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Annual Report 2015–16 Alumni Relations & Development Office


Annual Report 2015–16

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The Year in Numbers


A Year in Review


Senior Bursar’s Report


The Annual Fund


1546 Society


The Clock Tower Circle


The Great Court Circle


List of Donors

The Year’s Highlights


The Year’s Highlights

Three Trinity computer science students – Stella Lau (2014), Gábor Szarka (2014), and Dimitrije Erdeljan (2015) scored gold in a new cybersecurity competition designed to stretch their hacking abilities and capacity for teamwork – and address the UK’s looming skills gap in information technology.

The College received a very significant bequest from Mary, Duchess of Roxburghe, a valuable collection of more than 7,500 volumes to augment the riches of the Wren Library.

Professor Sir Timothy Gowers FRS (1982) has been awarded the Sylvester Medal by the Royal Society and the De Morgan Medal by the London Mathematical Society.

A study by Dr Sarah Parcak (2001) has revealed a huge monument buried under the sands at the Petra World Heritage site in southern Jordan.

Two Trinity students rowed to victory in the Cancer Research UK Boat Races. MPhil student Ali Abbasi (2010) was No. 2 in the Cambridge Men’s Blue Boat and medical student Imogen Grant (2010) was stroke in the women’s reserve crew, Blondie.


The Year’s Highlights

Nidhi Kumra (2005) has co-founded ‘Your Space’ in Greater Noida, India, a boutique hostel, which provides safe accommodation to female students.

Professor Judith Driscoll (e2005) was awarded the inaugural Royal Academy of Engineering Armourers and Brasiers Company Prize in 2015. Her research has revolutionised the properties of high temperature superconductors, enabling them to carry much higher currents in a magnetic field.

Professor Daan Frenkel (e2007) has received the Boltzmann Medal, the highest award worldwide in statistical physics.

Professor Didier Queloz (e2013), together with an international team of astronomers, has discovered three planets orbiting a nearby ultra cool dwarf star, which may be the best place to search for life beyond the Solar System.

Trinity tops the University results table in June 2016 for the sixth consecutive year, with 45.1% of students achieving firsts (up from 41% last year).

The Year’s Highlights

“Possibly the most nervous I’ve ever been”: Sir Tim Gowers on Trinity’s University Challenge win. Food writer Bee Wilson (1992), mathematician Sir Tim Gowers (1992), BBC science producer Zoe Heron (1990), and Sky News journalist, Faisal Islam (1995), made up the winning team.

To mark the 40th anniversary of women at Trinity, the iconic portrait of Elizabeth I by Marcus Gheeraerts replaced King Henry VIII in Hall.

Sarah Lusack (2012) organised a sell-out conference at Trinity for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) students after her experience of widening participation initiatives at Cambridge.

Work begins on the £20m John Bradfield Centre.



The Year in Numbers

The Year in Numbers

£642k given to the Annual Fund for student support.



for undergraduate admission.

£4.3 million

is spent by Trinity on student support.


(an increase of 6.2%)

total value of the endowment.

1 in 5

the success rate of applicants gaining a place at Trinity.


spent to maintain and improve our magnificent buildings.

of our students now receive financial support from Trinity.

13% of alumni

made a gift.

A Year in Review


A Year in Review It is now just over two years since the College determined to put its alumni and development work on a new footing. The response we have had from members of the College has, I believe, justified our new approach. More alumni than ever before have participated in our programme of events and activities, here in Cambridge and around the world. And more of you than ever before (13%) have made gifts to the College. We have raised £3,504,705 in the year ending 30th June 2016, with a more than 20% increase in new gifts and pledges. And alongside these gifts the College also received a very significant bequest from Mary, Duchess of Roxburghe: a valuable collection of more than 7,500 volumes to augment the riches of the Wren Library. Why has the response been so positive? Participants at College events, be they Annual Dinners or at our popular London Fellows’ Research Talks, are obviously glad to be reconnecting with a community of which they remain a part. No one ever really leaves Trinity – though you can go out of residence. And that attachment to the College generally goes along with a sense of great privilege – a sense, that is, that those years in residence were years of extraordinary opportunity to learn, formally and informally, from Fellows and from fellow undergraduates or graduates, and not only to learn from a set curriculum. Years at Trinity were, for very many, life forming and life changing – and from a sense of the privilege of that experience there often develops it seems, a sense of responsibility to sustain into the future the College and its values, centred on the pursuit of knowledge and of understanding. Those who are generously giving back to the College are making it possible for us to take initiatives to attract students from diverse social and national backgrounds to study at Trinity, to provide bursaries and studentships to those who have the ability but not the means to come here, and to support the very best research and scholarship amongst the Fellowship and in the wider University. We are particularly excited to see the appointment of the first of what we hope will be a growing cohort of Trinity Senior Postdoctoral Researchers. These newly established research positons at Trinity, the first of which has been funded by the generous gift of Eashwar Krishnan (1996) and Tzo Tze Ang (1997), will enable the brightest young researchers to devote five years to developing the sort of fresh and imaginative thinking which will bring new advances in tackling some of the world’s most pressing problems. As you can read elsewhere in this Report, the College’s finances remain healthy – and we are committed to reporting fully and clearly on our resources and how we use them. But we also need to be clear with members of the College community about our goals and ambitions for the future – and clear that we cannot achieve them without your support. Everyone associated with the College is very proud of its history; if the generosity of the past few years continues and grows, we can also be sure that we will be proud of the College’s future. Thanks to all of you who have renewed your connection with or given to the College in the last year – or done both. The College is both grateful for and encouraged by your warm and generous support.

Dr Michael Banner Dean and Chair of Alumni Relations & Development


SectionBursar’s Senior headingReport

Senior Bursar’s Report: Why Giving to Trinity Matters The investment objective of the College’s endowment is to maximise its long-term real income growth, achieved by investing in property and global equities.

This strategy allows the College to provide an enduring source of income to maintain standards of excellence across teaching, research and pastoral support. At the close of the last financial year, Trinity’s net assets stood at £1.081bn (2014: £1.018bn). The return on the endowment continues to be positive and in the last financial year the net investment income derived from the endowment (after investment and estate management costs), increased by 7.4% to £33.4m (2014: £31.4m).

the perspective of the College’s many responsibilities, as well as in the global landscape in which we now compete for the best students and academic scholars, often against institutions able to offer greater financial support.

While our financial position remains strong, it is again important to note that our overall net spendable income is fully committed. The direction of studies, supervisions and provision of pastoral support are of course our most significant costs, and the maintenance of the College fabric is a constant draw on resources. In addition, recognising that in order to remain a world-class College we must also be part of a world-class collegiate university, we are committed to providing funding to the Colleges Fund (2015: £2.2m), and in support of wider University initiatives (2015: £4.3m). Trinity’s financial position must be seen in

The role that philanthropic support plays at Trinity is crucial. It allows the College to go beyond its core activities and to ensure that it can provide opportunities and additional funding for its students, Fellows and researchers. In line with the previous year, the College spent over £4m on scholarships and awards for students. While some of these awards are given for academic merit, a significant proportion of the total sum is used to provide funds to students experiencing hardship and financial need. Some 30% of our undergraduates now receive some form of financial support, and donations through the annual fund have been able to provide much needed funding of £642,000 for student support. The Student Support Fund itself, which has been building with the help of donations, now provides income approaching £100,000 per year.

Net Spendable Income

Where Does It Go?

Total: £44m

76% Net Investment Income

29% Residence & Catering

9% Student Fees 9% Rents 6% Kitchen & Sundries

36% 15% 8% 16%

Source: Trinity College 2015 Annual Report and Accounts.

Teaching, Tutorial & Admissions Research Awards University Donations, etc

Trinity College Annual Report 2015–16

As noted elsewhere in this Report, the creation of the new Trinity Senior Postdoctoral Researchers has been made possible only through philanthropic support. Other gifts have enabled a range of other important projects and initiatives to be funded, including continued digitisation work at the Wren Library (more than 500 manuscripts are now freely available online), funding for the Choir, and support for IntoUniversity, a London-based charity working in educationally disadvantaged neighbourhoods to develop students’ skills and aspirations towards university entry.


