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Commission approves county elections BY STEVE SHORT Meeting in Trenton Monday morning July 8 in a regular, bimonthly session, Gibson Co. commissioners took action on a variety of topics, including elections to county boards and allocating funds to charitable organizations. Commissioners approved the following elections: •Road Commission – Incumbent George Pounds was reelected to a five-year term. •Library Board – Incumbents Jerry Phillips, Paul Halford and Joan Taylor were reelected to 3-year terms. Also, Nancy Wallace was elected to replace second term member Teresa Moran, and Kay Pounds was elected to replace second term member Carolyn Porter. Members can serve only two consecutive terms. •Planning Commission – Five incumbents were reelected to serve new fouryear terms: Curtis Halford, Mark E. Carlton, Craig Ivey, Betty Poteet and Ken Pullias. Other topics addressed by the Commission: •Funds for nonprofit groups – Commission voted 18-3 on final reading to give $33,625 to 11 nonprofit groups. Largest allocations went to the Patterson see page 3



Lightning strike takes out Gibson Co. 911 Central Control BY LORI CATHEY Two lightning strikes in the past 30 days on Gibson County’s 911 emergency communications system have caused an undetermined amount of damage. Lightning struck the Gibson County 911 Center Control tower located in Dyer around 9 a.m. during a brief thunderstorm Monday morning on July 1st. Gibson County dispatcher Gail Wallace was on the phone at the time of the strike and she heard a loud boom right before the communications system crashed. The lightning strike knocked out telephone lines and radio systems within the center preventing it from receiving emergency calls.

The communication consoles that the dispatchers were sitting at also lost radio contact with EMS, police and fire units, though dispatchers were able to speak with units in the field using portable radios, Wallace said. After the lightning hit, 911 operations manager Bob Moore said his dispatchers activated a system that re-routed emergency incoming calls to 911 centers in nearby Weakly County. Information was then relayed back to Gibson County 911 to their cell phones. “We called Gibson County Emergency Management, and they brought over their mobile command center and parked it see page 3

BACK-UP COMMAND CENTER - Gibson County 911 dispatchers Donnie Cox and Gail Wallace answer calls in the back-up EMA command center last Monday morning. (Photo by Lori Cathey)

Celebrating Independance!

J.V. Thompson

Dyer Station Grand Marshal Tom Lannom

Nina Davidson, as American as apple pie, rides in the Dyer Station Parade.

Dyer board approves new clerks The City of Dyer Board of Mayor and Alderpersons held three meetings in two weeks. The board met in regular session on June 24th and in two special called meetings on June 27th and again on July 1st. In the July 1 meeting, those present were Mayor Chris Younger,Alderpersons Judy Baker, Belinda Oliver, Michael Barron, Robert Johnson, Roger Gray, Bitsy Gilliland, and Marilyn Williamson. The purpose of the meeting was to consider employment of a new Municipal Clerk and to pass on the first reading of Ordinance 2013-216, and an Ordinance to adopt the 2013-2014 Annual Budget Gray made a motion to hire Autumn Wynn as Municipal Clerk at the rate of $12 per hour. The motion was approved with all in favor. Gray also made a motion to hire Hunter Simmons as Assistant Municipal Clerk at the rate of $7.50 per hour. Motion carried with Baker, Barron, Gray, Gilliland, and Williamson voting in favor and Oliver and Johnson voting no. A motion made by Judy Baker to pass on first reading Ordinance 2013-216, an see page 2


Kenton White Squirrel Grand Marshal Billy ‘Pee Wee Wyrick’ with wife Faye and grandson Mason Wyrick.

Paislee Walls, daughter of Tyler and Jennifer Walls and Lianna Flowers, daughter of Ben and Joyce Flowers watch the Dyer parade with grandmother Tammy Flowers.

Owens Family - Avery, Ava, Brady, Alicia and Alisha looking very patriotic in the Kenton White Squirrel Parade.

Gibson County Mayor Tom Witherspoon and PFC Hank Fedigo in the Kenton White Squirrell Parade.




' 9-59 461&3 $3&8




Dyer native joins Goodwill Industry at workshop Significant changes in Tennessee workers’ compensation law will go into effect on July 1, 2014 according to James (J.V.) Thompson, an attorney with Rainey, Kizer, Reviere & Bell PLC. Thompson is the son of Walton and Betty Rose Thompson of Dyer. He graduated from Gibson County High School in 1995. His remarks came at a Jackson workshop hosted by Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee and Rainey Kizer to help employers begin planning for these changes. At the event Goodwill executives also outlined their programs to help disabled employees return to the workplace. Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee operates a Career Solutions Center at 1430 South First Street in Union City. “These are sweeping changes, with many facets of the new law still to be fleshed out,� Thompson explained. “A new administrative agency and new appointed judges will begin to hear workers’ compensation cases, instead of the local trial courts. New administrative regulations, which have not yet been issued, may control how the new law is interpreted and executed. There also will be new standards and formulas to determine the availability and amount of workers’ compensation benefits. An ombudsman program will also be see page 3

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Page 2 The Tri-City Reporter, Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Insight & Opinion Dress the way you want to feel

Clayburn Peeples reports: As just about everyone knows, and as I have mentioned in this column a number of times, what a person wears has an enormous influence on what other people think about him or her, sometimes in obvious ways, but sometimes in an unknown subtle fashion. A new study done with men’s T-shirts illustrates this. A group of women were shown several photographs of men wearing three different T-shirts and were asked to rate each man according to attractiveness, health and intelligence. The three different shirts were identical except that one set had a large “T” emblazoned across the front of it, another had an inverted “T” across it and the third set was plain. So what do you think? If you guessed that the men were judged to be more attractive when wearing the shirts with the large, upright

masculinity) more attractive than others, and a large “T” across the chest would exaggerate, or negate that image, depending on which way it was turned. You are, to a great extent, what you wear, at least in the eyes of other people. Study after study has shown that people size you up very, very quickly. Indeed, all of us, whether we are conscious of it or not, make snap judgments about people according to the clothes they wear. We may not know why, but within three minutes of meeting someone, according to people who study such things, we have already decided who, and what, they are. How do we come to such rash decisions about people? Their physical appearance, hugely influenced by what they wear, accounts for 87% of our impressions; their body language accounts for another eight percent, and what they say, and how they say it, only comes in at only fivepercent. Can you change a negative first impression? Yes, but it takes a full 20 minutes to undo a bad initial impression. In today’s world, you will seldom get that much time. Furthermore, what we wear not only affects everyone else’s opinion of each of us, it also affects

“T”s on them, you were correct. They were judged to be 12% more attractive than the same men wearing plain shirts, and those wearing shirts with the inverted “T” were judged to be 12% less attractive. Those wearing the upright “T” were also evaluated as 12% healthier than those wearing plain shirts, and again, those wearing the inverted “T” were guessed to be 12% unhealthier. The attractiveness/healthy perceptions of the upright “T” had the greatest effect on men whose body shapes indicated they were “out of shape.” Oddly, all three groups were adjudged to have the same degree of intelligence. Same men - different Tshirts and different results. The reason for these results, the researchers concluded, is that women find men with a v-shaped torso (supposedly a sign of

IN A JAM? Bill Barron

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what we think of ourselves. Researchers have identified a phenomenon called “enclothed cognition.” It means “the systematic influence that a person’s clothing has on the wearer’s psychological processes,” meaning, what your clothes say to you, rather than about you. In one study, researchers had participants put on white coats and then take tests. When told the coats were “doctors’ coats” the participants scored significantly higher and made fewer errors on exams they were then given than they did when told the coats were “painters’ coats.” My mother, no psychologist, but who knew a great deal about psychology, knew this intuitively. Once an aunt who lived in Memphis went into a deep depression, and my mother announced one night that she was going to

get on the train to Memphis the next morning to “take care of Evelyn.” “What do you think you can do for her,” my dad sneered? “I’m going to make her dress up and go shopping with me, and while we’re out, we’re going to get her hair fixed,” replied my mother. My dad hooted at that, but guess what. A few days later my mother returned in triumph. It seems that when she got all fancied up, Aunt Evelyn saw herself in a new light, and for the rest of her life she credited my mom with “curing me of that horrible depression I had that summer.” When people dress differently, they shift their internal selves. Novelist Harper Lee once said that when she met Gregory Peck she “knew” he was all wrong for the part of Atticus Finch.

