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Appreciation that never ceases. Banksy LOVE IS IN THE AIR

SEPTEMBER CONTENTSONTHECOVER Model S’hani McGee Photo by Phil Kline THIS PAGE Model S’hani McGee Photos by Phil Kline LEFT: Duchess Blazer Pink ($695) from Wood & Rose. Deepa Gurani Lips Earrings ($225) from estilo. 18 KTRG Cluster Open Ring ($8,900) from L RIGHT:MajorsNancy Sunglasses Savannah Cream Marble ($250) from Hearth and Soul. Maroon Tweed Jacket (Custom) from Soto and Co. Sabina Musayev Plum Nova Skirt ($159) from estilo. Fringe Chain Bracleet Gold ($310) from Hearth and Soul. Fringe Chain Bracleet Silver ($290) from Hearth and Soul. Vintage Mauve Biker Gloves ($55) from KELLICTION. Grey Patent Leather + Felt Dress Shoe ($70) from KELLICTION SocialDEPARTMENTSHour p. 10 Tribeza Talk p. 16 Kristin’s Column p. 14 Arts & Entertainment Calendars p. 88 Karen’s Pick p. 76 Dining Guide p. 78 PaintFEATURESthe Town Red p. 30 Your Spa Oasis Awaits p. 40 Merging Style with Science p. 52 Austin Eye View: Sustainable/ Eco-Friendly Fashion p. 65 JewelryGUIDE and Accessories Guide p. 25


ECAUSE THIS SUMMER HASN’T BEEN HOT ENOUGH (WINK wink), in this month’s style issue, we’ve decided to turn the temperature up even more with fashions that will inspire you to “Paint the Town Red.” Incorporating looks from local retailers Hearth and Soul, Wood & Rose, STAG, estilo, L Majors and more, we’re giving the term “seeing red” a totally new meaning. From leather jumpsuits, sequin cutout dresses and feather bustiers to blazers, sneakers and fedoras, you’ll want to check out our fall’reout and about, you should pop in Kinfolk, the stylish speak easy in Moonshine Grill’s basement. Once you finish your descent into this dark underground cellar, you’ll find a gorgeous bar full of vintage glassware, luxurious brown leather banquettes, cozy chairs, four small marble tables and a mixologist lighting small fires, shaking cocktails and stirring glasses.

In addition to going out, fall also inspires us to trade inside workouts for outside running, bike riding, swimming and hiking — anything to enjoy the cooler weather. In our “Merging Style with Science” feature, we’re shining a light on one of Austin’s hottest eyewear brands, Roka. What started as a hobby project to create a better wetsuit has now become a booming eye glasses business, including prescription and blue-blocking glasses. With a trifecta of style, functionality and science, Roka is finally making technical gear sexy Finally,.  once you’re ready to unwind, “Your Spa Oasis Awaits.” We’re sharing 10 spas that are the best for relaxation and pampering — including milk + honey, Viva Day Spa, Spa Sway, Lake Austin Spa and Resort, Miraval and more.

In “Next of Kin,” co-owner Larry Perdido describes the experience as enjoying a drink in your friend’s den. “We talk often about the Southern hospitality that exists at Moonshine, and with Southern hospitality, it really Carrie Crowe Executive Editor is just an extension of our family,” says Perdido. “So, in other words, the extended family is like our kinfolk. It’s our guest relationships.”

6 SEPTEMBER 2022 |


Pease Park

From the red carpet events to the everyday, Benold’s has statement-making styles for any & all BENOLD’SEXCLUSIVELYoccasions.ATINAUSTIN

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RACKHOUSE 11. Kelsey Schnurr 12. Jessica Dunne, Carrie Felton, John Felton & Ren Newey 13. Kristina Gonzalez Sander 14. Alvy & Julie Monarrez 15. Errin Gholson & Holly DeBower PARSONS.DANIBYPHOTOSFOODSLOCALMEDIA.SHE-SHEOFWALKERANSLEYBYPHOTOSNEIGHBORHOODTRIBEZA O’NEILL.MARINABYPHOTOSRACKHOUSE Social HOUR 1 9 15 2 12 7 10 13

LOCAL FOODS PREVIEW NIGHT  Restaurant Local Foods hosted a preview night on June 23 ahead of the launch of its first-ever Austin location. Founded by UT alums Benjy Levit, Dylan Murray and Martin Berson, the casual eatery en listed the renowned Michael Hsu Office of Archi tecture to design the stunning two-story space, which now sits in downtown’s 2ND Street District.

TRIBEZA GARDEN PARTY Michael Coleman & Dina Venezia Megan Colwart, Alissa Shapiro, Leslie Watts Karrington Cameron Breed Andrew Shaw DJ A-Wall of Bat City Meredith Alderson, Lisa Harrell, Anna Uliassi Tina Berson, Coronado



& Tamara Kenigsberg

The Rackhouse at Desert Door welcomed future clients for its semi-annual open house on June 26. The venue offered Desert Door cocktails, food from truck Lo Salvaje and cool vendors like Blue Paisley Floral, Homestead Photobooth Co, Victo ria’s Visuals and more. The 2022 winner of The Knot’s Best of Weddings Award, The Rackhouse is ideal for unforgettable Hill Country events.



Hambly LOCAL FOODS PREVIEW 6. Sara Kim & Guest 7. Monique Karabach & Guest 8. Martin


Zack Sutton & Daniel Nossa 9. Briona Jenkins & Bianca 10. John

Beats 5.


On June 16, Tribeza celebrated its 2022 Neighborhood Guide at Garden Seventeen. Presented by SWBC Mortgage/The Breed Team and Heritage Title Company, the event featured pop-ups from La Vaca Apothecary, EstellaHannah, Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs and CassandraCollections with Say Cheese Photo Booths snaps. Guests sampled bites by El Alma and drinks from Epic Western, Sweetens Cove, BOXT, Rambler Sparkling Water and mocktails by Peoples RX and One Farm.

Brown 3.



Kin Euphorics threw a free pool party at Kitty Co hen’s on August 7 to kick off the release of its brand new flavor, Kin Bloom. Guests enjoyed a special Le Beef Burger pop-up, run by Nicole Rossi and Justin Huffman, a custom and interactive popsicle collab with award-winning pastry chef Amanda Rockman and a live DJ set from favorite local mu sicians THEBROSFRESH.


On July 6, Origin Hotel Austin and its all-day eatery, Blue Lacy, celebrated their grand opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by Austin Chamber of Commerce. The party included a hotel scavenger hunt to discover new and unique rooms, bites and drinks from Blue Lacy, live music from Emerald City Band and screen printing from Feels So Good. Perfect for travelers, Origin Hotel is lo cated in the popular Mueller neighborhood.

ORIGIN HOTEL OPENING 1. Ike & Dawn Thrash 2. Thrash Family 3. Emerald City Band 4. Feels So Good 5. Angela Hinson, Megan Price, Bayli Lewis & Jennifer Sinski BRIEN REAL ESTATE LAUNCH 6. Helen Brown & Viktoria Zgryvets 7. Bryan & Natalia Peterson 8. Matthew Richard & Daughter 9. Brien Silver 10. Zac Sagay & Becky Brown COSMIC KINNECTION 11. THEBROSFRESH 12. Justin Huff & Nicole Rossi 13. Kin Euphorics X Amanda Rockman Collab 14. Shelby Goodwin & Maggie Sims 15. Chef Amanda Rockman TOKSOZ.BAILEYBYPHOTOSCOSMICFISHER.CRISTINABYPHOTOSESTATEREALBRREINYUN.JANEBYPHOTOSORIGIN Social HOUR 14 11 13 7 9 15 1 5 2 3 6


Real estate entrepreneur Brien Silver, owner of top-performing Silver Real Estate Group, and suc cessful private investment portfolio, Silver Homes, commemorated the launch of his new brand with clients, collaborators and friends. The evening was held on July 16 at his flagship listing in Oak Hill (named Santa Fe Modern), where his mid-century modern design skills were brought to life along side Austin businesses Proper Plunge Pools, Clay Imports, Kreutzer Tile and Ruby Cloutier.  COSMIC KINNECTION AT KITTY COHEN’S

923 Westbank Drive, Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78746 • 512.328.0022 • Our Performance Will Move You

14 SEPTEMBER 2022 |


ISPENT SEVERAL YEARS OF MY LIFE LIVING BETWEEN AUSTIN AND Europe. It seems like another lifetime, as some memories fade and others remain in sharp focus. I can see my children and me playing on the rocky beaches in the south of France, my son Luke’s first ice cream cone — a ge lato in Florence — and my twins’ double stroller bumping along the cobble stones. I learned new languages, made friends, became a mother, learned about the world of professional cycling and started (and ended) a marriage. I became more at home in me because of my time far from home. Between kids, life, COVID and other distractions, I lost my link across the pond. I have only been a few times since my life re-rooted back in the States. Sometimes I still dream in French or Spanish. New seasons are opening up for me with an empty nest and a full heart. This past year I fell in Love, at last and for real, and the man who holds my heart also happens to race cars — specifically vintage race cars. A dream of his has been to race the Mille Miglia, a 1,000-mile historic race in Italy. The race has been run since 1926, and to enter you have to have a vintage car that meets very specific requirements. Mark has a poster of the racecourse hanging on the wall in his bedroom — the first thing I see in the morning when I open my eyes (other than the gorgeous man next to me). Like so many other dreams becoming reality at this time, he was thrilled when his car was accepted into the Mille. He invited me to join him as his co-driver on this bucket list adventure. I pictured us driving around Italy in this beautiful race car, stopping at cafés for a cappuccino, gelato or an Aperol spritz. I imagined wearing big sunglasses with a scarf tied around my hair, calling forth my dormant inner Grace Kelly. In my mind it was a montage of slow romance and fast cars, filmed against a backdrop of picturesque Italian landscapes. And then we got to Brescia. This was not some leisurely drive through the countryside; we had training. Training at the Porsche racetrack to learn how to do speed trials, training with a roadbook to learn how to follow the course, training on the importance of making each time stamp — not one minute early and not one minute late. We thought: What have we gotten ourselves into? Mark and I were wide-eyed and totally unprepared. Thank God the man knows how to drive, really drive, because the clutch on our 1953 Osca MT4 was moodier than a teenager and everyone hauls ass and shrugs at traffic laws on the roads in Italy. As the co-driver, I was the Navigatore, the navigator. This was highly amusing and terrifying to me because before the advent of Waze, I couldn’t find my way anywhere. The Navigatore was in charge of the roadbook, one spiral bound tome for each day of the race, with a series of instructions that looked like hieroglyphics on the inside of a cave, all arrows and circles and slash marks with notations in Italian. Our car had no roof and no windshield. We didn’t know we needed head sets, so I spent 14 hours a day screaming directions into the wind. We didn’t understand the focus required to drive and navigate at top speeds, weaving through race cars, regular traffic, and tourists. We didn’t know it would be hotter than hell and we needed a tiny cooler; we spent three days drinking water as hot as tea. Instead of my Grace Kelly vibe, I was soggy with sweat that became a white salt coating by sunset. We were covered in exhaust grit with dirty nails, sunburns and crazy tangled hair. I smelled worse than a marathon. I got us lost one night, on the wrong highway bound for no where. I waited for him to scream obscenities at me and confirm that I sucked at this. Instead, he said gently, “Take a deep breath and figure out what we need to do next.” I somehow got us back on course and we made our time stamp to compete another day. We made it all the way until the final day, where our sweet Osca broke down on a winding mountain road. The mechanic pulled what looked to be a broken bike chain from the engine, shrugged and said, “Finito.” And just like that, we were done. No red carpet podium finish line, no bottle of regional champagne. I made it back to the hotel room before I, too, broke down — sobbing. I wasn’t relieved it was over. I wasn’t happy to be in the AC or take a shower. I didn’t want it to end. Just us two in the little red car, one sunset that was so beautiful I cried, so many laughs, so much to learn, so freaking exhausted, so much trust in each other, a cold beer at the end of a long day, new friends, brightly colored cars driv ing through cobbled streets and ancient arches, a police escort around the Colosse um in Rome at night, collapsing in spoon sleep and waking up a few hours later to do it again, a whole other world opening up and taking us in. We learned things about ourselves and about each other that would have taken us many, many more miles. It was solidified — we are a team. Grazie Mille. (A thousand thanks.)

By Kristin Armstrong Artwork by KK Farinola Portrait by Laura Doss Mille


Camille Styles is editor-in-chief of, an Austin-based lifestyle site that reaches millions of readers around the globe. A daily guide to creating your most beautiful life, the site covers food, gatherings, design, wellness and beauty.

The changing of the seasons is as good a reason as any to in vest in a new piece of gear from YETI. This waterproof duffel is exactly what you’ve come to expect from the Austin-based brand: durable, versatile and quality you can trust. Break it in with a camping trip at McKinney Falls.  YETI Panga 50L Waterproof Duffel ($300)

For Tribeza’s style issue, we tapped the tastemaker to share the local items she’s loving to create healthy, happy routines for fall. For Camille, it’s all about carving out time for the daily rituals that spark joy.



IG Handle: @camillestyles Website:

Time to bid farewell to your cutoffs and flip flops — your fall wardrobe needs a pair of sophisticated, well-cut pants. However, pulled-together doesn’t have to mean uptight, and I love that these WJ Martin pants boast an elastic waist that will make these my official WFH uniform this fall. Kick Pleat owner Wendi Martin has created this exclusive brand that’s brimming with gorgeous fabrics and smartly cut silhouettes. Elastic-Waist Pant, Camel$495)


Tastemaker Camille Styles shares her favorite things for creating a happy, healthy routine to kickoff a fresh season


What better time of the year to sharpen those hand-lettering skills? It’s a nod to back to school — but without any of the awkwardness and there’s wine instead of juice boxes. Amanda guides you through a night of creativity (and snacks) as she breaks down the art of modern calligraphy and brush-lettering, and always set in some of Austin’s prettiest meet ing spaces. This class is beginner friendly so you can keep that life-long learning going.



Austin-based skincare brand, Esker, just released its all-natural shower steamer tablets that are vapor and water activated, releasing refreshing essential oils and transforming your shower into a spa-like experience. | SEPTEMBER 2022 17 TRIBEZA TALK WONDER VALLEY OIL CLEANSER FROM BYGEORGE After-summer skin requires a gentle transition into fall. Wonder Valley believes in the power of olive oil as a universal holistic ingredient and the key to radiant skin. This honeysuckle-scented cleanser is full of antioxidants and requires a gentle massage to apply — which just happens to be a lovely way to begin and end the day.


Wonder Valley Oil Cleanser ($65)

The tablets come in a grounding Calendula Palo Santo and uplifting Eucalyptus Lavender, each hand crafted with dried botanicals.

Aromatic Shower Steamer Set ($65)


We all have to take a shower, so why not make it aromatherapy?

What’s just as important as a morning routine? Establishing a solid sleep routine, since few things are more impactful for your health and energy lev els than a good night’s rest. I love these breathable (and beautiful) linen sheets that stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and make climbing into bed a truly luxurious experience. Made in Portugal, they have a relaxed, lived-in look that you’ll keep forever.