In the past three years donations pledged to the College have tripled. New gifts and pledges in the last financial year totalled over £3.5m. Given the demands of rising costs and increased global competition, it is particularly encouraging to see alumni and friends of the College helping its students, Fellows and researchers, and supporting its goal of facilitating world-class teaching and research. Rory Landman Senior Bursar

“Trinity’s ability to retain its global academic standing now rests on our ability to raise new funds, not only to maintain excellence but also to provide additional resources to support our future priorities for student support and research. In the years ahead, the College will bring increased focus to ground-breaking research with the creation of new posts, Trinity Senior Postdoctoral Researchers – a cohort of research positions, aimed to fill the current gap between Junior Research Fellows and tenured academic staff, that will be funded philanthropically. Whether looking, for example, at cancer research, crop security, stem-cell research or any number of other complex issues in both the sciences and the arts and humanities, Trinity will remain a place where the best minds are attracted and applied to vital research questions, and where open debate and critical thinking prosper.” Professor Stephen Elliott (1971)


The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund Trinity’s Annual Fund continues to play an important role in the life of the College. As a focal point for single and regular gifts from our alumni and friends, the Annual Fund provides support for the most immediate areas of financial concern. These include student assistance, the growth of our Access programme, research, the Choir, and the First and Third Boat Club. We are happy to report that last financial year, and thanks to the generosity of donors, the Annual Fund grew to a record £1.33 million. The entirety of this sum will be directed to helping students, facilitating research, and maintaining the fabric of College life. Equally impressive was the number of alumni who chose to support Trinity with a gift. Over 1,800 alumni gave. That means that 13% of alumni made a gift – an encouraging increase from 11% in 2015 and 9% in 2014, and a testament to the desire of our alumni to maintain and improve their College. We are also happy to report that the ranks of both our 1546 Society and Clock Tower Circle, established to thank our supporters, have also grown. The 1546 Society now has 871 members, while our Clock Tower Circle has 238. All of these numbers underscore the reality that great things happen when alumni come together, and that Trinity’s future does not rest on large individual gifts alone. The Annual Fund, in fact, comprises just under a third of all funds raised by the College. Therefore, regular and single gifts are an essential component to our long-term strategy. The proceeds of the 2014–2015 Annual Fund were also used to create Trinity’s new position of Schools Liaison Officer. This position has greatly augmented our Access work in general and our residential programmes in particular.

The Annual Fund has also made possible a new postdoctoral research position. All of this helps to ensure that Trinity remains a world leader in teaching and research.

“Throughout my studies in Medicine at Trinity College, I have been generously supported by a Trinity Bursary. It is open to both home and EU students and is dependent on the level of household income to provide help for those who need it the most. The costs of living in Cambridge have been estimated at around £7,000 a year, in addition to £9,000 of tuition fees, and this would be an unbeatable obstacle for my family.” Jakub Nagrodzki (2014) – Cambridge European Bursary

1546 Society


1546 1546 Society – Coming Together to Support Trinity


1546 Society members are part of an important global community of over 1,800 alumni who support the College.

What distinguishes the Society’s members are the level and duration of their gifts. Alumni who graduated more than 10 years ago are encouraged to make a regular gift of £15.46 per month or £185.52 per year. For those who have graduated within the last 10 years, we ask you to consider a gift of £15.46 per quarter or £5.15 per month.

name included in our annual list of donors, and be invited every year to a special reception in the Master’s Lodge. For more information, get in touch with the Annual Fund Officer (

Why give? Gifts of this kind make an immediate difference to the lives of Trinity students. It takes only 19 alumni giving £15.46 a month, for example, to fund an undergraduate student bursary for a year. With increasing financial pressures faced by students every year, this kind of student assistance is ever more in demand. As a member of the 1546 Society, and in recognition of your gift, you will receive a donor pin, have your

871 1546 Society

(299 new)

members … from

• More than 30% of Trinity students receive some form of financial support. • Your support ensures that the best and brightest continue to apply to Trinity, regardless of their financial background. • Gifts at this level fund ground-breaking research.

twenty-six countries


The Clock Tower Circle

The Clock Tower Circle Members of the Clock Tower Circle form the vanguard of leadership giving to Trinity. These gifts, of at least £1,000 per year, are a dedicated source of funding that directly supports Trinity’s primary function of teaching and research. In recognition of your Clock Tower Circle gift, you will receive a donor pin, have your name included in our annual list of donors, and be invited to a special reception every year. Next year’s reception will be held in London’s Foundling Museum on Wednesday 28 June.

Why I joined the Clock Tower Circle: Robin O'Neill (1952) “When I came up to Trinity more than sixty years ago, no one who obtained a place at Cambridge was prevented from taking it up on financial grounds. Means-tested grants to cover fees and maintenance were widely available and a State Scholarship, for example, provided a generous contribution towards living costs in addition to paying tuition fees. This principle of access for all who will benefit from coming to Trinity has always seemed to me to be important in the interests of the College, of scholarship and learning, and of social policy. I enjoyed my time at Trinity enormously and I shall always be grateful for it. It also set me on the road to a fascinating career. I hope that through the student support bursary scheme a new generation will be helped to gain as much from coming to Trinity as I did myself.”


(71 new)

Clock Tower Circle

Members … from

Why it matters: Khuzaimah Saeed (2014) “The bursary I receive from Trinity has had an enormous impact and makes my life at College far easier and more enjoyable than it would have otherwise been. I use it to help cover accommodation and other living costs. This makes it far easier for me to enjoy my time here and I am left able to fully focus on my academic studies without any other stress. My experience of life at Trinity would have been hugely different if it hadn't been for the bursary.”

fifteen countries

The Great Court Circle


The Great Court Circle Those who make a provision for Trinity in their will are welcomed into the Great Court Circle after notifying the College.

In appreciation of their intended gifts, members are invited back to Trinity every year for a luncheon in Hall and an afternoon of activities in College. Next year’s Great Court Circle luncheon will be held on 1 April.


Trinity very gratefully received over £100,000 from 14 bequests last year. When considering making a provision for the College in your will, please note that the College’s charitable status makes gifts exempt from Inheritance Tax. As a result, any sum that you bequeath to Trinity is not only free of tax, it may also reduce the overall tax liability incurred by your estate.

Great Court Circle


“My three years at Trinity was a wonderful experience in itself, but it was also directly or indirectly responsible for many of the good things that followed, including a number of very good friends. I believe today’s students from my background have a much harder time than I did and I’m happy to help Trinity to help them get the same support. ” John Buckle (1959)


List of Donors

List of Donors

1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016

All care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this list. However, if any error has occurred, please accept our apologies and notify the Alumni Relations & Development Office so that we can amend our records.

NOTE (e) indicates year of election rather than matriculation; indicates a Fellow; indicates a Clock Tower member; indicates a 1546 Society member and (d) against a name indicates that the donor is deceased.

161 anonymous donors including 14 members of the Clock Tower Circle and 43 members of the 1546 Society

Dr G M Petrie Professor R Shaw ScD (d) Dr R Smith Mr R M Strong (d)

1932 Colonel A P D T Daniell OBE MC (d) 1935 Mr A D Bolingbroke Mr A H Stone (d) 1937 Mr P F Hanbury 1938 Mr C T Rivington 1939 Baron William de Gelsey KCSG In memory of Mr J D E Rhodes 1940 Professor N Sheppard FRS (d) 1941 Professor P Armitage CBE Dr M G H Lewis 1942 Mr P Brackfield Mr E J Watson (d) 1943 Mr H J F Marriott Professor J C Shepherdson (d) 1944 Professor J F Davidson FRS FREng Dr L Kopelowitz MBE Dr C S S Lyon Dr B D Powell Sir John Thomson GCMG 1945 Mr D N Boyd Mr P F C Burke Mr E F Clark (d) Mr C E Hindson

Professor P H Jellinck Dr B W Langley Professor L Mestel FRS Dr J D Teare 1946 Mr R F Barclay The Viscount Hubert de Marcy Mr N N Rossos Mr J I Sharp The Lord Wakehurst 1947 Mr K G Allison (d) Mr E A W Bullock (d) Sir John Graham Bt GCMG Mr G I Harley The Revd Canon William Norman Mr D K Robinson 1948 Dr R G C Arridge F Inst P The Revd Professor D R Gordon Mr W T J Griffin Dr K W Hickson MBE In memory of Mr H W Kirkpatrick The Viscount Knutsford DL Mr S J Laredo The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein CMG CBE Mr J H Thornton DL Mr C N Wilson 1949 Dr J S Bevan Mr R A Blythe Mr R B Harrison (d) Mr D C Hartley Mr C G Heath Mr J R Lindgren Mr P J S Lumsden CBE Mr E A Macpherson Dr J F Marsden Mr C M Mosselmans TD Mr C R Pearson

