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Editor’s Note It is the month of love! Choose to Love you! Choose YOU this month! Make a list of ways to love yourself! I am going to give you a few ideas to get you started!


Journal your goals • Choose a book to read • Spend time in nature • Take a bubble bath • Get a pedicure • Call a friend • Take a leap of faith • Spend time in praise • Listen to music • Take a nap • Color a picture • Donate items • Organize one room in your house • Clean off your desk • Volunteer at a charity • Go for a walk • Just sit in the sun • Spend time with family • Be alone for 30 minutes • Treat yourself to dessert • Bake a cake • Look at old photos • Make a list of your accomplishments • Be a change maker • Do something out of your comfort zone • Sing in the shower • Decide to choose you daily!

Teresa Hawley-Howard CEO of WOM Enterprises Publisher, Author and Writing Coach

Teresa Hawley Howard is a best-selling author, blogger, empowerment coach, and radio host. She lives in Murchison Texas with her husband Rickey. She is a mom and a Mimi.

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Cover Spotlight

Desiree Williams Cup of Tea with Christian Chic Dee The greatest of these is Love. I am but a tingling symbol if I have not love. For Love allowed God to give up his only son. For the love, for us allowed, Jesus to stay on the cross for us and yet we find ourselves seeking asking and knocking on the wrong doors for LOVE.

Morals, Ethics and Emotions are taught and caught. We are taught and learned how to love and treat people by our family members they say treat people how you want to be treated, be kind to one another, share with your neighbors, make new friends; speak when you pass by people, hold your head up and smile. Boys learn how to grow up to be providers for a family and girls learn how to cook care for children and submit to their husband. Some of us learn how to love by watching the actions and affection shared between our parents or those we admire others learned from television or by reading fairytales. Again, because we are taught treat people how you want to be treated, we harm and hurt those who we encounter feelings for and those who we give birth to because we are hardly ever taught how to love

and care for ourselves and for this cause we have absent fathers; mothers who give up the role or double parent homes filled with chaos and dysfunction. That leads to the misunderstanding of good sound loving morals ethics and emotions.

Ethics are the played-out actions to what we are taught and again what we catch on to as we grow and mature in our life. We give serve share and care for others in the way we treat ourselves for example if you watched your parents or the people you admire always keep the big portion then you will always share little. If you were taught to be a giver your actions will display that. If you were taught that love is all about materialistic things then your action will always be gift giving. If you were taught breakup and makeup your action of love will be harming before harmonizing. Some of us were not taught to love or just grew up with the lack of love around us and that caused us to display the action of envy jealousy and hate. You know the phrase action speaks louder than words. They lied words are so strong they become actions. That is why in relationships we ask our significant other or friends if you say you love me why do you treat me this way. We should be asking why are we accepting those actions and not correcting them in love. We’re not correcting them in love because our fairytales parents and those we admire did not teach us how handle one of the components that we are made of that is emotion

Emotions is a key component to what passionately drives or energy it sets our mood and where we place and set blocks or boundaries for people and things in our life. Emotions are also a part of our sensory letting us know if it’s enjoyable harmful pleasing or comforting just to name a few of the feelings we get that change often depending on the situation. That is why it is so important not to live on an emotional roller coaster and to base Love and self-care according to feelings because they change and facts remain the same. The main factor to build your emotions morals and ethics on is the foundation of love. The foundation of Love is Jesus Christ and because of his love toward us it’s never too late and you’re not too old to catch- learn- adjust or reconstruct a foundation of true love. That begins with acceptance of who and who’s you are by the praying of the PARYER OF SALVATION. Believing for a change and letting the change begin in you with Self-care; so, you can love without regrets and without limits. Believe in yourself enough to give the same energy care and love. Commit to be kind zealous and selfless to your needs just as you are to others. This may come as a hard task for some and for those that say it’s easily done congratulations to you and let’s say, you have been taught caught or simply practiced the SELF-CARE STEPS!

S.E.L.F-C.A.R.E the steps are simple you just have to make a commitment to adhere to them consistently even during hard dark days.

S- Self check do a realistic daily evaluation of yourself are you Secure in who you are? Are you the troubled individual who needs changing? Are you constantly playing the blame game? Are you putting your time energy and thoughts in a Safe place or in people ensure that you will see a reward? Meaning: not casting your pearls to swine.

E- Effective positive energy removes negative energy from your life so you can handle life task and tragedies with Empowerment an inspiration when they arrive. Efficiently make moves that lead you to level up and grow maturely if it’s not going to matter in the next 3 minutes let it go do you don’t miss the promotion or blessing waiting on you.

L-Learn to Love our Lord and creator which will allow your love for yourself gifts and talents to be noticed and groomed by you whether people notice them or not. This step will also help you to trust the process and build confidence in who you are.

