directed the people to sit down on the grass. Taking the

multiply His blessings in ways beyond our imagination.

five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, He

God Himself will do the miracle!

gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then He gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the people.

Genesis 12 tells us about the blessings of God. What

They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up

are the blessings of God besides the ‘6P’s that we

twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over. The

declared over the church? The ‘6Ps’ - beginning with

number of those who ate was about five thousand men,

prosperity, posterity, provision, plenteous supply,

besides women and children.

physical wholeness, productive restoration - have been experienced in 2009. I believe that God is going to add

This is perhaps one of the greatest miracles of Jesus

four more blessings into our lives in 2010.

Christ as it is repeated in all the four gospels. This is not

A national blessing God is going to call us, blessed to be a blessing, to step into a place of national blessing.

A reputational blessing God is going to bless some of you and He is going to pronounce some of you in great ways in this nation. You are going to experience a reputational blessing. For some of you, God is about to vindicate you so that your reputation will be made good.

A personal blessing Beyond all these, there is going to be that personal blessing that will take place in your lives.


verse 17 they presented the five loaves and two fish to

A carrier of blessings (Genesis 12:1-4)

Jesus. If we are going to experience becoming carriers

Above and beyond these national, reputational and

of the blessings, we must learn to present the five loaves

personal blessings, God is going to bless Trinity Christian

and two fish of our lives to the Lord.

Centre like in Genesis 12:1-4. All who are a part of Trinity will experience being a carrier of God’s blessings. That is why we are starting the year with the series “Blessed to be a Blessing”.

Th five loaves and two The

How do we become a carrier of God’s blessings?

fish are symbolic of the

(1) Present to Jesus

inside of us. As we put

Matthew 14:15 says, “As

our talents and sow it to

evening approached, the

the Lord, something is

disciples came to Him and

going to happen. In the

said, “This is a remote place,

gospel of John, all the

and it’s already getting

young boy needed to do

late. Send the crowds away,

was to give up his lunch

so that they can go to the

box. That’s what we need

villages and buy themselves

to do – give our talents

some food.”” In verse 16

to the Lord. That’s our

Jesus said “They do not need

five loaves and two fish.

to go away. You give them something to eat.” Whenever Jesus is in our midst, we are blessed. The

talents God has placed

The key here is that Jesus was trying to help the disciples understand that they were now going to become carriers of the blessing.

disciples were blessed by


What do we present to Jesus?

The five loaves and two fish also represent our

time. In 2010, let’s give our time to the Lord. If ever there is a time to

the presence of Jesus. The key here is that Jesus was

serve God, it is now! Anthropologists, Sociologists and

trying to help the disciples understand that they

Missiologists are recording unprecedented harvests

were now going to become carriers of the blessing.

taking place in our world today. With the revival of

That was the reason why He said, “They do not need to

different religious faiths, greater economic crises,

go away. You give them something to eat.” And then in

terrorism and natural disasters occurring around the

world, this is the greatest

(2) Pray the prayer of faith

moment to serve the Lord.

In verse 19, Jesus “[took] the five loaves and the two fish and looking

The five loaves of bread

up to Heaven, He gave thanks.” Jesus

and two fish represent our

gave thanks for the food. If we are

treasures as well. We are

going to experience the continual

talking about our finances.

flow of God’s blessings through our

We can certainly complete

lives and bless those around us, then

paying for Trinity@Paya

we also need to pray the prayer of

Lebar as we give to Jesus.

faith. What is the prayer of faith? It is

We will then see the

the prayer of THANKSGIVING.

blessings of God transform the church as we pay off

Thanksgiving prayer is powerful.

this place and redevelop

Thanksgiving is an expression of


faith even before it happens. Many of us use prayers of petition (God

The five loaves and two fish also represent our

please help me, please give me, please provide…); such

testimonies. The young boy who gave up his lunch

prayers are fine but we need to go beyond prayers of

box is unnamed. Yet, he has been preached by many as

petition into thanksgiving prayer because thanksgiving

the one who gave up his lunch so that a miracle could

prayer is a representation and

happen. You also have a story to tell – it may be a small

expression of our faith. Jesus

one, but God will turn it around and bless someone

gave thanks for the five

with it.

loaves and two fish before they became

Let us not despise the insignificance of our talents,

the greatest miracle!

time, treasures and testimony. It may be insignificant to

Jessuss gave e th han nkss fo or th he five loa ave es an nd tw wo fish befforre theyy beca ame th he gre eattestt mirraccle e!

us because we are comparing it to the standard of the

Isaiah 54:1 says “Sing,

world, but God sees what we are presenting to Him, and

O barren woman, you

to Him it is good enough! This is the key. God is going

who never bore a child;

to bless us to become a ‘Blesser.’ How do we become

burst into song, shout for joy…”

a ‘Blesser’? – by presenting to Jesus. As we yield our

This is thanksgiving! The woman was barren and yet

time, talent, treasures and our lives to become God’s

Isaiah says to “SING” – give thanks – to start singing

testimonies, we will experience the blessings of God.

before she had children! When we step into the prayer


of faith through thanksgiving prayer, we are aligning

In Genesis 32, when Jacob was alone by the river Jabbok

ourselves to come under the nature of God and His

one night, the bible tells us that a man wrestled with

ability. Thanksgiving prayers will change the language

him. The man broke the sockets of Jacob’s hip. Hence,

of this church. We need to stop saying “God, give me”

while Moses was broken in the spirit to become a great

and start thanking Him for His providence and the

blessing to the nation of Israel, Jacob experienced the

miracles that will happen through it. How do we

breaking of his physical body and became a blessing to

become a Blesser? By becoming a Blesser through prayers

the nation. Jacob was broken so that there would be a

of faith.

multiplication of his testimony.

In 2010, one of the things that God has laid upon

Jesus was also broken on the cross so that we can

my heart is that we are going to bless this nation by

experience wholeness. Today, when men and women

entering into thanksgiving prayer. We are going to thank God for our government and for economic blessings before they happen, so that when they happen, we know it is because we prayed! Thanksgiving prayers

believe in Jesus there is wholeness – spiritually, physically, emotionally and relationally.

invoke the attention of God because they are prayers of faith. When Jesus was surrounded by the crowd and

It inconvenienced

a woman touched the hem of His garments, Jesus said

God when He sent

“power has gone out from me.” What happened? It was the faith of this woman that apprehended the attention of Jesus. Faith invokes the attention

His son Jesus. It inconvenienced Jesus when He was stripped of

of heaven and faith comes when

all power and all authority to

we learn to give thanks.

come to us (Philippians 2). In the gospel of Luke, the great

(3) Be broken for multiplication

Samaritan was inconvenienced

In verse 19, the disciples presented

one point to another but had

the five loaves and two fish to

to digress and make a detour

Jesus, then Jesus gave thanks and

to meet the needs of the man.

because he was going from

broke the bread. Broken for multiplication is a biblical


concept that we find running through the scriptures.

The concept of being broken for multiplication is a

Moses was broken in his heart. In the dessert, God broke

biblical one. If we are going to experience that multiplied

Moses’ spirit so that he could find God and through his

blessing that will happen through us, then we must

life multiplication could then take place.

get ready for breaking. The process can be painful,

on e


e nc la


Blessings, at

6 ‘P’s



d4 n a

Prosperity vs Survival (2 King s 4:1-7) Posterity vs Ba rrenness (2 Ki ngs 4:8-37) Provision vs Fa mine (2 Kings 4:38-41) Plenteous Supp ly vs Scarcity (2 Kings 4:42-44) Physical Whole ness vs Sickne ss (2 Kings 5) Productive Re storation vs Lo ss (2 Kings 6:17)

4 Blessings (G

enesis 12:1-4) National blessi ng Reputational blessing Personal bles sing Carrier of bles sings

inconvenient and cost us. But the greatest blessing can only come when we allow ourselves to be broken for multiplication.

2010 is the year where we celebrate 40 years of God’s In 2010, God will thrust us into a place where Trinity

faithfulness. But the faithfulness of God in these last 40

will serve the nation, the churches in Singapore and

years is not poured upon us so that we become a Dead

in missions. It will inconvenience us and in many

Sea experience. It is poured upon us because we are in

ways, it will cost us something. It will inconvenience

the abundant living, so that we can press forward and

us by ‘adopting pastors’ – pastors of churches that are

begin to share it with the world around us. Let’s get

struggling where they are – by bringing them into

ready to pass the blessing!

Singapore. Some of us may need to house them so that they will be blessed as we minister to, train and empower them. You will have to go beyond just providing bedding for them by taking time to bring them around as well.


There will be a breaking of some of our conveniences. God has blessed us not just to enjoy His blessings but to distribute them. We must neither be consumeroriented Christians nor convenience-minded believers. While salvation is free, discipleship costs

We must neither be consumer-oriented Christians nor convenienceminded believers.

us something.

(4) Pass it on In verse 19, Jesus took the bread, gave thanks, broke it and gave them to His disciples. Jesus passed it on. Then notice that the disciples also passed it on. The blessings that you have, pass it on! The testimony that you have, pass it on! The finances that you have, pass it on! The time that you have, pass it on! The life that you have… pass it on! Let’s start from today. Be a Blessing!

In Luke, there is the story of the woman who broke the alabaster jar to anoint Jesus. The jar of perfume could have been sold for a year’s wages – its price was about S$24,000 to S$36,000! While salvation was free, this woman paid the price of discipleship. Similarly, while we experience salvation, which is a blessing from God, the blessing will cost us when we become a Blesser. If we are going to truly follow the will and ways of God, then it will cost us something.

Rev. Dominic Yeo is the Senior Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre. Were you blessed by this article? Tell us about it! SMS “Trinity<space>your comments” to 77177 or email


This sermon can be heard online at


d e s s e l b I am a e b to ! g n i s s ble arians have t i n i r T e s e h t those f the year, t c a o p n r m i u t o e t h y t At their journe n o f ho they f w o t t u e s o b y a d a e r e alr find out mo e W . m e h t lives true to r i e h t around e v i l ontinue to c y e h t s a e ar lessing. b a e b o t d e being bless my school Among the thousands that took their International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) examinations worldwide, Ann Loh was one out of oh w 27 who achieved a perfect score. S She her he sshares hares h er journey with us, one that made h her er ffamily, amily, sschool chool and nation proud.



fter my O Levels in 2007, I did not get

to recognise God’s work in my life, I continued to serve

into my top choice of school. Instead, I

f faithfully as a Spiritual Parent and

was accepted by Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), which offers the IBDP as

a drummer in IGNYTE.

opposed to the GCE A-Level track which most Junior Colleges offered. As my cohort was only the third

Encouragement from those around me was what kept

batch of IB students, there were no statistics to gauge

me going. My Leadership Cell had weekly conference

the school’s overall academic results. Hence, I was

calls, where we prayed for each other. It was a time of


sharing our joys and frustrations, and being encouraged.

Although it was exciting to be in one of the best schools

As the IB examinations approached, I became

globally, there was much pressure on the students to

overwhelmed with worry that I could not finish studying

maintain the global ranking.

and sometimes snapped at my sisters in frustration. Despite this, my family was very understanding

As time passed I discovered the rigour of the IBDP. The

and forgiving. I

diverse modes of assessments required me to be focused

remember there

and consistent, and complete numerous assessments

was one night

while keeping up with the lessons. It was an immense

when my youngest

challenge managing my time as I juggled academics,

sister sat quietly

council responsibilities and church commitments.

by my bed as I

“Jie, the bible says that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, nothing will be impossible for you. So you don’t have to worry. You’ll do well for your exam.”

At times,

was studying. She


suddenly grabbed

became so

my arm and said,


“Jie, the bible says

that I

that if you have


faith as small as a

God as to why

mustard seed,

He placed

nothing will be impossible for you. So you

me in ACS(I)

don’t have to worry. You’ll do well for your exam.”

and gave

Even though it was such a simple statement, I was really

me so much

touched by her sincerity and I believe it was from that

‘favour’ which

point that every form of anxiety began to dissipate.

resulted in responsibilities

In its place, there was reassuring peace that remained

I could not

with me through the examinations till the results day.

handle. Despite

During the examinations, I was very grateful for the

being unable

different friends and family members who would SMS


Ann with family

Credit: William Hall

prayers of encouragement. My leader also called to pray before each paper and my mum took me out to eat after each paper. These simple acts helped me overcome discouragements and kept me focused. As results day drew, I began to feel the pressure of attaining the desired results. I chose to trust in God’s sovereignty, that He would make a way no matter what. I received my results on 6 January 2010

who had accomplished this. It was


really well beyond what I had asked

the meet-the-people sessions. It can

for. I knew that I could not have done

be tiring but you’ve got to balance

this with my own strength or intellect

with other things in life well. I’ve

and the glory truly belongs to God!

always enjoyed serving people and I

He showed me that He was moving

love this country.

and to my amazement, I attained a perfect score! I was shocked to be one of the 27 – among the thousands who had took the IBDP worldwide –

have a passion to serve the community. I’ve been contributing in small ways and doing things like carrying chairs,

serving residents and helping out at

in and through my life even when I When I was appointed to head the

failed to recognise it. Truly, God is a

Kolam Ayer ABC Waterfront Project,

God of victories and breakthroughs and He will never fail us.

Ann in The Straits Times, 7 Jan 2010 Credit: The Straits Times

I remembered saying, “God help me; teach me how to start”. I never had


My parents later said that as our Senior Pastor spoke prophetically on the

any prior experience to do such a

four blessings at Watchnight, it led them to pray in faith over our family as

project and I was unsure what to

I was getting my results. God had superseded what they had asked for by

do but it had to be something that

eve, is only a glimpse of what hat giving me a global blessing! And this, they believe,

would bring people together, a

g year. God will continue to do in blessing us this coming

place where people could interact my community

Heng Liang at the Kolam Ayer constituency stretch of Kallang River. Photo courtesy of Central Singapore CDC and Focus Publishing blishing Ltd.


Chiang Heng Liang is a banker by day, but at night and on weekends, he serves as a volunteer in the Kolam Ayer constituency as the Secretary in the Citizen’s Consultative Committee, and is the Chairman of the Kolam Ayer Active, Beautiful and Clean (ABC) Waterfront Project. A volunteer in the community for the past 15 years, he a also lso serves as a Councillor in Central Singapore gapore Community Development Council ((CDC). CDC ). We take our hats off to the man who wears ho w ears many hats, and wears them well.

and mingle. I prayed hard for God to lead and direct me and also to gain the favour of people. The project was a success. In addition, I received honours at the PUB Watermark Awards for taking care of the Waterfront

permission Reprinted with n, Voices. CDC’s publicatio


from Central Sin

Reprinted with permission fro m PURE magazine, a pu blication of PU B.

Project. God has blessed me tremendously. He has blessed me so much that I need to do something

done and He has never failed me. I commit everything

for Him in return by blessing people and the community,

to God, big or small and say “God, if that’s your will,

or in wherever He has

bring everything to pass.” When God has called us to do

placed me in. There is no need to strive and worry. All we have to do is to align ourselves with Him.

He has blessed me so much that I need to do something for Him in return.

something, we should do our best and He will do the rest. Four to five years ago, at a community event, I was just chatting with a single mother and her daughter. I said a few words of encouragement to the daughter, who

I am very thankful to God. I also feel very blessed by

was in Junior College then. I told the girl to study hard,

Him. In return, I hope to be a blessing to others.

pursue her area of interests in her studies and to do her very best so as to make her parents proud – something

God has given me much energy to do what needs to be

to that effect. Last year, I happened to meet them at


another event. The mother came up to me to thank me for the words of encouragement I had said to her daughter (which I had forgotten by then!) and mentioned that her daughter had just graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry. She further shared that my words had impacted them then.


ver since I joined Trinity’s cell ministry, I have been thoroughly blessed. Even in the marketplace, I often share about my cell life and the testimonies that come from it to encourage them.