1950 Dr N Blackburn Mr I F Brown Mr T D Casey Mr J S Cohen Mr D A Diamond Mr M B Ellwood Dr M Fox (d) Dr J G Halverstam MRCP The Revd J C Howard-Cowley Mr A W MacDonald Mr J B Makinson TD Mr G M Nissen CBE Mr T J Palmer CBE (d) Professor M J S Rudwick FBA 1951 Mr G K Anderson Dr D R Bainbridge Brigadier A E Baxter Mr M G Brazil Mr G V Burnaby Field Marshal Sir John Chapple GCB CBE DL Mr W B Cook The Lord Cunliffe Mr W M Fernie OBE Dr D C Handscomb Professor R Jackson FRS Mr B I Nathan In memory of Mr M G D O’Donovan Professor Dr D T Swift-Hook 1952 Professor S S Bleehen Dr D B Candlin Mr R S Don Mr H J Easterling The Revd R J Friars Mr T A R Guldman Mr D C Hambidge Dr R M Lodge

The Revd Canon Roland Meredith Mr R T Oliver Mr R J O’Neill CMG The Hon. Nigel Parker Mr R Pryor Mr B Samuels Mr D F Snook Mr H Ward OBE Mr R J Wilson Mr D J Woodhams 1953 Dr J Antebi Mr R D Baggaley Mr L R Barkey (d) Mr M J Brett Dr M T T Bryant Mr W A Cadell Mr O J Colman Mr D B Cuming Mr J C Demmar Mr J E Feavearyear Professor K M Hambidge FRCP ScD Mr M Knowles Dr A D McLachlan FRS Dr E E L Mitchell Mr R A B Nicolle Mr E J W Oyler Mr R Prescott Mr R A G Raimes Mr M Rendall Ambassador J E Romero Mr V A Smith Mr S L C Tester Mr B S Wessely The Revd Dr D H Williams Mr M R Wood 1954 Mr P D Burnford Dr A O Davies 1546 Professor S M Fordham OBE Mr E T Gartside Mr R C Gray Professor D Holdcroft Professor G J Johnson

Trinity College Annual Report 2015–16

Mr A L King-Cline Dr A C Klottrup MBE Mr J C R D Knight Dr C H B Mee OBE Dr J M Oxbury FRCP Mr C D Power Sir William Reid KCB FRSE Mr T K Shutt Sir Donald Spiers CB TD FREng Mr C W Taylor-Young Professor C T C Wall FRS Dr R Wilks Mr K G P Woolley 1955 Mr C I Bateman Mr M J Ben-Nathan Mr B R Bryan Dr P K Buxton FRCP Mr C E Carey Mr C E B L Carr Dr R H G Charles TD Dr N K Coni Mr M B Davies Mr J H Fryer-Spedding CBE DL Mr G J J Fuzzey Dr D G Gibson Mr J D L Hill Mr J V Jenkins

Dr A P Joseph FSG MRCGP Mr D G Lewthwaite Mr B Medhurst Mr J D Morris Mr B J Moser Professor D J Murray Mr C E Parker The Revd G F Parsons Dr M G Priestley The Lord Scott of Foscote Mr R C Southwell QC Mr H J F Taylor Dr G E R Vaughan The Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe PC Hon Mr R D B Williams 1956 Mr R S C Abel Smith The Revd A M Burn-Murdoch Mr R E Cawthorn Mr S D Eccles Mr A G Ellison-Macartney Mr G T F Fletcher FRSA Mr H Fox Dr I H Gibson Mr C S Hall OBE TD DL Mr H C E Harris CBE Mr T C Heywood-Lonsdale (d) Dr G A W Hornett

Mr J Kelly Mr I J Lord Dr J B Messenger Mr I P Nixon Mr A A Stowell Dr J C Symons FRCP FRCPCH Mr T M Whitaker Mr A M Zane 1957 Mr A P Barclay-Watt Mr J H W Beardwell TD FCSI (Hon) Mr R R Cockroft Dr A J M F Eisinger FRCP Mr A C R Elliott Sir Edward Evans-Lombe Mr G Francis Dr T J G Francis Mr R A Griffiths Mr J F Hargreaves Mr D N Holt Mr R W Horner Mr D S B Jamieson Dr D S King Dr P H Langton Mr C J Lowe CVO Mr R H Macdonald Mr R W Mackworth-Praed

Mr A J Massie CBE Mr R W Morgan Mr C A F Newman Mr M A Parry-Wingfield Mr R J L Paul Professor R F W Pease The Revd J H Platts Mr S R M Price FREng Mr E W Saville Mr A J Seager-Smith Mr R B Skepper Mr D C Stewart Sir Richard Storey Bt CBE Mr P W Strachan Mr J G Thompson Dr J Verity Mr R Wilson Mr E G Zahar 1958 The Earl Baldwin of Bewdley Dr J G P Barnes Professor Emeritus G Berry Professor J M Boardman Mr J R Boyle Sir Andrew Buchanan KCVO Mr J M Cockcroft Mr B H Denham Mr E J Farge Mr M S A Goodchild



List of Donors

Professor W J Jones Dr T H Kanaan Mr J R W Keates Mr D A Kenrick Mr D G Knott Professor J M Lonsdale Mr M J McCormick Smith Dr M P McOnie Mr R D Morgan-Smith MICE Dr J C K Pang Mr G B Patterson The Rt Hon. Sir Malcolm Pill Mr J C Pilling Dr W F C Purser Mr G V Rainey Dr A W A Rushton Mr D T Sinker OBE Mr R T Townley Mr O L van Someren Mr P E Ward Professor P T Wilson 1959 Professor W W M Allison Dr J F Avery Jones CBE Mr D Berrington Davies Mr M F Bott Mr J K Buckle Mr D S Burnand Mr G M Buxton Dr M R Church Mr W A Crowther Dr M J Gregory Dr J J Hall Mr P R Hutt Mr M J Innes Mr D A Langfield The Revd J P Lefroy Mr E R Macdonald Mr W Marsden CMG Mr R A McBarnet Dr H Meadows Mr J C Morton Mr R L Onians Professor D F Parker FRSE Mr R F G Pease Mr D R Price Professor J D Pryce Mr D Putnam Mr J B Sampson Mr N K W Williamson Mr I J Willis Mr G Wilsher Dr P R Wilson 1960 Mr J G W Agnew

Mr G O C Allhusen Mr R E Beveridge Mr P Bradfield Dr A H Bridle Mr M J Brooke Mr N C Brown Mr F J H Cairns Mr P A Clarke Dr T M G Cloughley Dr A J Cornford Mr P D C Eley Dr C Field Dr P Furniss Mr J M Graham-Campbell Mr W A H Hamilton Professor R Hillenbrand Dr J P E Hodgson The Revd Canon Anthony Hulbert Lord Hunt of Chesterton CB FRS Mr R G Jenyns Sir George Meyrick Bt Mr A P Moss TD Mr R D Musson Mr R H Myddelton Mr J B Onians Mr A F Pemberton DL Mr P N Poole-Wilson Professor J G Rushton Mr D R Scott Mr M D Shankland Mrs S M Siddle Mr A J Soundy Mr S C V Ward 1961 Mr G A Allsop (d) Mr R Ascott Dr P L Bransby FREng Mr P J Copple Mr C G Coulter MIChemE Dr P C B Craske Mr P Cross Mr D J Cumings Mr P E R Davis Mr D G R Ferguson Mr A W R FitzHugh Mr J M Goldthorpe Mr R B Hines CEng Mr D C Humphreys Mr D A Iliff Lt Colonel M A Illingworth Dr D J R Lloyd-Evans The Lord Maclennan of Rogart PC Mr R G Miller

Professor N J Morgan Brigadier J M A Nurton OBE MC The Hon. Sir Michael Pakenham KBE CMG Mr D R Seaton Mr I C Smart Mr J S Stephens Mr D P Swain Mr R B Waite 1962 Mr R M Andrewes Mr D W Barclay The Revd A J Butcher Mr A J Campbell Mr M G Chandler Mr R D Clews Professor G K Freeman Mr R W G Hayes Mr P L Huxtable CEng Mr L C F Ingerslev The Hon. Sir Raymond Jack Mr J R Kiely Mr A C Lloyd Mr P H Mackey Dr A J Matthew Dr J S McGee Mr R I Menzies-Gow Mr I E G Miller Mr M M Mollet Mr A S Morrison Mr H S Ogley Mr P J Owen Mr E D S Page Mr J J R Pope OBE DL Mr A F Shewan Mr M R Sinker Mr G A Tarrant Lord Wedgwood Mr A D Weir Air Commodore M Williamson-Noble 1963 Professor J L Axtell Dr C J Bruton Mr G L Buckingham Dr A K Canter Colonel W J Chesshyre Mr C R R Corbett Dr D W Day Mr M G T Dickson CBE FREng FIStructE Mr P J A Driscoll Mr P F Everall CBE Professor P S Friedmann