F- Face the Facts stop running from issues face them and the people run on Faith. Use your Faith and live on the Favor of God. Focus on real goals. Fight less; let God defend you. ———- This dash is in place for you to rest when you have to take a break. It’s also in place so you can know there is going to be times of silence. During those times you need to follow the steps above and prepare for the next steps that will be coming.

C- Celebrate all accomplishments small and great. Carefully pick paths and journeys to take making sure they are all in line with the will of God. Care for yourself spiritually physically mentally emotionally.

A- Allow what needs to happen to happen let doors that need to be close and doors the need to be exposed be exposed so doors that need to be open can. This will also show you areas that need to be changed. Will let you fully let go of people places and things that need to be removed. Appreciate yourself for making changes even if others around you don’t.

R- Respect yourself and others around you are not just living for yourself you are living for your generation. And for those who are silently watching you for inspiration.

E- Everyday live on purpose; decreeing peace for your life and the greatness that you desire to see. Enjoy yourself and every moment that you have. Endure what you have to have true freedom in loving every good thing that God has created you to be. Look at the possible because God makes the impossible happen


Spotlight Karolee Kernes BE’OF Podcast heard about Karolee through an Amazing Lady (Julia Stubbe) who has worked with, knows and loves Karolee Kerns; as we spoke about her Amazing Entrepreneurial friend, she shared a little about Karolees’ Journey with me. We here at BE’OF Podcast want to give Love by Publicly Supporting Karolee Kernes’ Healing Journey. Karolee’s journey has taken a new and unexpected path. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in the summer of 2018. Following her guidance, she was able to heal it using natural treatments and remedies. This past July, her cancer returned and has spread to various parts outside the breast, particularly her vertebrae. She has spent the last 4 months, on her own, doing an intensive plant-based keto intermittent fasting diet, herbs, nutraceuticals, and various therapies and practices, particularly Transformational Breath and meditation. The cancer has continued to grow and spread to her spine. It became too painful for Karolee to walk. Two weeks ago, she was hospitalized and had a procedure to stabilize the spine, which was a success. The chemotherapy and hormone treatments the doctors wanted to use on this cancer have very serious side effects that damage the heart. Her guidance was clear in that she should not follow this protocol.

Karolee is extremely courageous and she is at a critical juncture in her treatment. After much meditation and prayer and love from her family and friends, she decided to go to an Integrative Cancer Hospital outside

the US. She arrived there December 2nd and will remain there for at least six weeks, maybe longer. This is a state-of-the-art facility that will provide the next level of necessary overarching care that she needs. The therapies they use strengthen the immune system as well as kill the cancer. The chemotherapy is administered in a way that limits its damage to healthy cells. Many of the treatments are not used in the US due to Big Pharma and the FDA.

Unfortunately, facilities such as this DO NOT accept health insurance. As you can imagine, additional stress was added to her and her family that is certainly not needed! Karolee and her family should be able to solely focus on her healing. To assist in this support a GoFundMe account has been set up in her name. Please visit the link below for more information and to offer support.

How Can You Help? Energetically, financially, and by sharing! Send her all of the positive healing vibes you can muster. No act is too small.

And to all those who help either energetically or financially - THANK YOU With your support, and Karolee’s strength and treatment, she will continue to THRIVE. Thank you and on behalf of Karolee, Ed, Eddie, Kali, and Keri, thank you so much for your love and generosity.

Much Love to All. Marcy Stone has created a Go Fund Me account for Karolee Kernes’ costs and expenses. If you can help in any way, the link is listed below. God Bless & Thank you GoFundMe Link:

Spotlight Aeriol Ascher

Take Good Care of yourself. You are your most precious resource.

Tell us about yourself. My name is Aeriol Ascher, MsD. I am an Author / Speaker, Holistic Educator and Empowerment Leader who is on a mission to raise the consciousness of humanity and heal the planet. I am the producer and host of the award-winning Healing Body Mind and Soul Podcast and the owner and founder of BodyMindSoul.TV & Media Network As a holistic educator and intuitive healing artist for the last 3 decades it has always been my mission to raise the consciousness of the planet one soul at a time. As an Empowerment Leader and Speaker Success Coach I assist holistic educators to show up, speak up and stand out so they can deliver their healing message to the masses with effectiveness and ease. As a Multi Media Producer I provide Leaders on a mission with visibility, show structure and programming consistency on the award-winning Healing Body Mind and Soul Podcast, the BodyMindSoul.TV Network and our associated media channels.

What would you like to spotlight? My book, ‘Empowered Self Care: healing body mind and soul for a better world.’

Tell about it.