I see caring and connecting as being part of the Christian I was very heartened when I heard that. I never

walk. It is like second nature. When leading carecell, one of

expected a casual word I shared had, unknowingly,

the favourite illustrations I share is that of a sponge.

met someone’s need. It was just a few sincere, honest words from the heart and which I felt

Every member is like a sponge and the more we soak in

was important, but God used it to meet the

the goodness of the Lord, the more we must squeeze out

daughter’s need. This incident taught me that the

in order for others to absorb its freshness. Otherwise we

words we speak can impact a person’s life. We need

will only be a sponge that is stale, lacking freshness in our

to speak more words of encouragement to people

testimonies. By ‘squeezing out’,

when opportunities arise.

I am referring to serving in church. To be alive in Christ is to serve,

Singapore is a blessed nation and we are a blessed

rather than to be served.

people. I’ve always told my three beautiful daughters (one is in DiscoveryLand, one in Pre-

Food has always been the

e other in IGNYTE) Teens and the

trademark of the carecells I lead.

hon onou ourr Him Hm Hi to love God, honour r their rn tthe heir he ir and never turn

Ang My wife, Angela will always explore with other carecell members on various

m. backs on Him.

cook cooking styles and they will take turns to come

We are richlyy

up with a wide spread of supper on Fridays

blessed and

e evenings; these include ‘pig trotters with

are to serve

mee sua’, sharks fin with abalone, ‘basin rice


with mountains of ingredients’ and ‘crab

God to bless

bee hoon soup’, to name a few of the more


exotic dishes we have had to date. I have not lost weight since leading cell!

2244 my workplace Be it in Church or the marketplace, Patrick Koh never compromises on his passion to reach out with God’s love. His efforts to care and connect have gained recognition in publications such as ‘Human Resources Management (HRM) magazine’ and “MyPaper”. He shares his heart with us on what drives him to be a carrier of God’s blessings to those around him.

My spiritual food comes partly from the sermons preached each week. I usually apply the church’s sermon even in my workplace. They are like my spiritual food. I walk by them weekly. I am still learning to apply the weekly sermons in my workplace as I do not wish to compartmentalise church and work.

m permission fro Reprinted with . ub gH nin ar NTUC Le

My colleagues of all ages and positions normally

Source: My Pa per © Singapo re Press Holdings Ltd. Reprinted with permission

pay me a visit when they are troubled. I always find

I feel that in times of crisis, Christian leaders should lead

time for them so that they will know that I have relentless

and not succumb to it. I am glad I had the opportunity

belief in them. I often seek counsel from the Holy Spirit

to do so. This year, my work areas have been enlarged

when they are in my room and many a time, they

and I am recruiting more staff ; I hope that in doing so,

leave refreshed!

I am blessing more people.

In November 2008, many staff were at the brink of

I have also been able to connect with new carecell

losing their jobs and business activities were reduced

members as well as meet up with Trinitarians who used

by 70%. I prayed for wisdom and for the management

to come to Trinity. A colleague eventually came back

to allow me to keep 50 staff who were supposed to be

to Trinity after many years of my ‘sales pitch’ on Trinity.

retrenched. With

Now, her children attend and enjoy the DiscoveryLand

their blessings, I enrolled them into SPURS, a skills-upgrading programme and

I prayed for wisdom and for the management to allow me to keep 50 staff who were supposed to be retrenched.

services, and another is in IGNYTE. Their family also regularly come for carecell. True to this year’s theme, Blessed to be a Blessing, I want to keep the excitement going. The Lord has blessed me

paid their fees

in my business with several large contracts. Through

upfront so as to shorten the claims process. When

new deals, I hope to bless more people with jobs and

business returned, they were able to take on their roles

I am also looking forward to raising up new leaders in

with minimum inconveniences. To me, that they were

different ministries to impact people for the extension

able to keep their jobs was my reward.

of His Kingdom.


what are your

five loaves

and two fish

? 26


The Watchnight message spoke about presenting our ‘five loaves and two fish’ to Jesus: our Talents, Time, TreasureS and Testimonies. Here are four Trinitarians who have done just that – and received more than they could have asked for or imagine.

My Time

I am a mother of three boys. One is working and two

There were a few times I woke

are students. I am also a real estate agent; commissions

up feeling very tried and tried

form my income.

negotiating with God: “I will serve

only at the 11.30am service, okay?”

In 2007, I felt God calling me to join the Creative

Yet during those times, I would lie

Ministries choir. In obedience, I filled in the recruitment

back on my pillow trying to sleep,

form, all the while thinking I would not be selected

but be unable to. After much stirring

because I do not have a loud voice. However, all who went

in my heart, I would apologise,

for the audition made it through! Pastor Peter accepted us

“Sorry Lord, I will go now”, then

all believing we were there

head to church.

because of God’s calling.


Truly, God sees our heart

after stepping

and not our ability. Since

onto the

then, I have attended every

platform to

practice and vocal training

worship Him,

session, and my singing has

I would feel


God’s anointing power

While serving on stage,

energising me

I often feel a deep peace

and I no longer

in my heart. The peace gives me the passion to serve God

felt tired. At times when I felt sick,

joyfully at the 8.30 and 11.30am service, fortnightly. On these

I became well.

mornings, I have to wake up at 6am in order to report by 7.30am for our ‘voice warm-ups’. There was once I overslept

I always present the practice

and a deep voice whispered “WAKE UP!” Instantly, I was

timetables to the Lord, asking Him

awakened and got up. I managed to arrive on time at 7.30am!

to help me fulfill my commitment.


I would pray also that the practices do not clash with

The blessings of God’s provision

my sales appointments. And indeed, practices and

have allowed for me to fully pay

my clients’ timings never clash! My faith has increased

off my new flat, renovation bills, a

and I am able to trust God more.

new car and a 10-day trip to Turkey with my youngest child to visit my

Serving in the choir is my ministry expression. I am

second son there. I was also able

also a carecell host in the East district. I am learning

to fulfill my Vision faith promise to

to put God first before my sales, trusting Him to take

God. As in 2009, God continued to

care of my every need.

help me close deals, even in some tough

Since serving Him, I have experienced God’s

cases. He made the

abundant blessings. In 2008, my commissions

‘impossible cases’

received per deal significantly increased from five to

possible! Early this

six-digit figures. At various awards-presentations in

year, God continued

my company, I was conferred:

to help me close deals

• A ‘Division Award’ for the ‘Top Salesperson’ in the

in just one viewing.

third quarter of 2007

Praise the Lord!

• A ‘TOP 100 Achievers in 2008’ award • An ‘Asia Pacific Elite Awards Winner’ in 2008 • A third position for a ‘TOP 20 Achievers’ award in June 2008 • Another ‘Division Award’ for the ‘Top Salesperson’

As I faithfully serve Him with my time, He has met all our needs.

in the second quarter of 2008. God also helped me to close two deals last year

Truly, when I first blessed people,

before the choir practices of two major church

God’s blessings flowed into the

events. Amazingly, one of these deals had no viewers

lives of my children and me. As I

for almost two months. The first interested tenant

faithfully serve Him with my time,

who viewed it liked it and the deal was done that

He has met all our needs and we

very afternoon! Miraculously, all the documents

are living in His abundance!

were completed and handed over to my clients right before those two nights of practice. The

Eunice Chan, senior marketing

timing was perfect. I had great peace of mind to serve


God wholeheartedly!


My Treasures At every Missions Convention and Vision Rally, it is routine for me to bring a cheque to service, fill in an amount I can afford and fulfill my faith promise on the spot. But at last year’s Vision Rally, God showed me an amount that was so big I did not dare write it down. All I wrote was, “Lord I do not have the courage to write the figure down.” I was at a loss as how to fulfill it. Business has always been good, but since then, more and more projects started coming in, such that I had to reject some. My project schedule is currently packed till the end of the year! This is God’s plenteous supply upon my life. But His blessings didn’t stop there.

Those in the construction

When I reached there, it was not a

business would know that

pretty sight. I prayed and God gave

this was a very serious

me the wisdom to ‘implement

mistake. The repercussions

damage control’. I reported to the

could be disastrous. To name

authorities that I was the contractor

a few, these included a fine

who had snapped the cable, and

plus legal action, demands

the addresses of affected units.

for compensations and

I ran, with my son and worker

legal suits from the house

in tow, to the houses affected,

owners, and an investigation from

apologising profusely and at the

all relevant authorities.

same time offering to buy them dinner and supply them with hot

This was the first accident in my

water. Six owners came out of

17 years in the industry; I was a

their houses with angry looks on

nervous wreck. I rushed to the site

their faces, curtly informing me of

with my eldest son, Alden. Driving

the inconvenience I had caused.

to the site, Alden prayed together with me for God’s intervention in the matter. The carecell was also mobilised to pray. I needed to know that God was in control!

On January 29 this year, I got a

However, after seeing that I was

call from my worker on site which

really very nervous, they relented

left me in a stage of panic. I was

and comforted me, telling me to take

informed that my excavator had

it easy. This was favour from God!

snapped an overhead electrical cable, causing 14 houses to be

It took a total of four hours to restore

left without electricity.

the electricity supply. By then, 15 of


the relevant authorities were on site, including the deputy director, regional officer, regional manager, and senior engineer. The deputy director informed me that I was very, very fortunate that none of the 14 home owners had called to complain! I told him that I had a whole cell praying and petitioning for me! He then mentioned that I was the most responsible contractor he had ever met.

My Talents Currently in IGNYTE there is a film in the making for an upcoming event. I am serving in this production as an Assistant Director. My role is to maintain the order of sets and to prepare and ready the cast for

I was let off with


a small fine as the deputy director and regional manager

God blessed me way beyond in abundance: overwhelmingly excellent business, favour and good repute!

wrote a good report on my behalf. What was more,

I chose to give of my talents in this area

none of the house owners made any demands of compensation.

My Talents With the completion of this project, I was able to fulfill the first

Last year, because of my O-Levels,

installment of my faith promise.

I took a step back in serving to focus

Through this crisis, God gave

on my exams. This year, I wanted to

me and my company a good

come back to serve Him again.

name; I am now known as â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;the good and responsible contractorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;! As this incident got passed by word-of-

The opportunity

mouth, even more projects started coming my way. As I

came when

honoured God with my treasures, God blessed me way

IGNYTE ministry

beyond in abundance with overwhelmingly excellent

started on a film

business, favour and good repute!

production for an upcoming

Cindy Lim, managing director


event. I went

because after my A-Levels last year, I felt quite lost, not

It is an honour to serve God. In the midst of our busyness,

knowing where to go and what to do. I reflected upon

for instance during my school term and the exams, it is

what I had been doing and what I wanted to do, and felt

easy to lose sight of God. But I want to serve from that

that I wanted to serve God more. As I was involved in the creative arts in school, I thought I would be able to use my talents for Him.

place of loving God. I want to serve Him with

I want to serve from that place of loving God.

the talents He has given me! Kenneth Yeo, university student

straight for it. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m serving as a

involved in the audio visual club activities. That gave me

cameraman in this production.

my background for photography. Being part of this

My key role is to ensure that the

production allows me to use my

picture that comes out is perfect.

photography skills for God, and at

I need to work closely with the

the same time, for me to gain more

people in charge of lighting,

exposure and learn more about film

and sometimes I would also help with parts of

production. I want to serve God

the lighting. I also had the opportunity to be

because of what He has done for

involved in the storyboarding process, and to

me. The camera is my means of

work with the director on the various scenes. When I was in my secondary school, I was

I want to serve God because of what He has done for me.

serving Him. Johnervan Lee, junior college student


From Barrenness

Stepping onto New Shores I was working for World Vision in India for two years. As I prayed, I felt that God was leading us to a new place. Just around that time, I got a call from a friend inviting me to apply for the post of Programmer in his church in Singapore. That church was Trinity. As Programming was not my area of expertise, I started looking around for friends who would be able to fill that position. However I could not find any. Somehow, the only candidate left was me. After consideration and much prayer, I felt that the opening would be a great platform for me to learn new things. Since the position was in a line I was familiar with, I decided to take the job up. Having discussed this with my wife Rosline, we felt that this was an open door by God. Together, we prayed it through. We felt that through this, God would bless us â&#x20AC;&#x201C; not just financially but as a family as well.


to Posterity Where the medical world predicted barrenness, IT executive Joseph Dhanraj held on to God’s promise of posterity. He shares how clinging onto God, bore fruit.

My family and friends were

our search was futile as the units either exceeded

against the idea. They were

our budget or did not suit our preferences. Yet

concerned about the hefty

miraculously, on July 3 last year, the day we touched

expenses involved, as well as the

down, we went to view our first flat and we liked it

costs we had to bear travelling

v very much. It suited all our preferences. God provided

back and forth between the

f us just in time! for

two countries. But because we prayed, we felt the assurance of

O of the biggest challenges faced upon reaching One

God that He would bless us; with

S Singapore to work was in the area of finances. There was

this, we made the decision to go.

o once I used up all the money I had brought over and had to ask my friend to lend me $10 just to top up my Ez-

God’s Favour

L Link card, just so I could travel back that night. However,

Prior to our arrival in Singapore, for two months, that

God’s timing was perfect. That very day, Human Resource

friend who asked me to come over had already been

gave word that I would be able to get my pay early; they

helping us source for suitable accommodation. However,

had made arrangements for that to be done.


On Rocky Roads

us and why we were not having a child. My wife was

My wife and I have been married for six years now.

stressed and upset. Good-intentioned friends tried

About one and a half years into our marriage, Rosline

to recommend different doctors and treatments to

conceived. Our happiness was soon short-lived; 45 days

her. I wondered to myself, if God can give other couples

later, she suffered a miscarriage. She became very weak

children, why not us? It was a very disappointing, painful

and suffered a series of complications. One of it was a

and trying time.

urinal infection and the treatment for this dragged on for a while. For the next two years, she was unable to

Blessing of a Spiritual Family

conceive as she underwent the treatments.

I knew that when I went to Singapore, God was leading us to a place of blessing and

The doctor also said that because

truly He was. During this

of our age (we were in our 30s), it

ordeal, I was very thankful

would be difficult for us to conceive.

for the comfort and support

To further compound the problem,

of a carecell in the East. The

there was also the issue of our

carecell members prayed for

previous miscarriage, the cause of

my wife and I to have a child.

which was still unaccounted for.

In my first meeting with my Office Cell, they also asked

The doctor advised us to explore other medical means of conceiving. These included Artificial

When my wife and I heard it, we felt that this was it – it was God’s rhema word for us!

Insemination (AI) or Intra-uterine

for a prayer request. I was pleasantly surprised and honoured to have the cell asking me about my needs

Insemination (IU), which was a hefty $5,000 and

and being prayed for by them. Pastor Kenny, the Office

provided a 30% chance of us conceiving. He could not

Cell leader even assured me that God is able to meet all

guarantee us that we would have a child even after

my needs. I was very encouraged.

going through this process. Hence, in the end we did not subscribe to these medical means because of cost

At Watchnight last year, we were unable to attend the

and conviction. Instead, we

service in Trinity as we were in India. However, we went

chose to trust God. He was our

online to listen to the sermon. The Prophetic Word for

only guarantee.

the coming year (2009) was to ‘Enter into Abundant Living’. When my wife and I heard it, we felt that this


Family members started

was it – it was God’s rhema word for us! Together, we

asking what was wrong with

claimed God’s promise of Posterity.

Miracle in Motion

of delivery would be on March 1. Amazingly, the

Months passed, and Rosline continued suffering from

miscarriage in 2006 also occurred on March 1, which

the list of complications arising from the miscarriage. One

my wife remembers very vividly. We felt that it was Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

such complication was an on-and-off abdominal pain.

way of restoring His promise to us.