Professor R A D Grant FRSA Mr J R Herrick Mr B Hopewell Dr J P M Jones CChem FRSC Mr R G Jones OBE Mr D J Lawrence Mr J B H Lucia Mr N MacInnes Mr W H F Mills Dr D D Oakes MD Commodore R M Parker RN Mr P R W Pemberton Mr G N Pudney The Revd Canon Julian Reindorp Dr A L H Rhinelander Dr R H Robson Mr F Seddon The Revd R J Tetlow Mr P J G Wigley Mr A R Wilkinson Mr P M Wilson Mr J S Wood Professor C G Wynn-Williams 1964 Mr A Aldred Sir Geoffrey Bowman KCB QC Dr J S Bradbrook Dr J B Bridge Mr A M Burnett Mr J F W Byrne Mr R A Chamberlain The Revd Dr P Clements-Jewery Mr J R Coates Mr R G Courtney The Revd R H Darroch (d) Mr J L Davies Dr L N J de Jong Mr R J Dix-Pincott Mr C H B Dorin Mr M D T Faber Mr K J Hawkins FCA Mr R A Jennings Dr T P R Linnecar Mr R M Lloyd-Price Mr D G Manns Dr L McManus Dr J L A Nazareth Mr M R Philippe The Lord Phillimore Mr A H Pooley Mr R M Prichard Canon Dr Robert Reiss Mr S C Rogers Mr H M C Rowe Mr I D Sale

Trinity College Annual Report 2015–16

Professor R A Sharp Professor T E Stacey Mr R D Wilkinson CVO 1965 Mr J W Adams Mr J H Ashby Dr R E Ashton Mr D R Atkins Mr A I Bailey Professor J A J Barbara Mr S J Barber Professor M P Bartlett Mr H M Boggis-Rolfe Dr D F Bowden Mr D W Boxford Mr R Brown Mr S Clarke Mr M P Clements Professor J H Cobbe Mr J A Connor His Hon. Judge Alasdair Darroch Mr E C Davies Mr N P Duffin Mr G A Ellis Dr H D Empsall

Dr D C Heggie Mr J M Hepplestone Mr D J Hunt Mr H K Khalil Mr C A Liddle Mr I P Mann Dr C A W McCalla Mr M E J Menhinick Mr R J Moran Dr E Munro Professor D Oakes Sir John Parsons KCVO Mr I R Peacock Professor R Petchey Mr J B Rawlings Mr A J G Redshaw Dr C Reisner Mr J Robertson Dr J A Scott TD Mr A M Seddon Baron Ajit Shetty Mr G G Silver Dr J T Simpson FIET Dr F P Stefanini Professor M R J Svasti Dr R A Swallow Mr S V Twilley

Mr D F Wharton Mr J S White Dr E A Williams Mr R C S Wilson Mr R B Woods CBE The Revd Canon Prof R A Yates 1966 Mr P T Bedford-Smith Mr D A Benjamin Mr D W Carverhill Mr P J Casey Mr N T Davey FCA Mr C W Daws Mr A D Firman Mr C P B Freeman Mr R S Guha Mr R F Harris Dr C J H Ingoldby Mr M W Lee Mr T N MacCaw Mr D J H Moore-Gwyn Mr C F Morsley Dr R F Pannett Mr C W Peachey Dr R S Pereira Mr T C J Ridley OBE Sir Stephen Silber Dr J S Sprigge Gp Capt Mike Trace OBE DL MA FRAeS RAF(Ret’d) Mr P J C Troughton CBE Dr A J Wills 1967 Mr M R Allison TD Dr R J M Barker FRSA Mr J R Born Mr C J Bosanquet Dr S R Britten FRCS, FRCPsych Mr J A F Buxton Mr A C Cassidy MBE Mr M G Copeland Dr J M Couriel Dr R S Craxton Mr L K Edkins Dr A H Harker Mr C R Harrison Mr R Hastings-James Mr P R W Hensman OBE DL Mr D A G A G Hill Mr R Hill Dr N J Holloway Dr K J Howlett Mr I G Jarry Mr A V Kirwan Dr B W Lloyd Mr I C Macdougall


Mr T S Moran Mr M C E Ormiston Mr T Philp Mr C J P Price Mr J N L Simson Dr P R Smith Dr R A Smith Mr N G Strong Dr C A Stubbings Mr M W Thomson-Glover Mr R W Tutt Mr C S Whitman Mr K M Wilkinson Mr P Williams Mr A J Wise 1968 Dr I H Akroyd Mr R D J Barker Professor J A Barnden Professor M J Brown FMedSci Lord Clement-Jones CBE Mr M A Cooke Mr N Faragher Dr P W Forder Professor C H B Garraway CBE The Revd J N Hamilton Mr J F S Hervey-Bathurst CBE DL The Revd Dr R D Holder Mr N H Humphrys Sir Paul Judge Mr P J Lewis Dr J M McLeod Mr E A Needham Dr G Owen Mr B L H Powell Dr A Rigo Sureda Mr N G Rogers Mr C R Rosenstiel Dr S H D Shaw Professor J A Silvester Mr A P Swallow Mr N P M Taverner Mr M A Threadgold Dr D H Yergin 1969 Mr A S Allen Professor J R Blake (d) Mr R Boggis-Rolfe Mr J W Butler Mr W B Close Mr S P Collins Mr N Cullen Mr S L Davis Mr J D Dixon OBE


List of Donors

Mr E C Duff

Mr H F Bacon

Sir William Ehrman KCMG

Dr B J Banks

Mr T P Fagg

Dr A Benghiat

Professor S Haberman

Mr W J Bird MBE

Mr J M Hadley

The Lord Blackwell

Mr G L Harvey

Mr J F Burd

His Hon. Judge Roger

Dr R D Buxton MBE DL


Sir Andrew Cahn KCMG

Mr C A Ignatowicz

Dr N P Chotiros

Dr D M G Jenkins

Dr J F Coakley

Dr E N L Larkai

Mr A H Dutton

Dr K J MacDermott Dr M D McGuinness Dr R Méndez-Silva Dr K J Moriarty CBE Sir John Ramsden Bt Mr T J Rollings Mr A C T W Russell Mr P H Smith Professor C J Smyth Mr A J Taylor Mr D C Templar (d) Mr A M R Tod Dr A G Trangmar Mr J M Wallace CEng Professor J R F Walters FRCP Mr J P Withinshaw Dr N J B Young 1970 The Revd Canon Peter Adams (former Chaplain)

Mr M J Fetherston Mr A A Hogarth QC Dr R C Hook FRSA Mr I T Jackson Dr H D Jayasuriya Mr M J A Karlin Mr G H Lester Mr J H W Lloyd CBE Dr P A C Moore Mr J C Passmore Dr J C Phillips Sir David Richards Professor Sir Michael Richards CBE Mr R B Saunders Mr G A Shenkman The Revd B R Stevens Dr J L Thorogood Dr N D Trounce Mr R G Whelan

1971 Mr L A Ahamed Mr N C Akass Mr P L Banner Mr A J Bates Mr N L Bragg Mr J W Burton Mr R M Buxton Mr B J Callaghan Mr J R Clegg Mr C M Cohen Dr E D Cokelet Mr H W C Cottrell Mr J K G Dart Professor J H Davenport Mr S D Dias Dr J C Dilworth Professor N D N Donaldson Mr P M Elliott Dr I W Fellows FRCP Mr C Freedman Dr M J Glynn Mr G F Grimes Mr M C Hicks Mr T J R Hill Mr J W Hirst QC Mr P Kearney Mr D R Kershaw Professor L D Lewis Dr P R Maidment Mr A T McNeile Mr J Miller

Mr J Ormerod Dr P J T Pearson Mr M W Plackett Mr P J Poncelet Mr J Prentice Mr D J L Protheroe Mr G L Rosenthal Sir James Scott Bt Mr N J P Sherratt Dr C D Spink Mr L B Williams Mr N Wiseman 1972 Professor G Anand Anandalingam Mr M P Beard The Revd G L Bray Mr M B Cashman Mr P A Conyers Dr S Fleminger Professor P F Hammond Sir Mark Havelock-Allan QC Mr C Langridge Mr M J Lee Mr P C R Linnecar Colonel M P Manson Mr D Parkes Dr M T J Seymour Mr J C Shakeshaft Mr R N Shapiro Mr G M Von Mehren