The purpose of the book is to raise the consciousness of the planet by empowering as many people as possible with the very best information about self-care, self-healing and self-mastery. It is our belief that by bringing forth this collection of healing chapters that we can empower people to create a better life for themselves, their family, their communities and eventually the world. I have gathered 25 experts to share their empowering stories of healing and transformation. The reader, regardless of background, will come away with an expanded view of what self care means and how it affects those around us.

They will also take away some very practical tips and generous resources to facilitate self-healing, personal growth and inspire them to create a daily self-care practice of their own

Tell me something you have overcome or success you have achieved. The year before last I had to let go of my award-winning Holistic Healing Center: Reiki Angel Intuitive Arts. I still continued seeing clients on a much smaller scale at my home studio but I was really searching for a next step for me. I was guided to produce something online so I began interviewing every holistic practitioner, spiritual teacher and transformational coach I could find on my podcast: Healing Body Mind and Soul. I had started dabbling in writing and participated in three internationally best-selling book collaborations and after a pretty vivid vision of the “energy” of the project, I was drawn to compile a healing book of my own. So, voila! It’s that easy. It has been one of the most rewarding years of my life leading the Empowered Self Care co-authors. These women are absolutely amazing!

What would you like to achieve in 2021? Well, if we ever get to feel safe doing live events again, I want to do a few book signing events with the Empowered Self Care Co-Author’s and maybe host an online virtual book club. Also, I would like to gather and lead another group of co-authors during 2021 in another project I planning which is due to come out in early 2022. Social media links I’m easy to find online connect with me at my website: or Instagram @askaeriol please subscribe to our YouTube channel: Healing Body Mind and Soul Network and join our community on Facebook: Healing Body Mind and Soul Community.,


Amy L. Riley “Belief eats behavior for breakfast.” Having the appropriate beliefs, or outlook, is way more important than perfectly executing the seemingly appropriate behaviors. If you want to help a person improve, you need to authentically make some positive assumptions about the person. Only then can you powerfully step into the role of a coach. Coaches empower, encourage critical thinking and thus, enable team members to find their own best ideas to improve and achieve the desired results.

Tell us about yourself. I’m Amy L. Riley, an internationally renowned speaker, author and leadership development consultant. I’ve worked with organizations such as Deloitte, Cisco Systems and Google Drive and have over 20 years of experience working with leaders at all levels. I’m passionate about leaders discovering their unique leadership strengths and style and going for their own versions of extraordinary. I believe every leader has the ability to start making an immediate impact, grow their influence and achieve their dreams because they have The Courage of a Leader.

What would you like to spotlight? My forthcoming book entitled, ‘The Courage of a Leader: How to Inspire, Engage and Get Extraordinary Results’

Tell us about it. I’ve had the privilege to work with amazing, courageous leaders over the past two decades. The leaders who are willing to do the real courageous personal work to transform themselves so they can transform the world around them, inspired me to write this book. I wanted to share the stories of leadership courage, tenacity and achievement. Throughout the book, you will read real-life stories and get insights from the over 35 successful executives I interviewed as I was writing. You’ll get concrete examples of leadership concepts in action; and you’ll get practical guidance to enable you to uncover how to demonstrate this type of courage in your unique ways, leveraging your individual strengths. You’ll learn the outlook, frameworks and tools needed to be a courageous leader who inspires and gets extraordinary results. Each chapter includes exercises and templates enabling you to jump in and immediately apply the concepts in your unique circumstances.

Tell me something you have overcome or success you have achieved. Five years ago, I decided I wanted to complete an Ironman. I was a middle-of-the-pack marathoner, couldn’t swim a length of the pool without feeling out of breath and panicky, and I had just purchased my first road bike. I registered for Ironman Wisconsin, a race consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, 112 miles on the

bike and a 26.2 mile (marathon) run. A year later, I showed up to the Ironman Wisconsin starting line ready to go. After getting 4 flat tires (highly unusual!) on the bike course, I missed the cutoff to finish that portion of the race by 4 minutes. Race result: Did Not Finish. Three weeks later, I was ready to go again at the start of Ironman Maryland, when race officials announced they needed to cancel the swim segment of the race due to weather. I crossed the finish line that day, but it didn’t feel real. I didn’t complete the full 140.6 miles of an official Ironman. Three years later, I lined up for the start of Ironman Wisconsin again, despite waking up with a seasonal flu virus three days prior. The swim was super rough, 3 gears on my bike for some weird reason didn’t work (not good on that hilly bike course!), and it poured rain for a good portion of the run. Despite all that, 14 hours and 54 minutes later, my body – that housed influenza – crossed that finish line! Through that journey, I learned the power of a big commitment, resilience and to lean into the desire to go for it, in spite of significant obstacles. I learned that we all can do more than we think we can do. We have more in us then we believe we do. We can get to that finish line, even when we think we can’t, because we have The Courage of a Leader.

What would you like to achieve in 2021?