Contrary to our hopes, in addition to the series of

My wife was scheduled to go for a scan on January 26,

complications after the miscarriage, Rosaline began

but at 5am that morning, her water bag began to leak.

developing severe and unbearable abdominal pains

She was immediately rushed to hospital. After eight

in February. She had to go back to India for her sisterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

hours, she was still not able to go into delivery. The

wedding and so bore with the pain for about three months.

medical team decided upon a caesarian. During the caesarian operation, the doctors found two cysts in each

In April, the pains got worse. Scans revealed that she

ovary. They promptly removed the cysts and there were

had cysts in her ovaries. Doctors in Chennai remarked

no complications. Praise God!

that leaving the cysts untreated would lead to more pain and slowly cause infertility. They prescribed medicine

My son, though premature by about four weeks, is a

which would alleviate the pain and treat the cysts but

healthy baby. The doctor even said that his weight at

commented that the medication would

birth, 2.67 kg, is above the norm

act as a contraceptive which would

for babies born premature. His

further induce barrenness. Medically,

features are so well-formed that

nearly all chances of us having a baby

there is no way you could tell he

were forfeited.

was born early! After one week in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU),

In June, Rosline came back

we were finally able to bring

to Singapore with a bag of

little Joshua home.

medicine but she did not want to take them because


they had contraceptive effects.

I believe that God has brought me to Singapore for

Miraculously, she conceived within that very month.

His purpose in our lives. This journey of obedience has

We were greatly surprised and gave praises to God.

strengthened my faith. What He has determined to

Finally, our long wait for a child was over!

bless, no one can take away. Where the medical world predicted barrenness, God has promised Posterity.

When she went for a check-up at Kandang Kerbau

God likes to bless His children, we should never doubt

Hospital (KKH), the doctor said that her projected date

Him. His ways are not just good; they are perfect!


To love God is to love people. Pastor Margaret Tay explains what it takes to carry Christâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heart for the needy and hurting.



Two persons were having a conversation.

Jeremiah 22:16 – He (King Josiah) defended the cause of

The first said, “Sometimes I would like to ask God why

the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what

He allows poverty, suffering and injustice when He

it means to know me?” declares the LORD. God equates

could do something about it.”

caring for the poor and needy as knowing Him.

The other responded “Well, why don’t you ask Him?” The first man replied, “Because I’m afraid He would ask

God’s heart is indeed for the poor and needy. About

me the same question.”

2,000 verses in the bible are on poverty and justice. Book

Today we are faced with this question: “What would we

after book you will see this recurrent theme.

do with the poverty and injustice that we see around us?” and “What would we do with the poor and needy?

In Isaiah 58:1-11, the Israelites’ prayers were not answered even through they prayed and fasted, because they had

This is an invitation for us to know God and feel His

missed the point. Their religious acts of fasting and prayer

broken heart through prayer.

– their pseudo spirituality – would not get them anywhere if they were not doing what was right. Isaiah 58:6-7 explains what God told them to do: Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the

1. Pray to have God’s Heart

oppressed free and break every yoke? Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter – when you see the naked, to clothe him, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood? These verses talk about justice, fairness and a concern for

Bob Pierce, the founder of World Vision prayed: “Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God.” We need to have God’s heart, but it is not easy to have that in our busy society. We have compassion fatigue.

“Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God.”

the poor. We need to pray to have God’s heart for the poor and needy, a heart of compassion and generosity.

✟ ✟

To repent of apathy and indifference To have God’s heart for the poor and needy: • A heart of compassion – to feel for them • A heart of generosity – to give of your talents, time, and treasures.

37 37

also said, “When we see them as God sees them, we will glimpse His image in their faces – Christ in His most distressing disguise.”

2. Pray to ‘see God’ in the poor and needy

This means that they have potential in God, a God-given destiny and that we must have a relentless belief in them!

To repent of any prejudices

To repent of any unkindness

these” were blessed and welcomed by Christ into His Father’s Kingdom.

To ‘see God’ in the poor and needy

Good works do not get us saved, but when we are saved, it should

To treat the poor and needy as you would treat Jesus

To have a relentless belief in people and their Godgiven destiny.

In Matthew 25:31-46, those who showed acts of love for the “least of

be part of our nature to do good works. Richard Stearns, President of World Vision, US paraphrased verses 42 and 43: For I was hungry, while you had all you needed. I was thirsty, but you drank bottled water. I was a stranger, and you wanted me deported. I needed clothes, but you needed more clothes. I was sick, and you pointed out the behaviors that led to my sickness. I was in prison, and you said I was getting what I deserved. What will we do with the poor and needy? We need to ‘see God’ in them, which means that when we see them, we need to respond. We

3. Pray God’s Vision for the poor and needy to be fulfilled

need to love them, listen to them. We need to treat them the way we would treat Jesus. God had a vision for the poor and needy. Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you

We also need to have the same vision. Isaiah

did for me. (verse 40)

61:1-3 was in fact Jesus’ mission statement. Verse 1 says, The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord

The poor and needy are made in the image of God. Richard Stearns


is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to

preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners. • A double portion instead God’s vision for the poor and needy is that they will experience the “Whole” gospel – physical, economic, emotional, spiritual healing and restoration.

of shame, and • An inheritance instead of disgrace

Take time to pray Isaiah 61

The Poor and Needy (verses 3, 6 and 9)

The Poor (verse 1)

• That they will be oaks of righteousness, a planting of

• That they will experience the whole gospel and place their hope in God • The poor includes those with a ‘poverty spirit’– having lost hope in their future, they have lost faith in

the Lord for the display of His splendour, (verse 3) • That they will be priests of the Lord, ministers of our God (verse 6) • That they will be known among the nations (verse 9)


Partners of the Vision (verses 4-9) The Brokenhearted (verse 1)

• Trinity Christian Centre

• The deserted (by children, parents, or by another)

• Care Community Services Society (CCSS)

• The healing of their hurts and pain

• Social workers and agencies

• That they will find comfort and provision

• National leaders

The Captives (verse 1)

Leonard Ravenhill says: “The world is not in need of

• Freedom from incarceration

a new definition of Christianity, it is in need of a new

• Freedom from bondage to addictions: drugs, gambling,

demonstration of Christianity.”

smoking, drinking • Freedom from bondage to their past • Freedom from the devil’s lies about themselves and their future

Those who Mourn (verse 3) • That God will bestow upon them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, • The oil of gladness instead of mourning, • A garment of praise instead of spirit of despair,

Pastor Margaret Tay heads the Missions Project Office in Trinity Christian Centre. She is also a missionary, church consultant and trainer of pastors and leaders. Were you blessed by this article? Tell us about it! SMS “Trinity<space>your comments” to 77177 or email


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IIn th the midst id t off a d depressed d economy, T Trinity i it Christian Centre was cited into action by giving a total of $100,000 to the South East Community Development Council (CDC). The money would be used to assist financially challenged families and individuals in the district.

Beneficiary 1

Mdm A*, aged 63,

is a widow. She used to stay with her only son in a rented room in a shophouse before he was caught for Criminal Breach of Trust and sentenced to nine months of imprisonment. Before her son was caught, he had informed

Of the $100,000, $30,000 was given on May 21 for the CDC’s Upsized Breakfast Programme which supports 2,053 needy students in 13 primary schools, while the remaining $70,000 was presented to Mayor Matthias Yao at the LIFE Charity Concert Gala Night on June 26 last year.

the landlord that they would be moving out because he had found new accommodation. Thus, Mdm A was unexpectedly forced to move out of the rented room as the landlord had already found a new

Initially termed the ‘Interim Relief Scheme’,


the fund has since been renamed the Trinity Christian Centre (TCC) Assistance Fund. Money is withdrawn in tranches of $10,000. To date, DC South East CDC has assisted 0 more than 210 needy familiess and 414 students.

Mdm A was not eligible to go to MCYS’s Destitute Home as she is still currently receiving her $297 every month under the Minimum Sum Scheme (MSS). In addition, she did not have any friends or relatives that could take her in. A CDC officer handling Mdm A’s case found her accommodation in a home for the aged. As Mdm A is unable to afford the $520 monthly nursing home fees, she is assisted under the TCC Assistance Fund with $250 per month from Dec 2009 to Mar 2010 to help with her nursing home fees until his son is released from the prison.


ey will or and needy is that th God’s vision for the po omic, gospel’ –physical, econ experience the ‘whole inity storation. Last year, Tr spiritual healing and re h East CDC ged $100,000 to Sout Christian Centre pled are the four ts in the district. Here to help needy residen this financial blessing. stories of recipients of

Beneficiary 2

Mdm B*, aged 31 is a housewife with a three year old daughter living in a 1-room

rental flat. She has been depending on her husband for basic living expenses all this while. However her relationship with him has become very strained and he refuses to contribute anymore. They are currently undergoing divorce proceedings; she also has minimal support from her own family. As both Mdm B and her daughter are permanent residents, they are not eligible to have support from the National Scheme under its guidelines. The TCC Assistance Fund has aided her with $200 per month from November 2009 to December 2009 during this interim period.

Beneficiary 4

Mr D* is the sole breadwinner

Beneficiary 3

and a low-wage worker who is married with three children

Junior C*, aged seven, lives

aged nine, eight and six. His wife, an Indonesian on a social

with his grandparents who

visit pass, has a son aged 12 from a previous marriage who

are retirees in a 1-room

is studying in Singapore. The family of six live in a two-room

rental flat. His father is

rental flat.

currently serving his prison sentence until March 2013 and his

The family has accumulated arrears since early 2009 and

mother abandoned him in 2006.

their financial situation has worsened since Mr D was imprisoned from May to July last year.

Junior C is also unable to get the support of his grandparent’s children as they are

South East CDC assisted the family with a $61 rental

low-income earners themselves.

voucher and $60 utility voucher from December 2008 to May 2009. As the family did not have savings, the assistance

Although Junior C was aided by the MOE

was increased to include $250 in cash, $26 Services and

Financial Assistance Scheme and the

Conservancy Charges voucher from June to July 2009.

School Pocket Money Fund for schooling expenses, they are still insufficient to

The schools that the children attend have also helped by

cover his basic living expenses. Under the

placing them under the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme

TCC Assistance Fund, the South East CDC

and CDC Upsized Breakfast Programme so that the children

is assisting Junior C with $200 per month

will be able to have proper meals in spite of their financial

to cover his basic living expenses.


*Names have been changed to protect the identities of those featured. 41


In 1 Kings 3, Solomon has just inherited the kingdom. He had just been coronated. Verses 4-5 (NKJV) says, Now the king went to Gibeon to sacrifice there, for that was the great high place: Solomon offered a thousand burnt offerings on that altar. At Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night; and God said, “Ask! What shall I give you?

What does it take to capture

One day as I was reading 1 Kings Chapter 3, I came across verse 4 again where Solomon sacrificed a thousand burnt offerings on the altar. In Jewish custom, when a king was coronated, as an act of gratitude, he would sacrifice

God’s heart?

one bull in an act of worship to the Lord. It would have been somewhat

Pastor Bryan

sacrificed. But verse 4 says that Solomon, from a deep heart of gratitude, a

Jarrett shares about living lavishly, God’s way

over the top, maybe excessive, if Solomon had requested that 10 bulls be heart of extravagant giving and worship to the Lord, sacrificed a thousand bulls on that altar. It was immediately after that extravagance that God’s heart was so captured that He said to him, now because of your extravagant worship, because of your extravagant giving, Solomon, ask me whatever you will and I will give it to you. As I studied the passage, I realised that Solomon had moved beyond a place of worship and giving. He had come to a level of extravagance.

Hee had com me to a leeveel of exttra avaggance.

When I understood that revelation, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me: this is it; not only should you ask for wisdom, understanding and discernment to lead the people but you must learn to live your life above mediocrity and above status quo, learning to live and worship and give as Solomon did at a level of extravagance. I found there were many of God’s people who moved beyond mediocrity and status quo and lived their lives at a level of extravagance. In 2 Samuel 24, you see David giving 21 billion dollars in gold for the sake of building the temple. It was extravagant. On the complete other end of the spectrum, in Luke 21, there was a widow woman who brings one mite as an offering. It is an insignificant amount of money but because she gave everything she had, Jesus recognised it as an extravagant gift of worship.


It would do well for His church to move from mediocrity

Jesus said to Mary, your extravagance has captured my

and averageness to a place of extravagant devotion,

heart so much so that wherever this gospel is preached, the

extravagant worship and extravagant giving so that

story of your extravagant devotion and extravagant giving

the heart of God can reach humanity and the Kingdom

is going to be told all over the world, wherever this gospel

could be established in this world.

is preached.

In John 12, Mary took a pound of very costly oil of

Judas was on the other side. Judas was bothered by

spikenard, anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped His feet

her act of devotion. The question is, what captured

with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance

the heart of Jesus? And why was Judas bothered so

of the oil. But one of His disciples, Judas Iscariot, Simon’s

much? It brings to light that wherever there is a degree

son, who would betray Him, said, “Why was this fragrant

of extravagant generosity, selfishness will always be

oil not sold for three hundred denarii and given to the

battling for control.

poor?” …But Jesus said, “Let her alone; she has kept this for the day of my burial. For the poor you have with you

I want to share with you some principles about Mary’s

always, but Me you do not have always.

extravagant act of worship.

It is said that Mary’s costly bottle – her alabaster jar – would have been worth a whole year’s pay. What would possess Mary to go and buy, with one year’s salary, a bottle of perfume and then in one moment dump the entire bottle onto Jesus? The answer is probably

1. Exttrav vaga antt giv ving offfers wha at is preccious to us

found in the preceding chapter where Mary’s brother,

Many might think that Mary’s devotion was beyond the

Lazarus was raised from the dead. An extravagant heart

realm of reasonable decorum but not for her, because

of giving stems from a grateful heart.

every time you see Mary in the scripture, you find her at the feet of Jesus. She sat at His feet to hear the Word in Luke 10. She knelt at His feet in sorrow over the death of her brother in John 11. And now here in John 12, you find her at His feet in an act of worship. Mary knew about extravagant devotion. Doing something extravagant was fitting for Mary because she was always at the feet of Jesus.



Extravagant Life

Many of us would rather just dip our hands in that costly bottle of perfume and dap a little of it in devotion to Christ but not Mary. Mary was willing to sell-out selflessly in total abandonment by taking everything she had that was precious and extravagantly pour it out upon Christ as an act of worship. What God is calling for, in order for the gospel of the Kingdom to be establish in the world, is for people to move beyond mediocrity to having a heart that is sold out in extravagant devotion.

Do no ot wait on som meonee elsse to o do o it beeforee you u do o it. YO OU be th he man n or the wom man tha at sets th he m ira acle in mottion. The scripture says God inhabits the praises of His people. When we bring the sacrifice of praise, the fragrance is

2. Exttrav vaga antt giv ving beco omees plea asin ng to oth herss

attractive and the key is this: do not wait on someone else to do it before you do it. YOU be the man or the woman that sets the miracle in motion.

In John 12:3 it says, And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. The whole house – not just the room they were in – was engulfed by the aroma of Mary’s act of worship. If the windows of the home were

3. Exttrav vaga antt giv ving is perrplex xin ng to some

up, the aroma of Mary’s worship would go from the room, to the entire house and into the streets.

Not everyone is blessed when others give to God extravagantly. Even something beautiful or fragrant

When we unselfishly give ourselves to Jesus, the

to God can be a stench to others. Judas’s statement

aroma is powerful. When a congregation is made up of

sounds real spiritual: ‘Why wasn’t this perfume sold

surrendered and committed Christians who are willing

and given to the poor?’ But the apostle John unmasked

to give everything they have to Jesus, those outside the

Judas’s hypocrisy in verse 6. John said, He did not say this

walls of the Church will be drawn to the fragrance on

because he cared about the poor but because he was a

the inside of selfless people who have moved to a level

thief; as a keeper of the money bag, he used to help himself

of extravagant devotion and giving to God.

to what was put into it.


You see, Judas was not in love with Jesus; he was in love with himself. For 30 pieces of silver, he would later betray Jesus. Extravagant devotion is an act that is irrational. The definition of extravagance is ‘the quality of exceeding the appropriate limits of decorum or probability.’ Others may gripe and complain because they

Extrrav vagant devo otion is an act that is irratio onal.

cannot get their minds around the extravagant devotion of God’s people, but don’t let the crowd stop you. In spite of criticism for doing so, seek to worship Christ beyond mediocrity with the level of extravagant giving. We often so wrongly call ‘tithers’, ‘givers’, when in reality tithers are returners because the scripture says that tithes belong to the Lord. If I am giving back to God what already belongs to Him, I am not giving Him. It is not until I go above the tithe that I move from returning to giving. If we move beyond normalcy to a place of extravagant devotion, the Gospel of the Kingdom will reach the entire world.