Too sallow, too casual, but she said that when he put on Atticus’s clothing and glasses he was suddenly transformed. He “became” Atticus Finch. Many, many actors have said that this happens to them when they don costumes for their parts. So the enclothed cognition people tell us not to dress the way we feel, but to dress the way we want to feel, to wear clothes that make us feel powerful, wealthy or whatever else it is we want to be. Clothes matter, even if you are only wearing a Tshirt, as I mentioned earlier, and by the way, I’ve been thinking about that study. Do you think it’s possible that the women in the study preferred the guys wearing the large, upright “T”s because they thought they were UT men? No? Well, Go Vols anyway.

Dyer board approves from page 1 Ordinance to Adopt the 2013-2014 Annual Budget was approved with Baker, Oliver, Barron, Johnson, and Gilliland voting in favor and Gray and Williamson voting no. In the June 27 meeting, those present were Mayor Younger, Alderpersons Baker, Oliver, Barron, Johnson, Gray, and Williamson. Alderperson Gilliland was absent. The purpose of the meeting was to consider Ordinance 2013-215, an Ordinance to Amend the 2012-2013 Annual Budget. Baker made a motion to pass on second and final reading, Ordinance 2013215, an Ordinance to amend the 2012-2013 Annual Budget. The motion was approved with all in favor. The board met in regular session, Monday, June 24. Those present were Mayor Younger, Alderpersons Baker, Oliver, Barron, Johnson, Gilliland, Gray, and Williams. Attorney Jennifer Deen-McEwen was also present. Gray made a motion to approve the June 10, 2013 meeting minutes as written. The motion was approved with all in favor. In the Mayor’s Report, Younger said that Tracy Taylor had submitted a letter of resignation. City Recorder Nathan Reed read Taylor’s letter aloud. Baker made a motion to accept Taylor’s resignation. The motion was approved. Younger said that Taylor had agreed to continue working part-time, after hours to help train new staff, as needed. Gray made a motion to hire Taylor part-time at $14 per hour. The motion was approved. Younger notified the board that a screw pump went down at the wastewater treatment plant. Repairs are under way. Younger also noted that the city had received notification of a fine from the Tennessee Department

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Periodical postage paid at Dyer, TN Post Office, 38330 Postmaster: Send change of address to The Tri-City Reporter, P.O. Box 266, Dyer, TN 38330

of Environment and Conservation in the amount of $250 in relation to the November 8, 2012 incident at the landfill. Johnson made a motion to pay the fine of $250. The motion was approved. Younger asked City Attorney Deen-McEwen to open bids for the remodeling of the new City Hall. One bid was received fromAbsolute Construction for $101,777.60 A motion was made by Baker to accept all bids. The motion was approved with Baker, Barron, Johnson, Gilliland, Gray and Williamson voting in favor. Oliver abstained. A motion was made by Baker, seconded by Johnson to award the bid to Absolute Construction. After some discussion, the second and motion were withdrawn, and the bid was referred to the building committee. A committee meeting was scheduled for Monday night, July 1. Younger asked DeenMcEwen to open bids for electronic monitoring at the water and wastewater plants, and the lift stations. One bid was received from Kazmier & Associates: Lift Station-$17,059; Water Plant-$5,328 and Wastewater Plant-$5,728. A motion was made by Johnson to accept all bids. The motion was approved. The bids were referred to committee. Younger thanked Steven Tucker, the street department, William Caton, and Ron Giger for their work repairing a broken sewer line on Friday evening, June 14. In Department Reports Fire Chief Roger Worrell explained that purchase

DSC Rook tournament winners The Dyer Station Celebration Rook Tournament winners are first place-Elise Edwards, second palce-Wilma Holt and third place-Tom Lannom. Visiting during the tournament were 2013 DSC Hostess Princess, Marylee Barker, and committee members, Melissa Langston, Brittney Thompson, and Mandi Armstrong

order 7234 was necessary in order to keep emergency equipment, Unit 763, operating. The equipment charges the battery and keeps the truck ready to go. It is a specialty item. Worrell also noted that purchase order 7238 was previously approved, but without the shipping included; this revised PO does include shipping. In the Police Report, Sergeant David Paschall introduced new patrolman Jeff Weber. Under New Business a motion was made Roger Gray to approve purchase order 7234 to Mid-South Emergency Equipment in the amount of $794 for a battery charger. Motion carried with all ayes. Gray also made a motion to approve purchase order 7238 to G&W Diesel Services, Inc. in the amount of $7,163 for turnout coats and pants. Both motions were approved. Robert Johnson made a motion to write off delinquent water bills in the amount of $4,009. Motion made by Johnson also made a motion to approve purchase order 7233 to American Development Corporation in the amount of $1,124 for chemicals. The motions were approved. Baker made a motion to adopt Resolution 2013-203, a resolution to continue the 2012-2013 Annual Budget. Baker also made a motion to pass on first reading Ordinance 2013-215, an Ordinance to Amend the 2012-2013 Annual Budget. Both motions were approved. Baker made a motion to award a three percent bonus to all full-time employees employed since July 1, 2012. The motion was approved with Baker, Barron, Johnson, Gilliland, Gray and Williamson voting in favor. Oliver voted no. Johnson made a motion to award a $50 bonus to employees that worked on the sewer line repair the evening of June 14. The motion was approved with all in favor. Baker made a motion to pay Steven Tucker for an equivalent number of hours to the overtime hours worked by William Caton on June 14. The motion was approved. Gilliland made a motion to pay the General Accounts of $16,019. The motion was approved.

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Commission approves from page 1 Training and Rehabilitation Center ($12,375) and Humboldt Rescue Squad ($7,500). Voting against giving funds were Sandy Moss, Keith Steele and Greg Stone. •Jail report – Com. Larry Kimery said the county averaged 83 state prisoners in May and June and received $228,549 from the state for boarding fees. Sheriff Chuck Arnold was credited with managing the budget and having a 5% surplus. •Waste Tire Disposal – The county is receiving a $51,329 grant for waste tire removal, an increase of $7,329. The increased funding had to be put in the budget. •Emergency sirens out – Sirens were not functioning following a second lightning strike in recent weeks. Rickey Graves, Emergency Management Director said he hoped sirens would be working soon. He said a communications trailer acquired by the county

through grant funding functioned successfully as an alternative dispatch center after lighting damaged central control equipment. •Airport revenues – Robert Lockard, airport attendant, reported that the airport took in $112,964.78 in fuel sales and hangar rent during Fiscal Year 2013. •Ambulance revenues – The EMS ambulance service collected $2,773,084.60 for Fiscal Year 2012-13, the most in recent years and $23,084.60 above projections. County ambulances made 10,573 call responses from July 2012 through June 2013. Com. Jim Overall credited Director Starr Arnold and the staff for good management. •Fire equipment – Commission approved carrying forward funds of $284,083 to the 201314 budget, a portion of a $573,066 grant received in May for fire equipment. About $288,000 was spent in FY 2013 to buy 175