Through speaking and my book, I want to inspire The Courage of a Leader in tens of thousands of leaders and enable them to create the extraordinary results they most desire in their respective fields. To continue to expand the conversation of what it means to be a courageous leader, I will participate in two anthology books in 2021: Experts and Influencers: Move Forward with Purpose launching on July 14, 2021 and The Art of Leadership: Leading Confidently in Any Season launching in the fall of 2021. Personally, as my next athletic endeavor, I’m aiming to complete a 100-mile endurance run.

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Love and Relationships Teresa Hawley Howard

It is the Beautiful month of February and also the month of Love and who doesn’t want a loving relationship to go along with it. I want to share some tips and thoughts on loving relationships. The first thing you want to do is make sure you don’t forget your sweetheart on Special days. (giggle) All fun aside though loving and compassionate relationships grow stronger trust bonds between us and those we love.

What does a good relationship need?

It will vary from one person to another, but most people would probably agree that respect, companionship, mutual emotional support, sexual expression, economic security and, often, childrearing, are all important parts of an adult relationship. In a healthy, loving relationship you respect your partner's boundaries. You give each other the space you need away from the relationship to be alone, to be with friends, and to pursue your own interests. You encourage healthy communication and dialogue. You feel free and comfortable to say what's on your mind. A relationship is composed of many things: friendship, sexual attraction, intellectual compatibility, and, of course, love.

So, what is love all about? Love is the glue that keeps a relationship strong and solid. A loving relationship is not built in a day. The threads of love take time to weave together to form a strong bond. It is only as you and your

partner share your thoughts, fears, dreams, and hopes that love takes root. So trust the process and don’t rush love. It has its own timetable that needs to be respected and not hurried. Love is generous. In a truly loving relationship, we give to the other without expectation of return. We don’t keep an account of who did what for the other. Giving pleasure or comfort to our partner gives us pleasure too. The true meaning of love is to feel a sense of joy when we see our partner happy. When we see that they are sad or blue, we feel the same emotion too. With love comes empathy for the other person’s emotional state. It can also mean learning to compromise your needs in order to accommodate your partner’s needs or desires. It isn’t asking for you to sacrifice your own self in doing this, nor should the other person require us to for personal gain. That’s not what love is all about in a relationship; that’s considered control and abuse. How do you know when it is love or a loving relationship? When their presence in our life makes us want to be a better person so that they will continue to admire us; even when separated for work, travel, or other commitments, our thoughts drift towards them and what they might be doing, ‘right now.’

It is a sense of security? If we are secure in our love relationship, we know we can argue and that it will not break us apart. We agree to disagree, and we don’t hold grudges for too long because we don’t like to hold bad feelings towards our partner.

Remember To Respect One Another. We should never hurt or denigrate our partner. When we love, we act respectfully and kindly towards each other. When we talk about them in their absence, it is with such warmth that the listeners can hear the love in our words. Our love for our partner enables us to act morally and ethically, both with them and in our community.

Conclusion: So, if you see these signs of what is love in your relationship, rest assured that you have been lucky enough to experience, True Love. ‘Work hard to maintain this love for a healthier & happier relationship, and don’t ever let it go.’

Bio Teresa Hawley Howard is an Empowerment/Writing Coach, Publisher, Speaker; and a Multi-time #1 International Best-selling Author and Publisher, a Radio host, a Podcast host, and CASA volunteer. She is the Co-Founder of ‘Tribute Magazine,’ spotlighting entrepreneurs and the Founder of ‘Global Inspirations,’ and ‘New & Noteworthy Magazines!’ Teresa Hawley Howard is also the Founder of ‘Women On A Mission Enterprises, LLC’ and the Radio Host of ‘WOM Radio show,’ and the host of ‘Words Have Power Podcast!’ She is also the founder of ‘WOM.’ She also has a Blog called ‘Authors-Spotlight’ and she is a blogger at ‘Thrive Global!’ Teresa Hawley Howard Info: Books at Website: WOM Publishing Needs:


Cathy Davis “It’s not about how well your book sells . . . but it IS all about how well your book sells YOU!”

Tell us about yourself. Cathy Davis, Founder/CEO, Davis Creative Publishing Partners A veteran branding/communications professional, Cathy spent the majority of her early corporate career marketing financial services to highnet-worth individuals. After too many downsizings, Cathy founded Davis Creative as a boutique marketing services agency in January 2004 and added publishing to their offerings @ 2008. What would you like to spotlight? Business

Tell about it. At Davis Creative, our Publishing Partners team offers concierge self-publishing services to aspiring authors across the US and around the globe. Experts, speakers, trainers, and influencers hire us to use the power of publishing to build their brand, grow their business, and make a difference in the lives of the people they reach.

Tell me something you have overcome or success you have achieved.

