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PHILIPPINES IloIlo, Oct 23 – Nov 2

The team’s journalist Will Yong reports on the amazing miracles that unfolded in the AlphaTrack missions trip to the Philippines. The team prayed for a man who was deaf in one ear. After we had prayed, he took off his hearing aid and started shouting “I can hear! I can hear! God healed the man of his deafness and his family accepted Christ as well! A middle-aged lady was brought in on a wheelchair. The bones in her limbs were distorted because of bone cancer and she could not move her legs and arms. As the pastors prayed, God healed her legs. However, she wasn’t completely healed and she felt God telling her to come back to church. She faced opposition from her son from coming back to church. But she managed to come back to church and shared that she believed that God would completely heal her within a month. She soon returned to give confirmation of the healing received! There was a lady who had a pain in her heart for a year. Doctors did not know what the problem was. However, as she was being prayed for, the Holy Spirit fell upon her. After that, the heart pain was gone. She was healed! We also prayed for a lady at a hospital who had a stroke. As she was being prayed for, she felt a ‘tingling sensation’: the patient felt as though her bones were strengthening and she could walk normally again. The presence of God was in that place and we were privileged to have been able to bless the people there!


Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

Live the Extravagant Life From Barrenness to Posterity Missions Special

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