Lowrance Chapel Greetings from the Lowrance Chapel church of Christ. We ask that you continue to pray for Mark Paschall as he continues to recover from the injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. We also ask that you continue to remember James White, Max Betts, Jean Bell, Modeen Pierce, Jean Harris, Carlene Meadows, Carlene’s sister Ann, and Ann Tidwell. If you have any questions or comments concerning any of the articles or would like for someone to be added to the prayer list, please email me at brandon.clenney@gmail. com. The past several weeks, we have dealt with Matthew chapter 24 and have looked at the two questions posed to Jesus there in that chapter. Last week, we ended with Jesus telling his disciples that no man on earth will know the day nor the hour of His return. We also noticed this could not be in regards to the first question posed concerning the destruction of Jerusalem because Jesus knew about that event. In fact, He gave them

warning signs of when that event would occur in AD 70, and He told them to flee when they saw them. The remainder of chapter 24 and all of chapter 25 are the assurances of Jesus of the sudden, unannounced coming of the Son of Man. He says, It is going to come so suddenly that it’s going to be like two men in the field where one is taken and the other left and like two women at the mill where one is taken and one left. People like to use verses 40 and 41 to talk about a “rapture.” The saying here indicates that some are going to be ready at the return of Christ and others will not be because of the suddenness. That’s it. Let’s not read anymore into it than what’s there. Some will be ready. Some will not. And there will be no more time for us to get ready when it happens. Jesus’ simple illustration is showing what that unexpected time is going to be like. He uses verse 37 there to talk about the days of Noah: It says, “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” We are told how in Noah’s day

to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not know yourselves that Jesus Christ is in you? - unless indeed you are disqualified” Often examination brings us back to the same place. If our approach is based upon Scripture and sound reason, we will come to the same conclusions. At other times, we discover that we are in a rut that is taking us nowhere in particular, or even in the wrong direction. Take for instance, the American railroad. The U.S. standard railroad gauge (distance between the rails) is four feet, eight-and-onehalf inches. Why such an odd number? Because that’s the way they built them in England, and American railroads were built by British expatriates. Why did the English adopt that particular gauge? Because the people who built the pre-railroad tramways used that gauge. They in turn were locked into that

they were continuing to eat, drink, and be merry; they were marrying one another; and they were living their lives as normally right up until the time of that first drop of rain. So what Jesus is trying to get through to us is that life is going to be going on as normal when he returns. That’s it. Then He goes on and says it’s going to be like a thief in the night in verse 43. We don’t know when. It’s going to be as the unexpected return of the land owner who finds some of his servants faithful while others think their lord has delayed his coming and so they are unfaithful (verses 45-51). His message here is simple: He says, “therefore be ye also ready for as such an hour as you think not, the son of man cometh.” The important message for us in Matthew chapter 24 is not in the signs of Christ’s coming because no one knows. We are not going to have any signs nor are we going to have any warnings. So it is imperative that we be prepared for it right now and always. Are you ready?

By Jerry Bell gauge because the people who built the tramways used the same standards and tools they had used for building wagons, which were set on a gauge of four feet, eight-and–one-half inches. Why were wagons built to that scale? Because with any other size, the wheels did not match the old wheel ruts on the roads. So who built these old rutted roads? The first long-distance highways in Europe were built by Imperial Rome for the benefit of their legions. The roads have been in use ever since. The ruts were first made by Roman war chariots. Four feet, eightand-one-half inches was the width a chariot needed to be to accommodate the rear ends of two war horses. Maybe “that’s the way it’s always been” isn’t the great excuse some people believe it to be. If you are “in a rut”, whose fault is it? Probably your own.

Dyer native joins Goodwill from page 1 available to assist claimants in obtaining information and protecting their rights.” “Incentives for both employers and employees to strive for a return to work are included in these changes,” according to Thompson, who cited Goodwill’s expertise in helping disabled workers as being a potential benefit for employers and workers. Goodwill executives discussed their Transitional

HERITAGE HALL PHOTO EXHIBIT - Please don’t forget!!! This is the weekend to set up the Heritage Hall Photo Exhibit at City Hall in Trenton. If you have any photographs that you wish to share with the community, please bring them down for our exhibit. Minimum 8 x 10 framed, wire hanger, may be larger, just as long as it is suitably framed for display. We need a brief description of the photograph and a $2 donation to the organization. Copies are all that we really need, we are not expecting anyone to bring their heirloom frames and photographs to City Hall. We need: name, address, phone number, email address if available, title for the photograph. We will be at the City Hall Friday, from 9-5 and on Saturday from 9-2. Any questions, just email or call, 695-3258.

By Brandon Clenney

From the Preacher’s Desk My wife, Jean and I have just returned from a trip to Vernal, Utah to visit very special friends we have known for some time. We had an enjoyable trip without any problems or incidents. When we crossed over the Tennessee River Bridge into Tennessee we exclaimed; “It’s good to back home.” This article written by Clark Cothem, was in our church bulletin last week and I wanted to pass some excerpts along to my readers. I thought that the message was much needed. It is entitled “In a rut. Have you ever felt like that you are in a rut and can’t escape it? Sometimes individuals “need to get out of the rut”. Why do we do what we are doing? Is it working? Is it with regards to God’s Word? Is it wise? The Apostle Paul tells us that self-examination is good for individuals! In 2 Corinthians 13:5 he says; “Examine yourselves as

sets of turnout gear for all volunteer firefighters. •More revenues for Highway Dept. – The Hwy Dept. budget was revised to include an added $5,000 that is expected from Local Option Sales Taxes in 201314. Hwy Dept. revenues are now projected at $365,000. The Hwy Dept. receives all county sales taxes. •County debt – The county owes over $21 million in debt for public improvement bonds, capital outlay notes and general obligation bonds. Budget Chair Butch Shelton and Budget Director Lanita Vandyke said the debt is not excessive related to revenues and expenditures. The county has $4,459,012 in its debt service fund. This year the county will pay $1,382,925 toward resolving debt. Shelton said the county has an excellent bond rating •21 commissioners were present Monday. Absent were: Michael Longmire, James Longmire, Valess Stults and Melvin Morris.

Employment Services program, which helps disabled individuals’ reentry to the workforce with job training, job coaching and placement services. Thompson has been associated with Rainey Kizer since 2003 and practices in the areas of tort and insurance defense, workers’ compensation, and employment law. He currently serves as chairman of the Firm’s Employment Law Practice newsletter. He

graduated from law school at the University of Memphis, where he was a member of the law review. Thompson also has experience in state legislative matters, having served in the clerk’s office of the Tennessee House of Representatives and in the office of the Tennessee Speaker of the House. He is a barrister in the Howell Edmunds Jackson chapter of the American Inns of Court.

TRIVIA BOWL CHAMPS - The Dyer Station Celebration Trivia Bowl champions are Tracy Abbott, Becca Lee and Sharon Lee.

Lightning strike takes from page 1 outside the office. Gibson County EMA Director Rickey Graves and dispatcher Donnie Cox hooked-up the CAD system to the command center to

get it up and running within an hour, “ said Moore. Central Control restored full operations around 10 p.m. Monday night. Moore estimated that the lightning strike resulted

in at least $30,000 in damage to computers and equipment. “Everything went as good as could be expected and everyone worked real good together,” said Moore.

