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Go into the unknown.

Critical thinking is the thing to be learning. We can all go on the internet and find out anything we want to know, but not everyone knows how to solve issues. That’s what T-P is teaching us. People are going to hire graduates who can go into the unknown and try to go somewhere with it. R YA N W I N N ’ 1 7

Forget reciting the right answers. Instead, learn how to ask thoughtful questions. The world is transforming, and so are academics at Trinity-Pawling. You’ll gain the skills and self-awareness to navigate a complex and ever-changing society. We believe that critical thinking is key, and we’ll teach you to think outside the box. Get ready for dynamic classes—you’ll work in teams to find solutions, stretch your mind with vigorous discussions, and explore beyond the textbook with hands-on experiments. Our teachers are passionate about their subject matter and generous with their time, and they’ll push you to become fearless leaders and humble team players. You’ll have your pick of exciting and challenging classes, including honors-level and Advanced Placement courses. And our college counseling team is ready to find the best college fit. We’ll also teach you something you can’t measure: you’ll learn to respect yourself, your fellow brothers, your surroundings, and your future. You’ll graduate as the next generation’s problem solvers, game changers, and thought leaders.






You’ll take risks. Triumph or stumble, it’s all part of the adventure. Boys learn best by doing, so our classes are filled with activity. We use project-based learning to engage you with the real world, and we use technology to take teaching to the next level. If you want to dive deep, we have areas of study that will let you explore what piques your curiosity. Sink your teeth into business and economics with courses in Public Speaking, Business of Baseball, and Economics in our Times. Unravel what makes humans tick in social sciences like anthropology, psychology, and diversity. Or step into the great outdoors with hands-on environmental courses in geology, meteorology, oceanography, or environmental field science. If you’re media-minded, head to our idea lab for a class in Broadcast Journalism. Gain a new perspective with global studies courses in international relations or U.S. diplomacy, or immerse yourself in a foreign culture in our travel abroad program.

We believe that every student has distinct gifts and talents, and it’s our job as educators to nurture and celebrate those gifts so that they grow and flourish. W I L L I AM W. TAY L OR , H E ADM AS T ER

THE PRACTICUM FOR CIVIC LEADERSHIP You’ll identify and tackle a pressing issue of the day. As juniors, you’ll learn to collaborate, problem solve, and communicate solutions. As seniors, you’ll deepen your studies, pursue a passion, and discover the power of mentorship. Your score as an informed citizen just skyrocketed.

WINTER TERM PROJECTS Every winter term, you’ll intensely study a unique topic and produce a creative final project, such as a screenplay, a constructed object, a video, or a podcast. Past topics included the Polarization of Climate Change and Build a Roller Coaster. Use our idea lab to create a final project—like designing a mobile phone case with a 3D printer or editing the music video you directed.

How high will you soar? It’s up to you. AN ETHOS OF EFFORT You’re on time for classes and you’re devoted to studying. But do you go above and beyond to challenge yourself? Are you a role model on campus? Go the extra mile to help a brother? Lead a campus tour, or step up even when no one’s watching? We see how hard you’re trying in all aspects of life (not just test scores), and we’re going to help you meet your goals. Enter the Effort System, Trinity-Pawling’s unique way of encouraging self-reflection. Every six weeks, faculty members will assess your efforts in becoming a well-rounded and conscientious young man, and the more you invest of yourself the greater your accomplishments will be. It’s up to you to shape your experience.

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Trinity-Pawling School - Academics  

Forget reciting the right answers. Instead, learn how to ask thoughtful questions.

Trinity-Pawling School - Academics  

Forget reciting the right answers. Instead, learn how to ask thoughtful questions.