When I started Davis Creative, I had little knowledge of how to run a business, let alone how to grow and make a profit. Over the past 16 years, I’ve learned a LOT. I’ve learned to . . .

Ask for help when I have no clue what I’m doing.

Rely upon the experts when it comes to bookkeeping, finances, and taxes.

Trust my intuition, especially when it comes to people.

Never give up, be resilient, and believe in my vision.

The stage has been set for 2021 to be a profitable year for us. I could not have gotten here without GRIT: GROWTH (personal and professional), RESILIENCE, INTENTION, TENACITY

What would you like to achieve in 2020? Refine a few internal processes . . . we’ve grown quite a bit the last 18 months and we need to re-stabilize the foundation. Social media links


Joseph Luckett

Tell us about you. I am Joseph Luckett the Founder and CEO of Zero to 100 and I have created a unique twist to networking that transforms how and why professionals meet one another. After years of utilizing networking to successfully grow his former coffee business, Joseph and his wife Carol, founded Zero to 100, an inclusive networking movement that is focused on fostering a sense of belonging and gratitude, rooted in developing genuine and authentic connections in business and life. What inspired you to write your book?

My friend Laura Boedges mentioned in one of our meetings over coffee, that I should write down my networking method so everyone could use or have access to that process. I believe that with education and exposure, we can resolve the lack of information about the networking process as well as networking organizations being readily available to everyone in every community, and we can address the lack of diversity in networking and within those groups. My true passion lies in connecting people and developing authentic REAL-ationships, showing them that networking isn’t about what you can get out of it - but about helping people find ways to bring value into others’ lives.

What do you want others to get out of your book? Courage! Courage to know that you can go from a zero, to a hero, by following the right process; regardless of where you come from, look like, live, or how new to networking you might be, it truly is for everyone if you follow the right process. Our book was put through a 12-week study of real-world situations and our participants had a 234% increase in career advancement, a 279% increase in leads, and a 170% increase in income. We found the benefits gained were directly tied to how close they followed the principles of Zero to 100. We believe that courage comes from confidence in the value you bring to others and that Zero to 100 will help create and build that confidence through the principles found in our book. We focus on a universal networking process that works across cultures, communities, and industries.

Who is your audience? Anyone who is looking for a better way to network can benefit from our book; the small business owner, sales professional, entrepreneur, or independent contractor. Additionally, if you are the owner or president of a networking group, this book will benefit your membership as we help to cultivate the right culture and practices within your organization that support attendance and retention.

Are you planning another book? Absolutely! We have a series of books that are in the works so we can connect with all types of networkers and relate to and with a variety of business owners. The entire Zero to 100 movement;

includes books, a proprietary digital platform & app designed to help you network with real data to measure success, and networking events.

Where can we get your book? Our book is currently available through Amazon and select bookstores as well as you can find the hard cover available through our website beginning in June.

How can we follow or get in touch with you?








What is one thing you would tell others if they want to write?

Write about something you are over the moon - passionate about. This is the key to ensure you stay the path and never give up. Don't worry about being perfect - make certain to hire an editor to beautify your work Find someone/mentor in that genre you can speak with - who has a successful track record so you have a blueprint and expectations of the process.


Carey Portell

Tell us who you are.

Carey Portell is an author and speaker. Survived a fatal drunk driving collision to live in a handicapped status.

What inspired you to write your book?

Started out as a way to get the heavy emotion out of me, a purging process, then I realized how much it was inspiring others to work on their own challenges in a positive manner.

What do you want others to get out of your book? To see there is a way to stop surviving and start thriving despite your circumstances. Who is your audience? Ages 20-65 is average age, those who are looking to overcome a personal challenge. Are you planning another book? Yes, but it will be a bit Where can we get your book?, Amazon and every major book retailer How can we follow or get in touch with you? , , , What is one thing you would tell others if they want to write? If you feel highly compelled to share with others, don’t doubt that someone out there needs to hear your words.

Spotlight Karreecha T. Newby

If you are not well, you will not excel” ~Karreecha Newby

Tell me about yourself. My name is Karreecha T. Newby What would you like to spotlight? My Book ‘The Call’ This book is a compilation of journal entries that stem from my thoughts and conversations I have had during prayer. I realized that we are called to do many things, but we are first called to be one with the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Tell me something you have overcome or success you have achieved. I have overcome the sense of being abandoned, rejected, and the idea that poverty was my portion.