Community Calendars WALNUT GROVE CEMETERY The Walnut Grove Cemetery East of Rutherford is in need of donations for the maintenance of the cemetery. This is a community cemetery not supported by churches. Please honor your friends and loved ones by giving. Mail donations to Walnut Grove Cemetery, Earlene Keathley, Treasurer, 338 Walnut Grove Rd., Kenton TN 38233. DYER CP CHURCH REVIVAL Revival serivces will be held at the Dyer Cumberland Presbyterian Church Sunday through Wednesday, July 21-24. The Rev. Steve Guarneros will be guest speaker. Guarneros’ ministry has taken him to such diverse locations as Chicago, Nicaragua, Israel and Colorado. He and his family currently reside in Hopkinsville, KY. Guarneros will be speaking in Dyer at 11 am Sunday, July 21 and each evening at 7 pm. The Dyer Church invites everyone to attend. CALVARY BAPTIST REVIVAL SERVCICES Calvary Baptist Church of Rutherford will hold Revival Services Sunday, July 14 through Wednesday, July 17. Sunday morning services are at 11 a.m., and Sunday night at 6 p.m. Monday through Wednesday service will begin at 7 p.m. Bro. Eddie Ray, a former fulltime missionary to Africa, will be speaking. Everyone is welcome. We would love to have you! BETHEL BAPTIST VBS Bethel Baptist Church will be having Vacation Bible School July 21st-26th each night beginning at 6 p.m. except on Sunday the 21st which will be at 5 p.m. VBS is for ages 2-12. Registration will be on July 14th at 5 p.m. GARDEN PARTY You are invited to Bradford’s 1st Annual Garden Party Sunday, July 14 from 4-5:30 p.m. at Bradford Memory Garden located next to City Hall. There will be refreshments and door prizes. DSCC HOSTS OPEN HOUSE Dyersburg State Community College (DSCC) will be hosting an Open House for current and potential students on July 18 from 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. at the Dyersburg campus Student Center and Learning Resource Center (LRC). Students will be able to meet with instructors, tour the campus, learn about academic programs offered, obtain their Student ID and parking passes, and learn about student life and organizations. Students, parents and legal guardians are welcome to attend. For more information, please contact Sherry Baker at 731-286-3242 or GC LADY PIONEER BASKETBALL CAMP Gibson County Lady PIoneers will have a free basketball camp for future Lady Pioneers. It will be held from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday, July 15 through Thursday, July 18. Ages are 4th grade to 8th grade and the camp will be held at Gibson County High School.

Sunday School for Shut-Ins By Mary King When you’re ready please read 2 Kings 10:26-27. Our story reminds me of my testimony I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, I would have stayed on the side with Jeroboam, where it looked more comfortable and safe. I would have judged the situation on appearance. I would have decided based on how Jeroboam would take care of me. I wouldn’t have listened to God. I’d say, “But I didn’t want to go with that bunch of religious people. They’ll want to talk about God and God’s only Son. I don’t want to hear about God.” We can also see that when I choose to stay on this side with Jeroboam, all the evil that follows him will soon be chasing me. I wonder if the people who

followed Jeroboam realized that they were making him their God. Their idolatry set them all in danger. God Almighty is the only living God and the God of Abraham, Isacc and Israel. God’s first commandment: “Thou shalt have no other Gods before Me” Exodus 20:3(KJV). We’ve seen how Jeroboam caused Israel to sin with golden cows. Jeroboam said anyone could be a priest. He ignored God’s laws and made his own. Jeroboam taught the people to ignore God’s laws and to make their own. Reverence of God and the Lord’s day because jokes in Jeroboam’s house. Now in Second Kings 10:28 we see the conclusion of Jehu. He appointed 80 men to carry out his orders to destroy Baal worship in Israel.

He didn’t do everything right, but God liked the one thing he did. God’s mercy is available to all. Jehu the king had torn down the worship centers of Baal and even the temple of Baal. God blessed his family with power and position for that act of mercy toward the heart of God. Jehu had taken an unpopular stand, before a powerful group of evil people. Why didn’t God just destroy the temple of Baal? Why didn’t God just do it? Why does the Creator of the universe involve mere man to be partakers with Him? Jehu had taken a stand for God and God was showing him what He could do for those who takes a stand for Him especially in fear and trembling, in the midst of conflict.

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Bethpage By Joyce Brown It surely has been a busy summer with farmers getting crops harvested and other fields planted, families taking vacations, baseball tournaments, mission trips and the list goes on. We are thankful for God’s protection in all these ventures. Bro. Jeff wanted me to pass along his thoughts on the recent passing of Mike Greene so here are his thoughts. What a privilege it was to have a part in the home going service of Bro. Mike Greene. I am happy to say he professed Jesus Christ as savior and Lord. Mike, even though he was very sick, never failed to encourage me. I was happy to have known Mike in the last few months. His address has changed and now by his own testimony is with the Lord. When you die and your obituary is read will the preacher be able to talk about you like I am talking about Mike. He knew the only way to Heaven was Jesus Christ and he lived every day to the fullest. What a day we had a Bethpage Sunday! God showed up in a big way and lots of folks followed creating a spirit of worship in our little country church. Tina and Janice began with a beautiful medley of hymns on the instruments. Our call to worship was “Jesus, Something about That Name.� The welcome song was the Baptist Anthem “Victory in Jesus.� There were a couple of pews of Preacher’s Pals and Bro Jeff talked to them about the love of their parents and the even greater love that God has for them. The offertory was “Give Thanks� and Logan had the special music “Beulah Land.� Bro. Jeff preached a powerful sermon titled “We Must Obey God Rather Than Man� using Acts 5:28-32 as his main scripture.

Following the message, he & the deacons served the Lord’s Supper. When we dismissed, we could all say we had been to church. Bro Jeff’s night message was “Reward for Obedience� with the text being Psa 19:7-11. We were really happy to have Steve Littleton and his family visiting from Iowa. Ricky Littleton had a birthday and he must be a hundred as he gave a dollar when he came forward for birthday time. I guess he must feel that since he & Janice became grandparents on June 30. Todd & Kristin announce the arrival of Miss Malone Grace Littleton. Big wide smiles around all the Littleton family as this sweet little one entered into this sweet Christian family. Congratulations on this wonderful event. The Preacher’s Pals will be making a trip to the Zoo in Memphis on July 17th. If you have a child in this group and plan to attend, please let Christy Griggs know in advance so transportation can be arranged. Don’t you know this will be a fun trip? Hope they don’t keep the preacher. Prayers go out to a mission team from Second Baptist, Union City who are in El Salvador ministering in orphanages there. Catelyn Cochran & Keri Lannon are with this group and I’m sure they will have many experiences to share when they return. God bless them for serving. Are your freezers full like mine is? All the corn, green beans and blackberries are adding up, but there will be some good eating this winter. The Bible says “If you don’t work, you shouldn’t eat� and I love to eat so therefore, I have been working. This old body is getting tired so maybe I’ll rest a day or two and read the Tri City. Have a great week.


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New Hope News By Shirley Hooper Wednesday evening, July 3 we attended Dyer Station Celebration’s 29th annual 4th of July Community-wide church service at Dyer First Baptist Church. New Hope’s own Brother Corey Meggs brought the message from II Chronicles 15:3-7 on the state of our nation. As always he did a fantastic job. Many from New Hope attended. What has happened to ‘One nation under God?’ We have lost the title of a Christian nation. This problem did not happen overnight. When a nation ceases to be good it ceases to be great. Each seems to desire to do their own thing. The service was concluded with a lovely candle light vigil. Sunday morning we welcomed Ms. Vicki as she played piano for us. Special music was “Somebody’s praying� sung by Brother Terry Owens. Brother Corey’s message, “Don’t tune God out: or “The call of wisdom� was from Proverbs, first chapter. We live in an age of perpetual noise. All kinds of stuff goes on around us. Sometimes we let it overshadow God’s

leading. This scripture gives prudence to the simple, those who are full of pride, boastful, scorners and those who must get past themselves to get to God. When is the last time you were near God? How long has it been? God has much to say to us. He is speaking, are you listening? Sunday evening we enjoyed a praise service. Patrick and Scarlett Spencer gave their testimony and blessed us. The McEwens, New Hope’s own singing missioners, also blessed us with their singing. On July 16 at 6 p.m. there will be a pool party at Rutherford Swimming Pool. Everyone is invited. July 19 Vacation Bible School decoration party is at 7 p.m. Our Vacation Bible School is July 22 through 25, family night will be July 28. Help is still needed. Remember the many on our prayer list and our friends in the nursing home. A preacher ask young boy, “The clergy gets paid to be good, the rest of us are good for nothing.�

