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Heng Liang at the Kolam Ayer constituency stretch of Kallang River. Photo courtesy of Central Singapore CDC and Focus Publishing blishing Ltd.


Chiang Heng Liang is a banker by day, but at night and on weekends, he serves as a volunteer in the Kolam Ayer constituency as the Secretary in the Citizen’s Consultative Committee, and is the Chairman of the Kolam Ayer Active, Beautiful and Clean (ABC) Waterfront Project. A volunteer in the community for the past 15 years, he a also lso serves as a Councillor in Central Singapore gapore Community Development Council ((CDC). CDC ). We take our hats off to the man who wears ho w ears many hats, and wears them well.

and mingle. I prayed hard for God to lead and direct me and also to gain the favour of people. The project was a success. In addition, I received honours at the PUB Watermark Awards for taking care of the Waterfront

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Project. God has blessed me tremendously. He has blessed me so much that I need to do something

done and He has never failed me. I commit everything

for Him in return by blessing people and the community,

to God, big or small and say “God, if that’s your will,

or in wherever He has

bring everything to pass.” When God has called us to do

placed me in. There is no need to strive and worry. All we have to do is to align ourselves with Him.

He has blessed me so much that I need to do something for Him in return.

something, we should do our best and He will do the rest. Four to five years ago, at a community event, I was just chatting with a single mother and her daughter. I said a few words of encouragement to the daughter, who

I am very thankful to God. I also feel very blessed by

was in Junior College then. I told the girl to study hard,

Him. In return, I hope to be a blessing to others.

pursue her area of interests in her studies and to do her very best so as to make her parents proud – something

God has given me much energy to do what needs to be

to that effect. Last year, I happened to meet them at


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