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yphoon Ketsana battered Southeast Asian countries severely. It brought extreme rain, submerging 80% of

the Philippines Capital Manila and affecting neighbouring cities. Ketsana also displaced thousands of residential areas in Vietnam and Laos, leaving many homeless. Trinity responded swiftly by giving to a Missions agency and the Assemblies of God, Philippines. Trinity also selected, purchased and put together ‘care packages’ containing food

The pastor of the Assemblies of God, Philippines reports on how Trinity’s giving has assisted the church in their crisis-relief efforts.

items and daily necessities. These were then shipped over to all 13 affected families of our Filipino Ministry members in the different parts of Philippines.

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A Retrospect : is st ri Ch re he w to is is Cr From tres, normal morning. September 27, 2009. It was just a raining slightly. I was driving to work and it was just to say that water A few hours after, my wife called y. In a matter of was already reaching our drivewa -feet deep in our minutes, it had rose beyond four living room.

bers were Some of our pastors and church mem n had to climb already on their rooftops. One eve on the high onto the electric towers and walk side of the village. tension wires to get to the other


ided to cancel The following day, our church dec sformed our our first service. Instead, we tran and feeding area church into a temporary shelter been stranded to more than 300 people who had home because overnight. They could not get a ride that Sunday was of the severe flooding. The rest of the night on their spent rescuing people who spent roof tops, soaked and hungry.

evacuation cen Because of the poor facilities in the the dreaded the overflowing sewers had spread sses like colds, cough infections, causing common illne and fever. through the The total number of people assisted f distributions rescue operations and food and relie . Between exceeded over 220,000 individuals saw a total of October 6 to 24, the medical team tions. 5,243 patients in 17 different loca

Laguna said that A pastor of a church in San Pedro, merged in water. more than 3,000 houses are still sub members in his This pastor mobilised most of the als and serve in church to rescue affected individu r church daily for the feeding programme held at thei about three months. hip and prayers. On We ask for your continued partners say ‘Thank You’. behalf of those families assisted, we

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