Simple Linen Sheets (starting at$108)

your doorstep every three months

little potted succulents that show up


Posey, guaranteed to boost your mood and make your house cuter, too. Peruse their selections of fresh flower deliveries — I’m partial to



Gentle suggestion: make fresh flowers and plants part of your

routine. Sign up for a subscription from The




‘Tis the season to update to my school drop-off wardrobe. With the promise of cooler weather to come (fingers crossed), this half-zip is the perfect transition piece from drop off to my daily morning walk. Trust me, this is the jacket you never knew you needed but suddenly can’t live without.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed, journaling is the number one way I refocus my energy. This meditative aid from Take Heart gives journalers an outlet for self-healing through writing a daily note to self, intention setting and answering thought-provoking questions.   Meditation Journal ($22) LITTLE POSEY at-home Little the simple at (perfect for those of without the of




The Little Succulent Subscription ($33 every 3

Cinch-Back Half-Zip Hiking Pullover ($168)

Alchemy Juice (starting at $12)

LAVENDER AND CEDAR CANDLE FROM SLOW NORTH Elevate even your busiest workday by burning this all-natural candle with soothing lavender and Texas cedarwood essential oils on your desk. Its calming and woodsy scent will ground your morning in a moment of self-care. Austin-based Slow North candles are made of plant-based ingredients, soy wax and 100% essential oil fragrances — you can see (and smell) the quality.

Lavender and Cedar Candle ($35)



If your summer consisted of a few too many frozen margaritas (same), there’s no easier way to reign it in than with Alchemy’s cold-pressed, organic juices delivered straight to your door. Each juice contains nearly two pounds of produce to power up your day and supercharge your fall routine.

Buckle & Seam Leather Backpack ($290)



Who says kids should get all the fun? Fall is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new backpack for hauling your stuff in style, though this one from Estilo, handmade in Germany with gor geous brown leather, is decidedly more grown-up. This top-loader offers an insane amount of storage space with integrated pockets and compartments to make this your most organized season ever.

Few things are more sacred than my morning coffee ritual. I love to indulge and give it even more real estate in my a.m. routine by grinding beans fresh at home. Flat Track’s coffee beans are roasted here in Aus tin — the perfect elevation to your morning cup. Ask the barista for a recommenda tion to match your taste.


Flat Track Coffee Beans ($18-$22) com/collections/coffeeflattrackcoffee.

By Liz Harroun Photos by Mely Navarro

S MANY MOTHERS KNOW, HAVING CHILDREN OFTEN COMES WITH A sort of reinvention. Gone are the days when you were idly sipping wine into the evenings, or catching that yoga class after work, or going shopping with friends for hours on the weekends. What comes, instead, is an often hectic but just as fulfilling new sense of time and purpose: those that include changing diapers, chasing kids around the house, and, while still shopping, it’s now for stuff for your kids.


Emma Davis experienced this same dramatic shift in identity and lifestyle when she became a mother about seven years ago. This caused her to take a long, hard look at her business, which at that time was a brick and mortar store in downtown Austin that sold women’s clothing. Running it had become exhausting, and the rent unsustainable, especially after a new high-rise destroyed the parking logistics for her store.



“The overhead sucked the joy out of it for me,” says Davis. So in 2015, after almost five years of business and soon after the birth of her first daughter, she called it quits. How ever, amid the demands and joys of those first few years of motherhood, Davis started

Lemon Drop — A Children’s Shop Built for Joy

“My mom told me years ago when I started selling women’s clothing that I should focus on children,” Davis laughs reminiscently. “But I wasn’t a mother myself at that time! Once you have kids, you realize you don’t buy stuff for yourself anymore.”

Davis has continued to stay positive and find joy along the way. Just this summer, she found the perfect spot for Lemon Drop at the Lawn on South Congress, close to her family’s home. They had a new grand opening to celebrate the new spot — full of face painting, treats and giveaways. Da vis was touched by all of the people that showed up to support Lemon Drop. She’s looking forward to staying put at this new location for a while, putting down roots in her own community.

Running Lemon Drop, much like motherhood, has had plenty of ups and downs. Still, Davis feels that her roles as business owner and mom are now aligned in that they share the same sentiment. While together they consume the major ity of her time and energy, they both also reinforce her values and her true purpose in life. And for that, she’s setting a great example for her children, and having a lot of fun along the way.

Davis’ new vision was an Airstream, painted with bright yellow lem ons and stripes, that sold children’s clothing. She found a 1970 Airstream Ambassador on Craigslist and quickly got to work, completely renovating it to cre ate the bright and cheerful space she had imagined. Finally, in January 2018, Lemon Drop opened, originally on 9th and Lamar Boulevard.

Running a quirky mobile boutique immediately felt more aligned to Davis and her new identity, but it didn’t come without challenges. She moved locations several times in the first few years, experiencing the COVID lockdown and one break-in along the way. But she adapted, trying new locations, which was relatively easy due to her new mobile setup, and during COVID she focused on her online business. It flourished, especially with the sales of pajamas and art kits to keep kids at home cozy and Recently,occupied. theshop’s Instagram account got hacked, and Davis was forced to shut it down and start a new one, losing the thousands of loyal followers that she’d spent years building. Meanwhile, with three kids and a husband who’s a firefighter with crazy hours, her hands are always full. Sometimes she has to bring her daughters to the 100-square-foot shop during open hours, which means she’s running her busi ness, helping customers and watching her kids all at the same time.

to have a new vision: one that not only more aligned with her new identity, but (perhaps even more importantly) one that actually sounded fun.  Davis didn’t want to give up on owning and running her own store completely; she knew she was good at it. She had studied design and marketing manage ment in college and has a true talent for both. While she’s always been good at the design part, she got bored quickly when designing clothes herself because the process ended once the design got to the store. Davis enjoys the holistic and dynamic nature of running a business, and all the interesting challenges that come along with it. However, she knew this time it needed to be different. Especially as a mother — with a stepson, young daughter and another daugh ter on the way — this time, it had to be sustainable, even energizing.

Photos by Weston Carls

22 SEPTEMBER 2022 | LAURI TURNER DIDN’T WAIT LONG IN LIFE BEFORE OPENING her first storefront. While still attending the University of St. Thomas in the 1970s, she opened Vertigo, a store that sold gifts and art in the Montrose District of Houston. After eight years of rapid growth, in 1980 she moved the store to Austin during, in her words, “the heyday of Sixth Street.” Austin’s notorious Sixth Street was — back in the aughts — clean, vibrant and full of great shopping and restaurants where all of the “yuppies” hung out. Pete’s Piano Bar and Esther’s Follies, the latter

By Liz Harroun

A Modern Haberdashery

being the longest running musical comedy revue in the nation, were two spots she remembers fondly from that time that, to this day, remain Austin staples. Turner originally started her Austin store on Trinity before quickly moving to Sixth Street as soon as a lease opened up in 1982. She wanted to be in the heart of the city. The store offerings at that time were focused on Austin tourism.“Andthen I discovered hats,” Turner says laughing. “I got captured by the

HATBOX EVOLVES THROUGH OVER FOUR DECADES OF BUSINESS IN AUSTIN | SEPTEMBER 2022 23 when you buy a Hatbox Signature Panama Straw Hat, you are helping to sup port these families’ well-being.

While Turner has no plans to open up brick and mortar stores again, the private parties and corpo rate events have picked back up since COVID. When these opportunities started arising again last year, she had to quickly find and train new “haberdashers,” or hat dealers, which she ended up recruiting from a profes sional network of Austin comedians. Each one goes through a six-week course where they learn to classically fit hats.

Eventually, as the store became more well-known and even sought after for its hats, Turner changed the name to Hatbox. She continued to hone her skills as a hatter in the Sixth Street location for 19 years before moving locations a couple of blocks west, still on Sixth Street, and then eventually to Congress, right across from the Paramount Theater. Hatbox remained on Congress until March of 2020, when COVID shut them down.  With the rent on Congress unsustainable because of the pandemic shut down, Turner moved the store into her garage near Barton Springs. Rather than being open to the public for walk-ins, she now takes appointments. Since she only offers 16 time slots each week, many get taken up by her long-standing clientele and celebrities.  Turner seeks out and brings in hats from hatters all around the world. She even accepted a position where she represents the state of Texas within a chamber of commerce between Italy, Canada, Brazil and Texas. Turner, along with the other members, works with 28 old-world artisans to promote and integrate them in their respective countries in order to keep their crafts alive.

Whether it’s the hottest celebrity or a grandfather looking for a hat to wear to his grandson’s graduation, Turner gets the same joy and satisfaction with each interaction.

“They make it so much fun,” Turner laughs, as she recalls some recent memories of working with the new comedic haberdashers. “They bring a lot of levity to these events. You get professional comedians to put hats on people, and it’s a party!”

“The hat really is utility; it protects the wearer. I take that very seriously. It’s very fulfilling to put a hat on a person.” After 47 years of business, 42 of those being in Austin, Turner continues to evolve to the needs of her community. “If you’re not flexible, you’re history,” Turner says, thinking about what she’s been through these past few years. “I’m excited about the future.” Each hat comes with a little blessing that it’s worn “in good times, in good health.” After a tough few years for many of us, a new hat is a reminder of the little things that can foster joy and make that special memory just a little more special. mystery of headwear.” She dove headfirst into the history of hats, how all of the styles we know today either came through Ellis Island through immigra tion or up through Mexico through Spain (the latter influencing the Western headwear so popular in Texas). As her curiosity and fascination with hats grew, so did the inventory of hats in her store. She would seek out hatters, mostly older men who were happy to pass on their knowledge. Before she knew it, locals and tourists were referring to her shop as “the hat store.”

Aside from corporate events, the Kentucky Derby party at the Four Seasons Austin Hotel is another favorite for Turner. “I get to play dress up all day, every day,” Turner says, lighting up as she thinks about her work, which includes helping people choose their custom derby hat amid a bustling party of fashionistas. Turner’smission goes beyond simply helping people find the perfect hat. She adopted four families in Ecuador to weave a line of Panama hats, so | SEPTEMBER 2022 25 ATTENTION to DETAIL Finish your look and shop local with Austin’s must-have jewelry and accessories this Fall. SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION


Stop by Schors to play with interchangeable, fun and versatile pendants from Marco Bicego. Transform your necklace or bracelet with the addition of a pendant or two…or three!



Uptown Cheapskate Austin on South Lamar is the award-winning, locally-owned upscale fashion exchange. Consistently recognized by Austin Chronicle and Austin American-Statesman readers as “Best of Austin,” we offer trendy, designer, luxury and vintage styles up to 90% off the original retail price. We pay cash on the spot for gently-used items daily, or you can choose more in store credit for tax-free shopping. You’ll love looking great, saving money and doing something good for the environment all at the same time. Visit our award-winning stores in San Marcos and College Station too!

Grab your girlfriends for a glass of wine in Blue Suede’s cozy lounge, then shop their stylish collection of women’s shoes, bags, jewelry and accessories. Blue Suede carries Donald Pliner, Sam Edelman, Jeffrey Campbell and more, plus brands only found at Blue Suede like Valentina from Italy. Shoppers can also find several Austin-based and women-owned accessories lines in this fun, female-forward space.



Zero waste accessories, ethically made in Austin with plant-based dyes. Shop accessories, apparel and more in store and online.

SHAESBY Shaesby is known for their exquisite craftsmanship, timeless designs, and custom bridal jewelry. Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted in their Austin studio with ethically sourced gemstones and 100% recycled precious metals. Available online and at Eliza Page Jewelry on 2nd Street.


Love Weld is the first company to specialize in permanent jewelry and uses the new trend concept of “zapped jewelry” to capture special meaning for their clients. When you walk into your Love Weld studio appointment, you work with your welder to create a custom fine jewelry style that is tailored to fit your person—wrist, ankle, neck, or hand—perfectly. Then the Love Weld part comes in, with a pinprick of light you see when the piece of jewelry is welded together. Your 14k gold piece is then worn clasp-free and requires little to no maintenance. Get #lovewelded today! SEPTEMBER 2022 29


Once the Resigs got Ozbirn on board, with his background at Shawn Cirkel’s restaurants, like Parkside and Olive & June, they began building out their retail space. The 1,000 bottles of wine are organized much like most collectors would stock their wine fridge or cellar – from lightest to heaviest instead of based on region. Ozbirn says this allows them to discuss different varietals without feeling too married to a particular wine region.

Wine Down in Westlake

“ILOVE DRINKING WINE WITH A SENSE OF PLACE,” SAYS ADVANCED Sommelier Paul Ozbirn while perched on a lush, emerald green velvet barstool seated next to a pristine white marble countertop. “I was so enamored with wanting to travel that I felt like learning about wine was kind of a way to travel without just picking up and going to Austria. I could drink a glass of Grüner Veltliner and feel like I was traveling the world.”Walking into Westlake wine retail shop and wine bar Neighbor hood Vintner might feel a little bit daunting for the vino neophyte. But for the oenophile (or those a little more advanced on their grape journeys), it’s like entering into the Beast’s library in “Beauty and the Beast,” with floor-to-ceiling white shelves stuffed to the gills with bottles daring to be discovered and library ladders waiting to be swungHowever,from.  even those a little intimidated by purchasing wine will feel at ease with the friendly faces and easygoing services provided by Neighborhood Vintner’s staff, including General Manager Ozbirn, who will gently steer guests slightly out of their comfort zones with zero judgment.

Neighborhood Vintner was born out of the idea that they wanted a place to show case their wine label, but Tiffany quick ly realized it could become something much

In addition to the retail space, there are roughly 20 wines by the glass to sample on site, including the Resign Wine label, and every bot tle in the store can be purchased and consumed on the premises without a corkage fee or insane markup. Prices range, mercifully, from $14 to high-end collectible bottles that are stored temperature controlled.

“Therebigger. are no bars in Westlake!” she laughs. “I was tired of going downtown to get a good bottle or glass of wine.”

Owned by Leo and Tiffany Resig, Neighborhood Vintner opened this spring. And while its original concept was to be a tasting room to showcase the Resign Wine label, which the Resigs started in 2015 after Tiffany quit her job in broadcast advertising, the gorgeous 1,350-square-foot space has become an elevated wine destination for those looking to purchase a bottle or two or claim a spot at the bar to enjoy vino with friends over caviar or cheese plates. The warm brass details and custom live-edge walnut wine bar are complemented by the gorgeous marble countertops sourced by interior designer Kasey McCarty and those beautiful green chairs. But when it came to the ethos and feel of the space, Tiffany admits it was all Leo and his eye for“Istyle. joke that he’s like a gay heterosexual designer,” Tiffany remarks. “He’s just got this beautiful eye, and he’s designed a lot of things. He’s built out a few offices in Austin, and he loves design and buildings.”

“It’s not only an elevated wine shopping experience, but we also offer some amazing retail pricing by the bottle. It’s a warm and inviting place where you can travel the world of wine in a glass,” Tiffany explains.