Trinity College Annual Report 2015–16

Mr E R T Waley Mr P G Westmacott Mr R T Whitehouse Mr T R Wik Mr R Wilkinson 1973 Professor E J Baker Mr M J A Banfi Mr R H Barbour PGCE Mr M R Barrie Mr J E Beerbower The Rt Hon. the Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth Mr R Broughton Dr D B Clinton Mr D P Condit Dr G Dear FRCA Dr C G Floyd Mr H Glockner Mr K Green Mr R B Gross Mr B G Haynes Mr F L Heard Mr N A P Hills Dr S Mollett ACA Mr T J O’Sullivan Dr H J Pearson OBE Mr D J R Pellereau PGCE Mr L E Pickett Mr J M Rudd-Jones Mr C C Scott Mr C J Scott Mr P J Walker Mr D E Woodman Mr G C Woods Mr R G Wye Mr A J V Yeomans 1974 Mr J M Anderson Mr H M W Borrill FSA Mr C D Bragg Mr R Brooman Mr A J M Chamberlain Mr J M Croock Dr J M Crump Mr P N Eedle Professor D P M Ekserdjian Mr A T Fisher Mr J E Francis Mr J B Goodbody Dr R J Grimshaw Mr P Haberman FCA Professor R E Hawkins Mr F G B Horton-Fawkes Mr M Jones

Dr D P Kennedy (e) Mr J P K Lee Professor R S MacKay FRS FInstP FIMA Mr S Mazzola Mr M G Norman Mr A D Parsons Mr H F Shanks Mr B H Taylor Mr C A Webster Mr R L Winterbourne 1975 Mr R W P Apps Dr G Arjavalingam Mr C E Baker Mr A J Banton Mr P J Barnard Mr P S Dhillon Professor P A Durbin Dr P S Hammond Mr N A Hill Mr S P H Johnson Mr M R Kipling Mr P W Knapton Mr G R D Lay Dr J A Lorsong Dr G A Luzzi FRCP Mr C W Matthews Mr A H Parks Mr R G Paterson Mr R G Pilgrim Mr J G Richardson Mr S Roberts QPM Mr P C Russell

Dr H B Ryan Mr N D Scarboro Mr T O G Wethered Mr P N Withers 1976 Dr J Banford Mr D J Barnard Mrs T Brett (McLean) Mr M D M Davies Mr J P de Lavis Mr M J T Edwards Mr J J Ellison Professor S Fields Mr C S Gibbs Dr S L Grassie Ms L J Hamblen Mr S H Hind Dr T P H Jones Mr G A Kay Mr J A Kilby FCA Mr A J C Macaulay Mr P M Meredith Mr A W J Morgan Mr D W Morgan Mr I M Partridge Professor L M Pepall Professor S L Peyton Jones FRS Professor L R Poos Mr A J Scott Mr A J Senior Mr N H Thomas Mr M G Woods Professor M G Worster Mr M Zamir

1977 The Hon. Charles Boscawen Mr V R Boyette Mr H D Brodie Mr C J Callow Mr T J Clarke Mr S G Cooper Dr T Datta Professor J C Dibble FRSCM Mr I C Fowler Mr R K Gabbertas Mr G R C Graham Mr P E Hagger Mr J M Harris Mr P D Hill Mr M D Katzenellenbogen Mr B M McCorkell Professor D A Melton Mr R Mobed Mr S S F Noble Mr A N Perkins Mr C W Rixson Dr J M Scholey Mr J Shack Judge Greg Sinfield Ms B A Singer Mr D J C Sington Mr A C J Solway Mr R L Streat Dr P V D Swift Mr J P Tunnicliffe Mr I G Walker Mr I C Watmore



List of Donors

1978 Mrs E S Amies (Evans) Mr R S Bailey Mr M J Beale Mr M A Biggs Professor A Bradley FRS Mr S K Choi Mr A D Crampton FCA Dr T A M Ehrman Dr R W Hall Mrs T J Harrison (Nall) Mrs S P Imgrund (Moss) Dr S Kheraj Dr J E Lefroy (Mackay) Mr M J Lewis FCA Mr G C Matthews Dr B Meyer-Witting Dr F E Nickl (Geupel) Mr R G Petrie Mr G C Rogers Mr C F Roxburgh Dr B E H Saxberg Ms K Scott Ms C J Sladden (Bollworthy) Mr J R Slosar Mrs M E Spillane (Ainscough) Mr J P D Williams Professor T J Williams Dr A K H Yoong 1979 Mrs R M E Borgars (Payne) Mr C P Burrows Miss F M Cadwallader Miss E Cranmer Dr H Curtis Mr A F de Courcy Ling Professor A J Elliott-Kelly FInstP Mr G Ernest Ms V Francis Mr G W J Goodfellow QC Mr C P Hancock QC Mrs D Hancock (Galloway) Mr A R Haynes Ms K L Haynes (Turner) Professor P E Hoggan Mr S P G Jones Dr D C Lefroy Mr O A Mardin Mr G A Matthews Mr G B McInroy Dr R E Morse Mr J C Murphy Mrs M K Priaulx (Casey) Mr O M Purcell Mr A G Sharpe

Mr N J S Taylor-Young Mrs M C Timmerman (Watts) Dr D R E Timson Mr J A von Klemperer Mr N C Westbury 1980 Mr T K Bayley Mr A J R Bonser (d) Mrs B J Bonser (Fuller) Miss H E Briggs Mr W de Wied Dr B Dorman Dr J M Edwards Miss E E Fearnhamm Mr P R Fields Mrs K A Fisher (Jones) Mr P W Freedman Mr C G N Galliver Mr J E Heath Mr T R Hughes Mr T M Kemball Mrs Y Kyriacou-Sycallidou (Kyriacou-Christodoulou) Mr B Leak Mr G R W MacGinnis Dr J F Money-Kyrle Professor J A Murphy Professor W Ng Mr J M Oppenheim Mrs A L Piper (Bell) Mr N R Scarles Mr R A Scott Mr R M Slynn Mr S M Tuke Mrs N von Bismarck (Kheraj) Mr P M Williams 1981 Dr T J Arneson Mr C J E Bird Dr C L Brown Mr D C Brunt Mr P T Cummins Dr S B Davis Mr C Denyer Dr C A H Fisher MRCP Mr S Hanna Mr A D James Mr M J Kelly Mr P Lillington Mrs K F P Matthews (Lasok) Ms A M McFadyen Dr M I Morris Mrs F J Nelmes (Nalder) Mr S H Niman Mr P F Price

Mr J A Priestley Mr S D J T Rowe Professor C A SeymourRichards (e) former Dr C E Smith Mr R J H Southgate Mr M R Streat Mr S C Taylor-Young Mr R D Temple Mr E D C Thornton Mr J H A Tusa Mrs L A Tusa (Clackson) Ms F C Warburton Mr B G Wheeler 1982 Dr J L Beaven Mr A M Blamey Mr C J Blewden Mrs C M Bradley (Owens) Mr T M Brewis Dr P T Bryant Mr D S Burns Miss E F Clark Mr I Coulson Mrs K M Gentles (Parsons) Mr J C Goodwin

Mr N J Hall Dr C L Hanna (Garbutt) Mr D G Hay Ms C Hemsley Mr J P Hickman Mr C L D Hide Mr M E Jenner Mr M Kerridge Ms C A King Mr I C S Lyon Dr J D A MacGinnis Ms J B Masojada Mr J R H Maw Mrs J E Miller (Halsall) Mr F J Murphy Mr J J Oates Mrs C J T Peacock (Lyon) Mr C B Pettit Dr A C B Sale The Revd T H G Saunders Ms C J Shelley Mr A C Shore Dr R A Stansfield Mr P J Stevens Mr C M Ten Brink Mr T A Wilkinson Mr G S Williams

Trinity College Annual Report 2015–16

1983 Professor J Acrivos Mr G J A Baddoo CEng Mr C V Ben-Nathan Mr F W M Burkitt Mr I Clough Dr M C de Jode (Murphy) Mr N C Denyer (e) Mr J R Evans-Tovey Mr D J Goodwin Dr B S Gray Dr A E Griffiths Dr I S Hall Mrs C M S Ling (Wight) Mrs C A M Mash (de Sousa Turner) Mr T E Molner Dr B Moselle Mr M D Munro Mr A J Newman Mr A E Owens Dr C J C Remfry Mr S M Robson Mr P M Seth Mr M W Soundy Mr S C Vyvyan Professor M C Walker Mr J D Weight Mr K J F West Mrs S H P Williams Mr B N Yardley 1984 Mr G L Adams His Hon. Judge Robert Adams Dr T S Andrews Mr C H R Bracken Mr P A Cadell Mr P A L Camilletti Mr N J Cobb Mrs A Cothier (Letts) Mr S J Davis Mr C E Dowthwaite Mr T W Faber Dr P D Flynn Mrs J A Hammett (Owen) Mr H Hampson Mr P W M Harden Mr A T G Hill Miss F E Hobday Dr J N A Hornigold Dr J C Johnson-Ferguson (Getley) Lt Colonel M E JohnsonFerguson Mrs B L Kilpatrick (Windsor)

