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ey will or and needy is that th God’s vision for the po omic, gospel’ –physical, econ experience the ‘whole inity storation. Last year, Tr spiritual healing and re h East CDC ged $100,000 to Sout Christian Centre pled are the four ts in the district. Here to help needy residen this financial blessing. stories of recipients of

Beneficiary 2

Mdm B*, aged 31 is a housewife with a three year old daughter living in a 1-room

rental flat. She has been depending on her husband for basic living expenses all this while. However her relationship with him has become very strained and he refuses to contribute anymore. They are currently undergoing divorce proceedings; she also has minimal support from her own family. As both Mdm B and her daughter are permanent residents, they are not eligible to have support from the National Scheme under its guidelines. The TCC Assistance Fund has aided her with $200 per month from November 2009 to December 2009 during this interim period.

Beneficiary 4

Mr D* is the sole breadwinner

Beneficiary 3

and a low-wage worker who is married with three children

Junior C*, aged seven, lives

aged nine, eight and six. His wife, an Indonesian on a social

with his grandparents who

visit pass, has a son aged 12 from a previous marriage who

are retirees in a 1-room

is studying in Singapore. The family of six live in a two-room

rental flat. His father is

rental flat.

currently serving his prison sentence until March 2013 and his

The family has accumulated arrears since early 2009 and

mother abandoned him in 2006.

their financial situation has worsened since Mr D was imprisoned from May to July last year.

Junior C is also unable to get the support of his grandparent’s children as they are

South East CDC assisted the family with a $61 rental

low-income earners themselves.

voucher and $60 utility voucher from December 2008 to May 2009. As the family did not have savings, the assistance

Although Junior C was aided by the MOE

was increased to include $250 in cash, $26 Services and

Financial Assistance Scheme and the

Conservancy Charges voucher from June to July 2009.

School Pocket Money Fund for schooling expenses, they are still insufficient to

The schools that the children attend have also helped by

cover his basic living expenses. Under the

placing them under the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme

TCC Assistance Fund, the South East CDC

and CDC Upsized Breakfast Programme so that the children

is assisting Junior C with $200 per month

will be able to have proper meals in spite of their financial

to cover his basic living expenses.


*Names have been changed to protect the identities of those featured. 41

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