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TRIMM Copenhagen wants to challenge the way people interact and spend time together. With our lounge furniture we create an informal atmosphere – inside and out.

Our mission is to strengthen the relation between people and form a higher quality of life.




come in 2 sizes and the cushion comes in 2 different variants. All items can be mixed and matched - use them either on the floor in a real boho environment, on your own frame or on pallet solutions, the possibilities are endless. CONNECT MATTRESSES



Connect mattresses & cushions is a brand new collection in the TRIMM Copenhagen range. As the name indicates, the collection consists of mattresses that can be “connected� with each other via a smart magnet system.



C O N N E C T M A T T R E S S E S The new mattress and cushion collection derives from the basic idea of creating

space for relaxation, contemplation and informal togetherness. 7

C O N N E C T M A T T R E S S E S invite you to relax and socialize in your spare time

as well as in working environments.


T U B E C U S H I O N is a comfy pillow, that will give the

outdoor space a relaxed and informal look.




F E L I X L O U N G E R & C U S H I O N are luxury beanbags that do not compromise comfort ability. They are

designed with a new perspective on the classic beanbag. With their stylish and simple expression they suit the living room as well as the terrace or garden. The Felix Collection is made of the high quality fabric brand Sunbrella PlusÂŽ that can withstand all weather conditions. 11

M I N I R O C K E T The Rocket Daybed has various possibilities, and it now comes in a mini version.

Perfect for a balcony in the city, and smaller living spaces.


M I N I R O C K E T gives your balcony a luxurious lounge atmosphere.


L O U N G E S A T E L L I T E is a stable and solid beanbag that does not compromise comfort ability. With its stylish

and simple form expression it suits both the livingroom as well as the patio, garden or public lounge area. 14

V E R T I C A L F L O W E R P O T S are designed with the purpose to cre-

ate a green environment everywhere, which is why the fabric pots are made waterproof.


R O C K E T D A Y B E D With the Rocket Daybed you can create a cozy lounge area on your terrasse.

T I N Y M O O N is a small pouf, that’s easy and light weighted to carry. Use it togehter with our terrazzo tray for a

cozy table.


F U L L M O O N is a multi functional furniture. It can be used as a pouf

with seatings for several persons or with a tray on top and it transforms into a sofa table. 17

R O C K E T D A Y B E D is a multifunctional product. Use it as a tanning bed in

the summer or as a cozy sofa with cushions.


H A L F M O O N is created from a need for retreat and contemplation and with its voluminous and yet simple form

it invites to relaxation. The sunbed is made as a beanbag, which also has a soothing and insulating effect. 19

C O C O O N H A N G C H A I R O U T D O O R is a perfect chair for a silent moment for reflection in nature. The

chair is made in high quality fabrics for outdoor. The structure is made in aluminium. 20

C U S H I O N S It is all about the fabric and the filling. Our cushion collection is made of high

quality fabrics and filling designed to withstand water and UV.




C O C O O N L E A T H E R consists of an aluminum frame creating a light and beautiful look. The seating is made

of full grain leather straps handwoven on the aluminum frame and attached with metal rivets. Cocoon is mounted in the ceiling by the rope attached – which also leads the thoughts to the maritime roots of TRIMM Copenhagen. The Cocoon is available in natural grain leather. 23

C O C O O N L E A T H E R Rikke Gjørlund on the design: “The idea behind the de-

sign is to create a chair where the user can feel the weightlessness inside a cocoon. And to make a long lasting design by choosing sustainable materials together with a love for good craftmanship.” 24


S A T E L L I T E L E A T H E R The high quality leather, makes the Satellite Leather an exclusive stool in the living

room, hallway or lounge area. It is availeble in three colors: Black, Nature and Cognac. 26


S A T E L L I T E 4 8 is very suitable for a kids room or as a pouf

at the coffee table. It is a lightweight and comfortable pouf, which can easily be moved around using the convenient handle at the top.