The Resigs’ love of wine came from their time living in California, where they’d explore the different wine regions up and down the coast. What start ed as a hobby turned into a venture after Leo gifted Tiffany an exam course for the Court of Sommeliers. Once she quit her job and the duo started Re sign Wines (get it?) from Sonoma, California, they put down their roots in Westlake. Because of the California fires and the pan demic, the Resigs pulled their wine from their distributor and decided to sell it themselves.

“I enjoy the ability to play matchmaker — I ask them questions and listen, and then I try to match them with things that are going to make them happy while also gently pushing them into trying some thing new. But ultimately we want our guests to leave happy and come back again and again,” Ozbirn explains.


red THIS SabinaPAGE:Musayev Lunar Dress in Red ($279) from estilo 24 KYG Pink Mosaic Dagger Drop Earrings ($3,950) from L Majors Hugo Watch Black/Red ($120) from Hearth and Soul OPPOSITE PAGE: Duchess Blazer Pink ($695) from Wood & Rose Wide Leg Culotte Pink ($425) from Wood & Rose Mesh PRSX Sneaker Magenta ($420) from Wood & DeepaRoseGurani Lips Earrings ($225) from estilo Maria La Rosa Mini Game Clutch in Neon Yellow ($285) from estilo photographer Phil creativeKlinedirector/producer Torquil Dewar art director Shelley Lai stylist Kelli Ponce Willowhair makeupWitten Jonathan Krugman models S’hani McGee David Abraham

THIS PAGE: Walter Baker Chelsea Jumpsuit ($798) from estilo Go Silk Plain and Simple Top in White ($260) from estilo Smitri Kaa Purse in Black ($295) from DeepaestiloGurnani Loulou Earrings in Yellow ($195) from estilo | SEPTEMBER 2022 33 THIS HalstonPAGE:Guiliana Silver Sequin Cutout Dress ($375) from estilo Deka Feather Earrings ($180) from Hearth and Soul Simitri Peach Bird Fringe Clutch ($195) from estilo Leather Offwhite Combat Boots ($386) from Hearth and Soul THIS PAGE: Billy Reid Moleskin Jean Black ($228) from estilo John Varvatos Notch Lapel Jacket ($1,298) from estilo Clae Bradley Sneaker in Tripe White ($150) from estilo Canfield Watch 40mm White Blush Ceramic ($1000) from Hearth and Soul Kaleidoscope Eye Fringe Necklace ($1860) from Hearth and Soul

THIS PAGE: Nancy Sunglasses Savannah Cream Marble ($25) from Hearth and Soul Maroon Tweed Jacket (Custom) from Soto and Co Ivory Leather Beaded Pastel Necklace ($35) from VintageKELLICTIONMauve Biker Gloves ($55) from KELLICTION OPPOSITE PAGE: Lamarque Zaina Feather Bustier in Sirocco ($285) from estilo Nonchalant Pia Sequin Pants in White ($495) from estilo Sumitri Ombre Chunky ($435) from estilo Ivylee Lopez Croco Booties in Taupe ($430) from estilo Gold Ball Necklace ($338) from Hearth and Soul Vintage Leather Gloves ($65) from KELLICTION

36 SEPTEMBER 2022 THIS PAGE: Glashutte Sea-Q Black Dial w/Rubber Strap 39.5mm ($8700) from L Majors Glashutte PanoMaticinverse w/ Grey Alligator Strap 42mm ($12,700) from L Majors Hugo Watch Black/Red ($120) from Hearth and Soul Red Suit Jacket w/ Pants (Custom) from Soto and Co Ayo Block Print Yellow/Black Shirt ($112.50) from STAG Pink/Green Feather Brooch ($152) from Hearth and Soul Luke Fedora Black ($110) from STAG

THIS PAGE: Acler Kalora Dress in Gunmetal ($450) from estilo PRSX Hi Top Yellow ($474) Wood & Rose Maria La Rosa Mini Game Clutch in Neon Yellow ($474) from Wood & Rose Blue/Green Feather Brooch ($152) from Hearth and Soul

\THIS PAGE: Cowhide Casual Racer Leather Jacket ($830) from STAG Rails Wyatt in White ($128) from estilo Feather Bowtie ($228) from Hearth and Soul Cognac and Silver Leather Bracelet ($109) from Hearth and Soul THIS PAGE: Misa Evita Top in Black ($285) from estilo Nonchalant Perah Silky Tapered Pant in Pink ($391) from estilo Smitri Panther Purse ($250) from estilo Madeline Earring Blush Rose Gold ($225) from Hearth and Soul Bespoke Cognac Locket w/ Diamond ($2,950) from L Majors Wild Pair Pewter Sock Bootie ($95) from KELLICTION

THIS PAGE: Misa Evita Top in Black ($285) from estilo Madeline Earring Blush Rose Gold ($225) from Hearth and Soul Bespoke Cognac Locket w/ Diamond ($2,950) from L Majors 24KYG/SS Purple Rev Cut Amy Butterfly Crystal Diamond Hand Painted Ring ($17,400) from L Majors


This spiritual oasis is the ideal destination for spa-goers looking for an extraordinary experience. Miraval goes above and beyond with acupuncture services, Thai massages and crystal energy treatments that will cultivate a life of balance and encourage guests to engage in the present moment. A digital-free environment and supporter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Miraval is a hub for bright minds and deep souls to connect and share.



FAIRMONTfairmont-austin.comAUSTIN Home to a saline soaking pool, European dry heat sauna and eucalyptus steam grotto, Austin’s Fairmont Spa gives guests the best of both worlds with striking floor-to-ceiling overlooks of the Austin skyline and views of the unbeatable Texas sunset over Palm Park. Now open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., you can treat yourself to their signature services at your own convenience.

HIATUS SPA + hiatusspa.comRETREAT

After undergoing a recent remodel, this future-friendly Texas favorite is complete with new countertops, fresh upholstery and an updated nail therapy lounge with zero gravity chairs and a skin-quenching hydrotherapy room. Serving the people of Austin for over 10 years, Hiatus invites guests to relax and recover with their extensive menu of treatments to revive themselves after a late night.



Located in the heart of East Austin, eleMINT’s accessible beauty treatments are redefining the spa experience. Custom-blended facials designed to restore your skin’s natural glow are made with plant-powered ingredients chosen specifically to cater to your needs, so no two experiences are ever the same. Founder Shaunta via Ward and her team of experts are passionate about changing lives by restoring confidence, one treatment at a time. SEPTEMBER 2022 43

MILK + milkandhoneyspa.comHONEY

Nestled among the lush trees of Austin’s Hill Country, Omni Barton Creek is the perfect weekend getaway for city-goers looking to unwind. This 13,000-square-foot spa, complete with a heated whirlpool and an exhaustive list of facial and body treatments, will have you forgetting that you’re just minutes from bustling downtown.

An Austin-born and bred luxury spa and retreat, milk + honey is the ideal spot to treat yourself or a loved one to a full-body experience of relaxation and healing. Since its launch in 2006, founder Alissa Bayer has offered a full range of luxurious treatments ranging from deep-tissue massages to HydraFacials and all-natural manicures. Invest in yourself and prioritize your wellness with one of their many treatments sourced from hyper-clean, organic ingredients.



Female-owned and founded, Spa Sway believes that prioritizing mental and physical health should be a standard practice. Focusing on creating healing-based wellness routines that stand the test of time, guests can choose from over 25 facial and body treatments at an affordable price. Spa Sway prides itself on being constantly informed on new breakthroughs in the treatment space, ensuring clients will receive nothing less than the best.


SPA spasway.comSWAY

VIVA DAY vivadayspa.comSPA Co-founded by a trio of female best friends, Viva Day Spa’s three fabulous Austin locations offer customizable massage and facial services catered to your specific needs. Not only are guests able to enjoy alone time, but Viva offers group packages for bachelorette parties, birthday parties or baby showers with a relaxation lounge, warm neck pillows and white wine or hot tea.

AWAY SPA AT THE W austinawayspa.comHOTEL


An avant-garde perspective on spa culture, AWAY Spa takes a contemporary and imaginative approach to make you look and feel good from the inside-out. Whether you try out their High and Dry CBD-infused body massage with exfoliating dry brushing or the Rainey Street Wrap to lock in full-body hydration, guests can expect an experience that will take them from serenity to social hour in no time.


When diamonds and gold are featured on the facial menu, you know you’re in for a day of luxury. Located 30 minutes from downtown, Lake Austin delivers a world-renowned rejuvenation experience powered by innovative technology that specializes in anti-aging and hydration backed by science. Whether you decide to devote your afternoon or opt for an overnight stay, serene swim ming pools and Swedish massages anxiously await your arrival.


A 200-YEAR SEASONAL MEXICAN TRADITION. 512.459.4121|TXAustin,|LoopNorthW2330 T h e i n d v d u a h e r e i n i s a r e a e s t a t e a g e n t w t h C o m p a s s C o m p a s s s a c e n s e d b r o k e r a g e t h a t a b i d e s b y a l f e d e r a s t a t e a n d o c a a w s E q u a H o u s n g O p p o r t u n i t y


I’m joined by an incredible team of experienced practitioners, Emily Johnston PA-C and Erma Morris LA, both who have been practicing in the field of dermatology and aesthetics longer than myself, rounding out the amazing staff of people who are devoted to making Refine everything we have set out to accomplish.

GROWING UP IN STYLE @refineaestheticsatx USE

Our mission at Refine Aesthetics is to help our clients achieve their version of personal beauty by incorporating the practice of science, tech nology, artistry and medicine. Our downtown Austin based med spa offers elite treatments stemming from injectables, laser tightening and resurfacing, body contouring, microneedling and more. Our ultimate goal is to always make you feel like your best self—purified, perfected, and refined.When choosing to embark on the journey of creating Refine Aesthetics, a boutique medspa in downtown Austin, I immediately found other people who shared my vision. I ultimately want ed to create a beautifully decorated boho-chic space where all staff can continue to grow per sonally and professionally, and patients can feel welcomed and have the time they deserve for their appointments. We combine a more relaxed and intimate patient experience with profession alism and expertise in an early-1900s house that has been converted to give clients a home-like vibe to help ease patients’ nerves. After practicing for a decade in medical and cosmetic dermatology as a Physician Assistant, I felt ready to embark on a new journey of owning my own business. Refine Aesthetics will have its 2 year birthday this November and I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished.

We’ve recently expanded with the creation of a new patient lounge offering coffee, drinks and snacks in addition to a new treatment room comprised of all glass and amazing natural light. We have been lucky enough to treat amazing patients who have trusted us with their cosmetic needs and I believe our 5-star reviews on Google reflect the fact that our patients are enjoying their time at Refine. We value educating our clients and going on a journey with them to help them achieve their cosmetic goals. We are grow ing up in style all together- continuing to evolve our space to accommodate patient needs, offer ing the latest aesthetic non-surgical procedures, and learning how to grow a woman-owned business with my amazing team. I could not be more proud of what we have all accomplished together.Treatyourself beautiful, Courtney Gill PA-C Owner of Refine Aesthetics Refine Aesthetics



By Darcie Duttweiler Photos by Drew Elaine Magic Touch HOLISTIC FACIALS ARE ON THE MENU AT POTION

48 SEPTEMBER 2022 |

OTION OWNER VAL MIRZA REMINISCES ON THE TIME SHE WAS seven years old and applying makeup to her friends during a slumber party. “Ilook back at these photos, and I’m like, ‘What was I doing?’” she laughs. “I didn’t have any family members in the industry. It was just some thing I was fascinated by back then. So my skincare obsession started in the 90s, way before the Internet and social media.” Mirza recalls being “that kid” who bought books on ingredients, and be cause English was her second language, she learned Latin words on the back of her mom’s skincare bottles in order to figure out what they were.

“Our facials are beyond custom — there’s no script or protocol we follow,” Mirza says. “We do what feels right for your skin. Everyone’s service is different every time.”

“It was really weird to be a kid learning Latin in the shower.” It wasn’t until she was waxing eyebrows in her dorm at Texas State University that Mirza re alized she could actually make a living making people feel better about their faces. After getting her license and learning her trade at several local spas and medspas, Mirza was ready to strike it out on her own, and that’s when Potion was born in 2017.

“You know, I always wanted to be in the ’04,” Mirza remarks.  Locat ed near Radio Coffee & Beer, Potion currently has two treatment rooms for Mirza and aesthetician Emily Vega, who the owner actually trained several years ago during a stint at Milk + Honey. While it isn’t your typ ical spa-like experience — there are no steam rooms or changing areas — what the unassuming skin care center lacks in physical amenities it makes up for in its service. No two facials are alike here, and Mirza and Vega always strive to keep it that way.

Potion offers 60, 90 and 120-minute facials that are tailor-made to each client’s skin, routines and desired out comes. Certain treatments they’ll use during a service include ultrasound cleansing, massage, chemical peels, high-frequency disinfection, infrared light, gua sha cupping and more. Mirza also takes great pride in the practice’s non-toxic topical potions — ”it’s all about reducing the amount of toxicity in your rou tines.” Potion also offers brows, lashes, waxing and microblad ingMirzaservices. admits that most clients don’t really care what’s hap pening on their face as long as they’re relaxed and leave with that certain result they’re after, and she’s more than happy to give it to them. She credits her and Vega’s combined 25 years of experience and the fact they’re both young mothers as what sets their “consciously composed skincare treatments” apart.

While the parking lot and strip center setting doesn’t spark too much joy, inside Potion is a tranquil and relaxing setting, complete with a quiet and comfortable waiting room decked out in mid-century modern fur niture, cozy textiles and a plethora of plants.


“I want people to feel very comfortable here,” Mirza says. “And, to do that, I have to be very open and exude this tender ness and almost motherness with them. I know the comfort level a client needs with the person that’s touching their face, their body, their aura and their emotional state. They’re not just a body on a table to me.”

As for her reasoning behind the shop’s name: “There’s a mysticism to what I do. When I play with my client’s skin, I just do my ‘thang,’ and it’s like magic,” Mirza explains.

Although originally on the East Side, Potion shut down after the 2021 “Snow pocalypse” when the building she was in was no longer up to code. Pregnant with her second child at the time, Mirza made do with her hundreds of existing clients at the time until she could give birth and focus on relocating.

Now, Potion is discreetly tucked away in a South Austin office plaza.

By Darcie Duttweiler

While the Moonshine Grill had original

Interior photos and portraits by Matt Lankes Cocktail photo by Jasmin Porter



VEN IF YOU TECHNICALLY KNOW WHERE Kinfolk Lounge & Library is, it can still be slightly surprising to enter the 20-seat speakeasy, especially during the daylight.  Guests can enter through downtown Southern hotspot Moonshine Patio & Grill and politely inquire about their Kinfolk reservations at the host stand. Then, someone will magically whisk you away, and you’ll descend down the stairs next to Moonshine’s massive wooden bar. Once you finish your descent, the door opens, and you’re suddenly in a secret, dark underground cellar that feels like a lifetime away from the hustle and bustle upstairs.