4. Exttrav vaga antt giv ving is pleeasing to Ch hrist That day, the only voice that mattered was when Jesus said, Why are you bothering this woman? She has done a beautiful thing to me. When we really give our gifts in extravagance to God, He knows it. Hebrews 6:10 says, God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them.



Extravagant Life

What Mary did may have been less than what others

motion by my own act of obedience.

could have done, it may have been more then what some could have done but the scripture records, in her

In the New Testament, every time Jesus performed a

legacy: she did what she could. The fragrance of that

miracle, He gave the opportunity to the individual who

perfume has long since evaporated from the room that

needed a miracle to set the miracle in motion by an act

day but the story of her devotion will be told for as long

of obedience.

as the gospel is preached. With the man having a withered hand, Jesus said, Stretch forth your hand. The Bible says that when he stretched forth his hand, it was made as whole as the other. In John 9, Jesus told the blind man to go wash in the pool of Siloam. He had the power to heal the man immediately, but when

Obedien nce setss mira acles in mo otion

the man went and washed in the pool, he was made well

Only on a few occasions in my Christian walk

and could see.

have I been able to go the place of extravagance in devotion to God. My wife Haley and I were called of God, in a time of our life when we needed a miracle, to surrender a yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s salary in an act of obedience to

In Luke, 10 lepers came to

Every miiracle in life is sett in mottion by my own n act of obedience.

Jesus to be healed of their leprosy and Jesus said, Go show yourself to the priests. The scripture is even clear to say that as they turned to go, they were healed. They did not even get to the priests.

Him, to learn to trust Him

Obedience sets every miracle

to provide for our needs.

in motion.

God literally provided

Even with the story of Lazarus,

our family with ravens

Jesus told Mary, Martha and

â&#x20AC;&#x201C; people who out of

believers there that day, Take

nowhere provided for

away the stone. He gave them

our family. I learned on

an opportunity to be a part of

that journey that every

something bigger by walking

miracle in life is set in

in obedience.


Iff I will do thee natu ural thiing – ob bey, Go od will do the sup perrnatural thin ng – pr provide. I have learned this: if I will do the natural thing – obey,

of God on our family.” The little one said, “Is this a holiday

God will do the supernatural thing – provide. If I will do

or do we really get to stay here?”

what only I can, then God will do what only He can. I can obey and that sets a miracle in motion.

Eight months later, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “Bryan, give me the most valuable thing that you have.” I knew

Extravagant giving is a lifesty yle

immediately it was my home. I said to God, “But God,

That year without a salary, we watched God provide. Yet

this cannot be you, because I’ve already passed this

in that year, He stripped us of everything in this world

season of my life, I’ve already proven that I can be

that we held dear as He taught us to trust Him and

faithful in obedience when it doesn’t make sense. We’ve

depend upon Him. Yet in that moment of breaking us

already been stripped of everything and we gathered

down, He built us back.

every ounce we could to be able to buy this home and we have nothing left. This is all we have.” The Holy

We were pastoring a small church in Southern U.S.

Spirit said, “It is not a season, it’s a lifestyle.”

The congregation was full of poverty. It was a small environment; we did not have much. When we moved

I said to Him, “My wife has followed me in every act of

to Dallas, we were able to see God’s provision in our

extravagant faith and she finally has a dream. She lives


in it and I’m not going to ask her to give it away. If you want us to give it away, you tell her! If she doesn’t hear

Having given everything we had to the Lord as an

from you, we’re saved and I get to stay in my home.”

extravagant act of obedience and devotion, we felt that God was honouring us for our sacrifice by moving us to

A few weeks later, Haley was troubled in her spirit in

Dallas. We were able to buy a large home. Our home was

the middle of the night and she went to prayer. At three

even big by Texan standards.

o’clock in the morning, she came and wakened me in a hotel room where we had a conference. She had tears


When my kids walked into the home, the first one said,

running down her face and she said, “Bryan, does God

“Dad, is this a hotel or a house?” I said, “It’s the blessings

wants us to give our home away?” I began to talk to her


Extravagant Life

with how the Lord had spoken to me and this was the

And so every Sunday as soon as I finish preaching, I fly

confirmation that we must.

somewhere in the United States to preach the gospel. It was a challenge, but our family made the commitment

We called our church family together and all the

to sacrifice extravagantly together.

professionals of real estate and we deeded our home to the church so that it could be sold and the offering

On Commitment Sunday, one of the ushers asked my

could be used to expand the mission of God in the

six-year-old daughter, “What are you giving to the Lord


today?” She answered, “My daddy”. She gets it. she understands. A nation must hear the gospel and it costs

I believe God is going to bless us with, at some point

something. It has to be precious to us and then it will be

in our lives, another home. But God knows, because

pleasing to others. Yes, it may be perplexing to some but

extravagant giving and living is a lifestyle.

it will ultimately be pleasing to Christ.

We lived a year without a salary, given our home away,

There are 80,000 people a day who perish into eternity

emptied our life savings, our kids’ college money and all.

without Jesus. Mediocrity in extravagance is not

We brought a cheque, my children brought their piggy

enough. If the Church could move into a place of

banks and we gave it as an act of obedience to the Lord.

extravagant giving and devotion, it would capture the

On 9 July 2006, our family were penniless paupers. But

heart of God and be a catalyst to reach the nations.

God provided for us supernaturally over those years and here we are at another level.

If Trinity could move today to a level of extravagance that you have never been, something would happen

Our church is trying to purchase this 140 acres of land

in this room; an aroma would fill this room. It will be

and God asked me, “Lead the way, give the largest

noticed in heaven and celebrated around the world.

offering of your life!” I said “God, how can I? I’ve given a salary and I’ve given my home and I have nothing left!” In the first journey He taught me about trust and

yan Jarrrett is the Se enior Pastor of Northplace Pastor Bry

obedience. With my home, He taught me about

Church in Sachse,, Texas.

extravagance and right now, He’s teaching me about

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the power of the ordinary. As it was with Moses, who said, “It’s just a rod, it’s just a stick”, God said to me, “What do you have in your hand? Take that gift to communicate and for the next two years work tirelessly.”


This sermon can be heard online at


Passionate Heartbeat for the Nations



Missions M Directorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mess Message


2009 At A Glance

58 64

Community Development Crisis Relief Humanitarian Works Non-crisis Humanitarian Works

73 80

90 92

Church Development Evangelism Leadership and Organisational Development 40th Anniversary Special Reaching the World, Blessing the Nations Trinityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Missions Firsts


Passionate Heartbeat Trinity’s Missions Director, Rev. Jeffrey Wong shares his heart. Missions has always been integral to the life of Trinity Christian Centre. But some of us may ask “What has missions got to do with me? Why not leave it to the pastors and leaders?” Well, fundamentally, we need to understand that missions is the expression of the heart of God. Jesus Himself came as a missionary – He came from heaven to earth. And what did He come to do? He came to serve, to give His life. In fact, one of my favourite scripture verse is Mark 10:45 “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” This was the verse that propelled me to respond to the full-time call. At

Missions is the expression of the heart of God.

that point in time, I did not know what was required of me. All I knew was to serve God by serving His people. This has been a core value I live by until today. So if you ask me, simply put, missions is serving the people. As believers, if we say that we have Christ in us, then we must also carry this same heartbeat for people. Whether we are in Singapore or overseas, we must have an eye and a heart to serve the people.


for the Nations Age is no barrier in going!

Thank Yo ou for G Goin ng

I am 77 this year. When my friend first asked ed aiwan last me to join the Missions Impact Team to Taiwan October, I was very hesitant to go for it because Indeed, we have been blessed to be a blessing. And

of my age. I was worried that the trip would be very

serving people is equivalent to serving Jesus, for

tiring for me, being the oldest in the team. In the end,

He said in Matthew 25:40 that whatever we do for “the

I decided to go, because of my

least of these” – that is, the poor and needy in both a

friend’s encouragement and

physical as well as spiritual sense – we do it as unto

also because I wished to see

Him! What a perspective that gives us. When we serve

salvation in Taiwan.

people, we are doing missions. When we serve people, we are serving God Himself!

When I took the step of faith to serve God in this new area,

Mother Teresa said, “I see God in every human being.

I witnessed God’s hand upon

When I wash the leper’s wounds, I feel I am nursing the

my life. Where previously I didn’t even dare take a bus

Lord Himself. Is it not a beautiful experience?”

on my own in Singapore, now I have been to Taiwan and back. Amazingly, in the whole trip, I didn’t even

Pastors and churches from overseas have always

feel tired despite the hours spent walking. In fact, I

applauded Trinitarians for their giving, going and

did not face any health problems at all.

praying. And I too have never stopped thanking God for you. But let us ask God for a holy dissatisfaction

God also gave me favour during the trip. When I spoke

and take a greater step of faith in serving Him this

to strangers to share the gospel, they were very open

year! Get ready for a greater engagement in praying,

and even gave their names and contact numbers to

giving and going!

me. Praise God!

Indeed, we are blessed to be a blessing to the nations!

When I came back, my family members and friends from the Chinese ministry said I looked different and more confident. Indeed, the trip opened my eyes to see what God has been doing in other parts of the world. I learned not to look back, but to look forward. I resolve to maximise the time that I have now to serve the Lord. Woo Fong Keng, housewife 53

Giving unlocks heaven’s miracles! I was away on the weekend when

Praying pries doors open!

everyone made their faith promise,

Edwin Orr, professor

and I also didn’t truly understand

emeritus at Fuller

what ‘faith promise’ meant as I am

Theological Seminary’s

nted new to the church. Still, I wanted

School of World Missions

n to participate in it because in

once said, “History is silent

our short time here, Trinity has groomed me and my family for ‘the school

Thank Yo ou for G Givin ng

of life’, and the church has d. helped us grow closer to God. So, the following weekend, I picked up a faith promise card from the Level 2 Information Counter and filled it in. I had asked God about the figure and He repeatedly confirmed it, but I did not know how to fulfill it. At work, I never thought of getting a bonus. To me, to have a job is in itself already a blessing and bonus. God blessed me tremendously in my work and I was able to outperform in my given responsibilities. A few months after I had made the faith promise, I was told by my boss that I would be getting a bonus as commendation for my performance. When I probed if the bonus would be “good or not”, her answer was simply that it was “not bad”.


about revivals that did not begin with prayer.” h how big or small the amount would

b e, I would use the money to first fulfill be, fa promise, and that if the amount my faith was not enough, I would try to top it up in the coming year. When I got my bonus letter, I glanced at the amount in first line of the letter. The first thought that came to me was that my faith promise could be fulfilled! But God is so good; it did not end there. The bonus had two parts to it and what I saw in the beginning was only the first part; I did not see the second figure in the letter yet. When I did, I realised that my total bonus was 10 times more than the faith promise made. I have more-than-enough to pay off my other

A large bouquet to Trinitarians who have given of their time to pray for Missions expressions of the church through these various platforms: - At Church Prayer Meeting - At Service - As a prayer partner/ local prayer coordinator for MIT members - In your personal time. Thank you Trinitarians for your history-making prayers!

financial commitments and still have additional left for savings. I have learnt that when we put God first, He always blesses us with even more!

Before knowing how much my bonus

Angkana Phisanuwongrak,

was, I told my husband that no matter

private banker

Thank Yo ou for Pr Prayin ng

Missions in Trinity An over view of Missions in Trinityy.

Missions in Trinity (Foreign and Local)

Church Development

Leadership Development

Organisational Development

Community Development

Crisis Relief Humanitarian Works

Non-crisis Humanitarian Works



2009 At A Glance January – December 2009 An overview of the span of Trinity’s Missions outreach.


6 >300 21 4 >6,900 278 30


Missions Impact Teams (MIT) Evangelistic and Humanitarian Trips Countries (Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand)


Evangelistic MITs

Humanitarian MITs

Lives touched


Miraculous healings

â&#x17E;Ľ GOING

Training and Consultation Trips

Training and Consultation Trips




(Australia, Dubai, India, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom)

â&#x17E;Ľ GIVING

5 166 13 3

Countries assisted in Crisis Relief efforts (India, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines and Vietnam) Through 7 organisations

Destitute children in India and Thailand sponsored Ministries

Church buildings


Community Development Crisis Relief Humanitarian Works

2009 saw natural disasters sweep across worldwide. Trinity partnered with trusted local pastors and churches, and reputable missions agencies and organisations to provide humanitarian aid to the many affected. Trinity also sent Missions Impact Teams (MIT) to the sites of natural disasters to assist in rebuilding and stabilising efforts there.


Bringing Help, Giving Hope Floods: a i d n I , l o o n r u K 500 villages affected* 2.5 million homeless 250 dead *Source:

he floods in

could not

India, billed as

prescribe a cure.

the worst in 100

To obtain good

years, inundated 500

clean water would

villages, rendering 2.5

mean travelling over

million homeless and 250

a distance, one which

dead. In December, Trinityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ss

would endanger them of

n Humanitarian MIT arrived in

snake bites. Some of the

Kurnool, the worst-hit of areas to reach out with the

f few who tried walking

objective of boring wells to provide safe drinking water.

e ended by being bitten b snakes. by

After the flood, there was no safe drinking water.


The villagers were hesitant to drink it. The â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;greenish-

Trinity saw the need and sent a Missions Impact Team

lookingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; water contained chemicals from the nearby

to drill and complete two bore wells. The villagers are

industries. But there was no real alternative. Many

thankful and very happy that they finally have access to

became sick; one even became paralysed but doctors

safe drinking water.

Misspiloisn hed



✔ Drilling of two bore wells to provide fresh water ✔ Distribution of exercise books and 400 sandals to children

GIVING ✔ Purchase of stoves, woolen blankets, mats, cooking vessels and food packages.

Team Reflections Jeremy Lye

or that we partnered with was truly A pastor

The team, which comprised of 22 people from different walks of life

thankful for the funds we provided, funds that

– administrators, bank executives, IT and sales personnel, students,

went to support victims of the flood. He wrote

teachers – put their hands together to complete the boring of wells.

in to update the church on the ongoing:

Amazingly, the work of digging wells that was supposed to take three days was completed only in one and a half days!

We are very grateful to Trinity for your timely help to the flood victims of Kurnool. I cannot

We also gave out sandals and exercise books to the village children.

explain what exactly people are facing there.

They were so happy to receive them that they would run a few steps

Even three-storied buildings are completely

with the sandals on, then take them off and place them in their

drowned in water, leaving only mud and clay

boxes and continue running and screaming

in their houses.

in excitement. People are desperately in need. They do not The exercise books had team members

have electricity. Everyday, they go and sleep in

writing “Jesus loves you” in Telugu (the local

the collectorate office and come to their houses

language) on the inside of every page. I will

in the morning to clean them.

never forget this gesture and I pray that the children remember that Jesus loves them!

I am sending pictures of the relief work we have done with the help of Trinitarians. People felt

Rachel Lee

so happy receiving the stoves, woolen blankets,

The focus for our trip was the construction of the two bore wells. The

g vessels! mats and cooking

villagers now have water that sustains life. I will always remember the joyful looks on the children’s faces. God’s protection was upon the team amidst the rough road conditions and the strike. Because of this strike, schools were closed for the day and more children could come to our time of ministry. God turned the strike into an opportunity for a time of ministry to the children.

Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


Community Development Crisis Relief Humanitarian Works

Sumatra : Earthquake onesia d n I , g n a d a P 1,100dead* 20,000 houses damaged *Source:


he September 2009 Sumatran earthquake affected hundreds and thousands of people

through the total or partial loss of their homes and livelihoods. In badlyhit communities, up to 95 percent* of the homes and buildings were destroyed by the earthquake. Most of the villagers took the risk of staying in their partially-damaged houses or resorted to sleeping on a ground sheet in temporary tentages. Trinity gave towards crisis relief efforts in Padang, the worst-hit of areas. In December, a Missions Impact Team (MIT) of 17 also went to help villagers in Padang with rebuilding works.


