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Community Development Non-crisis Humanitarian Works

Mission Accomplished Ministering M in nistering to to the the unwell: unwell: India India

Blessed to Bring Aid

Medical Me edi dical ca al Camp Cam Ca mp pa att R Ra Rahul ahu h lV Vi Vihar ih iha ha ar

: 170 17 70

Me edi dica call Camp ca Ca am mp pa Sanj njjay n a C ollon ony ny Medical att Sa Sanjay Colony

: 22 2 20 220

Medi Me diica call Camp Ca C amp amp p at at Bhopura Bh B hopur op pur ura a Medical

260 26 : 260

Medica Medi Me diica al Camp Camp Ca mp a G haz azia i ba ad Medical att Gh Ghaziabad

: 117

Total number off pa patients To ota tall nu umb m e err o p tiien ti en nts s attended att tten end ende de ed to to : 767 767 67

nss on l Missio Last November, a Medica itarians team, comprised of Trin ed out from all walks of life head e team of to the slums of Delhi. Th all e medica 13 went there to provid d.. ed ee e in ne assistance and bless thos Reflections of a city dweller At the Medical Camp at Rahul Vihar, the helming team met with an overw t needed number of people tha s, we treatment. In spite of thi with the worked hard at coping iptions and large number of prescr remained calm.

ye, a retiree, was the Team member Tony Ch poignant moments trip journalist. He recalls m experienced. the medical missions tea

y, a was held in Sanjay Colon The next Medical Camp was held rty. The medical camp colony steeped in pove of flies. ich was dusty and full next to an open field wh home in a church member’s The toilet facilities were the village. -minute walk through which was around a five d’s grace, jor challenge but by Go Crowd control was a ma e pllle p o op eo pe o p berr of be mb um nu ge the large n we were able to mana who came. set up a The following day, we ura. There Medical Camp at Bhop unity there.. was a huge slum comm camp on We eventually set up a


road. a section of a one lane to It was a little area similar no a shop house but with ing lighting. The surround ing as stench was overwhelm es lazed stray dogs and buffalo vehicles around and all forms of ite these were passing by. Desp best in challenges, we did our ving with our assigned tasks, ser locals the joy of the Lord. The re often!

mo even asked us to come

ction to God’s hand of prote The team can testify irits despite He kept us in good sp throughout the trip. felt tired, faced. At times when we the harsh conditions locals God. Knowing that 767 we drew strength from a blessing nistry and hard work is were blessed by our mi for a great trip! i itself. Praise the Lord in

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