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Elsa Mimram, who works with Lucas Ratton (graduated from EHESS), publishs regularly the website of the gallery with interesting, well-documented articles. “What if the artwork was not only the support of emotions but also the vector of social interactions? One can understand that this problematic comes to the surface when it comes to tribal artworks, decontextualized and culturally reappropriated by Western museums; But the issue can also be set in reverse. It is then necessary to apply anthropological method to study contemporary works. Multiple prisms of thoughts are opened up through anthropology. The subject leaves the doors open to new perceptions, it breaks the code of social mechanisms about the creation of a codified imaginary, where the affect works together with a socially marked subconscious. In the form of short texts, Elsa Mimran intends to some reflections at the junction between two disciplines : history of art and anthropology.�

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Mfondo/nkok mask Lawla, R.D. del Congo Wood H 40 cm 20th Century Provenance: Olivier Klejman, France Private collection, Spain


Reliquary Sango, Kota, Gabon

‘Uli’ Ancestor figure New Ireland in Papua New Guinea Wood, vegetable fibres, shell fragments H 129 cm Provenance: Bremen Übersee Museum, Germany, 1900; Arthur Speyer II collection; A. Eckert collection, Basel; Private collection, Basel Literature: Krämer Augustin, ‘Die Malanggane von Tombara’, Munich, 1925; Marcus Schindlbeck, ‘Gefunden und verloren: Arthur Speyer, Die dreißiger Jahre und die Verluste der Sammlung Südsee des Ethnologischen Museums’, Berlin, 2011 Baule Figure Ivory Coast Wood, glass, fabrics, metal H 57 cm Provenance: Ernest Roethlingshoefer collection, Basel (Switzerland), circa 1960

Songye figure Carved wood, nails, feathers, fur and textile Democratic Republic of the Congo H 112 cm Provenance: former collection of Luciano Lanfranchi Literature: François Neyt, ‘La redoutable statuaire Songye d’Afrique Centrale’, Antwerp, 2004, p. 170, ill. 131; Didier Claes, ‘Musonge’, Brussels, 2006, p. 37; ‘La Passion des Arts Premiers. Regards de Marchands’, Paris Mint, 2009, p. 146; ‘Arts d’Afrique. Voir l’invisible’, Museum of Aquitaine, Bordeaux, 21 March 2011-21 August 2011, p. 178 Songye mask Carved wood with white patina and raffia Democratic Republic of the Congo H 40 cm Provenance: former collection Blanckaert, collected in 1924

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