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of faith through thanksgiving prayer, we are aligning

In Genesis 32, when Jacob was alone by the river Jabbok

ourselves to come under the nature of God and His

one night, the bible tells us that a man wrestled with

ability. Thanksgiving prayers will change the language

him. The man broke the sockets of Jacob’s hip. Hence,

of this church. We need to stop saying “God, give me”

while Moses was broken in the spirit to become a great

and start thanking Him for His providence and the

blessing to the nation of Israel, Jacob experienced the

miracles that will happen through it. How do we

breaking of his physical body and became a blessing to

become a Blesser? By becoming a Blesser through prayers

the nation. Jacob was broken so that there would be a

of faith.

multiplication of his testimony.

In 2010, one of the things that God has laid upon

Jesus was also broken on the cross so that we can

my heart is that we are going to bless this nation by

experience wholeness. Today, when men and women

entering into thanksgiving prayer. We are going to thank God for our government and for economic blessings before they happen, so that when they happen, we know it is because we prayed! Thanksgiving prayers

believe in Jesus there is wholeness – spiritually, physically, emotionally and relationally.

invoke the attention of God because they are prayers of faith. When Jesus was surrounded by the crowd and

It inconvenienced

a woman touched the hem of His garments, Jesus said

God when He sent

“power has gone out from me.” What happened? It was the faith of this woman that apprehended the attention of Jesus. Faith invokes the attention

His son Jesus. It inconvenienced Jesus when He was stripped of

of heaven and faith comes when

all power and all authority to

we learn to give thanks.

come to us (Philippians 2). In the gospel of Luke, the great

(3) Be broken for multiplication

Samaritan was inconvenienced

In verse 19, the disciples presented

one point to another but had

the five loaves and two fish to

to digress and make a detour

Jesus, then Jesus gave thanks and

to meet the needs of the man.

because he was going from

broke the bread. Broken for multiplication is a biblical


concept that we find running through the scriptures.

The concept of being broken for multiplication is a

Moses was broken in his heart. In the dessert, God broke

biblical one. If we are going to experience that multiplied

Moses’ spirit so that he could find God and through his

blessing that will happen through us, then we must

life multiplication could then take place.

get ready for breaking. The process can be painful,

Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

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