Team Reflections 1. House Building Our team worked together to manage the tasks at hand even though no one had prior training in carpentry. Two houses were built in the short three days there. When the villagers saw the efficiency of the team in building the houses, they were surprised when they realised that we were not professional carpenters. Many villagers were touched by our love and sincerity.

2. Community Lunch Cooking Four team members had an enriching experience cooking three days’ of community lunches for a total of 70 people! It was memorable for us to do the marketing, cooking and washing along with them. Though it had been many weeks after the earthquake, many ladies did not have the opportunity to share their fears with each other deeply. In the three days spent together, the local ladies found relief as they were able to share their fears with the team.

3. Children’s Programme Despite all but one of the team members not knowing Bahasa, it was amazing seeing them communicate with the children. We were able to impact the young lives through teaching English and also bring

Misspiloisn hed



✔ Building of two wooden houses

joy to the children who went through the calamity.

4. Distribution of Stoves and Shoes

✔ Cooking hot meals for 70 affected persons, for three days

The team managed to give away

✔ Facilitating children’s programmes

and 35 pairs of school shoes to

✔ Distributing 30 kerosene stoves to 30 families

the children. Having lost not

✔ Distributing 35 pairs of school shoes to the children

entire hard-earned savings in


tremendously blessed with what

✔ Building of more wooden houses and tents for children and families

they received. Even the Village

✔ Cooking of hot meals for affected persons

30 kerosene stoves to 30 families

just their houses but also their a matter of seconds, they were

Chief personally came to witness the distribution. Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


Community Development Crisis Relief Humanitarian Works


: a n a s t e K n o Typho d n a s o a L , s e Philippin Vietnam

yphoon Ketsana battered Southeast Asian countries severely. It brought extreme rain, submerging 80% of

the Philippines Capital Manila and affecting neighbouring cities. Ketsana also displaced thousands of residential areas in Vietnam and Laos, leaving many homeless. Trinity responded swiftly by giving to a Missions agency and the Assemblies of God, Philippines. Trinity also selected, purchased and put together ‘care packages’ containing food

The pastor of the Assemblies of God, Philippines reports on how Trinity’s giving has assisted the church in their crisis-relief efforts.

items and daily necessities. These were then shipped over to all 13 affected families of our Filipino Ministry members in the different parts of Philippines.

n on o Viissiiion dV Worrllld ediitt: Wo cred to cr oto hot Ph P

A Retrospect : is st ri Ch re he w to is is Cr From tres, normal morning. September 27, 2009. It was just a raining slightly. I was driving to work and it was just to say that water A few hours after, my wife called y. In a matter of was already reaching our drivewa -feet deep in our minutes, it had rose beyond four living room.

bers were Some of our pastors and church mem n had to climb already on their rooftops. One eve on the high onto the electric towers and walk side of the village. tension wires to get to the other


ided to cancel The following day, our church dec sformed our our first service. Instead, we tran and feeding area church into a temporary shelter been stranded to more than 300 people who had home because overnight. They could not get a ride that Sunday was of the severe flooding. The rest of the night on their spent rescuing people who spent roof tops, soaked and hungry.

evacuation cen Because of the poor facilities in the the dreaded the overflowing sewers had spread sses like colds, cough infections, causing common illne and fever. through the The total number of people assisted f distributions rescue operations and food and relie . Between exceeded over 220,000 individuals saw a total of October 6 to 24, the medical team tions. 5,243 patients in 17 different loca

Laguna said that A pastor of a church in San Pedro, merged in water. more than 3,000 houses are still sub members in his This pastor mobilised most of the als and serve in church to rescue affected individu r church daily for the feeding programme held at thei about three months. hip and prayers. On We ask for your continued partners say ‘Thank You’. behalf of those families assisted, we

Misspiloisn hed


A father of one of the affected families who received the care package, wrote in to express his deep gratitude.

GIVING ✔ ‘Care packages’ to 13 affected families of our Filipino Ministry ✔ Immediate needs of the affected in Philippines, Laos and Vietnam

Dear Trinity Christian Centre, I am the father of Jelaine Fabella, one of the members of your church. My family and all 10 relatives are recipients of your help and we heartily thank you for the goods sent. My family, including my grandsons were very glad when we opened the box you’ve sent. We wholeheartedly thank the Lord for you. We pray that you will be able to help more people who are affected by the typhoon here in Marikina and that you will also be able to help those in other parts of the world. With our deepest gratitude, Edwin Fabella Marikina Cityy

Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


Community Development Non-crisis Humanitarian Works

Blessed to Give

the Champions in India of e m Ho e th m fro 50 e For th Programme and the us Pl re Ca ild Ch e th m and 116 fro inity’s n’s Home in Thailand, Tr Abundant Love Childre ves them ongoing sponsorship gi hope for the future. About the children ren At the sight of the child e ver have playing, one would ne n d pain guessed the anguish an re du that they have had to en st at their young age. Mo have lost either one or ve both their parents, or ha able parents who are incap Some of taking care of them. tely abandoned. have also been delibera ildren would most Without a home, the ch our. often be forced into lab been through The children there have ys whose father much. There are two bo eir sister set herself died in an accident. Th it. As a t her mother had done on fire but alleged tha ys were w in jail. These two bo result, the mother is no of the were placed in the Home left all alone until they Champions. the home ents, these children at In spite of their predicam cers, doctors, aspire to be police offi have big dreams. They pray that our vernment officials. We nurses, pastors and go tial, that develop their full poten sponsorships will help . ll soon turn into reality one day their dreams wi


Mission Accomplished Sponsoring S ponsoring destitute destitute children: children: IIndia ndia a nd T hailand and Thailand Sponsored Sp pon nso sore red re ed children ch chil hil ildr ld drre en n in in India In nd diia

: 50 50

Sp pon nso sorre ed children chiilldren ch drren en in in Thaildand Thaild Th aiild a da an nd Sponsored

1116 : 116

To ota tall number numb nu mber err o sp pon onso nsore so ore r d children chil ch ildr il ld drren n Total off s sponsored

166 66 : 166

Sponsorship Spon Sp onso on sors so r h rs hiip goes go g oe ess towards tow wards ards tthe ar he cchildren’s he hiild h ldre en’ n’s n’s food, fo ood d, daily daiilly necessities, da ne ecce essssit itie ie es, s clothing, cloth loth lo thin iin ng, g educational edu duca cati ca attiion ion nal al supplies activities. ssu upp pplilies ies and and d educational edu duca ca cati ation nal al a ccttiv vittie es. s


Making our love tang

personally wrote n last year, Trinitarians tio en nv Co s on ssi Mi g Durin the destitute children gement and blessing to 1023 notes of encoura we are sponsoring. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Christmas cards â&#x20AC;&#x201C; to ans again wrote cards ari nit Tri r, be cem De t Las those we were not these homes, including all the 843 children in written and packaged ds were specially hand sponsoring. These car Christmas gifts o gave all 843 children als we t, tha of top On in love. es. ffed toys and soccer sho such as new clothes, stu Home in India m went over to visit the In January this year, a tea ans wrote to the mas cards that Trinitari rist Ch the t tha d lise and rea envelopes of the to them that even the ch mu so t an me ren ild ch rds at the camera, asked to wave their ca cards were kept. When ke ak refully tak the children would ca es, pes, op ir envelop their cards out of the ly gingerly wave them, and then ir put them back into the ed envelopes. This happen uses each time there were pa re or re-takes. The cards we m! just too precious to the

Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


Community Development Non-crisis Humanitarian Works

The children from ChildCare Plus Programme k wrote in to than Trinity for the d sponsorships an the many gifts, s cards and clothe received. These are their simple words straight . from their hearts

It is the most card you sent me. Thank you for the uch. I take it ve the card very m beautiful card. I lo it all the time re. I open and read with me everywhe to thank you for t you. And I want ou ab k in th I en wh This year I am you have sent me. at th gs in th e es all th to grade 5 next am going to go in 10 years old and I term. ristmas day it is so much fun. Ch ch ur ch to go I n Whe of the dance. I because I was part was so much fun my very best, ve seen me as I did wish you could ha ance. How is our dance perform and you could see u well? your family? Are yo Love in Christ, Sirinya

ll. family and I are we How are you? My I am u. yo to say hello to My family wishes 2 n rte am in Kinderga six years old and I be in grade 1. but next year I will me to Church and beco Every Saturday, I go e lik es kinds of activiti involved in many things. mes and other fun singing, playing ga at you you for the gifts th We want to thank have given us. May God bless yo

u and your family

Love and Respect, Sirada



d I are well. I am How are you? My family and g to be in grade 2 goin am seven years old and I next year. on I attend Baan Rong Saan School but to do rch Chu n Khu Pra Saturday I go to Rom games fun play , a variety of activities like sing and I especially like to colour. I live with My dad works away from home and sent me. you gift my mother. Thank you for the May God bless you. Love, Suweera

I am very happy to write you this letter. How are you and your families? We are well. My school is closed becau se it is close for the Thai New Year festival. Every Saturday, I am inv olved in activities at church. The church is ab out 1 km from where I live. I have many friend s there. What is the weather like in your cou ntry? May God bless you and your family, keeping them strong and healthy. With respect, Yongyot

Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


Community Development Non-crisis Humanitarian Works

Mission Accomplished Ministering M in nistering to to the the unwell: unwell: India India

Blessed to Bring Aid

Medical Me edi dical ca al Camp Cam Ca mp pa att R Ra Rahul ahu h lV Vi Vihar ih iha ha ar

: 170 17 70

Me edi dica call Camp ca Ca am mp pa Sanj njjay n a C ollon ony ny Medical att Sa Sanjay Colony

: 22 2 20 220

Medi Me diica call Camp Ca C amp amp p at at Bhopura Bh B hopur op pur ura a Medical

260 26 : 260

Medica Medi Me diica al Camp Camp Ca mp a G haz azia i ba ad Medical att Gh Ghaziabad

: 117

Total number off pa patients To ota tall nu umb m e err o p tiien ti en nts s attended att tten end ende de ed to to : 767 767 67

nss on l Missio Last November, a Medica itarians team, comprised of Trin ed out from all walks of life head e team of to the slums of Delhi. Th all e medica 13 went there to provid d.. ed ee e in ne assistance and bless thos Reflections of a city dweller At the Medical Camp at Rahul Vihar, the helming team met with an overw t needed number of people tha s, we treatment. In spite of thi with the worked hard at coping iptions and large number of prescr remained calm.

ye, a retiree, was the Team member Tony Ch poignant moments trip journalist. He recalls m experienced. the medical missions tea

y, a was held in Sanjay Colon The next Medical Camp was held rty. The medical camp colony steeped in pove of flies. ich was dusty and full next to an open field wh home in a church member’s The toilet facilities were the village. -minute walk through which was around a five d’s grace, jor challenge but by Go Crowd control was a ma e pllle p o op eo pe o p berr of be mb um nu ge the large n we were able to mana who came. set up a The following day, we ura. There Medical Camp at Bhop unity there.. was a huge slum comm camp on We eventually set up a


road. a section of a one lane to It was a little area similar no a shop house but with ing lighting. The surround ing as stench was overwhelm es lazed stray dogs and buffalo vehicles around and all forms of ite these were passing by. Desp best in challenges, we did our ving with our assigned tasks, ser locals the joy of the Lord. The re often!

mo even asked us to come

ction to God’s hand of prote The team can testify irits despite He kept us in good sp throughout the trip. felt tired, faced. At times when we the harsh conditions locals God. Knowing that 767 we drew strength from a blessing nistry and hard work is were blessed by our mi for a great trip! i itself. Praise the Lord in

cting me

Impacting them, impa

n officer by profession, Sabrina Ng, a probatio she Delhi. Upon retuning, also went on the trip to , with her prayer partners shared her reflections before yerfully kept her covered Trinitarians of whom pra le moments. . These are her memorab and throughout her trip

Dear Prayer Partners, yer. The me and the team in pra Thank you for keeping oothly. nistry sessions went sm medical camps and mi Praise God: n of each planning and executio 1. For His wisdom in the Medical Camp ring the trip m members fell sick du 2. That none of the tea e, the of the team was divers 3. That while the profile was oldest 63, but the team youngest being 19 and united! e) was full. re to book (3-4 star on 4. That the hotel we we the r hotel at almost 60% off God provided a 4-5 sta in the ms we worked hard in slu usual price. So though mfort at night! day, we could rest in co tions: re some personal reflec I would also like to sha als’ needs. rience meeting the loc • It was a priceless expe while not have local doctors, Some communities do when a r about once in a year others only see a docto able for them. We were only medical camp is set up s, and a ys’ worth of medication to give two to three da ving a patient say, while wa team member recalled ck? hen are you coming ba the medicine pack, “W e year?” This one enough for on

d happily ely to watch. They playe • The children were lov children much less than what the despite having much, d on were barefoot, others ha in Singapore have. Some and were messy-haired… dusty-looking clothes Rahul, we was an eye opener. At • The trip to each slum ed past dical camp. I had glanc used a school for a me only room we were using, a dark room beside the ss of and realise a whole cla to take a second look ly a bit sons in there (with on 40 students having les in through the doors) of daylight streaming ul feeling. service was a wonderf • Being at the church in to see a brother/sister It was heart-warming Lord gue/tribe seeking the Christ of a different ton y to Father. To hear them pra and loving the same big s me how real and how God in Hindi just remind songs are lovely! God is. Hindi Christian me of work with my team. So • I also felt truly glad to ders in church and have the members are not lea t at the altars, but they jus never prayed for anyone rts, don’t need to be expe stepped out to serve. We serve! ually accomplished’ to experienced or ‘spirit trip! If you’re thinking Praise the Lord for this sitate no more! of going for an MIT, he ar, refer to page 76. For a list of MITs this ye Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


Community Development Non-crisis Humanitarian Works

Trinity’s Missions Impact Teams (MIT) headed to Cambodia to engage in building toilets in different parts of the village to enhance the well-being of locals, as well as to assist in improving the children’s nutrition through the different feeding programmes.

Mission Accomplished ti o n sanitation ing sanita uilding Build B odia Cambodia ies: Camb acilities: ffacilit iltt uil buil bu e s built oillet Toil Toilets T To


Improving Sanitation, Blessing Lives Building sanitation facilities: Cambodia Among poorer Cambodians, ss fewer than five per cent have acce to decent toilet facilities.* Trinity partnered with the local church in to Cambodia to build toilets in a bid er increase the locals’ access to prop sanitation facilities. The villagers were grateful for the tireless efforts of the team as they toiled to build five toilets. The team even held a toilet dedication service! It was a great opportunity to minister and share God’s love with the locals. In the seven days spent there, the team also embarked on children’s


feeding programmes. The team reached out to approximately 70 to 100 children at each programme. l women, approximately The team also ministered to the loca and around 150 children 300 youths at the youth fellowship, from 16 churches there. From the building of the five toilets to the times of ministering to the locals, the team was blessed by the openness and hospitality of the locals. God’s presence was with the team throughout, giving them strength and favour to be a blessing to the community.