The Grapevine By Sarah Skinner I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July holiday. It was a long weekend for some. We had a happy 4th and had a very happy week before the 4th. Rodney, Lil Sarah and Susan Alford, my daughterin-law, Michelle, James and I vacationed in Las Vegas, NV. We stayed at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, which was located on the strip. We could see the Bellagio water show, which was a beautiful sight to see, from James and my room. We visited the Madarne Tussauds Wax Museum, the Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, attended a show, Ka by Cirque du Soleil at MGM Grand, went shopping and it was a trip of a life time for me. James and I traveled to Charles and Laura Warren’s home in Wingo for their 4th of July cookout they have every year. Steve and George Bailey, Dennis and Wilma Ball, Bobby and Shirley Hill, Tyrone and his family were among the many that were there. Enroute home James and I stopped in Greenfield at Helen and James Bear home and visited with his family. Julia Faye, Daphane, Merrisa and her friend from Lansing, MI were there along with

John and Rose Mitchell and several others. Harold and Pearl Banks and children, John and Minnie Mays and Patricia Porter spear headed the Mays family Reunion Saturday at the Kenton Youth Center. There were family members present from all over. They had a wonderful gathering. We had a wonderful service at St. Paul Sunday morning, although our attendance was down. The Lord says as long as there are two or three gathered in my name on one accord He would be in the midst of them. Rev. Michelle Skinner delivered the message. Her topic “The New Man: was found in Colossians 3:1-4, 9&10. The mass choir provided the music. Communion was administered. Rev and Mrs. Willie Pounds were in vacation, they attended a family reunion in Nashville among other things. Hope they got some much needed rest. Love and sympathy is extended to the Nathan Wilkins family. His funeral was held Saturday at Brown Chapel AME Church in Union City. God bless and have a good week.

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Rutherford 1st Baptist By Katherine Blankenship How about the weather last week? I don’t remember another fourth with temps like it. Bob and I had something else to celebrate last week too, our 50th anniversary. We celebrated with our loved ones at Larry and Wanda’s. Our great granddaughter entertained us. There were several out Sunday morning, but we still had a good crowd. During Brother Jason’s children’s time, he asked them how many made a list everyday of things to do, and what would be on it. Some of the answers were play video games, eat, do what your mom tells you, shopping. Jesus says we have something to do, one

thing, do what Jesus asks you to do. The sermon for us was “Love Your People� from Romans 9:1-5. Sunday evening we started on Genesis I. Cottage prayer meeting will be a Broeck Horner’s house this week. Vacation Bible School starts next week. This is always a fun time for the kids. We want to remember Dora Walker, Arlan Emerson, and others who are having health problems. Those having birthdays this week: Mike McCullar, George Boucher, Laurie White and Doris Davidson. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come, today is gift that’s why it’s

Cloras Chapel By Robin McNeil Greetings from the Cloras Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Dyer. The Fourth of July was an exciting holiday for each of us. We thank God for blessing us and keeping us safe in His care. We are in prayer for the Wilkins family and the Bowers family in their time of bereavement. We must remember that our God is an awesome God and He knows just how much we can bear. Though the load sometimes gets so heavy, we are never left alone to bear it all. Families just ask for strength and keep on toiling. Pastor Myles and Mrs. Myles attended the Myles/ Seals Family Reunion held at North Parkway Magnet School in Jackson. The dates were July 6 and 7th, They reported having a good time and were blessed to see a lot of their family, even ones they did not know were family.

Pat, Teresa, and Valerie, members of Cloras Chapel were in attendance also. Everything went well. Cloras Chapel had wonderful service on Sunday. Sunday School was great and Rev. Jeremy Myles brought the morning message. His title taught about how faith can work in our lives. We must trust and believe in God. Prayer is the key, but faith unlocks the door. Please continue to pray for our sick and shut in. On third Sunday, Cloras Chapel will journey to Brown’s Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in Jackson. The entire church is invited to go and dinner will be served. We are so thankful for all of our members and we pray that God will continue to bless us. Please Keep us in your prayers. Cloras Chapel says: Thank You Lord, You been better to us than we have been to ourselves. Thank You Lord! Have a good week!

Kenton News By Cindy Lamar Several Kenton families have suffered losses of loved ones to death recently. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the King family as sadly they lost Mrs. Risy King. She will be sorely missed by all her family and friends. The Eddlemon family grieves the untimely loss of their loved one, Gary Eddlemon. All who knew and loved him will miss him tremendously. Also, Annette Barron lost her battle with cancer leaving her family with a great chasm that will never be filled. We pray for these families as they learn to live this life without their loved ones. She’s 237 years old! Yes, our beloved America celebrated her 237th

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birthday on July 4th with an array of activities here and around the nation. Locally, an eager crowd enjoyed the many entries in the annual parade, street dance, 5K run, yard sales, fireworks, etc. Mother Nature blessed us with unseasonably cool temperatures in which to enjoy all the activities. Cindy Lamar was recently a patient at the Baptist Hospital in Union City. After spending 13 days there, nine of which were in the ICU, she was cleared to go home and is now resting comfortably. Food for thought: Some men treasure money, others treasure time, others treasure this world’s fame, or a well-known name. I don’t dislike money, nor do I dislike time. And neither do I dislike fame or a wellknown name. But what I treasure daily in addition to my Lord, is having you, my dear, old friend standing by my side. Prayer list: Freddie Simmons, Joann Ray, Ronnie Lamar, Jackie Hatch, Sam Weatherly, Terry Sweat, Liam Sims, Jerry Williams, Dewey Bradley, Pat Hurt, Terry Lane, Jesse and Elaine Davidson, Carol and Bobby Primrose, and Clint McLodge.

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Obituaries LARRY JAMES COCHRAN Rutherford – Larry James Cochran Sr., 67, formerly of Union City, died July 5, 2013 at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital. Services were held Sunday, July7, 2013 at White-Ranson Funeral Home, with the Rev. Shannon Saliba officiating. Burial was held at Dyer Cemetery. Pallbearers were be Lawrence French, Phillip Pinion, Steve Pinion, David Tuck, Claude Cochran Jr. and Harold Cochran. The family requests that memorials be made to Obion County Hometown Walk of Hope. He was born January 10, 1946, in Lyons County, Mississippi, son of the late Felix and Fannie B. (Counsell) Cochran. He married the former Lillie (Marley) McKnight. She survives him. He was a retired carpenter and was a member of Temple of Praise in Dyersburg, where he served as a deacon. He is survived by his wife, his daughter, and son-in-law, Kim and Greg Wyatt of Union City, his son and daughterin-law Jamie and Della Cochran of Union City, two stepdaughters and sons-in-law, Gina and Jimmy Holbrook of Milan and Penny and Steve Sutberry of Rutherford, two stepsons and daughters-in-law, Jeff and Holly McKnight of Malabar, Fl., and John and Bonnie Walker of Camden; two grandchildren; six step-grandchildren; three sisters, Joella Parrott of South Fulton, Ouida Tuck Osborne and Lois Sullivan both of Union City; three brothers. Marion Cochran of Jackson, David Cochran of Southaven, Miss, and Wayne Cochran of Troy and several nieces and nephews. He was also preceded in death by five sisters, Greer Owens, Geniece Ragsdale, Grace Amn, Rebecca Pinion, and Jeanette Thurmond, and four brothers, Graden Cochran, Guinn Cochran, Ellis Cochan and Claude Cochran.