Mrs C F L Knight (Weller) Mrs V E Leng (Hoare) Ms S J Luder Mr R Pavesi Mr M A Pedroz Mrs A J Penney (Maxwell) Mr C J A Penney Mr R J Perrins Dr S J Pilkington Brigadier R J Rider CBE Mr J Robson Miss A C Smith Mr J C Taylor Mrs S Thompson (Chew) Dr A D Wilmshurst (Smith) 1985 Mr R S N Ames Dr W C Au Miss V A Barrett (Snowdon) Mr E Caffyn Mr P G Carozza Ms J G da Silva OBE Mr O E Diaz-Espino Mr R J H Edwards QC Mr P J Elston Mr B T S Gladstone Mr S G M Hirtzel Mr C Howe Mrs S A A Langton-Gilks (Langton) Mr J M Moleman Mr C M Newbold Mrs S C K Otaki Mr M T Philbin Mrs D E Philpott (Shield) Mr M L Poole Mr S L Rees Dr A P Selby Dr J A Steadman Mr M J Storey Mr C A S Swan Mr M J Vanhegan QC Dr B G J Wichers Schreur Mr T J M Wilson 1986 Mr M S Albright Mr D A B Babington-Smith Mr A S R Barrett Dr R E Bleehen Mr H J P G Bottomley Mr J J Bruton Mr A P Burnford Dr R C Buttery Dr C J Clarke Mr S J Dann Mrs V G Ford (Pollock) MEP

Professor H R French Ms S J Godsal (Angus) Mrs J L Gray (Barker) Mr S P Gray Mrs R M Hampson (Gibson) Mr I N Harvey Mr R O’Sullivan Mr J F Pelham-Burn Mr A F Rice Mr P J Richmond Mr C B Rodgers Mr M A J Sutton Miss L H Teverson Mr D T Thornton Dr N B S van Someren 1987 Mr S J Axford Dr M I Carrin Ms K I Cook Dr P A Davis Mr T R Hall Lady Annabel Hervey-Bathurst (Warburg) Mr W Hoon FCIM FHKIoD MSID Mr R A Kenny Professor P Lewis Mr T C Macey-Dare Dr S M Manning Mr W Nicoll Dr L C Parlett Dr M Patel Mr D C Perry Ms K A Richdale Ms S E Roques Mrs S Sanderson (Gaffney) Mrs C Sears (Elliott) Dr A W Sheppard Mr C G Southey Mr G F Thompson Miss C J Thornton Mr J W Turnbull Mr S J Turnill Mr A P D Walker QC Mr N White Mr F K Yap Dr X Zhang 1988 Mr T J Andrews Mr S M Ashford Mr P A Brice Mr S K Brown Professor J P Burnside Dr N E Cackett Professor P Collinson CBE FBA (d) (e) Dr F W M Fordham

Ms E H Holt (Michaelides) The Hon. Mr Justice Godfrey Lam Ms J C Lyon Mr N W Maddock Lt Colonel A B Methven Mr M Radford Mr E N Reed Dr N M Riley Dr F S Samaria Dr J P Schofield Mr D L C Solomon Mr D A S Stephens Dr S R Wall Mr M F Warriner Ms P Weber Mr E C Wilson Mr R Wisniowski 1989 Mr M S Aird Mr A H F Armstrong Dr F C S Bakaeen Mr C J M Brown Dr D S Chatterjee Mr R Davis Mrs A V Dent (Stanton) Mr N A H Dent Professor T C Eley Mrs C J Farrar (Dixon) Mr T N Flemming Mr T C Flynn Ms C Fyall Mr S A Hall Mr R J Hammond Miss G H Keeley Mr G H Langworthy Mr J D Mann Mr J A Marshall Mrs R L Marshall (Shannon) Dr M A McLean Mr C J Newman Mr S H Pickard Mr L C Richdale Mrs C C G Rolfe (Finnis) Mr H A Salmon Mr M Satchithananthan Mr N R Trotman Dr C R Turner Mr N S Venkateswaran Mrs P A Whiteside Tomkins (Whiteside) Mrs R A Yates (Daldorph) Dr R W Zemmel 1990 Mr T Barker Dr P M Barrett



List of Donors

Mr D J D Beaven Mrs D J Casey (Fitzgibbon) Dr D Chart Mr C H Claisse Dr G Deutscher Mr T R Eddy Mrs E Fox (Simmons) Mr P Hearn Mr D J Herbert Mr P F Y Lee Dr S J S Lister Mrs K Mann (Dunstan) Mr N R V W Pointon Dr A Qasim Mr M T Reynolds Mrs I H Slaney (Jolley) Mrs A K M Standley (Humphreys) Mr A Stevens Miss F J Wilson Mr G C Woodruff Dr Y Y Yeo 1991 Mrs H J Beedham (Bennett) Mr J A Benson Miss D P C Burnford Mr N M Clayton Mrs C G Coates (Gye) Mr S G Coates Ms S L Cunliffe

Miss M J Forsyth Mr J R Fox Mr D M Furber Dr C R Goddard Miss W H W Kwan Mr N J G Lane Mrs H K Leach (Wiseman) Mrs R Matthews (Taylor) Mr T G M Mitcheson QC Mr K E F Mullaley Dr H Ramanathan Mr J W Sleigh The Revd S C Tillotson Mr N G Yates Ms J K Y Yim 1992 Dr P J Boyle (Hartley) Mrs H Brennan (Rahman) Mr R Burgess Mrs J Burnett Reed (Burnett)

Mr R F A Pine Mrs S K Shashank (Svati Madhukar Kania) Mr P D Taylor Mrs L C Terry (Morfill) Dr C M Wierzynski Mrs S E Wright (Billington) 1993 Mr C J B Allsop Mr P T Boyle Mr G I L Cheong Mr J de Swaan Dr C Flohr Dr D Forsythe Professor D Furniss FRCS Dr C R Gillham Mr G J Gordon Dr F M Hardy Mr G S Horn Mr A A McNeil Dr P Mody Spencer

Mr C F Camilleri Ms S L H Chia Mrs S J Glossop (Watson) Mr T W R Hayward Dr D J M Kerr Mr J D Leake Mr B Leech Mr J E O’Brien Judge Rozella Oliver

Mrs H M L Morgan (Halcrow) Mr D Rendall Mr J M Rogers Dr N R Scott 1994 Mr J F Anderson Mr D J Appleton Mr K S Backhouse

Dr P E Carvounis Mrs E A Chapman (Bramall) Mr A J Colville Mr D J Curtis Mr D T Darley Dr F L C de Vivo Mr L A J Edwards Dr A L Gonzalez-Munoz Mr S A Healy Mrs C H Holmes (Salmond) Mr M P Holmes Mr N J Holtham Ms C M Lawrie Mr S J Liddiard Dr R E Lowe Mrs E L McClelland (Jameson) Dr C S Pedersen Dr I Petej Mr C W E Ponsonby Miss D M Richardson Mr S A Roe Dr J R Seaward FRCS Mr J L Skeet Dr F M Welsh Mr P R Woods Ballard Mr N F A Worsley Mr F Yang 1995 Mr M T Arnold Mr J P Bevan

Trinity College Annual Report 2015–16

Mr N E Chase Mr A J Cowie Dr H Eick Mr C C S Ingram Ms A M Kiukas-Pedersen (Kiukas) Mr J L Livingstone Mr D M Lowish Mr A W A Marshall Mr I S Parkinson Mrs E D Rees (McManus) Dr S T Rottinghaus Mrs L H Sanderson (Prideaux) Mr T B Sebire Dr M P Simmonds Mr T M Wolff 1996 Mr B Allen Mr T J S Blunt Mr M C Boardman Mr R G Brown Mr T A L Burns Mr P T J Casey Ms E E Darwin Dr M A Dmitriev Dr L M Drage Dr M G Elrod (Gibellato) Mr G Fisher Dr W J Fletcher Miss J Gill Mr J W Glazebrook CEng Dr J J Green Dr C I Harding Mr A J Hogley Mr V Krishnan Miss S M Kummutat Mr C K Lee Mr G B Lefroy Mr A J MacDonald Miss S A March Dr N J Matheson Dr M A Matooane Mr R G Moore Ms L H Mytton (Green) Mr A H S Sheikh Dr J C Westerhoff 1997 Mr V Agarwal Ms T T Ang Dr J R Aston Mr H Ballmann Mr D A J Beary Ms R A J Bennett Ms E C Biott Mr S J Blackburn Mr C E R Crowson