S A T E L L I T E 6 8 The whole satellite family is designed and constructed from the same basic shape. There are

three heights covering different needs. Here the Satellite 68 is used togehter with a desk for the teenage room. The stools are standing support chairs, with ergonomic seating comfort, which also makes them a good choice for your workspace. 29

Duo Cushions 1017-4

Sky Blue / White

Dark Green / Grey

Lagoon Turquoise / Brown

Midnight Blue / Brown

Mustard / Grey

Orange / Grey

Red / Dark Grey


1037-2 Connect Mattress Big

1037-1 Connect Mattress Small

1037-3 Tube Cushion

Connect Mattress Big/Small

Fabric for Mattresses and Cushions: Acrisol Twitell (100% solution dyed acrylic) The Premium fiber for the Outdoor. Weight: 300 gr/m2 Finish: Teflon with stain and mildew resistant treatment Light fastness: 7/8 Filling cushions: Fossflakes Filling mattress: Coldfoam

Connect Mattresses: The collection includes 2 sizes of mattresses: Big (Pallet size) and Small, that connect via a smart magnet system. Together they form one regular size matress. All cushions and mattresses come in 7 different color combinations, so you can mixwwww and match according to mood.

The main advantages of Acrisol Twitell: • • • • •

Superior resistance of color fading against environment. Superior resistance of color fading to UV Superior resistance of color fading against day-light. Color is placed within the fiber, not only in the external first layers, superficially, of the fiber. Consistency of color. No bleeding

Those features make the fiber the most ideal one for outdoors.


1015-1 Felix Lounger

1018 Felix Cushion

1019-2 Lounge Satellite

1014-2 Half Moon

1017-2 Cushion Big

1017-1 Cushion Small

1013 Full Moon

1020 Tiny Moon

1032 Terrazzo Tray

1012-4 Satellite 48

1012-5 Satellite 68


1012-6 Satellite 78

1011-6 Rocket Daybed

1129 Cocoon Hang Chair

1016-2 Double Hammock

Production in EU For us it is a conscious choice to produce in Europe, and the manufacturers are carefully selected based on their focus on high quality and craftsmanship. When production is within immediate reach, you have the opportunity to make quick deliveries and customized productions for customers.

Material Description Sunbrella Plus® fabric as well as EPS beads are the main raw materials of TRIMM Copenhagen furniture. Sunbrella Plus® fabric is manufactured in France and is originally developed for boat covers – hence it has a very high strength and UV resistance. Our EPS beads have been carefully selected, after several years of research, by means of the size of the beads. We always use the smallest size of beads containing a small amount of air per bead. In this way, the beads are not easily compressed and the furniture do not need re lling very often.

Main Fabric for Beanbags and Cushions: Sunbrella Plus® and Sunbrella® In & Out (100% acrylic) • • • • •

1011-5 Mini Rocket

UV resistant Water and stain resistant Breathable Mold resistant Easy care

All our materials are selected for their high quality and long durability. Colors: All beanbags: Graphite, Grey, Beige and Taupe. Satellite 48, Cushions, Felix Lounger and Tiny Moon: + more colors. Double Hammock: Grey and Graphite Cocoon Hang Chair: Grey, Graphite and Beige. Terrazzo Tray: White, Black and Rose

Filling beanbags: EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) beads. Filling cushions: 70% Foss Flakes Essential (Flakes of 100% polyethylene) and 30% Siliconised Polyester Clusters (weather resistant). 33

1012-7 Satellite 78 Leather

1012-9 Satellite 48 Leather

1028 Cocoon Leather

Cocoon Leather: Structure of aluminum, seating of hand-woven grain leather. Leather: Thickness: 2,4-2,8 mm Tanning: The leather is vegetable tanned with natural tannins. This means that the tanning is affected by means of extraction from plants, bark and fruit falling etc. Aluminum: Size of pipes: 25 mm Treatment: Powder painted

1012-8 Satellite 68 Leather

Satellite 78, 68, 48 Leather: Material: Grain leather 100% Filling: EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) beads.

- Our EPS beads have been carefully selected, after several years of research, by means of the size of the beads. We always use the smallest size of beads containing a small amount of air per bead. In this way, the beads are not easily compressed and the furniture do not need re lling very often.

Dimensions: Ă˜ x H: 45 x 48,68 or 78 cm Colors: Cognac, Nature, Black. 34

1024-4 Single Flowerpot

1024-1 Vertical Flowerpots

1024-3 Vertical Soft Pots

Pots: Coated polyester with bonded seams. Rope: 100% polyester Hooks: Aluminum Details: Waterproof seam Colors Soft pots: White, Black og Grey. Colors Flowerpots: White, Black, Beige, Grey, Dark Green and Navy Blue.

1024-2 Soft Pots



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