All of this is to say, once downstairs — and after acclimating your eyes to the darkness compared to the stark, bright sunshine — you feel utterly transformed back in time. “We wanted to write a new chapter in the Moonshine history,” Larry Perdido, Moonshine Grill co-owner, explains. “And, basically the space told us it should be a cocktail lounge.”

To the left — a gorgeous bar full of vintage glassware and a mixologist lighting small fires, shaking cocktails and stirring glasses. To the right — luxurious brown leather banquettes and cozy chairs adorning four small marble tables. Dimly lit sconces decorate a delicate blue paneled wall. Farther in, your eye catches a room in the back, warmly illuminated through thousands of liquor bottles, with a large communal table. All around you is limestone original to the 1835 build ing, built long before the cellar space served as an illegal liquor mash distiller during Prohibition.


Next of Kin

Although completely different atmospheres, that Southern hospitality is indeed alive and well at Kinfolk.


HOSPITALITYSOUTHERNISINDEEDALIVEANDWELLATKINFOLK SEPTEMBER 2022 51 ly housed its massive wine and spirits collection in the cellar previously — and hosted a few intimate dinners down there — it wasn’t until a pipe burst and the space needed to be renovated did the team see the original limestone walls (complete with empty liquor bottles from the 1920s) and decided to create something that “elevated the cocktail game in Austin to a whole other level,” according to Per dido. And it all happened very organically. Known for be ing a bourbon, whiskey and scotch aficionado himself, Perdido’s own home bar style became an inspiration for Kinfolk. “Wejust listened to the space and its raw ingredi ents. Everything was designed to complement the spir its, which we hold in such high regard,” says Erin Fohn, Branding and Marketing Consultant of Victory Dog Mar keting. Besides the gorgeously comfortable yet elevated space inspired by Per dido and Director of Operations Joe Ngueyen’s personal spirits collections, Kinfolk is also expertly designed around the history of its building, as well as a menu conceptualized of a cocktail family tree that encapsulates tip ples from the 18th and 19th centuries. It highlights four categories (Fancy Drinks, Old Fashioned & Improved, Daises and Fizzes) and the genesis of each cocktail from its ancestral version into the classic and modern itera tions. Every cocktail is lovingly curated by master mixologist Tom Koerner and refined and served in era appropriate glassware. Inaddition to its curated menu, with thousands of different liquor bottles, from mezcal to scotch, including doz ens of one-of-a-kind finds, sipping a glass of a spirit neat or on the rocks feels like both uncovering a secret while also feeling like you’re comfortably enjoying a drink in a friend’s den, which is inten tional, according to Perdido.

“We talk often about the Southern hospitality that exists at Moonshine, and with Southern hospitality, it really is just a matter of kind of an exten sion of our family,” he explains. “So, in other words, the extended family is kind of like our kinfolk. It’s our guest relationships.”

Chuck Smith and Larry Perdido

MERGING STYLE WITH SCIENCE Two Stanford swimmers turn a hobby project into Austin’s hottest eyewear brand — ROKA . BY LIZ HARROUN | SEPTEMBER 2022 53


These days in Austin, if you find yourself at a local bike race, you’ll see many of the participants sporting Roka sunglasses. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cycling team that doesn’t wear Roka. It’s hard to believe that Roka began as a hobby proj ect — not to revolutionize the eyewear industry — to create a better wetsuit for personal use.  Co-founders Rob Canales and Kurt Spenser, both former collegiate swimmers at Stanford, had recently completed their first Ironman triathlon in 2010. They came away both loving this new form of competition and frustrated by the gear avail able at the time. As swimmers, the wetsuit was their biggest pain point, as the ones available slowed them down in the water and were uncomfortable. Canales and Spenser started cutting up and then prototyping new suits, using a sewing ma chine from Canales’ grandmother. Then newly addicted to tri athlons, they’d tested each new model in the constant races for which they were signing up.


And, even beyond functionality and style, Roka’s products are backed by sci ence. For years now, Roka has used research and data to make their products more effective. For example, their proprietary blue-blocking lenses isolate and block certain frequencies of light from screens that other glasses out there miss. Because they measure this, you can rest assured (and rest better), knowing that less harmful artificial light is reaching your eyes and therefore suppressing mela tonin when you’re trying to unwind at night.  Andrew Hubermnan, a neuroscientist and professor at Stanford, has re cently become the scientific advisor for the company. Huberman, who specializes in ophthalmology, shares a passion for both vision and human health. This in vestment in such a prominent scientist in this space shows that Roka is going all in on their commitment to building the best eyewear technology.  that, their obsession with delivering the best products and customer service has even led them to bringing some of their manufacturing in-house, to Austin, a decision that many companies avoid because of cost concerns.

In 2014, they released their first wet suit, which reduced shoulder fatigue and focused on buoyancy in the legs rather than the chest. And so, Roka was born.  our core, ROKA is about helping people unlock their potential,” Canales says. “Because many of us were athletes in past lives and continue to be active, we have a tremendous amount of em pathy for our customers’ needs. We un derstand that when you invest in an epic challenge to see what you’re capable of, your gear simply cannot let you down. Not only does it need to perform, but also it needs to get out of the way.” 2016, Roka was ready to expand beyond wetsuits. Inspired by brand ambassador and professional athlete Jesse Thomas, who had recently won a triathlon in gas station aviators, they set out to create something better than what was out there. With minimal movement, lightweight, and insane optics, Roka did just that with their sunglasses launch. Since then, their eyeglasses business has exploded, with dozens of styles, includ ing prescription and blue-blocking glasses.  gear for athletes has historically been pretty dorky. Even the most premium companies often make products that, while they usually work, aren’t something you look forward to sporting (especially outside of your workout). Roka is changing that. With a trifecta of style, functionality, and science, Roka is finally making technical gear sexy.


While Roka roots are getting even deeper in Austin, they are also gaining worldwide recognition.


“In the last year, we decided to build an optical lab in our head quarters so we could cut our own sunglasses and prescription lens es and do our own frame assemblies,” Canales says. “Taking control of this part of the process has allowed us to turn around orders for our customers much faster than before and with much better qual ity control. Doing this out of our headquarters in Austin provides the manufacturing team with a direct connection to our custom er experience and operations teams, which in turn allows us to be more nimble and responsive to our customers. So far it’s gone really well, and we look forward to making additional investments in our supply chain as we continue to grow.”




“In doing this now for almost ten years and partnering with countless world champions and Olympians across numerous sports and product categories,” Canales says, “we’ve developed many pat ented and proprietary technologies that really do make our prod uctsLet’sbetter.” behonest, we also want to look good while we’re logging countless miles on the bike or track or at the pool. So the fact that Roka is making gear (in Austin!) that looks good, feels good and works better is a win-win-win.


we’ve andmanydevelopedpatentedproprietarytechnologiesthatreallydomakeourproductsbetter. BORCHARDMIKEBYPHOTO KERRCALEBBYPHOTO

RANDON DOWNER AND CARTER SMITH, CO-OWNERS OF PINK’S Window Service, wanted to bring “dignity back to the blue-collar ser vice industry,” and nowhere is that more apparent than in the uniforms their servicemen wear.

“When you dress up and you go to work and you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you are just happier to be somewhere,” Smith explains. “And there’s a professionalism that you just kind of as sume once you put on the Pink’s uniform.”

56 SEPTEMBER 2022 | B

Downer and Smith started Pink’s Window Service in July 2020 after the two were laid off at their respective jobs. The two friends were mulling over their future plans while going on a walk through Downer’s Rosedale neighborhood and spotted dozens of service trucks parked along the streets. As they remarked on how home services didn’t seem to be closing at the rate of other businesses, they commis erated on terrible experiences they both received when they needed repairs or cleaning in their own homes.

Brandon Downer and Carter Smith

Photos by Weston Carls hats in various colors, and even socks. The crew also dons pink booties over their shoes when on a job in someone’s home — giving it that extra special Pink’s touch. And, while it’s a great branding opportunity, the co-owners admit it’s geared more toward their employees.

It became their eureka moment.


Outfitted in what Smith deems as “1950s body shop mechanic meets the milk man” collared shirts and jackets, the Pink’s team could easily head out to a bar after work and feel right at home. Along with white button-ups with “Pink’s” over the pocket, there’s also striped shirts and classic work jackets, as well as trucker

By Darcie Duttweiler

“Back in the day there was so much pride around your plumber.

“If the windows aren’t clean, what else is dirty?” Downer asks. “It’s the first thing you see when you walk into a space, and we help make your guests or customers feel comfortable and welcome.”

Downer and Smith confess they were initially embarrassed to admit to their high school and college friends that they were “just window washers,” but over the last two years, they’ve realized that they not only give digni ty back to a blue-collar industry through their employees, they also restore pride to a home or business.

They currently have a roster of anywhere from six to 10 Pink’s cleaners who gladly wear the brand’s name emblazoned on their chests and service residential homes and commercial businesses, like the Moody Center, Cir cuit of the Americas, Q2 Stadium, MML Hospitality restaurants and others.

In addition to window cleaning services, Pink’s also offers their gear for sale online, and the duo is tickled, well, pink to see their shirts and hats out in the “Wewild. feel so much more connected to the community than ever before,” Smith says. “It’s very humbling that something we created people are proud to wear,” Downer adds.

“It feels like an old-school service company, and the shirts feel like a de cades-old piece straight out of your dad’s closet,” Smith says.

Pink’s Window Service was born, admittedly, because the duo liked the name. From there, they created a menu of services: window cleaning, power washing and deep cleaning of other fixtures: lights, sky lights, gutters and more. “We’ll clean anything that’s outside!” Smith says.

They had their name on their uniform, and they were just happy to be there,” Downer explains. “Some of that’s been lost over the years. So we wanted to bring that back — while also letting our city know that there’s a lot of pride and joy and goodness in maintaining our city by cleaning the windows and pressure washing its buildings.”

Once they built up their client roster, Pink’s Window Cleaners services, as well as their vintage-inspired gear, struck a chord with the public.


JOHNNIE’S ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES A treasure trove situated in East Austin, Johnnie’s offers exquisite relics along with an enriching experience. This legendary joint has been around since 1918 and is filled with items that have been passed down for generations. Build a collection of priceless artifacts and make time to chat with owner Dorothy Singleton McPhaul to gain knowledge of your finds.


By Meher Qazilbash




While Room Service Vintage carries all the vintage needs you can think of, including clothing, jewelry, books, art, toys and much more, their main attraction is the eclectic selection of furniture pieces from the 1950s to 1970s. Remedy any dullness in your home with the bargain items from this spot.


Originally an Etsy store, Passport Vintage is now an important landmark of Central South Austin. This shop focuses on clothes from the 1960s to 1990s, and prioritizes quality over trends. Be sure to check out their incredible denim collection.



LEOPARD LOUNGE One of the newer additions to Austin’s flourishing vintage scene, Leopard Lounge is a Houston-based vintage shop now open on The Drag. Grab gems from every decade, with a particularly impres sive collection of vintage tees and denim. Visit their weekly marketplace Guad Vintage Market that takes place outside of the store every Sunday.



CHARM SCHOOL VINTAGE This shop is a wonderland for anyone sporting witchy, boho vibes. Find crystals, apothecary products and whimsical jewelry amongst their main collection of cloth ing. Focusing on luxurious and ornate pieces, hunt for looks from the Victorian era, the 1930s and the 1970s, with a plethora of fabrics and textures.

GARMENT MODERN + VINTAGE The ultimate spot in Austin for quality designer vintage, this store features brands like Chanel, Dior and Versace. Focusing on the 1970s to early 2000s, their collection feels modern and timeless. If you find yourself wanting to also explore luxury clothes of to day, visit their neighbor and sister store, MOSS Designer Consignment.BIG


This store is an essential destination for the daring and spunky. Treat yourself to their avant-garde clothing with colorful prints, and don’t miss the collection of one-of-a-kind dresses from many decades. Don’t be fooled by the small size of the shop — the options are endless.





PROTOTYPE VINTAGE Browse through the col or-coded products and find wardrobe staples for men and women alike at this wonderfully curated vintage collection located on South Congress. Fans of 1960s and 1970s styles in particular will hit the jackpot here. They also offer styling services to help you put together your ideal look.

FEATHERS BOUTIQUE VINTAGE One of Austin’s long-stand ing curated vintage stores, Feathers offers vibrant patterns and rare looks with new arrivals coming in all the time. On top of clothes, you can stock up on gifts, home decor and artisan jewelry. Lovers of their unconventional feminine vibe can enjoy the added treat of their own line of reworked vintage, Feathers Originals.

REVIVAL VINTAGE There’s something for everyone at Revival Vintage. Build your wardrobe with a great selection of apparel from throughout the decades or assemble an eccentric interior with mid-century furniture pieces. Looking for framed artwork to embellish your walls? This is the place for you.



From the 1950s to the Y2K era, piece together some zany looks from this spot on Manchacha and South Lamar. Glamorous matching sets, classic bathing suits and bold leather jackets are just some of the treasures you can acquire from this Bow ie-inspired spot.

TO A FRESH PERSPECTIVE The most memorable, indulgent, and restorative experiences are already in your backyard. We welcome Texas residents the opportunity to stay close and go far—to rediscover yourself in the familiar. Savor the luxuries of the Texas Hill Country at Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa. OMNIHOTELS.COM/BARTONCREEK TO BOOK YOUR TEXAS RESIDENT RATE VISIT OMNIHOTELS.COM/BARTONCREEK

By Britni Rachal Something Natural Hair, Soul Studio, SUAVS and Fortress of Inca photos by Brian Fitzsimmons Eleve photos by Weston Carls

Austin-Based Brands Inspire Sustainability

Three quarters of today’s consumers are adamant that companies do more to act sustainably. In fact, according to the 2021 Global Sustainability Study, 85% of consumers are choosing greener purchases. From makeup and skincare products that infuse antioxidants into the skin — to options for new and comfy, ethically made shoes — opportunities are growing for Austin and Texas-based companies to enhance business by providing healthier options for shoppers.



“One of our new added services is a steam treatment with Infrared lights that adds moisture to your hair, help ing to penetrate the hair cuticles and strengthen the hair strands. Infrared lights can effectively enhance hair keratin activity, effectively reduce hair damage, improve the hair quality and enhance hair elasticity — making the hair moist and smooth.”

What types of results can people see by using your organic products?

“I love to give back by choosing random children going back to school and giving them hair services at the salon.”

What are you most inspired by? “I’m inspired by my daughter Kenne dy and my clients. Kennedy has natu ral curly hair, and she is always find ing new styles, trends and different ways to use our products. Servicing different clients from many places, I get to meet people who have different textures of hair and clients with different lifestyles. My clients help to keep me on my toes helping me learn more and more each day.”

What are some of your favorite products and why?

What is your #1 tip for people looking to enhance their hair care? “My #1 tip for people looking to en hance their hair care would be to first find out what your hair needs are and learn about the ingredients in the products you choose to use on your hair. Ask your hair care professional for help.” Tell us about the services you developed during the height of the pandemic?

“Our product’s results are AMAZING. Clients love their clean lightweight and shiny curls with a refreshing smell. Here in Texas, every client needs moisture in their hair, which our products have. Their hair is always left soft and clean with a natural shine.”