What would you like to achieve in 2020? I would like to continue to help children & families through my Coaching & Consulting business (Serve Well)

Tell me all of your social media links “If you are not well, you will not excel” ~Karreecha Newby

Author Spotlights

Andrella Pusha Andrella Pusha is a Transformation Consultant and Strategist with two decades of experience working with individuals and organizations to develop well-structured systems and processes that increase overall productivity. She has honorably served her country in the US Navy and transitioned into retirement after a fulfilling and rewarding twenty-year military career. Andrella has earned numerous awards, honors, and accolades. The most unique honor was that of being the second of only seven (at the time of her retirement in 2018) African American nuclear trained females to earn the rank of Chief Petty Officer in the history of the highly prestigious Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program. She is an Author, Life Coach, Master Training Specialist, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and a credentialed Sexual Assault Victim Advocate. Andrella is the owner of Power and Pathways Consulting and specializes in workforce development, process improvement, system development, emotional intelligence, team building, and long-term strategic planning. For 16 years she served as a nationally accredited Sexual Assault Victim Advocate, providing victim-centered services to survivors, with the highest level of standards, as they began their pathway to healing.

Andrella is an avid believer of cohesion. She serves as an advocate for diversity and inclusion both in her professional dealings and her local community. Passionate about the pathway to success, she shares her expertise with professionals, so their businesses can thrive, helps survivors transitioning in life from a place of instability to a place of power, and helps others embrace the opportunity that lies beyond adversity. Andrella understands the need and answers the call to be a leader and an advocate for growth and change in the community by serving on the Board of Directors for Clever Communities in Action (Virginia) and the Secretary for the Board of Directors for Life School. (Washington)

Charlisa Herriott

Charlisa Herriott affectionately known as Coach C - “The Crushing Chemo Chic”, and the CEO of Charlisa Herriott, A Survivor’s Voice. She serves as your voice of navigation through the good, the bad and/or the indifferent. As a Board-Certified Life Survivor Coach and Strategist, She empowers women to use her G.P.S. System as their navigational tool to reroute from life’s failed attempts and recalibrate their steps towards their greatest potential. She guides them through self-analysis, selfdiscovery and self-love to find hope in the midst of their despair. She is a 5x Best Selling Author, Award Winning Speaker and TV/Radio Co-host and Host Podcaster of “Hey Girl, It’s ME!” Podcast Show. She serves as the “2019 Inspirational CEO” for Urban CEO Network and was featured in its Who’s Who Magazine for Entrepreneurs 2019 and as “Miss Cancer Warrior Project 2018. She has been featured in the 40 Plus & Phenomenal Audio Project, the Words, Wisdom & Winning Women Calendar for 2019 and the 2020 Boss Lady Calendar. She has been recently featured on the cover of “The Coach” Magazine Series of the Glambitious Magazine July 2020 and served as a featured speaker on the “Meet The Coach” Virtual Conference with the Glambitious Magazine, the Black CEO 24 Hours of Entrepreneurship “Secrets of the Champions” and Charge Up Campaign’s 2020 Survivors Con Virtual Experience. I strive to share my story, experiences and victories in life in hopes that it may lead one individual to learn, live and love again. Finally, I’m a licensed Minister who loves to minister to the lost, the least and the lonely. Website:,,,,

India White

India White was born in Sarasota, Florida, to a family of ten children and low SES. Enduring physical and mental abuse from her mother, who struggled with alcoholism, at the age of 16, India, was kicked out of the house on Christmas Eve. Shortly following this hardship, she moved to the Sarasota YMCA Youth Shelter for her last two years of high school as an honors student. After graduation, India moved to Gainesville from a homeless shelter into a college dorm overnight as a Gates Millennium Scholar and majored in math at the University of Florida. India became a math teacher in Gainesville, Florida. She was nominated as TSIC’s Alumni of the Year and 2014 National Association of Professional Women’s (NAPW) Woman of the Year. India moved to Tampa, Florida, in 2013 as she pursued a Masters in Educational Leadership and authored her first book series, How to Overcome Obstacles from Your Past, helping many youths. In 2015, India was awarded as the 2014-2015’s Teacher of the Year for Gaither High School of Hillsborough County. After obtaining her master’s, India was promoted in the same year to Assistant Principal of HCPS. While in Tampa, India served HCPS as the 1st V.P. of the Hillsborough Alliance of Black School Educators (H.A.B.S.E.) and was a motivational speaker for various organizations, including the YMCA, the Hillsborough Education Foundation (HEF), the International Women League Association (IWLA), the Dream Faith Foundation, and the Economic Club of Tampa. India began her own businesses, Rising Glory Productions, LLC, and the Tutoring Incentives and Mentoring Program, Inc. in 2016, where she has been able to serve as a motivational speaker, while helping raise millions of dollars in scholarships for at-risk learners.

India was featured in Success Magazine in 2016 and 2018, the IWLA Magazine in 2016, and in the SRQ Magazine as a success story for the YMCA in Sarasota, Florida, in 2017. She has paid it forward as an educator and administrator and has authored several books. India was also featured on news shows and in magazines. Currently as a McKnight Fellow, White is pursuing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from UF’s Department of Educational Administration and Policy. White was profiled in Senator Marco Rubio’s book “American Dreams” as an “Inspirational Story for America.” India’s mission is to change the world through effort, teamwork, and motivation.