Card of Thanks The family of the late Mike Greene wishes to express our deepest appreciation to all of those who have offered such kindness, support, and comfort to all of us. As a family we have been overwhelmed by the amount of love shown to us during our loss. Without the prayers we would not have made it this far. Thank you to everyone who donated money in memory of Mike to the cancer funds, heart fund, organ fund, and various church funds. The food brought to the house and all of the cards sent are so special to us. We would like to say a special thank you to the North Union C.P. Church and Bethpage Baptist Church for the dinner provided. Also, thanks to Barry Flowers and the Karnes and Son Funeral Home staff for such kindness shown to us. Please continue to keep our family in your thoughts and prayers as it will be a long road ahead. The Greene family

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Humboldt - Funeral services for Ms. Carilou Patton Woods Duncan, age 95, were held on Saturday, July 6, 2013 at the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Humboldt with Rev. Rob Harris officiating. Burial followed in Rose Hill Cemetery. Ms. Duncan, a lab technician for Ocoma Foods and Tyson Foods in Humboldt and active member of the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Humboldt for over sixty three years, passed away on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at the Jackson-Madison County General Hospital. Ms. Duncan grew up near Rutherford and graduated from Rutherford High School. She was preceded in death by her husbands Roy Woods and Paris Duncan. Ms. Duncan is survived by two sons, Roy “Pat� Patton Woods (Susan) of Paris, TN and Terry Nelson Woods (Susan) of Brandon, MS; a grandson, Christopher Nelson Woods (Valerie); and two great grandchildren, Irie Woods and Will Woods.

ANNETTE BARRON-MAYS Clarksville - Ms. Annette Barron-Mays, 50, of Clarksville, TN passed from this life after a lengthy illness on July 3, 2013 at her mother’s home in Rutherford. A memorial service will be held on July 13, 2013 at 2 p.m. at Laneview Baptist Church in Kenton. Ms. Barron-Mays was born on December 6, 1962 in Gibson County; the daughter of Connie and Ruth Barron Miller and the late Roy Cecil Barron. Ms. Barron-Mays formerly lived 20 years in Virginia Beach, VA and worked in Civil Service on various Naval Bases. She was an avid genealogist, quilter and crafter. She is survived by her fiancÊ, Claude St. Amant, a daughter, Allyssa Mays, one granddaughter, Jayme Elizabeth Mays, her mother and stepfather, Ruth and Connie Miller, a sister, Royce Ann Barron Reynolds and spouse, Wayne Reynolds, a niece, Sydney Reynolds, and step sister, Anita Bryant and step brother, Mark Miller and several aunts, uncles and cousins. She was preceded in death by her father, Roy Cecil Barron, grandparents, Mitchell and Vivian Barron, and Ralph and Louise Swink.

Sixteen Golden Agers met July 3 in the FLC of Dyer FBC for an enjoyable brunch that preceded Dyer FBC’s Pastor DeWayne Goodgine’s devotional that stirred patriotism in the hearts of his listeners. He began his talk by challenging everyone to read Psalms 33 and 34. Contained in the verses were praises to our creator God and deliverance from difficulties of life following the direction of David. How really poignant is verse 12 of Ps. 33, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!� The individual responsibility lies in each of us. We have been privileged to have the pattern of our forefathers who were thankful to God and felt His guidance as they formulated our document of freedom, “the Constitution of the United States!� Beginning with the Pilgrims, many settlers have come to America because of religious freedom’s oppression in other places

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of the world. The Bible and its precepts were all important for our founding fathers as the Congress of the U.S. appropriated $300,000 in 1777 for Bibles to be placed in all schools. By 1782 all schools contained a Bible. The first colleges were established for the education of ministers and all but two of the first 100 colleges were Christian. Now in our time of difficulty, God is still open to the prayers of his people and actions are available to us if we strive to correct problems as we open to the prayers of his people and actions are available to us if we strive to correct problems as we cherish the positives of our great nation. Remembered in prayer were our own Brother Jerry Legg and Shirley Shull, Carol Groce, Jean Shanklin Bynum, the upcoming mission trip, and families of Jerry Patterson, Gene Clark and Edna Faye Alford.

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Sports & Education

North Gibson Co. Little League All-Stars finish third in NW District Tournament BY LORI CATHEY The North Gibson County All-Stars got off to a good start in the Cal Rikpin 10-and-under Little League District Tournament held in Greenfield this past weekend. North Gibson defeated Gleason 7 to 6. Drake Cowan lead off the 6th inning with a walk and scored the winning run on a wild pitch with two outs. North Gibson County starting pitcher Christian Poore got the win by pitching a complete game striking out 13 batters. Poore avenged over two strikeouts per inning for the game. The North Gibson County All-Stars took a three to two lead in bottom of the first inning. They

added three more runs in the bottom of the third inning. Gleason came right back and tied the game in the top of the fifth inning. North Gibson County pitcher Christian Poore struck out all three batters he faced in the top of the sixth inning for victory. In the second round of the tournament Sunday afternoon the All-Stars suffered a tough loss to Martin 9’s and had to play back-to-back games. Next North Gibson played a hard-fought contest against Dresden but loss 13 to 8. North Gibson County All-Stars finished in third place out of nine teams and will play this weekend in Cal Rikpin 10-and-under Little League State Tournament in Humboldt. NORTH GIBSON COUNTY 10 UNDER LITTLE LEAGUE ALL-STARS- North Gibson County All-Stars finished third in the Cal Ripken Babe Ruth Little League 10-and-under NW District Tournament held this past weekend. Members of the team are (front row) Christian Poore-Dyer, Kole Hart-Dyer, Chandler Kosark-Dyer, Matt Tate-Kenton, Cayden Reeves-Kenton, Branton Smith-Kenton, (middle row) Jordan Baum-Rutherford, Tylan Workman-Kenton, Cameran Younger-Dyer, Drake Cowan-Yorkville, Daniel Cupples-Dyer, Nolan AnthonyDyer, (back row) coaches Greg Baum, Craig Anderson and Mackey Poore. (Photo by Lori Cathey)

POORE DELIVERS - North Gibson County AllStars pitcher Christian Poore delivers a pitch to a Gleason batter for a strike. Poore was the winning pitcher with 13 strikeouts for the All-Stars. (Photo by Lori Cathey)

REEVES GUNS THE BALL - All-Star catcher Cayden Reeves guns the ball down to second base during Martin 9’s game Sunday afternoon. (Photo by Lori Cathey)

WINNING RUN - Drake Cowan slides in safe at home plate to scored the winning run against Gleason as Chandler Kosark looks on. (Photo by Lori Cathey)

YOUNGER RIPS A SINGLE – Cameran Younger rips a single to center field during the Cal Rikpin 10and-under Little League District Tournament against Dresden. (Photo by Lori Cathey)

BATTER OUT - North Gibson County’s centerfielder Kole Hart makes a great running catch in center field to save a run from scoring. (Photo by Lori Cathey) TRACKS DOWN - North Gibson shortstop Branton Smith tracks down a fly ball as second baseman Christian Poore hustles over to back up the play. (Photo by Lori Cathey)

OUT - Martin hitter races down the first baseline trying to beat out a bunt. First baseman Chandler Kosark beat him to the bag and takes the throw from pitcher Drake Cowan for the out. (Photo by Lori Cathey)

SAFE – Nolan Anthony slides in safe just ahead of the tag by Dresden’s pitcher to score a run on a wild pitch. (Photo by Lori Cathey)

SINGLE - All-Star Matt Tate drives the ball to center field for a hit during the Dresden game. (Photo by Lori Cathey)

CATCHER MAKES THROW - North Gibson County catcher Jordan Baum prepares to make a throw to second base against Gleason. (Photo by Lori Cathey)

BASE HIT - All-Star Tylan Workman makes contact for a base hit during a game against Martin 9’s. (Photo by Lori Cathey)

ON THE MOVE - NG All-Star right fielder Daniel Cupples runs down a pop-up in right field to end the fourth inning. (Photo by Lori Cathey)

