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Community Development Crisis Relief Humanitarian Works

2009 saw natural disasters sweep across worldwide. Trinity partnered with trusted local pastors and churches, and reputable missions agencies and organisations to provide humanitarian aid to the many affected. Trinity also sent Missions Impact Teams (MIT) to the sites of natural disasters to assist in rebuilding and stabilising efforts there.


Bringing Help, Giving Hope Floods: a i d n I , l o o n r u K 500 villages affected* 2.5 million homeless 250 dead *Source:

he floods in

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India, billed as

prescribe a cure.

the worst in 100

To obtain good

years, inundated 500

clean water would

villages, rendering 2.5

mean travelling over

million homeless and 250

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dead. In December, Trinity’ss

would endanger them of

n Humanitarian MIT arrived in

snake bites. Some of the

Kurnool, the worst-hit of areas to reach out with the

f few who tried walking

objective of boring wells to provide safe drinking water.

e ended by being bitten b snakes. by

After the flood, there was no safe drinking water.


The villagers were hesitant to drink it. The ‘greenish-

Trinity saw the need and sent a Missions Impact Team

looking’ water contained chemicals from the nearby

to drill and complete two bore wells. The villagers are

industries. But there was no real alternative. Many

thankful and very happy that they finally have access to

became sick; one even became paralysed but doctors

safe drinking water.

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