Melinda Harris

Melinda Harris is an international best-selling author, speaker, she coaches professional women who are stuck by helping them identify barriers which have kept them stagnant and assist them in creating a Next Level Plan to help them pursue their God given purpose, and a Domestic Violence Advocate. Her two best -selling books, “I Survived It”, and “Turning Your Pain Into A Weapon Of Mass Destruction” has positively impacted 1000’s of women around the world she is a servant leader loves prison ministry speaking to the ladies behind the wall always inspiring them to keep pushing as she continue to share her message of helping women to love themselves.

Melinda has a passion to Educate, Equip, and Empower women although women as natural nurturers wear many hats however these hats become burdens and we are forced to mask what’s weighing us down -unhealed hurt, financial strain, unhappiness, being overworked, dissatisfied, mistreated, disrespected, abused, and so much more or simply stripped of our God -given identity and purpose. Melinda experienced all of that along with depression, rejection, shame, and being embarrassed but by the Grace of God over the course of years she gained strength and faith to turn the impossible to possible it took her quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that she has it she will no longer be silent. Everything that Melinda has endured in her past made me stronger and better which led Melinda to speaking inside Women’s Prison because that could have been her in an orange or tan jumpsuit with a number on her back. My way of giving back is volunteering in and around my community. It's feeding the homeless, serving at a women’s shelter, speaking at any event someone needs me I’m there however I can help I’m there for it.

Whenever Melinda isn't working her 9-5 job as a Customer Service Lead she is working her business she and her brother started back in July 2020 in the middle of the pandemic H & H Boat Charters. Melinda enjoys serving her customers, she goes over and beyond to make sure each guest leaves with an experience every single time.

Regina Kenan

Regina Kenan - Lady Lion’ness is the CEO and Founder of Heart To Heart Connections Publishing Co., Kenan Funeral Planning Services, Lady Lion’ness Boutique and Lion’ness Royale’ Travels. Regina is an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, publisher, writer, coach, mentor and domestic violence advocate. Regina is the mother of three wonderful children, Anthony, Tyreek and Aaliyah and the grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren, TyRihana, Ki’yan and Khalil. Regina lives in Buffalo, NY but she grew up in Chinquapin, NC where she graduated from East Duplin High School, after graduating she moved to Maryland where she later attended Philadelphia Training Center for Business Administration and later moved to NYC to attend college at Katherine Gibbs School for Fashion Design & Merchandising and graduated with an AAS Degree. She interned at Peter & Irving Hat Shop & Showroom where Usher Raymond was her number one client and she also interned as a fashion designer at Victoria Royal Ltd. Regina is the co-author of “I Survived It”, “From Employee To Entrepreneur'', “When We Pray”, “Courageous Enough To Launch'', “Breaking The Code'' and she is excited to announce two new books coming out in April “I Am A Victor and “A Mother’s Love” Raising Kids in a Pandemic. Regina’s new venture is she is launching her first book collaboration called A Mother’s Love “Raising Kids in a Pandemic'' and she recently launched her Women’s Empowerment Network called “Sound The Alarm Network”.

Regina is a founding member of The League of Girlfriends Leadership Academy and the Captain of the League of Girlfriends of WNY & Tri-State Area Chapter and she is a BlogTalk Radio Show Host called “Lion’ness Talks It’s Not That Easy Social Media Handles Facebook: ReginaKenan-Ladylionness, Instagram: ReginaKenanLadyLionness LinkedIn: Reginakenanladylionness, Twitter: ladylionness3

Nakita Randolph

Hello and greetings to you! My name is Nakita Randolph, born in Pennsylvania. I am the oldest of 8 and a mother to 5. My passion and desire are to help women that have suffered or are suffering from any form of domestic violence. To provide them with community resources to help them during this time. It is my desire that my bumps and bruises serve as a testimony to some and a witness for others that you can make it out, if you want to. I am who I am today, because I chose to use my stumbling blocks as stepping stones. My bruises define me. I am better not bitter.

Sherry Wurgler

Sherry Wurgler, is the Founder of Transformational Leadership, coaching people to engage in personal development and grow their leadership style. Learn how Sherry uses insights from her nursing experiences to coach leaders and help people – especially women – feel inspired and empowered to accomplish their goals. Top Skills for Leadership Success. Magazine Article at:

Contact Info Website: Memoir: 07467523&sr=8-3

Hope Stands

Hope Stands lives a private life now. She privately shares her story to help support others in moving forward as she heals Faith Forward.

