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Community Development Non-crisis Humanitarian Works

Blessed to Give

the Champions in India of e m Ho e th m fro 50 e For th Programme and the us Pl re Ca ild Ch e th m and 116 fro inity’s n’s Home in Thailand, Tr Abundant Love Childre ves them ongoing sponsorship gi hope for the future. About the children ren At the sight of the child e ver have playing, one would ne n d pain guessed the anguish an re du that they have had to en st at their young age. Mo have lost either one or ve both their parents, or ha able parents who are incap Some of taking care of them. tely abandoned. have also been delibera ildren would most Without a home, the ch our. often be forced into lab been through The children there have ys whose father much. There are two bo eir sister set herself died in an accident. Th it. As a t her mother had done on fire but alleged tha ys were w in jail. These two bo result, the mother is no of the were placed in the Home left all alone until they Champions. the home ents, these children at In spite of their predicam cers, doctors, aspire to be police offi have big dreams. They pray that our vernment officials. We nurses, pastors and go tial, that develop their full poten sponsorships will help . ll soon turn into reality one day their dreams wi


Mission Accomplished Sponsoring S ponsoring destitute destitute children: children: IIndia ndia a nd T hailand and Thailand Sponsored Sp pon nso sore red re ed children ch chil hil ildr ld drre en n in in India In nd diia

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Sponsorship Spon Sp onso on sors so r h rs hiip goes go g oe ess towards tow wards ards tthe ar he cchildren’s he hiild h ldre en’ n’s n’s food, fo ood d, daily daiilly necessities, da ne ecce essssit itie ie es, s clothing, cloth loth lo thin iin ng, g educational edu duca cati ca attiion ion nal al supplies activities. ssu upp pplilies ies and and d educational edu duca ca cati ation nal al a ccttiv vittie es. s

Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

Live the Extravagant Life From Barrenness to Posterity Missions Special

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