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Camp IGnormous taught me to make my own decisions and not rely on leaders to find all the answers. I was blessed watching the IGNYTErs and how they didn’t complain when there were flies all over the place but just ate whatever was given to them. God’s purpose for this camp has been fulfilled, and His purposes for the future will be too! All glory be to God! Joash Yeo

By serving in the committee, I’ve been really blessed by God. Initially, I was worried that I could not handle camp committee responsibilities together with my O-Levels, but God was with me throughout. Most importantly, I’ve grown closer to Him, understanding that serving is not about presenting what I have to Him but about presenting myself to Him. Rachel Yong

Being a part of camp committee was a great blessing to me and I’ve learned plenty from it. Not only was God’s presence strong during camp, it was also evident in the months of planning before. Nicolette Lin

I have been touched through worshiping and praising His name. Also, I now have a renewed passion for my friends, one I never thought I would have so greatly. Jared King

I came to camp wanting to seek God, asking Him how He wanted to use my life. Through the awesome camp, God really empowered me and set me in a new direction! Thank you God for your love! Daniel Lim

I’ve been blessed by camp as I’ve experienced our great God on a fresh new level. It is an encounter I will never forget. Esther Khoo

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Trinitarian Issue 20 - Apr 10  

Live the Extravagant Life From Barrenness to Posterity Missions Special

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