Mission Accomplished Serving S erving the the community: community: Singapore Singapore

Blessing the Elderly

Campus Camp Ca m us s mp students tu ude d ntts who who o spring-cleaned: sp prrin ng--cl c ea eane ne ed: d 69 69 H u Ho us seh hol o ds spring-cleaned sprin prrin ngg-cl c ea an ne ed Households



Vo olu lunt lunt ntee e rs distributing ee dis str t ib ibut uttin i g rations rati ra tion o s on Volunteers


250 25 250

H us Ho useh hol old d blessed blles b esse se s ed Household

2,00 2, 000 00 0 : 2,000

(CCSS) is one Care Community Services Society ough CCSS, last of Trinityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s missions expressions. Thr extra mile to year, Trinitarian volunteers went the rations to needy spring-clean homes and distribute d CCSS in its homes. Your giving has also supporte Lim shares how administrative operations. Corinne g to the elderly. one such initiative has been a blessin Serving the elderly: Singapore

(SAC) at Block Since the Seniors Activity Centre on 1 October last 35 Circuit Road began operations ying the new year, many elderly have been enjo rt-warming facilities there. It was especially hea ng place in the witnessing the transformation taki the centre, lives of different individuals visiting a blessing to many of whom have in turn become the community. e elderly The sense of ownership among thes gestures. One can be seen through their simple e dried leaves elderly member noticed that som ediately took had blown into the centre and imm another the initiative to sweep the floor. On occasion, one of our existing elderly members came with packets of nasi lemak, keropok and biscuits to bless the staff and elderly at the SAC. There was even a firstâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;time-visitor at

there by the centre who blessed everyone able table, sponsoring the purchase of a fold a basin and a waste-basket. e also been Friendships among the elderly hav r old met Lily, forged in the SAC. Elsie, an 82 yea while chatting, 77 for the first time at the SAC and discovered that they both lived in the same block. Noticing that her new-found friend walks with a limp, Elsie now takes the initiative to contact Lily whenever she is going to the SAC so they can go together. Elsie helps support Lily along the way.

Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


Community Development Non-crisis Humanitarian Works CCSS CARElderly Seniors Activity Centre (SAC) – from Concept to Reality It was an idea first mooted by Dr Fatimah Lateef, Minister of Parliament for Geylang Serai Constituency and South East CDC. CCSS saw Elsie commented, “I felt compassion rise up in me when I saw Lily walking with a limp. I wanted o to o to make it easier for herr to g go the centre by holding her hand as we walked. I am

the opportunity for a collaborative partnership that would benefit the many elderly in the area. After many rounds of discussions with the various government authorities, CCSS received the go-ahead to start the SAC at Circuit Road after its application was successfully approved by the National Council of Social Services (NCSS).

very thankful that I can spend my time here at the SAC and also have a chance to make new friends.” Lily responded by saying, “I feel very blessed to have gotten to know someone so helpful at this place and to have a friend to help me now.”

The CCSS CARElderly Seniors Activity Centre began operations on October 1, 2009 at Blk 35 Circuit Road and serves elderly residents living in Block 37 of Circuit Road as well as Blocks 12, 13 and 14 of Merpati Road.

This is but a glimpse of the realisation of CCSS’s vision of impacting the community, a vision to see a people restored, transformed and empowered with a

The SAC had their official opening on Saturday, Mar 20. The Guest-Of-Honour was Dr Fatimah Lateef. Many activities were conducted that day for the elderly at the centre. CCSS hopes that the centre will continue to be salt and light to the elderly in our community.

renewed sense of purpose to become channels of blessings.

Care Community Services Society (CCSS) is a non-profit charitable organisation set up in 1996 by Trinity Christian Centre. It is registered with the Commissioner of Charities and is an affiliated member of the National Council of Social Services, having an IPC status. To find out more about how you can partner with CCSS to bless the community either as a volunteer or a sponsor, please contact Miss Daryl Lee at 6304 7618 or email


Church Development Evangelism

Blessed to Bring Healing

The blind can see and the lame can walk – because God has blessed Trinitarians to bring the blessing of physical and spiritual healing as they embarked on Missions trips. Read of some of the amazing healings that took place. The Missions Impact Teams (MIT) share miracles that took place as they visited different homes in Thailand.

THAILAND, Nonthaburi

FIRST HOME > The miracle took place at the first home as the

Sep 29 – Oct 5

team met with the host and family. The head of the family was an elderly man. Hit by multiple strokes, he could hardly move but as the team

prayed for him, the man received healing and started to walk around the house. He accepted Christ as the team shared the Gospel with him. There was an old lady suffering from brain damage and was not able to speak for years. The team prayed for the loosening of her tongue and she managed to speak Jesus’ name in Thai. Her face became radiant after she accepted Christ. SECOND HOME > People from around the neighbourhood gathered into

An old lady that could not

the house as they heard about the team’s visit. An old man

walk properly because one

walked in with a walking stick. As we began to pray, he

of her legs was shorter than

was immediately healed. He could walk without his

the other was also healed.

walking stick.

As the team laid their hands on and prayed for


her, her shorter leg was

We prayed for a 90-year old lady who could not lift her

miraculously lengthened

hand and she was instantly healed. She lifted her hand up high and

and she could walk well.

rejoiced. She was also able to walk out of her wheelchair and she

About eighty villagers witnessed the

received her salvation.

healing and The team prayed for a woman with a girdle around her. She was instantly healed and accepted Christ. A

THAILAND, Khek Noi Aug 25 – 31

thirty received Jesus into their hearts.

bystander witnessed the miracle and accepted Christ on the spot.

Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


Church Development Evangelism

PHILIPPINES IloIlo, Oct 23 – Nov 2

The team’s journalist Will Yong reports on the amazing miracles that unfolded in the AlphaTrack missions trip to the Philippines. The team prayed for a man who was deaf in one ear. After we had prayed, he took off his hearing aid and started shouting “I can hear! I can hear! God healed the man of his deafness and his family accepted Christ as well! A middle-aged lady was brought in on a wheelchair. The bones in her limbs were distorted because of bone cancer and she could not move her legs and arms. As the pastors prayed, God healed her legs. However, she wasn’t completely healed and she felt God telling her to come back to church. She faced opposition from her son from coming back to church. But she managed to come back to church and shared that she believed that God would completely heal her within a month. She soon returned to give confirmation of the healing received! There was a lady who had a pain in her heart for a year. Doctors did not know what the problem was. However, as she was being prayed for, the Holy Spirit fell upon her. After that, the heart pain was gone. She was healed! We also prayed for a lady at a hospital who had a stroke. As she was being prayed for, she felt a ‘tingling sensation’: the patient felt as though her bones were strengthening and she could walk normally again. The presence of God was in that place and we were privileged to have been able to bless the people there!


INDIA Haryana Nov 9 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 16

Team members share testimonies of the healings that took place at the miracle service that they held. A middle aged lady carrying a baby in her arms had problems of body aches and pain in her knee caps. She accepted Christ into her heart. As I prayed, she felt the pain in her knee cap easing and she could even do a few kicks! An elderly woman who could not stand too long was prayed for. Even after prayer, she said that she could still feel the pain. I told her that she needed the faith to believe she was healed. As we continued interceding, she said the pain was much lesser and she was able to jump without any pain. Dora Tsoi An old lady asked for healing for the broken bone in her right arm and another in her left foot. During prayer, I felt the need for God to heal her broken heart too. With the help of a translator, I reassured her to put her faith in Jesus and His ability to heal. I challenged her to raise her foot and move it around. She started to move her foot and tears of awe streamed down her face! Syebvonne Looi An old lady with body aches had difficulty walking and raising her hands. After praying for her, she felt that her body pains had left her and she was able to raise her hands. She went on stage to testify of her healing. She also received Christ into her heart! Jane Teo

Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


Church Development Evangelism

INDIA Haryana Nov 9 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 16

A Bible College student was suffering from a fractured ankle/foot for some time. I prayed for his healing, comfort and relief of pain. He subsequently went on stage to testify that God had healed him and he started to jump when the local pastor asked him to do something he could not do before. A young man suffered from a hearing problem in his left ear. I asked him if he believed Jesus could heal him and he said yes. As I started praying for his healing, I felt the presence of God there with him. He later testified on stage that he could clearly hear with his left ear and it was completely healed! And this was only his second visit to church! David Tan

Be a blessing to the nations! Sign-up now and witness for yourself the miracles of God.

ing m o c p U

s n o i s s i M Impact Teams (MIT)


In Ind nd diia


T iw Ta wan


Ea East astt Tim imorr (Me M di dica call MI MIT) T) Ta aiw iwa wan


IIn ndi dia (M Me edi dica cal MI M T) C mb Ca mbod dia i


India In diia Taiw Taiw Ta iwa an


I di In d a (Me Medi dica di call M ca MIIT T)) Taiw Ta iwan a

Fo F or en enq nq qu uirie es, ema maill tcc ccm ccm miissssiio ons@t nss@ n @ttri r ni n ty ty.o y..o org org .ssg In nfo forrm matio mat ion io on corr cco orr rrec ect ct at at ttim ime eo off p pri rint nt..

Refer Re fe er to to www. w ttrrin rin init ity. yn ne et and nd the b bu ulllle etin et tiin n fo orr lat atest esst up upda da ates te es. s. 76

10 MIT Myths

Thinking of signing up for a Missions Impact Team (MIT) but have reservations? We identify and debunk common-held MIT myths. Do these apply to you?

Read this, dni-tuc hp tthoodsaey! worries and sig

1 I feel inadequate; I’m not ready; I’m not good enough.

• God is not looking for someone perfect. Rick Warren once said, “If God only used perfect people, nothing

I’m :( not ready

I feel inadequate


would get done” • Offer to God everything that you are

and whatever little you have – your five loaves and two fish; the miracle is His to work • Training T i i will ililll be b provided through a TENet

( : t o n I’m ugh. o n e d o go

course. Be sure not to miss any session!

2 I have a fear of praying for

people and sharing the gospel. • It is the anointing that makes the difference; as you g about miracles step out in faith, God’s grace will bring • Training will be provided through a TENet course • Many team members who’ve had little or no experience in praying for pe p ed out ou ut in in faith ffai aith aith ai h people and sharing the gospel stepped and witnessed for themselves the miracles of God. Read the testimony on page 73. Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


10 MIT Myths Read this, gndi-tuc hp ttohodseay! worries and si

3 I am not good with

children, at acting in skits, singing, worship leading and I have stage fright. • As long as you are willing to go, God will use you to touch lives • There are two types of MIT: Humanitarian and Evangelism – Humanitarian efforts

4 I don’t have the expertise needed.

E.g. - I’m not a doctor so I can’t go for medical missions; - I have no knowledge in construction so I can’t help build houses/wells/toilets… • Most of the team members that were involved in medical missions were not medically-trained. There are many other vital roles needed on such trips, such as in dispensing medicine, controlling the crowd and providing security. Read the testimonies on pages 68-69 • None of our teams that built houses were in the construction line. e 61. Read the testimony on page

include building


houses, digging of


bore wells, building sanitation facilities, distributing food supplies and necessities, and helping out at medical camps

selamat matt pagi

Kumusta K po kayo p y

halo h allo a

୎‫ނ‬ ‫ނ‬


– Evangelism efforts include partnering with local churches to visit homes, pray for the sick, minister to the children and youth, encourage the people and share God’s love through skits and testimonies • Within each MIT, these are broadly the spectrum of roles one can serve in: journalist,

5 I cannot fluently ently spe speak ak a k their language.

• Language is no barrier! The language of love transcends race and nationality • Team members who could not speak the local

treasurer, photographer,

language were still able to minister effectively.

logistics I/C, prayer I/C

Read the testimony on page 61

and first-aider. • Simple conversational lines will be taught during the training.


6 I do not have enough

money for this trip; I have other financial commitments.

8 I have no energy to go; I am too old to be part of a MIT.

• Age is no barrier! Read the testimony on page 53 of a 77–year-old who went

• As Ask Go od to supply all your needs an a nd He nd He will amaze you

• At our weakest moments, we can draw upon His strength. Read Tony Chye’s account on page 68.

• Reeaad th he testimony of God’s provision ffo or an M MIT on page 75 of the last issue off 2 o 20 009 – “Are Yo 009 ou Rea eady d F For 2010?”

9 I am not part of a Trinity

Carecell; not a church member; not a Spiritual Parent. • Anyone who is willing to be used by God can sign-up to be involved in Missions.


7 I am too busy; I do not

have enough leave to take for a trip.

I cannot travel due tto health reasons. • You can be involved in missions without traveling overseas:

• The 2010 trips have been penned out in this

– Be part of a MIT that, in partnership

magazine, the website and bulletin for you to plan ahead. Prioritise and plan your leave early

with our language ministries, will minister to the Filipinos, Indonesians and Thais in Singapore – Be part of efforts to bless the needy in

• Present your schedules and commitments to Him. Read Eunice Chan’s testimony on page 27 • As you honour God with your time, you will relish in the priceless rewards of serving Him! What you will

Singapore through Care Community Services Society (CCSS) • You can also play a vital role as a prayer partner to MITs.

receive far outweighs what you give. Matthew 25:37-40

Then the righteous will answer Him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.’

Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


Church Development Leadership and Organisational Development

Training Leaders, Blessing Churches TCA College partners with world-class universities so that leaders and ministers worldwide can experience outstanding programmes at affordable costs. To date, the College has trained and equipped more than 1,000 students from 30 nations around the world.


TCA College was birthed by Trinity Christian Centre to provide ministerial training and raise leaders for churches and the Christian community. The College is Trinity’s missions expression. It endeavours to train and release well-rounded leaders who are ministerially trained, to make a fresh impact wherever God places them. The ripple effect is in principle here: as these students are impacted through the College, they are in turn impacting their churches, communities and nations. These students have also caught the passionate heartbeat for the nations – every year, the College organises a missions trip for its students with the objective of exposing them to the missions field. Amos Lee was a student who went for one such trip. The second-year student from the School of Divinity shares how blessed the team was to be a blessing to the villagers in Batam

On 15 April last year,

the people in Batam, we first had to

a team of 12 full-

demonstrate and extend it to one another.

time TCA College students, comprising

The reception we received from the villagers can only


attest to the ongoing work of many Christian groups

Koreans, Malaysians,

who have gone before us. Many village kids were

Singaporeans and Taiwanese arrived at Jemera Island,

running around gleefully, with such angelic smiles

Batam for a three-day mission trip.

displayed on their faces. Many were dressed in torn and soiled clothes with no shoes on, but they were happy.

Batam, despite being a modern city by today’s standards,

We divided ourselves into groups of threes and visited

still has many kelongs there. I was pleasantly surprised

the homes of some villagers. There, we spent unhurried

to discover that our accommodation, a kelong, was very

time listening to them and understanding their needs.

clean albeit having wooden planks as its flooring. The fabulous view of the ocean and the quiet surroundings

We also planned and played games with the youths,

far made up for the simple amenities. Soon, the countless

volleyball with the villagers, interacted with and prayed

stars in the sky lulled me and my team-mates to sleep as

for the younger kids. These kids then performed a

we readied ourselves for the next day.

song-and-dance routine for us. The day ended with us distributing the gifts to them.

Early the next day, we faced our first challenge. In order to get to the village, we had to take a 15-minute boat

I experienced first-hand the camaraderie and love within

ride. As the tide was low, the boat was unable to land

the team. I was touched by the humility and service

near the shore and thus we had to get off the boat and

of the kelong workers. It was indeed heart-warming

wade through the waters. It was a humbling witnessing

having people from different nations joining together

how each of us looked out for the other. Surely as the

for a common purpose – to minister

Lord prepared our hearts to engage in the work towards

he heart of God!

Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


Church Development Leadership and Organisational Development

Training Leaders, Blessing Churches Your prayers have also enabled your pastors and leaders to embark on 31 Training and Consultation trips to eight countries around the world, namely Australia, Dubai, India, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. Here are snapshots of some trips.


Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


Church Development Leadership and Organisational Development


Here are excerpts from a Thank-you note by Reverends Daniel and Deborah Cheah from Malaysia who were blessed by a Training and Consultation Trip:

Dear Trinity Christian Centre, We are grateful to the leadership team in Trinity for your passionate and strategic approach in empowering churches beyond your own. Dr Daisy Osborne once wrote to me saying, “You become successful when you help make others successful.” Trinity is a fine example and a praiseworthy living testimony to illustrate this equation of success. We just started on this adventurous journey of the Carecell System. Your pastors have been excellent experienced trainers to us. To date, we have commissioned 129 Spiritual Parents, with more who attended the training but have yet to be commissioned. One of our spiritual parents shared that she has led 29 of her friends to receive Jesus. She believes the course has enabled her to bring God’s love to her pre-

believing friends and even a few backslidden ones. She benefitted so much from the systematic process to pray, win and nurture her oikos. We commenced on our next level of Leadership Cells at the start of January 2010 with 150 people in it. Our first Carecell Leader’s Training (CCLT) and Sectional Leader’s Training (SLT) are slated in April and we plan to launch our open cell in July. We plan to sow the initial foundational concepts of Carecell System this June during our annual Missions conference. It has been good this far since we started our first leadership cell. The leadership team, the pastoral staff and the larger body of churches have all been positive and affirmative as they anticipate the exciting future growth of our movement with your Carecell system. We are thankful for your love and investment in our lives and churches.