“We offer curly haircuts, braids and braided styles, two strand twists, natural hair styles, loc retwists, wash and go’s, hair steaming treatments, blowouts for curly hair and natural hair textures.”

ONTROLLING FRIZZ, detangling curls and stimulating hair follicles to add shine to dull and limp hair is the passion of LaTashia Mitchell, who launched Something Natural Hair products in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Turning some unfortunate situations into something positive, Mitchell special izes in eight core products for black women with natural curly hair. What is your inspiration for this organic hair care line? “COVID-19 forced me to temporarily close Something Natural Hair. I was inspired to come up with a creative way to support my family and help my clients manage their natural hair when they were away from the salon. I decided to specifically create products that would be healthy for their hair and products that actually work.”

What types of hair appointments are you currently offering?

Do you currently have any giving back initiatives?

“I would have to say I love them all, and as my hair grows so does my fa vorite products. At this moment my favorite products of choice are our Deep Moisture Shampoo and Condi tioner along with the Moisturizer and the Defining Curl Foam. Something Natural Hair products smell amaz ing leaving my hair soft and my curls bouncy and curly. The Defining Curl Foam helps prevent frizzy hair giving me a light hold and helps to create curl definition when used together with the Moisturizer.” | SEPTEMBER 2022 67 C


“I’m really in love with our new dress, The Chloe Slip, which we dyed us ing an ice dyeing technique that combines frozen cubes of natural dyes (from roots, bark, bugs and other natural materials) with flowers. They’re a really beautiful silhouette, and the print is so vibrant.”

“Our Zero Waste Program is one of my favorite initiatives at Soul Studio. We utilize every scrap of fabric in our designs to create unique pieces that don’t create textile waste. On average, 14 million tons of fabric are thrown out every year; our goal is not to not add to that problem.”

“The bridal collection was born from our bouquet preservation service. (We take the flowers from your wed ding and dye a custom piece to wear or display in your home.) When I got married last year, I wanted to wear Soul Studio designs, and offering the bridal collection just made sense. Our clothing designs are all silk and fem inine, so they make a great modern bridal option undyed (white), and the dyed dresses are perfect for the bridal party/guest looks.”

“Upcycling stained/older piec es by dyeing them is an in credible way to work with the clothing you already have. The up cycling movement is a huge part of the sustainable fashion puz zle, and we love providing this service for our clients, but we also have  a kit that people can purchase to dye their own pieces at home.”

“We have always been interested in dyeing our own fabrics and discov ered how terrible conventional dyes were for the environment. After play ing around with a natural dye tech nique called eco-printing which is a steaming technique utilizing flowers/ leaves, we fell in love with the results. The prints are often abstract and ka leidoscopic and always one of a kind. Another big piece of the puzzle is that we’re able to add an additional layer to our sustainability commitment by upcycling flowers (which have a huge carbon footprint) into our clothing designs. It’s a beautiful artform that promotes sustainability.” How has your style been influenced over the years? “I would say my style has stayed the same for the last decade but has been refined a bit as I’ve gotten older. I love unique prints, natural fibers and vi brant colors in sophisticated silhou ettes and am drawn to details. My sense of style has always been very personal and I try not to pay too much attention to trends, which are apparent in Soul Studio’s designs.” You also offer workshops and classes. “Workshops are a huge part of our mission to educate the community about natural dyes. Through these fun and easygoing classes, we can share our love for the art of natural dye and the environmental impact of choosing these sustainable options over conventional dyes that pollute our waterways. We offer beginner friendly options to more advanced — including private options and one on one opportunities.” We noticed your bridal collection. Can you tell us more about the inspiration surrounding that?

“We have quite a few exciting projects in the works. For the summer, we are co-producing a fashion show at Native Hostel on July 23rd called Sur real Summer, which will feature us and six other indie fashion lines. Ad ditionally we just released some special summer designs and now we are working on our fall/winter collection.”

What is your favorite/product service? | SEPTEMBER 2022 69

F ASHION MADE FROM flowers is the inspiration of Soul Studio co-founder Melissa Hargus Pierce. Nature-inspired goods that are sus tainable help meet the needs of the shop’s customers. Part of the secret to Soul Studio’s success is selecting organic sources to help create nontoxic dyes that leave less of an envi ronmental footprint in clothing. What sparked the idea for “fashion made from flowers?”

How do you go about being “zero waste?”

What are some suggestions for dye projects people might try to enhance a wardrobe?

What are some upcoming products/projects you might have coming?

Do you currently have any giving back initiatives?

“Giving back is really important to us; we partner with different brands/ non-profits for specific projects throughout the year, so our initiatives are always changing. During Covid, we hosted auctions to raise funds on Ins tagram for different organizations. Right now we are partnering with Tega Collective (a non-profit working to preserve Indigenous crafts) to donate 50% of our profits from a limited edition scarf we designed for Earth Day.”


What is one of your best SUAVS success stories?

“We have a few; however, one of our goals was always to be in Nordstrom and Zappos. So when they reached out to us in 2020, I was ecstatic. Also, every time I see someone wearing their SUAVS out in the wild, it continues to be a truly amazing feeling.”

L IVING FREELY AND BEING ready for anything is the philosophy behind Monxi Garza’s SUAVS shoes.

Do you have a current favorite pair of SUAVS?

What trends can we look forward to for this fall?

What else sets SUAVS apart? “SUAVS’ major goal is to create shoes you can wear any time, anywhere. With every style we launch, we’ve put in months of work to ensure they’re not only the most comfortable, but also the most versatile in design so you can wear them with any outfit on occasion.” What inspires your own personal style? “My main objective when choosing what to wear is to be comfortable. I typically like to choose soft, breathable materials and will feel the fabric first. After that, it’s mainly about wearing something fun or something that will allow me to perform all the activities I have planned for my day.” | SEPTEMBER 2022 71

Simple and lightweight, SUAVS pri oritizes a smart design that focuses on comfort and versatility. Tell us what sparked your passion to create lightweight shoes that people can wear anywhere?

What features make it easy for SUAVS to go straight from the gym to a night out?

“I was working as a designer in Spain and found myself worried about painful, blistering, sweaty feet too often. I wanted a comfortable pair of shoes that were also stylish — that I could wear to work and then out to run errands or dinner with friends, while staying fresh and comfy all day, every day. While shopping around, I couldn’t find something that catered to everything I was looking for. I thought, if I need this shoe, others might need this shoe as well.” We’d love to hear more about your plastic bottles initiative.

“This summer I’m wearing the Eddy Slides for when I’m at the beach or pool and my Classic Sneakers for walking around town.”

“Although SUAVS focuses more on timeless design, I still like following trends. We’re seeing a return to late 90s and early 2000’s fashion — small, strappy tops, slip-on dresses and platform shoes. We are seeing a drop in waistlines, more wide-legged jeans and pants, and more fitted tops to counterbalance the wider bottoms. I’m also seeing a return to the 90s preppy look — grey crewneck sweatshirts, long maxi coats and blazers, short denim or tennis skirts, polo shirts and cardigans.”

“Their sweat-wicking and washable properties. You can wear them with or without socks and keep your feet feeling fresh all day long.”

“SUAVS did not start off as a sustainable brand. However, I found myself becoming more careful about my choices in my personal life. I wanted the brand to reflect that. I felt responsible for the product we were putting out there and thought SUAVS wearers would also appreciate their shoes to be made sustainably. After years of research, we found that the most sustainable option was to reuse post-consumer plastics, in order to prevent these from ending up in landfills or our oceans.”


“Definitely wear sunscreen every day and use a zinc oxide-based sun screen on days you will be exposed to the sun’s intense rays, like when gardening, boating on the lake or lounging at the pool. The higher the concentration of zinc, the more you will protect your face from the sun’s harmful and damaging rays. Our Vitamin Sea contains 20% zinc oxide, along with the antioxidants Vitamin C and turmeric for added benefits.” | SEPTEMBER 2022 73

What is the easiest and quickest way to get your skin glowing?

Tell us about your two giving back projects.

ACLEAN, CONSCIOUS beauty line is helping others glow up thanks to the work of Gertie Wilson and her sister Ginger Averitt. The duo is inspired by the ability to use skincare products and makeup to pack the skin with antioxidants and active anti-aging ingredients. No longer are the days of harmful addi tives under the Elevé Cosmetics line. Also, the name Elevé is inspired by the concept of rising up high onto the balls of one’s feet — with the hopes of helping women “rise up” and feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. What is one of your favorite products? “It is so hard to choose just one, but I definitely love our Bombshell Beau ty Balm. I use it every single day, because it’s light, moisturizing, and looks like my skin, only better.” How did you choose the specific ingredients for your line? “We are constantly innovating to en sure that we utilize the most effective ingredients that are not harmful to people or the planet. We wanted our cosmetics to do double-duty and act as skincare whenever possible, so that goal was definitely a guiding princi ple. We also wanted to create a cos metics line that everyone could use, regardless of needs or preferences. Everything is made in small batch es, is gluten free, GMO free, soy free, phthalate and paraben free, and AL WAYS cruelty free. Many of our prod ucts are also vegan-friendly.” How do the products work to enhance antioxidants? “Many of our products feature antiox idants which help fight premature ag ing and promote skin health, includ ing our Organic Golden Beauty Oil. In fact, it includes extracts of three different tea extracts and the super fruit Kakadu Plum, which contains the highest known concentration of Vitamin C of any single natural food source in the world.”

Our TEN Night Cream is an anti-aging powerhouse that helps fade fine lines, dark spots, and rejuvenate dry, lackluster skin. Also, I always rec ommend wearing an SPF, every day, even during the winter.”

“It’s been really wonderful. We each have different talents, and those come together well when running a business. I have always been creative and artsy, as well as a makeup artist for over a decade. My sister, Ginger, is much more analytical and takes care of the business side of things.”

“Ginger is on the board of the Texas Advocacy Project — an amazing organization that provides FREE legal services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. She is currently the Chair of the Government Affairs Committee and also serves on the Strategic Plan ningAsCommittee.aformerballet dancer, Gertie is focused on providing access to arts education to underprivileged students. She is a member of the  Bal let Fête Committee, which sets a goal to have a minimum of 70% of all revenue from annual galas benefit Ballet Austin’s mission to provide exceptional artistic programming, arts education and access for the entire Central Texas Community.”

You are sisters. What is it like working together?

“A consistent skincare routine is very important, and the earlier you start, the better. With that said, aging is a natural process that we all go through, and we have created several products that can help you do so gracefully.

Do you have any tips for combating the Texas sun?

“Step one: cleanse and exfoliate with Skin BUFF.  Step two: moisturize with Skin LUV. Step three: apply three drops of Organic Golden Beau ty Oil.” What would you say to someone who is hoping to maybe reverse some effects of aging?


“We plant trees for every purchase made on our site, but primarily we reinvest our money into the people who make our shoes. Something we truly believe is that the people who make our shoes are just as important as the people who buy them.”

In 2010, these boots were still on my mind (and often on my feet), so I decided to go back to Peru, in order to start importing them to Austin and selling them. While the shoes we sell today look nothing like the boots I bought back then, we still make everything by hand in Peru.”

Tell us more about the natural materials in your shoes.

“We’ll be releasing mules and oxfords in a very cool braided leather, which is new for us. We have new colors for our sneakers in the works, as well as our usual assortment of clogs, slides and unique heels.”

“One beautiful thing about Fortress is that we don’t pay attention to trends. We want to create styles that are versatile enough to be worn at work, on a date, running errands, etc., and we aim to create styles that stand the test of time.”

“We primarily stick to leather, rubber and wood, all sourced locally in Peru.” Let’s talk about comfort. How do the shoes feel for those who wear them?

Do you currently have any giving back initiatives?

Tell us about your shoemakers and responsible production processes.

“We primarily work with three shoemakers (and their teams). Two would be considered ateliers, and another is the largest handmade factory in Peru. At this point, we’ve worked with these shoemakers for anywhere between three to eight years and have developed strong relationships with each of them. With the larger factory, we even partnered on another brand, called Huma Blanco. All the leather we use is sourced locally in Lima, and we focus on using natural materials, creating shoes that are built to last. The labor laws in Peru are very strong — ensuring paid leave, social security and health care.”

“In 2004, I was backpacking around South America. Toward the end of my trip, I bought a pair of handmade boots from a shop in Cusco, Peru. The boots were unlike anything I’d seen before — utilizing traditional woven textiles mixed with leather. | SEPTEMBER 2022 75 V ERSATILE AND RESPON sible production is a priority for shoe brand, Fortress. Evan Streusand formed the family-owned business in 2010, ensuring safe working con ditions for workers and fair wages since day one. You first started developing Fortress while in Peru. Can you tell us about that?

What are some of your favorite shoe trends?

What are some things people can look forward to for the fall?

“We get rave reviews on comfort. People can’t seem to believe that our shoes are as comfortable as they are. Walk all day in them and you’ll feel no worse for wear.”

Opened this year on May 1 (of course), Maie Day was given its unusual moniker by Executive Chef Michael Fojtasek. The playful name not only honors the festive spirit of the ancient holiday, but also pays tribute to Fo jtasek’s other restaurant, Olamaie, named after generations of matriarchs in his family. A three-time James Beard finalist, Fojtasek put Olamaie on the map back in 2014 with his sophisticated take on Southern cuisine. And while those influences are certainly felt at Maie Day, his menu at this new venture is more aligned with a classic steakhouse, offering staples like grilled meats and hearty sides, but with a laid-back Austin vibe. It’s elevated comfort food meets casual

By Karen O. Spezia Photos by Holly Cowart

76 SEPTEMBER 2022 | I

Maiechophouse. Day


F YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A NIGHT OUT WITH YOUR POSSE, LOOK no further than Maie Day. This rollicking restaurant is built for hungry, fun-loving groups. Billing itself as a community chophouse that’s “always a party,” Maie Day offers everything your gang desires. Stylish ambi ance? Check. Great tunes? Yep. Strong drinks? For sure. Heaping platters of tasty food? Absolutely. Plus plenty of room to spread out at tables that accommodate groups of all sizes.


Salads are huge and enough for the table. There’s a classic Caesar, Cobb, Chopped and also a Spinning Salad, another nod to Lawry’s Prime Rib, tossing greens, beets and tomatoes in a “vintage” dressing. Most entrees come from the sizzling grill or rotisserie, and with Fo jtasek’s fondness for Lawry’s, naturally there’s prime rib on the menu. But there are also Texas-raised Dean & Peeler ribeye or strip steaks, a 44 Farms tenderloin, plus Chicken Fried Steak with cream gravy. Not craving beef? Try the lemon-honey brined grilled half-chicken, the hefty whiskey-brined pork chop or the seasonal whole grilled fish.

ding is a revelation: tender and chewy with perfectly crisp edges. We used it as a vehicle to scoop up the delicious meat and sauce.