Mr M N Cunningham Mr K Dauda Mr N R Dholakia Mr K Dimitriou Mr P A Le May Ms H L Pacquement Mr C R Phipps Mr T A Richards Ms R T Sheridan Mrs C Swerling (Nelson) Mr P K F Wan Hok Chee 1998 Dr S F Daruvala (e) Mr J M Glass Mr P A Johnson Dr D S Madgwick Mr M G Price Ms C N Robert Mr T W Rose Mr A Y V Sapin Mr A D Scott Mr B J D Shaw Mr C V Walford Mr D Walker 1999 Ms T A Ang Mr S S T Chan Mr A Chung Ms K Cserep Mrs E M S Davies (Major) Dr G J Doherty Dr R Hager Dr T J Howat Mr W Hutchinson Ms J K Miles (e) Mr A Shah Dr M W Shea Mr W J E Swan Mr G B M van den Driessche Dr G M von Hippel Mr H Zheng Mr J R Zimmermann 2000 Dr S E Adams Dr T J Barnet-Lamb Dr K A Bevan (George) Ms S Cheah Dr A R Darley (Russell) Mr T E Dupernex Dr K A Farrell Dr A D Hemery Dr J D T Jane Mr M W S Lynas Mr D Markose Mr J T O’Connor

Dr D G Paine Dr M H Sankey Mr C J Shampine 2001 Mr C K C Au Dr D S Z M Boctor Ms H Burton Ms B L Chantry Mr M D Clark Dr I A Coomaraswamy Dr T H Fell MB ChB Mrs H M Fletcher (Sevar) Mr F H F Fok Dr J A Frost Mr G Ho Mr E W Holroyd Pearce Ms S P L Ko Dr R H Lande Ms Q F Lau Mr G M Pacitti Dr S J Rees Mr A J Sproat-Clements Dr C Yin 2002 Miss C E Bell Mr R Bullock Mr D M Clarke Dr T J Evans Dr H J K Famm Dr Q Gashi Professor A L Goodwin Mr Y Kudo Mr M Lavingia Miss J S Lee Dr A Mehonic Mr D G Minch-Dixon Dr M J New Mr A S F Nice Dr D Notz Mr D T O’Crualaoich Mr Z Patel Mr J F Reizenstein Mr A Unarket Dr Q Wang Mr J Y Wauters 2003 Dr T Z Ang Mr O C Butler Miss M Dawson Mrs E Dean (Burnett Rae) Mr S R Deshmukh Mr J Kinman Mrs R A Montgomery (Beecher Bryant) Dr J K H Ng

Mr J L O’Connell Miss L Osepciu Mr P K Y Tang Miss H E Usmar Mr D Xiao Mr B Zealley 2004 Ms J V Bradley Mr T H H Cheung Mr P Z Cui Mr A R Davies Miss A Hadziabdic Mr E E Hughes Miss P Jain Major T E C Jarvis Mr P E Jefferys Dr M R Kakde Miss M Lazarevska Dr T Macura Mr D K McNicholl Mr T J S Rivett Mr A J C Simons Mr R Speight Mrs S A M Tang (Donnelly) Dr S Y W Tang MB BS Mr B E Thompson-Clarke Dr J Wang Dr J R Wilkinson 2005 Mr A J I Blacklay Mr S Chen Mr M S J Collins Mrs C H Crookes (George) Mr J J Crookes Mr A P Davies Miss Q Fan Mr J A Farish Mrs M L Goodier (Sanders) Mr D Hockley Dr Z Huang Mr N J Khan Mr A Klimentov Mr A Lester Mr S A Matache Dr S C Mertes Mrs S L Pinks (Pitt) Miss Z C Pople Dr A Sergis Mr A Sidorenko Dr L F Spangehl (Ramsay) Mr J Stejskal Mr A J C Wheble Miss C F White Mr B H Yates Ms L Yu Dr P M Zaczkowski



List of Donors

2006 The Revd Dr M C Banner (e) Miss K L Barber Dr M Chung Mr P C Hallikeri Ms K M Kew Mr S D Layton (e) Dr F Marini-Balestra Ms E V Smith Miss E Starkie Mr M Sun Dr A M Talhat Mr H Tang Mr M J Waldron 2007 Dr A Ahmadnia Miss C A Bradley Mrs B S Burnett (Scott) Dr P R Calvert Miss H M Chan Mr H W Chan Mr R Hird Mr G B A Jin Dr C J King Dr A J Kruppa Miss E Lee Mr B A Li Mr J Liu Mr T McTiernan Dr D Pihler-Puzovic (Pihler) Professor D R Spring (e) Dr A van Dellen Dr E Wald

Mr K Wong Miss Y Xia 2008 Miss E Bieniecka Dr J O Day Miss S Devakumar Mr H S Harding Mr S A Hardingson Mr S Houghton Mr W J B Hughes Mr J A Hutchinson Mr P J Krupa Mr H H Y Loh Mr M J A McMahon Dr A T T McRae Miss J A Milligan Dr K Petunin Mr P O Poullaides Mr T M Prince Miss O F Roberts Mr S Shah Mr L J Sinclair Mrs S E Vinyard (Cunningham) Mr A D Wood Ms J Yu 2009 Mr M S Carlton Dr P Coulier Mr J C T Kwan Dr S D Smart Mr E D Swartz Mr L Tonna

Friends of Trinity Nine anonymous Friends Professor A Acrivos Anton E.B Schefer Foundation The Tom ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust Mr N Avital Mrs H M L Burke BA (Hons) Dr Y-C Chen H R Creswick Charitable Trust Dr L Cuthbert Mr M Darling Ms J Garner Mrs K Glennie Mr J J Glickman Mrs E Halverstam Highgate Decorative & Fine Arts Society

Mrs J Image Mr S Image CBE JP Mr J A S Innes Sir John Kemp-Welch Sir Ralph Kohn FRS Mr D McDougall In memory of Roger Moore Professor K A Nasmyth FRS Professor P E Nelson Mrs G Neuberger Mr P F Nicholson The Sir Francis Pemberton Charitable Trust Mr T & Mrs K Price Mr S Tong & Mrs A Campbell Dr M F & Mrs S L Yoong

Miss M Wang Miss X Wang Miss Y Zhao 2010 Mr J Bilimoria Dr S Cao Mr M R Hamway Miss P M Y Jenkins Miss H Redgewell 2011 Mr B Cole Mr M P Colebrook Mr F C Draexler Mr A Glebov Mr J S L Koid Miss O Lyster Professor E M Meyerowitz (e) former Ms Y Nie Mr A Ramamurti Dr N Z Zamir 2012 Miss Y Li Professor D W Oxtoby (former Visiting Fellow Commoner) Mr A M Patel Mr C Yoon 2013 Dr C Agbuduwe Mr H Foster Davies Mr C Zuend

Gifts-in-kind We would like to thank the following members for their sponsorship of various alumni events during the past year. 1968 Lord Clement-Jones CBE 1968 Sir Paul Judge 1969 Sir David Verey CBE 1971 Mr J W Hirst QC 1971 Lord Moran 1973 Mr C J Scott 1975 Mr A J Banton 1978 Mr J R Slosar 1979 Dr C P Kaplanis 1984 Mr H Hampson 1986 Mrs R M Hampson (Gibson) 1996 Mr V Krishnan 1997 Ms T T Ang 1999 Mrs E M S Davies (Major)

Trinity College Annual Report 2015–16


The Great Court Circle The Great Court Circle was established to thank those members who have indicated their intention to make a bequest to Trinity.