Sharrie Crayton

Sherrie Crayton has been through many types of abusive relationships but through it all she is still standing and telling the goodness of God. She only has one child she gave birth to but she has a host of children that she raised. She pastors a church and has a Women’s Ministry that strives to bring forth greatness in each Woman.

You can find Sherrie Crayton at:

Sharon Gulley

Sharon Gulley is the Founder of Beautiful Expectations of Faith where she is an ANULP Certified Life Coach and a ULC Ordained Minister of Faith, Spiritual Healer, Motivational Speaker, Podcast Host of BE’OF Podcast & Magazine Publisher where she Celebrates Amazing Women & Men who strive to make the lives of others better. She is also a Multi-Time US & International Bestselling CoAuthor, Bestselling Author, Editor, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker, Storyteller, Photographer and Soul Healing - Light Worker. Sharon is also a Domestic Violence advocate and works with Domestic Violence Survivors. She speaks from her own life experiences of being a Domestic Violence Survivor twice over in her life; Her first-hand experiences can be read in many of the wonderful anthologies she has written in on her Amazon Author page; her contributions in WOM Enterprise’s DV Anthologies with Teresa Hawley Howard & other Amazing co-authors who have written in Teresa’s DV anthologies are listed. At Beautiful Expectations of Faith, Sharon speaks about finding your inner calling to purpose and to overcome any adversity life places before you. She is a cancer survivor and was once a full – time caretaker of her mother for 7 years, who suffered with Alzheimer’s and Dementia who passed in Dec. 2017. She loves poetry and her favorite Authors are James Agee, Robert Frost, Helen Keller, Emily Dickerson, Mark Twain and T. S. Elliot. Sharon’s books and co-authored books can be found at You can find Sharon at: and,’OFMagazine,’OFPodcast,,

Teresa Hawley Howard

Teresa Hawley-Howard’s mission in life is to help others find their voice and share their stories! She also wants to help them walk through their pain, limitations, and their own doubt to live the life they deserve. She knows their words, stories, scars, and their pain can inspire, heal and give hope to another woman. She is an empowerment/writing coach, speaker, #1 international best-selling author, radio host, and CASA volunteer. She is CEO of WOM Enterprises, Publishing Company! She is also Co-Founder of Tribute Magazine, spotlighting Entrepreneurs. Founder of Global Inspirations and New & Noteworthy Magazines, spotlighting business owners. Founder of ‘Women On A Mission, inspiring and uplifting women to live the life they desire. Elite Team Leader at Mary Kay!

Radio Host of WOM Radio show, and host of Modern Day Woman Podcast, and host Words have Power Podcast. Teresa’s goal is to help 10k people share their stories! Reach out and let Teresa help you share your story.

You can find Teresa Hawley Howard at


Michelle Vann “I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the community, and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work, the more I live.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Tell me about yourself. Michelle Vann is a wife, mother, first lady, a teacher, speaker, author, and a confidence coach. She is very involved in her church and community. Her philosophy is, do for others that in which you would want someone to do for you. Michelle was a public-school teacher for 20 years before transitioning into Higher Education. She is an adjunct teacher at Tabor College and the Dual Credit Coordinator at Friends University. Michelle is the author of two books; Help Along the Journey and Stop the Merry-go-round I Want to Get Off. She is a co-author of two other books Daily Dose of Declarations which is coming out on October 15th and Becoming a Shero which will be out in November. She is presently working on her own series entitled Clutching my Pearls- Pearls of Confidence. Michelle is a sought-after speaker and teacher for various conferences. She recently accomplished the goal of being a TedX speaker with the topic of Getting in Alignment.

What would you like to spotlight? I have two anthologies being released this fall. ‘Daily Dose of Declarations’ and ‘Becoming a Shero;’ both of which will be a blessing to women and a great stocking stuffer.

Tell about it. I am also in the midst of releasing the first of a series I am calling ‘Clutching My Pearls.’ The first book will be ‘Pearls of Confidence.’ Each of these Pearl books will be available alone or with a merchant box. Each box will have items that enhance the qualities of the book. I am so excited to share what God has given to bless his beautiful daughters.

Tell me something you have overcome or success you have achieved. I have overcome having low self-esteem. To many looking from the outside I looked like I had it all together. Many might think the perfect life. I have a wonderful husband and two amazing kids. A boy and then a girl just like we all dream of but have this life did not satisfy the emptiness that I had inside me. The longing to achieve and to have the blessing of someone I could not see was overtaking my life. Through the grace of God and great coaches I was able to conquer many of the issues and live a victorious life. I won’t say I am totally delivered but I know how to deal with my triggers. This is why I think it is so very like God to call me to being a confidence coach. I have learned how to process through my issues to stand in and be comfortable in my own skin.

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Instagram @jmichellevann

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