Generous side dishes come a la carte and attract almost as much attention as the jaw-dropping entrees. Order several and circu late them among your guests. Our favorite was the braised greens — a kale and chard combo — baked in rich Parmesan cream and served in a miniature cast iron skillet. The grilled green beans tossed with benne seeds and lemon were also a hit, although we would’ve preferred them a bit less al dente. There’s also creamed corn, grilled mushrooms, glazed car rots and mac ’n’ cheese topped with toasted biscuit breadcrumbs. There’s even a fried Bodacious Bloom in’ Onion, a cheeky homage to Outback Steakhouse.

Of course, any restaurant named after a holiday re quires copious drinks, and Maie Day offers plenty of well-crafted cocktails and a wonderful wine list.

If you have room for dessert, Executive Pastry Chef Jules Stoddart will hook you up. There’s a dem ocratic cookie tower stacked high with a dozen as sorted varieties that offer something for everyone. Or go all-out and dive into the Texas chocolate cake, a gargantuan slice of moist dark chocolate goodness that will have your table fighting over the last bite.

Located off the lobby of the South Congress Hotel in the space for merly occupied by Central Standard, Maie Day is as high-energy as its trendy SoCo surroundings. The vaulted dining room is airy and bright and boisterous, constantly buzzing with clusters of enthusiastic diners. Throngs of cooks and servers bustle in the open kitchen, an chored by the massive open grill and rotisserie. The whole dynamic scene feels like a jubilant backyard gathering. So if you’re looking for a quiet date night, this ain’t it. But if you’re hitting the town with a clutch of friends or family, this lively restaurant invites you to pull up a chair, gather ’round the table and watch the evening unfold. Meals at Maie Day are meant for sharing and are mostly served in large format, family-style portions. Start by passing around a groaning platter of loaded Kennebec french fries, piled high with cheddar cheese, bacon, pick led jalapeños and chives. Dunk them in ketchup or, better yet, homemade Maie Day sauce, a lip-smacking concoction of mayonnaise, mustard, hot sauce and secret spices. With your crew initially satiated, move on to some less voluminous and more nuanced nibbles. There’s a seafood bar offering shrimp cocktail, crab salad and claws, sashimi and oysters, both raw and grilled. Or try the smoked fish dip or cold shaved prime rib, our favorite dish of the night. Thinly sliced beef rests on a pool of creamy horseradish sauce, accompanied by pillowy Yorkshire pudding. The dish was inspired by Fojtasek’s childhood visits to Lawry’s Prime Rib, and his Yorkshire pud | SEPTEMBER 2022 77

This intimate restaurant serves up mouth-watering pizzas, consistently baked with crispy edges and soft centers. The famous Neapolitan technique is executed by the Stefano Ferrara wood-burning ovens, which runs at more than 900 degrees. Lactose-intolerants beware, there is no shortage of cheese on this menu!

ARLO GREY 111 E Cesar Chavez St. | (512) 478 2991 Arlo Grey is the debut restaurant from “Top Chef” 10 winner and “Fast Foodies’’ star Kristen Kish. Found in side the LINE Hotel, the picturesque lakeside spot has received praise for its intentional design and elegant, French-and-Italian-inflected take on Texas ingredients.

A cozy French bistro serving up breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a casual setting. Pop in for the happy hour to share a bottle of your favorite wine and a charcuterie board.

BLUE DAHLIA BISTRO 3663 Bee Cave Rd. | (512) 306 1668

78 SEPTEMBER 2022 | 24 DINER 600 N. Lamar Blvd. | (512) 472 5400 Chef Andrew Curren’s casual eatery promises delicious plates 24/7 and a menu featuring nostalgic diner favor ites. Order up the classics, including roasted chicken, burgers, all-day breakfast and decadent milkshakes.

CAFÉ NO SÉ 1603 S. Congress Ave. | (512) 942 2061

COMEDOR 501 Colorado St. | (512) 499 0977 Hiding in plain sight on one of downtown’s busiest street corners, Comedor is a restaurant full of surprises. Lauded chef Philip Speer delivers a menu that is equally clever and unexpected, with contemporary cuisine riffs on Mexican culinary traditions.

South Congress Hotel’s Café No Sé balances rustic décor and a range of seasonal foods to make it the best place for weekend brunching. The restaurant’s spin on the classic avocado toast is a must-try.

BUFALINA & BUFALINA DUE 6555 Burnet Rd. | (512) 215 8662

CLARK’S OYSTER BAR 1200 W. 6th St. | (512) 297 2413 Small and always buzzing, Clark’s extensive caviar and oyster menu, sharp aesthetics and excellent service make it a refreshing indulgence on West Sixth Street. Chef Larry McGuire brings East Coast-inspired vibes to this seafood restaurant.

EASY TIGER 3508 S. Lamar Blvd. | (512) 964 8229 6406 N I-35 Frontage Rd., Ste. 1100 | (512) 494 4151 1501 E. 7th St. | (512) 839 8523 Easy Tiger lures in both drink and food enthusiasts with a delicious bakeshop upstairs and a casual beer garden downstairs. Sip on some local brew and grab a hot, fresh pretzel. Complete your snack with beer, cheese and an array of dipping sauces.

34TH STREET CAFE 1005 W. 34th St. | (512) 371 3400 This neighborhood spot in North Campus serves up soups, salads, pizzas and pastas — but don’t miss the chicken piccata. The low-key setting makes it great for weeknight dinners and weekend indulgences.

CICLO 98 San Jacinto Blvd. | (512) 685 8300 Ciclo is a modern Texas kitchen featuring locally inspired flavors and ingredients with a Latin influence, brought to life by world-renowned restaurateur, Richard Sandoval. Ciclo’s name reflects its focus on menu offerings that change seasonally from ceviches, crudos and grilled and smoked meats to inventive cocktails.

ASTI TRATTORIA 408 E. 43rd St. | (512) 451 1218 This chic little Hyde Park trattoria offers essential Italian dishes along with a variety of wines to pair them with. Finish off your meal with the honey-and-goat-cheese panna cotta.

BARLEY SWINE 6555 Burnet Rd., Ste. 400 | (512) 394 8150 James Beard Award–nominated chef Bryce Gilmore encourages sharing with small plates made from locally sourced ingredients, served at communal tables. Try the parsley croissants with bone marrow or Gilmore’s unique take on fried chicken.

CARVE AMERICAN GRILLE 7415 Southwest Pkwy. | (512) 792 4450 Whether it’s a date night dinner, a casual Friday lunch, or weekend family brunch, visit this amazingly mod ern-rustic dining room complete with a vibrant bar and patio with hill country views. Everything about CARVE is inspired by fresh and eclectic ingredients, with every dish reinventing the American grille experience.

FOREIGN & DOMESTIC 306 E. 53rd St. | (512) 459 1010

HONEY MOON SPIRIT LOUNGE 624 W. 34th St. | (737) 209 0319 Vintage-chic hot spot with ample outdoor seating turn ing out imaginative cocktails and global mains.

ÉPICERIE 2307 Hancock Dr. | (512) 371 6840

At Fonda San Miguel, authentic interior Mexican food is lovingly served inside a colorful hacienda-style restau rant. The art-adorned walls and indoor, plant-filled courtyard provide a pleasant escape in North Austin. Visit the Sunday brunch for a new menu with the most delicious interior Mexican brunch cuisine. | SEPTEMBER 2022 79

A café and grocery with both Louisiana and French sen sibilities by Thomas Keller–trained chef Sarah McIntosh. Lovers of brunch are encouraged to stop in here for a bite on Sundays.

HILLSIDE FARMACY 1209 E. 11th St. | (512) 628 0168 Hillside Farmacy is located in a beautifully restored 1950s-style pharmacy with a lovely porch on the East Side. Oysters, cheese plates and nightly dinner specials are whipped up by chef Sonya Cote.

HOPFIELDS 3110 Guadalupe St. | (512) 537 0467 A gastropub with French inclinations, offering a beauti ful patio and unique cocktails. The beer, wine and cock tail options are plentiful and the perfect pairing for the restaurant’s famed steak frites and moules frites.

JEFFREY’S 1204 W. Lynn St. | (512) 477 5584 Named one of Bon Appétit’s “10 Best New Restaurants in America,” this historic Clarksville favorite has maintained the execution, top-notch service, and luxurious but wel coming atmosphere that makes it an Austin staple.

GOODALL’S KITCHEN AND BAR 1900 Rio Grande St. | (512) 495 1800 Housed in the beautiful Hotel Ella, Goodall’s provides modern spins on American classics. Dig into a fried-mor tadella egg sandwich and pair it a with cranberry-thyme cocktail.

ELDORADO CAFE 3300 W. Anderson Ln. | (512) 420 2222 Eldorado Cafe exemplifies old school Austin, resonating the beat of the early 90’s, sending out hot plates of the most decadently delicious and sometimes healthy eating you will find in Austin. Mexican style comfort food with a deep honor towards the historical eateries that have made Austin great. Come see us.

GRIZZELDA’S 105 Tillery St. | (512) 366 5908 This charming East Austin spot lies somewhere between traditional Tex-Mex and regional Mexican recipes, each fused with a range of flavors and styles. The attention to detail in each dish shines and the tortillas are made inhouse daily.

HANK’S 5811 Berkman Dr. | (512) 609 8077 Delicious food and drinks, an easygoing waitstaff and a kid-friendly patio all work together to make Hank’s a favorite neighborhood joint. With happy hour every day from 3-6:30, the hardest task will be choosing between their frosé and frozen paloma.

FONDA SAN MIGUEL 2330 W. N Loop Blvd. | (512) 459 4121

Small neighborhood restaurant in the North Loop area serving unique dishes. Chefs-owners Sarah Heard and Nathan Lemley serve thoughtful, locally sourced food with an international twist at reasonable prices. Go early on Tuesdays for $1 oysters.

El Alma’s menu is a vibrant take on the contemporary flavors of Mexico, that also features local ingredients like redfish, lamb, and texas quail. Chef Alma Alcocer-Thom as approaches the food as if you were a guest dining in her own home.

EL ALMA 1025 Barton Springs Rd. | (512) 609 8923

GUSTO ITALIAN KITCHEN + WINE BAR 4800 Burnet Rd. | (512) 458 1100 Nestled in the Rosedale neighborhood of northcentral Austin, Gusto captures the warm, comforting, every-day flavors of Italian cuisine. Dishes range from housemade antipasti to handformed pizzas, salads, panini, fresh pasta, entrees featuring Texas farm-raised meats and scratch desserts. Craft cocktails, beer on tap and boutique wines. Open for lunch, happy hour and dinner.

JOSEPHINE HOUSE 1601 Waterston Ave. | (512) 477 5584 Rustic Continental fare with an emphasis on fresh, local and organic ingredients. Like its sister restaurant, Jef frey’s, Josephine House is another one of Bon Appétit’s “10 Best New Restaurants in America.” Find a shady spot on the patio and indulge in fresh baked pastries and a coffee.

JUSTINE’S BRASSERIE 4710 E. 5th St. | (512) 385 2900 Justine’s is a quaint French brasserie deep in East Austin. Don’t let the short drive deter you — the experience of eating traditional French plates among exquisite works of art and decorative string lights makes for one idyllic evening with a significant other.

LE VACHER 136 Drifting Wind Run, Suite 101, Dripping Springs, TX (512) 337 6977 Head chef Jacob Euler imparts a sense of culinary heri tage with a creative twist, focusing on cuisine inspired by French technique and artfully prepared local ingredients. The scenic Dripping Springs landscape, a familial tiethat-binds, creates the perfect backdrop for an evening of fantastic food and revelry.

JOANN’S FINE FOODS 1224 S. Congress Ave. | (512) 358 6054

A South Congress neighborhood spot, a new take on the American diner, and a vacation for locals and tourists alike. Open early and late at the Austin Motel, Joann’s is a welcome respite for early birds and night owls, outlaws and in-laws, all ways always.

LAS PALOMAS 3201 Bee Cave Rd. #122 | (512) 327 9889 One of the hidden jewels in Westlake, this unique restau rant and bar offers authentic interior Mexican cuisine in a sophisticated yet relaxed setting. Enjoy family recipes made with fresh ingredients. Don’t miss the margaritas.

80 SEPTEMBER 2022 |

KEMURI TATSU-YA 2713 E. 2nd St. | (512) 803 2224 Kemuri Tatsu-Ya is a Japanese-Texan mash-up that in jects seriously good food with a sense of humor. The East Austin joint features Asian-inspired smoked meats and seafood, along with yakitori, ramen, and izakaya classics meant for sharing. Drinks are also an integral part of the meal, so come thirsty.

JUNE’S ALL DAY 1722 S. Congress Ave. | (512) 416 1722 This wine-focused restaurant is complemented by seri ous cocktails and a menu of approachable bistro favor ites. Inspired by Paris cafes, Spanish tapas bodegas and urban wine bars, June’s encourages sipping, noshing and lingering.

JUNIPER 2400 E Cesar Chavez St. #304 | (512) 220 9421 Uchi Alumni Chef Nicholas Yanes fuses central Texas influences and local farm produce with Italian fare. Start with puffy potatoes and the Chef’s Brand New Cadillac Negroni.

LA BARBECUE 22401 E Cesar Chavez St. | (512) 605 9696 Though it may not be as famous as that other Austin barbecue joint, La Barbecue is arguably just as delicious. This trailer, which is owned by the legendary Mueller family, serves up classic barbecue with free beer and live music.

MARYE’S GOURMET PIZZA PUB 3663 Bee Cave Rd. #4G (512) 327-5222 Marye’s Gourmet Pizza, a West Lake Hills favorite for over 25 years, serves gourmet pizza, fresh salads, classic sandwiches and more all made from scratch in our kitchen using the best ingredients we can source. We offer a large selection of gf and vegan options. Enjoy crave-worthy food, craft beer and boutique wines in our casual and inviting dining room.

THE PEACHED TORTILLA 5520 Burnet Rd. #100 | (512) 330 4439 This cheerful spot is sure to clear your weekly blues with friendly staff, fun food and a playful atmosphere. Affordably priced, you’ll find culinary influences from around the world with a healthy dose of Asian and Southern options.

ODD DUCK 1201 S Lamar Blvd. | (512) 433 6521 Famed food trailer turned brick-and-mortar, Odd Duck is the first venture from acclaimed chef Bryce Gilmore. Expect seasonal fare and drinks with a strong Texas influence sourced locally whenever possible.

PARKSIDE 301 E. 6th St. | (512) 474 9898 Patrons flock to this downtown hideaway for its wide selection of oysters and other modern-American spe cialties. The 6th Street locale is filled with industrial details and plenty of natural light, so it’s no wonder that reservations are often necessary to get a table in the inviting space.

LIN ASIAN BAR + DIM SUM 1203 W. 6th St. | (512) 474 5107

LENOIR 1807 S. 1st St. | (512) 215 9778

A gorgeous spot to enjoy a luxurious French-inspired prix fixe meal. Almost every ingredient served at Lenoir comes locally sourced from Central Texas, making the unique, seasonal specialties even more enjoyable. Sit in the wine garden for happy hour and enjoy bottles from the top wine-producing regions in the world.