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Pursuant To Sec. 2-6-103, Tennessee Code Annotated, notice is hereby given by the Gibson County Election Commission for Early Voting by Personal Appearance for the August 1, 2013, Gibson County Special School District Election. Early Voting will take place in the Election Commission Office, located on the first floor of the Courthouse, 1 Court Square, Trenton, Tennessee, beginning July 12, 2013 and ending July 27, 2013. Early Voting hours will be form 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon on Saturday. *Due to state law changes, you are now REQUIRED to present a Tennessee photo ID, or Federal Government issued photo ID in order to vote early or on Election Day. GIBSON COUNTY ELECTION COMMISSION SAMPLE BALLOT OFFICIAL BALLOT SCHOOL DISTRICT ELECTION GIBSON COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT GIBSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE AUGUST 1. 2013 GIBSON COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT DISTRICT 2 Vote For One (1)


BRUCE J. PATE Independent Candidate

BENNY R. BOALS Independent Candidate

EDDIE WATKINS Independent Candidate



HOUSE FOR SALE Very good condition 3 bedroom, 2 bath, like new hard wood floors. Appliances included. Very nice big lot. 284 Madison in Dyer. Call 692-2189. -----------------------(tp 7/17)

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Deckhands Culinary Cooks Vessel Engineers Towboat Pilots (Fleet & Line Haul)

Candidates must possess a minimum of a valid Driver’s License and High School Diploma/GED. Generous wages, bonus plan and advancement opportunities, along with a comprehensive benefit package, (paid retirement, 401K, medical, life & AD&D, etc.) Interested candidates must apply on-line at EOE, M/F/V/D

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IMMEDIATE OPENING EXPERIENCED PRESS OPERATOR The Chester County Independent, a weekly newspaper in Henderson TN, has an immediate opening for an experienced press operator, running a 6-unit Web Leader Press. This is a full-time position as we print five days a week with many contract print jobs. We offer a competitive hourly rate and benefits package. Interested candidates should submit cover letter, resume and salary requirements to: Tim Stratton, P.O. Box 306, Henderson TN 38340 or email to Gibson County School District 130 Trenton Hwy. PO Box 60 Dyer, TN 38330

OPENING Librarian - Dyer/Rutherford Schools The Gibson County School District does not discriminate any person of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability in recruitment, training, hiring, discharge, promotion, or any condition, term or privilege of employment. For additional information contact GCSSD at 731-692-3803.

“For Over 40 Years!!!

Page 8 The Tri-City Reporter, Wednesday, July 10, 2013

County Commissioner Sandy Moss

Dyer Alderpersons Robert Johnson, Marilyn Williamson adn Michael Barron

Deputy Chief Jeff Mailtand, Sheriff Chuck Arnold and Lt. Cody Childress walked in the Dyer Station parade


THURSDAY JULY 18 , 2013 - 2:00 P. M. IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF GIBSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE AT TRENTON Gibson County TN, City of Bradford TN, City of Dyer TN, City of Kenton TN, City of Milan TN, City of Rutherford TN, City of Trenton, TN and City of Yorkville, Plaintiffs v. 2010 Delinquent Property Taxpayers, Defendants, Consolidated Case #20457 Pursuant to the Default Judgment and Order of Sale of the Chancery Court of Gibson County, Tennessee, heretofore filed in this cause of action, this being a case for the collection of the 2010 delinquent property taxes, directing the Clerk & Master to advertise as required by law and sell the land mentioned and described in the exhibit to said order to satisfy the respective judgments for the above named Plaintiff taxing authority against said respective tracts, I will offer said lands for sale at public auction on THURSDAY, JULY 18, 2013 AT 2:00 P.M. in the CHANCERY COURTROOM in Trenton, Tennessee, pursuant to Tenn. Code. Ann. Section 67-5-2501, et seq., in order to enforce the property tax lien upon said property, and will sell same subject to the right of redemption. The redemption period is one year from the date of entry of the order of confirmation of the sale. Said parcels of land are located and described by Owner of Record, Map, Group and Parcel Number, Civil District, Deed Book and Page Number, Property Address and amount of judgment against each (to which is to be added court costs, attorney fees, interst, penalties and other taxes, if applicable, all of which may be obtained from the Clerk & Master's Office) as follows: Receipt

CD Ctrl Map Gr Parcel


13 143


000 FIRST ST S 14075


12 118


000 GRAVES LN 20


388 210



07 107 D A 01700



880 1551



13 140 G C 02300

000 COLLEGE ST 4017


478 416



07 107 E O 01000

000 BURNS RD 423


689 785


13 123 N K 03400


Property Address 2016 CULPEPPER STREET

Owner of Record



887 69

$112.00 Milan


427 94

$3,070.00 $1,472.00 Milan



Co Tax

City Tax


$10.00 Trenton $227.00 Milan $82.00 Trenton



$121.00 Rutherford


695 498


$228.00 Milan

000 CHURCH ST 302


285 163


$112.00 Trenton



897 898

$91.00 Milan

13 140 C M 03200



265 449

$85.00 Milan


09 030 E H 01901


13 123 N


07 094 M C 02400 13 140 B E 02300


000 WEST ST 114 L 001 S FIRST 1006





13 140 C A 00100



344 836


$12.00 Milan


13 140 C A 00200

000 ELLIS ST 2117


344 836


$66.00 Milan


14 051




493 502


$96.00 Bradford


11 082




928 1398



12 118 B A 02400




524 200



13 140 G A 00700

000 GARMANY ST 1089



10 009 C A 01500



09 040






$13.00 Milan $228.28 Kenton

948 1991 880 1702



07 094 M D 02700

000 HIGH ST 303


940 1728


$49.00 Trenton


07 094 M D 02900



884 322


$3.00 Trenton


15 099




940 1726



06 091




955 1016



09 030 L



844 115


B 00901


19 017



947 1780



21 061 D C 01100


000 PEACH ST 149


143 541



13 144



465 394



07 107 D M 04001

000 3RD ST 525


538 481


07 107 E H 02200

000 606 E 6TH STREET



107 E A 03300






000 513 OWL STREET



07 107 E J

000 HIGH ST 800



$92.00 Trenton

$60.00 Trenton $84.00 Trenton

567 1 908 858


$31.00 Trenton

927 2971


$176.00 Trenton

405 178



07 107 D D 03101




09 031 H B 02200

000 KAY ST 116



13 140 F F 02000




13 123 N H 01000

000 FRONT ST E 1026



07 107 D E 02000

000 1ST ST E 314


12 104




12 104



21 061 D D 01200 10 009 C D 01200


09 031 I

A 00600


13 123 L

A 01011



$121.00 Dyer

$113.00 Trenton

345 669

07 107 E A 02100

$29.00 Rutherford

$25.00 Rutherford



$212.00 Milan

506 150


$98.00 Milan


417 791


$128.00 Trenton


391 863





391 865


000 WALNUT ST 362



369 264


$133.00 Dyer

000 408 S. POPLAR



000 TRENTON ST 514


907 781


$126.00 Rutherford



347 17

13 140 B A 00200

000 ELLIS ST 3047




07 127






07 082





09 030 E B 00900

000 KNOX ST 519



13 140 B E 00400




07 095

000 HWY 45 BYPASS 1193



10 009 B B 01900




13 140 N A 00703




$57.50 Kenton

132 304



$7.00 $126.00

$60.00 Milan

$33.00 $126.00



473 112


916 198


943 461


621 260


907 1502


$7.00 Milan

$118.00 Milan

$184.29 Kenton


07 107 L

000 GEORGE ST 821


108 3


$98.00 Trenton


10 009 C D 00200

000 TAYLOR ST W 201


271 383


$33.64 Kenton


13 140 F E 00200

000 COLLEGE ST 2065


730 227


13 140 C L




13 103





09 031 H C 00101




656 286

09 031 H E 01300




875 679


F 01400


21 061 D E 01500

000 WALNUT ST 302



07 107 L


001 ARMORY ST 108


K 00100

000 10TH ST 213




000 MAIN ST N 4028



07 107 L


12 124


13 123 J


03301 E 00700

$43.00 Milan

225 205


$72.00 $31.00 Rutherford $4.00 Rutherford $332.00

$204.00 Dyer


$272.00 Trenton

876 598


$93.00 Trenton

265 467


WB 1 137


948 1642



$99.00 Milan

$40.00 Milan $124.00 Rutherford

09 030 E G 00300




07 107 D M 02300

000 BARNES DR 507



948 2027


17 052






13 122





474 761


13 123




927 212



12 124




905 1829



13 123 N L




925 2385


$114.00 Milan


13 140 B B 01700

000 BRYANT ST 2003


925 2385


$54.00 Milan


13 140 C K 02200

000 MOORE ST 1026


925 2385


$85.00 Milan

List reflects payments received through June 28, 2013 at 4:30 p.m. IF YOU ARE IN AN ACTIVE BANKRUPTCY PLEASE NOTIFY THE DELINQUENT TAX ATTORNEY AT 731-855-1351 IMMEDIATELY! Jeffrey A. Smith, Delinquent Tax Attorney for Gibson County, Tennessee Shonna Smith, Clerk & Master George R. Ellis, Chancellor