Reaching the World, 2010 being Trinityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 40th anniversary, we take a look at our missions efforts spanning the globe, one that has reached 42 nations in six continents all over the world. Our missions outreach encompassed in nature Training and Consultation trips, Preaching and Teaching trips, Missions Impact Teams, Humanitarian Work, Church Planting and the giving of Love Offerings. This feature captures the heartbeat of this church, one that has pulsated across boundaries into nations and communities.














Blessing the Nations England













Hong Kong







Solomon Islands






Sri Lanka


Singapore Indonesia

Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


Trinity's Missions Firsts Since the early days, Trinity has come a long way in Missions. We go back in time to revisit some of our first embarkations.


Convention 1st Missions

Small in numbers, big in faith


Equator ia Singaplo Hotel re

The theme First Missions Convention was “Commissioned” and Jim Anderson was the main Speaker. It was held at the ballroom of the old Equatorial Hotel in 1977. Back then, Trinity Christian Centre did not have its own place of worship. In spite of this, Pastor Naomi Dowdy, who was leading the congregation was adamant about having Missions Convention before the Church’s Vision Rally. When asked why she chose this order of events, she said, “I believe we had to have our Missions Convention first because we should honour the heart of God to reach out to others before ourselves. When we give to the nations, God will build our house.’’ The congregation at the time was mostly made up of young adults who were first-generation Christians. Yet, their stand in Christ was strong. Though the congregation were small in number, their hearts were big enough to trust that God would provide as they placed their trust in Him by making faith promises. One of the exciting elements at the first Missions Convention was its visual prop. The visual prop was a delight to the audience as it consisted of a Monkey on a coconut tree. The monkey climbed a higher level each

$35,000 $35,000 $25,000

time the faith promises reached a certain amount. That Missions Convention, a total of $35,300 was raised. Pastor Dowdy said, “It was amazing as we’ve never done anything like that before and it was a phenomenal amount in those days.” Photo credit: Jeanie Tan Beng Ping

Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


t Team (MIT) c a p m I s n o i s 1st Mis

Empty enough for a miracle When team member Samuel Ko was asked why he went for the trip, he simply

tu Paha Malaysi t a


remarked, ‘Where there is a need, we would go.’ Pastor Yat Wan, the first Missions pastor of Trinity recalled the teams


si is 1s t M

indeed an exciting time for the team.


1979 Ba

The first MIT to Batu Pahat in 1979 was

s I am mpact Te

packing excitedly into different cars to make their way down to a church there, just to meet

The relationships built on that

their needs.

trip were also meaningful ones. Some of the members who were

It was a fruitful time of ministry as Pastor

attending the church then and

Naomi Dowdy spearheaded the team in

are working in Singapore, are

preaching and teaching at a small church. The objective

attending Trinity. One of them was also sent to Macau

of the trip was to provide support to them and build the

through Trinity’s Missions Department and is currently

faith of believers, energising and encouraging them. The

pastoring a church in

team members ministered through songs, testimonies

Hong Kong.

and praying for people at the altar. On the way back, the The team also went beyond just ministering by

team was met with an

connecting with the young congregation at the church

interesting encounter.

they visited, playing basketball and having hearty

Pastor Yat Wan recalls,

conversations over meals. On the last evening of the

“I remember that on

trip, the team formed a combined singing group with

the way back, our Fuel Tank indicator was at ‘E – empty’.

members of the church as they ministered together.

In those days, the highways in Malaysia did not have petrol stations as they do now. We were so worried we

Not only were the congregation ministered to but our

had to push the car all the way back.”

missions team also returned feeling greatly enriched and blessed. Anita Chia, one of the team members said, “After

Thankfully, God saw them through the journey as they

the missions trip, I remember sharing about this local who

arrived at the causeway safely with sufficient petrol.

showed me that we can minister despite our setbacks.

Pastor Yat Wan said, “We were so relieved when we finally

He had lost his front teeth and yet he ministered

crossed the causeway. Apparently ‘E’ meant ‘empty’ but in

beautifully through his singing.”

our case, ‘E’ stood for ‘Enough’ for God to do a miracle!’ Photos credits: Anita Chia, Rosie Gan and Samuel Ko


arian Trip 1st Humanit

1990 Ba

gu Philippio ines

Tilling the ground Baguio, Philippines was the very first location that Trinity’s

The people were very open to hearing about the love

MIT arrived at. Pastor Steven Tay headed four teams

of God. The team spent their time sharing about God,

to go there to provide medical assistance after a huge

and many were greatly moved. A total of 1660 patients

earthquake hit the area in 1990.

were treated and 653 persons received Jesus as their personal Saviour.

An approximate one ton of medical supplies were brought all the way there! In Baguio, the team aimed to provide medical

With never-ending nights of packing medicines, Pastor

care to as many people as possible in several communities

Steven said, “The team became so skilled that they

and in around the region. Patients with different illnesses

could tell the number of pills there were in one scoop!”

were treated and whenever possible, hygiene measures were discussed with patients and community leaders to prevent

In some villages, there were no Assemblies of God

diseases. Whenever and wherever clinics were set up, an

churches yet at the time, but after the team’s visit, there

average of over a hundred patients turned up despite the

were at least two vibrant churches built in the same

weather condition.

area the teams were at. In later years, the medical teams went back and testified that these same churches were

There were one or two doctors in each of the teams that

still present and very much as vibrant as before. Pastor

went up. Although the other members of the team were

Steven strongly believes that some of the people going

not medically-trained, they did what they could to assist

to these churches are the very same people that the

the doctors, at the same time taking care

medical team connected with and

of the children and adults who needed

ministered when

medical treatment. The team also sang

they first arrived.

songs and put up skits to lift the spirits of the people.

Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


rip tarian T i n a m u H 2nd


Izmit Turkey

Going the extra mile Our 2nd Humanitarian trip took place in Turkey in 1999, after it was hit by an earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter scale. The earthquake left a swath of more than 17,000 people dead, hundreds of thousands homeless, and reduced homes, mosques, schools, and stores to rubble.* Trinity was part of the Love Singapore-Love Turkey team that provided basic and medical healthcare to those in need.

worked hard to provide basic resources for the 300 to 400 living in these tents.

One of the two teams that Trinity sent was led up to the town of Dernice in Izmit, an industrial city of one million

Beyond providing medical care, the team went

in western Turkey. There, mobile medical clinics were set

further by blessing the people with buying food and

up and health talks for children and pregnant women

‘care packages’ for those who were living in the tents.

were also held to assist those who had been stricken by

It was a great time for the team as they exceeded their

the disaster.

own expectations in being able to provide for those who needed help.

The team achieved much more than what they had set out to do as they found themselves going into the

In light of this, the people of Turkey were greatly

planning and building of structures for the homeless

touched by Trinity’s act of generosity and a certificate of

who were living in tents after the disaster. Trinity’s teams

appreciation was presented to the church. *Source:



Aceh & Nias Indonesia 3rd

Trip n a ri nita a m u H

Building homes, rebuilding lives On December 26, 2004, a massive earthquake occurred

As the team visited orphanages, they worked with the

under the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Indonesia.

children interacting with them and teaching them simple

The quake, measuring a 9.0 magnitude created a series

things. More importantly they shared their love and

of tsunamis that caused great destruction and loss of life.

attention with the children that needed it.

Trinity Christian Centre responded swiftly by raising funds, sending teams and praying for the many affected ones.

One of the villagers was deeply touched by Trinity’s efforts. He said, “The medical aid given by other humanitarian

Trinity’s social arm, Care and Community Services (CCSS)

organisations are usually air-dropped. But you gave us

worked with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

something irreplaceable and unforgettable – the

operating in the Aceh Province and Nias Island off the

human touch – by interacting with our sick, praying for

coast in Sumatra. Together, on 15 May 2005, ‘CLUB Hope’

us and playing with our children.”

– an acronym for ‘Come Let Us Build’ Hope – was also set up to ensure that the long-term needs of the people of

As the team reflected upon this visit, a Trinitarian who

Aceh and Nias were met. ‘CLUB Hope’ teams operated

was greatly blessed shared, “Although the time spent

medical clinics, built homes, distributed food and

there was short, the relationship built with the children

conducted children’s programmes.

was precious. I could tell that our presence had made an impact on the children’s lives. I had a few teenage

The team also saw the need to travel to Nias Island

kids asking me to

as not much medical aid was available or sent to the

walk them to school

remote parts of the Island, though inhabitants there

every morning and

were greatly affected by the tsunami. The first two

younger kids calling

Missions Impact Teams to the island treated 600

me ‘father’. When I

patients, conducted programmes for 620 children

first saw a number

and ministered to 2,800 people who attended the

of kids with skin

celebration services in different locations. The team

problems, I became

prayed for those who needed healing as well. God’s

a little unwilling to

hand was certainly upon the

shake their hands or

team as they witnessed more

touch them. I was reminded

than 200 visible miraculous

right there about the story

healings taking place!

of Jesus and the leper. I learnt from the kids the

In all, a total of 180 Trinitarians

simplicity of life and how to

went on 20 CLUB Hope trips.

be contented. I have learnt

Their physical presence there

how to touch lives and I am

will demonstrate the love of

touched in return.”

God in a very tangible way.

Passionate Heartbeat ... Be a Blessing to the Nations


, Dec 1â&#x20AC;&#x201C;3 u h T e u T : Dates Campsite B G B B : e Venu ed experienc y ll a n o s r e ildren p 3ACH!, ber, 150 ch m e c e at Camp R D d t o s G Fives. f La o e c y Three to resen r p a le im r ib P g r n the ta and camp fo s touched Land (DL) e y v r li e v g o n c u is o aD ese y some of th Hear from ed. transform

The hearts rendered


The heart work Camp R3ach was clothed in prayer as the DL pastors spent time aligning themselves to God’s heart for the camp. God revealed to one teacher the words “set apart”. It was God saying that He would, through this camp, set the children apart to do great exploits for Him. Another teacher saw a vision of Jesus pouring jugs of oil over the children’s heads, oil that thickly flowed down.

Broken, transformed and commissioned…to be a blessing Pastor Priscilla recounts the story of a boy whom pastors and teachers found challenging to handle. However, during camp, a teacher praying for him felt the Lord telling her that he was carrying a lot of hurts and bitterness. As she was praying for him, she felt the strong love of God for him and it moved her to tears. Even the boy cried. Later on, the boy shared that he had two visions: the first was a picture of many black sheep surrounding a single white sheep. The black sheep then turned white and God spoke to him to have the boldness to share His Word with his friends, and in-so-doing “turning the black sheep white”. The boy also shared about the second vision he had which was of a box which contained the list of names people used to call him. In the vision, he kicked the box over and its contents spilled out. The boy later shared that Jesus was healing him of his wounds. While before he was a rather challenging boy, his behaviour and countenance d amatically changed after that encounter. dr

A week before the camp, while praying, Pastor Mei Yee saw God ‘shaking’ the camp but nothing happened after that. Then God revealed to Pastor Priscilla the second part of the vision by showing her a big EXPLOSION! She knew that it was God saying that there would be change in the DiscoveryLand services in 2010.

For more information on DiscoveryLand service timings, refer to page 4 or visit 99

Camp IGNORMOUS was not only enormous in size but also in terms of our God and our expectations. Five hundred and eighty excited youths gathered on 14 December and went on their way to Malaysia with great expectations to meet God in new dimensions. Our Senior Pastor, Pastor Dominic Yeo started the first service by preaching a powerful word on the love of God. Youths were brought back to meeting God – their Father and first love. It was a beautiful ministry of love and acceptance. Many youths were immensely touched by God’s unconditional love.

There were surprise night games planned on the second day to impart the value of team ministry. This was a start of new bonding and friendships. Although many were extremely exhausted from a tiring day of games in the afternoon, the look on their faces after the activities was priceless. The camp was packed with a variety of games and experiential workshops. Two specific workshops on evangelism and the ‘tabernacle experience’ taught the youths the value and urgency of reaching out to the lost, as well as reaching out to God with a true heart of worship. Pastor Dom continued to impart to the youths how they were made for significance and purpose. Many youths left the camp remembering what was said, that ‘God’s call is irrevocable’. Camp IGNORMOUS was indeed a camp where IGNYTErs met their BIG GOD and were touched by His presence. by Shalyn Tan and Gwen Zhou


Camp IGnormous taught me to make my own decisions and not rely on leaders to find all the answers. I was blessed watching the IGNYTErs and how they didn’t complain when there were flies all over the place but just ate whatever was given to them. God’s purpose for this camp has been fulfilled, and His purposes for the future will be too! All glory be to God! Joash Yeo

By serving in the committee, I’ve been really blessed by God. Initially, I was worried that I could not handle camp committee responsibilities together with my O-Levels, but God was with me throughout. Most importantly, I’ve grown closer to Him, understanding that serving is not about presenting what I have to Him but about presenting myself to Him. Rachel Yong

Being a part of camp committee was a great blessing to me and I’ve learned plenty from it. Not only was God’s presence strong during camp, it was also evident in the months of planning before. Nicolette Lin

I have been touched through worshiping and praising His name. Also, I now have a renewed passion for my friends, one I never thought I would have so greatly. Jared King

I came to camp wanting to seek God, asking Him how He wanted to use my life. Through the awesome camp, God really empowered me and set me in a new direction! Thank you God for your love! Daniel Lim

I’ve been blessed by camp as I’ve experienced our great God on a fresh new level. It is an encounter I will never forget. Esther Khoo

m the two o fr s th u o 80 y the a total of 5 arian gets it w a in r s T t . a ia th s t y od. even Mala their One G enormous t Dickson, k r n e o a e P s ly in u to t tr r e o p s h Res ne Ho RMOUS wa Tiara Beac ne Faith, O O to in p r u e Camp IGNO y th a e w e tog aking their alaysia s they cam a s r e p centres m Dickson M m rt a o c P e , rt th o s h Re p from Tiara Beac inside scoo 7 • Venue: , Dec 14–1

-Thu Dates: Mon


For the 467 Young Adults that participated, PURSUIT referred to the fun Car Rally event on 31 October last year. Participants worked in groups of three cars each to solve clues that would lead them to various locations in Singapore. Once there, at some of these stations, participants are required to perform tasks such as devouring (hot!) Buffalo Wings and flying a kite in the dark. The Car Rally was not all about speed. Winning groups were decided based on a point system which took into account the locations visited, the tasks performed and the time teams took to return to the end point. Given the short time permitted to visit these locations, the young adults had to work together to strategise, collaborate and pursue the locations among different cars and across them. The event ended with a sharing by Pastor Gerald, who exhorted the YAs to be conscious of whom and what they should pursue in their lives. This was followed by a prize presentation to the 10 winning groups. Praise God for a great event!


â&#x20AC;&#x153;While I pursued God in planning and organising, my friends and oikos came and experienced God.â&#x20AC;? Ben Por, teacher

â&#x20AC;&#x153;PURSUIT was a great platform for the Young Adults to learn to work as a team whilst having fun in the process. I believe that many lives were touched that day. Being in the publicity team allowed me to stretch the talent that God has given me and use it for His glory. â&#x20AC;? Melanie Tan, graphic designer


District: North, Trinity@Paya Lebar Location: Chuan Park Function Room Date: Fri, 18 Dec 09 Time: 7.30-10pm Number of cell members: 20 Number of guests: 9

A party near you

Christmas @Home

Party #1

What’s better than kicking off a party with good food? Well... nothing really! The Young Adults of “The Lord’s Crown Arise and Shine” did just that as they got together on a Friday night at Chuan Park to hold their Christmas@Home party. They whipped up a great celebration with lots of delicious food such as pizzas, sausages and cakes. The party got everyone immersed in the Christmas spirit as they started to sing carols after a short ice-breaker. The game ‘What’s The Next Line’ was up next. Members and their friends alike were enthusiastic as they cracked their heads to remember lyrics to Christmas carols. (And you thought Christmas carols were easy to sing!)