Located in a vintage West Sixth Street bungalow, Chef Ling and her team create sophisticated Chinese dishes that draw enthusiastic crowds day and night. Make sure to stop by during weekend brunch to taste the full mouthwatering dim sum menu. | SEPTEMBER 2022 81

NIXTA TAQUERIA 2512 E. 12th St. The brainchild of James Beard-nominated chef Edgar Rico and Sara Mardanbigi, this East Austin gem has garnered national acclaim and in 2020 was named one of the best new restaurants by Food & Wine magazine.

LICHA’S CANTINA 1306 E. 6th St. | (512) 480 5960 Located in the heart of East 6th, Licha’s is a quick trip to the interior of Mexico. With masa made fresh in house and a large range of tequilas and mezcal, Licha’s Cantina is a celebration of authentic Mexican cuisine. The music, food and ambiance will get you ready for a night out on the town.

MATTIE’S 811 W. Live Oak St. | (512) 444 1888 Mattie’s is a glorious urban paradise offering upscale American classics. While the cocktails are top-notch and the cuisine is nothing short of outstanding, Mattie’s ambiance and atmosphere are unmatched.

LORO 2115 S. Lamar Blvd. | (512) 916 4858 Created by James Beard Award winners Tyson Cole and Aaron Franklin, this Asian smokehouse is a welcome addition to South Lamar. The expansive indoor-outdoor space, designed by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, is welcoming and open, and unsurprisingly the food does not disappoint. Don’t miss out on the sweet corn fritters, smoked beef brisket, thai green curry or those potent boozy slushies.

Nixta’s artfully-crafted tacos are unlike any other and made with wildly creative ingredients — but the Mexi can heritage corn tortillas are truly the star.

A perfect place to find wholesome food for any type of dietary restriction in a bright and airy setting. This place truly lives out the “good and good for you” concept with paleo-friendly options and thoughtfully sourced ingre dients.

Created by visionary chef Ling Qi Wu, also the owner of the esteemed Lin Asian Bar, Qi Austin dazzles with its top-notch Chinese cuisine and vibrant artwork. Located in Shoal Creek Walk, Qi Austin is a restaurant that pleas es the eye as well as the stomach.

A member of the MML Hospitality family, Sammie’s will not only transport you to another place — but also to another era. The ritzy joint features a throwback menu of Italian-American favorites, completely transforming the former Hut’s Hamburgers space. Start with a well-made cocktail as you nibble on the complimentary bread bas ket filled with homemade focaccia and bread sticks.

WATERLOO ICE HOUSE Escarpment Boulevard: 9600 Escarpment Blvd. | (512) 301 1007 Burnet Road: 8600 Burnet Rd. | (512) 458 6544 360 & 2222: 6203 N Capital of Texas Hwy. | (512) 418 9700 Southpark Meadows: 9600 S IH 35 Frontage Rd | (512) 292 waterlooicehouse.com7900 Waterloo Ice House is an Austin original restaurant, serving up scratch-made breakfast, lunch, and dinner options as well as Insta-worthy drinks for friends, families, and couples alike since 1976. Come see how we keep Austin’s good vibes alive at one of our four locations. Waterloo Ice House; where neighbors become friends!

THE WELL 440 W. 2nd St. | (737) 742 1129 The Well blends top-tier nutrition, local and sustainable farming, and authentic flavors for a breakthrough culi nary experience that redefines healthy food in Downtown Austin.

ROSEWOOD GULF COAST CHOP HOUSE 1209 Rosewood Ave. | (512) 838 6205 Housed in a historic East Side cottage, this spot is quickly becoming a staple. Chef Jesse DeLeon pays outstanding homage to his South Texas roots with seasonal offerings from Gulf Coast fishermen and Hill Country farmers and ranchers.

THAI FRESH 909 W. Mary St. | (512) 494 6436

RED ASH ITALIA 303 Colorado St. #200 | (512) 379 2906 Red Ash Italia strikes the perfect balance between high-quality food and enticing ambiance. This Italian steakhouse is led by an all-star team, including executive chef John Carver. Sit back, relax and enjoy an exceptional evening.

PICNIK 4801 Burnet Rd. | (737) 226 0644 1700 S. Lamar Blvd. | (512) 293-6118

Tiki meets Texas in this neighborhood burger bar. Locat ed behind Deep Eddy Cabaret, crunchy crinkle-cut fries and juicy burgers are served from the window of a 1968 Airstream Land Yacht.

A restaurant, cooking school and market all in one place. When you’re done dining on traditional Thai favorites, stop by the adjoining coffee bar for freshly brewed joe, homemade ice cream and an array of baked goods.

SUERTE 1800 E. 6th St. | (512) 953 0092 Helmed by executive chef Fermín Núñez, Suerte was inspired by extensive travels through Central Mexico. Ar tisanal masa is the highlight, made from local heirloom corn and used in distinctive dishes rarely found on Aus tin menus. Order the delectable Suadero Tacos, perfect for sharing with friends.

82 SEPTEMBER 2022 |

QI AUSTIN 835 W 6th St. #114 | (512) 474 2777

POOL BURGER 2315 Lake Austin Blvd. | (512) 334 9747

SAMMIE’S ITALIAN 807 W. 6th St. | (512) 474 2054


This Houston-based brand now serves its simple and delicious food in Austin’s Bryker Woods neighbor hood. Favorites include house-ground burgers, salmon saladProvencaland their chocolate chip cookies.

Vixen’s Wedding is a charming space creating some thing truly unique. Helmed by culinary super-couple Todd Duplechan and Jessica Maher, the restaurant specializes in Goan cuisine, a cultural mash-up of bright and complex flavors.


Inspired by Dr. Andrew Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet, True Food Kitchen combines decadent favorites with health-conscious eating. The restaurant, located in downtown’s Seaholm district, offers a full range of veg etarian, vegan and gluten-free options. | SEPTEMBER 2022 83

TILLIE’S 3509 Creek Rd. Dripping Springs, TX | (512) 894 2633 Through its breathtaking architecture and innovative menu, Tillie’s lives the American Nouveau concept. The restaurant’s building, a repurposed town hall from the Ninh Binh region of Vietnam, is the physical embodi ment of a dining experience that takes inspiration from history and cultures. Tillie’s culinary journey is inspired by traditional American cuisine, but with an interna tional flair.

UCHIKO 4200 N. Lamar Blvd. Ste. 140 | (512) 916 4808

TINY BOXWOODS 1503 W. 35th St. | (512) 220 0698

TRUE FOOD KITCHEN 222 West Ave. | (512) 777 2430 11410 Century Oaks Terrace, Suite 100 | (512) 992-0685

The sensational sister creation of Uchi and former home of Top Chef Paul Qui and renowned chefs Page Presley and Nicholas Yanes, Uchiko is an Austin icon that everyone should visit at least once. Try the bacon tataki.

VIXEN’S WEDDING 1813 E. 6th St. Ste. A | (737) 242 7555

WU CHOW 500 W. 5th St., #168 | (512) 476 2469 From the curators of Swift’s Attic, Wu Chow is expanding Austin’s cuisine offerings with traditional Chinese dishes sourced from local purveyors and farmers. Don’t miss the weekend dim sum menu.

84 SEPTEMBER 2022 |


DEN Property Group is composed of a dynamic team of entrepreneurs with a combina tion of experience, knowledge and a dedication to service within the Austin community.

“Warm, welcoming and weird, live music capital of the world and tacos are a religion,” Tipps said of the Austin culture. “While we continue to grow, we are still all of these things, and I could not be more proud to be a part of it and the role that DEN Property Group plays in creating and cultivating this culture. I love what we do for our new and residing residences and being an equity partner is icing on the cake.” Together, Jonny and Bailey’s embodiment of the DEN mission and commitment to truly representing places and the people in them make the two a fierce duo leading the Austin market.

DEN partners Jonny Rodgers and Bailey Tipps are two such exemplary players here to be your trusted advisors for real estate and all things Austin. An Austin native with over two decades of experience, Jonny Rodgers Involvement in the community extends to several nonprofits including Community First! Village, The Young Men’s Business League and the CK Youth Organization. Between Jonny’s philanthropic endeavors and deep under standing of the Austin lifestyle he offers something truly unique to his clientele. Rodgers believes “It’s an exciting time to live in Austin, Texas. The skyline might be changing on a daily basis, but the Soul of the Capital City remains true. I’m proud of DEN, our agents and the work we continue to do in our community.” Bailey Tipps, a founding partner of DEN and 15 year Austin resident, has also seen immense growth in the city. Bailey prides himself on selling more than just homes and condos, but the coveted Austin lifestyle itself. From overseeing sales at The W Austin Residences to successfully selling out the Austin Proper Hotel & Residences and now currently having great success with sales at The Linden. Bailey’s expertise in Austin’s Downtown high-rise development market is another piece that ties together the dynamic team of partners at DEN Property Group.

Nobody KNows AustiN LiKe deN ProPerty GrouP’s JoNNy rodGers ANd bAiLey tiPPs

Jonny Rodgers Bailey Tipps

XPLORE THE STYLES OF ANOTHER TIME PERIOD at the Blanton’s current exhibit, “Painted Cloth: Fashion and Ritual in Colonial Latin America.” Open now through January 8, 2023, the show presents media created in Bolivia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela during the 1600s and 1700s when the Spanish monarchy imposed their rule in the region.


Beautiful and historically insightful, “Painted Cloth” gives vis itors a view into the social hierarchy and religious way of life of its subjects by studying their clothing. The exposition tackles the many implications that one’s garment can have, especially at this period in history when Indigenous and European cultures were becoming intertwined.  View the display of portraits with figures postured in a cer

The Blanton’s “Painted Cloth” Exhibition | SEPTEMBER 2022 87

By Meher Qazilbash emonious manner, wearing outfits made up of ornate embroidery and grand silhouettes. Take in the details of the masterfully crafted garments themselves and appreciate their significance.



“The elaborate fabrics, fashion and other richly textured works in this show are not only a feast for the eyes, they also will give our audiences a good look into everyday life during an era of dy namic cultural exchange and show how clothing — then as now — is so intertwined with our identities,” says Blanton director Simone Wicha. “Equally beautiful as it is insightful, ‘Painted Cloth’ is sure to inspire conversations about race and colonial ism’s complex legacies and offer a greater understanding of this period in Latin America’s history.”

88 SEPTEMBER 2022 | CALENDARS MUSIC RYAN BINGHAM W/ THE GENTLEMENTEXAS September 3 & 4 Whitewater Amphitheater ROBERT PLANT & ALISON KRAUSS September 4 Moody Amphitheater LEANN RIMES September 4 Long Center ACL TV PARKERTAPING:MCCOLLUM September 7 ACL Live at the Moody Theater PI’ERRE BOURNE September 7 Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater  ALEC BENJAMIN September 8 Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater PANIC! AT THE DISCO September 8 Moody Center DISPATCH & O.A.R. September 8 ACL Live at the Moody Theater THE KILLERS September 9 Moody Center GIVEON September 9 Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater YACHT ROCK REVUE September 10 Emo’s Austin TESSA VIOLET September 10 Empire Control Room OF MONTREAL September 10 Mohawk HEARTBYRNE September 10 Far Out Lounge & Stage OUTSIDE THE CITY LIMITS September 10 Vista Brewing JACK HARLOW September 11 Moody Center HAAM BENEFIT DAY September 13 Multiple Locations HANSON September 13 Emo’s Austin IRON MAIDEN September 13 Moody Center ALICE IN CHAINS September 14 Germania AmphitheaterInsurance SUECO September 14 Antone’s Nightclub BLACK JOE LEWIS September 14 Mohawk MICHAEL BUBLÉ September 14 Moody Center RUFUS WAINWRIGHT September 15 Paramount Theatre PHORA September 16 Empire Control Room ALAN JACKSON September 16 Moody Center MARIACHI USA September 17 Moody Amphitheater CONOR MAYNARD September 18 Anotne’s Nightclub THE FAR OUT YONDER FEST September 18 Far Out Lounge & Stage CARIN LEÓN September 18 H-E-B Center at Cedar Park THE SHOWCASEUNRELEASED September 18 Parish ONE OK ROCK  September 19 Emo’s Austin JOHN HIATT & THE GONERS September 21 Paramount Theatre JUDAH & THE LION September 21 Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater ROXY MUSIC W/ ST. VINCENT September 21 Moody Center RÜFÜS DU SOL September 22 Germania AmphitheaterInsurance CIGARETTES AFTER SEX September 22 Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater COLLECTIVE SOUL & SWITCHFOOT  September 23 ACL Live at the Moody Theater ZZ TOP & JEFF BECK September 23 Germania AmphitheaterInsurance ASO: VIRTUOSITY September 23 & 24 Long Center AVI KAPLAN September 24 The 04 Center KHRUANGBIN September 24 Germania AmphitheaterInsurance BODY ROCK ATX September 24 Far Out Lounge & Stage NAS & WU TANG CLAN September 25 Germania AmphitheaterInsurance REMI WOLF September 25 Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater HARRY STYLES September 25 – October 2 Moody Center SLIPKNOT September 27 Germania AmphitheaterInsurance FLORENCE + THE MACHINE September 27 Moody Center LAKE STREET DIVE September 27 Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater  DIANA KRALL September 27 Bass Concert Hall SERATONES September 28 3TEN ACL Live JARON MARSHALL + THE COLLECTIVE September 28 Pershing DARDEN SMITH W/ KELLY WILLIS September 29 Paramount Theatre FREE CONCERT: THE WRECKS September 30 Domain Boulevard BE SURE TO CHECK WEBSITES FOR UPDATED INFORMATION AND SAFETY PROTOCOLS Entertainment BOARD.SETONANNELIZABETHOFCOURTESYPHOTO SEPTEMBER 2022 89 ERICKSON.CHARLESTBYPHOTO METRIC September 30 ACL Live at the Moody Theater GORILLAZ September 30 Moody Center THE BRIGHT LIGHT SOCIAL HOUR September 30 Parish THE FLAMING LIPS October 1 Luck Ranch ASO: A TRIBUTE TO JUDY GARLAND October 1 Long Center “WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC October 2 ACL Live at the Moody Theater SHINEDOWN October 2 H-E-B Center at Cedar Park BLK ODYSSY & EIMARAL SOL October 3 Antone’s Nightclub FILM SUMMER CLASSIC FILM SERIES Through September 9 Paramount Theatre GREEN SCREEN FILM SERIES: E.T. EXTRA-TERRESTRIALTHE September 8 The Contemporary AustinLaguna Gloria ULTIMATE WILLY WONKA PARTY W/ Q&A September 9 Alamo Drafthouse - Village A-HA: TRUE NORTH September 15 Alamo Drafthouse - South Lamar LAKE TRAVIS FILM FESTIVAL September 15 – 18 Multiple Locations FANTASTIC FEST 2022 September 22 – 29 Alamo Drafthouse - South Lamar MOVIES IN THE PARK: IN THE HEIGHTS September 23 Pan American Neighborhood Park THEATER THE VIRGIN TRIAL September 1 – 24 The Alchemy Theatre TICK TICK BOOM September 2 – 17 Ground Floor Theatre THE FANTASTICKS September 2 – 18 Trinity Street Playhouse DISNEY JUNIOR LIVE: COSTUME PALOOZA September 8 Bass Concert Hall EDIT ANNIE September 9 – 24 The Vortex BLUE LAPIS BELONGINGLIGHT: September 14 – 18 Seaholm District Plaza THE PARTINHERITANCE2 September 14 – October 9 ZACH Theatre BALLET AUSTIN: THE TAMING OF THE SHREW September 16 – 18 Long Center HADESTOWN September 20 – 25 Bass Concert Hall DAYDREAMMOONAGE September 23 AFS Cinema ANDARESCOLECTIVOMAKUYEIKATEATRAL: September McCullough24Theatre QUEER CHOCOLATECINEMA:BABIES September 24 & 26 AFS Cinema WINNIE THE POOH September 25 Paramount Theatre THE DEITYENTRANCEELABORATEOFCHAD September 28 – October 23 ZACH Theatre FORKLIFT FANTASIA: THE SHAPE OF WATER September 29 Symphony Square A NIGHT’SMIDSUMMERDREAM September 29 – October 16 Round Rock Amphitheater COMEDY GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS September 9 Fallout Theater 3 HEADED MONSTER September 9 & 10 Vulcan Gas Company ADAM CAROLLA September 9 & 10 Cap City Comedy Club ROCKY DALE DAVIS September 11 Vulcan Gas Company ONE LOVE STAND-UP COMEDY SHOW September 15 Pershing SUBRAMANIANRAHUL September 15 Paramount Theatre THE AUSTIN COMPETITIONCOMEDY September 15 & 22 The Creek & The Cave MAIN COURSE / FILTHY SHOW September 16 Vulcan Gas Company ESTHER POVITSKY September 16 & 17 Cap City Comedy Club KATHLEEN MADIGAN September 17 Paramount Theatre DAVE ATTELL September 22 – 25 Cap City Comedy Club JESSIMAE PELUSO & CARLY AQUILINO September 23 & 24 Vulcan Gas Company WANDA SYKES September 24 ACL Live at the Moody Theater NICK SWARDSON  September 25 ACL Live at the Moody Theater CHINGO BLING September 28 Cap City Comedy Club MICHAEL IAN BLACK September 29 & 30 Cap City Comedy Club RANDY RAINBOW October 1 ACL Live at the Moody Theater ZAKIR KHAN October Paramount1 Theater