$36.00 Trenton

$186.00 $362.00 Milan

The Tri-City Reporter, Wednesday, July 10 , 2013 Page 9

North Gibson County T-Ball All-Stars are state runners-up BY LORI CATHEY The North Gibson T-Ball All-Stars played in the 2013 Cal Ripken T-Ball State Tournament this past Friday night at Huntington.

The All-Stars faced Bradford in the first round and defeated them by the run rule. Next they faced Huntington and defeated them 18 to 15. The All-

Stars lost a nail bitter to McKenzie 27 to 26 Sunday afternoon. In the semi finals North Gibson County defeated Newbern 21 to 10 to advance

to the championship game. North Gibson lost by one run to McKenzie (27-26) to finish runners-up in the 2013 Cal Ripken T-Ball State Tournament.

ONE LAST HUDDLE - The North Gibson T-Ball AllStars finished the tournament with a huddle to end the 2013 t-ball season Tuesday night.

GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP - The North Gibson AllStars show good sportsmanship by clapping as McKenzie receives their trophies.

NORTH GIBSON COUNTY T-BALL ALL-STARS STATE RUNNERS-UP - The North Gibson T-Ball All-Stars finish runners-up in the Cal Ripken T-Ball State Tournament held last week in Huntington. Members of the team are, (front row) Brooklyn Farley, Ella Kate McCurdy, Mia Spellings, Carter Croom, Taylor Alford, Adam Pickard, (middle row) Myles Halford, KJ Cardwell, Dillon Reynolds, Ryan Goad, Aiden Bradberry , Mason McLemore, (back row) Coaches Chris Mccurdy, Brad Reynolds, Brent Croom and Todd Halford.

Advertise in the Tri-City Reporter, We Work for YOU!!

107 W Court Square Trenton, TN 38382


Ed Norman Broker 571-7092

Michael Avery Agent 426-3337

Donald Scott Agent 234-3712



665 N Main St – duplex 107 Hilltop St – triplex

$10,000 & Under METZGER PLAYED IN ALL-STAR GAME - Gibson County pitcher A.J. Metzger recently played in the sixth Annual West Tennessee High School AllStar Classic baseball game. The West Tennessee Healthcare Sportsplex hosted the All-Star game. Metzger will attend college at Dyersburg State to play baseball this fall. Metzger pitched 2 innings, gave up no runs, no walks and had 2 assists for the game. Bethel University Head Baseball Coach Rusty Thompson managed the Gray Team. FreedHardeman University head baseball coach J.D. Flowers managed the Red team. The Gray team beat the Red team 9 to 6. (Photo by Lori Cathey)

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107 Cox St – 3 BR/1 BA move in ready! All new or redone throughout. A must see!

$80,000’s 111 Stockton-Davidson Rd – Back on the Market! 2 BR/1 BA in country setting. Additional land available.

Call Lisa Massengill at 731-664-1006 OR 731-499-0535

127 S Peck Switch Cove – Neat home in quiet cove. 3 bd/2 ba with warm feel. Conveniently located to both school and golf course!

OPEN HOUSE: Sunday, July 14, 2 to 4 p.m. 309 McKnight St., Rutherford – Nice cozy home. Needs a little TLC. Central heat/air, 2 BR/1 BA on large lot. Priced to sell! 86 Old Dyer Trenton Rd. Property features 3 BR, 2 BA home situated on a 1 acre lot with a large, fenced in back yard. Features include a large great room, laminate hardwood floors, Master BA with Garden tub & separate shower, formal dining room, separate laundry room. Very cute, neat & well decorated. $59,900.

CITY OF DYER 2013-2014 BUDGET The City of Dyer, Tennessee, hereby provides certain financial information for the FY ‘13-’14 budget in accordance with the requirements of Tennessee Code Annotated Title 6 Chapter 56 Section 206. There will be a public hearing concerning the budget at City Hall on July 22, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. All citizens are welcome to participate. The budget and all supporting data is a public record and are available for public inspection by anyone at the office of the Chief Financial Officer.



REDUCED 506 Mill St – Neat and well maintained! 2 BR/1 BA. Great starter home or investment potential.


606 W Main – Classic charm and good bones! Needs a little TLC but offers 4 BR and lots of square footage. Wrap around porch.

225 Elm St – Neat starter home or investment potential. 3 BR/1 BA, all electric CHA. Detached garage.


PENDING 109 High St – Completely refurbished home in quiet neighborhood. 3 BR/2 BA. This home is a MUST SEE!

12 Griers Chapel Rd – 3 BR/3 BA on a beautiful wooded setting. Approx. 1.3 ac, 3,000 HSF, custom fireplace. This is a MUST SEE!

PENDING 432 Rutherford Hwy – 3 BR/2 BA, over 1,700 HSF, great community, move in ready!

187 Scattered Acres - Brick 3BR/2BA near schools and golf course. Large open great room overlooking private patio and backyard. Immaculate condition and move-in ready!

189 Old Trenton Dyer Rd – Spacious open floor plan, circle staircase, extra family rooms for entertaining. 5 BR/3.5 BA. Over 4,000 htd SF, 4.63 acres.

COMMERCIAL/LAND 532 McKnight St. - Church building 441 N Trenton - Retail strip center 116 West St. - Large lot set up for house Tull Rd. - 55+/- ac

Page 10 The Tri-City Reporter, Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dyer, Kenton celebrate July 4th with parades

GCHS Marching Pioneers perform in the Kenton White Squirrel Parade.

Dyer Fire Chief Roger Worrell rides on fire truck in the DSC parade.

Hostess Princess Marylee Barker (right) and royalty member Cassidy Johnson at the Dyer Station Celebration parade.

Circuit Court Judeg Clayburn Peeples and wife Rhonda walked in both parades with daughters Grace, Sarah and Margaret.

Dyer Jr. HIgh cheerleaders perform in the Dyer Station Celebration parade.

The Sawyer twins, dressed in matching partiotic outfits, enjoyed collecting candy during the Dyer Station Celebration parade.

Ellie Grace Carson and Macy Ruth Chandler rode their bicycles in the White Squirrel parade.

Gordon Reed with his dog Scrappy and Derrick Bawcum and his daughter Elli Mae enjoy the Kenton White Squirrel parade.

Dyer Mayor Chris Younger and family, Crystal and Cameran, rode in the Dyer Station parade.

State Rep. Curtis Halford and wife Charlotte ride in the DSC parade.

Lane Tate rides his four-wheeler in the Kenton White Squrrel parade.

Kenton White Squirrel veterans Dyer veterans ride on the American Legion float in the DSC parade.

The Jones family ride in wagon in the White Squirrel parade.

The Knox family float saluted World War I veteran Joseph W. Knox. His uniform is worn by great-great grandson J.T. Ketchum

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