Between 11 to 20 December, a total of 162 Christmas@Home parties were held island-wide. More than 1,853 attended these parties and of these, 156 received Christ. Joshua Joseph stops-by two such parties to get into the thick of the action!

Nevertheless, guests were put on the edge of their seats with the games. Derick, an IT consultant remarked, “It is really interesting. It is the first time I’ve played a game such as this!” The atmosphere tied in perfectly for a wonderful time of sharing. A heart-warming Christmas story was told by Valerie, the host of the party about the birth of a Saviour, to an ordinary man and woman – Joseph and Mary. As the night moved on, it was time for the final item of the day. Jane Lim shared an impactful testimony of how she experienced God’s faithfulness through different circumstances in her life despite her doubts. She continued sharing about the amazing transformation that took place in her life. Though she was one to base her beliefs on physical evidences rather than the supernatural, God, in a special way, proved Himself to be the Real and Faithful God through different circumstances in her life. Jane ended her testimony encouraging others to put their faith in God because in Him all things are possible. The testimony proved to be impactful for those present. Bernard, a first-time-visitor said, “The sharing was really interesting, I hope to encounter a similar experience.” Derick agreed, saying, “I believe the testimony that was shared was interesting. I’ve heard a few but there is nothing quite like this!” The guests weren’t the only ones blessed by the sharing. Programme coordinator Sarah Jane believed that the testimony left her with something that she will remember. She said, “I believe the most memorable part of it was what was said in the last line in which she (Jane) said, “In God’s dictionary, there is no such word as ‘Impossible’!”


Party #2 The Christmas spirit was well in the air as adults and

District: West, Trinity@Adam Location: Ridgewood Condominium, Function Room, Clementi 342 Date: Sun, 20 Dec 09 Time: 3-6pm Number of cell members: 31 Adults, 15 Children Number of guests: 33 Adults, 10 Children

children gathered together to celebrate the Christmas@Home party. Guests were presented with two separate badges at the door. Cell members were presented with butterfly badges while their friends were presented with star badges,

remarked, ‘The games really got everyone going!’ Htar a

clearly because they were the special ‘stars’ of the night

housewife added, ‘It is a real interesting game and I think

and cell members wanted to do their best in making the

this got everyone excited.’

party an extraordinary one for them. The Christmas story was then shared by Gregory Sing The party started after everyone enjoyed a generous

who talked about the true meaning of Christmas and the

spread of mouth-watering delights. The host, Pastor

significance of it. Even though it was his first time, he felt

Sabrina Lee got the crowd moving as she belted Christmas

that it was a great experience for him. Cindy Lim took to

songs on the guitar with her husband Andrew Lee as they

the front to share a heartfelt testimony which got the

got the crowd joining in.

crowd engaged. She shared about how she experienced God’s faithfulness in the dry seasons of her life and how

The games got everybody working together as a team

the support and love of her cell members drew her back

in their different groups. The highlight of the evening

to God. She also shared of how she knows she can place

was this game where groups were to come up with their

her trust in God even when all hope seems lost.

own version of the Christmas carol ‘Jingle Bells’. Certainly, there were many interesting displays from the groups

Many we talked to were moved and left the party feeling

ranging from line dancing to ‘chair drumming’ and even a

impacted by her sharing. One such person was Sim Yi Jin,

Bollywood rendition of the song. Michael, a security officer

a student who was visiting that day. He said, “Stories like this make you understand why people come to God and makes me want to come back to events like this to learn more.”


Family Christmas marked an important milestone as the church celebrated, in grandness, the very first service at the brand new 3000-seat Sanctuary. The flashing floodlights, electrifying sound and spirited atmosphere made it a Christmas to remember. We speak to Trinitarians and visitors alike who were part of this joyous celebration.

ing ‘Joy to the wor im la oc p pr r, lou co in ed ch The 100-man choir mat

ld’ Senior Pastor Dominic Ye welcoming first-time-vi o sitor



un Lifted hands in

Singing the Christmas special ‘ We are the 106


The three ‘kings’

The Christmas message presented through story and song

It was really great to be in the Sanctuary. It felt like being

This was my first time celebrating Christmas in Trinity and

in the theatre watching a movie with a good sound

the service was energetic; there was an amazing sense of

system! Christmas to me is a reminder that Jesus Christ

celebration. The 3000-seater was – wow! – fantastic and

came to die for my sins and He is worthy to be praised

amazing. I enjoyed the worship a lot. It had a powerful

and honoured. I enjoyed singing the Christmas carols.

impact on us because God promises to draw near to His

I wish the service would last longer so that there would

people when we draw near to Him. I also enjoyed singing

be even more performances and more carols to be sung!

the hymns and the older songs.


Kow Boon Jee, remisier


Kiran Pannu, homemaker

Being in the 3000-seat auditorium made it seem like a

It was fabulous being in the 3000-seat auditorium. It felt

grand celebration and the atmosphere was electrifying.

like we were having a grand celebration. It was a fantastic

My first impression was that it is so wonderful to see so

and memorable occasion for me especially when we

many people gathered under one roof celebrating the

sang the carols.

birthday of Jesus. It felt like a grand celebration with a


Junus Kartara, logistics manager

family. I especially enjoyed the singing of ‘We Three Kings’ as it felt so heartfelt. At the same time, it was wonderful

It was grand being in the Sanctuary and I felt like I was

seeing the congregation supporting their pastors when

watching a play. The seats were very comfortable and

they sang. The introduction of ‘Awesome God’ was a

I believe it would be a pull factor for the young and the

majestic prelude to the whole song and it really meant

young at heart. I enjoyed the Christmas songs and it

so much to sing it on the birthday of Jesus.

was great being able to celebrate Christmas with my cell


Nicole Joseph, teacher



Connie Lee, secretary


Amiddst the Christm mas celebrationss, a total of 855 IGN NYTErs (aged 13-19) got together on the 266 and 27 Decem mber for a great time of interactive fun and games. We bring you exciting snapshots found only in ‘The Big Boox’. Have you lookedd inside??

M eeting the cheerful celeb

ration hosts

Searc hing for the best seats in th

g ahead All “geared” up and lookin

s as Worshipping with heart

Welcoming guests with bright smiles

“So w here is The Big B

Nervous stage moments

ox? ” “I ’ve got it here! ”

at time?” “Who ’ s having a gre


e house

A time of sharing

Saying Goodbyes


Colours, gifts, balloons, and laughter; these were all part of the exciting DiscoveryLand party-themed event. Held on 19th and 20th December, the event was attended by 667 children, of which 44 received Jesus into their hearts. Hop onboard as we take you through the exciting happenings at Candy Xpress!

human train DiscoveryLand’s very own

ad th ‘ Told you I h

e muscles! ’

‘My hero…’

The colourful balloons on stage keeping eyes transfixed Sharing God’s lovesmalilewsayars ound brings

Hey look! Something exci ting is happening on stage!’

It’s balloons galore! together ‘How amazing! We ’ re all in pink!’ Enjoying happy moments

‘ Watch how high we

jump! ’

ts #1 Precious Momen Precious Moments #2

Run ‘Lola’ Run!

Giant lollipops, anyone?


Christmas Delight

An exciting game show and thrilling drama presentation set the stage for a wonderful Christmas celebration for Trinity’s Mandarin-speaking folks to enjoy. The event, held on Christmas day, drew 500, including 295 guests. We bring you snapshots of what made Christmas a delight!

Strike a pose #1

The good-looking cast

“Where’s my present? ”

Strike a pose #2

DID YOU KNOW? A total of 520 tickets were sold but an amazing 580 people turned up for the event. Miraculously, there was enough food to feed everyone. Sounds familiar?


of The tea m getting together for a time

pra yer The nicely-done costumes

on display

With cell Family Communion was meaningful because… As a cell, we reflected on what God had done for us in 2009. It was also meaningful because we were able to share our testimonies with one another during the time of prayer. Terence Yang, student IGNYTE, Trinity@Paya Lebar

As mother and daughter Family Communion was meaningful because… I got to take communion together with my daughter. We felt God’s presence and both of us were moved to tears during the communion. Jenny Chow, w homemaker Chinese, Trinity@Adam

This is the second year that we had family communion together my mother, which also marks the second year of her salvation in the Lord. I have seen God’s love and growth in my mom. I’m now waiting for her baptism in the coming year. Kristen Soong, civil servant West, Trinity@Adam

As couple Family Communion was meaningful because… We thank God for what He has done for our family and cell in 2009. We also took the time to pray for His blessings in our lives in 2010. Matthew, w technician and wife Marilyn, financial adviser Chinese, Trinity@Paya Lebar

As individual Family Communion was meaningful because… I can thank God for the year before committing the New Year to Him. It is also my personal acknowledgement to honour God’s faithfulness through the ups and downs of the year. Aileen Wong, g manager North, Trinity@Paya Lebar


December 2009 SHARE

> Comments

A cornerstone in the life of Trinity Christian Centre, this year’s Family Communion was once again a significant time for families and individuals alike. We ask some who they came with and why the event was meaningful for them. Favourites

As a family Family Communion was meaningful because… We came into the presence of God as a family. Nathan Sia, manager, wife Vicky, homemaker and daughter Phoebe, student. South, Trinity@Paya Lebar

As a family Family Communion was meaningful because… This is the first time that we have taken communion together as a family, where we could pray for each other and be prayed for by a pastor. Michael Ang, real estate agent and wife Patricia, homemaker East, Trinity@Paya Lebar




with God

During 18 to 22 January, many were refreshed in God’s presence as they set aside their mornings to meet with Him. We find out the significance of Morning Prayer to them.

I came because I wanted to seek God and align myself with Him. I feel that Prayer is about setting one’s priorities right and acting out of obedience to God. Steven Cheah, regional manager

I thought it would be refreshing to start the day with God and ‘set the day off right’. Morning Prayer is like TAWG because like TAWG, here I also encounter God and speak to Him. I know one thing Morning Prayer can do that devotion can’t. The Bible says in Matthew, For when two or more are gathered in my name, there am I with them. Eunice Choong, student

I wanted to be recharged and to seek God for this season of my life. I believe Morning Prayer is, as Pastor Gerald said, ”Aligning ourselves to God’s will and knowing that we can have the strength and confidence to do everything in His will. Peter Leong, self-employed 114

I wanted to have a personal touch from God and experience more of His presence. I personally like to pray in the mornings. The Bible says it is good to seek the Lord the first thing in the morning. Maniam Sadyan, marketing and business development manager

Morning Prayer is like devotion but of a different kind because there is a Pastor sharing. It is also encouraging to see others in the church praying. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s like having five consecutive mornings of prayer meetings! Koh Yang Cheng, student

I chose to attend Morning Prayer because I want to draw closer to know God more. I also believe that praying together is more impactful. Diana Chia, teacher 115



Butler C

hristian critiques of consumerism usually focus on the dangers of idolatry – the temptation to make material goods the center of life rather than God. This, however,

misses the real threat consumerism poses. As contingent beings, we must consume resources to survive. The problem is not consuming to live, but rather living to consume. We find ourselves in a culture that defines our relationships by our purchases. As the philosopher Baudrillard explains, “Consumption is a system of meaning.” We assign values to ourselves and others based on the goods we purchase. One’s identity is now constructed by the clothes you wear, the vehicle you drive, the music on your iPod. In short, you are what you consume. Consumerism has become the framework through which we interpret everything else, including God, the gospel, and church. Today, according to The New York Times, each American is exposed

to 3,500 desire-inducing advertisements every day promising



that satisfaction is just one more

of religion at the University of

archaic Lord, who calls forth sacrifice,

purchase away. Rodney Clapp

North Carolina, after five years of

promises suffering in this life, and

writes, “The consumer is schooled

researching the spiritual lives of

demands obedience for his glory,

in insatiability. He or she is never to

American teens, concluded that the

the one Barth described as “wholly

be satisfied – at least not for long.

faith of most teenagers, including

other” is not what they have in mind.

The consumer is tutored that people

those who attend evangelical

They’re thinking of the Jesus that

basically consist of unmet needs that

churches, is MTD: Moralistic

adorns t-shirts and SUV tailgates.

can be appeased by commodified

Therapeutic Deism. Smith explains: The church does not exist to supply

goods and experiences.” “By ‘moralistic’ I mean being good

comfort, ease, and convenient

Has Christianity become a brand that we consume? Have we missed the point on what it means to live a life out of obedience and love while being a blessing to others? Skye Jethani discusses…

For consumers, fulfillment of desire

and nice…. By ‘therapeutic’ I mean

services to religious consumers. And

is the highest good and final arbiter

being primarily concerned with

God is not a commodity that exists to

in making decisions – even deciding

one’s own happiness in contrast to

make you feel better.

where to worship.

focusing on glorifying God, learning obedience, or serving others. Finally,

When we approach Christianity

Tragically, consumerism has led us to

by ‘deism’ I mean a view of God as

as consumers rather than seeing

commodify parts of God’s creation

normally distant and not involved

it as a comprehensive way of life,

too. Sexuality, for example, is

in one’s life, except if one has a

Christianity becomes just one more

commodified through pornography

problem one needs God to solve. In

brand we consume along with Gap,

and prostitution. Human life is

other words, God functions as the

Apple, and Starbucks to express our

commodified when we begin

combination of a divine butler

identity. And the demotion of Jesus

thinking a person has a right to live

and cosmic therapist.

Christ from Lord to label means that to live as a Christian no longer

only when wanted. Most teenagers hold this self-

carries an expectation of obedience

In our society the only value

centered perception of God

and good works, but rather the

something or someone has is the

because it is the faith most

perpetual consumption of Christian

value I give it. It should surprise no one

American adults have as well. This

merchandise and experiences –

that in our culture God has no value

god of consumerism shows no

music, books, t-shirts, and jewellery.

apart from what he can do for me.

resemblance to the Consuming Fire

Christian Smith, a leading sociologist

described in Scripture. People may

Copyright Summer 2006 Skye Jethani.

say they believe in Jesus, but the

Reprinted from Leadership.


Live It Abundantly! // LIFE Conference 2010

Early Bird (From May 5 to 14)


Normal (From May 15 to Jun13)

Walk-in Registration

Group of 5 or more




Adult* – English – Mandarin





Youth* (13-19 years)









Children (P1-P6) – includes lunch and tea on both days – dinner on Jun 17 only * Lunch not included

Register online. Look out for more details in the bulletin! For sign-ups as group of 5 or more, any combination of adult, youth and children is acceptable. Replacement is allowed in the event the person who signed-up is unable to attend. The replacement shall turn up on the day of conference and inform staff at the counter. Refunds are not allowed.

// Night Revival Meetings Jun 16-17, Trinity@Paya Lebar // LIFE Conference Jun 17-18, Trinity@Paya Lebar Anointed plenary sessions speakers… Rev. Dominic Yeo, Rev. Les Bowling, Rev. Dr Alton Garrison, Rev. Dr David Mohan and Rev. Ong Sek Leang.

Empowering workshops for every one… For men – discover how to handle mid-life crises, work-life and sexuality issues For women – discover the secrets of successfully managing family and career For youths – discover how to deal with cyber addiction For fathers and husbands – discover how to rise to be the ‘head of the household’ For single parents – discover how to raise your child in the ways of God For everyone – discover how to lead with authority and influence … and many more.

4 1970 â&#x20AC;&#x201C;2010



40th Anniversary Thanksgiving & Dedication Service

You are invited to be a part of this very special occasion.

Friday, June 18, 2010 7.30pm Trinity@Paya Lebar Level 2, Sanctuary (please be seated by 7.15pm)

Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

Live the Extravagant Life From Barrenness to Posterity Missions Special

Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

Live the Extravagant Life From Barrenness to Posterity Missions Special