90 SEPTEMBER 2022 Arts TERRA FIRMAMENT, PART 2 Through September 17 ICOSA Collective CHARLOTTE ENTANGLED SMITH: Through September 24 Camiba Gallery YO TRABAJO CON LA TIERRA / I WORK WITH THE EARTH Through September 24 Big Medium RACHEL WOLFSON SMITH Through September 29 Women & Their Work THE PORTRAITSWRITERS:BY LAURA WILSON Through January 2023 Harry Ransom Center WILL JOHNSON  September 3 – October 1 Yard Dog Art Gallery CONNIE EVERYONEARISMENDI: September 3 – October 16 Flatbed Center for Contemporary Printmaking HALLIE RAE WARD: CLASSICAL POP!  September 3 – October 22 Art for the People APROPOS September 6 – December 11 UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum SAINT NO September 8 – October 10 Preacher Gallery BRUCE MUNRO’S FIELD OF LIGHT September 9 – December 31 Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center JOYCE HOWELL: SOLO SHOW September 10 – October 1 Wally Workman Gallery BEYOND WESTERNTHESKY September 10 – October 15 Davis Gallery BRAD TUCKER TRANSMOUNTAIN& September 11 – October 10 Northern-Southern Gallery MELVIN CHAIN(ED)WIRE(D)EDWARDS:AND September 16 – December 10  Christian-Green Gallery IN A DREAM YOU SAW A WAY TO SURVIVE AND YOU WERE FULL OF JOY September 17 – February 12 The Contemporary AustinJones Center EL OTRO LADO September 23 – December 10 Visual Arts Center SOCIAL FABRIC: ART & ACTIVISM BRAZILCONTEMPORARYIN September 23 – March 10 Visual Arts Center A DAY OF ART & FILM September 24 Motion Media Arts Center JEN ROSE September 29 – November 5 Camiba Gallery FIFTY YEARS IN EXILE Through September 30 Modern Rocks Gallery PANCAKES & BOOZE ART SHOW October 1 Far Out Lounge & Stage CALENDARS BE SURE TO CHECK WEBSITES FOR UPDATED INFORMATION AND SAFETY PROTOCOLS Entertainment OTHER AUSTIN RESTAURANT WEEKS September 1 – 11 Multiple Locations THE SHOAL CREEK SOCIAL September 1 – 15 Shoal Creek Trail BIKE NIGHT September 6 – 27 Circuit of the Americas FASHION’S NIGHT OUT September 8 The Arboretum ZILKER RELAYS September 9 Zilker Park FAREGROUND FOOD & WINE FEST September 10 Fareground Austin FIELD PLOUGHMAN’SGUIDE: PICNIC September 10 Peeler Farm AUSTIN CHRONICLE HOT SAUCE FEST  September 11 Far Out Lounge & Stage SW!NG OUT September 16 Bass Concert Hall FORT WORTH TEEBALLS VS PLAYBOYSTEXAS September 17 The Long Time PUPS & PINTS September 17 The Arboretum FALL PECAN STREET FEST September 17 & 18 Sixth Street CASA SUPERHERO RUN September 18 Circuit of the Americas AUSTIN MUSEUM DAY September 18 Multiple Locations DESIGN CAMP 2022 September 21 – 24 Austin Proper Hotel THE TEXAS TRIBUNE FESTIVAL September 22 – 24 Downtown Austin MODERN CONFERENCENIRVANA September 23 Palmer Events Center POWER OF THE PURSE 2022 September 23 Gensler Austin FITNESS IN THE PARK September 24 Parque Zaragosa  BLENDED FESTIVAL September 24 & 25  Circuit of the Americas DRIPPING SPRINGS PUMPKIN FEST  September 24 – October 31 Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead ATX PADDLE DASH September 25 Rowing Dock SWIM SESSIONS W/ DJ CASS&RA  September 29 The LINE Hotel AUSTIN CONVENTIONRECORD September 30 – October 2 Palmer Events Center FIELD GUIDE: AT THE PASS October Downtown1 Austin MADELINEHARPERPHOTOGRAPHY.BYPHOTO | SEPTEMBER 2022 91 Art SPACES CALENDARS BE SURE TO CHECK WEBSITES FOR UPDATED INFORMATION AND SAFETY PROTOCOLS MUSEUMS BLANTON MUSEUM OF ART 200 E. MLK Jr. Blvd. (512) 471 5482 Hours: Tu–F 10 5, Sa 11 5, Su 1 blantonmuseum.org5 THE HISTORYTEXASBULLOCKSTATEMUSEUM 1800 Congress Ave. ( 512) 936 8746 Hours: M–Sa 9 5, Su 12 5 THE AUSTIN–JONESCONTEMPORARYCENTER 700 Congress Ave. ( 512) 453 5312 Hours: W 12 11, Th–Sa 12 9, Su 12 thecontemporaryaustin.org5 THE AUSTIN–LAGUNACONTEMPORARYGLORIA 3809 W. 35 th St. ( 512) 458 8191 Driscoll Villa hours: Tu–W 12 4, Th–Su 10 4 Grounds hours: M–Sa 9 5, Su 10 thecontemporaryaustin.org5 ELISABET NEY MUSEUM 304 E. 44 th St. (512) 974 1625 Hours: W–Su–5 FRENCH MUSEUMLEGATION 802 San Marcos St. (512) 463 7948 Hours: Tu–Su 1 frenchlegationmuseum.org5 GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER MUSEUM 1165 Angelina St. ( 512) 974 4926 Hours: M–W 10–6, Th 10–9, F 10–6, Sa 10–4 HARRY CENTERRANSOM 300 W. 21st St. ( 512) 471 8944 Hours: Tu–W 10 5, Th 10 7, F 10 5, Sa–Su 12 hrc.utexas.edu5 LBJ ANDLIBRARYMUSEUM 2313 Red River St. ( 512) 721 0200 Hours: M–Su 9 5 MEXIC–ARTE MUSEUM 419 Congress Ave. ( 512) 480 9373 Hours: M–Th 10 6, F–Sat 10 5, Su 12 mexic–artemuseum.org5 O. HENRY MUSEUM 409 E. 5th St. (512) 974 1398 Hours: W–Su 12 5 THINKERY AUSTIN 1830 Simond Ave. (512) 469 6200 Hours: Tu–F 10 5, Sa–Su 10 thinkeryaustin.org6 UMLAUF SCULPTURE GARDEN & MUSEUM 605 Azie Morton Rd. ( 512) 445 5582 Hours: Tu–F 10–4, Sa–Su umlaufsculpture.org12–4 GALLERIES ADAMS GALLERIES OF AUSTIN 1310 RR 620 S. Ste C4 (512) 243 7429 Hours: M–F 10–6, Su adamsgalleriesaustin.com10-2 AO5 GALLERY 10000 Research Blvd., Ste. 118 ( 512) 481 1111 Hours: M–Sa 10 6 ART FOR THE PEOPLE 1711 S. 1st St. ( 512) 761 4708 Hours: Tu–Th 11 6, F-S u 11 7 ARTUS CO. 10000 Research Blvd., Ste. 141 (512) 761 6484 Hours: M–Su 12–6 ARTWORKS GALLERY 1214 W. 6 th St. ( 512) 472 1550 Hours: M–F 10 5, S a 10–4 ATELIER 1205 1205 E. Cesar Chavez St. (512) 434 9046 Hours: Tu-F atelier1205.com11-4 AUSTIN ART GARAGE 2200 S. Lamar Blvd., Ste. J (512) 351 5934 Hours: Tu–Su austinartgarage.com11–6 AUSTIN ARTSPACE 7739 Northcross Dr., Ste. Q (512) 763 0646 Hours: F-Sa austinartspace.com11–5 AUSTIN GALLERIES 5804 Lookout Mountain Dr. ( 512) 495 9363 By appointment austingalleries.comonly BIG MEDIUM GALLERY 916 Springdale Rd., Bldg. 2 (512) 939 6665 Hours: Tu–Sa 12 6 CAMIBA GALLERY 6448 Hwy 290 East, Ste. A102 (512) 937 5921 Hours: F-Sa camibaart.com12–6 CENTRAL LIBRARY GALLERY 710 W. Cesar Chavez St. (512) 974 7400 Hours: M-Th 10-9, F-Sa 10-6, Su central/ CHRISTIAN-GREEN GALLERY 201 E. 21st St. (512) 471 0254 Hours: W- F 12-5, S a 11-2 CLOUD TREE STUDIOS & GALLERY 3411 E. 5th St. (512) 797 8852 By appointment cloudtreestudiosandgallery.comonly CO-LAB PROJECTS 5419 Glissman Rd. ( 512) 300 8217 By event and appointment only CONTRACOMMON 12912 Hill Country Blvd. #F-140 Hours: M–F By appointment only Sa–Su contracommon.org12-6 DAVIS GALLERY 837 W. 12th St. ( 512) 477 4929 Hours: M–F 10 6, Sa 10 4 DIMENSION GALLERY SCULPTURE AND 3D ART 979 Springdale Rd., Ste. 99 ( 512) 479 9941 Hours: Th-Sa dimensiongallery.org10–6 DOUGHERTY ARTS CENTER 1110 Barton Springs Rd. ( 512) 974 4000 Hours: M-Th 10–10, F 10–6, Sa–4 FLATBED CENTER FOR PRINTMAKINGCONTEMPORARY 3701 D rossett Dr. ( 512) 477 9328 Hours: W–F 10 5, S a 12–5 COLLABORATIVEFLUENT 502 W. 33rd St. ( 512) 453 3199 By appointment only GRAYDUCK GALLERY 2213 E. Cesar Chavez St. ( 512) 826 5334 Hours: Th–Sa 11 6, Su 12 5 ICOSA COLLECTIVE 916 Springdale Rd. #102 ( 512) 920 2062 Hours: F–Sa 12 icosacollective.com6 IVESTER CONTEMPORARY 916 Springdale Rd. Bldg 2, ste. 107 (737) 209 0379 Hours: Tu–F 10-6, Sa ivestercontemporary.com10-4

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Nor thwest Austin and beyond. Brooke Mozersky, Realtor® | brooke.mozersk 12.949.8189 Brooke Mozersky Group is a team of real estate agents affi iated with Compass Compass is a licensed real estate broker and ab des by federa state and local Equal Housing Opportunity laws buy. sell. trade. TRENDY • DESIGNER • VINTAGE 3005 SO. LAMAR BLVD

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Austin Parks Foundation 11 Benold’ 7 Bluebenolds.comSuedeShoes + Wine 26 93 46 DENpalazogroup.comPropertyGroup 66 Eldoradodenpg.comCafe 79 Epiceldoradocafeatx.comWesternCocktail Company BC Fondaepicwestern.comSanMiguel 46 Thefondasanmiguel.comGarden 24 Gustothegardenatx.comItalianKitchen + Wine Bar 80 46 Julianhearthandsoul.comGold 9 Kuperjuliangold.comSotheby’s - Kumara Wilcoxon IFC, 1 Kuperkumarawilcoxon.comSotheby’s-Susan Barringer 95 Lsusanbarringer.comMajorsJewelers IBC Lovelmajorsaustin.comWeld 27 Marye’sloveweld.comGourmet Pizza Pub 81 Mirandamaryesgourmetpizza.comBennettStudio 27 Omnishopmirandabennett.comHotels&Resorts 64 47 26 27 Texasshaesby.comAdvocacy Project .......................................................................................................... 65 Uptowntexasadvocacyproject.orgCheapskate........................................................................................................... 26, 93 Urbanuptowncheapskateaustin.comHomeBuilders.............................................................................................................. 64 Urbanspaceurbanhomebuilders.comRealEstate+ Interiors .......................................................................................... 2 Waterloourbanspacelifestyle.comIceHouse................................................................................................................. 82 Westwaterlooicehouse.comChelseaContemporary ................................................................................................... 3 Trew Real Estate ......................................................................................................... 5 13 24 AD INDEX



Step inside The Herb Bar’s ivy-covered facade, which hides a slice of old Austin just steps away from rapidly-evolving South Congress Avenue.

With a slew of recently-released singles, Kalu and the Electric Joint is a psychedelic soul band with a local history and a bright future.

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THE BIG PILOT. Big Pilot’s Watch 43. Ref. 3293: The functional design with its easy-to-read dial and distinctive cone-shaped crown has ensured the Big Pilot’s Watch of its iconic status. Now, for the first time, it is avail-able in a 43-millimetre case that combines a striking presence on your wrist with unprecedented comfort. The IWC-manufactured 82100 calibre, sapphire crystal back, and EasX-CHANGE rapid strap replacement system are further features of this enormously versatile sports watch. IWC. ENGINEERING DREAMS. SINCE 1868. 2727 Exposition Blvd, #110, Austin, TX, 78703 · IWC Schaffhausen, Switzerland ·

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