36 Anonymous Legators His Hon. Roderick Adams (1956) The Revd Canon Peter Adams (1970) Dr N W Alcock OBE FSA (1957) Miss T Alisjahbana (1981) Mr A S Allen (1969) Mr T E Allen (1963) Dr A A Ammora (1997) Ms T T Ang (1997) Mr P G Arbuthnot (1970) Mr B G Ashley (1957) Dr J G P Barnes (1958) Mr R Bayley (1978) Dr A R Beal (1967) Mr J H W Beardwell TD FCSI (Hon) (1957) Mr J E Beerbower (1973) Mr A J Beveridge (1966) Mr B T Bibby (1966) Mr B M Bienkowski (1955) Mr C J E Bird (1981) Dr G L A Bird MB BS (1976) Mr A D Bolingbroke (1935) Mr H M W Borrill FSA (1974) Mr P Brackfield (1942) Mr G W Bradbrook (1961) Mr M J Brett (1953) Dr A H Bridle (1960) Mr C P Bromley (1977) Mr R Brooman (1974) Mr G L Buchanan (1959) Mr J K Buckle (1959) Mr J W Burton (1971) Professor S F Bush (1957) Mr S R Cannon MBE (1968) Professor R W Carrell FRS (1987) Mr A C Cassidy MBE (1967) Mr R E Cawthorn (1956) Professor B W Cherry (1955) Mr D H B Chesshyre CVO (1959) Colonel W J Chesshyre (1963) Mr C E M Clark (1976) Mr M C Clarke FCA (1960) Mr P A Clarke (1960) Mr R R Cockroft (1957)

Mr J S Cohen (1950) Mr S M Cohen (1966) Mr M S J Collins (2005) Mr N A F Comfort (1964) Ms J E M Corbett (1978) Dr P C B Craske (1961) Professor J H Davenport (1971) Dr A Davey (1955) Mr P E R Davis (1961) Mr T P Day (1990) Professor N R M de Lange FBA (1971) Mr J P de Lavis (1976) Mr J B Deby QC (1950) Mrs A V Dent (Stanton) (1989) Mr S D Dias (1971) Mr M G T Dickson CBE FREng FIStructE (1963) Mr R T Donkin (1967) Mr C H B Dorin (1964) Mr R C Down (1959) Mr P J A Driscoll (1963) Mr N P Duffin (1965) Mr R F Eddison (1955) Dr A J M F Eisinger FRCP (1957) Mr P D C Eley (1960) Professor A J Elliott-Kelly FInstP (1979) Mr J J Ellison (1976) Dr H D Empsall (1965) Professor Sir Anthony Epstein CBE FRS (1939) Mr M E Evans OAM (1964) Mr P L Evans (1980) Mr C A Evers (1964) Mr S F Every (1949) Professor J C T Fairbank MD FRCS (1966) Mr M G Falcon (1960) Mr N C H Falls (1964) Mr N Faragher (1968) Mr J P Farwell (1971) Dr T H Fell MB ChB (2001) Dr I W Fellows FRCP (1971) Mr C W Field ARAM (1959) Mr T H W Fielding (1959) Mr M W Fletcher (1962) Dr C P Fong (1984)

Professor Emeritus A R Forrest (1965) Mr I C Fowler (1954) Mr J E Francis (1974) Professor R Fraser FRSL (1991) Mr G G Frosdick (1951) Miss C M Furze (1987) Mr R K Gabbertas (1977) Mr C J Gasson (1995) Mr J V Godfray (1964) Professor C A E Goodhart CBE FBA (1957) Mr J I Gordon (1961) Dr K B Gove (1966) Mr C J Green (1954) Mr L B Green (1969) Lt Colonel R C Gregory (1958) Mr P C F Gregory-Hood (1962) Mr T A R Guldman (1952) Dr J J Hall (1959) Mr M Hamer (1958) Mr J G R Harding (1954) Mr D C Hartley (1949) Mr K G Hartley (1958) Mr C A Hastings (1987) Mr T J R Hill (1971) Mr J W Hirst QC (1971) Mr R W Horner (1957) Dr T J Howat (1999) Mr M S Howe (1959) Mr R G T Hulbert (1959) Mr C F Hunt (2004) Dr C J H Ingoldby (1966) Mr J A S Innes Mr M J Innes (1959) Dr W R Jacob (1961) Mr D J R Jenkins (1964) Professor G J Johnson (1954) Mr S P H Johnson (1975) Dr G L Jones (1965) Mr J R W Keates (1958) Mr J D Kellock (1975) Mr D R Kershaw (1971) Dr D S King (1957) Mr N D King (1968) Dr N Kingsley (1965) Mr J C R D Knight (1954) Dr L Kopelowitz MBE (1944) Mr V Krishnan (1996)

Mr M J Langrish (1986) Mr M Lavingia (2002) Mr M J Lee (1972) Mr S Levene (1972) Dr Sir Christopher Lever Bt (1950) Mr R M Lloyd-Price (1964) Dr R M Lodge (1952) Professor J M Lonsdale (1958) Mr P A Lord (1959) Dr G A Luzzi FRCP (1975) Mr E A Macpherson (1949) Sir John Mactaggart (1969) Dr N A Martin (Chandulal Mulji) (1992) Mr R M Martineau (1956) Mr J H H Massey Stewart (1953) Dr A D McLachlan FRS (1953) Mr R I Menzies-Gow (1962) The Revd Canon Roland Meredith (1952) The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein CMG CBE (1948) Mr J P Moorhead (1993) Mr W H Morris (1981) Mr C F Morsley (1966) Dr J T Mulvein (1957) Mr C A F Newman (1957) Mr M Nisbet (1971) Mr J R L Nuttall (1944) Mr D J Oldbury (1968) Mr C E Parker (1955) Mr R J M Pearse (1966) Mr P R W Pemberton (1963) Dr M A Perring (1957) Mr A D Pickering (1964) Mr I Pickering (1974) Mr L E Pickett (1973) The Rt Hon. Sir Malcolm Pill (1958) The Revd Canon John Polkinghorne KBE FRS (1949) Mrs S M Pollock-Wilkins (Wilkins) (2003) Dr O I Poole-Wilson (2001) Ms S M Porter (1978) Mr R C Rawcliffe (1954)


List of Donors

Lord Rees of Ludlow OM FRS (1960) Mr M J Reilly (1992) Mr P M Renney (1981) Mr M J G Roberts (1956) Mr S Roberts QPM (1975) Mr B C Robertson (1949) Ms K U Rook (1984) Dr D S H Rosenthal (1968) Professor M J S Rudwick FBA (1950) Mr R A Sage (1984) Mr H A Salmon (1989) Mr E W Saville (1957) Dr K L Schumacher (1989) Mrs A J Seager (Palmer) (1999) Mr A M Seddon (1965) Mr T Shaikh (1988)

Mr J C Shakeshaft (1972) Mr R T Sheldon (1952) Mr C R Simpkin (1961) Ms C J Sladden (Bollworthy) (1978) Dr T Slivnik (1988) Dr C B Snowdon (1959) Dr G Speake FSA (1964) Mr C J Spivey (1956) Professor D R Spring (2007) Mr P A Stacey (1976) Mr T C Stancliffe (1965) Mr W D Stanley (1958) Mr S J Steele FRCS FRCOG FFSRH (1950) Mr P W Strachan (1957) Dr K W Tayler (1976) Mr C W Taylor-Young (1954)

Mr P C Thomas-Cruttwell (1958) Professor J C R Turner (1949) Sir John Tusa (1956) Dr A Vats (1987) Sir David Verey CBE (1969) Mr G A Vowles (1953) Dr J M A Wade (1962) Mr A P D Walker QC (1987) Mr S C V Ward (1960) Mr B S Wessely (1953) Mr D R B Whitehouse QC (1964) Professor P T Wilson (1958) Sir Gregory Winter CBE FRS (1970) Mr A J Wise (1967) Mr N Wiseman (1971)

Mr K G P Woolley (1954) Dr G Yates (1950) Mr N G Yates (1991) Mrs R A Yates (Daldorph) (1989) The Revd Canon Prof R A Yates (1965) The Revd M Ewbank has made a bequest in memory of Revd F A Simpson (Fellow 1911–1974)

“I decided to make Trinity a philanthropic priority for two reasons. Firstly, my years at Trinity have had a profound impact on the rest of my life. A Trinity education helps open doors, and opens them quickly. This certainly helped me in my career, particularly in its critical earlier stages when getting that foothold in the right place makes such a difference. Secondly, as education is such a transformative experience, I wanted to help others enjoy the same opportunities that I had. Directing the gift to student support at Trinity will help the College to attract the very brightest young men and women regardless of their means or origin. Thus Trinity will, I trust, develop even further as a world-class centre of excellence.� Guy Williams (1982)

Cambridge CB2 1TQ United Kingdom E: T: +44(0)1223 761527

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Trinity College Annual Report 2015-2016  

The Annual Report outlines the current state of the College’s finances and shows the tangible difference your support makes. We hope that by...

Trinity College Annual Report 2015-2016  

The Annual Report outlines the current state of the College’s finances and shows the tangible difference your support makes. We hope that by...