Page 25 my workplace Be it in Church or the marketplace, Patrick Koh never compromises on his passion to reach out with God’s love. His efforts to care and connect have gained recognition in publications such as ‘Human Resources Management (HRM) magazine’ and “MyPaper”. He shares his heart with us on what drives him to be a carrier of God’s blessings to those around him.

My spiritual food comes partly from the sermons preached each week. I usually apply the church’s sermon even in my workplace. They are like my spiritual food. I walk by them weekly. I am still learning to apply the weekly sermons in my workplace as I do not wish to compartmentalise church and work.

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My colleagues of all ages and positions normally

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pay me a visit when they are troubled. I always find

I feel that in times of crisis, Christian leaders should lead

time for them so that they will know that I have relentless

and not succumb to it. I am glad I had the opportunity

belief in them. I often seek counsel from the Holy Spirit

to do so. This year, my work areas have been enlarged

when they are in my room and many a time, they

and I am recruiting more staff ; I hope that in doing so,

leave refreshed!

I am blessing more people.

In November 2008, many staff were at the brink of

I have also been able to connect with new carecell

losing their jobs and business activities were reduced

members as well as meet up with Trinitarians who used

by 70%. I prayed for wisdom and for the management

to come to Trinity. A colleague eventually came back

to allow me to keep 50 staff who were supposed to be

to Trinity after many years of my ‘sales pitch’ on Trinity.

retrenched. With

Now, her children attend and enjoy the DiscoveryLand

their blessings, I enrolled them into SPURS, a skills-upgrading programme and

I prayed for wisdom and for the management to allow me to keep 50 staff who were supposed to be retrenched.

services, and another is in IGNYTE. Their family also regularly come for carecell. True to this year’s theme, Blessed to be a Blessing, I want to keep the excitement going. The Lord has blessed me

paid their fees

in my business with several large contracts. Through

upfront so as to shorten the claims process. When

new deals, I hope to bless more people with jobs and

business returned, they were able to take on their roles

I am also looking forward to raising up new leaders in

with minimum inconveniences. To me, that they were

different ministries to impact people for the extension

able to keep their jobs was my reward.

of His Kingdom.


Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

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